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Title: Love vs. Infatuation
Author: Krazykitti a.k.a. Jeccyka
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell.
Summary: All CC. The title says it all. AU. No Aliens.
Rating: PG.--13/R

What is love?

The dictionary defines love as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, specially when based on sexual attraction.

What is infatuation?

The dictionary defines infatuation as the start of being infatuated; foolish or all-absorbing passion.

The question now is, which is it for you? Love, Infatuation, or both?

A lot of times, people do not know the difference between the two. It is either love, but is actually infatuation. In some cases, it may be both, but, how do we know for sure?

Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It takes root and grows one day at a time.

Infatuation is instant. It is fascination and preoccupation with a person whether you know them or not.

In a highschool somewhere in Roswell, New Mexico, eight teens sit together under a shady tree eating their lunches and chatting. All of them matched with their foreordained pairs, or are they? Do they know the difference between infatuation and love? We will find out as we journey through these eight teens' love and home lives and find out for ourselves.

What do you think?

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Part 1

Max. An ordinary guy with an everyday life, or so people think.

Max is a seventeen year old boy with three sisters and two brothers. He is smart and gets A’s and B’s in school, but struggles with certain subjects every once in a while. People think that just because he is popular in school, has a babe for a girlfriend, and has fantastic grades that it means he has the perfect home life too, but what do they know.

“Max! Get your ass down here now and help me with dinner!” His mother yells to him from downstairs in the kitchen.
“I am coming!” Max says as he puts the book down that he was reading.

What people do not know is that, Max does almost all the work in his household, along with his twin sister, Isabel. Their father Phillip, is a work-a-holic and rarely comes home. Their mother on the other hand, is a Manic Depressant and is not always thinking straight.

“What do you need help with mother?” Max asks his mother Diane, politely.
“Could you peel the carrots and potatoes for me?” His mother asks calmly.

That is another thing. Max and his whole family must be able to tolerate their mother’s behavior. Due to the fact that she comes in and out of mood swings often or sometimes she will stay in bed all day moping and they have to do everything.

“Okay mom.” He goes to the counter where the vegetables are and starts peeling. “Mom?”
“What?” Diane says a little irritated.
“Is dad going to be home for dinner tonight?” He asks nervously.
“How the fuck should I know!” His mother yells viciously.

He jumps at the loudness and tone of her voice, but continues peeling. Before he continues though, he hears his mother say one last profanity, “Fucking work-a-holic.”

“What a glamorous life.” Max says sarcastically to himself.


Liz. A beautiful, doe-eyed, brown-haired young individual. Some people describe her as Mary Poppins, ‘perfect in every way,' but that is not what she thinks.

Liz is a sixteen year old, small-town girl. She has a loving dad and a loving step-mom. If only she could say the same for her older step-brother. He is nineteen years old and is extremely mean to her. Lucky for her, he is not home...yet.

Her parents own a small cafe near the center of town called The Crashdown. They live in the tiny studio above it.

As of right now, she is home alone doing her homework. She continues to work until she hears the door open and shut.

“Please say that is Nancy or dad.” She says. She goes out into the hallway and no one is there. “Dad? Nancy?”
“Nope. Guess who?” Her step-brother says as he grabs her from behind the wall.
“Neil! Let me go!” Liz says as she struggles in his grip.
“Why should I Lizzie? Give me a legitimate reason.”
“Because you are hurting me!” She yells at him as she tries harder to escape.
“Uh no! Wrong answer!” Neil says as he tightens his grasp.
“Because of this!” She says and nails him in his groin and runs to her room, slamming and locking the door behind her.
“Little bitch!” He says as he slams into her door. “You will pay for that later!”

As she hears his footsteps get faint as he is walking down the corridor, she slides down the back of her door and runs her hands through her hair.

“I would love to just punch the person whoever stated ‘Home Sweet Home.'" She says as she gets up off the floor and lies down on her bed. She thinks for a moment and picks up the phone, but abruptly hangs it back up on its stand. “I should call him, but what is the point? He is probably not home anyway. He is probably with Tess. I will call Maria instead.”

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Author's Note: Hey Everyone! I'm glad you are all liking this so much and thanks for the feedback. Anyway, I may have an update tonight or later this week. I really have not had the time to write especially since I had a band competition yesterday and I was up from 4 am it 12 am this morning so I am really tired and I think I may have the flu. Like I said, there may be an update tonight after I'm done with my homework and feel up to writing. So be looking for it. There probably will, but it will be short. Have a good day!
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Author's Note: Okay I have a new part and is really long! *big* Also I didn't have time to spell check and stuff so I hope it's not too bad. Enjoy!

Part 2

Alex. A busy guy with a hectic life and is always on the run.

Alex is a seventeen year old adolescent with a younger sister and an older brother. Alex is extremely intelligent and is a member of many things at Roswell High. He is a member of the National Honor Society, the Marching Band, and Theatre department. He also plays Baseball in the Spring and works during the school year.

