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Hi everyone, this is my first attempt ever at a fic. Please be kind and I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer Roswell and all its characters are the property of Melinda Metz and Jason Katims.....I'm just borrowing them for a little while.

Summary AU Antarians need a little human help.


Zan was worried about things. Not one thing he could put his finger on, there were just so many things to concentrate on it was hard to come up with just one at the moment. He looked around the table, his eyes settling on first his sister, Volandra, then with a sigh, his second in command, Rath. There was tightness about his lips and a trace of resignation in the depth of his deep amber eyes. He watched Volandra and Rath’s eyes become hooded and Volandra’s get wide with disbelief as the head medical officer continued to explain their current situation and the remedy they’d come up with.

He was now king. One of the youngest kings ever to rule Antar thanks to Kivar and the untimely death of his parents. He was famous and his people worshipped him, he had stopped Kivar in his tracks and with extreme care and intelligence did it quickly and efficiently, however not soon enough. Not quickly enough to prevent the unknown chemical nitrate Kivar secretly placed in the water from altering the Antarian DNA structure so that they would not accept Antarian with Antarian bonding necessary for his peoples' reproduction. With clenching fists he waited for Volandra to explode. He knew he didn’t have long.

He didn’t even glance the medical officer’s way as he explained to them how they managed to transpose human DNA structure to promote cell bonding of human and Antarian genes. It was just a matter of a vaccine for the Antarian people, but for the humans well that was a whole different situation. Ah the humans, all they had to do was capture them and convince them that their biological donations were necessary for Antarian survival, this would be especially difficult considering the Antarian’s not already bonded required untouched humans, not an easy task but one that must be done.

“So you see Volandra,” . . . the doctor told her, in a white coat professional tone of voice.
She blinked and turned to Zan, “You can’t do this, its not right. ”Zan waited. “Zan will you listen,” Volandra said raising her voice. “I’m aware of the plan,” Zan said. He turned to the medical officer. “Doctor finish your explanation, Volandra no interruptions until he’s finished.” She swallowed back a reply, gave Zan a nod and turned back to the doctor.

“You know the basics, but what you don’t know is that we have acquired the first three human donors and our medical staff is at this moment explaining the situation to them. You must also be aware that you, the royal three, will be the first of our people to go through the process. Once the people realize that the method is a success and the royal family have started the process they will all follow without question.”

Volandra slammed her hand down on the table, “I will not be a guinea pig doctor under any circumstances, what to be impregnated by forced means, sterile without love or affection.” She felt herself going pale and her stomach turning with each word she uttered.

“With all due respect Volandra, we are not talking clinical processes except for the Antarian couples already bonded. For them there are no stipulations of female purity on the part of the donor because mating has already taken place and once the vaccine is administered the Antarian cells welcome the intrusion of the human ones and conception takes place. For you, the royal three and others not bonded to Antarian mates, the process will proceed in the normal manner.”

“Proceed normally, are you telling me that we have to sleep with strangers, what if they don’t want to, what if I don’t want to,” Volandra said through gritted teeth. “Rath say something, tell him there is no way we’re doing this.” She turned to her brother, “what, what is going on Zan, please tell me that we have a choice, that they have a choice? I know you, you would never agree to this.”

“Zan you care to enlighten her?” Rath interrupted. She turned to Rath, “enlighten me, don’t tell me you already bought into this deal. Oh Rath how could you?” “Calm down Volandra,” Rath sighed with frustration. “How could I, I’m second in command and as such it is my duty to obey my king, under any circumstances, no matter how crazy I think he is, and may I say this is crazy, but crazy or not for him and for our people I will do it. It is also my duty to see that our people also obey, that is why we will be the first ones. How can they deny their king when he is offering himself?”

Volandra and Rath watched as Zan stood. They had seen him in many moods but none like this. He stood leaned forward and looked them directly in the eyes. “I’m doing what I think is best,” his hands rested on the table and he leaned in. “I don’t have to tell you how important this is for our people. Without it, we will cease to exist. I will not let that happen. I can not let that happen. We will do this; everyone will do this beginning with us. Do I make myself clear?”

She knew he made up his mind and there would be no changing it. He was king, brother or not his word was law. She felt herself get weak in the knees, “yes sir, but what if your plan meets with resistance?”

