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Title: “Let Love Lead You”
Author: Juliana a.k.a. KrystalParkerEvans
E-mail: julzparkerevans⊕
Disclaimer: the Roswell characters aren't mine, so don't sue!
Category: mostly M/L (I’m a dreamer!), but also M/M, I/A and T/K.
Rating: Pg-13 (sorry!), maybe R.
Summary:’s an AU fic, that's all I can say for now.
Author notes: I just wanna tell you that this is my first fic, so it’s not that good... Sorry if I disappoint you at any time. Also, I wanna thank Trinity Day (my beta, you’re the greatest!), Gaudy (for supporting me and helping me with this fic) and Mari(also for supporting me).
Feedback: yes, FEEDBACK PLEASE! You know, no feedback, no new parts...
Dedication: This part goes to Erica, who's been waiting for like, EVER for this part... I'm sorry it's so short, and not so good... But I had to get this over now, so I could go back to M&L hehe! Thanks for the patience and the support sweetie!!
***Another Note*** My beta, for the 10000th time has disappeared... So, I'm posting an uncorrected part for now, I'll edit it as soon as I get the beta-ed one, okay? Sorry! Hope you enjoy it anyways!
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"Okay... 247 Meridan Street, here we are," Alex said, stopping his car by the Guerin's front porch.

"Alex, thank you for driving me home..." Isabel said, rubbing her hands against each other, not knowing what to do with them... For some completely strange reason, Isabel was feeling... nervous. 'Nervous? No, Isabel, you're not nervous, come on! You're just cold, that's it... ' Her mind tried to fool herself.

Alex noticed Isabel trembling a little. "Are you feeling cold?" He took his jacket out, and handed it to Isabel "Put this on, you can give it back to me tomorrow..."

"No, no, I'm not.. I mean," Isabel started, handing Alex his jacket back, "I'm already at home, I'll put something one when I get... actually there..."

"Okay then..." Alex said, throwing the jacket on the backseat of the car. He could feel Isabel was... backing away? She was starting to treat him like before... Well, not that bad, but... different.

Before Isabel could open the passenger's door, Alex touched her arm, as if to get her attention. Isabel turned back to him, but her act was so sudden she ended up staying only a few inches away from Alex. They were so close, staring at each others eyes, deeply. Alex, because he was trying to reach Isabel, to see her... And Isabel, because she just couldn't tear her eyes apart from his. It was... like magic. Corny, yes, and really unlike Isabel, but... she couldn't stop loving that feeling.

"You can be yourself with me, Isabel," Alex said in a low, husk voice. "There's no need to hide the beautiful person you are... Because I can see you, I always could... I've always known that you weren't really completely snob, stuck up, cold... It was just a cover."

Okay, that was too much. How did he know about... No, no, how could he imagine something like that about her? Was it true? It was true. Or was it? Isabel was struggling whether to let Alex keep talking, keep showing how much he incredibly knew about her or to deny it all, and tell him to back off. Why was she feeling like that? So... confused?

"So," Isabel bitter-sweetly said, "you're saying that I have a split personality, or that I'm afraid, that I've always been afraid of showing my real self to everyone?"

Alex simply smiled. "The latter."

"And that would be because..." Isabel sounded like she was mocking him.

"Because you were afraid to get hurt," Alex answered, matter-of-factly.

"Hurt." She looked at him, with a incredulous fake expression.

"Hurt. Just like you're doing know, faking not to get attached, or to open up, shoving the possibility of getting hurt away."

Isabel slightly turned back, opening the car door. She looked back at Alex, and smiled, truly and mockingly at the same time. "Dream on." Doing so, she got out of the car, closing the door.

Alex just smiled back at her. He had reached her, he knew it. What he had said was true, and she proved it to him, unknowingly. "I will," he joked, starting the engine again. "Talk to you tomorrow, Isabel..."

"You think so?" She asked, leaning on the window.

"I know so."

Isabel leaned back, and Alex took off. She walked to the front door, confused, not sure about what she should or should not do... While Alex drove back home, smiling to himself. That was better than revenge. Way much better.

* * * * *

"So, you've had one Will Smith, one Galaxy Sub, two Cherry Cokes, one Alien Blast and a piece of Asteroid pie..." Maria read her order pad with Michael's orders. "Do you want anything else or you've decided not to explode out of eating?"

"Funny, you..." Michael answered with a fake smile. "See, I'm still growing up, I need to eat a lo-"

"Cut the crap, Michael, what else do you want? 'Cause if you don't have the money to pay for what you've eaten, boo-hoo, there's no way I'm letting you go without paying." Maria knew that Michael had no 'financial' problems; it was well-known the Guerin's were one of the richest families of Roswell... 'Of course, if anyone saw Michael walking down the street and he said his last name was Guerin, they wouldn't believe... I mean, the way he dresses himself? Nah uh, no way.'

"Okay, I won't get anywhere doing this..." Michael confesses, "So, let's just get to the point. I wanna know what is it that you'll want for your part of the deal."

Maria smiled. Should she tell him now? Or only ask for it at school, when he couldn't just say know and discuss about it? Yeah, that wasn't a hard decision to make.

"Sorry, Guerin. I'll ask for it when the appropriate time comes..." She raised her hand, as to keep Michael from start arguing even before he fully opened his mouth to do so. "And don't even think about saying anything, otherwise I won't help you with anything, are we clear?"

Seeing Michael just nod, his mouth still hanging open, Maria reached for it, closing it. "I'll tell you tomorrow, okay? Right before I start doing whatever I have to do with your sister..." Maria then took Michael's plates and glasses - yes, plates and glasses, in the plural - away, putting them with the other dirty dishes she was taking to the kitchen.

"Hey! I still haven't finished it!" Michael complained, his mouth full of pie.

"Okay, first off, don't speak with your mouth full of food. Second, there are people here waiting to be served, and waiting to SIT DOWN so they can have a nice dinner, so either you take your butt outta here or I kick it out... okay sweetie?" Maria teased, and smiled seeing the lost look on Michael's face. "Register is that way, we'll hope to see you back here some other day at the CrashDown, buh bye," Maria said, walking back to the kitchen.

So, Michael wasn't THAT bad... You just had to know how to deal with him, and he could even be a nice person... Maria silently laughed. 'Yeah, right, as if,' her mind told her, while her heart secretly wished the night would end soon, so the morning would come sooner, and Maria would see Michael then... And her heart would miss a beat, just like it always did at the sight of Michael Guerin...

* * * * *


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