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Welcome to College
By Kari & Ericka

Rating: Most likely it'll stay at PG13 if otherwise, it'll be labeled
Disclaimer: We don't own Roswell or the characters. Infact, we don't own much in our petty little town in Wisconsin. Ericka does wish she owned Jason though...but we won't discuss that now. Kari wishes she owned Brendan... the world would be great then...
Couples: M/L, M/M, A/I
Author's Note: Ericka~This is my first time writing a fan fic with someone else, so be kind! Also, I plan on making it really sappy for Max/Liz during their parts. So dont mind my fluffy writing. Kari~I can be super crazy with my writing so beware!
Summary: WIthout giving too much away, I'll tell you that this is an AU. The only 2 people that know each other are Alex and Maria and that is because they are siblings. Everyone is going to UCLA. That's all the info you get! So everything else you'll just have to learn on your own!

Chapter 1~Ericka

College. To some it means freedom and midterms. To others it means keg parties and getting laid. Others see it as a great social event, meeting new people and keeping life long friendships...

"Free at last," Liz Parker sighed as she entered a building in which the dorms were located. She struggled to carry her bags to the elevator. " more stairs..." she sighed again.

"Your telling me, I dont know about you but damn, there are too many stairs in the front of this building. What was there twenty million?" a voice behind Liz said. She turned around to face a blonde with medium lengthed hair, about her height, which wasn't saying much because Liz herself was pretty short. "Maria DeLuca...and you are?"

"Liz Parker, it's nice to meet you, actually it's nice to meet someone...this place seems so dead."

"Your telling me," Maria said as the doors to the elevator opened. The two girls got inside and managed to fit all their bags in as well. "What floor you going to?" Maria asked chewing on a piece of gum.

"Floor 4."

"Really? Me too. Maybe we're roommates, what room number did you get?"

"Seven. You?"

"Oh my god!!!" Maria squealed with delight, "Nice to meet you roomy!"

Maria gave Liz a friendly hug and they cheerfully carried their bags to their room. Once they were inside they spent a good half an hour talking about each other's past. Liz happened to be an only child from a small town outside of Phoenix, Arizona. She absolutely loved Biology in high school and that's why she was following her dreams and taking Molecular Biology as her major.

Maria on the other hand grew up in New York with her twin brother Alex. As kids and as teens they were inseperable, unlike other siblings who were always at each others throats. "The one time I actually need his help with something, he's off doing his own stuff," Maria complained. She was referring to the fact that she needed Alex's help with her bags, but instead he was unpacking in his own dorm.


Alex walked into his dorm on the other side of campus. Without even checking to see if anyone was there he said, "Woo woo, Alex is in the house!" As he said that he dropped his bags and lifted his arms up and down a few times. He looked over at the two beds and saw two guys looking at him oddly. "What? No hello? Welcome?"

"Welcome," one of the guys said sarcastically.

"My name's Alex, and your's is?" Alex asked the guy who spoke sarcastically to him.

"Michael. Not Mike. Not Mikey. Just Michael. Call me one of the other names and you'll get beaten up guaranteed," Michael said in a serious tone.

"OK. Then. There," Alex said nervously. "And you are?" Alex looked at the other guy sitting on the other side of the room.


"Nice to meet you Max." Alex held out his hand and Max graciously shook it.


Isabel walked up to her dorm room carrying a purse and wearing some expensive designer clothing. She walked in and found Liz and Maria sprawled out on their own beds. Not much longer two men came in carrying suitcases.

"Thank you, now shoo," Isabel told the men as they stood there. "What are you waiting for? Daddy will give you a tip." The men looked at her and walked out of the room. "I suppose this is my bed," Isabel said as she sat on the only available one left. Isabel was tall and curvy with short brown hair. It was already obvious to Maria that Isabel was quite stuck up, not to mention rich with mention of her "daddy."

Liz took one look at Isabel and recognized her. "You haven't changed one bit since high school have you? Your the same stuck up bitch," Liz said with anger in her voice. Maria was taken aback from this side of Liz. In the past few moments she got to know Liz the last thing she would expect is to hear such anger in her voice.

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(Disclaimer in part 1)
Chapter 2~Kari

The girls finished unpacking their bags, but no one talked. There was total silence, except for the usual odd dorm noises-crazy people running up and down the hallways, floors and walls creaking, and blaring music. After Maria finished unpacking her last bag she fell onto her bed and said, "I'm pooped! I never realized how much I was bringing with me to college!" Maria sat up quickly. "I think I'm going to go find my brother. I want to make sure no one has beat him up yet…he has a tendency to get picked on."

"I want to meet him," said Liz. "Do you mind if I come with you? We could all go out for pizza or something."

"Sure, chica! Umm…Isabel…would you like to join us?" asked Maria, trying to be polite.

"No! I don't eat pizza! Have you seen how greasy that type of food is? Yuck. I'll go out and get myself some tofu or something later."

"Your choice," said Maria. "Come on Liz. Alex's dorm is in the next building." Liz followed Maria into the hallway, closing the door behind her. When they were halfway to the elevator Maria said, "Spill."

"What?" asked Liz, wondering what Maria could possibly be talking about.

"I know I've only known you for like, what, an hour or so? But I'd have to say you are a nice girl, down to earth, kind of shy. Now when Isabel walked in the room you went all mega-bitch on her. What's up with that? I need some gossip…so tell me about it."

Liz laughed, but not in a mean way. She really liked Maria. She was friendly and very straightforward. She had spunk. "Maria…it's a long story."

"So? I really want to know. Unless it's personal. Oh geeze, I must sound so nosy. You really don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I'm sorry."

"No, it's ok. Well, Isabel and I have known each other since middle school. We used to be friends. Almost like best friends. In ninth grade I started going out with this guy named Tony. We were pretty serious. We went out for two years. The whole time I was going out with Tony, Isabel wasn't going out with anyone. I thought it was a little odd, considering how pretty she is, but I didn't really mention it too much, thinking it was her business, not mine. And then Tony took me to the junior prom. I thought it was the most magical night of my life. Boy…was I wrong."

"Why? What happened?" asked Maria as they got into the elevator.

"I went off to get some punch. Tony said he had to use the bathroom. He told me to meet him under the disco ball in 10 minutes. As I was waiting, I walked around, talking to people. I walked out into this little hallway, and what did I see? My best friend Isabel practically mauling my boyfriend of two years, up against the wall."

"Oh…man…I'm sorry that happened," said Maria, patting Liz on the shoulder. "Did you confront her?"

"No. I was too hurt and confused at the time. I just ran past, out the door, and walked home. I know they both saw me run past them, but neither of them went after me to try to explain. From then on at school, Tony and I never talked. He never has apologized. And Isabel and I have talked, but definitely not nicely. And the thing is, she has no reason to be mad at me! She should have felt bad and apologized, but ever since that night she's put on this act that I call her Ice Princess act."

"Wow," said Maria. "That's pretty harsh of her…to not even apologize. That girl has some nerve! If I were you I would have kicked some Ice Princess ass-"

Maria looked up as the elevator door opened and burst out laughing. Alex was standing there, looking dazed. "Hi, Maria. I was just going to come up to your dorm and get you, but I could hear you yelling in the elevator. What's up?"

"Never mind, Alex. Long story. But I'd like you to meet one of my roomies, Liz. Liz, this is my brother Alex. Alex, I thought we could all get some pizza now or something."

"Hi," said Alex, grabbing Liz's hand and shaking it vigorously. "I'm Alex. You're Liz? That's nice! Pizza? Let's go!" He turned around and ran ahead of them, out the door.

Liz looked at Maria and said, "He seems…nice. A little hyper, but nice."

"He's got this total caffeine and Doritos addiction thing going on lately. It makes him act like a total nut. Don't worry, you'll get used to it fast. And hey, he's kind of fun like this!"

The girls followed after Alex out the doors and ran up to Alex's car, where he was waiting for them. They all drove to the local pizzeria and ordered a large pepperoni pizza. They crammed themselves into a booth and were waiting for their pizza when Alex looked up and saw one of his roomies walk in.

"Hey, Michael! Over here! It's me, Alex! Yoo-hoo! Mikey!" He stood up and started to wave his arms frantically in the air until he tripped.

Everyone burst out laughing. Michael came over to the table and kicked Alex. "What did I tell you about calling me Mikey? You want me to beat the snot out of you? Huh?"

"Hey!" yelled Maria, standing up. "Don't you dare threaten my brother like that! Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Maria, calm down," said Alex. "This is just my roommate Michael. He's a little…touchy sometimes. Michael, I'd like you to meet my sister Maria and her roommate Liz."

"Yeah, whatever," said Michael. He looked at Maria and smirked. "You're a pretty hot little number. How about you and me go back to my car, and, you know…"

Alex looked at Maria and knew what was coming. Maria raised her knee right into Michael's groin.

"Damn…" Michael slowly sank to the ground, trying not to cry. "What the hell?" he managed to gasp out.

"Dude, I forgot to tell you," said Alex. "Don't mess with Maria. She can get…kinda violent."

Liz looked at Maria in shock and even some admiration. She wanted to laugh, but felt that would be rude to Michael.

Maria knelt down next to Michael and looked into his eyes. "You, dear little MIKEY are what I like to call an asshole. Now, if you want to do something in your car, I'd recommend you take your aching balls to your car and figure something out for yourself. Because I sure as hell don't want you." She stood up and then sat down next to Liz again. A waiter brought over their pizza and Maria cheerfully said, "So, who wants pizza? Kicking really boosts your appetite!"


Michael walked back into his dorm room and collapsed onto his bed. Who the hell did that girl think she was? He had only been joking about going back out to his car, she didn't have to kick him in the balls! He groaned and rolled over. He still hurt. He was going to have to talk to Alex about getting Maria under control.

As Michael was lying on the bed in pain, Max walked into the dorm. "Hey," he said. "I was looking for you and Alex before. Thought maybe we could go to the pool hall across the street. Where were you guys?"

"What the hell are you, my dad? Alex was hanging out with his sister and some other chick at the pizzeria and I had the misfortune of running into them."

"Misfortune? Why? Why are you all curled up in a ball?"

"Alex's sister took something I said a little too personally and…well…she kneed me." Max looked at Michael and could tell he was telling the truth. He burst out laughing.

"Why is that so funny? Man, has it ever happened to you? It hurts!"

"What did you say to the girl?"

"I was just joking around and I asked her if she wanted to go do it in my car."

Max stopped laughing. "Are you serious? Man, you deserved what you got! You don't talk that way to girls!"

"Yeah, but she was really cute, and I like her. I thought, you know, why beat around the bush?"

"Michael, if you really like this girl don't ask her to have sex in the backseat of your car. Ask her to a movie or something. Get to know her."

"Yeah…that just might work. Thanks Max."

"No problem," said Max. "I'm going to sleep now. I have to get up early tomorrow to look for a job. Goodnight."


Feedback? Thank you all on your wonderful comments for chapter 1. Silly me (Ericka) screwed up on the disclaimer, sorry if I confused you all... oh and just as a side not max and isabel are not bro and sis, they havent met as of yet and kari and I plan on not having max, isabel and michael aliens. I hope that cleared up any questions you might have...
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Chapter 3~Ericka

Max awoke the next morning to a grinding noise. He groaned as he rolled around on his bed. Finally, not being able to fall back asleep he got up, rubbing the side of his face as he yawned. He walked into the kitchen and that's when he saw a wide eyed Alex sitting on the counter next to a coffee machine. COFFEE MACHINE! Thats where the noise was coming from.

"Coffee?! No?! Why not? It's really REALLY GOOD!" Alex said excitingly.

"I think you've had too much coffee this morning. You might want to switch to decaf." Max miraculously said before Alex spoke rapidly again.

"But this is decaf!" Alex said as he pointed to a decafinated mixture. Max just shook his head as he walked over to the cupboard intending to get some cereal. When he opened the cabinet the only thing to be seen was an assortment of doritos and coffee mixtures.


"Yeah?" Alex responded with a peppy tone.

"When you said you went grocery shopping...did you get anything besides doritos and coffee?"

"There's other things besides Doritos and coffee?" Alex said curiously.

"Yeah...well, I guess I should get ready," Max said as he looked at Alex oddly.

"K. I gotta go anyway. I'm picking up my sis and her friend," Alex said and was out the door before Max could respond. Max stood in the kitchen shaking his head as Alex left.


When Liz awoke she could've sworn she smelled freshly baked pancakes. Liz arose out of bed and walked into the kitchen finding Maria over the stove, and sure pancakes.

"Good morning!" Maria said as she placed pancakes on a plate and handed them to Liz. She obviously shared the same upbeat personality as Alex.

"Good morning and thank you," Liz responded graciously as she ate the pancakes. "These are really good!"

"Ewww...what is that? Lard and syrup? YUCK! As if you didn't weigh enough already," Isabel said, walking past the kitchen.

Liz was in too good of a mood to get into a verbal fight, even with Isabel. Luckily, Isabel went to take a shower and leave Maria and Liz alone.

"You know...sometimes I just want to strangle that stuck up daddy's girl," Maria said.

"Yeah, well, try having to deal with her since junior high."

"Wait...I've got a plan," Maria said mischeiviously. She whispered something into Liz's ear. Liz nodded giggling in excitement. She still felt she was in high school, playing some cruel joke on someone. Isabel was going to get paid back for insulting them this morning and the day before.

Liz went to her room and grabbed a hair pin passing it to Maria, who quickly and quietly opened the bathroom door. Liz and Maria both snuck in. Maria turned on the water in the sink as Liz flushed the toilet. The two girls quickly rushed out of the bathroom trying to stifle back laughter.

"Ok...that was wrong...I can't believe we just did that!" Maria said giggling, "But she deserved it." That was when they heard a scream coming from the bathroom. This brought forth laughter from Maria and Liz. At that point there was a pounding on the door. In came Alex looking around frantically.

"Did I hear a damsel in distress?" Alex walked around spotting Liz at the kitchen table giggling. "Hmmmm...very piculiar...everything seems to be in order..." Alex looked down a hallway to the bathroom.

As if reading his mind, the bathroom door opened. Revealing to him a very beautiful young woman. That is...until she opened her mouth. "What the hell did you two do that for?! No, don't answer me, I don't associate myself with petty nerds!"

"Your calling me a nerd?! Look at your non-matching-stringy-haired-Tommy Hillfiger- self!" Maria said. Maria, being the fashion major, knew everything there was to looking good and dressing classy.

Isabel looked on defeated. She grabbed her makeup and went to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

"Could it be? Is my brother actually silent?" Maria asked after there was a long pause. "OH MY GOD! YOU LIKE HER!"

"Alex, trust me, I don't know you that well, but I don't think you would want to get involved with her. She's known for leading guys on and breaking their hearts...hence the name Ice Princess that she rightfully earned in highschool," Liz said.

"So, are we ready to go job huntin?" Alex asked trying to change the subject. Liz and Maria nodded their heads as Alex led the way out the door.


Alex applied for a job at the local coffee shop and they hired him on the spot, considering they were short handed. They also seemed to like his spunk and joking mannerism. Maria earned a job at the Chicken Castle, a restaurant thats menu was based off of chicken. She would be starting her job in one day.

Liz on the other hand, just couldn't seem to find the right job. Nothing seemed to jump out and scream, "APPLY HERE!" She wandered around L.A. looking for the job with Maria's help.

"Well, chica bonita, we are going to have to look on campus. There aren't anymore open jobs near our dorm, that you...ummm... well turned down," Maria said implying that Liz was being a tad bit too picky.

"I'm sorry Maria..." Liz said as she walked into the UCLA cafeteria.

"No, its alright, really," Maria said looking around at the people in hairnets, "This doesn't look better, in fact, it looks worse."

Liz giggled as she agreed to Maria's comment. Together they headed out of the cafeteria. And that's when she saw him. He was the best looking man on campus she had seen so far. And he was walking her way. Oh god I can't move my feet. Ok. Ok. Act cool. Liz thought as she stood there.


She's so beautiful...and I'm so nervous. Should I talk to her? Say something? Or should I just walk past? Max thought as his feet answered his question. They stoped inches away from her. Oh geeze...what should I say? How long have I been standing here?

Maria rolled her eyes knowing that she was oblivious to these two OBVIOUSLY smitten love birds. "I'm Maria Whitman and this is Liz Parker," Maria said bringing Max and Liz out of their thoughts. She was surprised she even received a reaction from Max.

"Whitman? As in Alex Whitman's sister?"

"Yeah, what's it to ya?"

Max laughed and siad, "I heard about you kicking Michael in the balls...he was a real ass."

At this Maria laughed and said, "And how did you find out about that?"

"I'm Alex's roommate, Max Evans."

Liz stood looking at her feet. She was obviously uncomfortable, not knowing what to say. Finally, she said, "Well, I have to go look for a job, it was nice meeting you, Max." Liz heald out her hand for Max to shake. He shook her hand firmly. And that's when it happened. They both felt a slight shiver course through their bodies. Was this just a physical attraction? Or was there something more? Either way Max couldn't just let her walk away.

"Umm...would you mind if I looked with you...Liz? I'm actually looking for a job myself," Max said as he nervously waited for an answer.

Liz nodded her head as she smiled and said, "Sure."

"Well, I hate to butt in, but chica I'm going to be going back to the dorm. I have to take care of some stuff," Maria said not being able to think of anything particular to do. Once again she was being ignored by the two. She rolled her eyes and sighed inwardly. She left them to be alone, and go "job searching."
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Chapter 4~Kari

As Maria left Liz and Max, she decided to go visit Alex in his dorm. She hadn't seen it yet, and she wanted to see if it was anything like the one she shared with Liz and Isabel. She drove to the dorms and ran into the building. She got in the elevator and went up to Alex's floor.

She found his room and knocked on the door. As it was opened she said, "Hi, Alex. I just stopped by to visit and see your dorm." Then she realized she wasn't looking or talking to Alex, it was Michael who opened the door.

