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Title: Crush
Author: Becca
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, M/M, K/T, M/L, and A/I would always be together forever. The title is from Mandy Moore’s single “Crush”.
Rating: PG-13 – R?
Summary: Best friends falling in love and enemies bonding…
Paring: M/M, K/T, M/L, A/I (UC in the beginning but will end with CC)
Author’s Note: Definitely alternate universe. Maria and Kyle are twin siblings. Same with Alex and Tess, Max and Isabel, Michael and Liz. This is actually a little bit based on my real life. Yes, I know they have those expensive cars…it’s just those are the cars I want! *Hint Hint* to my friends, lol. This is my first time writing and posting a story. So feedback would be greatly appreciated!

“ ” = People talking
' ' = People thinking
// // = Song lyrics

Part 1 – May 1, 2001 – Monday – 7:15 a.m.


“Kyle, hurry your lazy ass up or I’m gonna leave without you!” threatened Maria Valenti. Maria sighed to herself because she wanted to see Michael Parker before first period started. Maria had the world’s largest crush on Michael. But he couldn’t ever find out because their friendship would be ruined. Maria and Michael have been best friends forever since they were babies in diapers. ‘Besides, he’s going out with Isabel Evans, she thought with disgust. And, you have Alex Whitman…but you’d rather have Michael. Damn, why did I have to fall in love with my best friend? Life sucks.’ she thought wryly. It’s just that when Maria brushed her hands with Michael’s, she felt something more than just friendship.

Isabel Evans was known as the Ice Queen or the Ice Bitch. She was one of the most popular girls despite her personality. Isabel was also captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. So was Maria. And they did not get along at all. But for the squad’s sake, they tried be on neutral terms. Her twin brother, Max Evans was a completely different story. Max was one of the smartest guys in the whole entire school. His G.P.A. was 6.0 even though Max was captain of the football team. Max was going out with Tess Whitman. Tess was also a cheerleader. Liz Parker was Kyle’s girlfriend. Liz Parker’s G.P.A. was also 6.0. Liz and Max are well on their way to valedictorian.

Upstairs in his bedroom, Kyle Valenti sighed to himself. ‘Girls should know it takes a long time to get ready,’ he thought. Besides, he had to talk to Liz and let her know he wanted to cancel their date. ‘Thank god for football practice.’ But it’s not that Kyle didn’t love Liz or anything. Cuz he did. He loved Liz like a sister. ‘Don’t even start thinking about that blonde. Besides, she’s going out with Evens. Even if you do get sparks when you brush up against her.’ he thought. Kyle looked around for his hair spray and finally discovered it empty. ‘Three guesses who used this up.’ he thought with anger. Finally, Kyle jumped in their silver BMW convertible and slammed the door.

“What crawled up your butt and died?” questioned Maria in an innocent voice.

“Just shut up and drive.” growled Kyle.

“Oh, someone’s in a touchy mood.” Maria said delightfully.

“You’re just lucky I’m not kicking you butt for using the last of my hair spray. Anyways, what’s the deal with you and Parker?” asked Kyle. Kyle saw Maria’s eyes light up whenever she saw or talked to Michael and how they’re always arguing. Michael’s and Maria’s arguing was also known as “flirting”. They’re just too stubborn to admit it.

“Michael? Michael Parker? Absolutely nothing. We’re just BEST FRIENDS,” said Maria in a defensive voice. ‘Shit! How does he know about my crush? Stupid bastard probably read my diary.’ “Besides what’s the deal with you and Tess Whitman?” Maria fired back. Maria saw the sparks between Kyle and Tess whenever they were together in the hallway even if Kyle was going out with Liz.

“Nothing. Period. Zip. We’re just best buds. And I’m going out with Liz!” said Kyle in an equally defensive voice. ‘Crap, how did she find out? Oh wells, at least I have dirt on her and Parker.’


Across town, Max sat in the red Jeep Wrangler he shared with Isabel and not waiting patiently.

“Hey Michael, what happened to the gray Mercedes-Benz convertible you shared with Liz?” asked Max. “It’s not that I mind giving you guys a ride but Isabel takes a long time to get ready.”

“God Max, don’t even remind me about our car.” sighed Liz. “Michael was driving it just a tad bit too fast and boom! Our car is in the garage right now being fixed.”

“Liz, I didn’t drive fast on purpose! It was just that I was racing with Maria and I wanted to beat her butt. Plus, she kept bragging about her silver BMW convertible,” said Michael defensively.

“Michael, that’s our $40,000 plus car you’re talking about!” yelled Liz. “Actually, now that I think about it, she does have a nice car.”

“She shares that car with Kyle,” cried Michael.

“Alright, peace! I don’t mind driving you too but Isabel takes too long.” said Max.

“Damn it, Izzy! Hurry up! It doesn’t matter if you look perfect!” bellowed Max.

“Max, calm down. Honestly, it takes a long time for a girl to get ready. And you’re trying to make peace between Michael and me. Honestly, listen to yourself.” said Liz rationally.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I’d like to get to class on time for once.” said Max in a dry tone.

“Does she always take this long?” asked Michael.

“God, you should know. Just look at how long she takes on dates.” groaned Max.

“Alright, alright I’m here. Everyone can calm down.” Isabel said in a calm voice.

“About damn time!” exclaimed Max & Michael.

“Well, if you don’t want me too look good for you then…” she said trailing off.

“I’m sorry babes, I’ll make it up to you.” said Michael.

“Alright, the important thing is that we could finally get going,” said Max with a smile. ‘Giving Liz rides to school and seeing her every morning before anyone else. Pure heaven. Oh wait, damn it! Can’t think about my best friend like that.’ he thought.


Tess and Alex were also in a hurry to get to class on time.

“If only I could drive, but no you don’t trust me.” sighed Alex.

“Alex, the last time you drove our precious black Porsche I nearly had a heart attack with the way you drive.” cried Tess.

“Alright, I see your point, but if I were driving, we wouldn’t be in such a hurry.” said Alex.

“Just shut up and let me drive.” grumbled Tess.

“Anyways Tess, how are you and Kyle? asked Alex.

“We’re just best buds, that’s all,” said Tess in a low voice.

“Are you sure?” asked Alex. He saw how Tess was after she got the famous Kyle smile. She was so nice to everyone, it was absolutely sickening.

“Positive!” screamed Tess. ‘Damn Alex for being so perspective. Oh, I’m gonna kick his butt for finding out.’

“Watch out for the cars and keep both hands on the wheel, baby sister,” said Alex.

‘Fine, two can play at this game.’ thought Tess. “So Alex, have you seen Isabel lately? And I’m just younger than you by five measly minutes!”

“No, she’s just been the biggest biotch ever,” said Alex in a sad tone.

“But I thought you guys used to be awesome friends,” Tess said in a surprised tone. ‘Plus, didn’t’ you use to be in love with her?’ she thought.

“Yea, well ever since she become “popular”, she just ditched me. You know how she used too be, sweet, kind, thoughtful, friendly, etc.” sighed Alex.

“Alex, I’m really sorry,” said Tess.

“It’s ok. I really don’t care,” Alex replied in a somewhat cheerful tone.

Tess wasn’t fooled but she decided to be nice and keep quiet.


All eight teens were rushing into their creative learning class and just made it on time. Coincidentally, it was the only they all shared together.

“Today’s project will be consisted of eight people bonding together and finding out everything and I mean everything about the group you are assigned too. You guys will quarantined in this fancy house for three weeks and come back to school to report the results. Also, I split the eight people into groups of two. The partners of two will be the ones sharing the bedroom and bathroom. Also, I want you to put some real effort into this project. People please don’t lie when asked questions…tell the truth. This project will be worth ½ of your final grade in this class. Take this project seriously!” said Mr. Green. “I’ll be paring the whole class randomly and will post the partners at the end of the period. Oh, before I forget, I will be handing out a list of questions at the end of the period. These questions will be used during the group bonding.”

At the end of the period, everyone rushed to see whom he or she was grouped with. The first group was:

Maria Valenti and Michael Parker
Tess Whitman and Kyle Valenti
Max Evens and Liz Parker
Alex Whitman and Isabel Evens

Those eight people just looked at each other and back at the list again. They looked at each other and back the list. Then they looked back at each other and one unanimous thought running through their heads ‘Oh shit! How am I gonna survive three weeks with THEM?’

Should I continue?

<3 always,
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Part 2A – May 1, 2001 – Monday – 2:55 p.m.


After school, Maria ran to her car and gunned the engine. ‘Gotta relax…can’t think about that stupid project.’

“Damn it, ‘Ria! Wait up! You’re my ride home!” yelled Kyle.

“I can give you a ride after cheerleading practice if you want.” Tess asked hesitantly. ‘Why am I so nervous? Ugh, he’s just a jock. A jock that I happen to think about 24/7.’

“Oh, are you sure it’s not a problem?” ‘This is not good. Ria left on purpose. Oh I’m gonna kick her ass.’ “Umm…thank you for offering. When does practice end?”

“5.30 p.m.”

“Oh that’s great cuz football ends at that time too.”

“Cool, so I’ll see ya later?”

“Absolutely and thanks again.”


Maria left the parking lot in hurry and just drove aimlessly around the town. Los Angeles is pretty big when you think about. She finally parked the car near the park and jogged to the teeter-totter. ‘Stupid project is driving me insane…maybe there’s someway I can weasel my way into another group.’ she thought.

“Michael, I’m gonna skip practice today, alright? Just tell the coach I have issues or problems,” said Max.

“Max, you do have issues. Alright, I’ll cover for you.”

“Thanks man, and give Izzy a ride home ok?”

“Sure, see ya later.”

Max jumped in the jeep and drove to the park where he and Izzy played together when they were little. ‘Those were the good times with Izzy before she became cold, unkind, an icy princess.’ Max saw Maria on the teeter-totter and as he got closer, he saw her long face and wondered what was wrong.


