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Title: Unconditional Love
Author: Cole (evans24)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything... especially Roswell... if I did why would I be writing fanfic?
Category: will eventually involve everyone
rating: pg
Summary: The story takes place when the pod squad and clan are eleven. You're going to have to read the rest to find out.
Author's note: This is my second attempt at fanfic so please leave me some feedback to let me know what you think. Also I know some things may not match up between the show and my story... but this is my fantasy land!
Unconditional Love
Part 1

He sat slouched in a hard wooden chair in the corner of a large office. A man from the social work agency and a policeman came to get him early this afternoon, just before one o'clock, from his social studies class. As he walked out he could hear the whispers... he could only imagine what everyone was saying about him now. They all usually had enough to make fun of him about, but now that he was escorted out of class things could only get worse for him. The kids made fun of him because he didn't have the "new" clothes and he didn't have very many friends. "Maybe he would have friends if he would take a shower once in a while and comb that gross hair— you know I bet he gets his clothes and the food he eats out of the garbage," he overheard Pam Troy, a very popular girl, say once. That of course made all the boys that adored her come and find him to beat him up just to please her highness. Then of course the teachers broke it up and he got into trouble. The teachers thought he was nothing but trouble— simply a kid who just couldn't be reached. He shuddered at the memory. He looked up at the clock and saw that it was almost two now— good— there is no way we would have to return back to that no good rotten place of a school today!

"Michael?" the tall woman asked

Michael looked up at her, acknowledging her presence.

"Can I get you something to drink? Some water or a soda perhaps?"

Michael shyly shook his head to signal no.

"Okay then," she said as she sat down across from Michael in a chair much like his "I am Caroline Simms and I will be your new social worker, your old one recently retired and is probably out on the lake fishing right now— lucky him right?"

She awaited some kind of reaction from him, but got none whatsoever. She just needed to get him talking and maybe he would open up to her.

"So, how old are you Michael?"

He stared at her for a long tense moment and then decided to speak.

"Eleven," he quickly answered, his voice coming out raspier than expected

"So that would make you a fifth grader?"

Michael nodded his head yes.

"How do you like Roswell Jr. High?"

He shrugged his shoulders and Caroline's heart went out to him. She could see the sadness in his eyes and could tell that this sweet little boy who was sitting in front of her obviously needed more love than he was getting.

"Fifth grade is a big year if I remember correctly. Big end of the year semi- formal dance. My daughter went last year and I swear it was all she talked about for months. Are you planning on going?"

"I'm not really into school related stuff," he replied sadly

"Why is that?" Caroline asked with a concerned evident in her voice.

Michael simply shrugged his shoulders.

"I remember the fifth grade. Granted it was a really long time ago for me, but it was the best— friends, birthday parties, all that good stuff. So I bet you are one of the most popular guys at school, I'm sure you know all that."

"Actually I don't have many friends..." Michael said so quietly Caroline wondered if she heard him right.

"You're going to have to tell me why because I don't believe that for one minute-- you seem like such a nice boy."

Michael stared at her for a minute... did someone actually say he was a nice boy?

"I am different," Michael stated matter of factly, as if he thought she was crazy for not seeing it herself.

"Why is that?"

"All the other kids have people that want them... no one wants me," he said sadly

"Oh Michael don't say that."

"Don't look at me like that please..." he said with an edge

"Like what?"

"With all that pity. I am ok. I will be ok. I have two friends, Max and Izzy... they are kind of like me. They don't have real parents— but they were adopted."

"Would you like to be adopted?"

Michael shrugged "I suppose if it seemed right."

"Listen, what I really wanted to talk to you about is important, so I need for you to be truthful and honest with me."


"We have had some reports phoned in from your neighbors at the trailer park to the local police. They complained of loud noises, loud fighting, that sort of thing. It seems as though your foster situation is working out.. So, I promised the police I would look into it."

Michael scoffed to himself— always a "situation" never a home. He sat speechless, not knowing what to say. Sure, living with Hank wasn't all fun and games, but it was his home. Not a good one, but a home nonetheless. Did he want to uproot himself and possibly get shipped off to who knows where or was it better just to stay and deal with Hank. It wasn't like he beat him all the time— just when he drank. Maybe he could just get him to stop drinking... yeah... maybe. Ah... stop defending him, Michael thought, no matter what men like Hank don't change.

"Michael?" she asked, snapping him out of his thought

He made eye contact with her and she continued.

"Now don't be afraid to talk to me. I want you to be honest with me. I want to help you because every child deserves a good home. Why don't you tell me how things are really going with Hank?"

Michael looked down at the rough brown carpet as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Could I... I be moved out of town? I have a few friends here... they're all... all I have" he stuttered, the fear evident in his deep brown eyes.

Caroline looked into his eyes and couldn't believe they were the eyes of an eleven year old child. They seemed as if they were to belong to someone so much older, someone who had seen the world— not a boy.

"Michael, if it would so happen you needed to be moved, I would do my best to see that you won't be moved out of the city."

Michael took a large breath and began his tale.

"Hank works hard during the day and he likes to let go of things at night. He always ends up coming home drunk and ends up drinking more at home. If I don't have the house perfect, the lawn mowed, or the laundry done I get in big trouble."

"What kind of trouble?"

"He sometimes hits me... sometimes he makes me sleep outside, but I either run to Max's and sleep there or I sneak back in after he passes out."