Zan searched his sister’s face and saw her fear but forced himself to keep his face hard. He drew in a deep breath stood up straight again, “there will be no resistance Volandra, yours or theirs.” He focused his eyes on his sister and his second in command, his jaw tightened as he spoke, “resistors human or Antarian will no longer have the freedom of choice, the decision will be made for them.”

Volandra caught her breath, “what?” Her eyes searched his face seeing no signs of softening in his features. “What do you mean the decision will be made for them?”

Rath had enough of Volandra’s questions and stood suddenly, “just what he said, you have ears, Volandra. This is real life and the brutal facts are that for us to survive there will be no choice. Whether done the preferred way, or in the clinical fashion it is necessary and now is the time to act.”

She glowered at him. “Oh and what do you know about things, Mr. stonewall second in command, so easy for you to agree, like your selling your services, what about the poor female who has no choice who she loses her innocence to? What about love, what about affection? Wiping tears from her eyes, what about gentleness and caring, doesn’t that matter, you disappointment me, both of you.”

That’s enough Zan said curtly. “You are not a silly child and this is not wonderland Volandra, you are princess of Antar and this is a question of our existence. I understand you’re angry and that it will be a big sacrifice, for you, for them, hell Volandra for all of us. But what is the alternative, there is none. So whether it be the easy way or the hard one it will be done.” He lowered his voice and pushed at his hair with his hands. “I have already signed it into law and I am prepared to follow through on all my demands.”

She lifted her face and her eyes met Zan’s and she saw the anguish beneath the strength. Realizing this was as hard for him to make the decision for everyone as it was for her to agree to it, she found her resolve. “Okay Zan, Rath,” she said gently. “I’ll agree.”

“Thank you,” Zan gentled his tone. “Volandra, it will be up to the couples to make sure all the important things you spoke of are there, respect, caring and gentleness. I know that it will be difficult with strangers but just as I will have no resistance, neither will I allow anyone to be physically harmed in any way. Emotions will run high especially on the part of the humans; fear will be the hardest to overcome. I will make sure everyone, human and Antarian alike will be made aware that just as I have made plans should there be resistance, I have also determined consequences for cruelty. I can not, however, allow my resolve in this matter to falter when dealing with the human's reactions. Our future depends on it. They must understand that they have no choice but they do have the right to our kindness and consideration in all matters."

Before she could respond, a knock sounded at the door. “Enter,” called out Zan. “Excuse me for interrupting your highness but the first three volunteers, those chosen to be your mates, have arrived and there is somewhat of a disturbance. I humbly request your presence, each of you, to your intended mates.”

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Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. To those who are worried about Max, believe me my favorite Max was S1. This is alternate universe where they are aliens and never had any relationship's with the humans. Its a piece written just from my imagination and just for fun. Can someone please tell me how to change the thread title to announce new chapters. Till I learn how here's chapter two:


Zan glanced at Volandra and Rath; “so it begins, shall we go. Remember everything we discussed and don’t forget to use your human-like names to make things a little easier on them. Are you both ready?” They both nodded. Rath saluted Zan, “bring it on, lead the way, uh Maxwell.” Zan lifted his eyebrows at Rath who smirked, “just getting in practice sire.”

Volandra grabbed a hold of Zan’s arm. “Ummmm Uh Zan, just one question before we go. Just how did we happen to find these humans who are to be our mates?” Zan held Volandra;s gaze, “we abducted them.” Volandra’s mouth hung open and she was speechless. “ “You what,” she yelled. “I thought they volunteered for this. I know the doctor used the word capture but I assumed it was what you lead them to believe. You really crossed the line Zan, you broke all Antarian codes of decency with this one. What happened to you? Why didn’t you explain this before I agreed to participate?”

“That’s enough Volandra,” Rath said stepping forward. “He did what he had to do. There is a time frame on the potency of the vaccine and the human purity requirements make time for volunteering or courtship non existent. Desperate times call for desperate measures as the humans say.”

Zan wearily rubbed his hand across his eyes and quietly spoke. “I had no choice Volandra. We needed mates for the core group of Antarian volunteers, and that includes us, immediately. The scientists assure me that they are on the verge of developing an extended vaccine that will change this process so abduction will only be used this one time; that I promise you. We made sure the humans taken have no siblings or parents, they are alone in their world. That is why we need to proceed firmly when dealing with our emotions and those of the humans our time is running out. And one last bit of information, the three who are our intended mates share a bond humans call friendship. An unexpected bonus that will provide emotional support for them.”

