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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 38

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

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Pulling up outside the whitewash house with the perfectly lined white picket fence and yellow brick pathway framed by groomed flower blooms on either side, she paused to catch a breath.

Over the months since Mackenzie’s birth, her regular once a week visit to Maria had swiftly leant into three times and talking every other day on the phone. Liz hadn’t expected to miss her wacky blond secretary so much, but she did. And Mackenzie was just adorable and Liz was smitten by him. If she even missed one visit he seemed to have grown so much by the next time and she hated that.

“Hi Liz!” Maria cried, opening the door.
“Hi there.” Liz replied, hugging her friend. “How are you?”
“I’m fine, sleep deprived but apart from that …. You?”
“I’m great.” Liz replied, stepping into the kitchen.
“How’s work? No new takeovers or projects I hope?” Maria queried, filling up the kettle. “Coffee?”
“That would be great, thanks.” Liz replied, sitting down. “Nope, nothing new. Things are pretty quiet right now, except for everything Jim’s getting me involved in. If I didn’t know better I’d think he was afraid I might get board and think of leaving or something.”
“Perhaps he’s afraid of losing you?” Maria threw in casually.

Switching on the kettle, and taking out two cups, Maria turned to study her friend and boss. True there had been a time when they weren’t necessarily more than work colleagues, but that had been long before Max Evans had burst on to the scene. Things were a lot different now, Liz was her best friend, and someone Maria could tell absolutely anything. She just hoped Liz could do the same and confide in her if something was troubling.

“You sure you’re ok? Work not getting you down?” Maria queried, pulling out a chair and studying Liz’s tired face.
“Only in the way that there’s nothing really to do. Like I said Jim keeps thrusting work my way, but it’s nothing major. You know me ‘Ria, I love being busy, being in the thick of things. I guess right now my area of the business is just ticking over nicely. The refurbishment plans of the hotels are well underway and need little supervision ….. everything’s making money hand over fist so James is happy …….…” She trailed off.
“But you’re not?”
“I don’t know.” She shrugged honestly. “I guess I’m just not used to having so much time on my hands. I guess I’m itching to sink my teeth in to something challenging again.”
“I’ll bet Max is pleased though with your lighter hours. H’s been hankering for you to slow down for ages. There was a moment there before Mac was born that I thought you might work yourself into the ground.” Maria joked, the element of concern in her voice not altogether lost.
“Yeah Max is pleased.” Liz confirmed. “I mean we see more of each other now which is always a bonus.”

“Oh I don’t know, I guess I’ve been involved in one project or another ever since I joined Amber. If I wasn’t planning a new take over I was assessing new ways to make more money or improving our marketing strategy. I guess I just feel a little lost with all this time I’ve now got.”
“You sound like you need a hobby.”
“Yeah, maybe I do.” Liz grinned, a light laugh filling the room.

“Oh well if that’s it then I can offer you the perfect solution.” Maria informed in all seriousness.
“Oh yeah? What’s that?”
“Start a family.” She grinned. “There’s nothing like an attention seeking baby to occupy spare time!” She added.

As if on queue, the route of the conversation voiced sounds that he was awake, and ready to become centre of attention once more.
“See!” Maria exclaimed happily, proving her point but eagerly jumping up to bring Mackenzie out.

Feeling slightly at a loose end, Liz heard the click of the boiled kettle and decided to finish the coffee for Maria. Absentmindedly she filled the coffee cups with water, before headed towards the fridge to find some milk. By the time she located the carton and swung round, Maria was back, babe in arms.

“There now, all better sweetie.” Maria cooed, patting the youngster’s back as the little mite whimpered sleepily.
“Everything ok?” Liz queried, placing a coffee cup in front of her friend before sitting down.
“Yeap, clean nappy and a cuddle can do wonders for a sleepy baby.” Maria grinned. “Now, where was I …. Ah yes, convincing you to start a family!”
“Maria …..” Liz started, caution filling her voice. She certainly didn’t need lectures about when she was going to have her own bundle of joy from her best friend. It was a low simmering joke between them; Maria had been trying to convince her from the moment Mac had been born. Up until now Liz had done her best to avoid the situation, to evade all of Maria’s persuasion.

“Oh live a little Liz …. And humour me ok. Trust me when I say it’s an amazing ride raising a child. I know you’d make a great mother, and Max would be bowled over with a son or daughter of his own.”
“I don’t doubt Max would be a great father, although I can’t directly comment on if he has given fatherhood much thought. But I’m committed to my job Maria …… you of all people should know that.” Liz reminded her.

“Yes but you said it yourself, work’s slow right now. You’re bored nothing is happening and starting to get itchy feet. It’s the perfect opportunity … you should seize it.” Maria countered.
“Oh yeah, and I can just imagine Jim’s reaction if I strolled in and asked for eight months off for maternity leave!” Liz laughed, covering Maria’s words with a joke. Inside though, she couldn’t deny the tiny burst of flutters scurrying in her stomach. Where they’d come from though, she didn’t have a clue.

“Ok you’d shock him initially I won’t deny. But he’d be stoked for you deep down and you know it Liz. Ok so it would mean he’d have to do some more work, start shouldering some of your responsibility, but heck why not. You practically run that place for him, but he is the boss for goodness sake! He should stop relying on you so much and take charge once in a while.”

“You know I love running Amber Inns for Jim, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My job is to make his life easier, Jim’s the boss and it’s called delegation Maria!” Liz whipped, her eyes dancing with playfulness. “But seriously, Mac is really sweet but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that level of responsibility just yet.” Liz countered as the little boy grasped hold of her finger and pulled it towards his gummy mouth.
“See, he likes you. You’re a natural at this mummy business. Here, hold him for a minute will you.” Her friend said before lifting the six-month-old tot towards Liz.

Taking hold of his wriggling body somewhat gingerly, Liz positioned him on her crossed knee, while the youngster watched his mother disappear out of the room. Mackenzie’s brilliant blue eyes stared up at Liz, tears welling slightly at the lack of finding his mother’s calming face. He wriggled and writhed, trying to slip to the floor so he could follow Maria. Grasping him more firmly, Liz battled against the strong willed youngster, trying her best to keep him firmly on her knee.

“Shhh, it’s ok sweetheart.” Liz said, trying to stop the flood of tears that were threatening. Feeling the youngster warm on her lap, staring into his innocent, unspoilt eyes, tugged at Liz’s heartstrings. She didn’t need Maria’s sales pitch to know her feelings on having a child.

Those particular feelings were scary and uncharted. Buried deep inside her under tight lock and key. Feelings she wasn’t sure she was brave enough to face just yet. Confronting who she was and where her life was now leading wasn’t something Liz was ready to do at that moment.

Driving home from Maria’s house, her best friend’s words swirled around the deep recesses of her brain. Holding Mac had been like sweet torture to Liz, the little boy was so infectiously cute. So Maria thought she would make a good mother? Well, who knew? How did one assess if they really were parent material? What if she didn’t have the patience, or the knowledge or emotion to handle a child solely dependent on her? All her life Liz had relied on other people, her parents bringing her up in a sheltered life. Not until Kyle’s death had she learnt to be strong, to stand on her own feet and survive in the world. What if being responsible for another life, a tiny one at that, was too much for her to cope with?

One thing she was sure about though, was Maria’s comments on Max. He would make a good father, Liz was convinced on that. He had all the right attributes, a calm, cool temper, love in abundance and the ability to make someone feel loved and protected. Although she didn’t know one hundred percent for sure, she was pretty positive Max wouldn’t be upset or angry if she did want a child. But did she really want to be a mother? Would it really be the magical experience Maria made it out to be? Oh sure Maria pitched motherhood as a wondrous, glory ride, but that didn’t mean Liz had it in her to be a good mother.

He stomach flipped as she pulled into a free parking bay in front of the pharmacy. Was she really doing this? Was this really happening?

She, the normally totally in control Liz Evans was actually going to go inside and scan the shelves for a test. She was probably over reacting, it was probably nothing, but there were still a million and one butterflies scurrying around in her unsettled, slightly queasy stomach.

She was late, not normally a major problem or reason to panic, but it felt different this time. She’d never got worried before, but perhaps this time she was more aware since work wasn’t sufficient to distract her. She’d conducted major business deals; even stared down shark style businessmen, she could do this. She could walk right in, obtain her purchase and walk straight out with head held high. This wasn’t the big deal her stomach was making it out to be.

Shedding her jacked and dropping it haphazardly on the bed, she looked towards the brown paper bag and the object hidden inside. Her stomach did an involuntary flip, a mix between apprehension, fear and a tiny touch excitement. Slipping a hand to her midriff, she rubbed her palm rhythmically, in an attempt to quell the feeling.

Doing the test would take courage though, and the normally ‘full of courage’ Liz Evans fell all out of that necessity. Sucking in a breath, she reached for the bag to remove the contents before turning on her heal and heading towards the en suite bathroom with purpose in her step. She was going to do it. No more waiting, no more praying, just action!

Just as she stepped inside, the sound of the bedroom phone rang out loud, filling the house. The shrill ring cut through her body, nerves shot as she visibly jumped at the unexpected sound. She didn’t reach for it though, instead closed the bathroom door to the unwanted sound.

She didn’t want to talk to anyone, not now she’d finally got the courage up to do the damn test. Besides, it was only likely to be Jim or someone from work needing her help, and she wasn’t up for it, not then, not now. She couldn’t conduct business; give advice or such with a test burning the palm of her hand like a live ignited explosive. Her mind was definitely on more important, more immediate matters.

Clicking the cancel button on his mobile, Max tossed it on the passenger seat, watching it land in the centre of his open briefcase. Glancing in his rear mirror, Max shifted down gear before putting his foot to the pedal and pulling out into the right lane.

His meeting had ended nearly forty minutes ago, and he was secretly pleased with the outcome. It had been hard work but more than a little productive. He’d hoped Liz would be in by now, but then again as he glanced at the clock in his car, it was only just past 4.30pm. She was likely to be holed up at work, maybe in an important meeting or something for Jim. He wanted to talk to her though, wanted to hear her sweet, sexy voice.

He was on a high, and he wanted to share it with his young wife. Max’s plan was to wine and dine Liz before sweeping her off her feet and into their welcoming bed. Firstly take her out to an expensive restaurant and exchange polite chitchat while gazing lovingly into her eyes. Then he would take her home and make sweet love to her as if they were the only two on the earth. His needs were straightforward and true at that moment; he wanted Liz plain and simple.

But she wasn’t in, and his mind wondered what to do now. He could go ahead and book a table at one of their regular restaurant jaunts, but which one? Eating out was a regular occurrence for them, both enjoying the company and lack of washing up afterwards.

Of course there was the thought Liz might not appreciate him just booking something to consider. She had been more touchy than normal over the previous couple of weeks he conceded. The route of her moods escaped him even though he could usually read Liz like a glass book. Perhaps work was kicking her butt, or Jim was putting extra pressure since Maria wasn’t around to help her out. Whatever it was he made a mental note to talk to her over dinner, to find out what was troubling his young wife. A problem shared was always the best policy his mother used to say.

Shifting down gear once more, Max glanced around before swerving into the next lane and urging the car forward. Oh how he loved driving his Lamborghini Diablo! Boys with toys always had fun, and he was no exception.

Perching on the edge of the bathroom, her shaky hands gently turned the small oblong box over so she could survey the contents. She still couldn’t believe she’d bought it, memories of the stares and glares in the drug store burning her thoughts. Of course it had all been in her mind, but Liz had felt that every one in the store had noticed her purchase.

All she needed now was the courage to open the box and remove the contents. It was a feat that seemed to require great strength to Liz, power she wasn’t sure she possessed. It seemed like it would take a monumental effort to open the sealed end of the small box. She wasn’t even sure why she’d bought it. There were no real obvious signs she needed it, just a gut feeling and perhaps a little hope or dread also.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to muster all the strength she possessed inside. A brief glance at the instructions and she finally felt ready as ever to press on.

Placing the small white object on the sink, Liz tentatively glanced as her watch. Two minutes, she thought, two minutes and her world could be turned upside down for good.

Liz knew in her heart she’d be lying if she said thoughts of a child with Max hadn’t crossed her mind. The thought seemed to come more and more frequently recently, especially around Maria’s bundle of joy. It surprised her though, before Max she hadn’t even give children a second thought. But then again it seemed to be just one more good influence Max had inflicted on her life.

She had known there was a possibility she wouldn’t be able to bear children with her medical condition, but it seemed they’d had luck on their side. At least that’s what the gnawing feeling in her gut seemed to indicate.

Even though discussions about starting a family had gone largely untouched, she knew they had been lax at times when it came to taking precautions. Just the thought of the possibility made her stomach lurch.

The waiting seemed endless; Liz had never known two minutes to stretch for what seemed like eternity. The mere thought of what she was waiting for made her stomach churn once more, a sick feeling slowly starting to rise from the pit of her stomach upwards.

Dragging in a deep breath, Liz stretched over to pick up a glass tumbler resting on the sink. She hoped several mouthfuls of cold water might help to calm her queasy stomach.

In doing so though, Liz’s eyes involuntarily drifted towards the white testing kit, and more importantly the dark blue line that shone out very clearly.

A loud clanking, and subsequent shattering sound filled the silent bathroom, as Liz dropped the glass beaker totally oblivious to the hundreds of shards of glass that now decorated the sink and floor.

Blinking her eyes quickly she tried to determine if what she saw as the results of the test were, in fact, true. Tears welled once more in her still damp eyes, slowly slipping down her cheeks with ease. She stood there and stared for a few moments, unable to take it in.

Her shaky knees gave way and she quickly slipped down on to the closed toilet. Lifting her hands to her face, she allowed the tears to fall faster and harder, allowing her emotions to take over and consume her.

Everything was rapidly becoming so complicated, such a mess for her all of a sudden. When had her life become so confusing, taking such a vicious twist? When had her goals and ambitions in life been shifted so abruptly?

TBC ………………..?

Author: Kazza – 6th April 2002
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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 39

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Hey guys, I'm gonna try posting all parts on the same thread again now. Hopefully my new, improved (!) computed will be able to handle it!


Dragging in a deep breath, Liz stretched over to pick up a glass tumbler resting on the sink. She hoped several mouthfuls of cold water might help to calm her queasy stomach.

In doing so though, Liz’s eyes involuntarily drifted towards the white testing kit, and more importantly the dark blue line that shone out very clearly.

A loud clanking, and subsequent shattering sound filled the silent bathroom, as Liz dropped the glass beaker totally oblivious to the hundreds of shards of glass that now decorated the sink and floor.

Blinking her eyes quickly she tried to determine if what she saw as the results of the test were, in fact, true. Tears welled once more in her still damp eyes, slowly slipping down her cheeks with ease. She stood there and stared for a few moments, unable to take it in.

Her shaky knees gave way and she quickly slipped down on to the closed toilet. Lifting her hands to her face, she allowed the tears to fall faster and harder, allowing her emotions to take over and consume her.

Everything was rapidly becoming so complicated, such a mess for her all of a sudden. When had her life become so confusing, taking such a vicious twist? When had her goals and ambitions in life been shifted so abruptly?


Slipping his key into the door, Max turned the lock before stepping inside. Pausing for a moment, he gratefully wrenched his feet out of the new shoes that had been giving him grief all day.

He’d been at a client’s for most of the day, finally securing a new contract for his company. This time his talents would be used to redesign the structure of a well-known entertainments division specialising in TV shows and movies. It was going to be an intensely challenging project, but ultimately the promised rewards meant Max couldn’t wait. The initial hours would be long for him as preparation for plans always required, but the financial rewards were more than satisfying.

“Liz?” He called out, dropping his black leather briefcase on the floor of his study next door to the kitchen. Getting no answer from the silent house he assumed she’d been caught up at work once more. It was always a surprise to see who would finish work first between the two of them. Despite the fact they were married to each other, work still played a very important part in their lives.

Making a mental note to call her at the office and remind her to come home sometime that evening, Max headed upstairs towards the master bedroom of the large house.

Laying his suit jacket on the bed and loosening the tie that had felt like it was choking him all day, Max headed over to his wardrobe to select some more comfortable clothes. Getting out of his smart charcoal grey suit and crisp white shirt was an urgent must.

Opening the door of his closet he pulled out a t-shirt, before pausing in mid flow. At first he thought he was imaging things, sounds that weren’t really there in the room. Stopping in mid-stride, he strained his ear, trying to locate the sound once more.

The soft sobs filtered through intermittently once more, and this time he was certain he wasn’t dreaming the sounds. His heart also told him it was Liz emitting the cries; she was upset over something of that he was sure.

“Liz?” He called out, dropping the t-shirt on the bed and striding quickly across to the closed door of their en-suite bathroom. As soon as he uttered the words, however, the sobbing sound ceased.

“Liz?” He queried again, trying the brass handle of the door a couple of times before realising it was locked. She never locked the bathroom door though, why now, he thought.
“I’m ok.” She responded, her voice sounding full of cracking emotion.

Damm! What was he doing home?

She certainly wasn’t expecting Max to be back from work so soon; it was only a little after 5.00pm. Normally it was way past six before he returned, and she’d expected him to be later than usual knowing how important his meeting had been that day.

She couldn’t let him see her upset, no matter what. She had to stay in control, regain her composure before he suspected something was wrong. She had to get her mind round what was happening to her before she invited him into her unfamiliar, scary neurotic world.

“You don’t sound ok to me, open the door.” He said gently, trying to stay calm despite his rising panic. A crease furrowed his brow as a million and one ideas flew through his brain and lightening pace. The only one that stuck however was his beautiful wife was upset. Over what he had no clue.

“Please Max.” She replied, scrubbing at her tear drenched cheeks with her fists, attempting to remove signs of her emotions spilling over. A quick glance in the bathroom mirror signalled it was a futile attempt though; her red raw eyes and blotchy red face bore major signs of tears and despair.

“Liz, open the door!” He insisted again, this time his voice full of authority and more than a little concern. For a few moments he even considered leaning heavily on the door or just putting his foot through the bottom panel. He wasn’t one for brute force usually, but she was scaring him. Her voice sounded so painful and her refusal to let him in didn’t bode well. It was clear something was very wrong with Liz, she never normally cried, and he had to know what was going on with his wife.

Knowing there was very little she could do to halt her husband’s concerns, she finally reached out towards the lock of the door. It was either letting him in willingly or have him burst in, shattering the lock or wood in the process. Either way she would have to face him eventually, and he would want answers whether he saw her tear tracked face or not.

The sound of the metal being slid backwards heightened Max’s senses. He didn’t know what to expect, his heart racing as he waited not so patiently to be able to open the door. It took super human strength not to throw the door open and barge into the room after the lock was pulled back fully. Instead, not wanting to scare her, he slowly pushed down on the door handle and allowed the door to open on its own accord. Slowly, gently he took a step inside the ample sized bathroom, not altogether looking forward to what might lay inside.

No matter how he prepared himself for something bad, looking at Liz knocked him back on his heals. The sight that greeted him was his beautiful wife sitting on closed toilet, head bowed, shoulders shuddering with sobs and shattered shards of glass strewn all across the cream carpeted floor. For a moment he felt paralysed, fear of what had happened filling every crevice of his body. Had she tried harming herself? There was no blood, but the glass ……….

“Liz? What’s going on?” He queried, each word dripping with worry and evident concern as his eyes scanned around.

The silence from Liz heightened his worry, something was seriously up. Not only was she not speaking to him, her eyes were dropped downwards, making sure he couldn’t attempt to read her emotions like he normally did.

Being careful to avoid the remnants of glass, Max sunk to his knees and scooted closer to Liz. Bending his head he tried to look at her eyes, but her lowered head and downcast look made it impossible.

Slipping a gentle finger under her chin, he slowly started to edge her face upwards. He met slight opposition from her at first, but perseverance on his part paid off. He desperately needed to look into her eyes, needed to see that his fears were unfounded; perhaps she was just upset at breaking a glass? Seriously ridiculous he knew, but Max was grasping at straws, anything that might give an indication to Liz’s state of mind at that moment.

The sight, however, cut straight through Max’s heart like a burning poison tipped arrow. Her normally sparkling doe eyes held nothing but sorrow and pain, her normally rosy cheeks blotchy and damp from the tears he guessed she’d cried.

“Oh Liz.” He cried softly, wrapping a strong hand around the back of her head and encouraging her to rest it on his shoulder. He didn’t know what the problem was, but something told him Liz wasn’t in a position to answer his questions right then.

Instead he did the only thing he could think of to soothe her tears, one hand wrapped tightly around her back, the other stroking her hair rhythmically. Holding her close he tried to make her feel save and needed, make her relax enough so he could get some answers to the racing questions.

His mind was working overtime while he knelt on the floor. He tried his best to work out why his wife had suffered such a melt down. The normally strong Liz Evans didn’t usually fall into a puddle of tears, so why now? What had happened while he was securing the largest business deal his company had ever seen to upset her so much?

Various ideas ran through his head, but it was his eyes that settled upon what he believed was the answer. Hastily she’d pushed the test into the bin, but the box with bright silver writing lay on the counter for anyone to see.

A pregnancy test, of course, he thought to himself. Despite the indications that Liz wasn’t ready to start a family, he was the first to admit he’d be careless with precautions at times. She was on the pill, but he’d noticed she’d missed a few probably due to her hectic work schedule. With the means and the motive, Liz being pregnant wasn’t as far fetched as he might have thought.

