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I put the first 2 parts of this up at the old board before it was deleted or closed orwhatever it was ezboard did with it. *grin*

The story is now complete, if anyone would care to read.

Kermit and Friends
By Allie
Rating NC17

Part 1 and 2

Maria Deluca slammed her textbook closed in frustration. Michael was supposed to be coming over to study with her, although to be honest the probability of real studying taking place was unlikely. Unless her mother came home unexpectedly.

Switching on her computer, she checked her email. “Spam, junk, spam...” she muttered. “Why doesn’t anyone ever send anything interesting?”

She opened the next email, one from Brody, probably thanking her for dropping his dinner over earlier.

Dear Maria

I noticed you were feeling a little down before, and thought these might
cheer you up. Maybe you and I can get together sometime?


Clicking on the link for an attachment she gasped. “Oh. My. God!” She angled her head sideways and licked her lips. “Who would have thought he was so well... endowed.” She clicked another link to see another view of Brody showing just what he had in mind if they were to ‘get together’.

Suddenly feeling rather hot, she wished Michael were around.

The third photographic attachment proved even more arousing, and Maria shifted uncomfortably on her seat. Well, she decided, if Michael couldn’t be bothered coming to her, she’d just have to go to his place.

That decision made, she wrote her mother a note about studying late an Liz’s place, and gathered some things together. As she moved around the room she was uncomfortably aware of her panties rubbing against her. Biting her lip in indecision she stood still a moment, the pulled the offending panties off and dropped them in the laundry basket. She wouldn’t need them tonight.

As she walked briskly along the sidewalk to Michael’s apartment Maria was aware of the slight breeze blowing up around her legs. She had never gone without her underwear before, and it felt strangely exciting. She shivered with anticipation. Michael was going to get the surprise of his life tonight.

Knocking on Michael’s door, Maria shifted from one foot to another, slightly rubbing her thighs together. Glaring at the unanswered door, she pushed on it, and found it open. Michael sat engrossed in a hockey game, not even aware she had come into the room.

She placed her bag on the floor and sauntered toward the TV. “How is the game, spaceboy?”

Michael jerked his head up in surprise. “Maria? When... how... why?” he stammered, getting to his feet and wiping his hands down his jean legs.

Maria slowly walked toward him, shrugging sensuously out of her jacket at the same time, letting it fall to the floor. “I just wanted to spend some time with you. Don’t you want me?” she said innocently.

Michael’s eyes dropped to Maria’s front. “You are wearing that aqua bra again, aren’t you?” he smirked.

“Uh huh.” nodded Maria. “You want to see?” She began to raise her arms to take off her shirt, her fingers stroking her sides, and continued to move toward him. Hmmm, being a vamp was very stimulating.

“Stop!” commanded Michael, raising his arm, palm facing Maria. “Who are you, and what have you done with Maria?”

Maria blinked in surprise. “Michael?”

“Don’t come any closer.” he warned. “I’ll blast you off of this planet. Just tell me what you want, and what you‘ve done with her.”

“It’s me, stupid!” she exclaimed. “Geez, this is what I get for wanting to surprise my stupid dork brain boyfriend. Well, you just try getting me in the eraser room again buddy!”

Michael lowered his arm. “Maria?”

Maria gave him her best Deluca glare. “You were late coming to my place so I thought I’d come over here instead. I think I’ll go home again now.” She spun around and bent over to retrieve her jacket from the floor.

Michael eyed the nicely curved rear view that was presented to him. Something was not quite right with this picture. “Uh, Maria. Are you not wearing any panties?”

Maria looked back at him, and stood up again, as Michael came toward her and pulled her hips toward his. “Do you know how sexy that is?” he growled in her ear, cupping one hand over her breast.

Maria arched her back pushing her breast further into his warm hand. “Hmmm, I thought you might like it. That’s why I took them off.”

Michael slightly thrust his pelvis against Maria. “You want to go to the bedroom?”

“No, lets play out here.” she said, turning and looping her arms around his neck.

Michael stared into his Maria’s upturned eyes, gently raised a hand to thread his fingers through her long blond hair, and then lowered his mouth to hers.

//Flash// Maria licking her lips as she admired an email photo.

Michael hurriedly pulled away from Maria. “I’m going to kill him.” he fumed. “No, killing him is too good for him. I want him to suffer.” Suddenly stopping his livid muttering, he narrowed his eyes on his girlfriend. “What were you doing looking at naked pictures of Brody?”

“Does it matter?” asked Maria, trailing a finger down Michael’s cheek. “Just look on it as a random porn picture. Who it was doesn’t matter, just that I’m here with you.”

Michael snorted with derision. “Somehow Brody just doesn’t do it for me as a porn star.”

“Nor for me, either.”

“But I saw you...” began Michael.

Maria reached up and kissed him. “You saw me looking and imagining it was you.” she asserted.

Michael put his arm around Maria’s waist and pulled her closer. “I’m still going to kill him.” he threatened, cupping her buttocks through her skirt.

“Later, spaceboy.” Maria began undoing the buttons on Michael’s shirt. “You can kill him later.”