“Hey Maria,” greeted Max.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing…just thinking about that project.”

“Oh same. Max, I know we haven’t been really close and all but can I tell you a secret?” asked Maria. She’s been dying to let someone know how she felt about Michael and she knew the group bonding would cause some problems.

“Sure, of course.”

“Ok, this isn’t easy to say…”

“Really you can tell me, it’s not like you’re in love with your best friend or anything like that, right?”

‘Oh shit! Was I really that obvious?’ Maria’s blushing face gave Max his answer.

“Oh Maria, I was only kidding when I said that. So who’s the lucky guy? Michael Parker?”

‘Damn Max is really perceptive.’ Maria’s face turned into an even brighter red.

“Maria, it’s ok. I know how exactly you feel.”

“Oh c’mon, it’s not like you’re in love with YOUR best friend.”

Now, it was Max’s face that turned bright red.

“Aww, isn’t that cute. Aren’t you going out with Tess though? Well, that doesn’t really matter cuz Kyle likes likes Tess even though he’s going out with Liz. Oh crap, don’t tell Kyle I spilled the beans on him. Let’s see who your best friend is…Liz Parker!”

Max’s face was so red it looked like he had a really bad sunburn.

“Anyways, Maria, I promise I won’t tell.”

“Omg, what is wrong with us? How can we fall in love with our best friends? Best friends we’ve known ever since we were little. Omg and they’re both going out with people and we’re both going out with people. Omg, this project is going to screw everything up!

“Maria! Calm down. In a way, maybe this project will work out for us.”

“Max I know you’re smart and everything but how are you going to solve this?”

“I need you to help me get my sister back.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Is she kidnapped or something?”

“No, it’s just that…do you remember Izzy when she was only in elementary school?”

“Yea…she was kind, helpful, so sweet, and all. It’s still hard to believe she became so cold-hearted.”

“Exactly, you do understand. I need you to help me bring back that side of her. Her good, precious, innocent side. And this project will be the perfect thing too. I know Izzy really doesn’t like her friends…she’s just really insecure although I don’t know why. Three weeks with only you, Liz, and Tess as “girlfriends” will probably do her some good. Please help me get my sister back.” Max pleaded.

“Wow, I never knew the ice princess can be insecure…well I guess I could try. It wouldn’t hurt to try, I guess, but I can’t make any promises.” warned Maria.

“That’s ok, as long as you’re trying to help. It’s more than enough.”


“Hey Liz! You wanna a ride home?” asked Tess.

“Sure, thanks.”
“Ok, we have to stop by Isabel’s house first cuz Michael promised Max that Isabel would get home safe and sound.”

“Hey everyone, what’s up?”

“Hey Liz.” chorused Tess, Alex, Michael, and Isabel.

“Hey Liz, how are you sweetie?” asked Kyle.

“I’m good.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry I had to cancel our study date before. Football practice was really grueling.”

“It’s alright.” ‘I’m not stupid, I saw Kyle’s smile since he’s sitting next to Tess. But it’s ok since I’ve been in love with Max Evans for who knows how long.’

“Ok Isabel, great practice and see ya tomorrow.” said Tess.

Liz saw Michael give Isabel a long kiss. ‘Man, that is so gross.’ she thought with nausea. Liz also saw Alex’s long face and wondered what had happened between them. ‘This is time for a LONG talk with my favorite twin brother.’



Part 2B – May 1, 2001 – Monday – 5:35 p.m.


“Izzy, I’m home!” hollered Max. ‘Hmm…wonder what she’s up too now. I don’t hear any giggling or anything like that.’

“I’m in my bedroom!” replied Isabel.

Max bounded up the stairs, walked in the bedroom, and was about to say hello when he saw her face expression.

“Isabel, is everything ok? Why the long face?”

“Max, can we have a brother-sister talk?”


“Ok, it’s about that project…”

‘Damn it, not about that project again. But Isabel is my sister so I should listen to her.’ “Alright Izzy, what about the project?”

“I’m afraid this project will come between me and Michael.”

“Oh…I don’t understand…”

“Cuz you know how me and Alex are paired up together in that room. God there better be two beds or else.”

“Do you have any feelings towards Alex?” Max sure as hell knew that Isabel had some kind of feeling towards Alex or else she wouldn’t be making such a big deal out of this.

“Umm…well…I can’t explain it. We used to be really good friends and all. But when I became accepted in the popular group…I just forgot about him. We haven’t talked in such a long time. Everytime I see him now…there’s some kind of warm feeling stirring inside me. I love Michael and all…but these feelings are just so…ugh!” ‘Ok, you can admit you’re just scared to admit that you’re in love with someone out of your social group and that you love Michael like a brother. No I can’t tell Max…what will he say? I mean Michael and Max are best friends. So, don’t you wanna get this off of your mind? You wanna know what? I want my inner conscience to shut up! Hey, I was trying to help you out here.’ she thought.

“Isabel, it is ok to like someone who’s not in the “in crowd”. You know that right?” ‘I mean look at who I like…damn it you cannot think about your best friend like that. It’s like on the golden rules in this world. Number 1: Never ever ever ever fall in love with your best friend. Ok, you wanna know what. What? I’ll argue with myself later cuz my sister is more important. Fine, I’ll just bug you later cuz YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND! Damn it shut up already!’

“Max, are you ok? You look a little bit spaced out.”

“I’m fine…just thinking.”

“Alright fine I’ll admit it! I love Alex. But you CANNOT tell a soul.” she yelled. ‘Oh shit that was loud…oh wells, no one else is home.”

“About damn time you finally admitted that.” smirked Max.

“Ok, now it’s your turn.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you think I’m blind? Please, I’ve seen those soulful looks you gave to Liz and she just gives them right back to you. It’s positively gross.”

“Hey, that’s the girl I love you happen to be talking about!” cried Max. ‘Oh shit...that was loud too…’

“Yes, you finally admitted you had feelings for Liz!” Isabel starts dancing around the room. But all of sudden she stops and it suddenly hits her.

“Omg…what the hell did I just tell you?! What the hell were we thinking?! Ahh, this project is going to ruin everything! And we’re both going out with people and Alex and Liz are both going out with people!”

Max was hit with de ja vu all over again.

“Izzy, calm down! In a way this project can actually work out for us!”

“Now what the hell are you talking about? Do you realize that Maria and me are like complete enemies? Well maybe enemies is too strong a word…how bout…I dunno, we’re just not good friends. Ever since I became popular I was jealous of Maria. She was best friends with Michael Parker. He was one of the most popular guys in our school. One of the major reasons why I started dating him and why I also pushed away Alex. Now she’s got Alex as her boyfriend and Michael as her best friend. Omg what the hell am I gonna do?”

‘Wow, and I thought I had issues.’ “Izzy, it’s really ok. I can’t tell you something but I know that this project will work out.”

“You know Max, I am so sick and tired of being the icy princess. I’m sick of living a lie and I want Alex. Maybe you’re right…this bonding project can help us out. Thanks Max for listening. I feel better now.”

“Alright I’ll see you later. Love ya.” And Max gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“Love you too.” Isabel replied.



Part 2C – May 1, 2001 – Monday – 5:35 p.m.


“So, what do you guys think of the project?” asked Liz who was trying to make a conversation.

“Oh, we should meet at The Crashdown tomorrow afternoon. You know, so we can go over the questions and stuff,” said Tess.

“That’s a good idea,” chorused Kyle, Alex, Michael, and Liz.

“Alright, Liz, do you think you can tell Max, Isabel, and Maria?” asked Tess.

“Sure, Michael, you wanna come with me?” questioned Liz.

After hearing Maria’s name, Michael was just unaware of what was going on. He loved Maria. But he wasn’t sure if he loved Maria like the soulmate love or the love like a best friend. ‘Man, I knew that becoming best friends with her was going to be a bad thing.’

“Earth to Michael!” shouted Alex.

“Sorry! I was just thinking…about…” he trailed off.

“Football!” interrupted Kyle.

Michael shot Kyle a grateful look.

“Exactly, I was thinking about football.” He claimed. ‘And I sure as hell was not thinking about a girl who has long blonde curls, mischievous emerald eyes, and who happens to be my very BEST FRIEND.’

Liz saw the starry look in his eyes and decided to interrogate him when they got home.

“Bye everyone and thanks for the ride Tess!” said Liz and Michael.


Once Liz and Michael got in the house, Michael went straight to his bedroom. Liz followed him and started to ask him questions.

“So have you seen Maria lately?”

“Nope, not since school.” ‘Damn, when did she start to care who I hung out with?’

“Oh, so how are you guys.” Liz was definitely not beating around the bush and if she knew Michael, he’d just blow up and tell the truth.

“We are just best friends and that’s final.” ‘Ok one more word about Maria coming from Liz’s mouth, I’m gonna crack.’

“Oh really? How come you sound so defensive about being best friends? Does she mean something more too you than just that?”

“Alright Liz! Fine, I’ll admit it! I have feelings for her!” ‘Man, that was really hard to say.’

“About time you admitted it.”

“Now that I admitted my feelings, it’s your turn.”

“Ok, what are you talking about?”

“Please Liz, I may not be social and all but I do notice those soulful looks you and Max give each other every day.”

As soon as Liz heard Max’s name, she started blushing.

“Ah ha! So I was right!” Michael started dancing around the room.

“Umm…Michael I think we have a problem.” interrupted Liz.

“Well what is it?” he snapped.

“Well, you like Maria right?”


“And I like Max.”


“Maria is going out with Alex. Max is going out with Tess. You’re going out with Isabel. I’m going out with Kyle. And we’re just in love with our best friends.”

It took awhile for Michael to register what Liz was saying. After thinking for twenty seconds he just looked at Liz with his mouth hanging open.