Was she pregnant? Was she carrying his child? A thousand and one new questions joined the many already circulating his brain, but not an answer was in sight.

It took a little over ten minutes before Max had pacified Liz enough so that she regained her composure. He still didn’t know what was going on, but at least Liz wasn’t crying any more. Leaving her for a few minutes to wash away the remaining tears, he headed downstairs to make some tea in preparation of answers to those many questions.

Her presence in the kitchen coincided perfectly with the tea being made. Placing a cup with extra sugar on the pine table, he used a foot to pull out the chair indicating with a nod of his head for her to join him at the table. He noted she’d covered her fitted summer dress with a long navy cardigan, which she wrapped round her stomach with folded arms. A sign of insecurity if ever he’d seen one.

Reluctantly sitting down, she bit down on her bottom lip, a sure sign she was nervous about something. And she was, explaining to Max why she was in such a state wasn’t going to be an easy feat. Where did she start, what words did she use to tell him the route of her problem. Would he understand? Would he be pleased or unhappy?

“You wanna tell me what’s wrong?” He asked softly, his eyes casting gentle glances at her.
“I’m ok Max.” She said, trying to sound confident.
“Yeah I can see that.” He said somewhat sarcastically. “Coming home to you in floods of tears in a bathroom covered in shattered glass is a regular occurrence.” He added his voice softening. He’d wanted to inject a little humour into the proceedings to lighten the mood, but his words fell woefully short of laughter.

“The glass just slipped out of my hand, it’s no big deal.” She reasoned, trying to steer him away from the truth. She wasn’t lying, the glass had fallen ….. she just wasn’t telling him what she’d been doing before dropping it.
“And the tears were all over a broken glass I guess?”
”Something like that.” She replied, nervously pushing a rogue strand of hair back behind her ear.

Watching her nervousness worried him; this wasn’t the Liz he knew. She normally was so assured and in control. Hell she could scythe down fully-grown businessmen with the flick of her tongue and the droll of her words. Was she really so afraid to tell him what the problem was? Did she think he was going to flip or freak?

“Ok, enough of the pretending ………. I’m your husband, talk to me.” Max said firmly, worry finally getting the better of him. “Whatever it is I am sure I’m gonna be happy about it.” He added, slipping his hand on her leg to persuade her to open up.

His mind thought back to the empty box in the bathroom, and his heart jumped in anticipation and excitement once more. Ever since they’d married, and indeed time before that, the one thing Max wanted above a wife was a family of his own. He had fond memories of his childhood, his loving mother and father who had always been willing to show him neat stuff. He longed to pass on his knowledge and love to a child of his own. A child with Liz had been beyond his wildest dreams …. until now.

“It’s nothing ………” She responded, clearly not prepared to open up her secret to him.
“Ok, fine Liz, I’ll guess then.” He said, pretending to think for a moment. “Are you pregnant?” He finally asked the gentleness in his voice warming and comforting, trying to get her to open up. All he wanted was affirmation, a nod of her head, a slight smile or sad eyes. Anything to confirm what he thought was true. He could handle her reaction, good or bad, they’d get through it just as long as she told him.

Her mouth dropped open for a moment, shocked by his words and the fact he’d guessed what she’d suspected earlier that day. How had he come to that conclusion? How could he have seen any signs?

”W …. Wh …..What?” She stumbled tears welling once more.
“Are you?” He asked again.

What could she say to him now? How could she tell him? Questions ran around her head, causing the tears to return with vengeance. She continually bit on her bottom lip, wrapping her arms around her middle as she tried to get some comfort.

“Hey, don’t cry babe. It’s ok, I don’t mind, just tell me Liz.” He said trying to win her confidence.
“ ………….. No …………….” She finally replied.

“No?” He questioned, surprise filling every ounce of his voice. That was definitely the last response he’d expected.
“That’s right Max, no I’m not pregnant.” She said, lifting her sorrow filed eyes to look at his.

“But ……… but I don’t understand.” He stumbled, leaning back slightly and pushing a hand through his thick brown hair. “I thought you were upset because you were pregnant.”
“How did you know I thought I was?” She queried.
“I saw the box on the counter in the bathroom.”

“Oh is a good word!” He reiterated. “So you’re not pregnant, then what’s with all the tears? What aren’t you telling me Liz?” He asked, getting slightly worried there was a much bigger, deeper routed problem.

“Ok I’m …….. I’m upset because I’m not.” She replied, feeling slightly sheepish. She hadn’t meant to flip out, but she so hoped the test would come back positive. She was so sure it would, the negativity had knocked her backwards.

Her words only served to confuse him yet further. She was upset because they weren’t going to have a baby, not because they were? Creases of worry began to decorate his normally wrinkle free forehead. He’d been convinced she wasn’t ready to give up her independence and job satisfaction for a child. So convinced he’d never actually talked to her about it, he though, mentally kicking himself for assuming something so big.

“I thought you didn’t want children yet with your job and all.” He countered, needing to finally have that long overdue conversation with her.
“I didn’t.” She started. “I guess something changed though. Seeing Maria with Mac has got me thinking about having a family of our own.”
“Why didn’t you tell me Liz?” He asked, wishing she’d talked to him. The whole mess of that afternoon could have been avoided if only they’d broached the subject.

“Because ….… because …….. Oh I don’t know Max.” She sighed. “I guess it took me by surprise also. I’ve never thought about having a child before. I’ve never been one to dream of having little ones running round my feet, doing the school car pool thing and stuff. But this feeling is so overwhelming, the yearning stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

“Liz it’s ok to want a baby, and I would love nothing more than to start a family with you. It’s nothing to hide though, there’s no shame in admitting you want more out of life than your job and a husband.” He said, prising her hand away from her arm so he could hold it.
“I know there’s no shame, I guess it just crept up on me. I never thought I wanted to become a mother until recently.” She replied, a thin smile creeping over her face, indicating she was starting to feel a little happier.

“So ……. When do you want to start trying?” He asked mischievously, a glint in his eyes. “How about now?”
“Erm …….. sure.” She replied, the biting of her bottom lip indicating there was still something she was holding back from him.
“What else aren’t you telling me?” He asked pointedly reading her like an open book.

“Well, I guess we’ve kinda been trying for the last couple of months.”
“I don’t follow.”
“I know it was wrong Max, but I’ve not really been taking my pill for the last couple of months.” She said, casting her eyes downwards in shame. “I know it was wrong to deceive you, I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment. I’m sorry I lied to you.”

For a brief moment he pulled away from her slightly, his temples aching from her admission. Deception to Max was like the eighth deadly sin, almost unforgivable. For Liz to all but lie to him each time they’d made love over the last couple of months, making him believe it was safe was just wrong to him.

Then again, as he glanced at her hopeful eyes though his narrow ones, a family with Liz was what he desired the most. If she’d of told him she’d gotten pregnant by accident, or pregnant through their active trying he would have been ecstatic. But he’d believed Liz wasn’t ready to have a baby, until now that was.

So was her deception really so bad? Yes she’d silently lied to him, but she wanted the same end as he did. A family with Liz was the last thing needed to make his life perfect. They had everything else; a child of their own was the only thing money couldn’t buy.

“You deceived me Liz, made me think we were being careful. That wasn’t fair.” He said firmly. “But, I want a family with you above anything else. I want it as badly as you do.” He added, his face softening somewhat.
“Just promise me you’ll talk to me next time. No more secrets right?”
“Ok, no more secrets.” She reiterated, smiling properly for the first time since he’d got home.

Smiling back to indicate all was fine again, he stretched out his arms to invite Liz into an embrace. Eagerly she moved to his outstretched leg, sitting and allowing his warm arms to envelope her. It felt good to feel his embrace again; her emotions starting to calm down now he knew everything and still loved her.

“I’m sorry about earlier though, I didn’t mean to get so emotional. I had just convinced myself the test would come back positive, and I guess I was just upset when it said I wasn’t pregnant.” She said softly, resting her head on his shoulder.

”It’s ok babe, you’ll have that baby you want so badly soon enough.” He replied stoking her soft hair.

And he really meant to keep that promise, he really meant for Liz to fall pregnant with their baby as soon as possible.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 13th April 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

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Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Ok .... so you all thought she was pregnant .... hee hee
hee!!!*tongue* Ok so I'm really mean and horrible I know!!

Seriously, I wanted to inject some emotion into the story, since it's been pretty much rambling along over the last few parts .... pretty much since Max left hospital.

So, although Liz isn't pregnant, I hope you've enjoyed this part .... and I hope it's conjured up some emotions.

Take care and as always your feedback is amazing!
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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 40

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC - 17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in getting this part out ….. real life took over last week! Ok, fresh from seeing the new ep of Roswell here’s my new part ….. hope you enjoy it!


Smiling back to indicate all was fine again, he stretched out his arms to invite Liz into an embrace. Eagerly she moved to his outstretched leg, sitting and allowing his warm arms to envelope her. It felt good to feel his embrace again; her emotions starting to calm down now he knew everything and still loved her.

“I’m sorry about earlier though, I didn’t mean to get so emotional. I had just convinced myself the test would come back positive, and I guess I was just upset when it said I wasn’t pregnant.” She said softly, resting her head on his shoulder.

”It’s ok babe, you’ll have that baby you want so badly soon enough.” He replied stoking her soft hair.

And he really meant to keep that promise, he really meant for Liz to fall pregnant with their baby as soon as possible.


It was a huge promise, however, that Max shouldn’t have made to either of them. Whether Liz would fall pregnant or not was somewhat out of his control and into the hands of fate instead.

Over the following six months they used any and every opportunity to make the baby they both wanted so desperately. But despite all their attempts, it didn’t transpire. Each month Liz did her utmost to remain upbeat, but he could tell she was more than a little upset when she found out nothing had happened. To Max it seemed like the gods were conspiring against them in preventing it. Perhaps this was their punishment for having the perfect life, beautiful home, successful careers and plenty of money.

The nail in the coffin, so to speak, was Isabelle and Alex’s engagement a month later. Everyone was crammed into Diane and Philip’s garden one sunny Sunday afternoon when Alex finally made the announcement. It was met with jubilation and many happy hugs.

“That’s really great news sis.” Max congratulated, hugging his little sister and smiling at Alex. He was truly happy for them, and in his opinion about time. Max, with all his heart, could fully recommend the wonders and joy of marriage.

“Thanks.” Isabelle beamed, pausing to catch a breath before continuing. “Oh and we’ve also set the date.”
”Already?” Diane queried, arching her eyebrows in guarded disbelief.

”Yes, we’re getting married next month.” She replied calmly, as Alex slipped an arm around her waist. Although no one else knew the real reason, he wanted to be standing beside his beautiful fiancée as she explained the eagerness to wed.
“So soon?” Diane worried, gently patting her daughter’s hand to show her concern. “But Isabelle there’s so much to organise with a wedding. You’re gonna need more time than that. There’s just no possible way you can arrange everything in a month.” He mother cautioned.

“Well I’m sorry mum, a month or so is all the time we’ve got to plan this wedding whether it’s enough time or not. So I guess I’m gonna need your help with everything that needs to be arranged.” Isabelle responded, hoping her brilliant smile would win her mother round.

This was one time Isabelle definitely wanted and needed her mother’s help, she just prayed Diane would understand why there was such a hurry for the wedding. She didn’t need a huge do, or anything amazingly fancy. As long as her family and friends were there to share her special moment that would be more than enough for Isabelle. All that mattered was she married Alex, and it was done the following month or as close to it as humanly possible. For she was a traditionalist at heart, this was important to her.

Eyeing his sister through narrowed pools, Max tried to gauge what the problem was. Clearly Isabelle was in a hurry to marry Alex, not that he was complaining, but that wasn’t like his sister. The Isabelle he knew enjoyed being the centre of attention, enjoyed the rushing around and organising all the hullabaloo a wedding caused. To cram it into a month was pushing it, even for his always-organised sister. He’d pitted her as someone who’d want to prolong the planning as much as possible to keep people talking about the event. But a month …. that was too quick to be normal, something was definitely fishy.

“But honey, what’s the rush? Surely a few months wouldn’t hurt. That’ll give you and your mother plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding.” Philip questioned trying to find a compromising ground.
“No, I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” She pondered for the briefest moment, as if deciding whether or not to share more news with her family. “Only that there’s no way I’ll fit into a wedding dress if we delay.” She finally added.
“What do you mean honey?” Her father queried, confusion washing over his face.

“Well ……. I guess that’s the other piece of news we want to tell you.” Alex started, hoping the news would come better from him rather than Isabelle. Slipping his hand in his fiancée’s he took a swift breath praying the Evans’ clan liked him as much as they showed outwardly to. “We had planned to wait until after the wedding, but Mother Nature kind of added a helping hand.”

“Huh?” Max queried, as baffled as everyone else around the table.
“Alex and I are going to have a baby!” Isabelle squealed, unable to contain her excitement as her fiancé’s hand moved to rest over her still flat stomach. The feel of Alex’s fingers against her stomach sent a rush of excited butterflies scurrying around, oh how much she loved him dearly.

“A ……. A baby?” Max spluttered, his eyes bulging as he looked at his sister. Mouth gaping wide, he sat there and stared, trying to get his brain to take in the words Alex had said, and process the impact such vocals could have on his own seemingly perfect life.

“That’s right big brother. A baby. You know, one of those little people you normally have after getting married.” Isabelle jested good-naturedly, her face radiant with joy.
“Yeah thanks Is, I know what a baby is.” Max glared, trying to keep his voice even before slowly glancing at Liz.

Tilting his head slightly, he tried to make eye contact with her, trying to gauge her reaction to Isabelle’s news. Her eyes looked saddened and glistened, as if she was doing her utmost to hold back tears brimming under the surface. Stretching out his hand, Max covered hers and gently squeezed her fingers. She turned her sorrow filled eyes his way and gave him a small smile in an attempt to alleviate his fears.

She knew what he was thinking; Liz could tell he was concerned about the affect of Isabelle’s news on her. She wanted to pretend Isabelle’s admission hadn’t felt like a kick in the gut. She wanted to pretend she was happy and felt only happiness for Alex’s good news, and she did truly, but her happiness was tinged with just a hint of jealousy. For her best friend and sister-in-law had the one thing she desired with all her heart and soul.

Glancing around the patio table, Liz bit down hard on her bottom lip. Isabelle and Alex were receiving congratulations hugs and kisses; Maria was bouncing bonny Mackenzie happily on her knee as Michael looked on, his face beaming with parental pride. They were all happy, truly happy with where they were in life at that very moment. And so was Liz, she had Max, she had a successfully career and beautiful house …. So why did she feel like there was a mammoth void deep inside her like the hugest volcanic crater just waiting to explode.

Sitting there and taking in the sights, Liz felt more of an outside than she’d ever felt before. It was as if she wasn’t normal because she and Max didn’t have a child, as if they no longer fitted in with their best friends. If only they knew how much she wanted a family, how much she yearned to cradle a child in her own arms, and then all the problems she and Max were trying to overcome.

“Liz?” Alex said, pulling her out of her self induced sorrow, rounding the table and heading towards his best fried with open arms.
“Congratulations Alex, I’m so happy for you. I know what having a family means to you.” She said sincerely, doing her utmost to remove any trace of hurt from her voice. No matter her own feelings, this was Alex’s time, something he’d desired for so long, for much longer than Liz.
“Thanks Liz.” He beamed happily, oblivious to her sadness.

“So Max, when’s it gonna be your turn?” Michael queried, as his feisty young son gnawed away at his finger.
“Oh I’m not really sure it’s for me.” Liz interjected, forcing a smile across her face to try and back up her lie. “Work’s way too busy and demanding. Besides with you guys having all the children it means we get the fun but you get them back for all those midnight feedings and nappy changes.” She added, trying to give weight to her words and inject a little humour to lighten her downcast mood.
“Oh but it’s wonderful Liz, I can vouch for that. You’d love it, I know you would.” Maria beamed, glancing down at her daughter.
“Maybe one day.” Max added in, putting his arms around his wife and pulling her closer to him. “But for now we’re just happy with each other.” He added, gently kissing the top of her head.

Despite her bravado approach, it was clear to Max that Isabelle’s news had hurt her terribly. It was bad enough to see a baby each time they went to Michael and Maria’s, but now the baby talk would be common practice in his parents house too, there would be no escape for Liz. Or him he conceded silently. Holding her tightly he tried to project some strength into Liz’s body, trying to help her through the demons that were inevitably circling her mind with vengeance.

A while later, needing a moment to catch his breath and process all that was happening around him, Max headed towards the sanctuary of his parents’ house. Stepping into the kitchen, he found his mother loading the dishwasher with the dirty lunch dishes.

“Hi mum, let me help.” He offered like the dutiful son before taking some glasses from the counter top and placing them in the top rack.
“Oh thanks Max.” She replied, looking up at him.

For a moment she wondered where the time had gone, the years flying past so quickly. It seemed like only yesterday Max and Isabelle were carefree children coming to her for everything including plasters for grazed knees. Yet now her son was a grown married man with this own successful business. She wondered when exactly he’d gone from being her baby to a man more likely to depend on himself than trouble her. One thing that hadn’t changed though was her ability to know when something was troubling him. His brow furrowed with wrinkles, the normal cheerful glint in his eyes dimmed. Helping her with the dishes was a nice gesture, but she sensed there was more to it than that.

“Are you ok Max?” She queried softly, not wanting to push him, but needing Max to know she was there if help was required.
“Sure, why wouldn’t I be?” He countered somewhat defensively.
“Well you went pretty quiet at your sister’s news. Are you happy about the baby, or do you not approve of Alex?”
“No!” He said sharply. “No, Alex is great, and I’m really happy for them both.” He clarified more calmly.
“Is everything ok with you and Liz?”
“Yeah we’re great.” He lied, before thinking better of it, perhaps sharing a little with his mother might help. “Ok, maybe great is an exaggeration, ‘ok’ might be a better description.”
“Talk to me then.” She replied, taking his arm and steering him towards the kitchen table.

“Liz will probably kill me for talking to you …………” He started.
“But it may help, so I think she’ll forgive you. Anyway I won’t tell her you’ve said anything.” She reassured.
“Ok, yeah Iz’s news smarts a little, but I don’t begrudge her the happiness at all. I just wish it was Liz and I in the situation.”
“Have you talked to Liz about wanting to have a family?” She queried gently.
“Yeah, we’ve had many talks on the subject.”
“And she still doesn’t want children?” Diane asked, feeling sure her son’s sadness was because his wife wasn’t ready to commit to a family just yet. Liz had been very firm at the lunch table when Michael had queried their turn at parenthood, clearly she didn’t want a child like her son did.

“Oh no, Liz wants a child as much as I do.” He replied, clearly surprising his mother.
“Then I don’t understand the problem. If you both want children what’s stopping you?”
“Liz isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to have children because of a medical condition. We’ve been trying for over six months now, it’s just not happening. The thing is it’s making me wonder whether it’s all really worth it. I mean I want a child with Liz, but all this stress and pain is almost too much to carry around. Every month she gets upset because it hasn’t happened, and I don’t know what to do or how to comfort her. I want to protect her from the hurt mum, but I just don’t know how to. Part of me just wants to accept it’s not meant to be and be grateful we have each other.”
“Have you told Liz this?”
“No, I haven’t dared. She wants a child even more than me, she’ll probably bite my head off if I suggest something like admitting defeat.” He said wearily, running a hand through his hair.

“Ok, well have you considered other options?”
“Like what?”
“Well there’s IVF or a surrogate mother, or how about even adoption? I know what it’s like to feel your life is being ruled by emotions of desiring a baby Max. I’ve been there, seen it and done it many times, just ask your father. The yearning is like nothing you’ll ever experience elsewhere; the depression each month just drowns you. But I love you and Isabelle very much. To your father and I you are our children, our own flesh and blood despite the fact I didn’t actually give birth to you. The fact you’re adopted doesn’t make me love you any less than if you were my real blood son.” She said sincerely, slipping a hand over his.
“I love you too mum, and to me I am your real blood.”
“There are so many poor children in orphanages with no prospects or possibility of being adopted, but you could make a real difference to one of them.”
“I hadn’t thought about adopting a child, I hardly remember a time when you and dad weren’t around, any memories of the Orphanage seem to have disappeared over time.”
“Well good memories tend to push bad ones to your subconscious.” She agreed.

Looking at him once more, she saw the glint in his eyes slowly start to return, the wrinkles on his brow smoothing somewhat. Despite her feelings that he no longer needed a mother, he’d clearly confirmed that was not the case. Smiling inwardly, she decided that although cuddles and sticking plasters were not required, he still needed support and help from his mother once in a while.

“Well just think about it. It’s just another option to throw into the cooking pot. What you and Liz choose to do is your decision, but just think about it. Maybe if Liz wasn’t so worried about having a child it would happen naturally.”
“Thanks mum, I’ll think about it and then see how Liz feels.” He said, clearly mulling over the words.

“There you two are!” Isabelle said startling them. “We were just going to get a group photo of everyone, come on.” She encouraged, a large beaming smile across her face.

Smiling at his mother, he gently patted her hand indicating the talk had done him good. Heading back outside he couldn’t help but think that pregnancy and an engagement obviously agreed with his sister, no one could deny she looked radiant.

Wrapping his arms around his wife’s waist, Max gently kissed the top of her head. Yes, maybe adopting a child would be wonderful for them, bring the smile back to Liz’s face and dispel some of the dark cloud that seemed to have perpetually settled over them recently.