“I may fry him a little first.” he mused. “What do you think?”

“I think you need to pay attention to the task at hand first.” Maria traced her hand along his ribs, stroked his pectoral muscles, and then lowered her lips to his flat masculine nipple. Michael’s hand tightened, before fumbling for her zipper. As her skirt fell into a heap on the floor, Maria grinned. “That’s better. But I think you are over dressed.”

He began to undo his belt and fly while she removed her top and reached behind her back to unclasp the aqua bra. As the bra fell away from her breasts, his heated gaze fell on her, and he swung her up into his arms, carrying her into his bedroom. Dropping her onto the bed, he fell to one knee beside her. “You’re perfect, you know that?” he whispered huskily.

Maria giggled. “Far from it. If I was perfect I wouldn’t need that aqua bra to get you interested.”

Michael reached out a hand and stroked her breast before cupping it as if weighing it. “Perfect.” he said, before leaning over to kiss the white fullness and then suck on her nipple.

Moving down the bed, Michael nudged at her belly button with his nose before licking his way down her belly and below.

As his tongue began to explore her, Maria gasped and clutched the bed covers with her hands. Rocking her hips she moaned his name.

//Flash// Maria in awe of Brody’s size in the pictures

“He. Is. Dead.” said Michael through clenched teeth, as he sat up.

“I thought we agreed you could wait and squish him later?” Maria slid her finger around inside the elastic of Michael’s boxers. “Come back down here.”

Michael glared. “You can’t distract me from this. The guy...” All thoughts left him as Maria pulled down the front of his boxers and took the tip of him between her pouty lips.

Then, pushing him back against the covers, she straddled him, leaning flush over him, and rubbing her breast against his chest. She slid down him until once again her mouth was upon him, her tongue swirling around the tip, then licking along the distended veins. He hands kneaded his thighs as her mouth worked wonders.

//Flash// Maria squirming in arousal on her chair, the computer still showing the pictures of...

“Brody, you are dog meat!” he roared, rearing up so that Maria fell off him with a thud to the floor.

Glaring at Michael in frustration, Maria rose to her feet, stormed into the living room and grabbed her bag before entering the bathroom and slamming the door.

As he was putting one leg into his jeans, a buzzing noise entered Michael’s consciousness. “Maria?” he called suspiciously. “Have you got Kermit in there?”

“So what if I have?” she yelled back. “At least he doesn’t have unreasonable jealousy, and never leaves a girl frustrated!” The buzzing continued.

Stalking to the bathroom door, Michael tried to open it. Locked. Undeterred he held his hand over the knob, unlocked it with his powers, and pushed the door open.

Maria stood with one leg raised on the closed lid of the toilet, a large luminescent green rod in her hand. Her eyes closed she rubbed the pulsating vibrator across her breasts and down her front before centring it where she needed it the most. As she was about to take it within her, Michael grabbed it, switched it off and flung it to land on her bag.

“I don’t know what you see in that thing,” he said, kissing her deeply.

“It has it’s uses,” she replied against his mouth. “And it reminds me of you.”

“Of me?” he queried in shock.

“Yeah,” she said pulling him toward the shower. “It’s long, hard, and makes me quiver. And the green reminds me of certain alien... tendencies.”

“Can I help it if I glow when I’m ‘excited’?” he said, turning on the water. “Maxwell didn’t tell me that part of alien sex.” he grumbled.

Maria stood with him under the torrent of hot water and grinned up at him. “He just wanted to keep the best part to himself.”

Michael pressed her against the shower wall. “You better watch out, “ he murmured, “Or I might keep the ‘best part’ to myself, as well.”

Maria’s hands roved up and down Michael’s back, and she slid one leg slowly up his until it curved up around his hip in invitation. With that he pulled her up so both legs were around his waist, her back still against the wall.

His lips sought hers while she used her hands to stroke lightly down his back, digging her fingernails in slightly as he kissed his way down her neck. His throbbing hardness pushed against her insistently.

“Miss Piggy wants to play,” she said breathlessly, and grasped a hold of the soap from the soap caddy.

“Hmmmm,“ replied Michael, intent on thrusting his hips against hers.

She lathered his back with rhythmic strokes and was beginning to reach between them with the soap when he stopped.

Looking her in the eye he said dangerously, “What did you just refer to...” he glanced down to where their bodies were almost one, “ as?”


“He is not Miss Piggy!”

Maria teasingly reached down between them and grasped the object in question. It glowed lime green in her hand. “Well ‘Kermit’ is already taken.” she smirked. “What else should I call it?”

“Animal.” he replied huskily, and used his hand to encourage hers to pump him.

Her legs released from around his waist and she slid downwards til she kneeled facing him, while his hand continued what hers had been doing. His hand tightened and relaxed as he stroked his ‘Animal’, grunting with satisfaction at each stroke.

The soap dropped from her hand, but she had other more important things to do. She removed Michael’s hand and replaced it with her mouth to once more worship him, eliciting groans of pleasure. “I hope you are not naming anything else down there,” he rasped.