“Oh shit!” screamed Michael and Liz together.

“What were we thinking? Are we crazy? What happens if they don’t return their feelings for us? And that project. Those bedroom assignments!” Michael babbled.

Liz was feeling very very scared because Michael never babbled in his life.

“Michael, snap out of it! I have something important to say. I’ve seen the looks Kyle gives to Tess. And she returns them. So I’m 85% sure that they like like each other.” said Liz thoughtfully.

“85%? But that’s only for Kyle and Tess. How do you know it’ll work out like that for Maria and me? And for you and Max? And Isabel and Alex?” protested Michael.

“That’s what the project is for…it could work out in our favor,” said Liz calmly.

“How can you be so calm?! We are going to share bedrooms with the people we’re in love with!” cried Michael.

“Alright just shut up and listen to me! Look, I have a gut feeling that this project will work out for us. Trust me! And please never ever babble, whine, or say “My God” again! Ok?”

Michael was not used to quiet Liz shouting so he meekly whispered “Ok.”

“Alright I’m gonna call Max and Isabel to let them know about the meeting at the Crashdown. Are you calm enough to tell Maria?”

“I guess…” trailed off Michael. He was still scared at Liz blowing up in his face. ‘Must be that time of the month.’ he thought.

“Alright I’ll talk to you later then.”

“Ok, and Lizzy?”


“Thanks!” and Michael gave Liz a smile that gave Liz the impulse to hug him.

“Don’t worry, I promise I will get you and Maria together if it’s the last thing I do.” she promised.



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Part 3A – May 1, 2001 – Monday – 6:15 p.m.


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Liz turned around and started to walk away when Michael spoke,

“Oh and Lizzy…”


“You said ‘Oh Shit!’. You know that right?” asked Michael uncertainly. He still wasn’t used to the facts that a) she said a curse word and b) she yelled and she yelled loud. ‘What the hell happened to my peaceful, quiet sister?'

“Max Evans!” he shouted in triumph.

“What about Max Evans?”

“I’m sorry Liz! Honest. Umm…just thinking how he’d…be…good on the baseball team!” ‘Oh nice save!’

“Michael, take my hint and go call Maria ok?” ‘Ok, my brother is an alien now. I don’t know him anymore.’

“Bye Lizzy! I love you!” Michael started to say but ended up laughing instead.


“Hey, Ria, I’m home!” shouted Kyle.

“In the den!” replied Maria.

“What are you watching?”

“Save The Last Dance.”

“Something wrong that you want to watch a happy-ending movie?”

“Is there something wrong with me watching a girly movie?”

“No, of course not Ria! It’s just that whenever you’re thinking or upset, you watch girly movies.”

“You’ve noticed?” ‘Wow, my brother is smarter than he looks.’

“Well DUH! I may act stupid and all…but please I’m not blind. So what’s bothering you now?”

“Umm…nothing…just thinking…you know?”

“Alright Ria, whatever you say. Mind if I watch with you?”

“Sure!” Maria smiled a real smile for the first time today. ‘Besides after the movie is over, I’ll pump Kyle up for info about the deal between him and Tess.’

15 minutes later…


“Damn Kyle get the phone!”

“Ria, you get the phone! It’s probably for you!”

“Kyle, but this is my favorite part of the movie!”

“Well, it’s my favorite part too!”

“Kyle what the hell are you talking about? You, the jock watching girly movies! Just get the phone before I tell someone you were watching a girly movie!”

“Lazy good for nothing sisters.” Kyle muttered under his breath.

“Hello!” barked Kyle.

“Hi…umm…is Maria there?” asked Michael uncertainly.

“Damn it Ria! I told you so! The phone is for you!”

“Hand me the cordless!”

Maria felt something hard hit her in the leg and looked down. She saw the phone and screamed “Kyle Valenti, I’m so gonna kick you ass after I get off the phone!”

“Hello?” she asked the person calmly as if the whole fight between her and Kyle never took place.

“Hey, it’s Michael.”

“Oh hey, what’s up?” her voice softened even more when she heard his voice.

“Umm…Tess had this idea that we should all meet together tomorrow at that little café near the park. You know to talk about the project and stuff.”

“Oh ok…thanks for letting us know.”

“Your welcome. So I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Oh yea…bye.”

‘Damn it, why didn’t I say anything else?’ they both thought when they hung up.



Part 3B – May 1, 2001 – Monday – 6:25 p.m.



“Hello?” greeted Max.

“Hey Max, its Liz.”

“Oh hey, what’s up?” He smiled a secret smile to himself.

“Oh, Tess had this idea that we should all meet at that little café near the park. You know to discuss the project and the questions.”

“Oh, thanks for telling us.”

“You’re welcome and tell Isabel too ok?”

“Sure and thanks again.”

“Ok, bye, see you tomorrow.” ‘Damn it, Liz say something else before he hangs up! Inner conscience shut up ok?’


“Damn it!” shouted Liz.

“What’s wrong?” asked Michael scrambling down the stairs.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Life is just peachy.”

“Oh, you just called Max, huh? Well, what did he say?”

“Nothing! That’s the problem!”

“So, Max and Isabel aren’t coming to the meeting then? They have plans?”

Of course they’re coming! Why wouldn’t they be coming? I meant that uh…mm…”

“Oh, he didn’t bother mentioning anything else and just said bye.”

Liz refused to let her brother know he was correct so she just left the room.

‘Score one for me!’ he said happily. ‘Oh and you’re the one to talk when you didn’t say anything to Maria. Oh man, I was hoping you’d forget that. Not on your life buddy. You know, if it were up too me I’d never have an inner conscience. Well, that’s what we’re for. To bother the living crap out of you.’


Next day…

“Alex, I have a problem!!!!!!” screamed Tess.

“What happened? What’s wrong?” Alex started firing the questions so fast Tess had to ask Alex to repeat himself.

“It’s just that…I have nothing to wear today!”

“Tess, we are just going to a meeting! Not on a date! It’s not like you and Kyle are going out anyway.”

“Oh, that was harsh! I just want to look nice! Is there something wrong with that? And besides, look at how dressed up are! And I thought you were over Isabel!” fired back Tess.

“I am! And I just wanted to look nice too!”

“Ok, since you know I’m gonna win this battle…please help me out!”

“Ok, fine! Just stop whining! Just wear your Abercrombie pink shirt and the blue cutoffs.”

“Really? You think so?”

“Yes!!!! The pink and blue bring out your blue eyes!”

“Thanks Alex! You’re the best brother ever!” squealed Tess.

“I’m just gonna wait for you in the car…” sighed Alex.


"Ria, how do I look?" asked Kyle.

"Like crap."

"Maria Valenti!!! I'm serious!"

"Why, you wanna impress Tess?" teased Maria.

"Well, you're all spic and span yourself! And aren't you going out with Alex." shouted Kyle in triumph.

"C'mon, you look fine and last one to car doesn't get to drive!" challenged Maria.

'Just cuz you're trying to change the subject doesn't mean anything little sister.'

Kyle being the athletic jock he is beat Maria by a mile.

"Haha, I win! I win! I win!" chanted Kyle.

"Yea, but I got in the driver's seat first!" smirked Maria.

"Fine, I just get to drive on the way back..."

"Yea, whatever, just get in the car already."


Across town...Max and Michael were waiting again for both Liz and Isabel to hurry up. But Max wasn't complaining and Michael knew why.

"So, Maxwell, how do you like being a chauffeur to me, Liz, and Isabel?"

'It's heaven...' sighed Max.

"Hello! You're staring off into space!"

"Oh, umm...I don't mind really."

"Ok, I'm expecting to get our car back by next week."

" soon?"


"So Liz, you haven't been over lately." stated Isabel.

"Yea...I've just been really know...studying...and stuff." 'And most definitely trying not to think of my best friend as a boyfriend.'

"Oh, I see. How are you and Kyle?"

"Oh...we're umm...perfectly fine. How are you and Michael?"

"Oh, we're great." 'Man, that reminds and Michael are going out...not Alex and me."

"Ok, we'd better hurry before Max has a heart attack."


They ran down the stairs and jumped in the jeep. Max gunned the engine and started driving. All three drivers (Alex, Maria, and Max) were all trying to get to the cafe on time and they got there all at the same time.

"Hi everyone!" they all greeted.

They all sat a circular table starting with Max, Tess, Maria, Alex, Liz, Kyle, Michael, and ending with Isabel.

"I brought the questionnaire with me." said Tess.

'God, you look gorgeous in pink...' thought Kyle.

'He's wearing baby favorite color...' sighed Tess.

'I've never seen Alex so dressed up before...' mused Isabel.

'Damn, why does she have to look so good in red?' Alex started to mentally beat himself.

'He looks really good like those wind breaker pants...' sighed Maria.

Michael was trying his hardest not to look and think about Maria. 'Isabel is your girlfriend, not Maria...' He started to repeat that over and over again but it wasn't helping much.

Max and Liz were to busy giving each other their soulful looks to think.

They finally broke away from their personal thoughts and all looked at the questions and started speaking all at once...

"Why would they want to..." began Liz.

"Know personal stuff like this..." added Maria.

"And they want to know the entire truth..." put in Michael.

"Do really have to answer these questions?" whined Tess.

"Oh my god! I'm not answering this!" cried Isabel.

"And we have to share the results with the class?" interrupted Alex.

"Oh, look at what we have to bring with us!" exclaimed Kyle.

"Ok, everyone just calm down!" said Max soothingly. The he himself looked at the questionnaire and screamed, "I am not telling anyone who I love!"

Everyone looked at Max (he was not known for screaming loud and it was pretty freaky) and Max started to blush.

Maria started to look at the list again and said, "Well...we'd better get going soon since we have to pack and everything."

"But you guys just got here..." started Michael.

"She's right...let's go Michael...knowing you, you'll take forever to pack..." finished Liz.

