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Title: Disposable Teens
Email: aingeal001⊕
Category: AU
Rating: (R, NC-17)
Spoilers: None
Summary: Filled with the best of intentions their parents signed the consent forms for Raven Grove; blissfully unaware of the schools dark policies. Live by their rules or die by your own…………….
Disclaimer: I own nothing so don’t sue. Title from Marilyn Mansons-Disposible teens.

Note: This idea just came to me and I had to put it down on paper. To everyone who is reading my other fic ‘The Seeker’ I promise I’ll update both as often as possible. Feedback is a necessity or I’ll just have to discontinue the story. Thanks in advance.


Part one

And I'm a black rainbow and I'm an ape of god
I got a face that's made for doing violence upon
I'm a teen distortion, survived abortion
A rebel from the waist down
I wanna thank you mom, I wanna thank you dad
For bringing this fucking world to a bitter end
I never really hated a one true god
But the god of the people I hated

You said you wanted evolution,
the ape was a great big hit
You say you want a revolution, man, and I say that you're full of shit

We're disposable teens, we're disposable teens
We're disposable teens, we're disposable

The more that you fear us, the bigger we get
The more that you fear us, the bigger we get
And don't be surprised, don't be surprised
Don't be surprised when we destroy all of it

We're disposable teens, we're disposable teens
We're disposable teens, we're disposable

Marilyn Manson-Disposable teens.

Part one

A procession of cars slowly progressed towards the parking lot of Raven Grove grammar. The school academically hailed for its achievements, an upper class borstal for rich juvenile delinquents. It had been in existence for over two centuries renounced for producing well-adjusted and responsible teens. The schools policies were rigid and boasted that every troubled teen that entered through it’s doors left as a reformed character.

Five cars came to a halt just outside the large oak panelled doors of Raven grammar, car doors were slammed as parents marvelled at the grandeur of the chateau, reassuring their children that they would be happy, make lots of new friends. That they were only doing this because they cared.
Liz looked between the smiling faces of her mother and father they were convinced that this move was in her best interests. They wanted to get her away from her troubled life in New York. She’d been arrested along with her best friend Maria for possession and her parents had jumped to the conclusion that she was an addict. That was a fuckin joke! And now they decided that she needed some discipline in her life and raven grove was it.

Nancy Parker smiled weakly at her husband "well sweet heart what do you think? It’s terrific isn’t it Jeff."
Jeff Parker followed his wifes lead, trying to drumb up entusiasm that he didn't feel "It sure is Nancy, you’ll settle in and make friends and be back to your old self in no time."
Liz scowled with distain for her parents; they really were two deluded fucks if they thought that a stint in a prep school would change her personality or life style. She liked her life the way it was. Her motto was life fast die young, and that’s what she intended to do…
"This place bites, why couldn’t you two fucks just let me lead the life I want."
Nancy Parker tensed beside her husband raising her hand to her mouth to muffle her anguished sob. What had happened to her little girl?
"You apologise to your mother this instant Liz!"
Liz rounded on her father "why bother I wouldn’t mean it"
Jeff grabbed for Liz’s arm but Nancy halted his actions. “Just leave it Jeff I know she didn’t mean it, not really.”

Turning away from her parents, Liz gathered up her luggage, with a sigh she walked towards the double doors never once looking back.
"We’ll call you sweet heart" Nancy called out to the retreating figure of her daughter.
Liz continued walking calling over her shoulder “you might as well because I ain’t goina call you.”
As she disappeared through the entrance, her parents huddled together in an attempt to comfort one another.
"We’re doing the right thing Nan."
Nancy ran a hand over her tear soaked face hugging her husband closer “I hope so Jeff, I really hope so”.

Alex Whitman watched the tight ass hotties run up and down the field as his parents drowned on about, how happy he’d be here. He rolled his eyes before whipping his head around to follow the leggy brunette that just walked past.
"A few years here and you’ll be normal again boy" Alex's father boomed slapping him roughly on the back.
Mrs Whitman nodded her head in agreement "Daddy’s right Alex your stay at Raven Grove will show you that this is just some teenage fade or faze. You’ll grow out of it."
Alex drew his attention away from the hottie tottie and looked pointedly at his parents.
"Mom, dad we’ve been over this it isn’t just a phase. This is how I want to live my life."
Alex's father dismissed his statement with a casual flick of his hand "that’s not true Alex, if you’d just try to be, normal you would realise it’s for you."
Alex shook his head in frustration he’d been over the same ground with his mother and father again and again. He’d gotten involved with someone older, it wasn’t love but the sex was great. When his parents found out they’d had his lover prosecuted and shipped him here to Raven Grove.