Their journey home from his parent’s house was done in near silence, only the quiet background noise of the radio filling the car. More than once he considered saying something, swallowing the words at the last minute before they tumbled out of his mouth. Liz spent the time staring absentmindedly out of the window, her eyes glazed with a watery expression. She looked lost, he conceded, as he pulled into their driveway.

“Liz.” He started, pulling on the handbrake as the car came to a halt. His words fell on deaf ears, however. The moment the car became stationery enough Liz jumped out, fumbling for her keys and disappearing inside before Max barely had the chance to remove his seatbelt.

Sighing sadly to himself, he climbed out of the car, all the while trying to decide what to do next. Leaving Liz alone to fester on her feelings and sadness wouldn’t do her any good except eat away at her insides. But then again getting his head bitten off by her fiery temper didn’t seem amazingly appealing either.

“Liz?” He called, entering the house and removing his jacket before hanging it in the hallway closet.

Deciding her first stop would have been their bedroom; he decided to check there. Tacking his courage in his hands, Max climbed the stairs two at a time. Preparing himself for her rebuff attitude, Max took a deep breath before gently pushing open the door.

“Liz?” He said, rounding the bed to pull up beside where she was lying.
“Go away.” She replied sternly, her voice muffled by the pillow covering her face.
“Liz we have to talk about this.” He started, sinking to his knees by the bed.
“There’s nothing to talk about.”
“Please Liz.” He pleaded, rubbing her back with his hand in an attempt to persuade her to roll over.
“What are you gonna say Max? It’ll be ok Liz; we’ll get lucky soon? Well I don’t think we will Max.” She snapped, finally lifting her head to face him.

He’d attempted to steel himself against her temper, to stay strong against her barrage, but his strength melted the moment he looked at her. Liz’s eyes were red raw and brimmed full of watery tears. Her cheeks were bright pink and blotchy, streaks of dampness littering them like tracks down her face.

“Oh babe.” He finally cried, pulling her into his arms and crushing her against his chest.
“Don’t Max ……..” She started, not wanting his pity.

She didn’t need him consoling her back to happiness. The reason she was sad and depressed was her own doing. It wasn’t Max’s fault they weren’t pregnant, it was hers, plain and simple. It was her body that had the fault, her body that stopped them from conceiving the child they yearned for so desperately. His words would attempt to soothe, but in the end she’d know it was just a front. He’d be secretly thinking the same thing; it was all her fault.

“No Liz, this has to stop.” He said firmly, pulling back slightly. “I know this is hard, I know how much you want a child, but we can’t keep going on like this. You’re gonna make yourself sick if you keep going Liz.”
“I can’t stop wanting a child Max, it doesn’t work that way.” She countered.
“I know babe. Believe me it’s an emotion I’ve tried many times to turn off.” He sympathised, running a hand along her arm. “All I’m saying is maybe it’s time we considered other ways of having a child.” He added gently, not wanting to get Liz upset once more.

“What sort of ways?” She queried, not wanting to sound intrigued, but her voice betraying her.
“How about we consider adopting a chid? We could give a wonderful home to a little boy or girl who only has an orphanage to call family at the moment. I know it won’t be exactly like having a child of our own, and there would be other obstacles to face, but the end rewards would be the same.” He said, watching her face for any signs of the idea repulsing her.

For a moment she stared at Max and blinked her eyes causing ripples of tears to tumble down her cheeks. The idea Max just put forward circled viciously in her mind. She had her heart set on having Max’s child, yearning to feel the being grow deep inside her and creating an unbreakable bond before the child was born.

But if it weren’t meant to be, would adopting a child be so bad? She’d be able to give a sad, lonely child so much love and happiness, wouldn’t that be sufficient to curb her motherly instincts? Having laughter and joy filling the house was what she desired, that and to be able to see Maria and Isabelle without feeling the stabbing pain deep in her stomach.

“Ok ……… adopting a child might be ok.” She finally responded, a thin creased smile dancing across her face.
“Ok, then we’ll make an appointment to visit Angelina Terrace Orphanage for next week.” He said, eager to bring her mood higher. “Unless that’s too soon and you want to think some more about it?” He added hastily, not wanting to push her into something she wasn’t ready for.
“Next week would be great Max.” She responded, allowing the smile to grow a little more.

Putting his arms around her neck, Max pulled her close to his body. He’d managed to do what he thought was the impossible; calm Liz down after Isabelle’s news. He couldn’t blame her though; his stomach had lurched the moment his sister had made the announcement too.

At first he’d put it down to worrying how Liz would react, but in truth he had to admit it was because he wished it was himself announcing such news to his family on his beautiful wife’s behalf.

Late that evening, after he’d got Liz settled and asleep, he went back down stairs. He knew it was pointless even trying to sleep, it wouldn’t come easily that night and he didn’t want to toss and turn, risking waking Liz up. She needed her sleep too much for that, and he needed lone time to sort out his mixed up emotions.

Pouring a large measure of whiskey, he sat down in the darkness of the living room before taking a sip of the golden nectar. It burnt the back of his throat as he swallowed, but he barely noticed. His thoughts were millions of miles away from the smarting of Whiskey.

His heart broke each time he saw Liz cry, and that was happening more and more frequently since they’d started trying for the baby. No matter what he did or how he tried, he couldn’t wave a magic wand and make everything better this time.

But it wasn’t supposed to be like this, his life was supposed to be perfect. In his dreams they had the white picket fenced house, a hoard of beautiful babies and him bouncing in each evening crying ‘hi honey I’m home!” But it wasn’t like that in reality; they didn’t live in a Pleasantville black and white sitcom.

He had money in abundance, the perfect house and a stunning wife whom he loved with all his heart. So why were they being punished by not being able to have the one thing they craved? Why was someone high above stopping them from having the one thing they both desired?

A baby, a young being created out of its parent’s love would make their life perfect, he knew that. But he couldn’t buy his way out of this one, this time he had to be patient, not a trait Max Evans was well known for.

Taking another gulp of the whiskey, he wondered what would happen to Liz if they were deemed not suitable to adopt? Would she fall to pieces on him completely, or would she dig deep and find more of that amazing strength she possessed to push on and keep going?

More importantly, how would he cope? He’d dreamt for so long of having his own family, a son to teach soccer and fishing, a beautiful daughter to love and protect. Would he be able to go on if it was just Liz and he?

Tears stung his eyes as he swallowed the last of his golden drink, and knew the answer to all his questions pertinent to him. He’d survive; he’d cope without children, just as long as Liz was right with him. For she was his life, his love, his hope and grounding. As long as they were together they’d survive anything, even this latest hurdle.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 28th April 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

posted on 6-May-2002 3:54:43 AM
Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 41

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


Smoothing down her chocolate coloured suede shirt over her beige Calvin Klein jeans, Liz dragged in a shaky breath and stared upwards. The sign above the building was large and looming, the place itself not very inviting to an outsider. The steps to the Angelina Terrace Orphanage seemed to go on forever, like an impassable snow covered mountain. She wanted to be here, she really did, so why did her feet feel like they were stuck in treacle, her strength to move zapped?

He could sense her inner struggle, and for a moment wondered if she’d back out. They were here for their first visit; to meet the founder and runner of the Orphanage and of course some of the kids. It had taken all day on the Monday after their talk for Max to pull some strings, draw in some favours and finally get an appointment the following weekend. It had been a tense week for them both; silently they were fighting personal demons, still wondering if this was the best way to go. Taking on someone else’s child would bring so many other factors into the equation. What if the child didn’t accept them or rebelled because they weren’t their real parents? They were both so very inexperienced when it came to children of any ages, could they handle a rogue child running them ragged?

“Are you ready?” He queried softly, drawing up beside his wife and slipping his hand effortlessly into hers.
“Yeah, I guess.” She hesitated only slightly.
“You sure? We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready Liz.” He reminded.
“I know, and I am ready Max. Once we’re inside I’ll be fine I promise.” She reassured him, before looking up into his eyes and shining a smile in his direction.
“Ok, let’s do it then.” He said, matching her smile before they both walked together up the steps and into the cold looking building.

Inside, however, it was a completely different matter. Brightly coloured children’s paintings decorated the walls along with collages and various other child made paraphernalia. A small child ran through the long hallway, totally ignorant of the young couple. Music of the latest pop group blared out in the living room area as Max and Liz walked past, looking in and seeing several teenage girls giggling away over something.

Coming to the door to the office, they both paused for a moment, before Max made the first move and knocked briskly. Waiting for an answer, they headed inside once the invitation was issued.

“Hello, can I help you?” The older lady queried, removing her glasses to look at them.
“Yes, my name is Max Evans and this is my wife Liz, we have an appointment with Angelina.” Max informed.
“Well then, you’ve come to the right place.” She smiled. “I’m Angelina, and this is my home. Please, do sit down.”
“It’s very nice.” Liz piped up.
“Thank you, I think so. It’s hard to give quality individual attention to each and every child that passes through, but I’d like to think they enjoy their time here.” She said, reaching towards a file before turning back to Max and Liz. “So you’re here to check out my children are you?”
“As I explained when we spoke on Monday, we are looking to adopt a child and so this seemed like the best place to start.”

Looking at the young couple, Angelina guessed they hadn’t been married that long. He kept glancing at his wife, as if needing assurance she was ok. Their hands seemed permanently glued together and his thumb caressed the back of her hand rhythmically. They had money also, she could tell. Although they were dressed casually in jeans there was still an air of class and dignity about them.

Angelina had seen many couples come and go during her time at the home, she wondered why this young couple had breezed in. Clearly they were after adopting a child, but she wondered why. Perhaps there was a medical problem, or maybe there was reluctance on the wife’s part to give up her job for the time it would take to actually have a child before handing it over to a nanny. It wasn’t that Angelina was trying to be nasty in her thinking, more that it was her job to scrutinise and analyse each and every couple that stepped inside. They were Angie’s children, and although she wanted to find homes for all of them, she had to feel confident in herself that the children would be going to good homes.

“So, you want to take on a child huh?” She stated. “Well I have to ask, have you thought this through. Taking on a child who is already potty trained and will sleep throughout the night may sound like fun but I can assure you it won’t be easy. These are good kids here, but they do have a lot of emotional baggage. Some have lost parents and are still grieving; others have been abandoned and have insecurities. Even the sweetest, kindest child can change dramatically when you take them away from familiar surroundings.” Angie warned.
“We are aware of that.” Liz informed, unsure she liked the older woman’s tone.

“These children are going to need constant attention and plenty of love. They will find it hard to adjust, perhaps will push you away or shun your advances. They aren’t going to take too kindly to being fobbed off onto a nanny while you are busy at work. They’ll make you feel guilty for not being with them, resent you working. Do you think you could handle that?” She asked.
“We are well aware of the problems that can arise from adopting someone else’s child Ms Terrace.” Max started.
“I am sure.”
“And I have no intention of fobbing them off to a nanny while I work. I intend to give the child my full attention and love.” Liz added.
“Right.” Angie replied, clearly unsure that the couple really knew what they were letting themselves into.

“I can sense your apprehension Ms Terrace, but I believe I will be able to personally relate to any problems a child might encounter.” Max said calmly.
“Yes, you see I know what it’s like to be in that situation. I know how it feels to be taken from the familiar surroundings and then moved into a big, strange house. I know how overwhelming new parents can be and how their instant reaction is to smoother the adopted child with the love they believe they’ve missed out on. I know how confusing it gets as you get older; how you want answers to questions your adopted parents can’t give you. But I also know it gets easier and in the end you learn to be grateful for having two loving people who would give their lives to protect you.” Max told her, eyes kept firmly on the older woman so she would feel the underlying emotion in his words.

“That sound’s remarkably accurate.” Angie finally said, stunned by his words.
“It is accurate, but only because I have been there Ms Terrace. I have stared longingly towards prospective parents and prayed someone would take me away and provide the answers I was craving.”
“You were adopted?” She asked her tone visibly softening.
“Yes I was, my sister and I were taken in when I was five and she was barely one. Despite the fact I was young though, I do have memories of my time at the orphanage. So you see, I believe Liz and I are better equipped than most to take on a homeless child and make a difference to their life.”

For a moment she sat there, just watching the strength of his words blaze out in his eyes. It wasn’t often she was wrong in her snap judgement of potential adoptive parents, but she was happy to hold her hands up and admit she had made an error this time. He clearly knew what he was letting himself in for with someone else’s child and with his help Angie was sure his wife would be fine.

“Oh I understand.” Angie said. “I hope you won’t take offence to my previous wariness. As I am sure you will appreciate part of my job is to screen potential parents to ensure they know what problems can arise and for me to feel happy they understand. I can see now that you two are fully briefed in what to expect.”

The interview continued for a further thirty minutes, Angie enquiring into all parts of their personal lives, including ensuring they would have sufficient funds to raise a child. Eventually though, when Angie was happy, Max and Liz were allowed to meet some of the children.

“They’re not all here, some have foster families who take them away for the weekend, giving them a break from the home. Others have spent weeks in foster care but then returned to us because things haven’t been working out. We’ll need to do an in-depth analysis to your backgrounds to make sure everything is in order. And assuming there are no complications you’ll be ready to adopt.” She said, leading them outside to the large garden. “But I normally advise first time couples to try fostering a child first, to ensure that if there are problems they can be rectified.”
“Thanks for the advice, but if we take on a child it will be for life. I can’t imagine what it must do to an already insecure child if they know the prospective parents have a get out clause.” Liz replied, feeling strongly over the matter.
“Of course. Well I’ll leave you two to get to know some of the children. I’ll arrange some refreshments for you, but just shout if you need some help.” Angie said, before heading off.

Staring around, Liz wasn’t sure where to start. So many happy and hopeful faces turned to look at them. Young boys playing tag, girls singing as they danced in a circle, older children sat on the lawn reading or studying, it all mounted up to nearly thirty young faces. For a moment Liz didn’t know where to start, how on earth was she supposed to choose a child out of so many? How could she decide whether one was more deserving than the other, or which one deserved a break above the others. Grasping tightly to Max’s hand, she was suddenly grateful she wasn’t alone.

“A bit overwhelming isn’t it.” Max commented, looking at her startled face.
“Yeah, something like that.” She replied.
“Look we don’t have to choose now, how about we just go and meet some of them talk about stuff and see if any of them take to us.” He suggested.
“Yeah.” Liz said, her eyes wandering and mind not totally concentrating on Max’s words.

Out of the corner of Liz’s eye she’d seen her. The little girl was sitting quietly away from the other groups as the edge of the lawn as far away as possible. She was hugging tightly to what Liz assumed was a stuffed grey rabbit, her eyes cast downwards and she picked at the blades of grass by her feet. She looked like a shy girl, as if she didn’t mix with the others because she was afraid of something.

Letting her grasp on Max’s hand slip, Liz slowly walked towards the brown haired girl. They were tentative steps; somehow Liz was afraid she might scare her away if she rushed over like her body wanted to. Drawing up beside her, Liz gently sunk to her knees and tilted her head slightly. The little girl barely flinched; it was as if she hadn’t even noticed Liz’s presence.

“Hi there.” Liz said gently, hoping to get some sort of response from her. She got a response, but it wasn’t vocal. Instead the young girl slowly turned her head to cast her eyes upon the older woman. Her facial expression was nondescript, her lips stayed in a thin line and her deep brown eyes held a deep sorrow Liz had never seen before. That strong urge to scoop her tightly in her arms rushed to the surface once more, and it took all of Liz’s strength to force it back down again.

“I’m Liz.” She said. “Could you tell me your name?” But no response was forthcoming. So instead, Liz decided to try a different tack, if the little girl wouldn’t talk to her, maybe the stuffed rabbit would.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” Liz asked, taking hold and shaking the paw of the toy. For a moment the little girl held on tightly to the animal and looked at her warily as if Liz might steal it. Moments passed, Liz held her breath indefinitely waiting for this little girl to sink back into her shell once more. But instead of looking away, the little girl finally opened her mouth.

“Bunnie.” She said, her voice soft and slightly shaky,
“Bunnie huh? Well I think that’s a very good name for a rabbit.” Liz commented, smiling warmly at her. “Does your friend have a name?” The stuffed toy nodded its head. “Could you introduce me to her, I’d like to be her friend.”
“Rebecca.” The little girl finally said, looking up at Liz once more, but this time a little of the sorrow had seeped away from her eyes.
“Well that’s a really pretty name. Do you think Rebecca and I could be friends?”

Hesitating for just a moment, the little girl’s fingers moved to nod the grey rabbit’s head, and from that moment onwards Liz’s heart soared. She’d finally found the little girl for her.

Watching on from his vantage point, Max couldn’t hide the smile spread across his face. Looking at Liz crouched on her knees talking softly to the young girl made tears spring to his eyes. It was clear Liz was doing her best to communicate with her, and he too had held his breath hoping the little girl would take to her as well.

The little girl looked a stunner too, Max thought to himself. She had long brown hair pulled back into a low ponytail with a short fringe pulled over her forehead. She looked quite small, he guessed about five years old, and the way she held on to her stuffed toy for dear life Max assumed she was rather insecure. Pangs inside wished he could swoop down and pull her into his arms, loving all her hurt and pain away. Yet he held back for a moment, not wanting to scare the little girl away after all the good progress Liz was clearly making.

“Would you like to meet a friend of mine?” Liz queried, wanting Max to see Rebecca.
“Ok.” Rebecca finally responded, speaking herself for the first time rather than through the rabbit.

Twisting round she saw Max a few feet away watching her every move. Smiling warmly at him, Liz waved her hand gently and beckoned him in her direction. Mouthing the words ‘are you sure’ to her, and getting a swift nod of her head, he walked slowly towards them.

“Rebecca, this is my friend Max.” Liz spoke softly, as Max sunk to his knees.
“Hello Rebecca.” Max said, smiling warmly as he held out his hand in the little girl’s direction.
“Hi.” Rebecca responded quietly, tentatively stretching out her own hand and slipping it into Max’s.

For the briefest moment he was in awe of the little girl and the very moment he was caught in. Her hand was so tiny as she rested it in the centre of his. Her fingers barely stretched out further than his palm, the skin on the back of her hand so soft. As he lifted his head to cast his eyes over her face, he was consumed with emotion. She looked so small, so fragile, so very much in need of love and affection. He didn’t know why she was in the Orphanage, and he didn’t much care at that moment. All that mattered was Liz and he had found Rebecca and he vowed silently from that moment onwards to protect and love her with his entire mite. A quick glance up at Liz and her eyes affirmed it; they’d found the little girl to complete their life.

Standing on the lawn a few metres away, surrounded by other children vying for her attention, Angie looked on. Normally she left prospective couples to mill around and talk to the children on their own accord, but she was captivated by the sight in front of her. Liz had only paused for a moment before walking to Rebecca, which in itself had surprised the Orphanage owner. Most couples headed towards the outward going children, looking for a happy-go-lucky child rather than a silent one. It was parents’ misguided assumption that a child mixing well with others, laughing and having fun wouldn’t have emotional problems, but that was rarely the case. But clearly Liz had seen something in the quiet loner girl that others had missed.

It was rare for a couple to settle on a child without finding about their personality, history and such. But something told the experienced woman that it didn’t matter what she told Max and Liz about Rebecca, they were already sold. Watching them talk to the normally silent girl, enact with the stuffed toy and smile warmly made Angie’s heart soar. All the children in her care were special in their own way, each deserving new parents, but to her Rebecca was just a little more special.

Smiling to herself, Angie turned to three children eager to play on the swing set. Taking their hands she led them over, all the while thanking god for the day. Rebecca was going to have a home at last, for that she was eternally grateful.


TBC ………………..?

Author: Kazza – 6th May 2002
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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 42

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


Standing on the lawn a few metres away, surrounded by other children vying for her attention, Angie looked on. Normally she left prospective couples to mill around and talk to the children on their own accord, but she was captivated by the sight in front of her. Liz had only paused for a moment before walking to Rebecca, which in itself had surprised the Orphanage owner. Most couples headed towards the outward going children, looking for a happy-go-lucky child rather than a silent one. It was parents’ misguided assumption that a child mixing well with others, laughing and having fun wouldn’t have emotional problems, but that was rarely the case. But clearly Liz had seen something in the quiet loner girl that others had missed.

It was rare for a couple to settle on a child without finding about their personality, history and such. But something told the experienced woman that it didn’t matter what she told Max and Liz about Rebecca, they were already sold. Watching them talk to the normally silent girl, enact with the stuffed toy and smile warmly made Angie’s heart soar. All the children in her care were special in their own way, each deserving new parents, but to her Rebecca was just a little more special.

Smiling to herself, Angie turned to three children eager to play on the swing set. Taking their hands she led them over, all the while thanking god for the day. Rebecca was going to have a home at last, for that she was eternally grateful.


The amount of red tape needed to adopt a child was insurmountable to Liz and Max. They’d hoped to get through the legal jargon and have Rebecca adopted inside a month, but time just seemed to stretch on.

Instead they were able to take her away from the Orphanage at weekends to help her get accustomed to her potentially new house. The first Saturday they brought Rebecca home was a struggle in more ways than one. She was a quiet, reserved little girl, and neither Liz nor Max at first appreciated that.