"I get to drive!" cried Tess.

"No! I do!" argued Alex.

"Bye everyone! See you next week at the house!" yelled Alex and Tess.

Everyone else watched in amazement as those two raced to the car.

"Oh my god that reminds me!" cried Kyle.

He started racing towards the BMW's driver's seat and Maria finally realized what was happening she started screaming after him, "Kyle! That's not fair!"

"I guess that's our queue to leave..." said Max.

"So, the whole point of this little "meeting" was just to stare at each other?" joked Michael. 'And you shouldn't be joking at all cuz you know it's the truth!' said his inner conscience.

Max, Isabel, and Liz gave him all dirty looks that he stayed quiet for the rest of the ride. Although, they knew what he said was true.



Part 3C – May 8, 2001 – Monday – 11:15 a.m.


Next week came by all to fast and all eight teens were racing to finish last-minute packing.

“Liz, I can’t find my hairspray!” bellowed Michael.

“I’m too busy trying to start our car! Find it yourself!” yelled back Liz.

“Maria, I can’t fit my stuff in my suitcase!”

“Kyle, god, you can’t do anything on your own can you?”

“Isabel! For the fiftieth time, hurry you ass up! We’re only staying there for THREE weeks, not three years!”

“Max, I need someone to help me with my suitcases!”

“Alex, I don’t know what to wear!”

“Tess, I’m too busy looking for the car keys!”

Miraculously, after a lot of yelling, complaining, whining, etc, all eight teens were ready and said bye to their parents.

“Wait, Mom, do you think I can bring Honey with me?” asked Maria.

“Ria, you are not bring that dog with you!” yelled Kyle.

“MOM…” both kids started to say.

“Oh, just bring the dog with you Maria…” Amy said.

“Yes! Honey, c’mon, get in the car!”

“But, that’s not fair!” screamed Kyle.

“Kyle, now listen to me…you take good care of Maria, Honey, and yourself. If she gets hurt in anyway, you kick that sucker’s ass, do you understand?

“Yes, mom.”

“Alright, bye and have a great time!”

Max and Isabel were taking a long time to say bye to their parents.

“It’s only for three weeks…” they both reminded their parents.

“I know, but still… be careful and have fun!” said Diane and Phillip.

“Now, Alex, take care of Tess and don’t let her do anything you would do alright? said Charles Whitman.

‘Please, Tess would do anything she wants and like I can stop her…’ he though.

“I’m not a little girl anymore…I can take care of myself…” Tess started to say.

“I know, but you’re still a little girl to me…” said Charles.

“Alright, I promise to take care of her and won’t let anything bad happen to her.” promised Alex.

“Bye!” called out Alex and Tess.

“Yes, I finally got the car to start!” cheered Liz.

"About damn time!" said Michael.

"YOU wanna know what? Next time, how bout YOU start the car if you're so damn smart?!"

"Fine! Maybe I will!"

"Hey! Do I hear arguing going on?" asked Jeff.

"Yes!" shouted Liz and Michael!"

"Alright, continue your arguement in the car and I'll see you guys in three weeks!" said Jeff.

"Bye Dad!"


And finally everyone was off to the house where they'll be staying for three weeks. The house was somewhere off near the boundary of Los Angeles. Maria and Kyle arrived at the house first and just looked at the house in awe. It was around the size of a four story hotel. There was a huge driveway big enough to fit four cars. There was a big garden blooming in the front yard. The grass was already trimmed nice and neat. Maria and Kyle walked towards the back of the house and saw the olympic size pool.

"Now, this is my kind of house!" said Maria.

"Definately..." agreed Kyle.

Suddenly, they heard car wheels screeching on the pavement.
A red jeep wrangler pulled up next to the silver BMW. After the jeep came a gray Mercedes-Benz and finally a black Porsche.

"Hey!" greeted Maria and Kyle.

"Wow, you guys got here early." said Liz.

"Well, Ria drives fast just like of course she broke the speed limits." remarked Kyle.

Kyle earned glares from Alex and Maria for his comment.

And Alex added, "See Tess...I'm not the only who drives like that!"

"Hmph!" was Tess' answer.

"C'mon you guys! Let's check out the house!" said Isabel in an excited voice.

"Have you guys been inside yet?" asked Max.

"Nope, we've only seen the outside." said Maria.

"Well, what are you waiting for then?" asked Michael.

They all rushed up to the porch stairs. Maria checked the mailbox and inside was an envelope addressed to the eight teens. Maria opened the envelope and out fell a letter, five keys, and eight cell phones. Maria started reading the letter out loud

"Dear Maria, Kyle, Alex, Tess, Liz, Michael, Max, and Isabel:

Hi! Welcome to your new home for the next three weeks. As you can see this house is pretty big and I'm sure you can't wait to explore it. There are four keys and one key for each pair that are staying in the bedrooms. As you know, you've already been assigned bunking buddies. The blue key goes to Maria and Michael. The red key goes to Liz and Max. The green key goes to Isabel and Alex. Finally, the yellow key goes to Tess and Kyle. Only the key designated for your door will open it so make sure you remember your key colors. The big gold key is to lock the front and back doors. The house is already stocked with supplies. However if you need anything else, you can contact your parents and they in turn will contact me. Remember this is for the purposes of projects and not just some vacation. Sincerely, Mr Green."


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Part 4A – May 8, 2001 – Monday – 1:30 p.m.


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Everyone was silent for a moment after Maria finished reading the letter. Then Maria broke the silence when she remembered someone that was very important.

“Oh shit! I left Honey in the car!” cried Maria.

“Ria, it’s not like the dog was going to suffocate or something like that.” said Kyle comfortingly.

Maria ran to the car and quickly popped open the doors. Out came a spotted Dalmatian and she started to bark.

“Honey, I’m so sorry I forgot you! I still love you!” said Maria.

Everyone watched in amazement as “Hurricane Valenti” was cuddling her dog.

“Ok, let’s go in the house!” said Tess.

“Alright, let me get the key.” said Maria.

Maria opened the door and they walked into a huge hallway. There was a huge spiraling staircase towards the left and rooms branching off towards the right.

“Wow, this is one HUGE house.” commented Alex.

“Uh huh.” everyone else agreed with him.

They decided to walk towards the right and found themselves in a gigantic kitchen. The kitchen was decorated with a bright, cheerful yellow. There was a huge counter in the middle with eight white chairs surrounding it. Of course, there was a refrigerator already stocked with food. Liz opened the pantry door and found it stuffed with dried foods. Next door to the kitchen there was a living room decked out in light green with cream colored sofas. There was a glass table in the middle of the room with a vase of red and white roses. At one end there was a huge 27-inch television set complete with a VCR and DVD player.

“I feel like I’m rich and spoiled in a way,” said Max.

“Uh huh, we’ve been to first-class hotels before but nothing like this.” agreed Isabel.

They saw a set of French doors leading outside. That’s when the rest saw the Olympic size pool.

“Jeez, you could probably fit 20 people or more in that pool and still have room left over to move around…’ Michael said in awe.

There was also a barbecue grill, cooler, deck chairs, and a table within the deck. Also, there were already lounge chairs and pool toys in the pool. They walked back inside back towards the hallway when they saw a door. Michael opened the door and everyone else followed him.

“Oh my god, wow…” Tess couldn’t even finish her sentence.

The basement was actually a miniature dance club. There were disco lights covering the ceiling and also a smoke machine. There was even a Karaoke machine. There was enough space to dance around. Of course, there were little tables and chairs. And what kind of dance club wouldn’t be complete without a bar? There wasn’t any hard liquor…only daiquiris, martinis, and drinks like that.

“And they’re letting us staying here by ourselves for only 3 weeks? Jeez, I could live here forever…” said Kyle incredulously.

Everyone else nodded his or her head in agreement.

“Let’s go back upstairs,” said Maria who was still carrying Honey.

They walked up the stairs and found themselves back in the hallway. They started walking towards the spiraling staircase and found themselves on the second floor. They looked down the carpeted hallway and saw many doors. The first door on the right was labeled: MAX AND LIZ.



Part 4B – May 8, 2001 – Monday – 3:15 p.m.


“I guess this is our room then,” said Max.

“Yea, let me try the key.” answered Liz.

Liz inserted the key into the lock and a computerized voice said: “Welcome to your new bedroom.”

Max and Liz entered the bedroom first while everyone else followed them.

“Wow…how did they know…” began Liz.
“That we like the sciences, and are just basically nerds.” finished Max.

The walls were a dark blue color, like a stormy sky color with a white borderline traveling endlessly around the room. The ceiling was covered with huge glow-in-the-dark stars, moons, and constellations. On the other side of the room, there were two window seats already covered with pillows and blankets. There was a king’s size bed in the middle of the room. The blankets and pillows were also decorated with stars, moons, and constellations. On each side of the bed, there were two honey colored dressers with mirrors attached to them. Off to the left side of the room was a bathroom.

Isabel was looking around the room and her eyes landed on the single bed. 'Hmm...wonder if there's only one bed in each room...this will make my job of melting Alex's heart a little bit easier...'

Alex saw the little smirk on Isabel's face and thought 'Wonder what the hell she's thinking about...there better be two beds in our room or else...'

Maria couldn't wait to check out her room...especially when Liz and Max's room had a science theme...something Max and Liz both had in common.

Michael was just silently praying to God and thought ‘There better be two beds in our room or I won’t be alive by the time we leave this house…’


“C’mon! I wanna check out my room next!” squealed Tess.

“Alright, let’s go then,” said Kyle.

“We’re gonna stay in here and check out the room some more.” called Max.

So, everyone but Max and Liz left the room to explore some more. The room right next to Max and Liz’s room was labeled: KYLE AND TESS. Kyle took out the yellow key and inserted it in the lock. Just like the previous room, a computerized voice said, “Welcome to your new room.”

