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Author: Moonbeam4747(Cassie)

Title: Twin Keys to Peace

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THEM! No way on earth would I be as mean to them as S2 was if I owned them.

Category: M/L & CC

Rating: PG13, sorry no NC17 sex scenes from me. I don't write about things I've never experienced and right now I still have the big V tattooed across my forehead.

Summary: Liz has dreams that leads them to figuring out their past. I know not an original idea! But what they find out is original, I have never read any one else do what I plan on doing.

Author's Note: This is my first story, so please be kind! This is post Destiny, S2 never happened. In my opinion we were all mindwraped into thinking what they showed us was season 2 in reality IT WAS NOT!(Says this as she strums fingers on desk.) Anyway, Tess is in this story, and her character isn't great, but don't let that scare you away because the skanky little gerbil gets what is coming to her.


//She was suddenly in incredible pain, her whole body felt as if it were being torn in two. Just as quickly as the pain hit, it was over. She felt fine again. As she looked to her side she saw Zan, her soulmate, the love of her life. On the other side stood Rath and Lonnie. They looked worried. Just as the thought entered her head she was once again racked with pain, but this time it was different. It didn't pass as all the others had. Everyone around her was panicking. As the pain just kept growing on itself one single thought entered her mind. She was going to die. Her only hope was that the girls would survive. Every life in the alliance depended on these two little lives that were yet to be born. With the last of her strength she pulled Zan to her. She asked him to take care of their children for her, and pledged her undying love to the one man she loved above all else in the universe. She could hear Zan pleading with her not to leave him, "Please Lexi you can't leave me. I'll die without you by my side. Our daughters need you. Please hold on!" With one last smile she allowed the blackness of death to take over.//

Part one

Liz awoke from the dream covered in sweat. This was the seventh night in a row she had had this dream. Why was she dreaming about having Max's children? And why were Isabel and Michael there? Why not Alex and Maria? She had so many questions. Shacking them all from her mind she walked to the bathroom to rinse her face.

"4:30, Well I guess that's all the sleep I'll be getting tonight."

At least today was Sunday. After seeing how tired she was all week her parents took pity on her and gave her the day off. She decided she would go onto her balcony and write in her journal for awhile. Grabbing the brown leather-bound book and her favorite pen(it was silver and had little green aliens all over it) she stepped out onto her balcony. Lighting a few candles along the way she took a seat in the lounge chair she kept out there just for times like this. An hour later, while in the middle of what seemed like the hundredth entry on how much she missed Max, she drifted off to sleep.

She woke up with the sun streaming down into her eyes. Judging from its position in the sky, she would say it was around 8am. She quickly showered and dressed. She had plans to meet Alex and Maria today to go look at cars. After saving for over a year and constant begging, her parents finally agreed she could have a car. She wasn't actually planning on buying the car today, she just wanted to have the car picked out when she went with her father tomorrow.

As soon as they pulled onto the used car lot she saw it. A midnight blue Mustang GT!

"That's it" Liz yelled, "that's my car!"

Liz knew the instant she saw it that this was the car for her. She could just imagine herself driving down Highway 285, Maria beside her singing along to Dido's newest song and Alex in back making some lame joke.

"The only thing wrong is that I wanted electric blue, not midnight blue." Liz complained

"Well chica, considering this is the third and final car lot in Roswell, I'd say that this is as close as your gonna get." Maria tried to soothe her friend. She had been acting weird for days. It wasn't like Liz to whine.

"Hey, don't complain, the last time I mentioned a car to my parents my father said something about Uncle Roy offering to sell me his old El Camino. Let me tell you, the only thing keeping that hunk of rust from falling apart is Bondo and a prayer. So needless to say, I haven't brought up the subject of a car again." Alex tried to make his friend smile. Every since she had walked away from the cave that day, it seemed as if she never smiled anymore.

Liz could just picture Alex going down the road in the car that he just described and couldn't help but smile.

"Well, I guess I did sound a little bit like a spoiled brat there for a minute. It was really lucky of me to find a car as close to the one I had in mind, I should be thankful." Liz scolded herself.

"Well, I for one am very glad that your getting this car, maybe now we can outrun the FBI in someone else's vehicle. The Jeda's bumper is only being held on by two very well placed clothes hangars!" Maria told her two friends.

"Are we through here? I'm hungry and were supposed to meet everyone at the Crashdown to talk about the 'latest development' in the sci-fi drama we call life." Alex questioned the two girls.

Liz looking a little hurt, because no one told her about a development asked, "What is this 'development'?

"We all decided since you made the decision to walk away at the cave that day, we would support you in that decision and not involve you in anymore Czheck happenings" Maria tried to explain without hurting her friend.