"I’ve spotted some really pretty girl’s here Alex and I just know they’ll be queuing up for my baby."
Alex smiled "that’s great mum. I’ve actually spotted some pretty hot bodes myself."
“Really, that’s wonderful darling I told you if you just-
Alex cut his mother off a smirk playing on his lips “ yeah mom there’s some real talent on the football field”
Daniel advanced towards his son fists raised in a menacing manner but Sarah stepped between her two boys. “Daddy, Alex please people are starting to stare.”
"Why can’t you just accept my sexuality, I have it’s nothing to be ashamed of and I am normal mum."
"Now you listen to me Alex. It’s either the straight way or the high way, your choice. No son of mine is goina be a mincing fag!" his father barked coldly.
"Daddy please!"
"Mum could you not call dad that, I mean Jesus!"
Alex's father cast him a warning glance "you watch your tongue boy."

Alex looked dejectedly at his parents he had finally come to the realisation that they would never accept him for the person he was. He couldn’t live up to their heterosexual aspirations. With one last look, he walked briskly to the entrance waving over his shoulder as his mother said good-bye. His father still repeating, “It’s the straight way or the high way”.

Daniel pulled Sarah in for a kiss of reassurance. “He’ll be fine, you’ll see”.
Sarah raised teary eyes to her husband as she spoke “daddy maybe we should just let Alex lead the life he wants. I just want to see him happy. Maybe if we just-
"Sarah have you lost your mind, Alex is not gay it’s just a faze, just a faze”

Maria had wanted to follow Liz as soon as she had walked towards the front entrance but her mother had foiled her escape.
"Maria Deluca are you even listening to me?" Amy Deluca stood hands on hips staring hard at her daughter.
"Of course I am mom, you know how much I value your opinion and try to live by the moral standards you’ve set me."
Amy Deluca frowned at her daughter “but Maria you were arrested for possessing drugs”
Maria smiled sweetly at her mother before replying, “ exactly what I was saying mom, just living by your moral standards. I mean you did the same thing when you were-“
"That’s enough missy. I want you to stay away from Liz Parker; this is all her fault anyway. She corrupted my innocent sweet girl." Amy pinched Maria’s cheeks distorting her features until she swotted her hands away.
Maria rolled her eyes as her mother ranted on, was she really so fucking dumb? Had all that peroxide fried her brain so much that she couldn’t see that her daughter wasn’t some impressionable six year old and she certainly wasn’t innocent.
"Your absolutely right mom, it was all Liz, I can’t think for myself. As the song goes ‘I’m just a puppet on a string”
"Okay, okay I get the message but I still don’t want you near her."
"Whatever……" Maria muttered.

After kissing her mother good-bye Maria picked up her duffle bags and headed in search of Liz and some fun……….

Michael wiped the sweat from the back of his neck; it had been a long hot drive on the bus. He smirked when he remembered how his father had handed him the one-way bus ticket to Raven Grove. He had stressed the word one-way. He didn’t want to see his son again, he had disowned him. Michael’s guess was he felt threatened but then any father would if their 17 year old son had diddled there twenty something stepmother. He still laughed aloud when he remembered the look on his fathers face when he came home from work to see his new bride blowing off her ‘step-son’. Of course, it had all been his fault, he had seduced and corrupted her, his father had chosen the bimbo slut over him, and so he was here.
Michael looked around the grounds before lifting his baggage and heading inside muttering to himself “who knows maybe there’s some fit teachers just begging to be fucked.”