Kyle and Tess entered the room first and everyone else followed them. The room was decorated with the interests of Kyle and Tess’ mixed together. The walls were a pale green color with a large king size bed in the middle. On each side of the bed were two large white dressers with mirrors attached to them. On Kyle's dresser a Buddha statue was calmly sitting there with a serene expression on its face. On Kyle's side of the wall, there were sports posters hanging all over the place including baseball, basketball, wrestling, soccer, etc. On Tess' side of the room, there were stuffed animals adorning the dresser. Tess' walls also had posters but they were posters of kittens, puppies, teddy bears, and anything else that was hanging up.

“Oh my god! That’s my bear bear on the bed!” Tess squealed with surprise.

“And that’s the Buddha statue that was on my dresser at home!” added Kyle.

Out of no where, Maria started laughing like a hyena. Everyone looked at her with puzzlement written all over their faces.

“Hello! Don’t you get it?” asked Maria.

Everyone shook his or her head no.

“Well, how is it that you, Tess, have the same exact “Bear Bear”, and Kyle has the same exact Buddha statue?”

“I know!” shouted Alex in triumph.

“Well, then explain to the rest of us, damn it!” said Kyle and Tess.

“Well, it’s as simple as pie. Our parents must have already known about the project in advance and simply put our stuff in our rooms to make us feel…I guess not as homesick or too make the rooms more homey.” explained Alex.

“OH, we get it now!” said everyone else.

Tess and Kyle checked out the room again and saw two window seats that were covered with blankets and pillows. Also, there was a bathroom veering off to the left of the room. Michael was also looking at the room again and his eyes landed on the single bed.

‘Please God, have mercy on me…’ he begged silently.

“Tess, your room is so cute! I can’t wait to check out mine now!” said Maria excitingly.

“C’mon then! Let’s go see your room next Ria.” said Alex.

“Alright, me and Tess will stay in here and check out the room some more.”

So, the remaining four people left the room and across from Kyle and Tess' room was a door labeled: MARIA AND MICHAEL. Michael took out the blue key and inserted it into the lock. Just like the previous rooms, a computerized voice said, “Welcome to your new room.”



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Part 4C – May 8, 2001 – Monday – 4:05 p.m.


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Michael and Maria both tried to push their way through the door and Maria succeeded and she ventured into the room first. Michael let out a huge sigh and Alex and Isabel followed them into the room. Michael’s eyes landed on the only bed in the room and although it was a king size bed, he knew he was a goner already. The walls were a baby blue color with a silver boarder traveling endlessly around the room. Just like the previous rooms, there was a king size bed in the middle and on each side of the bed were two white dressers with mirrors attached to them and two window seats at the other end of the room. Maria’s dresser had an assortment of aromatherapy oils and candles upon it. Maria’s teddy bear collection was also there. On Michael’s side of the room, there were many Metallica posters and there was an art easel near one of the window seats.

Michael completely forgot about the bed and started to head towards the easel. The easel was already complete with all the art supplies that he’d need: paint, brushes, extra poster boards, etc. Not many people knew he loved to paint and he was touched by whomever gave the easel to him. He couldn’t wait to bring the easel out to the balcony and paint the sunrise or sunset. Michael was brought back to earth when he heard Maria squeal in surprise.

“Aww, Honey, look! They even have a little bed for you!” squealed Maria.

Maria put Honey in the bed and Honey promptly started to sleep. After that, Maria took the time to actually look at her room. Her eyes gazed over the aromatherapy oils and her candles. Finally, she realized there was only one bed in the room.

‘Oh my god. I have to share a bed with my best friend whom I happen to be in love with. And what happens if he suspects something. I mean I blush every single time he just gives me that killer smile of his…’

Alex saw the emotions run across Maria’s face and said brightly, “Hey Isabel, let’s go check out our room now…”

“Alright!” said Isabel with a big smile.

Alex and Isabel left the room before Maria or Michael could say anything.

“Umm…I guess we’re going to stay in here then…and wait for the others,” Michael said in a nervous voice.

“Yea I guess so…” Maria just sat down on the carpeted floor and started to pet Honey.

This gave Michael the chance to actually check out his best friend. ‘Hell, she’s made that transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. All that baby fat melted away…hmm…when did she get contacts?’ He was so wrapped up with his thoughts that he didn’t notice Maria checking out Michael although she was supposedly playing with Honey.

‘Grr…just my luck. I get stuck with him. Honestly. And I bet you that he’s finally got those six-pack abs ever since he’s been playing sports every single god damn day. And those eyes…irk, they’re just sooo mesmerizing.’


While Maria and Michael were lost in their thoughts, Alex and Isabel were trying to find their room.

“Look at it this way, Isabel.” Alex tried to explain patiently. “Our room has to be across from Liz and Max’s because it just makes sense.”

“But, are you sure? I mean it could be all the way at the end of the hallway for all we know.” argued Isabel.

“Ok, let’s just check out the room across from Liz and Max’s and if it’s not there, we could explore the hallway some more. If I’m wrong then I’ll do whatever you want. And if you’re wrong you have to do whatever I want.”

After Alex finished his sentence he realized that this was the most he had ever said to Isabel ever since she snubbed him in the hallways. ‘You my friend are heading down the path of love and forgiveness towards Isabel. I swear go God, inner conscience if you don’t shut that damn mouth of yours…’

“Fine! You’re on!” challenged Isabel. ‘Oh god, what the hell did I just agree to again? What happens if I lose and he makes me do something that’ll make me self-conscience…well too late, I already made the bet.’

And they shook their hands on it. They both felt the sparks when their hands brushed each other’s, but they didn’t bother mentioning it since things between them were already awkward. Alex snatched back his hand as soon as possible and started walking toward Liz and Max’s room. Isabel just decided to keep her mouth shut and follow him. Soon Alex led them to a door across from Liz and Max's room that was labeled ALEX AND ISABEL.

He just looked at Isabel who was just standing there with a look on her face. He sighed and took the green key from her hand and inserted it into the lock. Just like the previous rooms a computer voice greeted them and the Alex pushed the door open. Isabel silently followed him and gasped in surprised when she saw the room. The walls were a ruby red (which happened to be Isabel and Alex’s favorite color) and just like the previous rooms, there was a king size bed in the middle of the room with two cream dressers with mirrors attached to them on each side of the bed. There were two window seats at one end of the room and a bathroom veering off towards the right side of the room.

Isabel’s dresser was completely covered with her cheerleading trophies, perfume, lipsticks, eye shadow, and basically any other make-up that existed. There were even a few pictures of her family, friends, and surprisingly a frame of Alex. On Alex’s dresser, there were c.d.’s, music sheets, instruments, and trophies he won from playing the guitar and singing. Alex started walking towards the window seats and saw a huge telescope. He couldn’t wait to check out the stars at night since the view from the roof would be an awesome view. Alex and Isabel looked over the room once more and their eyes landed on the single bed in the middle of the room and both were thinking different thoughts.

‘Great, this is all I need…sharing a bed with an ice queen…life is just peachy.’

‘This is great! Sharing a bed together is the best thing is this damn house and besides it won’t be too long until me and Alex are back together.’

“So, should we go back and get the others?” asked Alex.

“I guess…” said Isabel. ‘Although I’d rather stay here with you by ourselves.’


They walked out of the room and went across the hallway to Liz and Max’s room. They found Liz and Max chatting amiably something the different sciences and saw how much Liz and Max had in common besides being smart.

“You guys, let’s go get the others and maybe we could explore the house some more.” suggested Max.

Everyone walked out of the room and went next door to Tess and Kyle’s room. They found Kyle and Tess arguing playfully about which movie was better: Save The Last Dance or Here On Earth.

“Save The Last Dance is definitely the best movie ever.” interrupted Isabel.

“No! Here On Earth is so much better! Besides Chris Klein is a totally hottie.” argued Liz.

“Thank you Liz! At least someone agrees with me!” exclaimed Tess.

“No! Julia Stiles is a better actress than LeeLee Solbolski.” put in Isabel.

All three girls looked at Kyle, Alex, and Max for their opinions.

“Why don’t you ask Maria?” asked Alex sensibly.

“Duh, why didn’t we think of that?” exclaimed Tess, Isabel, and Liz.

So everyone marched out of Kyle and Tess’ room and walked into Michael and Maria’s room. They found Michael and Maria just sitting on the bed quietly staring off into space with Honey barking for attention.

“Hey, you guys, we’re all done checking out our rooms,” said Max.

Michael and Maria were so absorbed with their own thoughts they didn’t hear Max talking.

“Hello! You guys?!” screamed Tess.

“Oh, hi…sorry I didn’t see you guys…” said Maria. “You guys all done checking out your rooms?”

“Uh huh, they’re gorgeous!” exclaimed Isabel.

‘Hmm…wonder what the hell has her so perky?’ thought Alex and Maria.

“Oh, we were having this argument about Save The Last Dance and Here On Earth. Which one do you think is the better movie?” asked Liz.

“Oh, definitely Save The Last Dance. Right Kyle?” teased Maria.

“Ria, you promised you wouldn’t tell anyone about that!” said a blushing Kyle.

“But I only told Tess cuz she gave me dirt about her brother.” smiled Maria.

“Tess! What the hell did you tell Maria?” yelled Alex.

“You guys! Jesus, you guys have to stop having petty arguments,” said Max.

“Max, I’d shut up if I were you cuz I recall correctly, you and Isabel have arguments every other hour.” smirked Michael.

Liz the peacemaker finally said something before someone would get killed, “Why don’t we all take showers and meet each other in the kitchen in about 2 hours?” she suggested.

“2 hours?” exclaimed all the guys.

“Damn it Liz! 2 hours isn’t enough for me!” cried Isabel.

“Isabel, it’s either 2 hours or 1. Take it or leave it.” said Maria.