"Oh, it's you," she said, the smile instantly wiped off her face. "I'm looking for Alex, is he here? And just give me a yes or no answer, don't invite me in to bang on the couch."

Michael got a guilty look on his face. "Listen, about what I said yesterday...I'm sorry. I just...well...I like you, ya know? And, well, I'm not really that good with girls. I didn't know what to say, that was the first thing to pop out of my mouth. I'm sorry."

"Oh." That was all Maria could say. Michael's apology totally took her by surprise, she just perceived him as the type to not say he was sorry or admit he was wrong.

"So..." said Michael. "Alex isn't here. You can come in if you want, though. You did say you wanted to see the dorm, right?"

"I dont know if that's such a good idea," said Maria, feeling slightly uneasy. As Michael had been apologizing, she had realized something...she kinda liked Michael. She didn't truster herself with boys...she had a tendency to go too far too fast.

"No, really," said Michael, grabbing her arm and dragging her into the dorm. "I need company. Alex and Max are out looking for jobs now."

"I know, Max and Liz are 'job searching' together...they're probably just making out somewhere." Maria giggled and gasped as Michael kissed her. 'Geeze this boy moves fast!' she thought. But Maria being Maria, she decided to go with it and kissed him back.

Michael led her further into the dorm and shut the door, still kissing Maria. As he was backing up he tripped and fell onto the sofa. Maria fell on top of him, and started to giggle.

"What's so funny?" asked Michael. He was slightly insecure and thought she was laughing at him.

"Just the whole situation, you know? We just met, like yesterday, and I kneed you in the groin. Now we're making out..."

Michael smiled up at the beautiful girl laying on him. "Yeah, this is weird. But it's so right." He kissed her again, running his hands through her hair. She moaned deep into his mouth, nibbling playfully at his lips.

The continued to make out on the couch for a while. Michael finally sat up and took of his shirt. Maria gasped...he was the sexiest guy she had ever seen! She shyly rubbed her hands over his smooth chest, admiring his muscular frame.

Maria was knocked out of her daze by hearing her brother yelling. "Ahhh! My virgin eyes! Stop...eww...Michael, get away from my sister! Gross!" Alex started to hit Michael with a rolled up newspaper. Michael held up his hands in defense against Alex's attack.

"Alex, calm down," said Maria. "We were just kissing. Alex! Give me that newspaper! Stop hitting Michael!" She finally grabbed the newspaper away from her brother and sat back down on the couch, next to Michael.

"Damn, Alex," said Michael. "What the hell is your problem? We didn't go all the way...just chill!"

"Chill? You want me to chill? You were mauling my sister on the couch! You aren't wearing your shirt! And you want me to chill?"

"Actually," said Maria, "I was mauling Michael."

Michael and Maria shared an amused smile as Alex flinched and said, "Ok, ok, I don't care who was mauling who...just...ick. I thought you guys didn't even get along yesterday. So why are you all touchy-feely today?"

Michael and Maria remained silen. "Ok," said Alex. "I'm going in the kitchen now to get some mocha latte, please don't start making out again while I'm here!"

He walked into the kitchen and Maria stood up. "I should really get going now. But...uh...we should do this again sometime."

"Oh, yeah," said Michael, leading Maria to the door. "This was a very enjoyable afternoon. Thanks for a good time."

Maria leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked out into the hallway. SHe went back to her dorm room and collapsed on her bed for a quick nap. She woke up as Liz came in. She was smiling a 100-watt smile.

"Why so smiley, chica?" asked Maria.

"Alex's roommate, Max, is the most amazing person I have ever met. Maria, we had the best afternoon!"

"So did I...with Michael!"

"Michael! The guy you kneed in the groin last night? How did that happen?"

Liz sat down on the bed next to Maria as she explained about her afternoon with Michael, and how Alex had walked in and totally freaked out.

Then Maria asked, "So, tell me what happened with you and Max!" Liz smiled and told Maria what had happened.

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Chapter 5~Ericka

"OH MARIA! It was fantastic..." Liz began and told of her day with Max.


After Maria had left Liz and Max alone, they stood just staring into each others eyes. The silence almost became eerie, when Liz finally broke it by saying, "So, Max, where exactly should we look for these jobs?" She tucked a strand of hair nervously behind her ear, waiting for Max's response.

"Honestly, I have no clue..." Max said.

Liz sighed. "I guess we'll have to go out looking tomorrow then..." Liz said not realizing she said we, referring to both her and Max until after she said it.

"Yeah, we'll have to go then," Max said as he stepped closer to her. He came inches away from her. She was so beautiful and her strawberry scent was driving him wild. He leaned down moving his mouth inches from hers. That was when Liz took the intiative and kissed him, closing the gap between them. She had been so forceful. Max had to admit, it turned him on a bit.

Liz flung her arms around Max's neck, pulling herself up more to get more access to his mouth. She parted her lips, resting her tongue against his, asking for entrance. Max replied by opening his own mouth and their tongues moved in rhythm with each other. Dancing in each others mouth happily.

Before long, Max had Liz pressed up against one of the walls his hands resting on her hips as she ran her hands up and down his body. He moved his mouth down to her neck and started making sweet love to it.

"EH HEM!" A voice came from behind them. Max and Liz pulled away from each other quickly, both embarrassed to have been caught in such a state. There standing before them was the dean of UCLA, staring at them.

"On behalf of the entire campus, we'd appreciate if you controlled yourself while on school premises. You think you can do that? Or am I going to have to kick you two out?"

"We'll control ourselves, I'm sorry," Liz said. At that the dean nodded his head and walked off to his office, shutting the door behind him. Liz's face had changed from a light tan to a shade of red sometime after Max stopped kissing her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to get you in trouble," Max apologized.

"No, Max it's alright really."

"Ok...well, would you like to go get something to eat?"

"I'd love that, thank you," Liz said smiling.

"Ok, great," Max said as he took her hand and led her out of the building. He walked out to his jeep and opened the passenger door, ever so gentlemanly for Liz. After she was in he shut the door and walked around to the drivers side. "So, how does coffee sound?"

"Sounds good actually." Liz smiled up at Max. Even though she had just met him she felt like she had known him practically her entire life.

Max drove to the nearest coffee shop. Upon arriving, Max and Liz entered the coffee shop and found a familiar face working behind the counter. Without realizing it Max and Liz waved at the same time.

"Alex!" Liz yelled grabbing Alex's attention. Liz and Max made their way over to the counter.

"Liz! Max! Welcome to Costa de Cappachino Cafe, how may I help you?" Alex asked his fingers poised over the cash registers buttons.

"Ummm...I'll have a french vanilla cappachino," Liz said.

"Make that 2," Max said. After receiving their drinks in record timing they found a table and sat down. They talked and talked about their favorite things, and just basically got to know each other better. Liz found out that Max was going to school to become a surgeon, which she found amazing and respectable. Max learned that Liz was majoring in molecular biology. They talked for hours, but they didnt realize it, until someone had shooed them out of the cafe. Alex had been long gone since then.

Present Day...

"And then he took me here, and oh my god Maria, he is the sweetest guy ever. He used to house sick animals and volunteer in pediatrics at his local hospital!" Liz said excitedly.

"That's nice Liz, it really is..." Maria said as she yawned. Maria obviously got bored of the story quickly. "Well, I'm off to bed...buenos noches chica."

"Goodnight," Liz said as she climed into her own bed. She went under the covers and fell asleep quickly knowing that tomorrow was going to be a pretty big day. Tomorrow just happened to be the first day of school, which was exciting all by itself.
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Chapter 6~Kari

Michael stretched out his arm to turn off the blaring alarm clock. Instead of hittting the button, he knocked the whole thing onto the floor. It kept going.

He groaned and opened his eyes. He flipped himself over and reached down. He picked up the alarm clock and turned it off.

He looked around to see if Max and Alex were awake and was amazed to see their beds neatly made. It was only 7:00-how early did they get up? The crack of dawn?

Michael literally had to use all of his willpower and his strength to pull himself out of bed and down the hallway to the bathroom. He took a quick shower and got dressed.

Michael walked into the kitchen, feeling refreshed, but still a little tired. He opened a cupboard to see if he could find something to eat for breakfast.

Doritos and coffee. Michael felt like he was stuck in some deranged nightmare-doritos and coffee were his two least favorite things in the world-well, except for bunny rabbits. He was totally creeped out by bunny rabbits.

Michael sighed and decided to skip breakfast. He didnt really have a lot of time anyways. He'd put off buying his books, so he had to do that and then go to his Art History class.

He walked out the door, wishing he could go back to sleep.


Isabel rushed into one of the trillions of buildings that seemed to be placed at random all over the campus. She ran up to room 467. She burst into the room, realizing just how late she was.

"Ms. evans, I assume?" asked the professor.

"Yes. Sorry I'm late, but see, I couldn't find the right shoes to match my outfit, and then I realized my purse didn't match either, so I had to move everything to another purse-"

"yes, that's a lovely little story. Now sit down and stop acting like a bumbling idiot!"

Isabel gasped. Had her professor just called her a bumbling idiot in front of the whole class?! She'd have to have her father talk to the man. She found a seat and tried to ignore the whispers and snickers coming from all over the room.

"Now," said the professor. "Ms. Evans' interruption has brought up a good point. If you want to be a great lawyer someday, do not defend your client with useless information about their wardrobe."

The class laughed as Isabel simmered in her anger and embarrassment.


Liz sighed, trying to pay attention to her professor. After all, this class, Molecular Biology 1, was important for her if she planned on getting a degree in Molecular Biology.

But it was so hard to pay attention when Max sat right across the aisle from her. He kept smiling at her, which was totally distracting her. His smile lit up his whole face and made him look even sexier, if that was possible.

"Ms. Parker, please define for me what the difference is between an ionic bond and a covalent bond."

"Max," she said dreamily. The class's laughter brought her crashing back to reality. She blushed, realizing what she had just said.

She quickly glanced up at Max to see his reaction and saw that he was also blushing, but he didn't seem annoyed at her.

The professor rolled his eyes, and muttered to himself, "Oh boy, another set of lovebirds." He called on someone else and continued with the review lesson.

As the professor was writing on the blackboard, a small piece of paper whizzed past Liz's nose and landed on her notebook. She picked it up and opened it discreetly as possible.

It was a note from Max, which in and of itself was amazing, but what it said made her heart skip a beat.

Would you maybe want to go out with me sometime? Write back.
P.S. Do you believe in love and first sight?

Liz wrote back:

Yes, I'd love to go out with you sometime.
P.S. Yes, I believe in love at first sight.

She folded the note and when the professor was busy, threw it at Max. A minute later it came back to her saying:

Hows tonight?

She wrote:

Good. Meet me in the dorm commons around 7:00.

She threw the note back and smiled to herself. College was certainly turning out to be a lot of fun.


Alex ran down the stairs and out of the building. He could swear he had seen Maria in the crowd ahead of him.

Someone behind him surprised him by tapping him on the shoulder. He screamed (rather loudly) and dropped his stuff on the ground. He turned around to see Maria standing behind him, trying not to laugh.

"Why'd you do that? You scared me!"

"Exactly," said Maria. "That was to pay you back for yesterday when you freaked out after walking in on me and Michael-"

"LALALALALA!" Alex yelled covering his ears. "I dont want to hear it! Believe me, I saw too much as it was, yesterday." He leaned down to pick up his books.

"So, how's your day been so far?" asked Maria.

"Good, good. My Computer Technology class is so great! I can't wait to go back to my dorm and download all these great programs onto my laptop-"

"Enough about you," said Maria, interrupting Alex's excited explanation of his class. "My Modern Fashion class is great! My teacher said I was the total fashion expert and said I have what it takes to go far in the fashion industry!"

"Um...great," said Alex. "Listen, I'm feeling a little tired now, I have to go get some coffee. I'll see you later."

"Ok," said Maria, heading for the dorms. She had three hours before her next class, and her hours at the Chicken Castle didn't start until that night.


Liz examined herself in the mirror, liking what she saw. She was getting ready for her date with Max, and she was wearing tight black pants and a cute white tank top with blue and silver flames on it.

"Will you stop looking at yourself in the mirror?" asked Isabel. "You're going to break it-you like like a hag in rags!"

"Look who's talking," muttered Maria. "And anyways, Isabel, why would you say such a mean thing to the girl who is going out with your cousin?"

"My cousin? I don't have any cousins."

"Oh...I just know, because you and Max have the same last names...never mind then." Maria walked up behind Liz, placing her hands on Liz's shoulders. "Liz, you look like a million bucks. Max is going to be blown away. Now...go get 'em tiger!"
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Chapter 7~Ericka

Isabel sat on a bench after her final class. It was her only night class and by now everyone was either at the library or some keg party. She started to reflect on her life and not much later the tears started to flow. She was so enveloped in her thoughts she hadn't even realized when the tears exited her weary eyes.

Isabel's bad luch began that night years ago when she betrayed Liz. She never meant to hurt her best friend. In fact, Tony was the one who told her to let Liz run off. She regretted never running away from Tony and after Liz, or at least apologizing. That night she felt completely vulnerable to Tony and he took advantage of her. They had sex. After that, she ended up pregnant. Tony told her to get an abortion or he would leave her. Isabel didn't know why she did as she was told, because from then on he controlled the relationship and her. College actually ended her physically and emotionally abusive relationship. Isabel thought it would be a time to change her life around, but seeing Liz didn't help any.

Isabel was snapped out of her daze and found a hand waving up and down in front of her face.

"Go away!" Isabel screamed. She was startled by the familiar face.

"I never leave a damsel in distress," Alex said. He sounded so corny, but that was his way of being sincere.

"No, leave me alone!" Isabel screamed once again. Tears streamed down her face leaving trails of mascara. With that she pushed him away and ran from the Law and Government building towards the dorms.

"Isabel...I know your hurting and I want to protect you. Won't you let me?" Alex whispered to himself. He had seen her crying as he rode his bycicle to the cafe. From there he picked up his bike and rode off.


Michael stepped out of the keg party to get some fresh night air. He could've sworn he saw a long, blonde haired girl dressed slightly as a chicken walking on the sidewalk. He blinked a few times and saw her face. It was Maria. By that point he couldn't control the laughter that was erupting out of him.

"If you say one word I'll kick your ass," Maria said. She was wearing an apron with chicken feathers and holding a crown that said 'Chicken Castle.'

"I...I wasn't...going to...say anything," Michael said trying to contain his laughter.

"Go ahead, laugh, I quit the shit hole. The way they kill their chicken...and the way they treat their employs is degrating..."

Maria started to walk away from Michael when he stopped her. "Let me walk you home."

"I'm fully capable of walking myself thank you very much." With that Maria walked away.

"Women," Michael mummbled under his breath.

"I heard that!" Maria yelled. She walked around a corner and into her dorm building slamming the door behind her.


After Maria left for work and Isabel for her late night classes Liz paced back and forth in her room. She had no idea why she was nervous. Infact there was no reason to be, it was just some guy right? Wrong. It was Max Evans. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:55. She raced to the door grabbed her coat, and, trying not to look too desperate, walked out of the dorm casually locking the door behind her. As soon as she entered the dorm lobby she spotted Max standing off to the side in khakis and a black shirt. She quickly walked over to him. Once reaching him, she spotted a beautiful bouquet of white roses.

"These are for you," Max said smiling.

"They are beautiful," Liz admired, smelling the lovely scent the roses gave off.

"You are beautiful," Max said.

In return, Liz blushed and replied, "Thank you."

"Your welcome, so ready? The jeep is just outside..."

"Ok, lets go," Liz said. Liz grabbed his hand and lightly jogged out to the jeep with Max in close pursuit. "So, where are we going?" Liz asked.

Max got into the drivers seat after helping Liz into the passenger seat and said, "Well, I was thinking the movies, is that alright?"

"That sounds perfect," Liz responded.

"Great," Max said. Within minutes they arrived at the theater. Max got out of the jeep and walked over to the passenger door. He opened it and held his hand out for Liz to take. She graciously took his hand and stepped out of the jeep. Together they walked into the theater. Upon arriving, they were left with a predicament: WHAT MOVIE SHOULD THEY WATCH?

Being the curtious gentleman he was, Max asked, "What movie would you like to watch?"

Looking over the list of movies, Liz replied, "I heard 13 Ghosts was a good movie, scary, but good."

"13 Ghosts it is." Max walked up to the line and bought the tickets. Together, Max and Liz walked into the theater and grabbed some seats towards the back. As the movie went on Liz buried herself into Max's arms. After all, the movie WAS scary. Max had a hard time concentrating on the movie. Instead his attention was focused on the beauty in his arms. At times he forced himself to look away so it wouldn't seem as if he was staring. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her away.

Once the movie ended Liz pulled Max into a surprisingly heated kiss. By this time people were clearing out of the theater and could obviously see the pda. Once the kiss was done, Max pulled back, he felt dizzy. That kiss nearly knocked him off his feet, apparently it did the same to Liz too. Together they decided to call it a night and left the theater. Max drove Liz back to her dorm.

"Why don't you come on up," Liz said.

Max didn't know what to say, but he knew that he couldn't say no, not to Liz. So he agreed and joined her. They entered her room and together laid down on her bed. The only problem with it...they were both too tired to do much else and within minutes they both fell asleep.
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Chapter 8~Kari

Isabel ran into the dorm room, towards the bathroom. She was crying uncontrollably. She passed Liz's bed, not noticing that there was an extra person in it. She shut the bathroom door and sat down on the toilet.

She let the tears flow down her cheekse not caring that she looked like crap. 'Who cares?' she thought. 'Why do I even go on like this? Why don't I just apologize to Liz instead of acting like a bitch?' She let out a desperate little laugh and thought, 'Because I'm the Ice Princess. The Queen of Bitches. Whatever.'


As Isabel was cryint her heart out in the bathroom, Maria was trudging up the stairs to the dorm. The elevator wasn't working. She tried to act cool and nonchalant as she passed people in the stairway, but they obviously thought she was crazy. She didn't blame them...she was dressed like a chicken, after all. She finally reached the dorm room and went inside. She heard something.