Max sighed as he took in his surroundings, this place wasn’t a school it was a fucking prison. He looked at his parents as they admired the chateau and floral grounds; they hadn’t got one bloody clue about how he was feeling. He missed his gang and his girlfriend Teri but compared to the alternative Raven Grove was like a fucking holiday camp. He’d gotten into some trouble over the summer break; one of his crew had been badly beaten by a rival gang. They had sought revenge but things had gotten a little heated and out of hand. He had acted on pure instinct during the fight, to this day he couldn’t remember bludgeoning the boy until blood oozed from every pore. He only realised that he had done something terrible when he looked down at his bloodied hands and the iron bar lying at his feet……..

Diane touched her sons arm tenderly "Max, Max did you hear me."
"Sorry mom I was miles away."
Diane smiled weakly at her son a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. She didn’t want max to be here but it was the only way to keep him save. “I said I think your really goina fit in here”.
Phillip slapped his son on the back “your mothers right son. If you keep your head down and work hard you’ll be back on track in no time.”
Diane cupped his cheek "Max I know what your going to say, but you have to put it behind you. Tony’s recovering and you’re moving on, try to put the past behind you."
"Everyone deserves a second chance max and this is yours, don’t blow it."
"I won’t dad I promise."
Phillip grabbed his sons hand shaking firmly as he pulled him into a bear hug, his mother join in, laughing when she heard her husband and sons protests that she was smothering them.
"Mom, dad I’m just goina go get settled in."
"Call me later sweetie, I love you."
"I love you too mum."
"Take care son."

Max walked towards the front entrances stopping briefly to smile and wave at his mother and father before vanishing.
"Oh Phillip I want my baby boy back. He did a terrible thing but he shouldn’t be here, it was a mistake."
Phillip pulled Diane to face him holding her shoulders “Di I know but it was the best I could do”
Diane cupped her husband’s cheek “I know, I just hope max will be okay.
"He will Diane, he’s in the best and safest possible place."

Xavier Drake watched from his study window as the fresh blood entered through the great doors in droves. His attention distracted by the entrance of his daughter.
"My darling Isabel what do you think of our guests."
Isabel approached a menacing smile gracing her lips.
"I think we’re goina have lots of fun this year daddy, lots of fun…….."
Their grotesque cackling echoed throughout the study and adjoining corridor.
Let the games begin…………….

She's got corpses in her mouth
Still she's holding hands with you
It's cut like crystal chandeliers
I'll shine like diamonds in her ears
She smokes crack, it's off the beaten track
You are the social chameleon, you change to suit the people around you
It's like the waves that hit the shore
You cannot stand the force of law
Look man, I know it from your nature
Hit the deck, as the creator
Got dead sea scrolls for you and your women too
Ian Brown- Corpses


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I just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback, I hope it will live up to all your expectations.

Just to answer some questions:
1. no Alex is not bi just gay 'the leggy brunette' was a guy. I really wanted to camp alex up.
2. I have no plans for UC couples as far as M/L M/M are concerned but that could be a possiblity.
3.There will be deaths but that's kind of was sets the story in motion. I haven't decided who yet so it could be anyone.
4. As for isabel and her father, you'll just have to wait and see!

I should have another part out by wednesday.


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Thanks to everyone that left feedback but the response to this story hasn't been great. I'm thinking of shelfing it,so if anyone actually likes it and wants me to continue could you let me know and if enough people respond there should be a new part up within a couple of days. Thanks.

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I apologise to anyone that started reading this story I had every intention of updating on a regular basis but I've been having some creative problems with this story. I am however determined to start writing again so there should be a new part out at the weekend. Oh and just one last thing, I'd just like to thank everyone that left feedback I really appreciated it.


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Title: Disposable Teens
Email: aingeal001⊕
Category: AU
Rating: (R, NC-17)
Spoilers: None
Summary: Filled with the best of intentions their parents signed the consent forms for Raven Grove; blissfully unaware of the schools dark policies. Live by their rules or die by your own…………….
Disclaimer: I own nothing so don’t sue. Title from Marilyn Mansons-Disposible teens.

Note: I know its been ages since I posted any updates but this story has had me stumped, its been a case of writers block until now and even this parts really bad but I decided to post this anyway in the hope it might pick up. Leave feedback and let me know if I should continue.