Their first day together Liz had arranged little, hoping to give Rebecca time to adjust to her new surroundings. But the little girl had been shy, the fear in her eyes and desire to run and hide very strong. Instead of using the paints and paper Liz had purchased, Rebecca had sat quietly in the living room for most of the first day, clearly shell shocked. Barely a handful of words were uttered from the young girl, most just nodding or shaking of her head. When it had come to bed time on the first night Rebecca had resisted, instead staying awake sitting on the sofa until she fell asleep of her own accord.

Liz had been beside herself, convinced it was something she was doing wrong. Max had done his best to assure his wife it wasn’t her fault, Rebecca just needed time to adjust, but Liz still didn’t feel happy. Inside she felt somewhat of a failure as a surrogate mother. She’d known it wouldn’t be easy, but to have Rebecca just blank her hurt very much.

By the fourth weekend the young girl was starting to adjust more to the surroundings of Max and Liz’s house. The spare room had been turned into Rebecca’s bedroom, decorated in pastel blue and sunny yellow. On a spur of the moment shopping spree Liz had bought toys for the room, books, teddies and even a beautifully carved rocking horse that sat in the corner of the newly decorated room.

“Do you think she’s alright?” Liz queried, glancing out of the kitchen window into the back garden. Rebecca was sitting at the edge of the lawn by the large apple tree, her back to the window as far away from the house as possible.

“I think she’s obviously having a real hard time adjusting to us Liz …..” Max trailed off, reluctant to utter the rest of the sentence; they’d been over this so many times over the last few weeks.
“I know Max, I need to be patient, I need to give her time to get used to having a place of her own again.” Liz said, filling the rest of his sentence with ease. “But it’s just so damn hard. All I want to do is pull her into my arms and hug her, but she won’t even let me close.” She added, frustration filling her voice.
“I know it’s hard, believe me I feel exactly the same way. But we have to be patient, she’ll get there eventually.” Max said, pulling her into a comforting embrace
“I hope so.” Liz replied, resting her head against his chest, all the while watching the lonely little girl.

Having Rebecca around had helped improve Liz’s mood no end though. Thoughts of their own child had taken a back burner, both concentrating on the young girl. It comforted Max, despite his deep seeded desire for his own child. Seeing Liz happy was so much more important to him, and Rebecca was certainly challenging without even uttering many words.

Dinner was the normal quiet affair when Rebecca was visiting. Both Max and Liz asked her questions, gently probing her to open up to them, but she hardly said a word. Instead the five year old pushed around the hamburger and salad on her plate, taking tiny bites before sinking low in her chair as if to escape from where she was.

“Rebecca, would you like some more?” Liz queried, trying to prise out some words. Instead all the little girl did was shake her head, eyes kept low as she clung desperately to the stuffed grey rabbit in her arms. Gently touching her hand with his fingers, Max squeezed slightly, knowing how desperate Liz felt.

That night, as they lay in bed, Liz felt tears fill in her eyes. She’d known adopting wasn’t going to be easy. Rebecca had more than her fair share of baggage too, the circumstances surrounding her placement at the orphanage not the best. Although they didn’t know full details, a child loosing their parents would have emotional problems. But Liz hadn’t expected it to be this difficult. No matter what she did, how hard she tried or what she arranged as an activity, Rebecca just had no enthusiasm.

“It’s ok babe.” Max said softly, pulling her tightly in his arms as her tears splashed against his bare chest.
“I’m sorry.” She choked.
“Don’t be, I understand your frustration. I don’t know how to get through to Rebecca, how to make her understand we’re here to love her, but it’ll happen eventually Liz. I don’t remember much of when my parents brought Isabelle and I home, but I remember feeling lost. Rebecca probably just feels the same way, and I’d hazard a guess she misses her family dearly.” He responded, kissing his wife’s head.
“I want to help her Max, I want to so much.” Liz wept, as he caressed her hair.

It was the dead of night when she heard the sound. For a moment Liz sat bolt upright, believing she’d dreamt the noise, or imagined it. Straining her ear she listened hard, and sure enough the sound filled the hallway again. Jumping quickly from her bed, Liz grabbed her thin silk wrap round gown and dashed out of the room, barely aware of her husband’s stirring.

Approaching Rebecca’s room the wailing sound grew louder, piecing the centre of Liz’s heart. Pushing open the door gently she looked towards the bed. The bright moonlight shone in casting silver hues over Rebecca’s tiny frame. The little girl was curled on her side, knees scooped up and deep tracks of damp tears streamed down her face. Just the sight of her made Liz’s heart break. Normally Rebecca shunned personal embraces, shying away from hugs or kisses, but all Liz desired was to pull her close into her arms and soothe away the pain.

“Becky?” She asked softly, not completely sure if the little girl was awake or dreaming. Her little body racked with sobs, but no real stirring appeared. Sitting down gently on the edge of the bed, Liz stretched out a tentative hand and placed it on Rebecca’s shoulder. Rubbing it gently she tried to soothe her without getting too close. It was clear the little girl didn’t like invasion of personal space.

“Shhh, it’s ok sweetie.” Liz said gently, wiping away tears on the cheek nearest her. Movement from Rebecca startled Liz; she hadn’t meant to wake the little girl up.

Rebecca’s big brown eyes slowly opened and stared up at Liz for what seemed like an eternity. More tears cascaded down her pale cheeks, her bottom lip quivering in sobs. Pushing herself up from the fluffy white pillow, Rebecca paused for the briefest moment before flinging her arms around Liz’s neck.

“Oh Becky. It’s ok sweetie, it’s just a bad dream.” Liz whispered, a hand moving to the little girl’s back the other caressing her long brown hair. Holding her strongly in her arms, Liz tried to stop the tears, trying to make the little girl feel safe once more. Her own tears formed in her eyes, wishing with all her mite that there were a way to take away Becky’s pain.

She hadn’t even realised he was awake, let alone been aware of Max standing in the open doorway surveying the sight of both Rebecca and Liz crying softly. It wasn’t until he sunk to his knees beside the bed and pulled them both into his arms that she was finally aware of his presence. One of Rebecca’s arms relinquished its tight grip around Liz’s neck, to place it around Max’s. His strong arms felt so good to Liz, helping to ease the tears she was shedding.

Neither knew how long they stayed in the clinch, but eventually Max finally let go of the two ladies in his life. Rebecca’s eyes looked puffy and red, but tiredness was also present. Liz wasn’t ready to let her go though, not wanting the little girl to have another nightmare. Clearly reluctant to have Rebecca so far away from them.

Without having to voice words, Max gently scooped Rebecca into his arms, before easing his free hand under Liz’s arm and pulling her to her feet. Guiding her out of the room, they headed back to their bedroom. Placing Rebecca in the middle of the king sized bed, Max laid down beside her. With very little hesitation Liz did the same, lying on the opposite side. Within minutes Becky had fallen back to sleep, leaving Max and Liz to watch over her.

No words were needed to be exchanged as Max glanced towards his wife. The corner had been turned; finally Rebecca was starting to let them in. It had taken a scary dream, a nightmare, but finally she’d let Liz close.

“It’ll be ok now Max.” Liz whispered, raising a hand to his cheek and caressing it gently.
“I know babe.” He responded, laying his head down on the pillow and encouraging Liz to do the same.

As the sunlight streamed brightly into the room, Max slowly opened his eyes. The sight that greeted him tugged firmly at his heartstrings, causing a smile to form over his lips.

Lying beside him on her back was a beautiful brunette. Hair flailing over the pillow, face angelic and tiny fingers wrapped around one of his strong hands as if holding on to him for dear life.

Next to the sleeping child laid his stunning wife. Her own dark brown hair scattered behind her with a few strands across her face. Her arm lay across Rebecca, encircling her with protection to give the little girl the security she craved. A glance of his eyes noted Rebecca also had a tight grip of Liz’s hand with the tiny fingers of her other palm.

Stretching out his free hand, Max reached over to Liz, pushing her hair out of the way so he could see her sleeping face. He loved waking up before Liz in the mornings, being able to just watch her. She took on an innocent, somewhat childlike expression as she slept, something similar to that of an angel he often thought.

This morning was no exception, although instead of one gorgeous brunette he was sharing his bed with two. The night had been exhausting, both physically and mentally on both adults. Although Rebecca had fallen back to sleep relatively easily once in their bed, Liz had stayed awake. He wondered partly if it was to take in the image of Rebecca curled in their bed between them. It was by far the closest the either of them had been allowed to get to the little girl.

A gnawing feeling of concern filled his mind as he gently stroked Liz’s cheek. What if Rebecca pushed them away again in the cold light of day?

“Hi.” Liz breathed sleepily, opening her eyes to look at her husband.
“Hi babe.” He replied, stretching over Rebecca’s sleeping form to give Liz a delicate morning kiss.
“Hmm, I guess last night really happened.” Liz started, smoothing down the young girl’s hair while noting the tight grip on her other hand. “I was afraid it was just a dream.”
“No dream.” Max said, thoughts running quickly through his mind. “Liz, if she pushes us away again ………”
“Relax Max, it’s ok. I know deep down Becky needs us and that’s more than enough for now. I’m not about to freak out if she slips back into her shell again. We’ll just have to work even harder to coax her out.” Liz reassured him.

The rest of the weekend sailed by, and all too soon it was time to drop Rebecca back off at the Orphanage. Although she hated leaving the little girl, this time it felt even worse for Liz. So much progress had been made, much down to the terrible nightmare. Rebecca hadn’t withdrawn back into her shell throughout the day, something that made Liz’s heart soar. The little girl still wasn’t completely open, but Liz knew patience was a virtue.

“Did everything go ok this weekend?” Angie asked, ushering Max and Liz into her office. Getting a debriefing from prospective parents was an important part of Angie’s work; she liked to know how the children were settling in.
“There was a little hiccup, but nothing major.” Max replied.
”Rebecca had a nightmare. Nothing major but it scared her for a while.” Liz replied.
“Hmm, did she say what the dream was about at all?” Angie queried, concerned.
“No, why?”
“Well it could be partly to do with her subconscious starting to remember the events prior to coming here. It took Rebecca nearly six months to start taking again, but she’s always said she never remembered anything.”
“What happened to Rebecca? What happened to her family?” Max queried.
“Mr Evans you know I am not supposed to divulge personal information until the adoption is final ……..” Angie started.
“It will be final as soon as my lawyers have completed the paperwork. We will be taking Rebecca home for good in the very near future. Just tell us what happened so we can help her.” Max insisted.

“Ok fine, I’ll tell you.” Angie started. “Rebecca’s mother was a single parent, barely 22 I believe. Unfortunately she fell asleep one night in the lounge area and according to the fire investigators a cigarette ignited the sofa causing the house to catch fire. Janice didn’t stand a chance since there were no smoke detectors installed. A neighbour heard Rebecca’s cries and called the fire brigade. It’s thought she woke up with the room filled with smoke. By the time the fire-fighters broke in she was unconscious.”

“Oh my gosh!” Liz wept. She’d known Rebecca’s situation hadn’t been the best, but this was terrible.
“Fortunately Rebecca is a resilient young girl. There are no obvious side affects now apart from her quietness. That’s something I think will be overcome in time though.”
“What of her father?” Max asked.
“I’ve no news on him I’m afraid. From what I can gather he left soon after Rebecca was born and no one’s heard from him since. Attempts were made to find him after the accident, but to no avail.”
“The poor child.” Liz said again. “No wonder she was so scared when she woke up.”
“You think she’s remembering about the fire?”
“Yes …. Without a doubt.” Liz confirmed.

“Hmm, then I think it may be wise to suspend next week’s visitation.” Angie thought out loud. “If Rebecca is remembering things then I think we need to keep her in an environment she knows well. Then we can arrange for a therapist to come in and work through her memories to see exactly what she remembers.”
“No!” Liz cried out, more vigorously than she had intended.
“Excuse me?” The Orphanage director asked pointedly. Angie certainly wasn’t used to parents questioning her decisions. In her eyes, if going to the Evans’ house was causing her fears to resurface then it wasn’t good for Rebecca.

“I’m sorry. Look Angie, I know you think you’re doing what’s best for Rebecca, but taking her away from us will do exactly the opposite. This weekend has been a great breakthrough. She’s opened up and finally let us get close to her. If you stop us from seeing Becky, and hand her over to some therapist she’ll retract back into her shell …. I just know she will.” Liz clarified, as Max held tightly to her hand.
“And you know this how?” Angie countered.
“Because I know that little girl. I can’t explain it, I just know that if you take her away from us she’ll feel like she’s lost another set of parents.” Liz replied, tears stinging her eyes at the thought of loosing the little girl she looked on as her daughter.

Looking back at the couple Angie tried to decide what to do for best. It was clear by Max and Liz’s determined faces that they cared about Rebecca, strong feelings cemented even in the short space of time since coming to the Orphanage that first time. She wasn’t used to having to question her own feelings on a subject, but this was one of those rare times.

Watching their eyes stare back at her, Max’s almost daring her to deny them access, she knew she’d be in for a fight if she took Rebecca away. Then again, she couldn’t deny that the little girl did seem happier when she returned today. Instead of climbing up the wooden stairs and sitting alone on the top step, Rebecca had disappeared outside. Still hugging her grey rabbit with all her might, she had headed towards a group of young girls playing house and, surprising Angie, had tentatively asked to join in. Maybe Max and Liz Evans were good for this little girl; maybe the normal plan of pulling the placement if bad memories surfaced wasn’t applicable in this instance.

“Ok, I’ll accept your pleas. But please remember that if Rebecca gets worse, I will have no choice but to reassess the situation. I like you Max, Liz, I really do and I know we all have Rebecca’s best interests at heart here.”
“We do Angie, and I will be totally upfront and confirm we are firmly intending to adopt Rebecca no matter what.” Max added.

The firm authority in his voice gave her no need for clarification; Angie knew they would be up for the task. The fire raging eyes of both parents, the stark body language begging to fight if need be.

One thing was completely clear to the Orphanage director; Rebecca would have a new set of parents just as soon as the adoption was legal.


TBC ………………..?

Author: Kazza – 13th May 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 43

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


“Ok, I’ll accept your pleas. But please remember that if Rebecca gets worse, I will have no choice but to reassess the situation. I like you Max, Liz, I really do and I know we all have Rebecca’s best interests at heart here.”
“We do Angie, and I will be totally upfront and confirm we are firmly intending to adopt Rebecca no matter what.” Max added.

The firm authority in his voice give her no need for clarification, Angie knew they would be up for the task. Rebecca would have a new set of parents just as soon as the adoption was legal.“Ok, I’ll accept your pleas. But please remember that if Rebecca gets worse, I will have no choice but to reassess the situation. I like you Max, Liz, I really do and I know we all have Rebecca’s best interests at heart here.”
“We do Angie, and I will be totally upfront and confirm we are firmly intending to adopt Rebecca no matter what.” Max added.

The firm authority in his voice gave her no need for clarification; Angie knew they would be up for the task. The fire raging eyes of both parents, the stark body language begging to fight if need be.

One thing was completely clear to the Orphanage director; Rebecca would have a new set of parents just as soon as the adoption was legal.


The adoption seemed to take so long, however to Liz. The paperwork seemed endless, the red tape too much at times.

But six weeks after they had first petitioned to take legal custody of Rebecca, the temporary foster care was granted by the courts. Since the little girl’s father could still, possibly, be in the picture, Max and Liz couldn’t outright adopt her at first. Instead it would take six months of legal guardianship before they could officially adopt the little girl whom both Max and Liz looked on as their daughter.

It had taken a while, but by the time they brought her home on a sunny Wednesday afternoon Rebecca was completely happy. Watching her bounce eagerly onto the back seat as Max placed her small holdall of belongings into the car, Liz couldn’t stifle a huge smile of happiness. No longer was Rebecca the shy, reserved little girl who refused to speak unless absolutely necessary. Instead she was a happy, laughing five-year-old nearly a million miles away from the sad, lonely one she had been.

The timing of Rebecca’s permanent foster care with Max and Liz couldn’t have been better planned. For that weekend was Isabelle and Alex’s wedding. The day had been meticulously planned right down to the smallest detail. Although time had been against all concerned in the planning, Isabelle had let very little of the details slip. She still made sure, with the help of family and friends, that everything down to the smallest detail was perfect.

The colourings of the bridesmaid’s dresses were identical shimmering silver to Alex’s hand made waistcoat, and the bow ties each man in the wedding party would don. Isabelle’s dress too had been hand sewn by Diane, the only way her daughter could get the dress of her dreams in the time allowed. Midnight black tuxedos were also the order of the day, along with delicate cream roses as buttonholes.

Morning sickness had hampered the plans, with Isabelle suffering on a regular basis with trying to keep food down. On each occasion Alex hated it, seeing her looking pale and drawn, the sound of her retching clawing at his heart. On more than one occasion, despite Isabelle’s protests otherwise, part of him wished she wasn’t pregnant and then hence no pain inflicted on her.

The inability to marry early in the day due to the sickness made Isabelle amend her plans, and in the end it was Liz who had come up with the perfect compromise. Later in the afternoon and evening was Isabelle’s best time, the time when she radiated only the way a pregnant woman could. So that was the most natural time to have the wedding according to Liz.

After pulling a few strings, and easily twisting Jim around her finger, Liz had secured the Oreanna and put her plan into action. The whole hotel was cleared for the Saturday evening, at considerable cost absorbed with glee by Jim. Rooms were made up for all the guests to stay the night, along with the large ballroom that was to house the evening sit down meal and entertainment afterwards.

The actual wedding ceremony, however, would be conducted in the beautifully sculpted grounds of the hotel. The grass had been freshly mowed and flower bushes and trees trimmed in preparation. The softly running lake at the bottom of the large grounds would be the perfect setting. A small gazebo style shelter had been set up along with lush velvet carpeting for the guests to sit on. For this was no ordinary, traditional wedding in the true sense. No, this one would be conducted under the fall of darkness with only the silver moon and glistening stars to add light and ambience.

Max and Liz arrived at the hotel a little after 3pm on the Saturday, and already found it a buzz with activity. Flowers were being set up in the grand hallway, the smell of all number of mouth-watering foods being prepared in the kitchen nearby. A quiet smile ran over her face as Liz surveyed all that was hers and her work. The whole idea for the style of wedding had been hers, and it felt good to give something back to Isabelle when her sister in law had been panicking on how to make the wedding special and different.

“You ok?” Max queried softly, as Rebecca stood between them clasping tightly to their hands.
“Yeah, happy.” Liz responded, smiling back at him so he could see her contentment.
“How about you princess?” Max asked, stretching out a hand to stroke her silky brown hair.
“Yeah.” Rebecca responded, sounding somewhat shell-shocked by the awe of the grand hallway and staircase.
“It’s pretty here isn’t it?” Liz said, crouching down to the little girl’s level.
“Yeah, I like it.”
“Me too honey, me too.” Liz replied, putting her arms around Rebecca to hug her close.

“Oh Liz you’re here, thank goodness!” Maria said, flying down the staircase. “Isabelle’s panicking about something and you’re the only one who can calm her down.
“Ok, I’ll go straight up.” Liz replied, before turning to Max. “You ok to look after Becky for a while?”
“Sure, we’ll go find Mackenzie and the guys.” Max said, looking at his little girl before sweeping her up into his strong arms and nuzzling her cheek with his nose. The light giggle omitted from her lips filling his ears with warmth as they strode away.
“Ok, so what’s this emergency?” Liz started as they ascended the stairs towards Isabelle’s room.

Emergency averted and problem solved, the hours flew past with infinite ease and before long it was a little after 7.00pm, and the guests were starting to arrive. In the large bridal suite Isabelle stood in the centre of the room as Diane gently pulled the zip up to her perfect wedding dress.

The material was a light silk in a pale ivory colour. Thin straps held the tight bodice that hugged her already blooming bust. Nipped gently at waist and hips to hide the slight bulge in her stomach where the baby was starting to grow, before flowing out in a gentle skirt of soft cream silk. Crystallised beads decorated the bodice in straight lines, along with small clusters scattered over the skirt area of the dress. The jacket she was to wear over the top was full length with a high backed collar and long sleeves ending in a point at the centre of each hand, the warm golden silk colouring perfect to enhance her slight brown tan.

In the other room, Liz was kneeling on the floor, the dress hitched slightly so she could crouch. Her fingers gently tickled Rebecca’s feet, igniting a childish giggle from her little angel. Slipping the little girl’s feet in to tiny ballet shoes, Liz pressed a finger to Rebecca’s nose gently before smiling and helping the little girl to the floor.

Without a doubt she looked every bit a beautiful tiny princess. Rebecca’s hair had been caught in ringlets before being pulled half up and finished with a twist of silver metal framing a tiny tiara on her head. The dress was the same silver silk as the other bridesmaids although it flowed outwards in the style all little girls loved and approved of. In her hand she held on tightly to her grey rabbit named Bunnie who would accompany her down the isle as she followed Isabelle. The stuffed toy had been cleaned especially and donned silver clothing to match the dresses also made by Diane.

Maria stood nearby smiling appreciatively as Rebecca twirled around to show off her new look. Liz and Maria were dressed identically in long silver evening gowns with a dipped ruffled neckline, low scooped back and slit high on their right thigh legs. Matching silver sandals donned their feet, with hair pulled back into French twists with strands falling around their faces to frame the look.