She stood still and listened. She heard crying. 'Oh damn,' she thought. 'That better not be Liz crying. If Max hurt her...'

She ran towards the bathroom, which was where the crying was obviously coming from. She, like Isabel, passed by Liz's bed without even glancing at it. She ran up to the bathroom door and without bothering to knock, barged in.

"Liz, what's the matter? Did Max-"

"Damn it, get out Maria!" yelled Isabel, standing up. "God, can't you leave me alone?"

"I'm sorry. I thought you were Liz."

"Well, I'm not. Now leave!" Isabel tried to push Maria out the door but didnt have much luck.

"Isabel, I know we kind of got off on the wrong foot...but if you need someone to talk to..."

"I said go away!" Isabel finally pushed Maria out the door and locked it.

"Isabel, please! Just talk to me!" yelled Maria through the door.

"Go the fuck away!" yelled Isabel, taking off her shoe and throwing it at the door to punctuate her anger.

"Fine," said Maria. She walked towards her bed when she noticed Liz's hair poking out from under the blankets on her bed. Maria smiled. She knew that it wasn't exactly the most courteous thing to do, but she really wanted to wake Liz up and ask her about her date with Max.

She walked over to the bed. "Liz," she whispered. "Liz, chica, wake up. We have to talk about....Aaaahhhh!" She screamed when she realized Max was in bed with Liz. She was surprised. Liz didn't seem like the type to sleep with a guy on the first date.

Max and Liz both woke up when Maria screamed. They sat up and Liz said, "Maria! What is it? What's wreong?"

"Sorry," said Maria sinking down onto her bed, looking at Liz and Max in disbelief. "I was just totally not expecting to see Max in bed with you."

Isabel came into the room and gasped when she saw Liz and Max in bed together. "Liz, I didn't think you were the type to fuck a guy the first night. I thought that was more of a second date kind of thing for you," said Isabel, instantly regretting it.

"Don't you dare talk like that to-" Max started to yell. Maria whistled loudly and everyone looked at her.

"Okay," shed said. "Let's get this out in the open. Liz, Max, did you two have wild crazy monkey sex?"

Liz burst out laughing. "Maria," she gasped. "We didn't even have calm sane human sex...much less what you said!"

Maria sighed. "Whew...ok. That's good. NOw, Max, um...don't you think it's about time you got back to your own dorm?"

"Sure," said Max, blushing. He leaned over and gently kissed Liz. "See you tomorrow," he said. He got up and left.

"Ok, chica, tell me. What happened with you and Max tonight?"

"First," said Isabel, interrupting. "Maria, tell us why you're dressed as a turkey."

" I'm dressed as a chicken! It was for my job...but I quit. That's not importants now." She turned back to Liz. "Tell me about tonight!"

Liz patted the spot next to her and Maria gratefully sat down, which wasn't easy at all in her giant chicken costume. Isabel stood in the corner looking left out.

Liz, being the nice person that she was, decided to ignore Isabel's earlier comment. She said, "Isabel, if you'd like, you can join us. We can all sort of look like you need to." Although Liz was nice, it was hard to say that to Isabel, whom she honestly hated.

And although Isabel wanted to make a rude comment to Liz and Maria, she decided not to. Liz was right, she needed to talk to someone. "Sure," she said, hesitantly sitting down next to Maria. 'Maybe Liz and I could start to get along again,' she thought, a spark of hope flickering in her heart. She knew she'd still have to apologize, and she'd have to gain Liz's trust. But it'd be worth it. She needed a friend now, more than ever.
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Chapter 9~Ericka

Liz told Maria and Isabel all the juicy details about her date with Max. It felt weird to express her thoughts and emotions to Isabel, especially after everything that had happened between them. "Ok, your next Maria, what happened with you?"

"Isabel? You want to talk about your night," Maria said attempting to change the subject.

"No...I wanna hear how you got stuck in that ugly ass chicken outfit...I mean...not that YOU make it ugly...anyone who wore it would look ugly..." Isabel said. She was flustered. Half of her life she was known as the ice princess...the megabitch. Her role in highschool was to make fun of those that weren't in the most elite group...which just so happened to be her group.

"Ummm...thanks....I think," Maria said. Liz looked at her with her eyes begging not to taunt Isabel. "So...I was serving some chicken plates to the customers. Oh..and by the way there was this really cute guy that I saw there that's in my fashion class..."

"Maria, get to the point...what happened that caused you to quit?" Liz asked excited to find out what really happened. Personally, she could care less about any hot guys that Maria would pick up at her job.

" I went to go to the bathroom and relieve myself from this sweaty, stinky, chicken suit. And when I came back I witnessed the chef's skinning a live chicken!" Maria said. Her eyes welled up with tears as she thought about the poor chicken.

"Are you sure it wasn't dead? And...isn't that unsanitary anyway? They could get in huge trouble with the FDA if they were caught with live chickens in their restaurant..." Liz responded.

"I'm positive! I heard it cluck!" At Maria's last word Liz and Isabel both gasped.

"Maria, I'm so sorry that happened..." Isabel said. Maria and Liz were both surprised by Isabel's concern, their mouths hanging open in an 'o' shape. "What? Do I have spinach in my teeth?" Isabel asked pulling floss out of her purse. She began to do a quick swipe in between each of her teeth.

"Oh you got it..." Liz recovered. She didn't want to know that Maria and Liz were staring at her because they were shocked of her kindness. In fact, if they had told her what they were really shocked about, Isabel might have just gone back to being a megabitch, ice princess.

"Yeah..." Maria added in, agreeing with Liz.

"So Isabel, do you want to talk about tonight? If you don't I understand..." Maria said trying not to push Isabel. She had been crying afterall...Maria couldn't just ignore that.

"I can't," Isabel said returning to her moody state, "it's private." Isabel made a point of emphisizing on the word 'private.'

"Ok..." Maria replied, hoping not to have to deal with the wrath of Ice Princess...that was the last thing she needed. Especially since Isabel's attitude reminded her of a certain 'Spikey Mikey.' Maria couldn't help but giggle at the thought of the cute nickname.

"I don't see anything funny about this!" Isabel screamed. She got up off of the bed and went to go snuggle under the sheets of her own.

"Oh...Isabel...I wasn't laughing at you...I was thinking about someone else...and what a cute nickname he would have," Maria said, still giggling.

"Ooooo...explain," Liz giggled. She felt like a middle school student instead of a college one. She listened to Maria as she walked into the kitchen to grab a bag of chips.

" know that guy I kicked in his 'sensitive' area a week ago? Well, we ummm...made up and then made out...I kinda sorta took the whole chicken thing out on him tonight though...I feel bad about it now though..." Maria began.

"Maria...the point of your laughing?" Liz interrupted grabbing some chips and passing some to Isabel. Isabel would have normally refused, but she made an exception just this once. It felt so greasy in her hand she nearly dropped it. Once the chip actually made it to her mouth, Isabel had to admit it was pretty tasty.

"Right...I'm getting there...well he has this cute spikey hair...and his name is I was thinking about a nickname...Spikey Spikey Mikey," she said not realizing what she had said until after she said it.

"Awww that's so sweet," Isabel said.

Maria turned a deep shade of pink and looked down at the floor...she couldn't believe she had just said that! 'That was so embarrassing...on the other could have been worse...I could have said it to Michael...' Maria thought, smiling at the thought of Michael. 'Oh my god! I have it so bad! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!'

This was kind of a short chapter. I would like to thank all of you have had a chance to put up the feedback, I'm so glad to hear that your liking it. *tongue*
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Chapter 10~Kari

Max walked into his dorm room with a dreamy look on his face. He walked past the small kitchen area, and then backtracked. He walked in and saw Alex frantically dumping coffee beans into some odd looking thing.

" are you doing?"

"Using my new espresso machine! Want some? Oh...we could have an espresso party!"

"Uh, thanks, but no thanks. It's 11:00, don't you think it's a little late to be drinking coffee?"

"Coffee?! Coffee?! This is not just coffee, this is ESPRESSO! This is like...God's greatest creation! Any time is the right time for ESPRESSO!"

By the time Alex had finished saying this, he looked very hostile and threatening, as if trying to dare Max to disagree with him.

"Oh, ok," said Max, thinking (for not the first time) that Alex was odd. VERY odd. "I'm just gonna go get some sleep," he said, pointing towards the beds. "I'm tired...I was out with Liz." He got a dreamy look in his eyes again.

"Oh!" exclaimed Alex. "Tell me about that!" Max totally wanted to laugh now...Alex was hilarious.

"It was good. We had fun. You know Alex, you're a lot like your sister, Maria," Max finally let out the laugh that he'd been trying so hard to hold in.

"Um...thanks. I think. When'd you meet her?"

"Tonight. I um...was in their dorm for a while." Alex raised his eyebrows questioningly. "Nothing happened," said Max defensively.

"what nothing happened?" asked Michael, walking in.

Max rolled his eyes and walked over to his bed, starting to take his shoes off. Alex looked at Michael and said, "You want any espresso?"

Michael made a face and said, "Why would I want espresso?"

"Because it's God's greatest creation," snickered Max. He got serious again and asked, "So how was the party?"

"Good," said Michael, turning back to Alex. "Your sister looks good as a chicken." Michael walked into the bathroom, leaving Alex and Max alone.

"What?" asked Alex, totally clueless about his sister's job at the Chicken Castle.

"Your sister works at some chicken place. She had a chicken suit on," Max explained to Alex.

"She quit!" yelled Michael from in the bathroom, causing Max and Alex to giggle.

'Great,' thought Max. 'We're turning into a bunch of gossiping giggling girls!'

Alex changed the subject by asking, "So, you really like Liz?"

"Yes," said Max. "She's just so...right for me, you know?"

"That's cool," said Alex. "Would you by any chance know anything about Isabel Evans?" Alex thought for a second then asked, "Are you two related?"

"No," said Max, slipping under his blankets. "I don't really know her, but from what I saw a little while ago, she and Liz don't get along well. And I think she'd been crying before."

"She was. I saw her and tried to get her to talk to me but she totally snapped and ran away."

"Why do you care, anyways?" asked Max. "I think she's a real bitch."

"She may be like that on the outside, but I think she's a better person on the inside. I just want to bring out that part of her."

Max gave Alex a look and Alex blushed and said, "Ok, and she's a total hottie, too." Max just laughed.
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Chapter 11~Ericka

Maria walked along a sidewalk, going to her first class of the day. She was hoping to completely forget about the day before and her horrifying experience with the chicken. Who would be that cruel? least she didn't work there anymore.

"Cluck...cluck cluck," A familiar voice mocked behind her. Maria turned around and saw Michael making chicken noises and walking around with his elbows bent, moving his arms back and forth. She had to admit, he actually did look like a chicken.

As people passed they rolled their eyes, some of them mummbling, "Crazy freshman..."

Maria laughed. Who wouldn't? Ok, so he was mocking her...big deal...she could handle it.

"Maria, there you are...Michael told us about the chicken thing. So sorry sis," Alex said with spunk in his voice.

"Alex...he didn't take any of your coffee now did he?" Maria asked.

"Nope..." Alex said shaking his head furiously.

"Ok," Maria said. Alex was still shaking his head. "Alex, you can stop now."

"No...I...can't..." Alex said. Maria took her hands and forced his head into a stopped position. "Thanks...well I should get going...OH I was going to ask you if you wanted to work at the coffee house. There's an opening there...of course its as a dishwasher, but hey at least its something!"

"Thanks Alex, I think I'll apply..." Before Maria could finish Alex was gone and she was left with a still clucking Michael.

Once Michael realized that Alex had left Maria he walked up to Maria...without the clucking. "So...did you like my clucking?"

"No..." Maria said truthfully as she turned around and started walking to her next class.

Michael started to walk wtih her, "Oh come on...I know you thought I was sexay."

Maria rolled her eyes. 'He really is full of himself isnt he?' she thought. "I have to get going to my next if your just going to stand there and mock me...bye."

"Wait! I have something to ask you..." Michael asked a little nervous.

Maria stopped walking and turned face to face with Michael. "No one's stopping you...shoot."

"Go on a date with me," Michael said a little to forcefully.

"Is that a statement or a question?" Maria asked. Without waiting for a response she immediately said, "No."

"Please?" Michael asked.

"No," Maria said starting to walk again.

Michael got down on his knees and started walking after her begging for her to go on a date with him. After getting the same response over and over, he stood up, spun Maria around and pulled her into an earth shattering kiss. "Please?" he asked yet again.

Maria stood dazed by the kiss. Regaining her self control she said, "Ok."


He was about to leave when Maria asked, "Where are we meeting?"

"I'll pick you up at your dorm in my motorcycle," Michael said. With that he skipped away happily to his next class.


Alex ran off before he could hear Maria's response to his question. The reason? He saw Isabel. Alex was determined to bring out the good side in her. He knew it was lying deep down in her. "ISABEL!" He screamed as he ran up to her.

Isabel turned around to see Alex running really silly. His arms and legs swinging out. She had to bite back her lip so that she wouldn't let out laughter.

"Isabel...phew...I made it..." Alex said out of breath. " how are you doing?" Alex started to regain his composure and even out his breathing, waiting for a response from Isabel.

"Look, Alex...I want you forget last night...It was a mistake...I was just crying because...because I got a bad grade. My dad is going to kill me," She said. She had to lie. There was no other choice. If she told Alex what had happened to her in high school, he would hate her. Truth be told, she liked Alex. Yet another thing she knew was never going to happen. It was too dangerous for her to let anyone in. She had to stay in her bubble world, undisturbed. Her heart had been broken too many times. Isabel couldn't bear it if it were to happen again.

"Truthfully Isabel?" Alex said.

'How did he know?' Isabel thought to herself. "I've got to go," Isabel said and ran off to her next class, leaving a dumbfounded Alex standing behind

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Chapter 12~Kari

Later that day Alex saw Isabel again and decided he'd try to talk to her again. He didn't know why she acted so unfriendly towards everyone, but he was determined to get her to open up to him a little bit.

He walked up to her and said, "Hey, so, what's up?"

"Nothing...just waiting for my nails to dry," she said, holding up her hands so that Alex could see them clearly.

"Ok, uh, well, they're pretty. And long. Yup, you got some beautiful nails."

Isabel gave a small friendly laugh. She figured it couldn't hurt to make small talk with Alex for a little while.

"So," he said. "Do you work?"

"What? Like...a job?" asked Isabel truly mortified.

"Uh...yeah. Do you have a job?"

"NO!" Isabel realized how weird she must sound to Alex. "It's just that, I dont have to. My daddy pays for everything."

"Oh, that's...that's cool," said Alex. "I work at that little coffee shop across campus. You should visit me sometime. If you want to, that is."

"Um, maybe. I'm not really into coffee."

"Not into coffee?! Where were you raised, Mars? Coffee is the main element of life! It's more essential than water!" Isabel was giving Alex strange looks, as if she either thought he was just joking or he was crazy and she wanted to hit him.

"Sorry," he said. I just get a little worked up when people dis coffee. Or doritoes. Alex stared off into space. "Doritoes..." he said, practically drooling.

Isabel, no matter how bitter of a person she was, just couldn't help laughing at Alex. He was just so funny!

Alex snapped back to reality. "Oh, sorry," he said. "Sometimes I go into these trances about coffee or doritoes. Maria thinks I'm obsessive compulsive, or something."

Isabel just raised her eyebrows as she checked her nails. She didn't know what to say to Alex. He just kept getting weirder every a kind of creepy way.

"Well, I have a Web Design class now," said Alex, standing up. "I should go. But uh, if you ever feel like having coffee, or just wanna hang with me, come down to the coffee shop..."

"Sure," said Isabel, smiling. "Maybe someday I will."






"Alex, didnt you say you had to go now?"

"Oh yeah, ok. I'm leaving," he said, walking away with a silly grin plastered across his face.


Max walked up to Liz's dorm room and knocked lightly. The both had a few hours between classes and he figured now would be a good time for them to actually find jobs.

The door opened and Max saw Maria standing there in a fluffy robe and bunny slippers. He gave her an odd look.

"What?" she said. "I like to relax between classes. These are my relaxation clothes." She turned around and yelled, "Hey, chica, loverboy is here!" Max blushed as Maria walked towards the kitchen, motioning with her hand for Max to come in.

"Hey," said Liz, walking out of the kitchen. "What's up?" She gave him a quick kiss.

"Just wondering if you still needed to find a job. That's what I'm about to do."

"Sure," said Liz. "I'll just grab my purse." She grabbed it off the couch and was about to walk out with Max when she realized that Maria no longer had a job.

"Hey, Maria, you want to go job hunting with us?"

"No," said Maria, coming out of the kitchen with a package of chocolate chip cookie dough. "Alex said they needed a dishwasher at that crazy little coffee place he works at, so I talked to the manager, like an hour ago, and got the job. I work every other night starting tomorrow.

"great," said Liz. "Let's go Max. See you later Maria." Max and Liz walked out to Max's jeep and hopped in.

"Where should we look first?" asked Max.

"There was this one place I turned down before, that I think I might actually like working at," said Liz. "It's a mile west of campus. It's a veterinary clinic. They need dog training assistants and kennel cleaners."

"Wow," said Max. "That sounds great! Well, not the kennel cleaning. I love animals, do you mind if I apply there with you?"

"Of course I wouldn't mind," said Liz, smiling. "It'd be great working with you." She leaned in and kissed him.

The kiss was getting frenzied and passionate, and Liz was about to slide over into Max's seat with him, when he broke the kiss and grinned. "We're gonna be unemployed and broke forever if we keep doing that."

"Aw..." Liz sighed, making puppy eyes at Max.

"Don't make that face," said Max, reaching over to tickle Liz. "It won't work..."

"Ok, ok!" said Liz, giggling. "Let's go apply for those jobs before some other people get hired."

They drove to the veterinary clinic, enjoying the sunshine and wonderful weather of the day. Max pulled into the parking lot and they entered the building.

Liz walked up to the main desk and asked, "Are there any openings for jobs still available here?"