“Then I’m gonna take the first shower and Alex, don’t even try to talk me out of it.” she declared.

Everyone watched as Isabel ran out of the room and they looked at Alex who just shrugged his shoulders.

“Ok…I guess we’re gonna go too…” said Liz and Max.

“Yea, we’ll see you later,” chimed Tess and Kyle.

“So long you guys…remember 2 hours.” reminded Alex.


Maria and Michael just looked at each other when everyone left.

“Ria…do you want to shower first, or I will?” he asked.

“Umm…maybe I should go first since I take long showers and all,” she said.

“Or…we could just take showers together like we used too.” he suggested.

“Michael! That was like when we were only 8 years old!” she exclaimed.

“Yea…well…it’s not like I never saw you in a bathing suit or anything like that.”

‘Plus, that was when I didn’t hit puberty and grew fat and all.’

“Maria…besides Isabel, you are the only other girl I know that takes more than an hour and a half in the shower. And we both know how long it takes for you to pick out clothes. We’ll save plenty of time if we just shower together. Besides, how small can the bathroom be?” ‘And I’ll get the chance to see your body…’

Maria just sighed and decided his idea was for the best…she knew she took a long time taking a shower but she didn’t know if she can handle seeing Michael wearing nothing but board shorts. ‘Fine, it’s not my fault if I just die from over heating…’

Maria walked into the bathroom and gasped. It was a huge bathroom containing two sinks sitting on a huge counter. There was a shower the size of a swimming pool and there were even bath supplies on the counter. The bubble bath, soap, razors, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. were still wrapped up in its plastic wrapping. There was even a radio plugged in an outlet and Maria turned it on and started to sing. Maria changed first and started to shower already. Outside, Michael was wondering what the hell he was thinking when he opened his big fat mouth.

‘What the hell was thinking? I can’t take a shower with her. She’s right, the last time I saw her half naked was when we were 8 years old. And I sure as hell didn’t like like her back then. Me and my big fat mouth.’

Michael changed into his shorts outside and took a tentative step inside the bathroom. He felt his body temperature immediately rise as soon as he stepped inside the bathroom and heard Maria singing along with the radio.

// You know, I'm the one that you can talk to. And sometimes you tell me things that I don't want to know. I just want to hold you and you say exactly how you feel about her. And I wonder, could you ever think of me that way. Ooh, I got a crush on you. I hope you feel the way that I do. I get a rush when I'm with you. Ooh, I've got a crush on you. A crush on you. Ooh, I wish I could tell somebody but there's no one to talk to, nobody knows I've got a crush on you. A crush on you, I got a crush. You say everything that no one says. But I feel everything that you're afraid to feel. I will always want you, I will always love you. I've got a crush... //

‘That’s exactly how I feel about you Ria. Maybe this is a sign to move that slow brain of yours.’

Maria stopped singing as soon as she saw the curtain move.



<3 always,
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Part 5A – May 8, 2001 – Monday – 5:25 p.m.


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Maria started to shower assuming that Michael wasn’t going to join her after she stood in the bathroom waiting for him for 15 minutes. One of her favorite songs came on and she started singing along with Mandy Moore.

‘Jeez, this song is describing exactly how I feel about Michael. Other than the fact Max and Kyle know about my crush on him but it’s not like I don’t have dirt on them either.’

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts she didn’t hear Michael step into the room and when he stepped into the shower she nearly had a heart attack.

“I’m almost done…” she said shyly trying her hardest not to look at his six-pack.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to leave yet.” he said quietly. ‘Damn, when the hell did she turn into a goddess?’ he thought.

They just stood there in shower staring at each other in the eyes with the water running over Maria's body. Maria finally broke away from his compelling gaze and asked, “Aren’t you going to take a shower?”

“Oh yea…” he said trailing off. ‘How am I going to take a shower with you in here?’

She moved out of his way and he was soon standing underneath the showerhead. The water immediately flattened his normal spiky hair.

‘God, he looks so hot right now…’ Maria thought she was going to faint from her body overheating.

Michael saw her eyes darken with lust and desire and decided to do something before a certain part of his anatomy exploded from all the passion he felt for Maria ever since he stepped in the shower.

Maria opened her mouth to say something but before a word could escape her mouth, Michael bent his head and captured her lips with his.

Before Maria did anything she’d regret, she shoved Michael away and said “No, Michael…we can’t.”

Michael’s eyes darkened even more with the hurt and anger he felt from her words. “And why the hell not?” sneered Michael.

“Because…you don’t like me and you’re just toying with my feelings…and we’re best friends…and we’re going out with different people…” she said sadly.

All of sudden Michael reached out and grabbed Maria’s arm and they both had a flashback:

{Maria was in 7th grade when she first discovered she had feelings for Michael. She wasn’t going to tell him but since they were best friends, she knew he’d understand. She walked down the hallway and saw Michael with some blonde that made her blood boil.

“Michael, can I talk to you?” she asked quietly.

“Umm…yea…Courtney I’ll be right back, ok?”

The blonde shot Maria a dirty look but she said she’d wait for him.

“So, what’s up?” he asked gazing back at Courtney.

“I just wanted to tell you that…I…umm…”

“Ria, just spit it out, I’m going to late for an appointment.”

“Ok, IT’SJUSTTHATIHAVEFEELINGSFORYOU…” she said really quickly.

Michael has known Maria for years and since she’s always talking quickly like that he caught the hidden meaning behind her words.

“Did, you just say that you had feelings for me?” he asked uncertainly.


“For how long?”

“A couple of months…” Maria could barely get the last words out when she saw Michael’s face expression…he looked disgusted with the fact she had feelings for him.

“Ria…I don’t know what to say…I mean I only like you as a sister…and I’m going to ask Courtney Banks out soon. Listen Ria…I gotta go. I’ll see you later.”

After Michael finished his sentence he jogged back to Courtney and whispered something in her ear. Maria saw Courtney’s face light up and then saw Courtney give him a long kiss. After that, Courtney shot Maria a triumphant look and Maria ran out of the school until she reached home when she promptly burst into tears. Four years later, even after Michael’s rejection she realized that she still had those feelings for him and decided not to make that same mistake again.}

The flashback ended and Maria asked in a shaky voice, “Michael, what the hell was that?”

Michael saw that Maria was truly frightened and he reached out for her again. This time she didn’t resist and he held her as close to his body as he could.

“I don’t know…I haven’t experienced anything like that before. Nothing happened whenever I touched Courtney or Isabel or whomever I was going out with. Maria, I am so sorry I pushed you away from me like that and you had to see me with Courtney. Please forgive me…I think I’m in love with you.” he murmured in her ear. He looked down to see her face expression and saw awe, lust, desire, and uncertainty in her eyes. He bent his head and tried to capture her lips again and succeeded. Maria's thoughts about betraying Alex and Isabel, the weird flashback she had, and screwing up everything flew out of her head as soon as his lips met hers with. Maria sighed and locked her arms around his neck.


Alex walked into his room and saw Isabel walking around wearing nothing but a skimpy towel and nearly lost it.

“Isabel, I thought you were going to take a shower…” he managed to get out. ‘Are you trying to kill me here? Of all the people…I had to room with her…’

“Yea, I just wanted to get my clothes and bath supplies,” said Isabel. She couldn’t make out any emotions on his face and felt her heart lurch. ‘Damn, why doesn’t he seem to be effected? Ugh, I thought any guy would die seeing a blonde in nothing but a towel...'

“Alex…I…umm…have to tell you something” stammered Isabel.

“Alright, what’s up?” he asked casually but he was really nervous.

‘Ok Isabel, here’s your chance to tell him how you feel…maybe then there’ll be hope for the two of us in the future.’ she thought. “I love you.” she said in a quiet voice.



Part 5B – May 8, 2001 – Monday – 7:25 p.m.


Maria broke away from the kiss first for some much-needed air. Damn, she never knew that Michael could kiss like that. She barely had enough time breathe in more air when Michael looked into her passion filled eyes and then claimed her lips again. He started to softly suck on her bottom lip and thrusted his tongue into her mouth. Maria moaned into his mouth and wove one of her hands into his hair. Michael’s lips left her mouth and moved down to her neck. He sucked on the exposed flesh and her moans excited him even more. Maria was reeling from all the emotions she was feeling and that's when the light bulb went off in her head.

She pulled away from Michael and swore, “Oh ⊕#$%! What’s the time?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” One minute he was kissing those pouty red lips and next thing he knew was she pulled away from him for the 2nd time today.

“What’s the time? Did two hours pass by yet?” she asked frantically.
That’s when the light bulb went off in his head and he still didn’t take his shower yet.

“Maria, how about you go out and get dressed and I’ll finish taking my shower.”

“Oh yea…you didn’t finish your shower…we got distracted…” she smirked.

“Well how am I supposed to take a shower with such an enticingly beautiful woman with me?” he asked with a smile.

Maria’s answer was to blush bright red and she ran out of the bathroom. The cold air hit her wet body and she ran back in the bathroom.

“Miss me already?” laughed Michael.

“No, I’m just freezing my ass off and forgot to grab a towel.”

As soon as she said that, she grabbed a white fluffy towel and ran out of the bathroom again.

‘Oh, what am I going to wear? Damn it, where’s my suitcase?’

She was so engrossed with her thoughts she didn’t see Michael step out of the bathroom and when he wrapped his arms around her waist she nearly jumped out of her skin. She spun herself around to face him and was going to give him a scolding but the sight of his abs stopped her.

“So, you think I’m hot, huh?” he asked in a conceited tone.

Maria could’ve hit him for that comment but saw the laughter in his eyes. ‘Fine, two can play at this game.’

She took her clothes and ran to the bathroom to change. Michael just started to chuckle and he too changed into his regular clothes. When she stepped out of the bathroom his jaw dropped and he didn’t bother to pick it off the floor.