“It’s so great to see you happy again Liz.” Maria finally said, as they watched Rebecca dash out to show the bride-to-be how she looked.
“I am happy Maria, more happier than I think I’ve ever been.” Liz confided.
“I never knew how much coming to see me and Mac hurt you. I didn’t know you yearned for a child too.”
“It’s past history now Maria, water under the bridge. I’m not proud of a lot of things that have happened over the last eight months or so, but I can’t change them. All I know now is I love Max more than I ever felt possible, and Rebecca …… she has just made our lives complete.” Liz beamed.
“And you deserve every moment of that happiness. So, have you and Max given up trying for a child of your own?” Her friend asked.
“No … just put it on hold for a while I guess.” She said wistfully. “I still really want a child with Max, but I’m prepared to hold off for a while. Rebecca is an angel but she’s a handful at times too.” Liz smiled, before a call from Isabelle took them from the confinements of the bedroom.

Just before 8pm the wedding party filled out into the warm night and headed towards the water’s edge to wait for the bride. Instead of chairs, to keep informality, there were rows of plush silver velvet cushions for each guest to sit on during the ceremony. Each had an entwining image of two hearts sewn on the front, with Isabelle and Alex’s name against each heart.

Waiting at the bottom of the grand staircase, Liz, Maria and Rebecca watched as Isabelle descended towards her waiting father. A brim of tears filled Liz’s eyes, memories of her own wedding to Max rushed to the front as she took in how beautiful Isabelle looked. Her long flowing hair fell down her back like a blanket, half had been scooped up and twisted around in a semi bun to give weight behind her stunning tiara full of silver and sparkling white diamonds.

After an exchange of quick kisses and words of encouragement they made their way down to where the guests, and more importantly Alex, were waiting patiently. Wooden stakes in the ground marked the start and end of the isle, lit with a flame and burning brightly against the dark shadows of the trees.

Walking in front of Isabelle and Philip, Rebecca took handfuls of cream coloured rose petals, sprinkling them along the path between the guests, smiling happily at all the faces that turned her way.

As he watched her, Max felt his heart soar to even greater heights. His four favourite women were in close proximity, and he couldn’t be happier. Rebecca, his little perfect angel, his ever-loving mother, the sister he was fiercely protective of, and then Liz.

His Liz, his beautiful wife and mother of their nearly adopted little girl. The sparkle was back in her eyes, the smile across her face beaming like a beacon in the dark night. All memories of the tears and broken dreams of no baby were a million miles away now, happiness reigned supreme.

Pulling up along side Alex, Isabelle turned to accept a kiss from her father before turning back to the man who would soon become her husband. Under the silver moon and twinkling brightly stars, they exchanged vows as the magical enchantment of their surroundings enveloped all who watched them. There was something of a storybook magic to the whole event, like a child disappearing down to the bottom of a garden in the hope of finding fairies to play with.

Taking hold of Liz’s hand, Max watched as his sister utter the soft words, all the while thinking back to his own wedding to his beautiful wife. Rebecca stood in front of them, completely transfixed by what was happening, still clinging on tightly to her grey Bunnie.

Maria stood next to them, with Michael’s arm wrapped around her shoulders to pull her close to his body. Their son sat in his arms wriggling only slightly as the proceedings took place. Smiling at her little boy, Maria caught hold of Mackenzie’s flailing hand, before gently accepting a kiss from Michael.

Tears slipped down Diane’s face as she watched her only daughter recite the vows to Alex. Isabelle was no longer a little girl, instead would be a mother in her own right in not too many months. It was a lot for Diane to take in under the spell of the midnight garden. The feel of Philip’s hand around her shoulders helped to alleviate her emotions somewhat, he too had tears filling his eyes.

Behind them stood Jim, beaming his usual warm smile across his gruff face. His hand held tightly to the beauty beside him, the changes in his life so swift that he sometimes had to pinch himself to remind they were real. Since Max and Liz’s wedding, Jim and Amy had gone out, tentatively at first and then more openly. He was happy, happier than he had been in a very long time, and that was all thanks to Amy.

After a delicious meal on the veranda area at the back of the hotel, the wedding party headed into the ballroom for the customary first dance. Taking his beautiful bride’s hand, Alex led her to the dance floor, twirling her around on the tip of his finger as they reached the centre. By now Isabelle had shed the coat of her dress, and Alex’s tuxedo jacket lay across the back of his chair, all casual and relaxed following the constant theme of the wedding through to the evening.

The sound of the band filled the room, the lead singing out the words to the song chosen by the couple dancing in the centre.

I close my eyes,
And even when I'm sleeping
I'm alright,
'Cause You are in my life.

Taking in the beautiful sight of his new wife, Alex couldn’t hold back the proud smile that decorated his face. Isabelle looked stunning, radiant, and so very much his. The child growing deep inside made his heart jump, the result of the love that flowed between them. All his hopes and dreams were coming true that day, not only was he marrying Isabelle, but he’d soon be a father, the one thing he desired with so much of his heart. And he’d love every moment of protecting their young child, building a happy, safe home and showering their son or daughter in the love that had been void in his life for so long.

Once upon a time,
I only imagined this
And now you're mine.
Oh, I tried so hard...
Prayed that you'd find me;
Maybe you’re here today,
Here to remind me

Holding on tightly, Isabelle was more than grateful for his warm embrace and strong hold. For she knew she’d either melt into a puddle on the floor or float away like a helium balloon caught on a vagrant puff of wind. The day had been perfect; the night so spellbinding she never wanted it to end. As they danced slowly around the polished ballroom floor, Isabelle concluded she’d never been as happy as she was at that very moment. Her wonderful, strong husband with his arms entwined with her body, and their unborn child growing slowly deep inside.

If you believe that dreams come true,
There's one that's waiting there for you.
'Cause I believed when I saw you
That when you want something enough,
That it can't escape your love.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be...
If you believe, oh oh...

Watching his sister so happy, Max couldn’t stop from reaching out and pulling Liz close to his body as they sat. Feeling her head rest gently on his shoulders, Max felt every bit as content as her. Rebecca was sitting with her feet crossed on the chair beside them, gazing unequivocally at the newlyweds dancing. The pure innocence and awe of the look in her eyes taking his breath away.

The feeling of Liz twisting in his arms pulled Max’s attention back to her. Bright eyes shone up to him as her eyes locked with his, a smile crossing her gloss covered lips. Reaching out a hand he gently caressed her cheek, trailing a finger along her jaw line before tracing the outline of her silky lips.

Unable to hold back any longer, as the soft music swirled around them, Max dipped his head, capturing Liz’s lush lips in a sweet, soft kiss that quickly escalated to sizzling proportions.

Everybody said
That I was a fool to think
That we could bear; (Everybody said that...)
But I couldn't get my heart out of my head,
And they just didn't see;
No, they just could not.
Feeling that you care,
The places that you can...

Adjusting the tot sleeping soundly in his arms, Michael gazed towards Maria. Her eyes looked glazed somewhat, glistening with tears of joy at the emotional moment she was watching. And if he admitted it, he’d tell her he had a lump in his throat watching the woman he looked on as his sister dancing with her new husband.

Dropping his eyes downwards, Michael took in the sleeping form of his baby son. Even now, eight months since he had first entered the world, he still found it hard to believe Mackenzie was his. Although their tot had his fair share of tantrums and tears, overall the experience of having a child had blown Michael away. Watching Maria nurse him as they cuddled in bed, or his son smiling a gappy grin could send his heart soaring and a lump of emotion in his throat.

“Looks cute sleeping doesn’t he?” Maria said softly, touching a hand to her son’s cheek.
“Yeah he does. Takes after his mother I think.” Michael replied smoothly, leaning across to seal his words with a kiss.

If you believe that dreams come true,
There's one that's waiting there for you.
'Cause I believed when I saw you
That when you want something enough,
That it can't escape Your love.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be...
If you believe.

Glancing across the dance floor past the newlyweds, Amy couldn’t help but take in the sight of her only daughter. It was clear by the open affection that Michael cared very deeply for Maria and vice versa. Amy certainly couldn’t fault Michael in how he cared for his son, or how Michael had done his fair share of nappy changing and midnight feeds. Silently she conceded she’d been wrong with her first impression of her daughter’s love choice. Then again, he had been bare from the waist up, standing in her kitchen in the early morning with clear indication he had previously spent the night.

Feeling a hand on her arm, Amy turned her attention back to the man beside her. Jim Valenti, she smiled. He wasn’t necessarily a man she would have actively sought after, but his charm and brilliant smile had won her over in no time. For as long as she could remember, Amy had roamed around looking for Mr Right but only ever finding subjects who fell woefully short. But that had all changed at Max and Liz’s wedding, the moment her eyes had set upon his sparkling blue ones.

Mmm, she thought, who knew, maybe one day that could be them dancing around after getting married, basking in the afterglow exchanging vows ignited.

Never wished for material things;
Never needed wind in my wings.
I never wished for anything but you...oh!
I can't explain it,
Someone just told me,
"Go where your heart is,
You'll never be lonely.”

Touching his nose to hers, Alex smiled warmly at his bride. Her eyes alight with emotion and a tinge of happy tears. Dipping his head, he captured her lips in a soft, sensual kiss, completely oblivious of all the onlookers around them. Instead he took in the ambience of the music and acted on pure instinct. And that instinct told him to kiss her with all his might to show how much he loved her with his whole heart.

Skimming his mouth across hers, he snaked out a tongue to gently touch her bottom lip. Gently he swept it back and fourth, before an omitted sigh from Isabelle gave him the opportunity he needed. Taking her slightly parted lips he slipped his tongue inside, intent on tasting the honey goodness she held deep in the dark and dangerous crevasses of her mouth.

If you believe that dreams come true,
There's one that's waiting there for you.
'Cause I believed when I saw you
That (when you believe) when you want someone enough,
Then they can't escape your love
There is nothing in the world that cannot be,
If you believe.
Believe, believe, believe, ooh... .

All too soon the romantic music came to an end, signalling Alex and Isabelle needed to mingle with their many guests. The grandfather clock outside chimed 11pm, as Alex snatched Isabelle’s hand before she could move away.

“Now don’t you go running off and turning into a pumpkin at midnight will you princess?” Alex joked, his eyes dancing.
“Oh, and there was me hoping Prince Charming might come and rescue me.” She bantered back.
“Oh Prince Charming ‘ll be there at midnight waiting for you, that I can promise babe.” He breathed, pulling her close for one more crushing kiss before reluctantly letting her float from his embrace.

The party ensued, with all the guests enjoying a wide selection of food from the buffet, plenty of free flowing alcohol and much dancing to music. A while later a slower song drummed up by the band brought Max to his feet, holding a hand out towards his wife before leading Liz to the dance floor.

Capturing her fingers in his hand, he deftly slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her close to his body. Her eyes drifted up to take in his face and the wonders she saw there. His eyes were mischievously dancing full of intent, his lips pursed in a smile causing two small dimples on his cheeks. Without a doubt he looked immensely handsome in a tailor fitted tuxedo, even without his jacket on. Through the silky cotton of his shirt she could feel his rippling biceps, just the thought of the strength he had in his arms made her stomach flip. No matter what, if Max was with her, nothing would ever hurt Liz …. Nor the cute little angel who watched them as they danced only a few feet away.

Kissing her forehead, Max stole a sweet kiss from her lips before turning towards Rebecca. The little girl looked tired, not surprisingly since it was a quarter to midnight. But she also looked a little lonely sitting on the table, despite being flanked by both sets of grandparents.

A quick glance at Liz and he knew she was thinking the same, time alone was fun, but Rebecca was just such a huge part of their lives now. Turning back to the little girl, Max beamed a large smile before beckoning her over with a nod of his head. Hesitantly Rebecca slipped her feet to the floor before padding over to her foster parents.

Slipping his hand from Liz’s, Max scooped Rebecca up with a strong arm, before pulling Liz close back to his body. Instinctively Becky wrapped an arm around Max’s neck, before feeling Liz’s hand caress her back. The three of them danced slowly to the music as it swirled around once more. Resting her head against his shoulder Rebecca closed her eyes gently, Max’s movements rocking her towards sleepiness.

By the time the music slowed and Max finally relinquished his hold on Liz, it was clear the tot in his arms was asleep. A smile curled over Liz’s eyes as she brushed away strands of hair from Rebecca’s face, marvelling at how angelic she looked when dozing.

“Time to take a little one to bed I think.” Max said softly, taking hold of Liz’s hand.
“Yeah, me too I think. It’s been a long day.” Liz agreed, suddenly feeling very weary.

And as the grandfather clock in the grand hallway chimed midnight the wedding party finally started to disperse. The newly wedded couple said their goodbyes before ascending up the stairs to the bridal suite.

Following suit family and friends retreated to the allocated rooms for much needed sleep. Laying Rebecca gently down on the bed, Max watched Liz remove the little girl’s tiny ballet shoes and tiara before carefully slipping off the dress. Leaving her in a vest and underwear they pulled the covers over Rebecca’s sleeping form, making sure the grey Bunnie was tightly tucked up beside her.

One more glance at his little girl, Max kissed the top of Liz’s head before leading her into the adjourning room and much needed sleep. Oh how he would sleep well that night, memories of his own wedding day circling around at speed.

TBC ………………..?


For anyone who is interested, the song used for Isabelle and Alex’s wedding dance is If you Believe, by Rachel Lampa

Author: Kazza – 23rd May 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 44

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Hey guys, here's the next part ... hope you enjoy ... but be nice .... it's my birthday today!!*big* *big* *big*


“No, no, no.” Liz exasperated, puffing out a deep breath. “It says bathroom, ba-th-ro-om.” She articulated slowly as if to emphasise her words. “This, at last look is clearly the kitchen.”

Staring up at her, the big burly removal guy blinked back clearly stunned at her tenacity at ordering him about. She was a good couple of feet smaller than him and his beefy frame dwarfed her tiny one. Yet she clearly wasn’t fazed with ordering him about.

“Yes ma’m.” He responded dutifully before turning on his heal and heading towards the imposing staircase.
“Oh maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” Liz mumbled quietly to herself as a gentle shatter of glass coming from just outside the open front door claimed her attention. Sighing heavily she headed out towards the garden, intent on finding out what next of her possessions were in tatters on the front lawn.

The six months of Rebecca’s temporary foster care with Max and Liz were nearly up. Only several more weeks to wait until it was official and she was permanently theirs. Moving had been a good idea at the time, but now she was beginning to question her judgement. By the way these neanderthal removal guys were throwing her things around she’d be lucky to fill a postage stamp with undamaged furniture.

Although Max’s house had been large, with three more than adequate bedrooms, moving had seemed the obvious choice. His garden had been small and the house itself not particularly childproof, much more like a bachelor pad. Not that Rebecca was an irresponsible child by any means, but more it wasn’t the house Liz wanted to raise the little girl in. The street the old house had occupied was busy and always full of traffic, perfect for the single man Max had previously been, close to his offices and the nightlife of LA.

But Liz had firm ideas on the type of house she wanted to bring Rebecca up in. The house her own parents had raised Liz in had been bright, roomy and very inviting, and Liz had wanted just that for her and Max. So when a house had caught her eye one Sunday morning as she perused the property section, Liz had jumped at viewing it. Despite his private reservations, one look around and Max too had been completely taken in.

A large hallway greeted as guests stepped inside, eyes drawing instantly towards the impressive pine staircase that bowed out wide at the bottom before winding upwards into a balcony area giving an opportunity to peer over and see all the way back down. A large living room led into a bright dining room, separated only by a set of sliding doors. A double study occupied the opposite side of the hall and next-door was a room perfect for a playroom for Rebecca. At the back the spacious kitchen looked out on to the long garden.

Up the staircase lead to five ample sized bedrooms, two with ensuite bathrooms, along with the main bathroom. Not only was the house inviting as Liz wanted, it also held much invention for extending it or redesigning as necessary. The small street was quiet; a well-bred neighbourhood where they’d know Rebecca would be safe. Next door also had a little girl whom they’d met briefly when they’d arrived that morning. Liz couldn’t help but hope Rebecca and Caitie would get on well. They certainly seemed to as the two girls giggled and chattered as they collected light boxes from the removal van.

“You ok babe?” Max queried, watching his wife stand in the house doorway and rub the temple of her head rhythmically with her fingers.
“Yeah, just an awful headache.” She admitted. “I’ll be glad when the movers have gone and we’re able to get on with picking up the broken pieces and getting this place in order.”
“Don’t worry about anything Liz, it’ll be ok. Anything that’s broken can be fixed or replaced, there’s no point stressing.” Max said, turning just in time to see Rebecca drop a large flowerpot that had previously been positioned outside his old front door. The clay pot seemed to tumble in midair before hitting the concrete and shattering in large crumbled clumps. The little girl’s eyes darted upwards towards her new parents, a well of tears filling as quickly as the pot had broken.

“Like I said, anything broken can be replaced.” He winked at Rebecca, whose bottom lip trembled with emotion. “Besides, my mother bought me that pot, and it didn’t much like it anyway.” He added grinning, slowly coxing a smile from the little girl who had pulled her grey Bunnie from the pocket at the front of her pinafore dress to hold him tightly like a security blanket.

Over the previous few months they’d managed to wean Rebecca away from the stuffed toy. Now she was able to go to school or play with friends without her cuddly toy in toe. The Bunnie still followed her wherever she went within the house, but they could cope with that. It was her security blanket, the one item that could comfort her if she felt scared or worried no matter what.

“How about we go and find your room Becky?” Liz suggested, stretching out her hand to encourage the little girl.
“Ok.” She replied, the smile spreading over her face at the thought of seeing her new room. “Come on Caitie.” She added, encouraging her new playmate to join them.

Rebecca had had more than a little hand in designing her new bedroom. Since they wanted the house perfect for when they moved in, builders and decorators had occupied the house for the previous month before Max and Liz had decided to move in. Including Rebecca in every part of the process of deciding what would go in her room, colours and fabrics helped to get her to adjust to moving house. At first Liz had been afraid the little girl wouldn’t take kindly to being uprooted yet again. But the project of designing her own room had won her round quickly. The little girl, too, had shown a remarkable flare for colour co-ordination, and Liz more than once wondered if this would be Rebecca’s forte.

Climbing the stairs, they rounded the top of the stairway before pushing open the door to Rebecca’s room. The little girl’s face was a perfect picture as she took in the wonder of her new room.

The walls were painted in a cotton candy pink, with white painted skirting board and door. Along one length of the room stood a large wardrobe with a small dressing table and mirror that lit up at the touch of a switch. In the other corner a rocking horse stood proud with a big sandy coloured teddy bear on its back. A dolls house, toy doll cradle and high chair, along with a wooden box filled with other toys stood nearby. Shelves filled with books and Rebecca’s growing collection of Beanie Babies were placed either side of the bed.

The bed itself was a work of art on its own. It had taken a week of various calls but Max had finally found someone who he could commission to create the perfect dream bed Rebecca wanted. The headboard was designed in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head, the foot in the shape of Ariel from the Little Mermaid with painted features of each. Along each side donned more Disney characters and the bedspread had a large print of Cinderella, Rebecca’s favourite Disney character.

Without a doubt the room had a strong feel of happy childhood memories, and a perfect little girl’s haven. It had been Max and Liz’s hope that it would make Rebecca feel even more part of their family, make her realise she was staying for good with them.

As the little girl ran over to her bed to survey the remarkable art work, and Caitie ran excited over to the large Victorian dolls house, Max wrapped his arms around Liz’s waist. For a moment they stood in the doorway, surveying the two girls excitedly laughing and investigating all the wonders of the room. Liz’s eyes misted with teary emotion for a moment, as she watched Rebecca pull out her Bunnie, hug him close before putting him down on the pillow of the bed. Then she turned on her heal to join Caitie at the large dolls house to play.

“I think she likes it.” Max whispered quietly, bending his lips to his wife’s ear
“Yeah, I think you might be right.” Liz replied softly, a smile caressing her lips as she raised a hand to wipe away an escaped tear.
“Let’s leave them to it.” Max suggested, releasing Liz from his embrace before they headed away from the room.

The sound of Rebecca and Caitie’s exploration of the dolls house filled the room and as Liz descended down the stairs a feeling of complete contentment filled every part of her body. For so long the yearning of her own family had consumed her and now she finally had her wish. In a few short weeks Rebecca would be theirs for good and that sound of happy childhood chatter would fill the grand house. And, as she headed into the kitchen to pour some drinks for the workers, if they never had children of their own blood then so be it, she thought. As long as Rebecca was around she would be more than happy. And there would always be another orphaned child desperate for a loving family.

Loading the iced lemonade filled glasses on to a tray, Liz headed out to the front of the house before setting down the tray on the steps. Yes, she thought, they would be more than ok no matter what.

Lifting her own glass to her lips, Liz allowed her gaze to follow her husband. Max was lifting a heavy box from the removal van, and was a sight to be seen in Liz’s eyes.

His denim shirt had been long since shed in the rising afternoon heat. Instead just a tight fitted white t-shirt hung loose over faded blue jeans ridding low on his hips. His forehead glistened with sweat from the exertion of carrying heavy items; his hair plastered against his face somewhat. Watching his arm muscles ripple and taut as they moved, she allowed a smile to cross her lips. He was clearly a strong man, his powerful legs, broad shoulders and toned upper arms. And his big hands. Oh how she knew those hands so very well.

Closing her eyes for a moment against the warm sun, Liz’s thoughts returned to those hands. Big and strong, they were smooth and well kept, a sign that manual labour wasn’t something Max normally did. Not that she would have minded if they were course and rough, no, those hands would be mesmerising no matter what condition the palms were.