"Yes, I'll need you to fill out those forms," the woman behind the desk said, pointing to some piles of papers.

Liz and Max filled out all the paperwork and the woman said, "We'll call you both within 48 hours to tell you if you got a job or not, but one of you may be stuck cleaning kennels."

"Uh, great," said Liz walking out hand in hand with Max. She was extremely happy. She might have a great job, one of her roommates was very cool, and she had Max.


Michael pulled up on his motorcycle and saw Maria standing there, already waiting for him. She ran over and climbed on behind him.

"Hey," she said.

"Cluck, cluck," he said, trying not to laugh.

"Ha ha, Michael," she said, hitting him in the back of the head. "Where are we going?"

"I'm not telling," he said mysteriously.

"Please give me a little hint?" she asked.

"Nope." Michael restarted the motorcycle. He drove off down the street until he hit a highway. They drove along in the traffic for a while, then Michael pulled onto a small side road.

They continued down the small side road until they came across a beautiful empty meadow.

Michael stopped the motorcycle and climbed off, helping Maria. "Where are we, exactly?" asked Maria.

"This meadow is where my grandma used to take me when I was little. She lived in downtown LA, but this was her favorite place in the whole city."

"Where does she live now?" asked Maria.

"She...uh, died. When I was 10..."

"Oh, I'm sorry," said Maria.

"No, it's ok. She had a good life. Let's not ruin the date by talking about dead people."

"Ok, sure." Michael grabbed Maria's hand and pulled her off the road, into the meadow.

When they were out of sight of the road, Michael stopped, and took his jacket off. He layed it down on the ground and sat down on it. He patted the spot next to him, and Maria sat down.

"This is beautiful," said Maria, looking around.

"I thought you'd like it. Look at the sky," said Michael, laying down. Maria leaned back on her elbows.

"Wow, the stars are so much clearer than the way you see them in the city."

"Do you know anything about the stars?" asked Michael.

"Nope, you?"

"Not a thing." They laughed and stared up at the sky.

Michael rolled over and kissed Maria. Soon they were making out under the stars.
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Chapter 13~Ericka

Isabel took a step inside the coffee house. She had to did meet her likings. It actually looked like a classy place to hang out. Which, was a surprise. Isabel was picky about everything, from the clothes she wore to the places she ate.
She took a few steps towards the counter, smelling a slightly odd She scrunched her nose up in disgust, but before she could give it another thought Alex was by the cash register flagging her down.

"ISABEL!" Alex screamed his hands waving frantically in the air, "OVER HERE!!!!!!"

Isabel couldn't help but laugh at Alex. He was just so...what was the word? Goofy? Yeah, that was it...goofy Alex...suddenly a picture of the disney character popped into her head, causing Isabel's laughter to errupt forward.

Alex looked at her with a confused expression on his face. Was she laughing at him? NO. No one ever laughed to Alex's face...maybe behind his back or with him...but not to his face. He smiled and asked her "What's so funny?"

Isabel quickly recovered not wanting to reveal to Alex what was really on her mind, "Nothing...just thought of this joke one of my classmates said in Law 101."

Alex nodded pretending to be interested. Actually, come to think of it, the law ment nothing to him. Sure he followed the rules and was now partaking in voting...but besides that it didn't really have much meaning. He was never sued, no one in his family had been divorced. The only time he had actually been in a courtroom was for a field trip in high school...pretty pathetic hey? Not as pathetic as his love life that is a story he would NEVER share with anyone. Well lets girl in high school and one in middle school. Now that is what he called a high quality love life! Not...

"HELLO? Earth to Alex?" Isabel said snapping her fingers. Somehow Alex had phased out...first thinking about Law then about his past love life. Isabel had moved from her spot across the cafe to standing right in front of Alex. "You all right?"

"Yeah...peachy keen...what can I get you? Can I recommend the lattes? They're extra yummy in the tummy today!"

Isabel giggled. Alex had the tendency to be so goofy was the word goofy. "Ummm...actually I was thinking orange juice... like I said..coffees don't agree with me...they make my teeth yellow...and well it tastes funny.

"THat's only after the first few tries," Alex said trying to reassure her. He desperately wanted Isabel to try the coffee, but was interrupted by a coughing customer behind Isabel. "Impatient are we today?" Alex asked the other customer, who looked around them to see if Alex was talking to someone else. They pretended Alex wasn't talking to them. "Orange juice it is!" Alex said excitingly punching it in the register. By now he usually was finished with 15 customers. What was wrong with him today? Oh yeah...Isabel, his crush, was there.

Isabel waited patiently as he brought her the orange juice. She took it and headed to a table near the counter, so she could keep an eye on Alex. She had a crush...on him. It should have been obvious by now...but it wasn't. He was completely clueless! Or maybe it was her...

Five minutes later Alex sat down across from Isabel, taking his break. "I have to ask you something," Alex said. Alex took a deep breath hoping it would come out right, witrhout making him look like an idiot.


"Max, promise me something," Liz said, a worried tone in her voice.

"Anything," he replied. They were curled up on the couch, Liz in Max' arms, watching old reruns of I Love Lucy.

"Let's not let this competition over the job get in the way of our life." Liz lifted her head, her eyes peering into Max amber ones.

"I promise you Liz, it won't get in the way of things," Max said lovingly. WIth that he adjusted himself so that he could easily capture Liz's lips in his own. Liz was left with a grin spread across her face. Could she love this guy anymore? Max deepened the kiss. Yup, she could. Leaving her thoughts behind, Liz responded to his kiss.


Maria got back on the motorcycle with Michael. This was the best night of her entire life. She was amazed by Michael. One second she thought he was a mean idiot, the next she was surprised by his kind and gentle attitude. They spent the whole night talking about how beautiful the sky was...which led to Michael complimenting her own beauty. Now, they were going back to her place.

Her arms gently fit around Michael's waist. She placed her head in the crook fo his neck as he drove home. For once she had a chance to enjoy nature, and all the beauty around her. First the stars and now the wind rushing through her hair. She had never realized it before but riding in a motorcycle was the most exhilirating experience in her life.

They arrived at Maria's dorm building. When Michael parked his motorcycle, Maria took off the helmet and shook her hair loose. " wanna go upstairs," Maria said pointing to the dorm building where her room would be.

Michael had to admit...he was kind of nervous. He had never actually been with any one other than his hand. It was definitely intimidating...but he actually liked Maria. He slowly nodded his head, swallowing hard as he thought about being intimate with Maria.

Maria took the initiative to grab his hand and walk up to the room with him, practically running. She definitely had to say she was anxious. It seemed to take forever to get all the way up to the fourth floor. Once they actually did reach it Maria had to tug on MIchael to get him to move fast enough to the room. Her lips were actually deprived of his.

She pulled the door open and started to move her lips to Michael's. Kissing him was like breathing. She moved blindly towards the couch, her eyes shut. Thank god she knew the layout of the dorm so well. Once she was sure she had reached the couch she leaned down on the armrest and flopped back onto the cushions with Michael. Only...something wasn't right...someone else was there...two someone elses...MAX AND LIZ!

Maria immediately pushed a dazed Michael off of her and jumped off the couch. "Oh my god...LIZ! MAX! What are you two doing here?" she asked surprised.

"I live here, remember?" Liz said reminding Maria.

"Oh, yeah...right....So Michael...maybe we should go to your dorm," she said hoping to finish what they had started.

Michael looked at his watch, "Alex should be home soon from work...would that be such a good idea?"

"No your right...ummm..." Maria continued, pulling MIchael away from Max and Liz. She felt odd with their suspicious eyes glued on her and Michael. "Maybe we should finish in two nights?" Maria asked knowing that the next night she had to go to work at the cafe.

"Ok, call me." With that Michael was gone. Maria, feeling to embarrassed to confront Max and Liz walked off to her bed and got under the covers quickly pretending she was asleep so no questions arose.


Michael got back to the dorm gently shutting the door behind him. He was so happy. Maria was fantastic. Even if nothing had happened, he was falling and falling hard for her. He got confused when he saw a frantic Alex searching all the cupboards for something. 'What was it with that kid?' Michael thought.


"What do you mean, what have I done? I haven't done anything," Michael said making emphasis on the word I.


"Why would I fuck around with a machine that I absolutely cant stand! It's I piece of shit, just like the crap...I mean Espresso it makes!"

Alex made an "O" shaped mouth. He couldn't believe Michael had just dissed his coffee! Alex had to think quick...defend his rights. Alex reached for the closest thing possible which happened to be the caffeine edge kicker...cappachino. It had no lid to it so when Alex threw it forward, the cup stopping, but the fluid continuing to float through the air in what seemed like slow motion once it hit Michael. Not just him, but right where his "sweet" spot was. He screamed in pain and rushed to the bathroom.

Alex immediately felt sorry for what he had done. Whoever the culprit had been he would find out...but he had a sneaking suspicion it wasn't Michael.

MIchael came back from the bathroom dressed in some sweatpants but still holding his groin in pain. Max opened the door, coming back from Liz's dorm and what did he see? Alex in the kitchen, still in shock, holding an empty cappachino cup and Michael standing in the living room holding his groin, giving death stares to Alex.

"I'd ask if Maria kicked you in the groin again, but I know thats not possible since I saw the whole interaction with you and her at the dorm..." Max said.

"HE THREW COFFEE AT ME!" Michael shrieked. He moved ever so carefully over to his bed and immediately made himself fall asleep he just could NOT deal with this.
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Chapter 14~Kari

Isabel sat down on the couch in her dorm, thinking back to her conversation with Alex. He had just asked her if he could ask a question and she'd agreed...



"Alex, I thought you had to ask me something," Isabel said, getting annoyed.

"Yes, I do. Just be patient. I'm trying not to have a spaz attack right now."

Isabel sat in silence, waiting for Alex to ask his question.

Alex took a deep breath and prepared himself. He wanted to ask Isabel out.

"Do you think, that maybe, um, do you think feet are too small?"

They both stared at each other in disbelief. 'Where the hell did that come from?' Alex wondered. 'What the hell kind of coffee is he drinking?' Isabel asked herself.

"What?" Isabel asked.

"Yeah, uh, my feet," Alex said, plopping one of his dirty-sneaker clad feet on the table, just inches in front of Isabel's face. "What do you think? Too small? Cause I've been teased about that my whole life...that they're too small. And you know, there's that whole thing about guys with small feet have small...well anyways, what do you think of my feet?"

Isabel was ready to collapse into a fit of giggling, but she managed to say, in a rather serious voice, "Alex, yes, your feet are sort of below average size. As for other?uh?body parts...I'll just believe whatever you say."

"Yeah, well, I'm not small. I mean...well, you know what I mean." Alex blushed while Isabel gave him a look, in disbelief at their conversation.

"Uh, well, maybe I should go," said Alex, pulling his foot off the table and standing up. "My break is over," he added, walking away.

*End of flashback*

Isabel burst out laughing. 'Was that really what he wanted to ask me?' she wondered. She had kind of been hoping he would ask her out...'No! Me and Alex could never be together. Someone would get hurt. Probably me!' She sighed and looked up at the clock. "Another boring class to go to," she muttered as she stood up, grabbed an apple from the kitchen, and went out the door.


Liz ran to the ringing phone and picked it up. "Hello?" she said, out of breath.

"Hey Liz. This is Alex. Is Isabel there?"

"No. Why?"

"I...well...I really want to ask her out."

"Isabel?! You want to ask out Isabel? Why? What have you been putting in your coffee?"

"Hey...don't get all worked up. Isabel is ok. When you get to know her, she's got a great sense of humor."

"How would you know about her sense of humor? Most of the times she's a cold heartless bi-"

"Whoa. Liz! Down girl! I know you two have some stuff to work out or whatever, but she's nice to me, sort of. I know she has a good sense of humor because she puts up with me."

Liz had to laugh at that. It was true. You did have to have a good sense of humor to put up with Alex. "Well...uh, whatever. She's not here. She has a class now. I can tell her you called, ok?"

"Sure...sure, ok, thanks. Uh, hey, do you think maybe you could ask her out for me?"

"Alex! No! That is something you have to do on your own. Besides, we don't get'd be weird."

"Oh, ok. Thought I'd give it a shot. Bye Liz."

"Bye Alex." Liz hung up the phone, but just seconds later it rang. She picked it up on the first ring.

"Alex! I said no! You need to-"

"Excuse me?" a woman's voice said. "Maybe I have the wrong number. I'm looking for Elizabeth Parker."

"Oh, uh, sorry about that. This is, Liz. What can I do for you?"

"I just called to tell you that you got one of the jobs here at the Paw Pals Veterinary Clinic."

"Oh, wow. Wow. That is so great! Can you tell me if Max Evans got the other job?"

"Yes, he did."

"Great! So...who has to clean kennels?"

"We don't know yet. You'll both need to come down here sometime tomorrow so we can see you both interact with some dogs. Whoever seems better with them will be the assistant dog trainer and the other will be...the kennel cleaner."

"Ok, great. Thanks."




Alex looked down the hallway to see if the coast was clear. He ran to his dorm and locked the door tightly behind him. He opened his jacket over the couch and small cameras and computer equipment fell onto it.

This morning he had discovered that someone had taken three big bags of Doritoes from the kitchen. Taking his Doritoes and breaking his espresso machine was too much. He was going to wire the whole dorm with surveillance cameras and find the culprit.

He had taken some cameras and computer equipment from one of his computer classes. Ok, to tell the truth, he'd stolen them. But he was planning on giving them back...

He started to stick the tiny cameras in niches and holes all over the dorm, sticking little wires on them so he could see the videos on his laptop. Just as he was finishing, Michael walked in.

"Hey," said Michael. "Whatcha doing?" Alex was so concentrated on his work that he didn't even hear Michael.

"Well, at least you're not throwing hot coffee this time!"

"What? Oh, hi Michael. Say, do you by any chance like Doritoes?"

"Ugh...eww...gross! No way!"

Alex restrained the urge to yell at Michael for saying Doritoes were gross and just nodded his head.


Maria put on her apron and walked over to the large sinks. It was her first night working as a dishwasher at Costa de Cappachino Café. She sighed and plunged her hands into the hot soapy water.

This was so not the job she'd envisioned herself having while she was at college. She was a fashion major, she should be working at a trendy clothing store or something. She had to look on the bright side, though. It sure beat having to watch chickens being skinned alive and having to wear that tacky chicken suit...

On her break she found Alex and they sat down to talk.

"So," she said. "What's up with you?"

"I'm a spy," said Alex with a mischievous grin.


"Never mind."

"Ok. So, met any girls you like?"


"Do I know her?"

"Yeah. You share a dorm with her."

"Uh, Alex, wake up and smell the coffee!" She realized what she'd said and giggled. "No pun intended. Anyways, you should know that Liz is with Max."

"I know."

"Ok, so, uh, you and Liz...together...not going to work."

"I don't like that."

"Oh. OH! Isabel? You like Isabel?!" Maria reached across the table to thwap Alex on the head. "Are you delusional? Isabel is...well, she is just not for you!"

"Liz said that too. But I disagree. Isabel would be so right for me. And you know how I can be really shy..."

"Yeah, I know."

"Will you ask her out for me?"



"Yeah, I'll do it. I'd love to watch her squirm! Oh, not that the thought of you would make her squirm..."

"Ok. Well, great. Liz said no, so I was expecting the same from you,, cool. Thanks, Ria!"

"Sure. Now let's get back to work."
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Chapter 15~Ericka

Liz grabbed her coat off the rack by the door. Max and LIz had decided upon having lunch before they had to go in at the veterinary clinic. Liz rushed out the door gentle sliding on her coat. Sure it was California, and it was pretty warm, but for someone who grew up in the desert, the warm fall air seemed a bit chilly to her.

Liz gently plopped herself down in the passenger seat of the jeep as Max took off for the popular Costa de Cappachino Cafe.

"I'm kind of nervous about the vet job," Liz said honestly.

"Me too," Max replied. They had a relationship based on honesty, trust, and love. If they could make it through this job together, they could make it through anything together.

Max put the jeep in park as they arrived at the Cafe. "All we have to do is take some deep breaths and calm down. It wont be too long as we have each other," Max said moving his hand over to capture Liz's.

Liz smiled at the gesture, "Thank you." She moved in her seat, adjusting herself so that she could take Max's lips in her own. As Liz pulled away a smile formed on Max's lips.

"Come on let's go, we can't afford to be late," Liz said as she tugged on Max's arm.


Maria knocked on Michael's door. She wanted to continue where they left off the previous night before they were rudely interrupted by Max and Liz.

Michael, as expected, opened the door. "Hey," he said. Michael was wearing a white, paint stained shirt. Metallica was blasted in the background and in the far corner of the room lay a paint easel.

"Hey, whatcha doing?"


"Can I see it?" Maria asked curiously stepping into the room.

"Sure, but it's not finished yet." Michael led her to the painting. It was ass if Maria was looking into a mirror. He was drawing a portrait of her.

Maria gasped. "Its beautiful." She embraced Michael in a hug, not caring if any paint were to get smudged on her new outfit she made.

"Thanks...but the artwork is nothing like the real life object."

Michael's lips were soon pressed up against Maria's. She pushed him down on the couch, quickly discarding her shirt and then his as she laid on top of him. She wanted him now, at that particular moment. Nothing could change her mind...except...

"MARIA!!!!!!" Alex screamed standing in the living room. "Do you mind? I'm trying to catch the dorito theif, not watch porn!"

"Alex, you mind explaining what your doing?" Maria asked suspiciously, still laying on top of Michael in only a bra.


"I do NOT have STD's," Michael stated.

"Please if your going to have sex make sure its not when I have the dorm wired up. That is the last thing I want to see. Besides aren't you supposed to be asking Isabel a question for me?"

"Alex, she has a life, she's in her class. I thought I would bide the time with Michael. Just take a few deep breaths and your sugar pills and you'll be fine."

"Fine, but no making out until I find the Dorito theif! HE'S GOING DOWN!"