“Maria, you are not wearing that!” he yelled when his voice finally came back.

“And why not? My clothes and my body.” she smirked again.

‘Because you are going to kill me before we even leave this room.’ It wasn’t that she didn’t look hot because she did. She was wearing a baby blue halter top that showed off her trim stomach and a short denim skirt with white sandals that were at least 3 inches high. Half of her hair was in a high ponytail and the rest were curly tendrils framing her face. He just didn’t want anyone else to see her stomach but him.

“Besides, look at yourself in the mirror. It’s not like you’re not dressed up either.”

‘Why does he have to wear green? And black? Are you trying to kill me? Because I’m not far from dying right now.’ Michael was wearing black pants with a tight green short sleeve Abercrombie shirt.

Michael saw her checking him out and he got the urge to just screw the dinner downstairs and stay in their room with her.

“Ria, you know I love you right? We’ll tell the others later ok? When the time feels right.”

Maria was brought back from her dreamland when he said those three words again. “ I love you too,” she said back confidently.

She was going to say something else but Michael said that they’d better go or they’ll be late and there’ll be no more dinner left with the way Kyle eats.


Alex looked at the girl he has loved ever since middle school with a shocked expression on his face and blurted out without thinking, “Are you drunk?”

He saw her hopeful look turn into one of humiliation and pain and he was rewarded with a slap across his face. Isabel ran off to the bathroom without another glance at him. ‘What the hell just happened? The girl that you happen to be in love with just said the words you’ve been waiting to hear all your life and all you think was she was just wasted.’

Common sense kicked into his brain and he walked over to the bathroom door and of course it was locked. He considered trying to get her to open the door but Isabel is just one stubborn son of a bitch, walked over to his suitcase and took out his clothes, and decided to just take a shower in one of the guest bedrooms. He opened the door and closed it gently behind him when Maria and Michael were exiting their bedroom. Maria heard a door closed and looked down the hallway.

She saw the red handprint and asked, “Alex, what the hell happened to you?”

Alex saw Maria’s neck first and asked back, “Maria, what the hell is on your neck?”

Maria looked back at Michael and asked, “What the hell is he talking about?”

Michael moved her hair out of the way and examined her neck. “It looks like I gave you a hickey and a big one considering Alex saw it all the end of the hallway.” he whispered it quietly since he didn’t want Alex to hear him.

“Oh my god…” she ran back into her bedroom towards the mirror. There it was staring back at her. The purplish-reddish bruise and she felt like she was branded. If Michael gave her a hickey any other time she could’ve cared less, but now everyone is going to see it and they were going to ask questions and there was no possible way to hide it.

Maria ran back out to the hallway where Michael and Alex were standing across from each other and glaring at the other.

“Alex…I can explain…”

“Maria, save it. I’ll hear it later, right now I just want to take my damn shower.”

Alex continued his way down the hallway and walked into a random bedroom. Fortunately, there was a shower with this bedroom and he just stood underneath the showerhead thinking. ‘Hmm, this is an interesting change of things. I always knew Ria was in love with him. Bout damn time something happened. This is good, and our feelings for each other are just friendship feelings. Now, all you gotta do is make it up to Isabel. Ha, going to hell and traveling back is a lot easier than that.’

Meanwhile, Isabel was in the shower trying to keep the tears from coming. ‘That bastard. Here I am expressing my feelings for him and he has the audacity to ask if I’m drunk. Hell, I should’ve kicked his sorry ass. Should’ve known he wouldn’t give me and now I’ve just made a complete fool out of myself. He doesn’t want me back and I don’t blame him one bit.’ She finished her shower and put a fake smile on her face. With the magic of make-up, you couldn’t tell she was crying her eyes out.


Maria was about to cry from the cold brush off Alex gave her.

“Maria, don’t worry. I’m sure that Isabel probably pissed him off or something else happened. Now, dry up those tears and we’ll get something to eat.”

They walked down the spiraling staircase and into the kitchen and heard four voices arguing about what to eat.

“I say we have pasta and salad since that’s easy to make,” said Liz. ‘Max, why do you have to wear that?’ Tight black shirt with khakis and his dark soulful eyes just made her want to tell him how she really felt about him.

“I’ve had pasta every single night this whole entire freaking week. I say we just eat hamburgers.” grumbled Kyle. The real reason he was in a bad mood now was what Tess was wearing was way too revealing. A pink tube top and tight faded blue jeans. Her blond hair was loose and all he wanted to do was run his hands through it and kiss her senseless.

“Alex and I have hamburgers all the time, just make the damn pasta and salad already.” shot back Tess. Just like Kyle, Tess didn’t like what Kyle was wearing. Tight gray shirt and tight dark blue pants. Great view of his butt if he turned around. Sure it looked hot on him, but what happens if any other girl found him hot too?

“How about we just heat up frozen pizza? It’s easy to make and it’ll take about five minutes.” ‘Why did she have to wear that cotton candy colored sweater with white jeans?’ In his mind, Liz really did look like a perfectly innocent person wearing pink and white but he knew she was anything but an angel. Still, it was a major turn on for him when she dressed like that.

“Why don’t we just have homemade chicken soup with pasta and hamburgers or pizza. Whichever one you guys prefer.” suggested Maria.

All four heads turned to look who was standing in the kitchen doorway. Liz being the most observant asked “Maria, what the hell is that on your neck?”



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Part 5C – May 8, 2001 – Monday – 7:50 p.m.


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Alex quickly finished taking his shower and changed into a crisp navy blue shirt with khakis. As soon as he left the guest bedroom, Isabel opened the door and left their bedroom. He gasped in surprise when he saw what she wore. Red spaghetti strap shirt with a short black skirt and red sandals that showed off her long legs. Her hair was in loose curls and she looked just like a goddess. ‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…’ he silently chanted in his head about how he was traveling to hell and never making it back alive.

Isabel spared Alex a quick glance before she started to cry again. ‘Honestly, for the first time I express my feelings to the guy I happen to care about most in this damn world and he asks if I’m drunk. I’ll show him when I’m drunk! And the worst thing is that he just looks so hot in those khakis and that navy blue shirt.’ She started walking down the stairs when she stumbled over something, let out a scream of terror, closed her eyes, and her last thought was ‘Oh, this is great, all I need to do is trip over who knows what and make a complete ass out of myself.’

Alex was silently following Isabel down the stairs when he saw Isabel stumble for a moment and the next thing he heard was Isabel’s cry. He rushed down the stairs with amazing speed and caught her in his arms before she crashed headfirst into who knows what. Isabel opened her eyes and saw that someone had caught her and started to thank her savior when she saw Alex’s concerned eyes gazing into her own.

The red handprint was still on his face but he didn’t say a word to her. ‘He doesn’t like me remember! You’re supposed to hate him no matter how good it feels to have his arms around you like he actually cares.’ She started to remove herself from his protective, comforting embrace when Alex suddenly started walking.

“Isabel, if you don’t stop wiggling around, you are going to fall.” he whispered in her ear.

As soon as Maria heard Isabel scream, she rushed out of the kitchen first and thought, ‘Thank you for tripping and preventing me from answering Liz’s question.’

Everyone else followed Maria out of the kitchen with amazed expressions on their faces with the “Ice Queen” looking content in Alex’s arms.

“What?” asked Isabel in an angry tone.

“Absolutely nothing, just wanted to make sure you were ok.” replied Max quickly.

“I’m perfectly fine thanks to Alex.” she slightly blushed. “Thank you, Alex.” she whispered but everyone could still hear her.

“You’re welcome, I’m always here for you.” he murmured back to her.


Before Isabel could dwell on his reply, Liz saw the red handprint on Alex’s face and the weird looking bruise on Maria’s neck and put two and two together. “Alex, what the hell happened to your face? And Maria, did you honestly think that I was going to forget you didn’t answer my question?”

“Damn it, we’re busted.” muttered four voices.

The remaining four faces looked at Michael, Isabel, Alex, and Maria in confusion.

Alex gently put Isabel back down on the sofa since he couldn’t think clearly with her in his arms. “Well, Liz, what does it look like to you?” he asked placidly.

“A freaking hickey!” shouted Kyle in outrage that his baby sister got action while he was stuck with a girlfriend who he loved like a sister.

“A red handprint!” shouted Tess at the same time Kyle shouted.

Isabel’s eyes widened with surprise with a little anger and hurt when she saw Maria’s neck. ‘Wait…who gave her the hickey? It couldn’t have been Alex…or was it Michael?’

Maria’s eyes locked on Alex’s face once more and thought, ‘Well who the hell would smack him…Isabel?’

Max heard Kyle’s outrage and saw Isabel’s eyes nearly pop out and decided to say something before someone would get hurt. “Kyle, you are mistaking that supposed hickey for a rash. Girls like too pamper themselves way too much and the perfume they’re using can cause an allergic reaction, and you all know how Maria is allergic to nearly everything in this world, right Ria?” ‘You’re not getting away this that easily Ria, I’ll found out the truth from you sooner or later.’

Maria was silently thanking God for the excuse Max came up with and said, “Oh yea, you guys should never use that new Tangerine Spice Bath and Body Works perfume. It turned my skin all blotchy and disgusting.”

“So, what’s your excuse, Alex?” reminded Liz.

“Umm…well…” he trailed off.

“There was a huge bug on his face and I killed it for him.” put in Isabel.

“Ok, Maria, whatever you say.” said Tess with a knowing look that supposed rash was anything but a rash.

“Well, I don’t care what you guys think. Believe whatever you want to believe. Just decide what we are going to eat for dinner. I’m going outside to get some air,” said Maria. With that being said, she walked into the den and opened the French doors. The sunshine was still bright and she sighed with happiness. ‘He loves me…he really loves me…it’s not some sick joke. Life couldn’t get any better than this.’