For he knew how to captivate her body just by simple sweeps of those well sculpted hands. How the feel of dancing fingers across her bare skin sent her nerve endings into fissions of electricity. The feel of his warm palms moulding her breasts and heating intimate parts of her body to near boiling point. Oh yes they were magical, spellbinding hands, she thought silently as she took a gulp of the cool drink and allowed it to trickle down her throat. Thoughts instantly jumped to Max’s hands once more, the feeling of his fingers on her neck swiftly replaced by his soft, sensual lips.

“You look like you’re having fun.” His dark, hooded voice broke through her thoughts.
“Huh?” She replied hazily, barely aware that he had stooped down to pick up a refreshment.
“I said you look like you’re having fun.” Max confirmed, his eyes roaming her flushed red face. “ What y’ah thinking about?”
“Oh, erm.” Liz blushed further, knowing her crimson complexion was giving her away. Lying to Max was not her forte; he always seemed to be able to see through her. “I was thinking about you actually.” She finally added.

“Me huh? Anything good?”
“Oh yeah.” She breathed dreamily.
”Really?” Max said, his eyebrows rising in intrigue. “What was I doing?” He added, stepping in closer and wrapping his arms around her waist.
“Something like this actually.” She replied, her eyes locking with his.
“Yeah? What about this?” He asked, one well rehearsed hand scooting up her body to cup her soft, red cheek. One look in her heat filled eyes was indication enough that he was on the right track.

Dipping his head, he connected with her warm, soft lips. Brushing his against hers he caressed them gently, the velvet feeling sending his head spinning. A gentle sigh from Liz parted her lips, giving him all the indication he needed to slip his tongue inside and instantly deepen the already passionate kiss. His hand slipped around to sink into her inviting silky hair. His other hand caressed her buttocks, pulling her body closer to his so their lower bodies touched and cupped each other. Her hands roamed over his strong, broad shoulders, slipping along the shoulder blades before one hand slipped down into the back pocket of his snug fitting jeans.

Their lips locked and tongues duelled for supremacy, exploring the dark crevices and inviting corners of warm mouths. Her head felt dizzy with the rapid rush of emotions and feelings that hit her brain. Those strong hands she’d fantasised about on her own front door step didn’t disappoint either. Caressing her hair and then the other slid up her back, delving under the light cotton of her shirt to touch skin against skin. As his fingers danced up and down her spine she felt the sudden rush of heat, the imaginary fire his fingertips left in their wake.

Her whole body felt on fire, her skin prickly and sensitive, her lips thorough kissed and loved. Max too wasn’t unaffected by their impromptu embrace. She could feel his hard member pressing against her stomach, straining hard against the restriction of tight jeans. Unable to stop herself, she rocked her body gently, caressing his body with ease.

A hiss left his lips at her movements, a hand dropping to her waist to still the movements. His head was awash with amazing images and warmth, but a little self-control and reason still existed down in the dark depths of his brain. A few moments longer of Liz’s sweet caresses, however, and he’d be a goner.

“Erm …. Excuse me.” A voice called out, clearing his throat with a cough.

The haze surrounded them slowly lifted, replaced with the hot warmth of the LA sun. Squinting eyes Max took in a breath to regain control of his body before turning to face the voice that had interrupted them.

“Yes?” He croaked hoarsely before clearing his throat.
“Are these for the men?” One of the movers queried, pointing to the now warming lemonade.
“Oh yes.” Max replied, before the mover stooped to pick up the tray and walk away.

Burying her face in his chest, Liz tried to hide the hot blush that washed up her neck and flooded her face with red colouring. She’d been imagining his hands, but nothing could compare to the real thing. Yet allowing a kiss to spiral out of control on their own doorstep, movers and neighbours around to see their show. Oh no that would never do.

”Oh god.” She groaned, her embarrassment stifled by his shirt and chest.
“Yeah something like that.” Max replied, dropping a kiss on the top of her head.
“How did that get so out of hand?” She queried, finally lifting her head to look at Max again.
“I guess you’re just such a good kisser.” He grinned back trying to put her at ease.
“Yeah right!” Liz retorted, swatting his chest with her hand.
“Ok, then maybe it was your active imagination.” He replied, his eyes darkening once more.
“How so?”
“Well if you hadn’t looked at me like you were mentally undressing me as I carried that box out then I would never have come over to find out what was running through your mind. And then that kiss would never have started.”
“Oh.” Liz finally replied, knowing his words were more than true.
“But since there are far too many people in our house at the moment, I’ll leave you now.” He said. “But we will finish this later. And that’s a promise.” He added huskily.

Watching Max disappear inside with the box, Liz shook her head to try and break free of the haze that was surrounding her brain. Hell they’d been practically undressing each other on the doorstep in full view of everyone!

Geez what if Rebecca had come down, what would she have thought? Deciding the stress of moving was affecting her common sense, Liz took one more gulp of the drink before disappearing inside to start unpacking. Perhaps she’d then start thinking clearly again.

By late evening, all of the furniture had been moved into the house and located in the respective rooms. Even though there were many boxes around still to be unpacked, the house was surprisingly tidy for having just moved in.

As she read Rebecca’s favourite bedtime story, Cinderella, Liz gazed over the little girl. Her eyes had finally given up the fight and closed, sending Rebecca into a deep sleep. She looked so peaceful as she slept in her new bed, Liz couldn’t help but smile.

Despite everything, all her desire for a child of her own, she was now more than happy. Rebecca was everything Liz wanted in a daughter and so much more.

Brushing away a strand of hair, Liz tucked Bunnie more firmly under the covers before dropping a gentle kiss on the little girl’s forehead. Rising to her feet, she took in one more glance before turning to find Max standing in the doorway.

“She looks like an angel when she’s sleeping doesn’t she?” He commented.
“That she does.” Liz replied wistfully.
“It’s been a long, hard day. Let’s go to bed babe.” He said, extending a hand towards his wife.
“Sounds like the best offer I’ve had all day.” Liz replied.

“Oh I can think of a better offer.” He said seductively.
“Oh yeah? Care to share?”
“I do believe we have some unfinished business Mrs Evans …. Something that started on the doorstep and threatened to spiral rapidly out of control if we hadn’t got interrupted when we did.”
“Hmm, I have vague recollections.” She teased.
“Oh well then let me refresh your memory.” He said, nibbling at her neck as they headed towards their bedroom. “Only this time I don’t intend for us to put on a floor show or be interrupted until I have thoroughly loved you.”

And as the bedroom door was kicked shut by Max causing a gentle thud, she was happy, content, and moving had been the perfect thing to do. Now they were a perfect, happy family and life was more than wonderful at that very moment.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 28th May 2002
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This story is archived on my website,

posted on 28-May-2002 4:09:59 PM
Hi guys,

As always, your feedback is awesome, I'm so glad you're enjoying my story.

I know there hasn't been much interaction with the other 'gang' members, but I have ideas coming up very soon!

Oh and thanks for making my birthday happy!!!! Reading your feedback made me smile!!!!

Take care
posted on 4-Jun-2002 6:34:28 AM
Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 45

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: R/NC-17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


The soft, joyous giggles of Rebecca’s happiness filled the kitchen as Max tickled her in the spacious lounge. The sound made Liz’s hear soar and swell with happiness. A sound that money couldn’t buy, their previously silent little girl was back to her happy self thanks to her new parents. The fun depicted in the next room made Liz wish she could go in and join them. Instead she was doing her utmost to keep her mind on the conversation, rather than wandering towards her husband and little girl.

“I’m sure it’ll be ok. It’s probably just a phase she’s going through right now.” Liz said somewhat distracted, resting the phone in the crook of her shoulder before stirring the tomato pasta sauce simmering on the stove. “Ok mum, I understand that you’re worried but ……… yes I will discuss it with Max …….. No I won’t forget ……… yes I promise to call you as soon as we’ve talked. Ok, bye mum.”

Crossing the room, Liz switched off the phone before laying it down in its cradle. Puffing out a heavy sigh, she turned around to find Max standing in the kitchen doorway. Propped on his back was Rebecca, her face smiling as she held on to Max around his neck.

“Problems?” He queried, spotting the worry lines creasing her brow.
“Yeah I guess.” She replied. “My mother is worried about my sister.”
”How so?”
“Apparently Cali has some new friends.”
“That sounds ominous.”
“Yeah. My mother is probably just overreacting with the situation though.” Liz said, stirring the sauce once more before turning back to Max. Whatever the problem was, no matter whether Liz was overreacting or not, Max knew she need to talk about it. And doing that would be much more achievable without Rebecca underfoot. Despite her young age, she was a very inquisitive little girl, and at that moment Max didn’t know what the problem was.

“Ok princess why don’t you go and play in the garden for a little while before dinner?” Max suggested, lowering Rebecca to the floor.
“Ok.” She replied, before scampering quickly out the ajar back door.

“So what’s Calistia been up to this time?” Max asked, catching Liz’s limp hand and leading her to the table to sit down. Whatever the problem was he’d heard enough to know they were meant to talk according to Nancy Parker.
“Oh plenty! My mother says she’s now found out about the wonders of alcohol.”
“Ahhh.” Max replied knowingly.
“Then there’s these so called boyfriends, my mother says it’s a different one every other week at the moment. She’s probably just exaggerating but still ……” Liz trailed off.

“She’s your mother and you have to humour her.” Max finished.
“Yeah something like that.” Liz admitted. “But I think the icing on the cake, so to speak, happened last night. Apparently my parents had gone out with some friends and came back just before midnight to catch Cali in the middle of a heated make out session!”
“How heated?” Max probed.
“Steamy enough to set the room on fire if you talk to my mother!” Liz responded with mild humour. “Apparently Cali had very little on from the waist up and neither did this lad. My mother was too embarrassed to go into more details suffice to say this lad’s hands were all over my sister like a rash.”
“Oh dear.” Max sighed. “So I take it Cali wasn’t best pleased at being caught in the act so to speak?”
”Yeah you could say that. She’s barely said a word to my parents since and screamed at my dad that she’d never forgive him after he forcibly evicted the lad from the house in the early hours of the morning.”
“Well I can’t say I particularly blame your father. It’s one thing to know your daughter is growing up, but something completely else to see physical proof.” Max said, shivering at the thought of Becky one day growing up and dating.

“So what were you going to discuss with me?” He added, remembering the telephone conversation.
“Well my mother thinks Cali needs to get away from her friends. You know the whole new surroundings, more responsibility less rebellion sort of thing.”
“And this affects us how?”
“She wants us to take in Cali.” Liz replied. “Temporarily of course.” She added hastily.
“Of course.” He parroted, as the words slowly sunk in. “And just how will this help Cali?”
“My mother thinks if Cali moves to LA for a while she’ll calm down. This is a much bigger place than the small town they live in and maybe a change of scenery will help. Besides Cali is gonna work my mother into an early grave if she’s not careful.”

“What do you mean?”
“My mother is petrified Cali is gonna be careless and get pregnant. If it happened here no one would bat an eyelid. But my parents’ town is very judgemental over things like young, unmarried mothers. I guess my mother just wants to preserve the family’s good name.”
“Hmmm.” He mused, mulling over Liz’s words. “And how do you feel about Cali coming to stay with us?”
“Well, it’s not like we don’t have the room, and I guess time away from the restrictions imposed by my parents might stop Cali rebelling.” Liz said. “Then again, the thought of having to keep tabs on my sister doesn’t exactly fill me with joy.”

”Ok, but if we could fix Cali up with a job and treat her like an adult maybe she’ll respect us enough to calm down.” Max said, thinking silently.
“And just where are we gonna get her a job? She’s seventeen years old Max and just about to leave school with no experience, hardly a recipe for most jobs in LA. I’d find something at Amber if I could, but if we worked and lived together we’d probably end up killing each other or something.” Liz replied honestly.
“I was thinking more along the lines of coming to work with me.”

”You? Doing what?” Liz queried.
“Well Isabelle is going to go on maternity leave soon and I need someone to step in. It’ll probably only be temporary, eight months or so until Isabelle comes back or I have to find a permanent replacement. But maybe Cali can help out for a while.”
“But she doesn’t have any office skills Max.” Liz said, trying to picture her sister sitting still long enough to do a secretarial job.
“Oh I’m sure she can learn and Isabelle’s a good teacher. Think about it, it could work.”

And think about it she did. In fact, Liz thought about little else all through out dinner and the rest of the evening. Thoughts of her sister flying around her mind, mixed with Max’s words. But could it really work?

Could she really cope with having Cali under the same roof as her once more? It was no secret they weren’t the closest of sisters, so could they really pull off living with each other without one of them ending up throttled?

Then again, perhaps the time together would do them good, she mused as she brushed her teeth late that night.

Cali had been nine years old when Liz had left to go to UCLA, barely a child and certainly not the tempestuous teenager she had grown to be. They were so different, like chalk and cheese, and sometimes Liz wondered if she’d gone to a nearby university perhaps she and Cali would be best of friends now.

Then again, perhaps some of the tension between them was due to jealousy. She wasn’t exactly the first to admit it, but Liz knew in her heart she resented her sister at least a little. Her parents loved them both, but Liz couldn’t deny Cali could wrap their father around her little finger, and to her mother she could do no wrong. At least until now that was. But Liz had been more of the rebel, the black sheet of the family so to speak. Ok so a lot of it was her own doing, having shut them out of her life for so long, but still.

So having Cali around for a while might not be that bad, Liz thought, pulling back the covers to the king sized bed that stood proud in the middle of their new room. Perhaps then some of the bridges that had previously never got the chance to be built between them would have some hope in been resurrected.

“You look deep in thought.” Max said softly as Liz laid her head down on the silky, plumb pillow.
“Yeah, just chewing over your words of earlier.”
“About Calistia?”
“Any conclusions?”
“Well it won’t be easy Max. My sister and I are not always the best of friends and living together could put even more pressure on already dangerous ground. But for her sake I’m prepared to give it a go. I haven’t really been around for Cali as she’s been growing up, so maybe it’s time I gave her some older sister guidance.”
“Then I can’t think of anyone better than you to help. You can guide her at home, and I’ll teach her about work.” Max said, kissing her forehead.
”Be prepared for Cali to not want to learn though Max. I know my sister and if she thinks my mother and I have concocted this situation then she’ll be the first one to put up defensive walls and back away.”

“Hmmm, defensive walls huh? Now that’s something you and Cali used to have in common.” Max said ruefully, thinking back to a time when he could barely get close to Liz.
“Yeah, and I changed. I guess there is a chance for my sister then.” Liz replied.

Lifting his head from its position propped on his upturned palm, Max leant over before touching his lips gently against his wife’s. As her hands encircled his neck to pull him closer, Max was silently grateful she’d made the right decision. Isabelle meant the world to him, he wouldn’t trade his sister for anything, and in his heart Max believed Liz and Cali were missing out on something special. A bond between siblings was like nothing at all, like unconditional love from parents but more since there was a strong ability to relate due to the smaller age gap.

It wouldn’t be easy, he was prepared to accept that, but most good things took time, energy and patience before the rewards were foundered. And if giving Cali a little attention and trust could help the teenager to drop her wild streak then so be it.

Within moments the simple kiss escalated into full on passion. His lips caressed hers; their tongues duelled and fought for supremacy, both coming out on top in the end. It was moments like this that Max thanked god silently that he’d been able to blow those defensive walls of Liz’s sky high and into oblivion. Perseverance and patience had been a clear virtue back when Liz had been pushing his advances away.

The hand that cupped her cheek slipped down past her jaw to take in the feel of her sculpted neck before dipping over her shapely shoulders. Brushing his fingers gently over the tips of her breasts he heard the soft sigh slip pass her lips, and watched her eyes slip to half-mast. Cupping and caressing first one and then the other perfectly formed breast he revelled in the touch of her soft, sensual skin. Continuing further down her body, his fingers glanced over her shapely hips, before skimming over her trim stomach.

He was driving her crazy with his simple touches. Her head was spinning with flooded feelings, her skin tingling and prickly under his exquisite touch. Unable to refrain from touching her beautiful husband, Liz sought out his body for her own exploration. Delicate fingers scrapped over his upper body, tracing the frame of his shoulders and muscular chest. She brushed the pads of her fingers across the handful of dark flecked hairs over his upper body before delving further down past his naval.

Her onslaught on his body was halted milliseconds before she reached her goal though. Instead her own body became further alive if that was possible when ripples of the first touch of Max’s fingers on her sensitive area surged through her body.

Pushing her head back deep into the plush pillows, she closed her eyes and allowed the waves of pleasure wash over her, ebbing and flowing and taking her higher and higher towards the peak. Watching her reaction to his touch, Max couldn’t stop a smile from crossing his lips. Oh how he loved to love Liz and watch her reaction to his touch. My she was so responsive.

His touch faltered only slightly as she regained enough composure to reach blindly for him. Her soft touch sent a breath hissing through his gritted teeth, his own composure teetering on the edge.

Finally pushing away her hands, Max rolled on top of her to loom above, large and empowering. Sinking his head, he captured her lips in a forceful, passionate kiss. Her arms wound around his neck, fingers stroking at the nape just where his hair ended. His mouth made love to hers, tongues duelling once more, teeth nipping and nibbling at her bottom lip.

Plundering his tongue inside her soft, warm mouth once more, he joined their bodies intimately, both omitting a sigh and grunt accordingly as they gave into the emotions filling and fuelling their bodies.

Buried deep inside, the initial urgency ebbed away slightly, and instead he lifted his head. Smoothing away strands of silky hair from her face, he framed it with his hands before staring lovingly into her deep brown pools. The emotion he found there nearly did his control in. No sadness, no regrets or fear, no shyness or confusion, only pure, unadulterated love stared back at him from his beautiful wife.

Moving gently, he teased and temped her, lifting her higher before slowing once more. The age-old dance continued for what seemed like an eternity, both revelling in the feelings they were igniting in the other.

Urgency and need finally took over as he upped the pace of their movements. Taking them higher and higher together, they finally tumbled over the edge into the deep vault of oblivion. Bright bursts of all imaginable colours drowned them, shards of emotional feeling coating every fibre of their beings. Wave after wave of warmth filled their bodies as they slowly, reluctantly, returned back down to earth.

For a moment they both stilled, as the joy of what they had shared coated them. Deep breaths were dragged in as they slowly regained control of simple actions such as breathing. Dropping a kiss to her forehead, Max smiled softly before finally moving.

Finally rolling onto his side, Max wrapped his arms around Liz’s back and pulled her close to his body. Resting her head against his chest, she sighed contently as he stroked her long, soft hair.

Finally they fell into a deep, relaxing sleep the basking in afterglow of their loving filling each with immense contentment with the world.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 4th June 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

posted on 9-Jun-2002 11:21:44 AM
Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 46

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


“So you and mum have been talking about me I see.” Calistia said, sauntering into the kitchen after putting her things in the spare room Liz had made up for her sister’s extended visit.
“Yeah. But only because Mum was worried about you.” Liz replied, silently defending their actions to bring Cali to Los Angeles.

It had taken nearly two weeks to arrange everything and then finally tell Cali. It was the part Liz hadn’t been completely happy about. She’d wanted to totally up front with her sister, so Cali could see there was no real scheming involved, but her mother and father had had other ideas. So, like the dutiful daughter she was, Liz had backed down and allowed her parents to choose the right moment to tell Cali.

Predictably, the fiery teenager hadn’t been best pleased her life, or next six months of it at least, had been mapped out without her knowledge or consent. According to Nancy, Cali had had ranted and raved she was old enough to make her own decisions, that it wasn’t down to them to pack her off if they didn’t like who she was.

Despite her apparent unwillingness to move to LA temporarily, Liz silently knew it was more letting off steam on Cali’s part rather than genuine ill feeling. The lure of the bright lights and bustling city of Los Angeles was enough to make Cali come running when the opportunity arose. She did, however, make it completely clear she was still unhappy despite her true feelings.

“Well there’s no need, I’m fine than you very much.” Cali replied indignantly.
“Yeah well obviously that’s where you and Mum differ in your opinions. In her eyes you’re far from fine Cali.” Liz sighed, not wanting to get into a discussion with her sister over this.

The following morning Calistia joined her sister in the kitchen for breakfast before she started her first day with Max. Lifting his head from the newspaper he was surveying briefly, Max struggled to stifle a laugh the bubbled in his throat, the surprise spread all over his face by what he saw. Catching that look Liz followed his gaze before taking in the sight of her sister.

She was young, Liz was prepared to give her a certain amount of leeway, but the attire Cali had chosen for her first day at the office was completely inappropriate in Liz’s view. A bright red tight fitted body top with a low V dipped neckline was teamed with a tight black skirt rolled up a couple of times at the waist to lift the length to just above mid thigh. Three inch heals donned her feet and her hair was hung loose around her make up covered face. It was, anything but the sister Liz knew.

“Wow, that’s … erm … quite a striking outfit Cali.” Max commented, before a glare from Liz had him diving back under the cover of the newspaper. Striking was the understatement, hell Isabelle would have a fit and his young associate Jesse wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her in Max’s opinion.

“Why thank you Max.” Calistia smiled sweetly, batting her mascara clad eyelids.
“Enough, Cali I think we need to talk.” Liz announced, putting down her coffee cup and sounding much more like her mother than a sister. Rising to her feet Liz caught hold of Cali’s arm before guiding her back upstairs.