After Alex had made the point that he was watching the dorm under security cameras, that had pretty much turned off Michael. He made sure that Maria had gotten out of the vacinity because if she had stayed he would know that they would end up doing something that would result in a lurking Alex.

Maria had left, putting her shirt on and walking back to her dorm, where she found Isabel sitting quietly, staring out the window. She cleared her throat trying to grab Isabel's attention.

"Yes Maria?" Isabel asked turning to face her.

"Ok...well...I have a question for you...and I dont want this to weird out our relationship," Maria said. To Isabel it sounded awfully like Maria was into her, which made it even more uncomfortable.

"Uhh...actually, I have to go," Isabel said searching for an excuse.

"No wait, just hear me out. Alex wanted me to ask you out," Maria said making Isabel's eyes widen. "For him. Ewww god I'm not like that, no offense...but he likes you. A LOT. He's sooo obsessed with you. Whenever he talks about you his face lights up and he acts like a giddy school girl on too much caffeine...but then again that's Alex for ya."

Isabel smiled. How could she not? Alex was asking her out. Well technically Maria was doing the asking, but still it was sweet. 'Maybe I should toy with him for a while' Isabel thought. It was a brilliant plan that was sure to work. "Umm...let me think about it."

"Alright, but if you do decide to go out with him and break his heart, I will personally kick your ass, no offense, but he's my brother and I'll do anything to protect him. Even if that means beating you up."



After a full day of being observed by the veterinary clinic the doctor came to a conclusion of who should be the kennel cleaner and who was going to be working with the pets.

"Ok, Max, Liz, we have your respective jobs. This is the worst part," the woman said taking a deep breath. "Max, you'll be working with the pets, and Liz, you'll be cleaning kennels."


Alex was sitting in his room glancing at the monitors trying to spot the theif. By now it was going on 1 a.m. His eyelids started to grow heavy. He reached for his cappachino and nearly dropped it when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He rushed out of his room and into the kitchen. He turned on his flashlight and lit up the theif's face. "GOT YA!" He screamed.

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Chapter 16~Kari



"Why are you screaming at me?"

"I thought you were the dorito thief and espresso machine destroyer. Never mind."

Isabel looked down at her feet, feeling herself blush with shame. "Uh, Alex..."

"Did Maria ask you my question?"

"Oh, that. Yeah. Um, I have to think about that."

"Oh, right. Think about it."

"Alex, I...I need to tell you something..."

"Sure. What is it?"

"I'm the dorito thief."

Alex gasped. He dropped the flashlight and held his hand over his heart like he was having a heart attack. " stole my chips?!"


", this can't be true...not I have to beat you up!" Alex raised his fists and said, "Come on! Put em up!"

Isabel sunk back into the shadows, not in fear of getting beaten up (she was bigger than him) but in fear that he'd completely lost it.

"Alex...chill. Let me explain."

Alex realized that he'd just threatened to beat up a girl...and not just any girl. Isabel. 'Way to go,' he thought sarcastically to himself. 'That's the perfect way to get her to go out with me...'

"Ok, explain," he said.

"I came here after you told me you worked at the Costa de Cappachino Café because I knew you liked coffee. I wanted to try I came here to get some. I figured that if I tried it in private, it wouldn't be embarrassing to spit it out if I didn't like it. I tried to work your espresso machine, but my bracelet fell in. That's why it's broken. I saw that you had doritoes...and well, don't tell anyone this, but doritoes are something I actually eat. Anyways, the next morning I got the munchies, so I came back and I took three bags, thinking you wouldn't notice since you have so many. I'm sorry..."

Alex slowly sank down onto a chair. He was angry that Isabel hadn't admitted this to him before, but he was also overjoyed that she like doritoes. He knew he'd never be able to be with anyone who didn't like doritoes.

"So, uh, are you mad at me?" asked Isabel.

"Not really. But why are you here now?"

"I wanted to see if I could get my bracelet out of the espresso machine."

Alex smiled. "I'm sorry, but I think your bracelet is lost to us forever."


There was a minute of silence.

"Well, I should go," Isabel finally said.

"Ok, sure," said Alex, getting up and walking her to the door.

"Bye Alex. Uh...see you later?"

"Yeah...later." Alex gently closed the door behind her and walked over to his laptop. He turned it off and went to bed.


Max screamed loudly and rolled right off of his bed, getting tangled in the blankets. He was confused...where were the monkey noises coming from? He untangled himself and pulled himself into a standing position. He saw that Alex had also fallen out of bed, but he was still asleep.

"Morning," said Michael.

"What the hell is that noise?" asked Max, starting to get seriously annoyed.

"My new nature tapes."

"And why are you listening to screaming monkey noises?"

"I am trying to get this job at the zoo painting murals for the monkey house. I need to get used to monkey noises and I need to get inspired." Michael climbed out of bed and Max burst out laughing. Michael was wearing boxers with little monkeys on them and he had just put on fuzzy monkey slippers.

"What?" asked Michael defensively.

"That's just so girly," said Max, pointing to the slippers, also laughing at the boxers.

"It keeps me it touch with my feminine side!" said Michael angrily. He turned off his monkey nature tape and stepped over Alex, who was lying on the floor, a small puddle of drool forming below his mouth. Michael walked to the bathroom and slammed the door.

Max chuckled as he walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. Then he remembered that today he and Liz had to start their new jobs after a couple of classes. He felt so sorry for Liz...he was so sure that he would be the one cleaning the kennels, not her. He decided that he'd buy her some flowers to say he was sorry she had gotten the bad job. He quickly ate some doritoes, trying to hurry before Alex woke up and caught him, and then headed to the bedroom to get ready for the day.
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Chapter 17~Ericka

Michael wiped the paint onto his pants as he took his lunch break. This mural was the equivalent to a midterm for other students. Since Michael was majoring in art it made no point to write an essay, but instead he painted this wall. Over the years it collected graffiti from high school gangs.

So far he had a distorted monkey painted on the wall. Its arms flailing and its legs dangling limp. 'What a beauty' Michael thought. What'd you expect on the back of a monkey house? Tigers and elephants?

"It's missing something," Michael said looking back at the painting. He studied it and lost his thought. Michael didn't give it so much of a thought as he walked away, going to the nearest McDonalds. He needed cheap food and fast.

Michael was so busy worrying about filling his empty tummy that he didn't have time to notice he had a stalker.


Max knocked on Liz's door. They had decided upon going to the veteranary clinic together. He had his hands held behind his back, delicately hiding the bouquet of white roses.

Liz opened the door, smiling when seeing Max, "Be right back, I just need to get my coat." Liz turned around and went to the closet tucked into the far corner of the room.

Max pulled the flowers out from behind his back without saying a word. When Liz turned back around she gasped, a smile spreading across her face.

"OH MAX!" Liz screamed. She quickly walked back over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "They're my favorite, thanks," Liz said still smiling. She leaned in, claiming Max's mouth into her own

"I should be the one thanking you," Max said pulling away from the kiss. His eyes were glazed over with a look of both love and passion. He looked down at his hands, noticing that he was still holding the roses. "Your roses my lady." Max held the roses out to her, bowing slightly.

Liz giggled, grabbing the roses out of his hand. She took them to the kitchen. After filling the one and only vase in the dorm room she placed the roses delicately inside.

"Ready?" Liz asked quickly walking over to him.

"Yea, lets go," Max said leading her outside. He wanted to ask her if she was ok about the whole cleaning dog poop thing.


"Alex? When are they going to upgrade me to waitress? I'm the best damn dishwasher here and if I don't get a raise I should at least get a promotion!" Maria complained as she dried the dishes. "AND LOOK MY HANDS ARE ALL PRUNEY! How am I going to ace my fashion midterm when I can't sew with clammy hands?!"

"Maria, complaining is unattractive," A voice said from behind her. Maria turned around facing her boss. She blushed a crimson color as he said, "now get your fine ass back to work."

Maria's mouth dropped open. The boss walked away, obviously to go hit on some of the college girls in the cafe. 'Did he just hit on me? Did HE just hit on ME. That bastard is going down.'

Maria stormed after her boss. She spun him around a slapped him across the face. No one messed with her, hell if his lower half still hadn't been facing those college girls she woulda kneed him from here to China...going east.

"No need to get jealous 'Ria toots," her boss said winking. No one called Maria, 'Ria except her friends and Alex. Not even Michael had resorted to using nicknames. She felt like she was going to throw up.

"Maria its not worth it," Alex said from behind her. Maria reached out to slap her boss but Alex grabbed her wrist holding her back. "Say one more word and I'll swear you'll get fired," Alex threatened the boss.

The boss just tossled his head and walked off in a huff.


Michael stepped onto the sidewalk leading to the doors of McDonalds. That was when he was attacked by the stalker. It was little, furry, and small as it jumped on his shoulder.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Michael screamed. Little kids started to stare as they made their way to the maze/game area inside the restaurant.

"Look mommy, I want one of those!" a little boy said pointing to MIchael's shoulder.

"Come on honey, leave the man and his monkey alone," the mother said grabbing her child's hand and walking away.

Michael looked at his shoulder and noticed a furry monkey. Now that he had a good look at him he looked like the little monkey from Aladdin...Abu. "What's up Abu Abu?" Michael asked followed by his head shaking furiously. "No, that doesn't sound right..." Michael placed a finger on his chin, sitting down on a bench outside of the restaurant. "I've got it! Big Dog! I'll call you Big Dog! Or for short...BIGGY!"

The monkey jumped up and down on his shoulder as if agreeing with Michael. Michael was too busy praising himself to take note when the monkey jumped off his shoulder and walked into McDonalds. Two minutes later he came out with two big mac happy meals. One for himself and the other for Michael.

"DUDE YOUR THE BEST MONKEY EVER!" Michael grabbed the Big Mac taking a huge bite out of it.

After finishing their meal, Michael mutually adopted Biggy. Together they went back to the monkey house to finish painting the side. They both were well aware that there was a new friendship blossoming.


After getting off of work at the veteranary clinic, Liz was ready to gag. There were things she cleaned and saw that she never wanted to clean or see again. She caught up with Max in the jeep. "How was your day?" she asked trying to stay away from thoughts of cleaning kennels.

"It was good. Did you want to go to dinner?" Max asked. He knew full well that Liz didn't want to talk about her day cleaning up animal do-do.

" is the last thing on my mind...could we go back to the dorms?"

"Sure," Max said driving her home.


"SHIBBY!" Alex said as he talked to a customer at the cafe. Not just any customer but Isabel Evans. She had just told him some wild, but crude joke. Ok, so it was sex oriented and it had turned him on a bit, but no one REALLY needed to know that. He was pretty much at a loss of words and shibby was all he could say.

Isabel giggled. Alex was so unpredictable, which was refreshing because she hated guys who were so predictable every step of the way. "Alex...your...too silly," she said gasping for air.

"I know....So wanna go on a date tonight?" Alex asked.

"Maybe," Isabel said seductively trailing her finger down his chest. It stopped at his belt. "Maybe I should think about it," she teased and walked out of the restaurant.

"Damn," Alex said. Now he was the one gasping for air. "Why does she always walk away at the worst of moments?"

Author's Note: Hey ALL THANKS FOR THE GREAT FEEDBACK! WOOO...this took me 3 hours to write, but you have no idea how many funny ideas Kari and I talk about at school, on the phone, and at lunch...let's just say the other people at our lunch table give us odd looks while the mention of monkeys of any sort makes a laugh til we hurt. LMAO...
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Chapter 18~Kari

Michael tucked Biggy in and hummed a little lullaby. Biggy was taking a nap on the couch...but soon Michael was planning on buying him his own bed. As he was humming, Alex walked in. He was carrying 5 or 6 big bags of Doritoes...he'd just gone grocery shopping again. As soon as he saw Biggy, he screamed and threw the bags of Doritoes into the air.

"What the hell is that thing, Michael?" he asked.

Michael covered the monkey ears. "Sshhh. Man, he'll hear you! This is my new pet monkey, Big Dog. You can call him Biggy, though." Michael smiled and kissed the top of the monkey's head."Eeww...don't kiss it...I mean, Biggy! He probably has lice! We can't have animals in the dorm, anyways, you know that. A monkey especially."

"Well then, no one outside of this dorm should find out...right Alex?"

Alex sighed in defeat. "Ok, I won't tell anyone. Just promise me I'll never have to baby-sit Biggy."

A guilty look came across Michael's face. "Actually...I have a class now. I need you to baby-sit Biggy. Please Alex?"

"Ugh...what's in it for me?"

"I'll get you a new espresso machine!"

Alex ran towards Michael and Biggy. "Hell yeah! Shibby! Frugoo! Goo Goo Ga Chu! Aaaooogggaaa!"

Michael looked in fear at Alex. "Ok, dude, you're scaring the monkey." Actually, Biggy had woken up and heard Alex and was excited. He was jumping up and down on the couch.

Michael stood up and was about to leave, when he remembered something. He turned and walked back to Biggy. "Biggy, Alex is in charge for a little while. You do what he says. And don't get into trouble, young man. Now give your daddy a hug." Michael and Biggy hugged, almost bringing tears to Alex's eyes.

Michael left and Alex and Biggy sat on the couch, looking at each other.

"So..." said Alex. "Do you like Doritoes...or coffee?" Biggy nodded his head.

"Really?! Great!" Alex jumped off the couch, and grabbed a bag of Doritoes. He threw them at Biggy. "Here you go, man! I'll go get the coffee!" He ran excitedly into the kitchen. He prepared some coffee as quickly as he could, which wasn't too fast, because he was very clumsy. He ran back out into the main room and handed Biggy his coffee.

"Here, little monkey dude. Can I have some Doritoes?"

The monkey shook his head and held the bag of Doritoes close to his chest.

"Please, Biggy? I shared them with you...I made you coffee. Just let me have some Doritoes."

The monkey shook his head again. He took off running across the dorm. He ran into the bathroom and somehow managed to shut and lock the door behind him. Alex pounded on the door. "Aww...come on, dude. This isn't even cool."

Alex continued to try to persuade the monkey to come out of the bathroom, but nothing seemed to be working. He finally sat down and leaned against the bathroom door, angry and sad. He really wanted some Doritoes. He could of course go in the kitchen and get some Doritoes, but what Biggy had was the one and only bag of Cooler Ranch. That was Alex's favorite kind!

"Stupid monkey! I hate you Big Dog! I hate you!" he yelled loudly. Then he felt bad when he heard crying noises coming from the bathroom. The door opened, making Alex fall backwards and hit his head. When he looked up, he saw Biggy standing over him, crying.

"Oh, Biggy. Man, I didn't mean it. No, no, don't cry! Don't cry!" Alex sat up and held out his arms to the monkey. "Come here, Biggy. Give your uncle Alex a cute little monkey hug!"

They hugged and made up. Alex led the monkey back to the couch, where they shared the bag of Doritoes. As Biggy was falling asleep again, someone knocked on the dorm door. Alex carefully stood up and quietly walked to the door.

He opened it and saw Isabel. "Hey, Isabel, what a surprise!" he whispered.

"Why are you whispering?"

Alex opened the door wider and pointed to the couch. "Big Dog is napping."

"Who's Big...OH MY GOD!!!! YOUR KEEPING AN ILLEGAL MONKEY IN THE DORMS!!!! Alex, that's wrong...and gross." She turned to leave, but Alex grabbed her arm.

"Isabel, it's Michael's monkey, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone...I have kind of grown attached to him."

Isabel nodded slowly. "Ok, but I don't ever want to interact with the monkey. Those animals are always so gross..." She walked away, passing Max in the hall.

Just as Alex had shut the door behind Isabel, it opened again and in walked Max.

"Hey, Alex? What's up..." Max stared at the monkey. He blinked. Then he blinked again. Finally he had to admit to himself that he really saw a monkey on the couch. "Is that...a monkey?"

"Yup. His name is Big Dog. Call him Biggy. Michael brought him home."

"I don't even want to know why," said Max, turning and walking out the door again. Alex shrugged and lay down on the couch next to Biggy.


Liz finished cleaning out the last dog kennel, washed up, and headed for campus. She had a class in less than 10 minutes, and knew she was going to be late. She hurried to the bus stop, and actually got there in time to take the bus to campus. She ran to the science building and up the stairs to her class. She ran in and took her seat just before the teacher came in. 'Wow,' she thought. 'It must be my lucky day!'

She took notes and payed attention to her professor, but to tell the truth, her mind was elsewhere. Maria had told her this morning that she had an idea to try to help Isabel loosen up and become more friendly...maybe even apologize to Liz for what she'd done in high school. As soon as Liz's class was over she ran to her dorm building and hurried to her dorm. She ran inside yelling, "Maria, I'm here!"

Isabel came out of the kitchen. "She's in the bathroom. Do you know what her plan is? She told me she had something planned for us tonight..."

"Nope, I don't know," said Liz.

Maria came out of the bathroom, toweling off her wet hair. "Oh, good, you're both here!" she squealed. "I had a great idea for tonight! There's this party across campus...some girl in my Fashion 101 class told me about it...I think we should all go together and then come back here for ice cream and movies!"

"Sounds like fun," said Liz, smiling at Maria. "What about you, Isabel?"

"Sounds gay. But I guess I'll do it...I don't want anyone to think I'm no fun." She stormed out, slamming the door.

"Whoa..." said Maria. "What is her problem? We didn't force her into it..."

"Maybe she's been spending too much time with Alex..." Liz and Maria broke into a fit of giggles.

"Tonight is going to be great!" said Maria. "I promise!"
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Chapter 19~Ericka

Liz stood in front of the full length mirror, outfits held up in front of her. She had NO clue what she was going to wear. "Maria?" Liz called out. Maria came into the room wearing a black mini skirt and a blue tube top.

"What's up chica?"

"This one, or this one?" Liz asked hold out her outfits.

"Neither...come this way, I'll take you to Maria's designs." Maria pulled on Liz dragging her into her room. Maria opened up her closet door and showed Liz the many possibilities.

" you have anything...NOT so revealing?" Liz asked as she rummaged through all the clothes.