Part Two

The drugs they say make us feel so hollow
we love in vain narcissistic and so shallow
the cops and queers to swim you have to swallow
Hate today there's no love for tomorrow

We're all stars now in the dope show

We're all stars now in the dope show

there’s lots of pretty, pretty ones
that want to get you high
but all the pretty, pretty ones
will leave you low and blow your mind

Marilyn Manson-Dope show

Liz glanced briefly towards the door as it smashed against the wall; she smirked at Maria as she slumped down on the bed beside her. Turning slightly she propped herself up on her elbow as she handed Maria a joint.
"Here I think you need this more than I do, just take deep calming puffs."
"Funny Liz but I’m telling you its goina take more than a couple of joints to help me relax. Take a good look around, this shit holes our life for the next two years."
Liz sat up watching Maria inhale deeply on the joint, her lips parting as she blew smoke rings.
"Maria we’ll be here two weeks tops, once this school gets a load of us we’ll be on the next flight back to New York."
Maria's brow raised in question "Yeah? what about their fucked up policy of no one leaves unreformed."
Liz snatched the joint from Maria’s mouth ignoring her protests.
"Well they’ll just have to make an exception as far as we’re concerned."
Maria pulled her backpack on her knee; she riffled through it a full-blown smile spreading across her face as she waved a plastic bag in front of Liz.

"Well these little babies should pass the time until we get booted."
"Fuck Maria there must be at least forty tabs in that bag, where the hell did you get the money?"
Maria smiled impishly as she opened the bag, popping one pill in her mouth as she handed one to Liz.
"They didn’t cost me a penny they’re courtesy of Draven."
Liz’s brow rose as she swallowed back the tablet.
"So how many blowjobs did this free sample cost you?"
"Now Liz you know I never blow and tell, it’s not my style. Lets just sit back and let these babies kick in."
Liz flopped back against the bed feeling the first effects of the drug take hold "let the good times roll."

Max pushed the door open nodding in acknowledgement when he saw a guy stretched out on the top bunk.
"Hey I’m Max Evans."
Michael jumped down from the bed extending his hand toward Max.
"Greetings and salutations Max Evans, I’m Michael Guerin."
Max gripped Michael’s hand firmly, his eyes travelling the length of the room.
"So it looks like we’ll be rooming together for a while."
"Yeah some other guy too, it’ll be cramped but I’ve had worse."
Max took the bunk below Michael’s, kicking his bags to the side he sat down pulling a picture from his wallet, he smiled briefly before pinning it to the wall.
"That your chick?"
Max nodded "Yeah."
Michael shuffled closer nodding in approval of the large breasted blonde.

"So why your parents send you here a Michael?"
"My dad caught me screwin my mom" Michael replied non-chalently.
Max’s brow wrinkled in confusion and disgust as he looked at Michael. Noting the horrified expression on Max’s face Michael raised his hands defensively.
"Hey man don’t even that’s just sick, I meant my step mom."
"Oh your step mom that’s okay then" Max said sarcastically.
"So what about you Evans, why were you sent to this shit hole?"
Max’s gaze flickered to Michael before resting on his hands.
"I beat someone; he ended up in a coma."
Michael: That’s heavy-duty shit dude.
"I know."

Max and Michael were interrupted as the door flew open; they glanced at the boy stood before them clutching a pink suitcase before looking questioningly at each other.
Alex smiled broadly at the two hunks seated on the bed, they were obviously his roommates.
"Can we help you?" Michael asked.
Alex sauntered forward wedging himself between Max and Michael.
"Oh you can help me anytime you want to."
"I think what Michael meant to ask was who are you."
"Alex Whitman, I’m going be sleeping with you."
Michael tensed visibly, his body going ridged as he moved away from Alex.
"I think there’s been a mistake; I mean why would they put a fag in with two straight guys?"
Alex gasped dramatically his hand rising to his mouth as he spoke in a serious tone.
"You mean you guys aren’t gay? Well I never would have guessed."
"Hey queeny we’re as straight as the days long. If your goina be rooming with us there’s gotta be some ground rules right Max."
"Yeah that’s right" agreed Max.
"No perving at any time"
Max looked towards Alex "no um boyfriends allowed in the room either."
Michael gestured toward him "and keep your hands and your dick to yourself, got it?"
Alex laughed as he looked between the two, walking towards the other side of the room; he glanced over his shoulder as he unpacked his suitcase.
"Don’t worry guys you’ll be able to sleep with your faces to the wall, I won’t put a foot wrong."
Michael shook his head as he watched Alex fold a hot pink t-shirt with the emblem ‘Gay and Horny’ written across the front.
"I can’t believe I’m sharing with a pillow biter."