By the time the two sisters returned, Cali had donned what Liz had deemed much more appropriate clothing for an office. The tight red top had been lost in favour of a more loosely fitted white shirt with three quarter length sleeves. The skirt had been turned down to its more respectable length of just above Cali’s knees and the shoes had been replaced by more sensible black low healed pumps. Her long brown hair too had been caught up in a sensible black band to pull it into a sleek ponytail. The sulkiness of Calistia as she sat down to munch on some toast was clear indication, however, she didn’t appreciate her sister’s input into her wardrobe.

“Thanks for directing Cali into other clothes.” Max said as he kissed Liz goodbye. “I can just imagine Michael’s reaction if he saw her, not to mention Jesse’s jaw would have hit the floor!”
“Mmm, worrying about Jesse’s possible attraction to Cali is something I could do with out.”
”Well I’ll do my best babe.”

Jesse Ramirez was Max’s latest recruit in the quest to strengthen Evans’ Consulting to make it an even bigger player. Jesse had topped his class when graduating and Max had taken him on with the future in mind. He lacked obvious experience, but his enthusiasm often made up for it with leaps and bounds. He was, however, a twenty one year old hot-blooded male with one thing on his mind, according to Isabelle. The thought of pitting Calistia, with all of her now seventeen years, wasn’t something Max relished.

Max’s judgement and faith in hiring Cali during Isabelle’s impending maternity leave wavered only slightly by mid morning. On first look Isabelle had hauled her older brother quick footed into his office and then proceeded to tear strips off him for hiring a ‘child’. As calmly as possible he had sat Isabelle down, reminded her not to get worked up and to think of her baby, and then informed her, as gently as possible, that the hiring of staff was his business and he believed Calistia could do the job.

However, the loud smashing of glass followed by the sound of many files crashing to the ground a little after 1.00pm had him silently reassessing the appointment. Sticking his head out of his door he surveyed the normally pristine office before his gazed collided with Isabelle’s disapproving glare. On her hands and knees was Cali, scooping the many leafs of paper that had previously been held neat and tidy in files, yet now were scatted over the floor in haphazard piles and clumps. Joining Cali on the floor was Jesse, gingerly gathering up shards of an ornate glass vase that had previously sat on Isabelle’s desk greeting any visitors that entered Evans’ Consulting. A puddle of water was quickly seeping into the beige carpet leaving a large, dark round stain, and clumps of yellow flowers were scattered all around the desk.

“Everything ok?” Max queried gently, fully prepared to have Isabelle pull a ‘princess stunt’ and march back into his office demanding a competent replacement for the next eight months. It didn’t come however, to Max’s astonishment. Instead he got a disapproving ‘ice’ stare from his sister, a clear indication she wasn’t best pleased with him.

“You sure you chose wisely mate?” Michael queried, as he followed his best friend back into Max’s office.
“Don’t you start too Michael. It’s bad enough having Is questioning my judgement. Yes Cali is young, yes she has little experience in this field, but we will be giving her a chance.” He replied firmly, not appreciating having to justify his decision. Hell he was the boss of the company after all!

“Hey relax mate, I never said anything about not giving Cali a chance did I?”
“No, you’re right, I’m sorry Michael. It’s just loosing Isabelle at the end of the week isn’t exactly filling me with joy right now.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean, she practically runs this place single handed. But we’ll be ok.” Michael agreed, sensing Max needed to hear the words, but in his heart still not a hundred percent sure.

The rest of the morning rumbled on relatively quietly, and in the afternoon Max headed out to a meeting, returning a little before six to collect a few messages and take Calistia home.

“Well Max, I’ve done as much as I can with her today. But if you think I can whip her into shape inside five days you really are pushing it. I know I’m good, but even I can’t perform miracles.” Isabelle said, sauntering into his office with a small pile of messages for him.
“I’m sure you’ll manage Is.” Max said, dropping his briefcase to the floor before lifting a hand to his temples. The headache he’d been stifling most of the day was finally attacking with vengeance.

“Yes Max, I no doubt will. But if you’d of hired someone more competent I wouldn’t have had to .” Isabelle grumbled.
“Look Is we’ve already been here today. I’ve explained why Cali is here now so just accept it. Besides you’ve got more important things to think about. Like getting plenty of rest before that baby of yours gets here.” Max said, changing the topic tactfully and letting his eyes drop to his sister’s rounded stomach. Even though she was his sister, Max couldn’t deny that being pregnant clearly agreed with Isabelle. Her ‘bump’ was just that, Isabelle had hardly put on any extra weight, and despite the first few months dodging morning sickness she’d had an easy ride.

“Yes well, I guess it will be nice to get off my feet a bit more, and lord knows I could do with the extra sleep …….” She mused over.
“Right, so let’s just drop it, ok?”
“Ok.” Isabelle finally agreed. “Oh and these are for you. The first two are urgent, sorry.”
“Thanks!” Max sighed, loosening his tie with a finger before reading the top two messages. “Oh and Is, can you tell Cali we’ll be here a little later, and to let Liz know.”
“Sure Max.”

“I’m really not certain Max has made the right decision hiring Cali. I mean she has no experience, hardly any qualifications and she’s young. It’s a recipe for disaster mark my words.” Michael said, sitting at the pine kitchen table as he bounced Mackenzie happily on his knee.
“You know Michael, you could give her a chance.” Maria suggested. “I mean I wasn’t exactly perfect recruitment material when I joined Liz at Amber Inn. I didn’t have very many qualifications, and I could have written my office experience on a postage stamp. Yet Liz gave me a chance, and I hope I’ve repaid that initial faith she showed.”
“Oh Maria you’re different, I mean anyone just has to look at you to know you’re good at what you do. But this girl has no experience whatsoever in office work.”
“Well if you’re all turning against her bar Max it won’t be surprising if she doesn’t do as well. Besides, filling Isabelle’s shoes is a pretty awesome task. I doubt even I could manage to step in and take over from her without a hiccup.” Maria said. “Talking about work, I’ve spoken to Jim and Liz today and they’ve agreed I can come back to work part time whenever I want to.”

“Oh ‘Ria you know how I feel about you working again. Geez as if you haven’t got your hands full enough looking after Mac. It’s not like we need the money or anything.” Michael protested.
“No, you’re right we don’t need the money, but I need the company.” She stated calmly. “I love Mac, you know that, but I need something more in my life. I need to do more than just change diapers and wash baby clothes all the time. Besides Mac is getting older now and interaction with other people would be good for him.”

“And just what to do intend to do with him while you’re swaning off to work?” Michael queried pointedly. This was his ace, in his eyes, since there was no way he’d let her palm off their son to a stranger, not when Maria was perfectly able to stay at home.
“My mother has offered to look after him for a couple of days a week. She hardly sees him and I think she likes having a baby around again.” Maria replied. “Heck if I didn’t know better I’d say she was getting broody again! I mean at her age she should be thinking more towards retirement than starting a new family!”

At that moment the object of their conversation squawked to remind them he was still around. Bouncing up and down, Mackenzie trusted his chubby fingers into his mouth and chewed on them. The distraction instantly gave Michael a ‘get out’ clause in the conversation. How could he complain at Maria’s mother looking after Mac, it wasn’t like she was a stranger. But then again letting Maria return to work again wasn’t something he wanted to do either.

“Hmm, I think someone needs changing.” Michael suddenly announced, touching the little boy’s nose. “Come on bud, let’s go.” He added, hoisting the jabbering boy high so his head bobbed around Michael’s shoulder and fingers took hold of some of his father’s unruly hair.

And then, just like that, the subject of Maria returning to Amber Inn was closed. The ‘man’ of the house had spoken; Michael had voiced his concerns at her returning. And that meant in his eyes it wouldn’t happen. Well he hadn’t banked on the determination of Maria De Luca! She thought as she stirred the thick, creamy chicken sauce. She had to go back to work for her own sanity, she was literally bouncing off the walls of the house as it was. Perhaps it would be different when Isabelle and Alex had their baby, or if Liz and Max were to have another child besides Rebecca. She was the only one of her friends with a baby.

“Cali, will you play a game with me?” Rebecca asked softly before dinner.
“No, I’m busy.” Calistia replied curtly, not averting her eyes from the glossy glamour magazine she was scanning.
“Please?” The little girl asked again.

Tears welled gently in the little girl’s eyes; her bottom lip trembled at the tone of Calistia’s sharp response. Instinctively Rebecca pulled her grey Bunnie from her pocket and hugged him tight for security. Clearly the tone of Cali’s voice had scared her.

“Cali!” Liz voiced sharply from her vantage point in the lounge doorway. “Becky why don’t you go get your game and set it up in the kitchen. I’ll play with you while dinner is cooking.” She added, before the little girl disappeared upstairs.

For a long moment the room fell silent. Neither sisters spoke. It was a battle of wills, a staring contest that Liz finally ended by speaking.

“Don’t you ever speak to Rebecca like that again.” She said in a firm voice.
“Why not? I didn’t want to play her stupid game so I told her so.” Cali defended.
“I don’t give a damn what you wanted to do, there are ways of saying no and that wasn’t one of them. That little girl is part of this family and will be treated with the respect she deserves. Just because she ‘bugs’ you gives you no right to sulk around this house like you own it. If you don’t like it you can move back with mum and dad.”

“Geez Liz lighten up. So I didn’t want to play, big deal.”
“No! Not big deal. Becky has been through too much to be brushed aside because you don’t give a damn about her feelings. “
“You took her in Liz, problems and all, that was your choice.”
“Yes it was, and one I will never, ever regret. But you will treat her better Cali, or I will send you packing back to San Francisco quicker than your feet hit the ground. And that’s a promise!” Liz said sternly before turning on her heal and heading back towards the kitchen.

Ok maybe she’d overreacted slightly, she considered, but Cali had deserved it. It had been just words, spoken in a stern tone, but maternal instincts had kicked in hard for Liz. The desire to shield Rebecca from Cali’s hurtful brush-off had been too strong to deny. She’d say sorry to Cali later, Liz guessed, but for now she’d make Rebecca smile again by playing the game now spread out over the kitchen table.

“You know that Cali didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by shouting don’t you.” Liz said, as she tucked Rebecca up in bed for the night.
“I know, it’s ok. She said sorry.” She replied, biting her bottom lip as if in deep thought over something.

“What is it sweetie? You’ve been quiet since dinner.” Liz commented, brushing Rebecca’s hair away from her face. “Is something bothering you Becky?”
“Erm well …….”
“You can tell me anything, you know that don’t you?”
“Do you want to talk to me now?”
“….. ok …..” Rebecca paused. “I ….. I want a proper mummy and daddy.”
“A proper mummy and daddy? We are your parents now Becky, is that ok?” Liz said, a puzzled look over her face. Didn’t Becky feel loved enough to know she and Max wanted to be her parents now?

“It’s ok. I like living here with you …. but ….. Courtney, at school, says I’m different.”
“Different? Different how?” Liz queried, trying to read between the lines of what Rebecca was saying.
“Because I don’t have a mummy and daddy like she does, because I have you and Max. But I don’t want you to be you …. I want you to be my mummy and daddy.” Rebecca said weakly.

For a moment Liz sat on the edge of the candy pink bedspread with worry lines etched deeply into her forehead. She was confused, hell she had no clue what Rebecca was talking about. Racking her brains she tried to piece together the words to form more comprehendible sentences.

“How can we be your mummy and daddy?” Max queried, stepping in from his spot by the door and dropping to his knees by the little girl’s bed. He’d been standing there originally just watching Liz read Rebecca a bedtime story. He loved the warm glow it gave him to watch Liz in ‘mum mode’, her soft sweet voice and Becky’s intent eyes listening to the story. Watching Liz struggling to answer the little girl’s questions thought, he knew he had to step in.

“I don’t want to call you, you.” She replied, clarifying the whole problem with cloudy mud.
“Ok, what do you want to call us honey?” Liz queried, taking Max’s drift in turning the questions back to Rebecca in order to get answers.

“Mummy and Daddy.” She whispered quietly, before lifting the blanket to cover part of her face partly in shyness. All that showed of her face was two little brown hopeful eyes.

“You want to call us Mummy and Daddy?” Max clarified, subconsciously holding his breath awaiting her confirmation. It was the one thing they’d never pushed Rebecca on; instead they’d just been plain Max and Liz to her. But to be, in her eyes, her new parents in name also almost brought tears to his eyes.

“Yes.” She said softly, her brown eyes sparkling as she nodded her head.
“Oh sweetie of course you can call us Mummy and Daddy if you want to.” Liz cried, throwing her arms around the little girl in an attempt to project some of the love she felt to Rebecca.

“I can’t believe she’s been cutting herself up about what to call us for weeks now, I feel so terrible for her.” Liz sighed as she snuggled close to Max in bed.
“Yeah I know.” He agreed. “I mean I thought my heart was gonna break when she asked to call us Mummy and Daddy, geez I’ve wanted to hear those words ever since we took Becky in. Somehow it makes us feel even more of a family now.”
“Yeah, life’s pretty good right now.” She said sleepily.
“And one day we’ll have a baby of our own for a brother or sister to Becky.” Max added, brushing the palm of his hand over Liz’s flat midriff.
“I know, we just need to be patient.”

Gently kissing the top of her head, they both finally drifted into a relaxed slumber, both warm and comforted in the knowledge of Rebecca’s want to call them her parents in name as well as paper. All they had to do now was wait a while longer for the adoption to be finalised and then they truly would be a family for life.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 9th June 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

posted on 10-Jun-2002 1:27:24 PM
Hey guys,

As always, your feedback makes me smile so much ... thank you!!*happy* *happy* *happy*

Gonenuts To answer your question, I have no plans to end the story just yet, I have a couple more story ideas to run through first ...... unless you want the story to end???!!!

Once again, thanks guys for your awesome feedback.

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 47

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


As the taxi drove up the long, inviting driveway, a familiar feeling rushed over Liz’s expectant body. Deep routed feelings of dread and sadness when coming to this house had long since been doused. Instead, now, coming to the Valenti Estate was more of a joy, the memories now weighing heavily towards happiness rather than sadness.

Sitting beside her on the backseat was Max, his arms wrapped protectively around his wife as she sat with her back to him slightly glancing out the window. Twisting her head, Liz looked up into his bright chestnut eyes, before accepting the kiss he placed gently on her lips.

Beside them, the exasperated puff of breath released from Calistia’s lips indicated she clearly didn’t like her sister and brother in law’s open affection while she was in close proximity. As if watching them being a happy, loving couple wasn’t bad enough at home, couldn’t they at least conduct a little discretion when in public?

It was a happy occasion that brought them to the Valenti Estate. Although to say she’d been surprised when Jim had announced his engagement to Amy was a mild understatement. Not that Liz held any ill feelings towards Maria’s mother, or any begrudging of happiness towards James Valenti whatsoever. It was more that Liz was surprised the gruff man was willing to risk his heart again after getting hurt so deeply before. Then again, Amy was a wonderfully fun person to be around, and it was clear to see whom Maria got her bubbly personality from.

To Liz, the huge party Jim and Amy were throwing at the Valenti Estate was something of a statement. It was a way of showing everyone that the Amber Inn Group was still riding high, and that the head of the group was enjoying life no end. It also proved to any doubters that the evident love that flowed between Jim and Amy wasn’t just a passing fad or a publicity stunt. They truly were madly in love and blissfully happy.

As the taxi finally pulled up outside the brightly white lit front of the house, Liz took in a regulatory deep breath and squeezed gently on Max’s hands. Where the slight apprehension had suddenly come from Liz wasn’t sure.

“You ok?” Max queried softly, sensing tension in her body.
“Yeah, I’m fine. This house just holds so many mixed memories it can be a little confusing sometimes.” She clarified, much for her own mind’s necessity as well as Max’s.
“I’m sure.” Max comforted, placing a kiss on her forehead. “Just thing about how wonderful our wedding was, that will help with the mixed memories.”
“Oh yeah.” She breathed, before returning the kissing with more passion. Thoughts of their wedding was always a sure fire way to bring a smile back on Liz’s face. Oh how she’d wished she could replay the day in the months since that perfect day when she’d become Mrs Liz Evans.

“Oh please!” Calistia exasperated, shrugging her shoulders before gratefully exiting the taxicab. Being in a confined space with Max and Liz was bad enough, but when they started that kissing business she was outta there!

Finally joining Cali outside the taxi, Liz smoothed down her dress and wondered fleetingly if it had been appropriate. Jim’s parties were normally such swish affairs, and although the dress code hadn’t been formally outlined, Liz had hoped she’d guessed right. Besides, it gave her another opportunity to see Max in a tuxedo, something she definitely enjoyed. There was something about the way his broad shoulders filled out the tailored jacket and the way the trousers hugged his lower body, that send a shiver down Liz’s spine and sent her mind racing into dangerously x-rated territory.

“Don’t worry Liz, you look amazing. Besides if you’re overdressed then so am I!” Max grinned, sensing her emotions and trying to alleviate some of her fears.

And she did look simply breathtaking, he added silently. Her dress was long and sleek, ending just above her ankles in a shimmering lilac mauve colour that looked almost sliver in the right light. Tiny straps held up the low cut bodice, the straps criss-crossing over her back ending just above her waist leaving plenty of bare flesh at the back for Max to caress throughout the night. At the back there was a slit ending just above the back of her knees, but at the front a slit over her right leg ended mid thigh, showing plenty of bare leg as she walked.

It was, he silently thought, a torturous dress for him. How was he supposed to keep his mind on sensible thoughts throughout the night when all he really wanted to do was whisk his beautiful wife off to the nearest bedroom?!

Cali’s timely clearing of her throat brought Max back down to earth with an unceremonious bump. They were here for the party, to socialise and celebrate Jim and Amy’s engagement, he mentally scolded himself. Anything more intimate would have to wait until they were in private again. And that would be hours away he sighed as he held out two arms and escorted the ladies up the white marble steps to the open front door.

Inside, after obtaining champagne drinks for Max and Liz, and orange juice for Cali, the quartet headed off to find their friends. All were invited, including Max and Isabelle’s parents. Rebecca too, but Max and Liz had both decided the mass of people would most likely unnerve her. Instead she was safely tucked up in bed with the babysitter looking after her.

“Maria, you look amazing!” Liz chimed as she hugged her best friend. Silently Liz was grateful she’d chosen to dress up, glancing around the large ballroom denoted everyone was similarly dressed in evening gown wear and dinner suits.
“Hmm, it’s nice just to be able to fit back into something even mildly resembling sexy. God no one told me how much weight I’d put on having Mac!” Maria returned.
“Oh Maria ….!”
“No it’s true Liz, I’ve been telling her that since we left the house, but it’s yet to sink in.” Michael added, silently smiling at Maria and eagerly wrapping an arm around her midriff. Silently he made a pact with himself, he’d get Maria to believe she looked stunning before the night was out, no matter what it took.

Maria’s long black dress did indeed make her look stunning. The tight, tailored bodice hugged her curved bust, the waist nipped to taper out into a fuller skirt. Thin straps held up the top, with a silver chiffon wrap pulled loosely around her shoulders. Normally long flowing hair was pulled up into a French twist, with strands tumbling around her face and down her back to soften the look.

“So ‘Ria, how did you take the news of the engagement?” Liz queried, as the guys fell into a deep conversation about the latest baseball match.
“Well I can’t deny it was a shock, I mean my mum has been a wanderer for as long as I can remember. I never thought she’d ever feel secure enough to settle down. But I’ll concede they do look good together, and I can’t deny she’s happier than I’ve seen her in a very long time.”
“Yeah, I think the same of James. Nice to see them both content now.”

Inside a few minutes Alex and Isabelle had also joined the mix. The strong, protective arm Alex kept wrapped around his wife’s middle indicated he was not altogether happy at her attending. The long dark blue dress was well fitted, but did little to hide the growing bump of Isabelle and Alex’s first child.

“You look radiant Isabelle.” Liz commented, as they exchanged friendly kisses.
“Thanks Liz, you too.”
“She does look amazing, I agree Liz. But I still don’t think you should be here honey. Don’t you think she’s looking tired? She should be at home with her feet up, just look how swollen and puffy they are already. Are you hungry at all? I can get you something to eat if you are.” Alex interjected, his voice full of concern.
”Ok Alex that’s enough.” Isabelle said, holding a hand up to cease his words. “I know you’re concerned, but I want to be here and I am more than fine. I’m pregnant honey, not sick.” Isabelle added, the touch of authority in her voice indicating it was a subject they’d crossed on more than one occasion before arriving that night.

By the time Liz had found Jim and Amy to offer her congratulations, she noted Cali had slipped from her side. Not too worried, Liz continued her conversation with Jim, with only a slight uneasiness at the back of her mind. It wasn’t like Cali actually knew many people at the party, and it was a public place after all, so there wasn’t much to worry about.

A slower song struck up by the band brought Max to Liz’s side, his hand outstretched to pull her towards the dance floor. As the soft music filtered around them, Max slowly pulled his beautiful wife into his embrace. Fitting a hand to the small of her back, the other cupped her fingers and pulled them close to his chest. In response Liz wrapped her free arm around his neck, pulling them closer together.

Gently gliding around the dance floor, Max and Liz barely registered the other guests around them. Instead they simply gazed into each other’s eyes and read the love that flowed freely between them.

Unable to refrain from more physical shows of passion, Max dipped his head before lightly brushing his lips against Liz’s. His brain registered the silky, sweet velvet texture of her lips as Liz responded by returning the kiss. This time Max gently parted his lips to give Liz a silent invitation to deepen the embrace if she desired. Not needing to be asked twice, Liz ran her tongue against Max’s bottom lip, and then raked it against his lower set of teeth before delving deep inside the dark warmth.

