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The Return
By Tabby

Rating: PG.

Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em I just mess with their heads.

Category: Dreamer/Candy

Summary: what would have happened if Michael didn’t have the sense to come off the ship to stay.

Authors’ note: Please give me feedback. Also, I’m working on a sequel and other pieces. I know the names are kind of stupid, but what can I say, I like interesting names. I based a lot of this on the fan forum thread on Liz’s importance to alien mythology.

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May 21, 2011
Hello, my name is Liz Elizabeth Parker and twelve years ago I died. Then, ten years ago I died again when Max Evans left me. I almost didn’t recover. I tried dating Sean DeLuca, but nothing ever worked out. I never stopped loving him. Maria never got over Michael either. She’s a world famous singer now. I guess you could call her the new Madonna. She was lucky though. The night before he went, he gave her a present. He might not have known it then, but he did. He gave her a set of beautiful twins, a boy Michael Alexzander Seanne DeLuca-Guerin, and a girl, Claudia Elissabeth Amie DeLuca-Guerin. She just wouldn’t spell their middle names normally. At least she has something to remember that night by; all I have is memories. I think about Max everyday. I can’t believe it was only a decade ago that he left. A decade ago today. It seems like a lifetime. We never got to tell them that Tess killed Alex. I wish we could.
As always,
Elizabeth Parker


I’ll never forget how strange it was when a cute, dark-haired, little boy walked into my parent’s café, the Crashdown. I was sitting at my usual table with Maria. She was analyzing her love life, debating whether to dump her latest movie star boyfriend, whom she knew she would never love. Micha and Dia were with their grandmother, their Mima, and their step-grandfather, their Bopa, in Santa Fe. Maria was busy recording her latest album and didn’t have time to play with them during the summer, so they were spending time with their grandparents in the city. Maria’s agent wanted her to move there but she wouldn’t give up hope that the nine-year-olds’ father would come back. So, she and I bought a house here where the Micha and Dia could stay with me while she was on tour. Any ways, I’m babbling. You want to hear about the boy, don’t you?

He looked so familiar, but I couldn’t quite grasp where from. I didn’t think he was from Roswell and I knew he wasn’t one of Micha’s or Dia ’s friends. I knew he wasn’t the child of one of my colleges at the cellular biology lab not far from here.

He began to walk towards us. As he moved I realized who it was, who it had to be, Max and Tess ’s son. He looked nothing like Tess, though. He was pure ten-year-old Max that I knew so well. Then he spoke.

“Are you Elizabeth Parker?”


“My father, His Royal Highness, King Maxwell Phillip Zan Evans, wants you to meet him at the pod chamber as soon as possible.”

All I saw was the shock registering on Maria’s face, before I blacked out.


“Liz… Liz … Liz are you okay?” Oh, man. I hadn’t had this dream in a while. It was the one where Michael decides to stay and comes out of the ship. We rush inside and tell them everything. They send Tess home and the rest of us live happily ever after, if that’s even possible considering the species of our loved ones. I always ended up screaming in my sleep at that evil woman, calling her names I wouldn’t have dared to think in the waking world. Usually I woke up to Micha or Dia’s voice or maybe Maria’s when she wasn’t away. This time I heard Max’s voice. I suddenly remembered everything. All of my feelings about Max leaving, all of the things I wanted to tell him, and everything that had happened in the café.

I looked around. Max was standing over me. We were in the pod chamber. As I stood up he moved over to the side. I slowly turned around. Maria was standing nearby with Michael’s arm around her waist. Micha and Dia stood in front of them, exact replicas of their parents. By Maria’s side stood her mother, Amy DeLuca. Next to Amy stood her husband, Jim Valenti and his son, Kyle. Then came Isabel, with one arm wrapped around a man who looked strikingly like Alex might have looked, had he lived, and the other resting on the head of a beautiful little five-year-old girl that was a perfect mix of the two of them. On one side of Isabel was the woman from their message, Max and Isabel’s mother. On the other side of the Alex-look-alike were Mr. and Mrs. Evans, whom I hadn’t seen since Max and Isabel left. Next to them stood my own parents, and between the two sets of parents stood the little boy who had been in the café. Finally, right next to me was Max, the love of my life, home at last. My family was almost complete but it didn’t feel whole without Alex. Then the man next to Isabel let go of her waist and walked over to me.