"Not revealing? Chica, these styles are in." With one quick movement Maria pulled out a denim skirt, white spaghetti strap and a maching denim jacket. "This is so you." As she gave the outfit to Liz, the phone rang. "Be right back." Maria walked into the living room and picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Uhh...hi, is Liz there?"

Maria brought the phone down off her ear covering it up as she yelled down the hall, "Liz your boyfriend's on the phone!"

Liz walked out of the bedroom putting on the jacket. She grabbed the phone from Maria, "hello?"

"Hey," Max said on the other line.

"Hey, what's up?" Liz asked a smile spreading across her face.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight."

"Oh, Max, I'm sorry, but I'm going on a girl's night out with Maria and Isabel. Someone Maria knows is having a party across campus. Can I take a raincheck?" Liz asked. She really felt sorry, but she made plans that she didn't want to cancel.

"Don't worry it's alright, tomorrow night then?"

"Yeah, tomorrow, sounds great."

After they said their goodbyes they hung up and Liz went to find Maria. Once she found her Maria glared at her. "You didn't tell him where we went did you?"


"LIZ! Ok, boyfriends tend to be the jealous type...I guarentee he will 'mysteriously' show up at this party tonight. Not to mention his friends Michael and Alex."

"Maria...Max isn't like that," Liz replied.

"Maybe not, but Michael is."

Interrupting their conversation, Isabel Evans came through the doors in her party outfit. She was wearing a red haltertop with slimming black pants. "Ready ladies?" Isabel asked.


"Who was that?" Michael asked as he walked in through the door. He figured it out almost instantly. "Man you need to loosen up... broaden your horizons. You're too young for such a serious relationship. Girls are like a box of chocolates, you never know which one your gonna get, but you have to test them out...You get what I'm saying?"

"Yes, but I don't want other 'chocolates' as you call them. Just Liz," Max responded a dreamy look casting over his masculine features.

"So, you two going on ANOTHER date tonight?" Michael asked.

"No, she's going to a party tonight."

"Shit man. You DO know what that means dont you?" Michael looked worried. Max shook his head in response. "Is Maria going? Because if she is we have a party to crash."

"I got the impression that all three girls were going."

"Alex's chick too?"

"I suppose."

"ALEX!" Michael yelled down the hall. Alex came running down the hall with Biggy on his shoulder. "We've got trouble." Alex looked at him confused, his eyes begging for Michael to continue while Biggy jumped from Alex's shoulder to Michael's head. "Hey baby, daddy's home." While Michael went into the kitchen to get Biggy a banana he continued on. "Our ladies are out...they're going to a party...there's obviously going to be plenty of other guys there. That's why we have to be there if anything goes wrong...we'll kick their asses if they lay one finger on them. Sound like a plan?"

"No, it sounds like a murder escapade," Alex responded.

Michael shrugged as if that's what he intended on doing. Biggy jumped on Michael's shoulder and the three guys plus the monkey went out to crash this so called party.


"Maria, this skirt is way too short for me," Liz said trying to scoot it down.

"Don't worry Liz, it looks fabulous on you. LEXI!" Maria yelled turning her attention to a blonde across the room. Liz assumed that was the girl from Maria's class.

"I disagree with Maria, that skirt makes you look fat," Isabel said.

"Look, Isabel, I know you don't like me, and well to tell you the truth I don't like you much either, but what the hell is wrong? I never did anything to you. If I remember correctly, YOU'RE the one who ditched me."

Isabel looked down, for once at a loss of words. She mummbled something under her breath and looked up at Liz. "I'm sorry Liz. I was stupid, young and naive."

"It's alright," Liz said giving Isabel a sisterly hug. "Ok, so truce?"

"Truce," Isabel said smiling.

The went off to mingle with new people when they heard a commotion from the direction Maria had gone in.


Maria walked over to where Lexi was standing. "Great party...your sorority really knows how to have a great time."

"You should join, it's absolutely great here," Lexi responded.

"Hey sexy," a voice said from behind Maria. She turned around to see her boss.

"Listen here bubba, you better watch your balls, because if you keep saying that shit to me, you won't have any!"

"Rarrr fiesty. I like," her boss continued. At that point Maria swung her pump as hard as she could straight into her boss's groin. She had never hit anyone that hard before, not even Michael.

His hands immediately made contact with his balls, holding them in pain.

"You say one more word and I swear you'll have no balls to even play with," Maria said.

"OH MY GOD MARIA!" Liz's voice screamed from across the room. Isabel and Liz ran up to where Maria was standing. They both looked at the man on the floor and started laughing. "Guess that shows him never to mess with hurricane Whitman," Liz said laughing harder.


"Ok, this is it. Some chick named Lexi is throwing this party."

" do you know this is the right building?" Max asked curiously.

"No other parties are going on tonight...surprisingly."

The three guys walked into the party ready to crash it, when they saw a man who was turning blue in the face walk out of the doors. He was holding his balls and looked ready to cry. "Well, that answers my question, they are here. That was definitely the spit fires doing," Michael said cooly.


"Maria?" Liz asked nervously.

"Huh chica?"

"Umm...don't get mad at were right, but now we need a plan...we need to get back at the guys," Liz replied timidly.

"For what?" Maria asked curiously.

"They're here," Liz said. Isabel and Maria turned their gazes to the door and sure enough saw the three guys and the monkey.

"What the hell is that fur ball on Michael's shoulder?!" Maria asked sounding pissed.

"A monkey... so what's the plan?" Isabel asked immediately changing the subject. The guys were going to pay for intruding on their girls night out.
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Chapter 20~Kari

Maria dragged Liz and Isabel into a back room and whispered, "We need to do something. Those guys are party crashing...and I know Michael's doing it because he doesn't trust me!"

Isabel sighed. "'re jumping to conclusions. What makes you think Michael doesn't trust you? Maybe the guys heard about the party and just wanted to come to have a good time. I will do whatever you two do though."

Liz looked at Isabel and then turned back to Maria. "I think Isabel is making a lot of sense. You can't just assume that because the guys are here, that they don't trust us. But we could have a little fun with them..."

Maria shook her head stubbornly. "I don't think they're here to have fun...and I plan on getting back at them, specifically Michael. Now, are you with me or not?"

"Yes," said Liz. "As a joke of course...I'd never want to get Max angry at me."

"What about you Isabel?"

"Sure, why not? Everyone else is doing it." Isabel sighed and ran her hand through her hair. "It can be another way for me to tease Alex a little." The girls made a plan and then went their separate ways.

Maria walked up to Max and whispered in his ear, "Hey there hot stuff." Max blushed and looked around uncomfortably. "Want to go back to the dorms and have our own party? Michael and Liz never have to know..."

Max pushed her away. "Maria, maybe you shouldn't drink anymore..."

"I haven't had anything to drink all night. I just came to my senses. I want you Max."

As Maria was making Max squirm, Michael was across the room, talking to Alex. Alex was holding him back while Michael tried to get towards Max and Maria. "She's flirting with him...I have to intervene. Damn it, Alex, let me go!" As Michael was struggling with Alex, Biggy had wandered off on his own.

Isabel and Liz walked up to Alex and Michael. Liz put her hands on Alex's chest and said in a sultry voice, "Oh, Alex, what big muscles you have..." Alex gulped loudly and looked at Isabel longingly. Isabel walked up to Michael and eyed him flirtatiously.

" look like you'd be good in the sack. Want to try it?"

Michael opened his mouth in a shocked expression as he sank down into a chair. "Isabel, I think you're a little confused. Alex is over there...being felt up by Liz?!"

Isabel winked at Michael and walked away, Liz and Maria following after her. The guys gathered in a circle in the middle of the room, trying not to be jostled around too much by all of the people dancing around them. "What the fuck was that?" asked Michael. "Isabel just hit on me!"

"And Liz was...touching me!" said Alex.

"Maria was acting weird too...wait a minute! You don't think maybe they were just trying to get us worried and jealous, do you?"

"Why would they?" asked Alex. "We didn't do anything to them!"

"Unless..." Max turned to look at Michael. "Maybe Maria knows you crashed this party to spy on her!"

"Hey, I am not here to spy on her...I'm here to make sure no other guys try anything with her!"

Alex shook his head. "That's still considered spying on her, man." Alex looked around. "Hey, where did Biggy go?"

Michael looked around in fear. "OH NO! I hope he isn't lost! Biggy, where are you? BIGGY?!" Michael started to walk around to look for the misplaced monkey.


As the girls were celebrating their victory of the first part of their plan, to make the guys squirm and get jealous, they saw a little monkey sitting on the floor.

"What the hell is that?" asked Maria. "I saw it on Michael's shoulder before..."

"It's his pet monkey, Big Dog, or Biggy for short," said Isabel. "I went over to the guys' dorm this afternoon to talk to Alex, and Alex was baby-sitting the monkey."

"Where did Michael get a monkey?" asked Liz.

"I have no idea...but I'm pretty sure it's illegal." All of the girls turned to look at the monkey. "What's he holding?" asked Isabel.

"I don't know..." said Liz, walking over to see. She bent down and slowly took the object away from Biggy. "He's holding a bag of water balloons...I wonder where he got these."

Maria jumped up and down. "Oh! I have another idea! When the guys leave...we bombard them with water balloons!"

Isabel said, "Maria, don't you think that is a little bit immature? We're not 13 anymore."

"But college is supposed to be fun...right now I can't think of anything more fun than throwing a nice big water balloon at Michael's head!" Maria ran off to find a sink to start filling up water balloons. Liz and Isabel shared an amused glance and then reluctantly followed after her.


"We should just leave," said Max. "We haven't seen the girls in an hour...they probably slipped out the back or something."

Alex nodded his agreement. "Yeah, we aren't even partying?you're making us sit here and wait for the girls. We should go back to the dorm."

Michael shook his head. "No. Besides, we need to find Biggy."

"Ok," said Alex, standing up. "I'll find Biggy...then we're leaving!" He walked around, calling the little monkey's name. "There you are Big Dog!" exclaimed Alex, picking up the monkey who was lying on the floor looking up a girl's skirt. The girl noticed and slapped Alex.

"PERVERT!" she said.

"What?! It was the monkey, not me!" Alex ran back to the guys and handed Biggy to Michael. "Your monkey is a perv let's go." They all walked towards Max's jeep and just as they were near the sidewalk, Max got hit in the head. He was soaked instantly.

"What the..." he looked up and ducked as Maria threw another water balloon, this time soaking Alex.

"Hey," said Alex. "Why are you doing that, sis?" The guys heard giggling coming from the open second floor window. Liz leaned out and hit Michael square in the forehead with a water balloon. Then Isabel leaned out and chucked 5 balloons really fast. Finally, the girls ran out, and the guys stood there looking up at them, soaked.

"So Michael," said Maria. "Tell me why you came to this party."

"What? Why?"

"Tell me...tell me that you came to this party because you feel that you can't trust me. You thought I was going to hit on some other the way I did with Max. Oh, and Max, sorry about that. That was just to see if Michael would get jealous and suspicious. Which he didn't...but that's not the point. The point is, Michael, you don't trust me!"

"Where the hell did you come up with this?" asked Michael. "I came here because I don't trust other guys around you...I trust you. Or I did until tonight. We're done, Maria. I can't believe you would think I don't trust you...and then hit on Max to see if I would get jealous! Grow up, Maria!"

Michael got in the jeep and slammed the door. Alex, Biggy, and Max got in, after Alex and Max waved goodbye uncomfortably to the girls.

Maria sighed as the guys drove away. She pulled her head back in the room and looked at her friends. "Girls...I am a complete ass." Tears began to cloud up her eyes. "And now I just ruined what I had with Michael."

Liz hugged Maria comfortingly. "It'll be all right Maria. Somehow, it'll be all right."

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Chapter 21~Ericka

Michael sat in the dorm staring at his reflection through the bathroom mirror. “What have I done?” he asked himself. The past few weeks had been hell. He’d been avoiding her, or at least trying. He only ended up failing…time and time again.

A few days ago he had gone out with Max and Alex to get a coffee. Well, it was Alex’s idea…and considering he had that employee discount it didn’t sound like too bad of an idea. So what if he was a cheapskate? Anyway, back to the story. Michael had seen her waiting on other customers. Apparently she had been promoted…and the boss was fired for some odd reason. He watched her although he knew it wasn’t such a good idea.

If he had been more careful they wouldn’t be broken up. They would be together right now. Maybe even back at his place doing the nasty.

Now he was in his bathroom looking at his reflection wondering what was wrong with him. He was the one to blame…but he didn’t want to admit it. Who would? Not any man he knew. Well, with an exception of Max…he was the charmer of the group, always wooing Liz.

Splashing some cold water on his face he was brought out of his daze, and exited the bathroom. Yes, tonight would be another stay in home watch hockey, but not pay attention to it night.

Max was off on ANOTHER date with Liz and Alex was…well who knew? Sometimes he was trying to wow Isabel other times he was working at the coffee shop…he was the most unpredictable man he knew.


Max courteously opened the car door for Liz as she stepped out. They were going to one of the most exclusive college clubs in all of California. Stepping inside they moved towards the entertainment.

On the stage was a live band. Around it was what looked to be a mosh pit, but could also qualify as a group of people tightly dancing together.

Grabbing Max’s hand, Liz pulled him towards the crowd. She inched their way to the front of the crowd until they were right next to the stage. Liz had never been the forceful type, but Max brought out her wild side. She pulled him into a tight embrace so whenever either one of them moved the other would definitely know.

The crowd started to get thicker and thicker as more people moved onto the floor. By now Max and Liz were covered in sweat, but they continued to grind. Their hips rapidly brushing against each others.

Max’s hands drifted down the small of Liz’s back until they came to a stop at her butt. Liz smiled at this simple gesture. They were getting closer and closer, overcoming obstacles together. They still had a ways to go in their relationship, but they were contempt at the speed they were going.

After a few more songs, Max pulled Liz off the dance floor. He needed water. Preferably cold and coming out of a showerhead, but that was obviously nowhere near the club. Settling for the next best thing he ordered two, one for Liz and one for himself.

The club continued to get packed by the minute. As soon as there was an open seat at the bar, Max made himself comfortable, pulling Liz into his lap.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” Max asked trying to shout over the bass.

Liz nodded. She knew there would be no chance competing with the blaring music. “I love you too,” she said simply. She knew the words couldn’t be heard by Max, but he understood her without having to hear what she said.

The night wore on as Max and Liz spent the remainder of the time holding each other. The crowds slowly began to dwindle down as the music changed from hard rock to soft, slow, melodic music.

“May I have this dance?” Max asked as a local band came out. Once they were on stage they started to play a song with a slow beat in it.

Liz nodded taking Max’s hand. The band consisted of a female singer and a guitarist. It was actually quite simple in its own special way. When Max wrapped his arms around Liz’s waist, she wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her head on his chest, listening to the soft pitter-patter of his heartbeat.

At the end of the song, the female singer spoke up. “I would like to dedicate that song to two of my best friends.” At this point Max and Liz looked up to see who was on stage and applaud them. Their jaws dropped when they saw Maria with Alex on stage. When Maria winked they instantly knew whom she had dedicated the song to. Slowly their lips curved into a smile as they squeezed each other’s hand.


Maria had had an exhausting evening. Music drained her out, but it was her baby. Sure, fashion was her major, but music had always had this special effect on her. Most of her life she had just disregarded it as an extra curricular activity. But now it was something more.

She moved to the bed and peeled back the covers. After climbing into bed, she screamed. Something hairy was attacking her head. She sat upright and looked at the culprit. It was the damned monkey!

She screamed again and the monkey jumped on top of her dresser. Biggy covered his ears in pain. Didn’t Maria understand that her voice was multiplied? He had sensitive hearing at that harsh scream wasn’t making it any better.

“Oh my god…oh my god…what am I going to do. Come here you!” Maria yelled chasing the monkey around the room.

After what seemed like an eternity of chasing the monkey around the room, Isabel came through the door and looked quizzically at the two. “Maria, what on earth are you doing? And why is Michael’s monkey here?”

“This is Michael’s?! I bet he planned this! He just wants me to return his damned monkey…then he expects me to sleep with him! I knew there was something fishy going on!” Maria yelled, now pacing around the room in a rampage.

“Would you prefer if I returned the monkey?” Isabel asked curiously.

“No!” Maria said a little too quickly. She was miserable without Michael, but she wouldn’t openly admit that to anyone. He had her attention the first day she met him. He looked so rough and rugged with his spiked hair, but lately she had to admit he was looking worse. HE seemed to forget the words ‘shaver’ and ‘cost cutters.’ She was going to return the monkey and try to make amends with Michael…anything to at least get him back in her life, even if that meant they would only be friends.

“Alright…well you need help catching this rodent?” Isabel said smiling wickedly.

Chapter 22~Kari

Liz reluctantly broke contact with Max's lips and smiled up at him. "I should go," she said.


"Maria will worry. Isabel too."


"We both need to get some sleep," she said matter-of-factly.

"I agree totally."

"Max, you're making this difficult."

He smiled down at her, a glint in his eyes. "I don't want this night to end yet," he whispered into her ear, running his fingers gently through her hair. "I keep thinking of how we danced…so close. I love being that close to you Liz. I love you."

"I love you too." She bit her lower lip and looked at the floor. She shyly looked up into Max's beautiful eyes and said, "Max, do you want to spend the night with me? I know how to get Maria and Isabel to leave…"

"Liz, I-"

The dorm door flew open and Maria slammed into Liz, who slammed into Max. "Oh! Chica, I'm so sorry! I didn't know you two were right outside the door."

"That's okay," said Liz in a voice that clearly revealed that it in fact was NOT okay.

Max turned to Liz. "I should go for now. I'll see you in Molecular Bio tomorrow." He leaned down and kissed her. When he was gone, Liz turned to Maria.

"So, why'd you come out here?"

"I was going to go find Alex because for some reason Michael's monkey is in our dorm. I know Alex and Biggy are buddies, so I figured he could catch the monkey. But now you're here to help me and Isabel." Maria latched onto Liz's arm, dragging her into the dorm to see something absolutely hilarious.