A lot of people think that just because he can do all of his homework within 2 hours and has the sexiest girl in the school as his girlfriend means that he does not have to put up with real life’s dramas, but how would they know?

“Alex!” His dad yells to him.
“What is it?! Cannot you hear that I am praticing my instrument right now?!”
“Don’t raise your voice at me young man! I need you to go to your mom’s and pick up Skylah for me.” Chuck says as he is putting his coat on.
“Cannot you do it yourself?” Alex says with the same tone.
“No I can’t. I just got called into work and I have to go. I’ll see you later.” His dad says as he is about to go through the front door.
“You do know the English language did not come with apostrophes right?” Alex says mockingly.
“Do not get smart with me Alex!” His dad yells at him as he slams the door.
“I am smart.” Alex says to himself. “Time to go pick up my little sister.”

[At his mom’s house]

“Mom! I am here!” Alex yells as he comes through the door.
“I thought your father was suppose to pick up Skylah?” His mother asks curiously.
“He got called into work.” Alex says bluntly.
“Well that is what he gets for being an OB/GYN.”
“Do not remind me. Skylah!” Alex yells for his sister as he goes into the backyard and sees her playing with his mom’s boyfriend, whom he hates.
“Hey Alex.” Ryan greets him.
“Helwo Awex.” His little sister says as she runs up to him and grabs his leg.
“Hey Skylah.” Alex says as he picks her up. “Did you have a nice weekend?”
“Yeah. Momma and Rywan got me new toy.”
“Cool. What did mom get you?” Alex says emphasizing the word mom.
“A new dolly.”
“That is good. Well come on, lets get your stuff and get going.”
“Okey dokey.” Skylah says as she runs to her room.
“Why are you in such a hurry?” His mother asks while sitting down on Ryan’s lap.
“I have band practice at 6 and then at 8, Isabel and I are going out to see a movie.”
“You and Isabel are still going out?” His mother, Pamela asks surprised.
“Yes mom. We are still going out after almost 2 years of being together.” Alex says dully. He hates it when his mom asks him about his love life and he is getting really irritated by her sitting on Ryan’s lap.
“You guys haven’t had sex have you?”
“Mom! I am not talking about my sex life with you and especially with him here!” He yells while pointing to Ryan.
“What?! Do you expect me just to sit here and not say anything!”
“What the yellwing for?” Skylah says as she comes out of the house.
“Nothing. Come on Skylah, we have to go.” Alex says ready to leave.
“Okay. Bye momma.” She says as she hugs her mom.
“Bye honey. I love you and I will see you in 2 weeks. Take care of your dolly.”
“I wuv you too and I will. Bye Rywan.”
“Bye Sky.”

As Alex and Skylah go inside, Pamela says, “You never answered my question Alex.”
“I am not discussing that with you.”
“Fine. When your dad gets home tonight, tell him to call me. We have some matters to discuss.”
“Okay. Bye mom.”
“Bye honey.”

[On the way home]

“Why ware you mad Awex?” Skylah asks from the back seat.
“I am not mad. I am just frustrated.”

As Alex drives, he looks back at his 3 year old little sister while she looks out the window and thinks to himself, “She is so little and innocent, but is in the middle of
one big mess as I am.”


Isabel. A gorgeous, brown-eyed, honey-blonde hair girl. She is seventeen year old young woman with an everyday life. Isabel is an exceptionally smart person and loves to help people, but sometimes she wishes she was not like that.

“Hey Iz, could you set the table?” Her brother Max asks her.
“So are you and Alex going out tonight?” Max asks.
“Yes.” She says dreamily. “Hopefully he will not have to cancel again.” She says a little frustrated.
“Well he is a busy person Iz. He does have a life outside of your guys relationship.”
“Don’t you think I know that. It’s just that he has cancelled like 7 times in the past 2 months and it is annoying. It makes me feel like he doesn’t want me.”
“I’m surprised that you and him have lasted this long with all the drama between you two.” Max says under his breath.
“What did you say?” Isabel says perking up a little.
“Nothing.” Max says a little too quickly. “Lets get on a different subject.”
“No. What did you say?”
“Nothing. I said nothing.”
“No you said something, but I think I know what you said. I hear enough of it from Kyle anyway. Besides whatever you said, it probably contradicts how you and Tess are.”
“So when are you going to break up with her?”
“What? Who said anything about breaking up with her?”
“Oh come on Max! It is so obvious that you have been thinking about breaking up with her. Anyway, I was talking to Maria about it and she said that you said to her that you were going to break up with Tess.”
“Okay. So I might, but I’m still conflicting between decisions.”
“I say do it. I’m sorry, but she is so annoying. You say I’m bad when I’m talking about Alex, but she...she...I don’t even know how to describe it. Every time I talk to her she is talking about you like she has nothing else to talk about. I can’t stand it. She thinks you are going to be with her forever. Wait no. She makes it sound like you are getting married.”
“Isn’t that basically the same thing?”
“Anyway, I just don’t think that you two are right for each other. Besides you don’t seem happy when you are with Tess. I mean she makes you laugh, but I think you would be better off with Liz.”
“What? No. Liz is too good for me. She’s perfect. She has perfect grades, parents that are always there for her, and basically has a perfect life.”
“Max! No one has a fucking perfect life! There is no such thing as perfect. Sometimes I wonder why there is such a word in the English language and in my opinion there is no such thing as someone being too good for someone else. An example is Alex and I, everyone thinks that he and I should break up or just give up already, but we have been strong for about 2 years now. You don’t see us saying to each other, ‘I’m too good for you, I don’t want to be with you’. Don’t ever say that someone is too good for you!”
“Stop arguing. Dinner’s ready.” Their mother says grudgingly as she puts dinner on the table and leaves to her room.
“I guess we should eat.” Max says.
“Yeah. I’ll call them and you get the plates ready.”