His gaze returned to the carpet, part of him wishing that he would have kept everything to himself. Caroline got up from her seat, walked over to Michael, and kneeled next to him.

"Michael it is good that you told me all of this," she said as she ruffled his hair with her right hand, "you don't deserve to be with a man like Hank, you need to be with someone that loves you for being you."

"I don't know if there is someone like that out there for me," he said sadly

"I know there is Michael, now I am going to go make it happen."

Hope you guys all enjoyed it.... please leave some feedback!

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thanks for the support guys... it has been a rough week for me so far- a lot of tests, bf probs, and stuff like that so I haven't gotten to update. I know where I want to go with the story so it is just the matter of putting it down in words. hopefully if everything goes well I will have the next part up tonight, but if not hopefully it will up by tomorrow night sometime. thanks again!
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hey guys I am so sorry I havent updated this still. it is all in my mind, I swear- I just have to write it down, it's just that I have been so incredibly busy with school, trying to keep my relationship going with my bf, dealing with my fam, work, and trying to not go crazy due to my sometimes anal roomies. thanks for your support and hopefully I will have a part up soon, sorry for leavin ya all hanging like this.
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Sorry guys for the long wait... but here it is part 2... feedback is appreciated!

Part 2

The bell sounded at exactly three o'clock and all the children raced out of the school towards their destinations. Liz skipped away from the crowd and started towards home to the Crashdown Cafe where she would fill all the napkin holders and refill the sugar and salt containers because her father always said that "every little bit helps" and that was here little bit.

"Hey Liz!" Maria called "Wait for us!"

"Hurry up, I have to get home. Daddy is expecting me to get my chores done."

Maria ran as fast as she could with Alex behind her a step.

"So, what is the deal with you having chores to do right after school? What about milk and cookies and relaxing after a tough day at school?" Alex asked

"My mom says that too, but my dad says that it teaches me responsibility... and he is the one that pays my allowance so..."

"I see... I see," he said

They walked a little ways in silence until Maria just couldn't hold it in anymore.

"So, what did you hear about that Michael reject?" she asked smugly

"Maria," Liz said shocked "Don't be so mean."

"I am not being me, seriously though, I heard from Pam Troy that he stole a care and ran over an old woman who is in intensive care at the hospital," Maria said talking a mile a minute

"Maria, you know that can't be true," Liz said

"Why not? He is so weird and michevious... anything could be possible," Maria said flailing her arms.

"He is just quiet... I think," Liz stated

"Yeah, but how do you know?" Maria countered

"Well... I don't... for sure," she replied

"Well I do," Alex said quietly

"Oh Alex... what do you know?" Maria asked with a smirk

"I am not suppose to say..." he said while looking down at the ground

"Come on Alex... don't make me give you a wedgie...." Maria threatened

Maria made a move towards him and he quicky blurted out,

"I overheard Isabel say something to Max about Michael not having a very good foster situation."

"Oh.... I see. You were trying to keep this secret so Isabel would love you!" Maria said while making kissing noises.

"Stop it Maria," Alex said

"Or what... hmmmmm?" Maria said obviously not scared.

"Guys, stop it," Liz demanded as they arrived in front of the Crashdown. "If you guys behave yourselves while I fill the stuff then we can go up to my room and play for a little while before you guys have to get home."

They agreed and all walked inside together. Alex and Maria sat at the counter and drank a milkshake while Liz busied herself with the salt, sugar, and napkins. Soon enough she was done and they all grabbed their backpacks and marched upstairs.

"Liz, you know what we haven't done lately?" Maria said laughing

"What's that?"

"Dressed Alex up like a girl..."

"No... No... I will not do that anymore... no matter how much you beg me. I am a grown man... well almost."

They walked through the door and Liz called out to her parents, but they were no where in sight. She walked over to the table and read the note that was addressed to her:
Had some things to take care of in town. Will be back sometime before supper,
Mom and Dad

"See Alex this is perfect..."


"Come on," the two girls pleaded

"What's in it for me?" Alex asked

The girls thought for a moment and then Liz's face brightened up
"I could talk to Max and get Iz to invite you to her boy/girl party she is having for her and Max's birthdays."

"Really?" Alex asked

"Oh yeah..." Liz said triumphantly

"Yeah we all know that Liz has Max wrapped around her little finger... oh Max can you teach me to draw that plant, oh science partner I need help... really Liz... pathetic," she said laughing

Liz rolled her eyes and Maria kept laughing while they awaited Alex's answer.

"Oh okay... as long as I get invited to that party."

The girls squealed, pulled Alex into Liz's bedroom, and Maria started getting all the makeup out while Liz went to the attic to get a nice flowering old dress. She quickly found a nice pink colored moo moo and went on her way down the stairs. While Alex was in the bathroom putting the dress on, Maria and Liz decided that blue was so Alex's color, so they did his nails and eye shadow all in blue. Maria put a little powder on his cheeks and Liz capped it all off with a deep red lipstick and they were done.

"Wow, Alex.... you are one hot mama!" Maria squealed

"Yeah... you've never looked better!" Liz said as the two laughed uncontrollably.


The three kids turned around to see Mrs. And Mr. Parker in the doorway.

"I see you kids kept yourselves entertained," Mrs. Parker said

Alex blushed and the girls laughed.

"Anyways, we'd like you all to meet someone," Mr. Parker said as he made a walkway "This is Michael, I think kids know him from school. He will be staying with us."

end part 2

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thanks for the feedback guys... hopefully I will have another part up soon.