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Thanks to everyone that left feedback, I'm working on the next part now so I'll post it tomorrow.

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Note: I know It's been an eternity since the last update and I apologise from the bottom of my heart to everyone thats stuck with this story and bumped it. I just couldn't put pen to paper on this until now. There will be regular updates from now on I promise, it's my new years resolution. Hope you like It!


Part Three

Michael bolted upright in bed, his head slamming against the metal frame of the bunk "what the fuck!" he growled rubbing a hand against the tender lump that had begun to develop. He looked towards the source of his annoyance that stood gyrating before the mirror to....Kylie.

"Whitman!" he called as he crawled from his bunk "hey bum boy shut that thing the fuck off" he gritted out as he swiped at the volume control.

"Someone's obviously not a morning person" Alex quipped as he looked back at Michael from the mirror.

"You got that right" Michael replied as he rifled through his bag "and I'm making up another rule, no chick music is to be played in this dorm is that understood?"

Alex folded his arms against his chest defensively "I do not listen to chick music!" he replied with indignation.

Michael choose to ignore Alex's wounded tone, he gestured towards Max's bunk "where'd Evans get to?"

"Showers I think, which you better hurry up and get to, they close in 15 minutes."

Michael sniffed his armpits "nah I'm fresh as a daisy.....lets just go get some breakfast" he said as he walked to the door "you comin or what?"

Alex shook his head in disgust "yeah I'm comin."


Max stood under the hot jet of water and let it sooth his aching muscles, he went for a run around the grounds first thing this morning and was beginning to feel it's effects. He lathered a glob of shampoo in his palms before rubbing it into his scalp, hearing the shower room door open he glanced towards the entrance expecting to see Michael or some other random gaggle of guys but no-one appeared. He turned back to rinse his hair wincing as the soap stung his eyes.

"Nice touse."

Max spun around startled, his vision impaired by the soap in his eyes but there was no mistaking the form in front of him, it was a girl....definitely a girl. He stood mutely staring at the towel clad figure hot spray pelting his back.

"Nice package too."

He followed her gaze to his neither regions and as an after thought covered his modesty "umm your not supposed to be in here" he choked out his face reddening with each passing minute "this is the mens locker room if I'm not mistaken."

Liz shrugged her shoulders as she stepped into the communal shower cubicle "the girls rooms full up so I figured what the hell...." she replied non-chalantly.

Max studied her, his eyes trailing from her painted toes to her flannel clad bosom finally coming to rest on her face, to his embarrassment he felt himself harden in his cupped hands "look you- you can't be in here" he stammered desperately wanting to make for the door while at the same time wanting to stay.

Liz moved to the opposite side of the cubicle her back turned to Max as she reached for the facet "sure I can sweet cheeks" she called over her shoulder as the towel shielding her body was flung over the rail.

Max thought he heard a sweak escape his lips, he stood bug-eyed staring straight as this girls slender back, the swell of her hips and her sweet little-

"So you got a name sweet cheeks?" Liz queried as she lathered her hair.

Max turned away feeling embarrassed at her catching him staring and also because he felt like an accosted female 'sweet cheeks indeed' he scoffed "Max, my names Max."

"I'm Liz" she called out bending to lather her legs.

Max sneaked another peak barely suppressing a moan when she raised her arms above her head and let the water beat down on her body, she sure did paint a damn hot picture he mused. Making a decision he turned off the water and grabbed for his towel "um well that's me ah, I'm done so I'll just be going" he said while indicating towards the door "I'll probably see you around Liz" he said while moving towards the door backwards.

Liz turned fully to regard Max, her breasts jutting forward she stood unabashed "you definetly will" she almost purred as he made a hasty retreat, maybe Raven Grove had potential after all.....

Max practically sprinted down the corridor, his heart pounding in unison to the throbbing of his unmentionables, all the while repeating the mantra " you have a girlfriend....." but Max Evans knew instinctively he was in trouble.....