Biggy was sitting on top of a shelf high upon one wall. Isabel was standing below the shelf, holding a banana.

"Hi Biggy," she was saying in a sickly sweet voice. "I have a banana here for you if you come down. Please come down for your auntie Isabel."

At that point, Maria and Liz had to laugh. Isabel whipped around to face her roommates.

"This isn't funny!" she yelled, throwing the banana at Biggy (who caught it) and storming off towards the kitchen. Maria and Liz stifled back more laughter as Biggy jumped off the shelf and followed after her. Maria and Liz followed Biggy, hoping to be able to catch him.

Isabel, huffing and puffing angrily, threw open the door of the small refrigerator they had, grabbing a Diet Coke. She took a few sips and then seemed to sense she wasn't alone in the kitchen. She turned around and saw Biggy, sitting on the floor, a big monkey grin spread across his face.

Isabel wrinkled her nose in disgust at Biggy. "What, now you're stalking me?" she yelled.

All of a sudden, Biggy launched his half eaten banana straight at Isabel's face. She screamed loudly, causing Maria and Liz to scream…with laughter. Biggy looked back and forth between the three girls and then started to jump up and down excitedly, obviously very proud of himself.

Maria, still laughing, leaned down and scooped Biggy into her arms. "I'm going to return him to Michael now," she explained to Liz, who was searching for a rag to help Isabel clean the banana off with.

Maria chuckled and headed for the dorm building next door, taking care not to let anyone see her with the monkey.

She reached the guys' dorm and took a deep breath. She raised her fist and knocked lightly on the wood three times. The door flew open to reveal a messy-haired, tired-eyed, very sleepy Michael.

"Uh, long time no see," she said, trying to break the silence that had descended like a pillow trying to smother them.

"Oh, hey Maria. Oh my god…Biggy?!" Biggy jumped into Michael's arms at the mention of his name. Michael hugged the monkey to him protectively.

"Michael. Explain."

"Huh? What?"

"Explain to me why Biggy was in my dorm room."

"Maria, I really don't know." He turned his attention back to Biggy and said, "Oh, Biggy, you came back to your daddy! I was worried all night!"

Maria pushed Michael back into the dorm angrily, following him and kicking the door shut behind her, for the first time realizing she and Michael were both in their pajamas…and his had monkeys on them. Odd…

"Here, I'll explain for you," said Maria. "You put Biggy in my dorm because you wanted me to return him and give you a chance to talk to me. You probably wanted to get me over here to…seduce me or something!"

Michael looked in disbelief at Maria and then gently set Biggy onto the floor. He straightened up and stared into Maria's eyes.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked. "Why would a guy want to seduce a girl who blames him of not trusting her?"

Maria inhaled sharply, trying not to give in to the sweet powers of Michael's soulful eyes. "Maybe she misunderstood and maybe that girl is…sorry."

Michael took a step closer to Maria. "Maria," he said, reaching out to touch her cheek. "I'm sorry. You're sorry. But where does that get us?"

Maria placed her hand on top of Michael's and said, "I don't know. Where do you want it to get us?"

"How about here?" he whispered, leaning towards her, his lips just barely skimming hers. He gently cupped her face in his hands, running his tongue lightly across her lips. She pulled him closer and kissed him back.

"Hey Biggy, it's time for uncle Alex to give you a bath!" cried Alex, stepping into the room. He saw Maria and Michael and shrieked, causing them to break the kiss. "Geeze, every time I see you two you're sucking face!" he said. "Well, don't stop on my account. I'll just go for a walk or something. But don't get too carried away, Max is here too you know."

Alex left the dorm and decided to go see what Isabel was doing. He walked to the girls' dorm, knocking lightly and entering.

"Hello?" he called out. "Anyone here?" Liz and Isabel walked out of the kitchen.

"Hi Alex," said Liz. "I'm going to bed now. Why don't you and Isabel talk?" She giggled and walked away.

Isabel looked shyly at Alex. "So," she said. "Is there a reason you decided to stop by at midnight?"

"Yeah, uh, actually, I've been meaning to talk to you about something for weeks. Uh, I asked you out…well, Maria asked for me…and I never got a definite answer back." He held his breath in anticipation, hoping for a yes, but expecting a no.

Isabel looked at Alex for a few moments and slowly nodded her head. "Sure," she said. "We'll give it a go. How about next Friday?"

"Yes? You said yes?! I mean…ok, cool. Friday is good for me." They stood in silence for a minute, unsure of how to proceed with the conversation. "Well, I should go. Maybe I'll get some coffee…see you later."

He turned and left, thinking about the girl of his dreams.

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Author's note:: ok, so kari and I have taken this story obsession a LITTLE too far. We saw orange county (YES! Great movie see it soon, Colin is such a cutie!). Well, we also went shopping. We stumbled across a store and kari bought a shirt with a monkey on it... and I saw a monkey behind the counter. My friend Amy asked how much it was and it turns out it was on sale for $9.99. So Kari and I look at each other and start laughing once I pull out the money. Well anyway, once I buy the monkey, Amy says that I have to name it. Kari and I look at each other and scream "BIGGY!" Sorry, just had to share a lil story with you all about my boring real life. Like I said...we have a crazy monkey obsession.
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Chapter 23~Ericka

Maria stepped out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped tightly around her head and wearing a pair of sweat pants and tank top on. The weekend had finally come and everyone knew what that meant. PARTIES!

“So, Maria…what’s got you so happy?” Liz asked glancing up from the paper. Maria didn’t even notice that she had been wearing a wide smile and hummed to herself.

“Michael and I…we made up!” Maria could barely contain her excitement.

“That’s great Maria,” Liz said sincerely. “Hey, do you think…umm maybe Max and I…well could we have the dorm tonight?”

“Oooo Chica! Of course you can! Hang on one sec,” Maria said rushing out of the kitchen. When she came back she pulled a box out from behind her back and slid it across the counter.

Liz’s face instantly turned several shades of red. “Condoms?”

“Glow in the dark LATEX condoms. Trust me…you’ll need them more than I will. Besides, I have a whole other stock at Michael’s dorm.”

“Does he know about this ‘secret’ stash?”

“No…but he’ll never find them. If I know my hunk of meat, he’ll be painting pictures…no doubt of me right now. Or he’ll be the loving father figure to that hairy mono.”


“Monkey…anyway maybe Michael and I can get our own action tonight,” Maria said nudging Liz suggestively.

“Oh my god…”


Maria tapped on Michael’s door. When she heard a groan coming from inside she stepped in. She looked around the room noticing that Michael was still lying in bed. Smiling, she made her way over to him. She laid down on top of his body, allowing her legs to straddle him.

“Hey baby,” Maria said seductively.

Michael groaned as he covered his eyes with his hands. He opened his eyes and found Maria on top of him. “We have to talk.” Michael was serious, no sarcastic or even playful tone in his voice.

Maria crawled off of him and sat on one of the empty beds.

“What were these doing in Biggy’s litter box?” Michael asked holding up a torn box of condoms. “I found Biggy tearing the pack to shreds when I came home from classes yesterday. Do you know how dangerous latex is for him? These are YOURS right?”

“Yes…look Michael…I didn’t think he’d find them.”

“Oh well…it’s in the past. Now give Mikey some sugar!”


Isabel walked up to the frat house. She remembered agreeing to meet Alex here for the party. The evening had just begun. This was the first toga party she had been to. So here she was wearing a pink, satin sheet. What? Daddy only wanted the best for her little girl.

But then again, Daddy never thought his little Izzy would be going to a toga party in HIS sheets. She maneuvered her way to the bar where guys began to flock around her like bees to honey.

“Hey baby.”

“Wanna come to my room?”

“Shut up man, she’s my lady tonight!”

Isabel listened as the guys continued to yell discriminating remarks to her. “If any of you pigs say one more word I’ll sue you for sexual harassment!” And that did it. The guys and dispersed and gone to some more freshman girls. God they were pathetic.

“Hey,” Alex said approaching Isabel. His tiny body fitting in the big sheets. It almost looked like those high school guys that wore the pants 10 sizes too big and the shirts that hung down to their knees. Ok, so it was just sheets, but still.

“Hi…so umm this party is…blasting!” Isabel yelled over the extremely loud speakers.

“Yeah…wanna go outside?” Isabel nodded afraid of ruining her voice if she yelled too much.

“So umm…Alex.”


“I’ve never been this shy around a guy before. I really like you Alex.”

“And I like you Isabel…so umm how’s school?” Alex asked.

Isabel giggled. “You know we sound really pathetic…how about we go out for a cup of coffee…parties, much less TOGA parties aren’t for me. At least not when the frat house is packed with drunks trying to seduce women.”

“Yeah sure, so umm you wanna go change first I hope…”

“Ok, let’s stop at my dorm and then we can go to yours,” Isabel offered gathering herself up.


Liz heard a light tapping at her door and practically jumped from her seat on the couch and ran to the door. When she reached the door she smoothed out her shirt, took a deep breath and slowly opened the door.

“Hey,” Liz said with a dazed, happy smile spread across her face.

“Hi,” Max said shoving his hands nervously into his pockets. He stepped into the room glancing around.

“So…umm I rented some movies,” Liz said directing Max to the couch and the TV facing it. “Comedy, drama, or horror?”

“Horror,” Max said. Ok, so he was thinking about Liz cuddled up in his arms…but that wasn’t a bad thing was it? He obviously didn’t think so.

“Great! I rented the classics, “Halloween” or “Friday the Thirteenth”?”

“’Friday the Thirteenth’,” Max said, taking a seat at the couch as Liz popped the tape into the VCR. She turned the TV on and grabbed the remote as she took a seat next to Max, making herself comfortable in his arms.

“Did you want me to take that?” Liz asked pointing to Max’s jacket.

“Sure,” he said, removing the jacket that had covered a shirt that seemed to fit his body quite nicely.

Liz grabbed the coat and took it to the coat rack, where she hung it up. “You want anything to eat? Isabel has seem to take on Alex’s Doritos fad and we have one cabinet full of them…she says it’s a work in progress. I’m not sure whether to be scared or excited.”

“Be scared…Michael and I have had to do the food shopping because all Alex does is buy varieties of coffee and Doritos. Then, if he has extra money, he’ll save it until he can buy another one of those stupid coffee makers.”

Liz giggled as she grabbed a bag of Doritos and two sodas out of the refrigerator. She walked over to the couch and set the food and drinks on the coffee table. She turned off the lights to get into the ‘mood.’ FOR THE MOVIE! By the time she made it into Max’s arms the movie had started.


Isabel opened the door of the dorm, turning on the lights. She shrieked at the site of the couch.

The two figures on the couch rustled as they were roused out of their sleep. Sometime during the movie they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. Isabel had taken care of the asleep part once she screamed. What a way to kill the mood.

Alex looked at the coffee table his eyes glittering. “Do my eyes deceive me or do I, Alex Whitman, see Doritos in the females’ dorm?”

“Are those MY Doritos?” Isabel added looking at the nearly empty bag.

“What? We got hungry,” Liz said innocently, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

“Ladies, ladies, must we get angry?” Alex asked.

“Fine…just for you Alex,” Isabel said walking back to her room.

“Have fun at the toga party?” Max asked.

“It was a bomb…the frat was drunk.”

“I thought you were trying out to be in that frat,” Max said as Liz started to nervously clean.

“I was…but don’t tell Isabel, she’d freak,” Alex whispered trying to be discrete.

Isabel immerged from the bedroom wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. “I know this is kinda grungy…even for me…but this is all I have left…tomorrow’s laundry day.”

“For you too? We should do laundry together!” Alex said overenthusiastically.

“Ok…” Isabel replied, leaving Max and Liz in the dorm.

“I should probably head back to my dorm,” Max said.

“Actually…could you stay…I mean…what I’m trying to say is…I’d just like to cuddle with you. I hope you’re not disappointed,” Liz said almost afraid of Max’s reaction.

“No, of course I’m not disappointed. Liz you’re my world…I’m just grateful that I get the opportunity to spend the night with the brightest star in the sky.” Liz blushed at his comment and before she knew it, he was over to her in two long strides, tipping her face up to his.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed…we’re in this together.”

Liz leaned upwards, meeting his lips halfway; their lips colliding like a head on collision. This was by far the best night. The best part of it was Max wasn’t pressuring her to have sex. In fact, he would wait for what seemed like an eternity. Just for her! Taking his hand she led him to her bedroom, lying down on the mattress as she pulled him down to her. Within minutes they were sound asleep, their bodies a mass of limbs.

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Hey guys, I dont know when the next part will be up. I'm trying to write out the next part but I can't hand write it because I get hand cramps. To make matters worse word is being stupid on my computer so I can't type it out either, I'm sorry if this puts a huge delay on the story, but I swear I'm going to give dell a call about the problem. Also, my parents have been really mean lately and I was grounded for a week, otherwise I woulda had this problem fixed by now.


P.S. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Chapter 25~Ericka

Alex came back to the dorm late in the night, wobbling unstably on his feet. When he walked into the dorm door. He grabbed his nose in pain as the rest of his body tipped backwards and hit the dorm door across from his own.

"OWW!" Alex screeched loud enough to wake the dead.

"Max! Look it here! Alex is drunk!" Michael snickered in amusement from the doorway.

Max walked up behind him groggy and tired. "Get him inside," Max replied, acting like Alex getting drunk wasn't a big deal.

"You're no fun," Michael complained leading Alex into the dorm. After helping Alex to his bed, Michael sighed. "Wow, that was a lot more work than I thought. I'm going to Maria's."



Alex looked at the two guys whom he hoped would become his frat brothers. He didn't catch their names, but now was not the time to get acquainted. If he wanted to be in this frat he had to be every person's nightmare...the suckup. The big S.

Alex watched as the two conversed with each other, although he couldn't make out their exact words. He had to admit it kind of freaked him out when the short muscular one rubbed his hands together and the taller, badboy look-a-like whispered to his brother.

'Ok so that one is Kyle and that one is Sean,' Alex thought mentally. He was so busy trying to keep straight who was who that he didn't realize that Kyle had instructed him to do something.

"Alex!" Kyle said snapping his fingers in front of Alex's face. "Sean...he broke rule 543 part A: Not listening to the founders of Alpha know what that means."

"Whiskey," Kyle and Sean said in unison. They pulled out a large bottle of whiskey, filled to the brim and handed it to Alex.

"I don't drink thank you," Alex said glancing at the whiskey.

"Do you want to be a part of the fraternity or not?" Sean asked shoving the bottle straight towards Alex's nose.

Alex reluctantly reached for the bottle. The last time he drank he'd been so drunk that he couldn't even walk home. Of course that resulted in a huge lecture from his sister Maria, but he was absolutely sure that any consequences resulting from this situation would be 100% A-OK.


Isabel paced back and forth in her room going over exactly what she was going to say to Alex. He meant the world to her and although Maria and Liz were great friends they couldn't fill that hole in her heart that could only be mended by her true love...Alex.

Isabel glanced at her watch periodically wondering where Alex was. He was supposed to meet her 10 minutes ago, but never showed. Where was he?

Isabel walked over to the phone that was neatly placed on the hook and dialed the guys' dorm room.

"Hello?" an irritated male voice said on the other end.

"Umm hi, Max? Is Alex there?"

"No...he's out looking for frats to join. Want me to tell him you called?"

"No, that's quite all right," Isabel said hanging up the phone. She distinctly remembered telling Alex that they were going to hang out. Maybe even have some coffee and Doritoes together.

She walked over to her bed, and plopped down. What Tony had done to her was not acceptable. When she came to college she had sworn off men, but then she met Alex. He was the exact opposite of Tony, dark hair, tall, lanky (but in a good sort of way), honest, and above all kind and generous. Isabel pulled her knees up to her chest as she shut her eyes, willing the tears to go away.


"Who...was...that?" Liz asked Max kissing down his neck.

"Isabel...she was calling for Alex," Max responded, his head tilting back from the pleasure Liz was giving him.

Liz's head snapped back and looked at Max. Her head was telling her that Isabel was trying to steal away Max, but her heart was telling her that Max would never do such a thing to her. That, and Isabel liked Alex.

"Max? I have to go," Liz said grabbing her bags. She originally came so that they could study together for their biology test, but one thing led to another.

"Is something wrong?" Max asked looking at her concerned.

"I just remembered...I have to clean the house," Liz stated. She knew she was a horrible lyer and Max could see it, but he didn't stop her from leaving. For all he knew, he had done something wrong. Once Liz had left him, he did a quick breath check, but realized everything was fine. What WAS wrong with her?


"Chug! Chug! Chug!" Kyle and Sean chanted as Alex downed more alcohol. How many rules had he broken so far? He'd lost count after his 4th bottle of alcohol. Normally, he wouldn't drink at all, but what he wanted more than anything was to be a part of this fraternity.

After finishing the bottle he set it down and tried with all his might to stay standing.

"I think my friend, you'll fit in well..." Sean said, patting Alex on the back.

"See you tomorrow, Alex buddy," Kyle stated as he pushed Alex out of the frat house and onto the streets.

Alex wandered aimlessly until he made it to his dorm, where he nearly collapsed when he'd arrived at the end of the staircase.

~End Flashback~

His brain wasn't functioning right...he could feel Michael dragging him into the dorm and then leave, but after that, everything went black. He felt Max run to his side as he dialed the number for 911. That was all he remembered until he woke up the next morning in the hospital bed, IV's pumping wildly into his bloodstream.
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Pegleg:: In response to your question, Kari and I don't really talk about what we want to happen. Occasionally we'll chat about the chapter we're working on, but when we release the chapters we write, the other is just about as surprised as you guys are. I hope that answers your question.

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Chapter 27~Ericka

"Alexander Charles Whitman! What do you think you were doing?" His mother screamed as she entered the room.

"Mommy," Alex said timidly.

"Don't mommy me! I come home from work to find out that my son has alcohol poisoning. To top it off this hasn't been the first time! Charles, I knew we should have gotten him into Alcoholics Annonymous!"