"Just because I decided not to have a relationship with Max, DOES NOT mean I don't want to help them. God, if it wasn't for Max I would be dead right now! Don't they understand, that for better or worse we're in this together! It's not like I want to be separated from Max, its just what's best for him. I wake up every night with dreams of having his children, does that sound like someone who wants out. NO! It sounds like someone who is in the middle of doing the hardest thing that she has ever done in her life." Liz burst into tears with this last statement.

Alex and Maria didn't know what to say. They had never seen their friend like this before. Alex just took Liz into his arms and held her while Maria stood their with her mouth hanging open.

"I'm sorry you guys, I didn't mean to freak out. It's just that I haven't been getting much sleep because of these dreams I keep having. I just can't understand how they don't see that this is killing me. It just hurts, you know?"

They both just nodded there heads, not knowing what else to do and got into the Jeda. Not another word was spoken until they reached the Crashdown.

Part 2

When they arrived at the Crashdown, they were greeted by the four aliens seated in their usual booth, with the surprising addition of one Kyle Valenti. Maria, Liz, and Alex walked over to the booth. Everyone said his or her hellos, then all was silent. Deciding to get things started, after-all uncomfortable silences were just so much fun, Alex broke the silence.

“So guys, what’s up?”

No one said a thing. All the aliens just turned and stared at Liz. Finally, Tess seeing this as the perfect opportunity to hammer in one more nail into the coffin of Liz’s life said

“What’s she doing here, no where to run off to today?”

Maria could see the tears welling up in her best friend’s eyes, and remembering the little break down she had earlier, she decided to put Tess in her place. Make a quick decision she decided to unleash the fury of Hurricane Deluca on the girl.

“Listen Tess, as you probably already know you’re not this groups favorite person, but for the sake of everyone I forgive you. You’re probably wondering what I’m forgiving you for, right? Well, allow me to tell you, I’m forgiving you for the fact that you can’t hide envy and jealousy of Liz. For the fact that if you were granted one wish in this world that it would be to be Liz Parker, because she is and has everything that you aren’t and don’t. The looks, the brains, and the love of your ‘husband’.” With this last statement, she couldn’t help but to make quotation marks with her fingers. “So I’m going to say this once, and I hope you remember it. You either treat Liz with the respect she deserves and shut the hell up or get the hell out of her parent’s restaurant. If you refuse, alien powers or not, I’m going to come over that table and KICK YOUR ASS!

Everyone just waited to see what Tess’s reaction would be. When none came, Max decided it was time to get the meeting started. Trying to stop the laugh that wanted to erupt from his mouth upon seeing Tess’s face in reaction to Maria’s speech, he began.

“Well, with that said, I think now would be a good time to start the meeting. For the past several nights, I have been having these nightmares. I have been reliving what I can only assume to be my death on Antar. When I told Izzy about them this morning she informed me she was having similar dreams. We’re hoping that these are just the first of many memories to surface from our former lives. Michael, have you or Tess been having similar dreams?”

“I can’t speak for Tess, but yeah I have, and let me tell you, they’re not pretty!” Michael told the group.

“Yeah, I’ve been having nightmares too.” Tess added in a voice that told everyone she was taking Maria’s threat seriously.

Alex almost burst out laughing at the look of fear in the girl’s eyes.

Isabel suddenly had an idea, “Maybe if I dreamwalk each of you I can see what each of us sees and but that information together and try to figure out what happened on the day of our deaths. I mean four different perspectives, should give me a better idea of what went on.

“That’s a good idea Izzy, you can try it tonight. Now to the second reason we’re all here. The Sheriff mentioned some strange man coming by his office asking if there was a Nancy Parker living in Roswell. He didn’t think anything of it at the time, but when the same man came back the next day asking about Mr. Harding he became suspicious.” Max explained

“So did this strange man have a name?” Michael asked

“Yeah the Sheriff said it was Chris Lindum.” Max replied

Liz had been off in la-la land deciding that until they knew more about the dreams she was going to keep the ones she was having to herself, after-all dreaming about having Max’s children was a little embarrassing. When she heard her mother’s name she tuned back in, and she couldn’t believe her ears when she heard what the man’s name was.

Max could see the spark of recognition come over Alex, Liz, and Maria’s face.

“Do you know that name?” Max asked

“Yeah, he’s my father.” Maria replied

Part 3

“Your father? What do you mean your father? Why would your father be asking for Nacedo? Moreover, why would he want to know about Liz’s mother? It just doesn’t add up. Wouldn’t he know who Liz’s mother is, after all she is your best friend.” Michael let all of his questions spill out at once. “Sorry about that guys, I guess I just kind of pulled a Maria,” he said with a sheepish grin.