Zan reached over and grabbed the doorknob and walked into the holding area of his intended mate. The officer following closed the door behind them. The first sight to greet his eyes was the beauty restrained in a chair. Her long dark hair rested over her bent head and covered her face. At the sound of the door closing she looked up and tears fell from her widened brown eyes at the sight of him. Her lips trembled and she breathed in a sobbing breath. The first thing that hit him was the feeling of fear, so strong it was a tangible force in the room.

His dark eyes wandered over the beauty before him. Spotting red marks where her wrists were tied, he became angry. “Officer,” he bellowed, she jumped at his voice and another sob escaped. “Get those restraints off of her this minute,” Zan commanded. “But your highness,” he stammered. “I said get them off now. My orders were to treat them with respect and kindness. Then leave us, give us some privacy.”

The officer walked over to her and she watched Zan as the bands on her wrists were being loosened. He was handsome, tall dark hair and broad chest under the sort of tunic he wore. For just a second she forgot her fear. As soon as she was free she jumped up and pressed herself against the far wall rubbing her wrists as she did so. She bent her head and Max watched as her tears fell. Zan turned to the officer standing there gaping, I said, leave us he ordered. At the sound of the door closing she attempted to press herself even further into the wall. Her body trembled and she looked as if she might faint.

He slowly moved toward her, his eyes never leaving her face. The closeness of his larger body frightened her and she felt her knees become weak. She lifted her chin determined to prove she wasn’t afraid and found amber eyes unblinking, intent on watching her. They were beautiful and for a moment her fear left and she felt a shimmer of calm flow through her. Unable to keep meeting his stare she broke eye contact and lowered her head fighting back sobs she was having trouble holding in. Her fear returned.

Zan abruptly stopped his forward movement, her fear suddenly becoming an attack on his consciousness. It slammed into him without warning. How can this be, he thought, I’m not even touching her. He didn’t know why this was happening sharing ones deepest feelings was only done with mutual want and affection. Perhaps her level of distress was so high that his Antarian emotion receptors couldn’t avoid it, he would check on that later but in the meantime he had to do something to calm her.

I won’t hurt you he said quietly as he reached out and gently lifted her chin with his fingers. He moved his finger down to her throat where he felt her rapidly beating pulse. From there he moved to where she was clenching her hands and closed his large warm hands over hers. She gasped; his eyes were holding her captive. His eyes continued to search hers as he gently took one hand and traced her face and couldn’t help himself as he slowly wiped her lips with his thumb. He continued to project feelings of calmness to her.

She drew in a quick breath and her lips parted. For some strange reason she couldn’t understand her body was reacting to his. She was still frightened but she could feel calm seeping in. He was so close she could feel his breath. Her hands went to his chest to push him away, but she instinctively pulled back when she touched him.

He caught her wrists and held them to his chest. Its okay, you can touch me. I’ won’t hurt you he said quietly. I’ll never hurt you, I promise you. She raised her shocked eyes to his and saw the determination in his eyes. I want you to trust me. My name is Max; I am king of Antar, your intended mate. At that she recoiled but found her voice and spoke anyway. Liz, my name is Liz, how can I trust you she asked. You kidnapped me, for, for, breeding. I’ve never, I haven’t, I should have a choice, who do you think you are, oh I just want to go home, now her voice rising in anger.

He sighed, kept hold of her hands and calmly began to talk to her. I can’t let you do that. It is necessary; you are necessary. It must be, as King I must set an example for my people. I will have you, but I promise you no harm will come to you and once bonded we will be together for eternity. Do you understand what I’m telling you Liz; I won’t let you go. She swallowed. “Yes.” With one last look into her eyes and knowing it was enough for now, he released her hands, get some rest, and we’ll talk later. I’ll send you food and drink. She sank into the chair as he walked out the door.

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Thank you all once again for the wonderful feedback you've left me. Being my first story I am overwhelmed at your kindness. I've been working on the story for awhile and as you know just recently found my nerve to post so I'll put up chapters as I edit them and feel they are ready.