"Dear, it's ok...Alex is ok," Alex's father, Charles said for the first time.

At this moment, Janine, Alex's mother, broke down into tears. "Alex...I'm disappointed in you," she said. Janine left the room crying, followed by Charles as Alex brought himself into a sitting position. He felt horrible...about everything he'd said and done.

"You crazy kid, you want to explain to us why you did this?" Michael asked attempting to keep the mood light, but still get a serious answer.

"I...I..." Alex began, but was interrupted when the hospital door openned.

"Alex buddy! How ya doin' man?" Kyle asked. Sean followed close behind. Meanwhile, Maria, Liz, Isabel, Michael, and Max looked on confused. They'd never seen these guys on campus before. When had Alex become friends with them?

"Yo A!" Sean screamed.

"Who the hell are have no right to visit Alex. It's close friends and family only," Maria said, snapping at the two.

"Hey, we are family! We're frat brothers," Kyle explained. He looked at Sean and at that particular moment they both shouted out, "Alpha Ni!" They held their hands out and did a handshake that could only be duplicated if you watched it in slow motion.

"Well, now that we've checked on A, you wanna go check out the hot nurses?" Sean asked.

"Hell yeah man! Bye Alex," Kyle said, running out of the hospital room.

"They were...loud," Maria said, attempting to say something nice about them.

"You can say that again," Liz said, sniffling away the tears. She squeezed Max tightly for comfort. Alex had treated her like a sister. She couldn't imagine anything horrible happening to such a genuine and kind person.

"Can I speak to Alex?" Isabel asked, "alone?"

"Sure, Michael, wheel me out of here," Maria commanded, still sitting in the wheelchair.

Following Michael and Maria were Max and Liz, cuddled up tightly together. When Isabel saw to it that Alex and her were alone she began speaking, "Alex...what were you thinking?"

"I wanted to become a frat brother..."

"That's what this is all about? Some stupid fraternity means more to you than your actual life? What were you thinking? You've scared us all to death." Isabel looked at Alex as the tears started to drip from her eyelids.

"Isabel...don't cry," Alex said, lifting his hand to slowly wipe away her tears.

"Alex, we were supposed to be going to dinner last night...I was waiting all night...that was until I heard that you had recieved alcohol poisoning."

Alex's face paled. He had completely forgotten about meeting with Isabel last night. He'd been so worried about joining the fraternity...

"Oh my brother. You forgot didn't you? ditched me for...for some random guys...not just any guys, but two male pigs who have their own fraternity? Why do I even try," Isabel said.

Without another word she left the room, leaving Alex to sit there and contemplate what he did. He hadn't meant to hurt anyone because of his decision, but he did. He hurt Isabel...someone he deeply cared for...for what? A childhood dream?

* * * * *

Maria sat in the lobby with a vial of cedar oil. She couldn't stand waiting here...not like this. The last time her brother had gotten drunk...well the last time he didn't end up with poisoning. She remembered that she had to help him home and then into bed. The next morning she'd had her fair share dealing with his hangover and throwing up. It was so bad she'd sworn off alcohol herself.

"Maria, don't do that...I think the nurses are close to calling in the cops. They probably think you brought weed," Michael said while capping the cedar oil vial.

* * * * *

Liz sat on Max's lap, cuddled up to his chest. "Max?"

"Hmm," Max asked stroking her long brown locks.

"I love you...please don't ever leave me."

"I love you too. What would ever make you think I would leave you?"

"I just...I don't know. Well, this is going to sound real silly, but...I thought...Isabel was trying to take you from me. I just...I know it's stupid, but you two seemed to be getting close. Have that and add the fact that she took my first boyfriend away from me. Then again...he did some horrible things to her..."

"Liz...I would never, EVER cheat on you. Especially with Isabel. I barely know her, besides...I love you, not her. You mean the world to me Liz. I know we haven't been dating too long, but I want to make that clear."

"I can't stop saying this, nor will I ever. I love you Max."


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smack that fine monkey ass...


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Chapter 29~Ericka

“Ok,” Alex replied. He’d thought about his decision for a couple of moments and figured it could be worse, much worse. In fact, he could be kegging again…which wasn’t the best decision, especially in his case.

“Great,” Kyle and Sean said in unison, slapping their hands together.

“Ladies,” Kyle started as the females glanced in his direction, “get lost.” Once the women had vacated the area Sean and Kyle placed their eyes on their new recruit. “Ok, so here’s the deal. We’re going to steal the monkey…but you know what you’re going to put in his place?” Kyle asked.

When Alex shook his head, Sean talked. “A bunny…now, we all know every wannabe macho man’s biggest fear is rabbits…or bunnies as we’ll call it. Our buddy Michael here is the total ladies man…with the motorcycle and pent up anger.”

“How do you know so much about Michael?” Alex asked timidly from his seat at the poker table.

“We’ve been watching him. Actually our frat house skank, Tess, has been watching him. Its quite amusing to hear of all the dirt she can dig up on someone in one week. You’d be surprised what we heard about your other roommate,” Sean said, an evil grin plastered across his face.

“That’s heartless man,” Alex replied.

“Its all for the love of the fraternity.”

* * *

“Max…I don’t want to go home for Christmas break,” Liz whined, cuddling closer to her boyfriend. They’d curled up for a movie at the guy’s dorm.

“And neither do I,” Max responded, peppering Liz with feather light kisses.

“Lets spend Christmas together,” Liz said thoughtfully. “It’ll be great…we can buy a cute, inexpensive tree, put popcorn on a string and make stockings.”

“Liz,” Max said, placing a finger over her lips in an attempt to silence her. “Shh.” His finger was instantly replaced with his lips as they continued their little make out session on the couch.

* * *

Isabel had just finished her late night law class and was heading towards the dorms. She was overly exhausted and couldn’t wait to cuddle next to her pillow and fall asleep.

The whole campus seemed to be asleep. The lights in the parking lot were out and surprisingly enough there wasn’t any new fraternity parties going on.

All Isabel could hear were her feet against the gravel. She started to think about Alex and his stupidity. If he really believed the fraternity was more important than their relationship (if that’s what you called it) then this wasn’t going to work out. She couldn’t afford to get emotionally attached to someone who wasn’t going to be there for her, but instead risking his life every night and playing juvenile pranks.

Isabel was jolted out of her thoughts when she felt someone tugging on her backpack. She spun around and saw a figure dressed in all black attempting to mug her.

Expertly, Isabel balled her fists up and threw a few punches to the face. When she was sure the attacker was dazed, she nailed them in the groin. With the reaction she received, the mugger was definitely a male.

Not knowing what else to do to him, Isabel ran out of the parking lot and didn’t stop until she got in the dorm. When she slammed the door shut she saw Michael sitting on the couch with Maria on his lap, in the midst of a heavy-duty make out session. Everyone had a significant other except her.

Isabel quickly made it into her room and onto her bed. She really didn’t want to deal with Maria and her need to know everyone’s business. Right now, Isabel wanted sleep and she willed it to come.

* * *

“We have your roommates’ schedules. Tomorrow at noon you’ll go into your dorm and snatch Biggy from his cage.”

“I have U.S. Government during that time. That’s my only class with Isabel…”

“She’s a woman…you can make her believe whatever you want her to believe. After all they are the dumber sex,” Sean snickered.

“That was cold man,” Kyle responded.

“Look it here. Kyle’s getting soft on me. Aww what happened little bro?”

Kyle rolled his eyes at his brother, eliciting a fight. Alex carefully slid out of the building contemplating the big decision he still had time to make: to steal Biggy or not to steal Biggy? That was the question.

* * *

Maria got up the next morning to make breakfast for Isabel and hopefully get the goods on what had happened to her last night. She’d been making out with Michael…nothing new, when Isabel walked in, her hair frazzled (by the way, Isabel’s hair was never frazzled) and her face pale. Anyone could tell she was obviously scared shitless by something or someone.

She’d made some Poptarts when Isabel came out of her room. She looked groggy and so she reached for espresso compliments of Alex.

“You want to tell me what happened last night?” Maria asked, leaning against the counter. “These are for you.” Maria held out the plate with the Poptarts.

Isabel pushed the plate away and told Maria to eat them herself. “I’m not in the mood to talk right now.” With that, Isabel walked out of the kitchen and into her room, plopping herself down on the bed. Isabel wasn’t in the mood to do anything today…so instead she’d plan to take the day off and rest. Last night she’d been tossing and turning with vicious visions of the attacker.

* * *

“Come on Alex, pick up,” Maria said into the receiver of the phone.

“Hey-lo,” a male voice on the other end picked up.


“Hang on. Buddy, it’s for you.”

“Hello?” Alex said as he picked up the cordless.

“Alex, you ready to go home for the weekend? Mom is so going to pamper you to no end!” Maria teased.

“Yeah, just about. Everything’s packed and the coffee’s secured!”

“Great, so do you think we could leave a little earlier today? I don’t know, maybe get out on the road around 10 a.m.”

“Are you nuts?” Alex screamed. He knew that if he’d leave that early he wasn’t going to get Biggy out of the dorm and replace him with the bunny that was carefully hidden under his bed.

“I thought you said you were ready. If you’re ready and I’m ready…then I don’t see what the big deal is. Do you planned on getting laid in that time, Alexander Charles Whitman? If you are…I don’t wanna hear it. You know how happy mom would be if we happened to arrive early?”

“Maria, take some chillax and a few deep breaths. I just…I just…I have some classes, actually one that I need to attend. U.S. Government…you know how it is.”

“Oh…of course. So what time per se will you be ready?”

“Eh, around noon thirty,” Alex responded coolly.

“Ok, see ya then,” Maria said happily.

* * *

“Biggy, give daddy kisses,” Michael said, puckering his lips. Biggy curled his lips outward and planted a big kiss on Michael’s lips. Then, as if on cue, both Michael and Biggy took their arms and wiped away any excess monkey/human “germs.”

Alex watched as Michael departed. Max had already left early for a lunch date with Liz, so he was sitting alone with Biggy, staring at him in his cage.

“It’s just you and me for the next couple of weeks, buddy,” Alex said solemnly. He picked up the cage, replacing the cage with the bunny inside in Biggy’s old spot.

After half an hour of waiting, Alex saw Maria waiting outside. He grabbed the cage and his one bag of luggage. He’d hoped and prayed that break would be over quickly, but not too quickly because once Michael realized Biggy was with Alex, Alex was a dead man.

“What are you doing with that?” Maria asked. Her head bobbed in the direction of the monkey cage.

“Oh, Michael…uh said he wanted me to take care of Biggy over vacation.”

“Really? I’m surprised…he like worships that thing.”

* * *

Michael’s last class had been boring…as usual. It was his sleeping class because, ironically enough, all he did in there was sleep. The professor was extremely longwinded with a monotone voice…just what he needed to start and end his day.

When he got home, he’d planned to play some ball with Biggy.

Michael had arrived to the dorm room and slowly opened the door. When he got in the living room he let a high pitch scream escape his lips. Some one had stolen Biggy, but that’s not what scared him…they’d replaced him with a bunny. They were the scariest creatures to be born on the face of the earth.

Michael ran out of the room and finally let his mind process what had just happened. Someone had stolen Biggy.
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xmas and new years will be part of my chapter *happy*

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Chapter 31

“Alex, do you mind explaining to me what the hell is going on?” Maria screamed, her voice rising with each word. “I just got off the phone with Michael and apparently he had no clue that you had Biggy.”

“You didn’t tell him I have Biggy, did you?” Alex asked, the fear of getting caught rising.

“Alexander Whitman, tell me what’s going on this minute!”

Alex cringed. The tone in Maria’s voice was uncannily like their mother’s when she meant business. “You know Alpha Ni?”

Maria huffed. She knew where this was going. “Alex, who was there for you in the beginning? Me. So you damn well better listen, and listen good. This fraternity means no good. You’re my twin brother. I always thought you were the smarter one, but at this moment, I’m not so sure. These guys are treating you like trash. Not once, not ONCE, have any of us, Michael, Liz, Isabel, Max or I, asked you to do the crazy shit these two have. I know that you were stubborn the last time we had this discussion, but I’ve had it up to Mount Everest with this frat. Look what you’ve done! By stealing Biggy you showed everyone how completely selfish you can be! Did you even stop to think that losing Biggy would hurt Michael? No. You know why? Because the only person you were looking out for was yourself!” Without saying another word, Maria took a deep breath and walked out of the living room, leaving Alex with Biggy.

“Oh Biggy. What have I done? She’s right. I never should have taken you from Michael. I just wanted to belong somewhere.” With those last words he looked up into Biggy’s round eyes. The monkey stared at Alex. Biggy almost looked as if he were going to cry, but he didn’t. He held strong, just like his owner.

Alex looked at the Christmas tree standing tall in the middle of the room. Just then, his mother burst into the room with sugar cookies, shaped in the design of Christmas symbols. Alex reached out to grab one, but only received a slap from his mother.

“Alexander Whitman, don’t you dare touch my cookies until tonight! We have company coming over and I will not have you ruin the snacks. Can I trust you not to eat any of my cookies?”

Alex nodded, looking down at his lap. Once his mother left the room he grabbed a cookie off the plate. Half way through eating the cookie he saw Biggy begging for a piece. His tiny monkey hands clasped the bars of the cage. One hand even tried to reach through, but didn’t get very far.

“Here ya go little guy,” Alex said, giving the monkey the rest of the cookie. Biggy nibbled on it quickly and quietly while Alex watched. A sense of serenity came over him as he realized the Alpha Ni brothers weren’t anything he’d expected out of friends. No, he expected something he found in Maria, Isabel, Michael, Max, and Liz.

* * *

Max poked the last hole in the box he made. He was going to make sure that Liz and him were together for the holidays and this was his best bet. He would see her in a matter of hours.

* * *

This was going to be a horrible holiday. Michael had been alone his entire life. He never had a real family. His mother died giving birth to him and his father had pretty much abandoned him for his job. Michael refused to start getting chummy with him now, so instead he was going to stay at the dorms celebrating with Biggy.

That failed considering Alex had stolen his one and only family member. Now he sat on the cheap dorm couch watching Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer on the TV. When Alex got back his ass was grass. Michael’s Christmas was ruined, not even Maria in a Santa Suit would cheer him up.

* * *

Liz was preparing for Christmas with her family. The presents were neatly wrapped under the tree and in a few hours Isabel would be joining her family for the celebrations. Liz kept thinking about Max’s promise to be with her, but doubted he’d ever make it. His own family would want to keep him for the holidays.

Liz’s thoughts were brought to a halt when she heard the ringing of the doorbell. Opening the door revealed to her a man dressed in Fed Ex apparel.

“A delivery for Miss Elizabeth Parker,” the man said in a monotone voice.

“That’s me,” Liz said, looking for the package.

“Please sign on the line there. Meanwhile, I’ll get your package. It’s big and heavy, so you might want me to bring it inside.” Without waiting for a response the man went to the truck and unloaded the 6 foot tall box onto a dolly and rolled it through the doors. Liz handed the man the papers with her signature. Without waiting another second she went to where the man had set the box.

Written on the box was “Handle with Care,” and “Fragile.” On the side there was an envelope taped to the box with her address on it. She’d heard once that it was good luck to open the card before the present and followed the rule religiously. After tearing away the paper she found a card. Inside it said:

Dear Liz,
Happy Holidays. I will find a way to be with you for Christmas. In the meantime, please don’t open this present until midnight.

Much Love,

Liz’s heart fluttered as she read the note. Suddenly, the rest of the night didn’t matter. All that mattered was waiting for midnight to come so that she could open the present.

* * *

“Welcome Isabel,” Liz’s mom said, greeting the guest at the door. “Please come inside.”

Isabel stepped into the room unsurely, glancing about the room to get accustomed with the familiar house. Liz had been living in the house her entire life and nothing had changed, not the furniture, the layout of the room, nor the people living inside.

“Hello Isabel! Oh, I can just remember when you were 7 years old…the year when you and Lizzie ran outside while it was raining and the two of you kept falling into puddles of mud. It was so adorable! Welcome back honey,” Mrs. Parker said, attempting to calm Isabel’s nerves.

The night carried on quickly with the Parkers and Isabel eating dinner and finally opening presents. Liz received an outfit from Isabel, although posh, it was quite flattering to her form. Meanwhile, Isabel opened her gift from Liz and inside was a necklace chain with a ring hanging on it. The ring simply stated ‘best.’ Looking to Liz, she saw her friend put on an identical necklace, except with ‘friends’ inscribed on it.

Before Isabel had the chance to burst out into tears of happiness, the clock struck twelve. Liz jumped out of her seat and ran to the big box in the room. Quickly she tore the tape off of the box. The sides of the box pealed open to reveal a very happy boyfriend. Liz quickly wrapped her arms around Max’s neck.

“This is the BEST Christmas present ever!” Liz exclaimed, leaning in for a kiss from her boyfriend.

“Ok, I hate to break this love show up, but there are parents in here!” Isabel whispered hoarsely.

* * *

“That’s it, Alexander Whitman, we are going home this instant! How can you leave Michael alone for the holidays without the one thing he holds most dear to him? As much as I hate to say this, he loves that monkey more than anything, or anyone else,” Maria huffed, jealousy rising knowing that Michael actually felt more for a monkey while she felt more for him.

Alex stared at Maria, a glum look passing over his face. He was remorseful for his actions, but Maria wasn’t the one that needed to know.

* * *

Michael stepped out of the bar. Finally he wasn’t on his own for Christmas. Old habits die hard and tonight he got drunk off his ass. As long as no one knew about his past drinking problem, nothing would be done to change it. Michael had told himself if he made it to college he would stop drinking, but his one and only was gone. Now, Michael was headed to the frat house. Those college frat kids were going to pay for making Alex steal Biggy. It was no mystery that they were behind it all. You’d have to be a complete moron not to see it. Now though, they’d learn their lesson…the hard way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

an: sorry bout the delay guys, hope you liked this chapter, as short as it was.

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