“Liz, I missed you so much,” he said sadly, “I missed so much of your life.”

“Alex?” He nodded, ”but… but… you’re dead.”

“No, not anymore. I was brought back on Antar. I’m back for good.”

I began to softly cry. Alex hugged me tightly, then turned me over to max.

“Lizzy, my dear sweet Lizzy. It’s been so long. It’s been too long,” he murmured into my hair. I leaned back in his arms.

“Max. What about Tess?”

“She’s gone. She served her purpose. She had our son. We can be together now.” His lips captured mine. I reveled in the glorious feel of his mouth. I felt his hands twisting my hair and moved my hands up and down his back. Then it hit me what he had said.

“Our son, our as in you and Tess’s son, right?”

“No, our as in your and my son. I have a lot to explain.” He slipped his hand around my waist and led me over to the little boy. “Alex, this is your mother. Liz, this is our son Crown Prince Alexander Rathard Zan Evans. And you are really queen Elizabeth Claudia Parker Evans of Antar.”

Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, Kyle and I were all sitting in Maria’s and my living room. Little Alex, Micha, Dia, and Isabel and Alex’s daughter, Katrina Ava, were all at the zoo with Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Mr. Valenti, Mrs. DeLuca, and my parents.

“So, what’s all this about Liz being a queen?” inquired Maria.

“There’s a lot to explain. Basically, Tess was just a ‘decoy’ for the real queen. You see, Liz is not directly alien. Her grandmother, Claudia, was though. That’s why I was able to communicate with her so easily after she died. Actually, it wasn’t all me. It was just the first manifestation of Liz’s powers.”

“Wait! I have powers?” I exclaimed.

“Yes, just let me explain. On anat., it was prophesized that my only true queen had to be part human, so they sent down another adult to breed into the human species and set-up a mixed blood strain in Roswell. I was drawn to Liz my entire life, but the destiny wasn’t ‘cemented’ until I healed her. Then the powers came into full bloom.” Max replied.

“But, why send Tess?” asked Kyle.

“I needed to believe Liz human for the longest amount of time possible, so that her body would get used to having powers. People on our planet were worried that it would take to long, and that I would be killed without an heir. So, they sent Tess to produce the heir. They lead her to believe she was my wife. In reality, she was just a vessel, if you will, for the heir to be created in. Then she was supposed to go home and have him. He would be sent back so we could raise him as our own. He is Liz’s biological child, because when Liz and my destiny was set, Tess’s reproductive organs were changed to Liz’s DNA. But something went wrong. We were supposed to find out that Tess killed Alex and not leave with her.”

“We knew! We were outside the Granolith when you left trying to tell you!” I exclaimed.

“I know. We found out as soon as we go to Antar,” Michael said sadly.

“Where’s Tess now?” asked Kyle.

“Right after she had Little Alex, she ran of with some guy from our planet.” Isabel answered.

“What does your planet think about you and Alex?” Maria wondered obviously wanting to know if she and Michael could be together.

“The leaders realized that if Michael and I knew each other, we would be more like siblings than lovers. So, they decided to let us choose our own destinies. You and Alex have pretty basic powers like telepathy and very basic healing.”

“Very cool!” exclaimed Maria, “Speaking of Alex, how did he come back?”

“When people die of unnatural causes, such as a mindwarp, they still exist in some form. Our people figured out how to tap into that existence and give it life. It kinda rocks,” Alex said. I couldn’t believe how long it had been since I had heard one of his corny jokes.

“Why did you come home, back to Earth?” Maria asked, wanting to get the whole story.

“We were too miserable and lovesick to be good rulers. We set up an interplanetary communications system so that we can rule from here with our loved ones,” Max said. He slowly got up and walked over to me, “Liz, I know its been a long time, but the entire time I’ve been away I wanted to ask you this. Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” I screamed and kissed him, “OF COURSE I WILL!” I ran over and kissed him. Michael hugged Maria tighter, if that was possible. It was then that I noticed the diamond ring on her finger. Alex and Isabel walked up to us, dragging Kyle along with them. We all gathered in a group hug. My family was finally whole again. Well, almost.


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