Maria fondled a hairy ball in each hand. “Gonzo and Rolf?” she suggested.

“No way,” he said, grasping her by the arms and pulling her up. “If anything should be Gonzo and Rolf it’s these babies.” He leered at her breasts and cupped one in each palm, flicking a finger over each nipple.

“No. No way. You are not calling my breasts those names.”

“And what are you going to do to stop me?” Michael reached out with his tongue and circled then sucked at a nipple, squeezing the breast gently in his hand. “How’s it going Gonzo?” he asked, as the nipple peaked.

Maria closed her eyes, scrunched up her nose and visualised a scene.

//Flash// Liz kneeling over Maria’s scantily clad body, licking ice cream off her abdomen.

Michael’s head jerked back abruptly. “Please tell me I imagined that.” he groaned.

“Hah! Gotcha.” smirked Maria. She flicker her finger against his nose. “I bet you’ll never look at Liz in the same way again.”

“Well you sure as hell aren’t having anymore of those girl’s nights.”

Maria looked up at Michael. His hair was plastered to his head, reminiscent of that time a year ago when he had shown up at her bedroom window just before Hank disappeared. “I love you, Spaceboy.” she whispered, and tugged him toward the bedroom.

They tumbled in to a wet heap on the bed. Maria leaned beside him, and he reached over and pushed her wet hair from her eyes as he questioned, “That was just your imagination, wasn’t it?”

Maria giggled.

He narrowed her eyes and tickled her on the ribs. “Come on. I have enough trouble looking Liz Parker in the eye after walking in on her and Max one time, without having to remember you and her like... that!”

“Relax Michael.” Maria stroked Michael’s well defined pectorals. “It was make-believe. But right now, I’m ready for the real thing - with you.” She moved her hips against his in emphasis.


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Part 3

He leaned over her and grinned suddenly. “I have something for you,” he announced.

“I know you do,” she giggled, reaching with her hand to caress Animal.

“Well that too,” he winked, and rose from the bed. He pulled a roughly wrapped package from the closet and set it beside her.

She sat up and looked at him questioningly. “Our anniversary isn’t for another month, Michael.”

“Just open it.” he urged.

Pulling off the battered brown paper, she ripped open a box to reveal a series of plastic bubble enclosed items. She looked up at him mystified, before reaching out to open one. A tangle of fake fur, leather and metal appeared, and she held it up in awe. “Michael,” she squealed at the sight of the furry handcuffs. “These are amazing!” She began to open the other presents excitedly. A leather bustierre, matching g string and whip appeared, together with a mans furry pouch like g string..

“Hmmm, I think I’ll leave these til another night,” she decided, putting everything but the handcuffs in the box. She lay back with her hands above her head and smiled wickedly at her boyfriend. “Cuff me to the bed Michael, and have your way with me.”

Michael raised his eyebrow and gave her his trademark smirk. “I’ll give Kermit a run for his money.” he said as he attached her wrists to the headboard.

Then, after looking down at her prone body, he began to worship her body with his eyes, mouth, and fingers.

She moaned with frustration as he teased her by brushing against her with the lightest of touches. "Michael, please... I need you, please... touch me". She raised her hips and ground them against his.

Michael gently inserted two of his fingers into Maria's hot mouth, and she sucked on them tightly, mimicking with her mouth and lips what she wanted other parts of her body to be experiencing. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head up and down on his fingers until they were nicely lubricated.

Michael's eyes grew dark with desire as he watched his girlfriend playing with his fingers. He withdrew them from her mouth and then slid them inside her.

In reply, Maria thrust against his fingers impatiently. "Please, Michael."

Michael smiled. "Soon baby, soon". He thrust his fingers teasingly slowly in and out of her burning body, too slow to ease her ache.

Maria moaned again, and grated her teeth. She writhed in frustration as she yearned for the release that was being denied her body and almost sobbed, "Please, please..."

Michael slowly removed his fingers and kissed Maria deeply. He murmured huskily against her lips,"OK babe, lets see if I can make those beautiful legs shake". He plunged inside her in one fluid movement and Maria gasped at the monumentous pleasure.

She needed release so badly, she was so hot that it only took Michael a few strokes before she whimpered, "Oh Michael, I'm nearly there, don't stop baby, I need this...Oh yeah". Maria quivered visibly and her whole body shook as she reached the pinnacle. Her eyes widened as she absorbed the incredible level of pleasure that she had just attained, and she screamed in utter rapture, arching her back and pulling against her wrist restraints.

Maria's sounds of absolute bliss heightened Michael's pleasure and he moaned with delight as he watched her face reflect her heavenly completion.

It wasn't long before he joined her in paradise. Maria heard him moan her name thickly and felt his body spasm inside hers. "Michael, that was out of this world".

She giggled as Michael mockingly boasted, "Well naturally, babe, look where I come from".

Maria softly replied, "Well, this is one chick who is glad you found this planet", and her voice changed as she leered, "Take me to the stars again, Spaceboy?"

Michael kissed her deeply in reply and muttered, "Oh yeah...”


The End

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