“First of all, yes my father. You know I didn’t hatch like some of us. I have no idea what he wants with the man he believes to be Mr. Harding. As for Liz’s mother, he has never met Liz. We became friends after he left, so he wouldn’t know I’m best friends with the daughter of the woman he’s looking for. And what do you mean ‘pulled a Deluca? You said as if it was a bad thing. Let me tell you, you could do a lot worse than having a little of me rub off on you SpaceBoy.” With this last statement, she sent Michael a glare that sent shivers up his spine.

“Well, what are you going to do Maria? Do you actually want to see this guy?” Liz asked her friend.

“Of course I want to see him, he’s my father. Do you think I’m going to allow him to get away with abandoning my mother and me without at least giving him a piece of my mind?” Maria asked with fierceness Liz rarely saw her show. Sure Maria could be a bitch sometimes, but only when someone she loved was at risk of being hurt. But that look in her eyes at this moment said that Chris Lindum better run for cover.

“So where’s my old man staying at?” Maria asked staring pointedly at Max

“The Galaxy Inn, Room 119” Max replied without hesitation. He didn’t want that look turned on him.

“Liz, Alex, are you coming?” With that, Maria walked out the door, while Alex and Liz hurried to catch up.

Maria stood outside the hotel room door. Taking on last calming sniff of cedar oil she handed it to Alex and raised her hand to knock. Before her hand even made contact the door flew open. She stood there, just staring into a pair of eyes that were an exact replica of her own.

Before she knew what was going on she was in the man’s arms. She barely comprehended what the man was saying. “How did you find me? I was going to come see my little Pixie, I just hadn’t had time yet.”

Maria was stunned, out of all the scenarios she had played out while growing up, about how her reunion with her father would go this wasn’t one of them. She quickly pulled out of his arms as if his touched burned her skin.

“Are you gonna invite us in, are do we stand in the hall the whole time?” Maria replied with as much sass as she could muster.

As soon as they were in the room, Maria began her speech, “Before you go in to loving father reunion mode I need to tell, I’m not here for that right now. While that might be nice later on I have something important concerning two of my friend’s parents to ask you first.”

As Maria was talking Chris glanced over at his daughters two friends, the guy was tall and kind of wiry, but had an honest enough face. When he looked over at the girl his jaw dropped. He had been searching for her for 10 years and now here she stood. He had finally found Elexia.

He quickly interrupted his daughter’s rambling. “Aren’t you going to introduce your friends?”

“Oh yeah, this is my best friend Alex Whitman, and this is my other best friend Liz Parker.” Maria said dryly

Ten years of searching and the whole time she was right under his nose. Of course it does make since that her and Maria would been drawn to each other. If he had just stayed around ten years ago he could have been happy with the woman he loved and been able to raise his daughter, all the while completing his mission. He was pulled out of his thoughts by Maria’s voice.

“So why are you looking for Mrs. Parker and Mr. Harding?” Maria asked, getting annoyed with her father’s lack of response.

“Oh, um, oh yeah that, well I was looking at houses and I came across the Harding’s and it was empty, so I thought I would get in touch with the owner. I asked one of the neighbors who it belonged to and they told me the Harding’s so I went to the Sheriff’s office looking for information. As for Nancy Parker, I was an admirer of Claudia Parker’s work and I thought I would pay my respects.” Chris was pleased with himself, for lying through his teeth, he thought he sounded pretty believable.

“Ok, then why Nancy and not Jeff. After all he was Claudia’s son, Nancy was just her Daughter-in-law?” Alex was very curious and couldn’t help asking.

BUSTED “Oh that, I don’t really know why I asked for Nancy and not Jeff. I had both of their names, I guess Nancy’s just came out first.” He tried to make it sound like the truth, but even he had to admit it was kinda outlandish.

“My parents, Jeff and Nancy, own the Crashdown cafe, you should come by if you were really an admirer of my Grandmother’s work.” Liz was very suspicious but tried to believe him for Maria’s sake.

Maria could tell he was lying through his teeth, and made the quick decision to call him on it, “Dad, I’m not going to stand here and be lied to. When you’re ready to answer my questions truthfully you can come by the Crashdown. I’ll be working from 8 to 12 tomorrow. I really hope you decide to come clean. Bye Dad.” With that Maria turned and walked out the door. Alex and Liz followed behind her.

“Bye Pixie, I love you,” Chris Lindum said into the door Liz had pulled shut on their way out.

Part 4

The car ride home was silent until after they had dropped off Alex. Then a thought popped into Maria’s head.

“Hey Liz, why didn’t you tell everyone that you were also having nightmares? It could be related.”