Isabel goes out front, “Matt, Chrissy, Seth, Seana, dinner’s ready!”, She yells to them.
“Coming!” They all yell as they run down the street.


“So...what’s for dinner?” Their 11 year old brother, Matt says as he sits down.
“Look on your plate stupid.” Seth says.
“Hey! No name calling. We are going to try and get through dinner without an argument and Seth where do you think you’re going?” Isabel says to him.
“The living room to watch The Simpsons.”
“I don’t think so little bro. You stay in here and eat dinner at the table with the rest of us.” Max says.
“No! Why should I? Dad’s never here and mom rarely ever eats dinner with us, so why should I have to sit at the table and eat dinner with you guys?” Their 15 year old brother says.
“Because we said so. With dad never home and mom, Max and I are the authority in the house and you listen to us whether you like it or not.” Isabel says getting angry with her little brother.
“No! I don’t have to fucking listen to you. Fuck that.”
“Don’t use that kind of language at the table and don’t you dare use mom as an excuse for your actions!” Max yells at him.
“Fine! I’m going to the Crashdown and getting something to eat and then I can do whatever I fucking want.” Seth says as he is about to leave.
“With what money?” Isabel says holding up his wallet. “Now you either sit with us or I will have to hurt you.”
“Fine!” He sits and puts a carrot in his mouth, chews, and swallows. “Happy now?! Can I have my wallet back?” He says angrily.
“Um...let me think...No! Not until you finish your dinner and do the dishes after we are all done.” Isabel orders.
“I thought it was your turn to do the dishes?!” He says surprised.
“No! It’s not. I have a date tonight with Alex and it is your turn.”
“What are you going to do? Go fuck Alex?”
“Iz?” Max says looking at his sister who’s face looks red and angry.
“That’s it! Come here because I am going to beat the shit out of you!” She says jumping up out of her seat and lunging at Seth.

Seth gets up and runs into the backyard and trips on the patio. As he gets up, Isabel grabs him by the shirt and pounces on him.
“No one ever talks to me like that! Especially my brother!” Isabel says as she’s holding him down.
“Not until now!” Seth says and punches her in the eye and thrusts the heel of his hand upwards.
“Ow! Fuck! What the hell?!” She says as she gets up off of him.
“Come and get me now!”

Max comes up to Isabel and looks her in the face and then looks at Seth. “Now look what you did! Her nose is bleeding and you gave her a fucking black eye!”
“I don’t care! It doesn’t matter!”
“Yes it does! I’m going to look horrible on my date!” Isabel yells as she looks at the blood in her hands from her nose.
“Put your head back Iz.” Max says.
“No it doesn’t matter. He won’t be able to see your face if your in the dark fucking each other.” Seth says ready to run.
“Oh now that is it! I can’t take this anymore!” Max says ready to get up and beat his brother himself.

His brother sees the look on Max’s face and runs for his life and jumps over the fence.

“Little bastard.” Max mumbles and sees Chrissy, Matt, and Seana watching at the doorway. “Go back and eat dinner. We’ll be in there soon.”
“Okay Max.” Their 8 year old sister says and takes Matt, Seana, and herself inside.

“Are you okay?” Max asks Isabel.

Isabel starts crying as the blood keeps coming from her nose. “Max?”
“What is it?”
“Could you call Alex and tell him I have to cancel.”
“What should I say?”
“Say that I’m running errands for mom.”
“Okay. Come on. Lets go inside and stop your nose from bleeding.”

[Later that Night]

“Do I look really bad?” Isabel asks Max as she looks in the mirror.
“” He says sincerely, trying to be nice.
“Tell me the truth.” She says crying.
“Okay. looks really bad. He really gave you a shiner and your nose is really bruised.”
“And it hurts.”
“It could be broken. Maybe you should go to the doctor.”
“My nose is the least of my worries Max. I’m afraid of what people are going to say at school.”

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