Just an explanation of Liz's fear, her fear is there because she has been abducted, knows why she is there, and must resign herself to surrendering to the alien king, there is also the element of the unknown. Hope that helps you understand where I'm coming from.

Without further ramblings I bring you part 3 and I hope you enjoy my Michael and Maria's meeting:


Rath didn’t even look at the sentry walking him to the holding area where his intended mate was being held. He couldn’t think of anything except the screams coming from down the hallway. Her shrill voice caused him to wince, “look here you dumb ass of a space doctor, if I want a mate I’ll get one of my own choosing. Do you hear me through that thick head of yours? I’m gonna scream till you let me out of here. You got that bud. Oh where is my cedar oil. I want it right now. Get it, do you hear me, and take off these restraints. Ahhhhhhhh now do you hear me. Wait till I tell the police, the army and who ever else I can think of boy are you gonna be in trouble. You can’t just grab people off the street, let me go, let me go right now.”

Rath walked in the door holding his ears and was amazed at the sight before him. A small pixie of a girl with long red hair was bellowing from the bed they had her on. She fought the restraints and he winced as she squeezed her eyes shut and let out another yell pulling forcibly on the bonds. You blood sucking aliens get back here and untie me, do you hear me.

After that outburst the room was blissfully quiet for the moment. Rath made his way to the bed and stood there with his hands on his hips waiting for her to open her eyes. She opened her eyes and mouth at the same time to yell again and when she saw Rath she swallowed the scream and nothing but a yip escaped. She stared at the tall man with his large hands placed on his hips and his longish hair. She was for the time being rendered speechless.

He looked at her widened eyes, "hi my name is Michael. And you might be?" "Maria, Maria Deluca," she stuttered out. "Well Maria, let me tell you how things are gonna work from now on. You are going to not scream one more time and I am going to have this officer remove the restraints. Do you understand me pixie?" "I can do that," she whispered. "Good," he turned to the officer, "remove them please and leave us." "Yes sir, right away sir."

He released the restraints and left. Before Michael realized what happened she was up on her tiptoes, going into a tirade and emphasizing each word with a smack to the side of his head. "Hey spaceboy, (smack), who do you think you are, (smack), rude much space dude, (smack), I’m no purebred to you hear me, (smack) so you just go and tell that instrument toting space doctor to find himself another specimen because I am so out of here, (smack). Now let me tell you what you’re. . . . ."

Michael grabbed her and roughly swung her around and up into his arms crushing his lips to hers. She immediately began to fight him but he held her tighter and continued the assault on her lips. She stopped struggling and gave into the sensations of his lips on hers. She gasped for air and he took the opportunity to invade her mouth with his their tongues dueling for supremacy. Suddenly he let her go and it was over as quick as it started. "That was to shut you up and the next time pixie, the next time…" he said almost gruffly. She looked at him wide eyed and took a quick step back her lips trembling. He had succeeded in doing something no one had every done to the one and only Maria Deluca, he shut her up. That knowledge and the intensity of his movements stunned her.

He felt the uncertainty and trickle of apprehension that was not present before make its way along the perimeter of his emotional receptors. Surprised, he looked at her for a long moment and rubbed at his eyebrow, with a sigh he brought his large hand up to gently cup the side of her face, "don’t pixie, don’t be frightened. I never meant to scare you. I wouldn’t hurt you in any way not for any reason." Maria felt some of that Deluca spirit coming back and placed her hand over his and looked into his eyes. "I’m okay spaceboy; I’m not scared just…just…." He cut her off, "amazed right," he asked laughingly. "I am to Pixie; I am too." His eyes locked with hers. Your brave pixie and that’s something I admire, you have strength and you’re going to need it.

She came out of her daze and back to the present and suddenly remembered why she was here. Putting her hands on her hips she brought her face very close to his and poked him in the chest. "Let me tell you something spaceman, I am not a pleasure toy, there will be no hanky panky or breeding or whatever you space dudes call it here. I’m my own person and I will decide who I sleep with and when I do it. You got that."

"Look pixie I hear what you’re saying and lets hope I’m the man to convince you otherwise because sweetheart it will be done, the easy way or the hard way, that choice is yours, but it will be done." And with that he walked to the door and turned to see her once again wide eyed and speechless, "get some rest Pixie, you’re gonna need your energy." He walked out and closed the door and laughed when he heard the unmistakable thud of something she threw.