“I thought about it, but somehow I couldn’t imagine saying hey I’ve been having weird dreams too, only in mine I die while giving birth to Max’s children. Could you imagine the looks on their faces. I think Tess’s head would explode at the Max’s children part, and then Max would be all like, guilty-feeling for something that hasn’t even happened. He’d probably even put a no human/alien sex rule into effect right then and there in a misguided attempt to protect me. Not even to mention the amount of embarrassment it would cause me.” Liz tried to explain it all quickly so that they could just drop the subject.

“But what if it’s connected?” Maria tried to pry something, anything out of her friend.

“Maria, I really don’t think they’re connected, any-ways we have bigger issues to deal with. What are you going to do about your father?” Again, Liz tried to drop the subject of her dreams and this time it worked.

“Oh that, trust me, he’ll come clean soon enough. I just have this feeling about it.” Maria replied nonchalantly to her friend.

Just as the words had come out of her mouth they reached the Crashdown.

“Listen Chica, I’ll see you tomorrow. Ok? I just need a little alone time to think some stuff through.”

“Alright Maria, but if you need anything call me. I don’t care what time it is.” Liz tried to reassure her friend that she didn’t have to go through this alone.

“If I need anything I’ll call. Don’t worry. Goodnight.” Maria replied to her friend.

“Goodnight” Liz waved at the retreating car.

After calling Isabel, and filling her in on the details of what went on at the hotel, Liz wrote in her journal about everything that happened today. She thought she made a wise decision in talking to Isabel and not Max. Right now with the amount of emotional turmoil she was in and lack of sleep she’d probably break down and start begging him to take her back. How embarrassing would that be? Would he even take her back? She really hurt him when she walked away. Could he forgive her? Thinking back, she could have sworn she saw a smile when Maria told Tess off today. Was he smiling because he agreed with what she said? She sure hoped so.

After drowning her troubles with a bowl of Vanilla ice cream she decided to go to sleep. After all this would be the only chance she got to catch up on all of her lost sleep of the past seven nights.

She woke up the next morning feeling really refreshed. She realized the reason for this was because she hadn’t had the nightmare again last night. Today was really starting out good, no nightmare, I get to go buy my new car. Just as she was thinking this a feeling of doom came over her. And at that moment she realized, after today everything would be different.

Part 5

Liz quickly showered and got dressed. She had to meet her father downstairs at 9a.m. and it was already 8:45a.m. Lately her mother had been really overprotective and Liz knew that she wouldn’t allow her out of the house with out breakfast.

After eating breakfast very hurriedly, she ran downstairs to see her father waiting for her in the cafĂ©. Since both Maria and Michael were working, and Maria was no where to be seen she figured they were in back. She had just enough time to go say hi without her dad getting really pissed . When she walked into the break room, she couldn’t believe her eyes. There was Michael and Maria making out on the couch.

“Oh, I am so sorry! Just pretend I never came in here” Liz replied as she turned and rushed out the door. Maria came chasing after her.

“We’ll talk later, Maria. Ok? But right now I have to go, but I promise after I get back I’m all yours.” Liz told her friend before she could start to ramble.

“Alright, but I plan on holding you to your word.” Maria cautioned her friend.

“Bye Maria”

“Bye Liz”

Liz walked to her father and said good morning, and then they were on their way.

When they pulled onto the lot Liz pointed the car she wanted out to her father. He immediately began doing the man thing. You know the one where they lift the hood and kick the tires. Liz had a feeling they were being watched. She looked around. No one. They were the only customers on the lot. When a little round salesman, with beety eyes came out of the little trailer used as an office, Liz just figured he was the one that had been watching them.

Seeing that Jeff was serious about the car the man invited him into his office to talk business. The truth of the matter was he was hot and couldn’t wait to get back to his air conditioning. Liz decided to stay outside and allow her father to handle all the negotiations. She fingered the car absentmindedly as she thought about the little scene she had pictured the day before. The one of her driving down the highway with Maria and Alex. “This car is really great,” she told herself, but she couldn’t help but to close her eyes and imagine how much more perfect it would be electric blue. When she opened her eyes she couldn’t believe what she saw. The car was the color it was in her day-dream.

“This isn’t happening. Ok think Liz. I know one of the aliens is just playing a joke on me.” Liz was talking aloud to herself. Raising her voice a little she decided she would put an end to this ill-advised prank.

“I know you’re there, so just come out and undo this and I won’t even be mad.” She realized she was talking to air. She closed her airs again trying to wake up from this horrible, horrible dream. After about two minutes and five pinches Liz realized she wasn’t dreaming. When she opened her eyes she was staring into a pair of strangely familiar eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Liz asked with disbelief in her voice.

“You’ll know soon enough.” The person replied


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