Everyone else was still standing in the hallway when Michael said, “I’m going to make lasagna and you don’t want any then starve.”

“Michael, wait up, I’ll help you.” called out Kyle. Michael slowed down his pace and waited until Kyle caught up with him. Kyle headed towards the cabinets to find the necessary dishes and Michael opened up the pantry to find some dried pasta. Everyone else followed them into the kitchen except for one certain male.

“It’s on the top left shelf. Is there anything else I could do to help?” asked Tess.

“Thank you, Tess. Sure, you can set the table.” he commanded.

Tess stood on her tiptoes but she still couldn’t reach the plates, which were on the highest shelf. Kyle handed Michael the pot to boil the water and pasta and offered Tess a hand.

“Thank you, Kyle.” she smiled that special smile at him and he felt his body break out into goosebumps.

Liz decided not to say anything about how Michael took the dinner situation into his own hands. She knew he’d blow up at her if she told them he cooked for their family all the time.

“Oh Liz, since you and Alex are doing nothing but sitting on your lazy asses, just get the food you need to make salads.” ordered Michael.

“Yes sir,” chuckled Alex.

“Whitman, if you know what’s good for you, I’d keep my mouth shut or else you don’t get any dinner.”

“Michael, are you threatening my brother? Because you know I could totally kick you ass.” threatened Tess.

“Tess, are YOU threatening my brother? Because…” trailed off Liz.

“Please, we all know that Liz wouldn’t even kill a mosquito.” joked Isabel.

“Hey, that’s my sister you’re talking about!”

“You made fun of my brother first!”

“Well it’s not my fault your brother is a lazy person!”

While all this arguing was going on, Max sneaked outside and shouted “Boo!” in Maria’s ears.

“Oh shit!” screamed Maria. She looked behind her and saw Max who was trying to contain his laughter and was miserably failing. “Max Evans…” she said warningly. “If you know what’s good for you, you’d shut the hell up or I’ll spill your secret…” trailed off Maria.

Max immediately stopped his laughter but then he remembered something and smirked. “Ok, Maria, tell them my secret and I’ll tell them how you really got that hickey.”

Maria’s eyes widened in fear and she hissed angrily, “Max Evans, you are supposed to be my best god damn guy friend!”

“I am your best guy friend.” he replied.

“Well, you’re sure as hell not acting like one.” huffed Maria.

Max pulled up a lawn chair next to Maria’s and gently placed his fingers on her hickey. “Michael?” he questioned.

She slightly shook her head yes and whispered, “How did you know?”

“Because I’m good.” smirked Max.

Maria punched him on the arm and smiled when she heard him groan in pain. “You want to tell me the real reason now?” she asked sweetly.



Part 6 – May 8, 2001 – Monday – 8:20 p.m.


Max looked at Maria who was wearing a “Tell me how you knew or else there’d be hell to pay…” look.

“Your lips…” he started to say.

“What about them?” She got up from the lawn chair and looked at her reflection in one of the French doors. Her lips were a bright red color and pretty swollen.

She went back to where Max was sitting and demanded an explanation.

“Since your lips were red, I just figured you and Michael were umm…doing stuff,” he said.

“Pfft, there’s something else you’re not telling me,” detected Maria.

‘Damn, since when was she psychic? This is what I get for being a sensitive guy, blame it all on me…’

“I don’t know…” he began.

“What do you mean, you don’t know? Please, it’s not like you’re psychic or anything like that.” scoffed Maria.

“I just ‘saw’ an image when I touched your hickey.” he said trying to explain.

“Flash? What flash? I don’t understand,” said a confused Maria.

“I just saw images and felt intense feelings, I can’t explain it,” he shrugged his shoulders.

Maria sat there on the chair pondering about what Max was trying to explain. On the impulse, she reached out and grabbed his arm. Max could feel some kind of connection being formed. He saw a bunch of blurry images but one in particular stuck out in his mind. It was when Michael reached out and grabbed Maria’s arm. He saw the flash that Maria had. As soon as the connection had been formed, it ended.

“Maria…” he tried to speak.

“So, you think I’m a freak now all because I’m having these freaky flashes?” she cut him off.

“No! Of course not! That thought never even crossed my mind. Look, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression but let’s just put this behind us. It’s probably nothing but a coincidence or maybe you’re just dreaming.” apologized Max.

Maria opened her mouth to speak but Max’s stomach suddenly made itself known.

“Guess I’m hungry,” he blushed.

“State the obvious why don’t you? But this conversation isn’t over by a long shot,” she said.


They both got off their lawn chairs and walked into the kitchen where they found six irate teenagers. Kyle, Tess, Michael, Liz, Alex, and Isabel were all screaming obscenities at each other.

“What the hell is going on here? I leave for ten freaking minutes and I come back to find World War III has been started without me!” bellowed Maria.

Kyle was not used to his sister being that loud and quieted down immediately. Alex and Liz have seen “Hurricane Valenti” when she was angry and they both had no desire to witness her anger again. Michael also knew about Maria’s temper but he was just being a little bit dense at the time. Michael, Isabel, and Tess were still arguing about their siblings.

“Michael Parker! If you make fun of my brother one more time, I will make you wish you were never born!” she screamed.

“Then tell your brother that he’d better not sit on his ass all day!” yelled back Michael.

Isabel stopped yelling at Liz when Maria made her entrance and spotted a new target. “Max, where the hell have you been?”

“Enough!” shouted Maria. “Honestly, I can’t leave you guys alone for even ten minutes! Do I have to put any of you in the time out corner?

Kyle, Alex, and Liz looked at Maria like she was an alien. Tess, Isabel, and Michael experiencing the full brunt of her outrage took two giant steps away from her. Only Max was sitting at the table looking quite amused.

‘Was I making out with her before? Is this her evil twin?’ thought a worried Michael.

“If I may interrupt your tirade…” started Kyle.

“No you may not! Now, what the hell is your problem?” her voice lowered down at least by two decibels.

“It’s all Michael’s fault!” exclaimed Tess.

“Tess! Don’t even get me worked up again!” warned Michael.

Maria sighed and just when she was about to make a comment, the water started to boil over and she yelled, “Who was cooking?”

“OH shit!” groaned everyone except Alex and Maria.

Michael hauled his butt towards the stove and immediately turned off the heat. He quickly poured in the pasta into the pan. Liz and Tess finished setting up the table while Alex got out the cheese, tomato sauce, and salt. Max was sitting there with a pained expression on his face.

Isabel noticed her twin was in discomfort and asked, “Max, what’s wrong?”

“I’m hungry, damn it!”

Liz saw a temper tantrum coming and ran to the pantry to find some food. She found some crackers and shoved them in front of his face. His face lit up like a Christmas tree with lights and he smiled his thanks at her.

Everyone except for Liz started laughing at Max’s expression and they nearly lost it when he asked innocently, “What’s so funny?”

Finally, the lasagna was ready and Michael cut it up eight big pieces. Everyone was content with the food, especially Kyle. Tess kept looking at Kyle with a smirk on her face.

“What is it?” asked Kyle who had no clue what was going on.

“I thought you were sick of pasta and wanted hamburgers instead.” laughed Tess.

Kyle remembered the conversation they had in the kitchen and blushed, “Yea, well I’m hungry right now. I’ll eat anything.”


Maria and Michael were silent throughout the whole meal absorbed with their thoughts. Alex and Isabel kept trying to sneak glances at each other without letting the others know and failed miserably. Liz and Tess kept telling Max and Kyle too not eat so much or else they’d have a really bad stomachache. Finally, the meal was over and everyone helped clean up. After all the dishes were washed, the unused ingredients stocked back in the fridge or pantry, they all walked into the den.

Liz and Max curled up on one of the couches, same with Michael and Maria and Tess and Kyle. That left Isabel and Alex to the remaining sofa and they both tried not to show their delight in sitting next to each other.

“So…” started Liz trying to make a conversation.

“I guess we should start the project…” interrupted Tess.

“I’ll get it!” Maria jumped off the sofa and ran to her room glad to be away from everyone but Michael and Max staring at her hickey. She retrieved the thick packet in a hurry and ran back downstairs towards the den. She sat back down on the sofa and clutched the packet. Michael saw her acting all fidgety and pulled her waist towards his body. She smiled when he knew she felt all self-conscious and he knew exactly how to make her feel better.

“How about someone reads aloud the question and all of us answer the question one after another so we don’t spend a long time on just answering the questions with our partners?” suggested Kyle.

“My god, Kyle, you do have a brain!” exclaimed Maria.

“Very funny, Ria.” he said dryly.

Everyone thought it was good idea since they would find out more about each other and most importantly, they would find out more about their significant other (Kyle would learn more about Tess and Tess would learn more about Kyle, same with M/M, M/L, and A/I).

“Who wants to go first?” asked Isabel.

“Wait, hold on!” Maria jumped up from the sofa again and turned on the stereo to Z100. “There, that’s better.” she said with a smile. She sat back down and Michael put his arm around her as if it would prevent her from getting up again.

“I’ll go first,” said Alex.

“Alright, we’ll start with Alex and then just more counterclockwise from there. Is that ok with everyone?” asked Max. Course Max had to be all organized or else he’d be disorganized and a disorganized Max is just as scary as a hungry Max.

“Ok, the first question is ‘What is your most vivid memory?” asked Maria.

Alex’s brain immediately flashed back to when he first met Isabel Evans. “My most vivid memory was when…” he started to say when there was a loud crash somewhere in the house. Eight heads shot up with fear and surprise in their eyes and then the lights flicked and went out.



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I'm a CandyGirl, LampTrimmer, Stargazer, Ground Zero, Incrowder, Outsider, Fifthwheeler, Anti-Cliffie, Anti-Polarisms, Anti-Pepperjackers, Lolly, TeflonBabe, Cheerleader, Wild One, Donor, Hussy, & damn proud of it!

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