Relinquishing his tight grip on Liz’s hand, Max moved it to behind her head. Silently, as he scooped a handful of hair in his fingers, Max was grateful she hadn’t pulled it up in a fancy twist or something. He always did love Liz’s hair hanging free like a blanket of rich, dark velvet.

The feel of his lips stroking and caressing hers made Liz sigh deep in his mouth. Her head felt giddy, she was getting drunk on Max’s kisses and loving every moment of it. The feel of his fingers running through her freshly wash hair heated her body further. A hot pang of desire shot through her, giving Liz fresh confidence to test Max’s resolve just a little further.

The fingers that were wrapped tightly around his neck slowly started to unfurl. Instead they gently swept over the nape of Max’s neck, before settling in the middle and gently caressing his skin. It was a very sensitive area for Max, and she knew it was only a matter of time before he succumbed to her advances.

Sure enough, the murmured curse against her lips was enough to indicate he was being affected by her touch. Then again, the quickly growing bulge in his tuxedo trousers would have been evidence enough for Liz.

Pushing her lower body closer, she snuggled against his hard desire, loving the feel of it against her stomach. Within the confinements of the dancing, Liz gently, seductively rocked against that hardness.

Slowly but surely the innocent kiss was rapidly spiralling out of control.

A hiss of emotion pushed through Max’s gritted teeth as he broke contact with her lips. Dear God she was seducing him here, in the middle of a crowded dance floor surrounded by important people. Never before had Max wished with his entire being that he were alone with his sexy wife. Oh the feelings she always managed to stir in him.

Despite the public place, the feelings Liz was conjuring in his body couldn’t be ignored. At least not for a little while anyway. If she could tease him then he could certainly play along for a time.

Instead of halting that exquisite, torturous rocking, Max slipped his hand to the small of Liz’s back. Instead of doing the sensible thing of putting a little distance between them he applied just enough force to bring Liz’s body even closer. Her soft body encased his desire further and one more drop of self-control ebbed away silently.

Her lips latched on to his once more, sending his head spinning further out of control. His should stop their floorshow, Max knew that. Yet that particular manoeuvre seemed to avoid him at that moment.

In the end the change of pace of the next upbeat song filling their ears finally brought them apart, both gasping for much needed air. The pink flush of Liz’s cheeks, puffiness of her ‘kissed to death’ lips and desire filled brown eyes nearly had Max diving back in to continue. Only if he did that then a simple kiss wouldn’t be enough to quell his hunger. Oh no, clothes would go flying for sure, he thought ruefully.

Yet he knew this was neither the time, nor the place, with too many eyes watching. Instead he adjusted his trousers, trying not to make the hard bulge quite so evident. Quickly realising it was a futile attempt; only two things would help him right then. More of Liz’s drug induced kisses, or a very long, very cold shower. Since neither were viable options at that moment, he settled for taking large gulps of air to clear his hazy head and then using Liz’s body as a shield before heading towards the edge of the dance floor.

“Well you two certainly know how to warm up a party!” Maria said, raising her eyebrows in amusement at her friends.
“Yeah, Michael and I had a bet going as to how long before clothes when flying!” Alex grinned.
“Alex!” Isabelle glared, the dulcet tone of her voice depicting her displeasure. “This is my brother you are talking about remember.”
”I’m only telling it like it is honey.” Alex defended.
“Yeah, I had four minutes.” Michael added. “Thirty seconds more song and I would have won for sure. Hey Max I don’t suppose you wanna go out for round two do you?”

“Ok enough guys!” Max finally said, seeing Liz’s face going redder and redder with embarrassment. Inside too, part of him wished he could crawl into the smallest corner and disappear. Then again, there was a much larger part of him that was proud as punch to show his affection to Liz. “Anyway, you’re just jealous. Can I help it if my wife is the most beautiful woman here tonight?” He added finally, pulling Liz into his arms so she could bury her face in his chest.

“Oh yeah I’m jealous!” Maria interjected. “Jealous that Michael doesn’t dance with me like that.”
”Oh babe, now you know I prefer to do our special brand of dancing in private ……… especially if clothes are gonna go flying!” Michael responded huskily, before dipping his head to capture Maria’s lips.
“Oh please! Can’t either of you keep a reign on your juvenile hormones.” Isabelle exasperated, throwing her words at Max and Michael. “Oh I give up!” She finally added, taking hold of Alex’s hand and leading him towards the buffet table.
“Hormones!” Michael exclaimed quietly as Maria swatted his arm.

Finally Liz lifted her head from his warm embrace, mortification dispelled, only to have her eyes collide with Max’s hooded, passion filled pools. The look left her in no doubt that the earlier desire that had slammed through his body was still raging very strong.

Gulping a breath, Max tried to pull hard on the reigns of his raging hormones. Isabelle had been right; he was acting like a sex-starved teenager. But god help him he wanted Liz. Short of hauling her upstairs to find an empty bedroom to continue their dance in private, there was little he could do. The odds of being interrupted were too high in his estimations, so instead he opted for his second silent option. He needed to cool down his heat charged body.

Perhaps a walk in the cool night air in the garden might help to stamp down on his rampant desires. Perhaps then he wouldn’t feel like he wanted to jump Liz each time she looked up at him with those innocent, doe brown eyes.

“Let’s go outside.” He whispered softly against Liz’s ear.

A warm flush washed over Liz once more at the husky tone of his voice. Going outside certainly did have more opportunities to be private than the centre of a ballroom dance floor, she thought silently as a smile crept over her face.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 16th June 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

posted on 17-Jun-2002 3:30:12 AM
Hey guys,

As always, thank you so much for your feedback! *big*

Just wanted to let you know the next part of this story will be delayed until after next weekend. Since I am going to a Sci-fi convention in Blackpool and Shiri Appleby will be there!

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 48

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC-17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


Finally Liz lifted her head from his warm embrace, mortification dispelled, only to have her eyes collide with Max’s hooded, passion filled pools. The look left her in no doubt that the earlier desire that had slammed through his body was still raging very strong.

Gulping a breath, Max tried to pull hard on the reigns of his raging hormones. Isabelle had been right; he was acting like a sex-starved teenager. But god help him he wanted Liz. Short of hauling her upstairs to find an empty bedroom to continue their dance in private, there was little he could do. The odds of being interrupted were too high in his estimations, so instead he opted for his second silent option. He needed to cool down his heat charged body.

Perhaps a walk in the cool night air in the garden might help to stamp down on his rampant desires. Perhaps then he wouldn’t feel like he wanted to jump Liz each time she looked up at him with those innocent, doe brown eyes.

“Let’s go outside.” He whispered softly against Liz’s ear.

A warm flush washed over Liz once more at the husky tone of his voice. Going outside certainly did have more opportunities to be private than the centre of a ballroom dance floor, she thought silently as a smile crept over her face.


Cupping her hand in his, Max led them outside before they skipped down the stone steps. Hitting the tamed lawn they broke into a run like carefree teenagers, giggling softly before they were swallowed up by the darkness of the night.

Leading them down the path further still, Liz didn’t stop until they arrived at the tiny gazebo at the end of the large garden. The white, wicker style hut normally teeming with warm LA sun, was pitch black apart from the dull sparkle from the silver white moon. All around them were groomed trees swaying gently in the cool night air, sheltering them from the glare of the brightly lit house.

Liz’s giggles had filled his ears as they’d headed down the garden, the sound swelling his heart further. Finally swinging her round to face him, Max lifted his fingers to push some strands of hair gently behind her ear. Looking down into her almost black pools, watching the silver moonlight glisten off of her slightly tanned skin, his heart skipped a beat.

Coming to the garden was supposed to be a way to calm his heated body, and give him time to regain control with the cooling wind before heading back up to the party. But oh boy was she trying to test him as she looked up through hopeful eyes, with an innocent smile flashing across her face as if she knew not what such a look would do to his control.

Geez if he could barely keep his hands off Liz in the middle of an occupied dance floor, what chance did he have at the bottom of a mystically dark and deserted garden?

“Liz ……” Max started, the sound of caution in his voice unmistakable. Despite his heart’s desire to sink his lips down on her own, his head knew that it would only take just a taste of Liz and their little midnight stroll would tumble quickly out of control.
“Shhh.” Liz responded with a finger to his lips. “Don’t think …. Just kiss me Max.”

And so he did. No thoughts, no rationale, just pure actions.

His lips glided and caressed as his fingers wove through her soft, inviting hair. All the desires he had suppressed after the dance rushed to the surface once more. The feel of Liz’s hands rubbing over his shirt-clad chest heightened those feelings, the tightening in his groin bringing the bulge in his trousers to life once more.

His head was spinning so much he barely registered Liz’s hand slipping from his chest. It wasn’t until her fingers curled over the bulge of his desire through the tuxedo material that he jumped slightly and alarm bells started to ring out loud in his head.

“Liz.” He said, his voice breathy with emotion as her fingers continued to sweep over his fly. Oh my that felt good!
“Shhh.” She responded against his lips.
“Liz we can’t.” He protested.
“Why not Max?” She queried finally, pulling away slightly but leaving her hand tantalisingly lingering over his fly.
“Why?” He choked with raised eyebrows. Wasn’t it obvious? “Because we’re at a party full of people.”
“What if someone finds us?” Max reasoned, his resolve faltering with every moment.
“Most people don’t even know about this place. Besides, live dangerously Max.” Liz teased. “I want you, and it’s pretty obvious you feel the same way right now.”

As if to add proof to her words, Liz gently squeezed her hand over him. Feeling Max jump, she couldn’t hold back a smile of joy. Victory was just around the corner, he couldn’t resist her.

“No fair Liz.” Max groaned, throwing his head back and taking a gulp of the cool night air. Keeping his wits about him and holding on tight to his control was the way to ride this out. But did he really want to, he thought silently. Dropping his hand to sit softly on her petit behind he wondered if holding steady was really good idea.
“Who said anything about playing fair!” She grinned wickedly.

Liz’s plan all along had been to get Max to loose some of his steely control. But even she wasn’t prepared when he finally snapped, swooped forward and claimed her lips in a passionately searing kiss.

Backing her up, Max stopped only when Liz’s back collided with the inner shell of the gazebo. Reaching round he angled her head so he had greater access to her delectable mouth. Using his other hand, Max lifted her bare right leg to his hip level so he could step in closer to her sweet, warm centre.

Then his lips seemed to be all over her, plundering her own, biting and nibbling at her ear, grazing along her jaw line and then suckling at her shapely neck. It was exquisite torture and all Liz could do was throw her head back and accept all he was offering. As his lips dipped along her collar bone, Max snaked out his tongue to sweep gently between the valley exposed by her dress, since it was the closest he could get to her breasts.

His lower body rocked against hers, only the thin silk of her dress and the rough material of his trousers separating their desires from coming together. Unwrapping her arms from his neck, Liz slipped her hands inside Max’s tuxedo jacket before pushing it off his shoulders and down his arms.

In a heartbeat Max shed his jacket, allowing it to fall to the floor, before eagerly reclaiming her body with his hands. Dropping his fingers from her hair, Max slipped his hands to her shoulders before hooking one of the flimsy dress straps. Pushing it down her arm he repeated the feat before her glorious bust was finally free and bare to his touch. Like a little boy in a candy shop, Max licked his lips before closing his warm mouth around one tantalising mound.

A throaty groan left her lips before Liz could stifle it. The feel of Max’s hungry, wet mouth devouring her chasing any sane thoughts from her mind. Instead she tugged harder on his shirt before pulling the tails from the confinements of his waistband. Finally she delved under the cotton silk to spread her palms over his strong, toned back.

It was Max’s turn to swallow a moan of desire when Liz raked her French manicured nails across the hard surface of his muscular back. The slow burning warmth in the pit of his stomach suddenly doubled and raged with the heat of and out of control burning fire.

Relinquishing his onslaught on her now bare breasts, Max slipped his hand to her back once more and crushed their lower bodies closer together still. Running his other hand to frame her hips he lifted her body to run the length of his desire, teasing and testing both of them.

“Max.” She whispered breathily against his lips. A fleeting thought that perhaps her plan hadn’t been the best one in the world quickly disappeared. She needed him with every fibre of her body, the surrounds around them and the possibility of being discovered completely forgotten.

Her fingers, taking on a will of their own, started on the row of pearl coloured buttons. One by one she opened them to expose his chest to the silver glimmer of the moon.
“Liz … oh god Liz.” He responded gruffly as she pulled apart the shirt and ran her fingers across his chest. “We can’t …….”

His protest fell of deaf ears however as Liz pushed his shirt from his arms before slowly unbuckling his belt. Just a few minutes longer and then he’d stop her, Max thought. He’d just savour the feelings a little more, enough to keep his desires in check for the rest of the evening. Until he got his sexy wife home that was ……….

The feeling of Liz’s tiny hands slipping inside the unbuttoned waistband of his trousers, however, brought rationale flooding to the forefront of his mind. If he was going to stop this, it had to be now.

Small fingers slipped around his desire, gently, seductively stroking and caressing. Teasing and taking him to the brink of sanity and he held on to the very last shred of his control.

“God Liz.” He gasped, placing his forehead against Liz’s and dragged in a breath. “We ….. we can’t.” He reiterated.
“Why not?” She whispered before nibbling gently on his earlobe.
“Ahh no babe. This is a public place.” He rasped. “God it’s your boss’s garden!”

“So don’t make this any harder please honey.” Max pleaded, slipping his hand over hers to stop the sweet, torturous caresses.
“Can’t help it.” Liz finally said, looking up into his eyes. “Want you too much.”

That was it, he was a gonna! The moment the words tumbled past Liz’s lips Max knew he was in dire, deep trouble. Never yet had he been able to deny Liz when she ‘wanted’ him. He couldn’t, wouldn’t start now. Not when he wanted her just as badly.

The slipping of his trousers over his hips coincided with a resounding murmur of defeat sneaking past Max’s lips. Pushing his black silk boxers down to the stone floor also, Liz knew she had won their silently wagered battle. Stand in front of her, trousers pooled at his feet, white silk shirt hanging loose and open, her heart flipped with anticipation.

Admitting defeat, Max ran his hand up her bare leg, pulling her dress up with him to bunch it around her middle. Deftly he removed Liz’s black lace panties, before carefully guiding her to the bench in the darkest corner of the gazebo. Encouraging her to lay out on the wood, he lifted her legs to run his hands along the sculpted calf muscles, knees and thighs.

Scooping up the dress further, Max cupped a bare breast before trailing his tongue from her navel downwards. For a moment he paid particular attention to the insides of Liz’s thighs, sweeping them with his fingers and covering them with tiny butterfly kisses.

The restless wriggling and relentless thrusting of fingers through his hair gave Max clear indication what his sexy wife wanted. And so, with only a moment more teasing, he finally gave in to her silent pleas.

Gently kissing her soft, dark curls, Max heard her gently moans before he continued to taste her. Instinctively her hips bucked underneath his touch, urging him on further, deeper.

One hand moulding and kneading her breasts, the other with his mouth touching and caressing her in the most intimate way. The pleasure was unique and perfect; a desire to drive him on and at the same time to savour it drowned her body.

In the end, her body’s reaction was largely out of Liz’s control. A flick of his well-practiced tongue, a sweep of his well crafted hands, and she was spiralling out of control. The climax was deep and hard, robbing her of her breath and drowning her in acute feelings and vibrant flashes of unimaginable colour.

Finally, reluctantly returning to earth, Liz blindly reached for Max, pulling him so he laid out full length against her on the wooden bench. Moulding their lips together once more, she ignited the passion between them once more with a sweeping kiss.

“Now Max.” She whispered. “I need you now.”
“Yes babe.” He finally granted her.

Rising up, Max paused to look deep into her desire filled eyes before finally driving in and joining them as one.

Capturing her lips for another searing kiss, he set the face pace, driving into her silky depths before slowly pulling about and then slamming in once more. Her fingers clawed at his back, ragged breaths were pulled in as they continued on their quest for fulfilment.

He felt her inner walls contract suddenly, moments before her body rose to meet him again and then hold stiff as she climaxed once more. Closing his mouth over hers to cover any cries of passion, Max drove into her deep warmth once more before finally contracting, pulsing and emptying his hot seed deep inside her body.

And there they stayed for what seemed like eternity. Entwined together in the most intimate way, gentle, sweet kisses sweeping over hot skin as they tried to regulate speeding heartbeats and ragged breaths.

“God what you do to me!” Max whispered hoarsely as he tried to normalize his breathing.
“Oh yeah!” Liz sighed, her voice silky and warm with contentment.

Finally realising they were prolonging the risk of discovery, Max reluctantly moved away from Liz. Reaching down he donned his trousers once more as Liz straightened her crumpled dress and smoothed down her hair tousled.

“How do I look?” She queried seriously, adjusting the dress straps as she turned to Max.
“Thoroughly ravished.” Max grinned before stealing another kiss. “Sorry!”

Pushing something deep in his jacket pocket, Liz slipped her hand in Max’s. Slowly, reluctantly, they made their way back up the path towards the brightly lit house, before slipping back inside unnoticed.

They had just enough time to claim another glass of champagne each from a waiter before they were discovered.

“There you guys are! I’ve been looking all over for you.” Isabelle’s dulcet tones rang out behind them.
“We just went for a walk in the garden, it’s a lovely evening.” Max informed simply, hoping Liz’s pink tinted cheeks wouldn’t give them away.

He’d expected his sisters astute intuition to make her question his answer, but to Max’s surprise it didn’t come. Instead Isabelle seemed to accept the explanation and lead Liz away from Max slightly so the girls could talk separately, leaving he lads to chat on their own.

After what they had shared, however, Max found it harder and harder to get enthusiastic about the latest Lakers game. The sly glances Liz was throwing his way were also doing a good job of heating his body once more. If he didn’t know better he could have sworn she was waiting for him to discover something.

Shaking his head in an attempt to concentrate on the conversation once more, Max slipped his hands into his jacket pocket. Instead of finding it empty as he had expected, his fingers collided with something small, silky and lacy. He certainly didn’t need a million guesses to know what garment he held in his fingers.

A cautious glance towards Liz and her expression confirmed his suspicions. Her black lace panties were now nestled in the confinements of his pocket. Wrapping his fingers around the material he committed the silky feel to memory.

Whether it was his still hormone charged body, or something else clouding his normally sharp mind, Max wasn’t sure. But it took a long moment to realise the significance of the act. If Liz’s underwear was sitting in his pocket it meant …………….

The hardening of his body was instant, the desire for Liz strong and rampant once more, as if what they had shared in the garden only minutes before hadn’t happed or satisfied him.

As her eyes surveyed Max once more, she knew he’d found her ‘gift’. When his eyes lifted to meet her gaze however, even Liz felt blown away by the strength of emotion held there. His eyes were practically jet-black, pupils dilated, the stormy need flashing through like a brilliant white-hot light.

For a brief moment, as Max strode purposefully towards her, Liz thought he might just take her there and then, with no regard to anyone else in the room. The primeval flare in his eyes causing a low rumble of desire in her stomach.

“Find Cali, we’re leaving.” Max stated quietly in a gruff voice as he wrapped a strong hand around her bare arm.
”Something wrong honey?” Liz queried in mock innocence.
“I think you know that answer.” His eyes smouldered back at her. “Either we leave, and now, or I won’t be held responsible for my actions.” Max added, slowly running his hand down her back to cup her bare bottom, silently confirming what he had thought …. no underwear.
“You sure you don’t want to just go for another midnight stroll?” Liz asked innocently.
“Not an option. I want you alone, in our bedroom with no possibility of being interrupted.” He responded, his eyes burning with a bright orange glow of desire.

The smile dancing across her lips was unmistakeable; the thought of being alone with Max in their bedroom was definitely pleasing. To feel his large hands caress her cool skin, to feel his kisses rain over her and the exquisite touch of his fingers stoking the fire in her body. Oh yeah it was time to find Cali!

Finding her sister, however, was a more arduous task than Liz had suspected. Calistia had slipped away a little after they had arrived at the party, nearly three and a half hours earlier, and now she seemed no where to be seen.

Saying quick goodbyes to their friends, and promising Isabelle that they’d be round for lunch the next afternoon, Max and Liz started to comb the ballroom for Cali. Eventually, after nearly ten minutes of ambling through the rooms full of people, Max spotted his wife’s younger sister.

Calistia was huddled in the corner of the large living room; only her head could be seen as she kissed a dark haired stranger. She was sitting on one knee of the stranger, her arms wrapped around his neck completely oblivious to anyone else in the room. The stranger’s hands were splayed across the vast expanse of Cali’s bare back, the cut of her dress very low at the back.

The red in Liz’s eyes was obvious to Max as she took in the sight of her sister practically throwing herself at someone she could barely have known for a couple of hours. It was definitely not the actions Liz expected from her sister.

Wrapping a firm hand around Liz’s upper arm, Max tried to stop Liz from storming over and dragging her sister away. Despite how bad it looked from their vantage point, he could still reason that Cali was a big girl and able to look after herself. It wasn’t as if she was being held against her will, she clearly wanted to kiss her dark haired stranger.

“Liz.” Max cautioned softly.
“What? She’s making a spectacle of herself with someone she hardly knows. What must people think, geez they’re practically undressing each other over there!”
“Ok, let’s just take a step back here. Cali is entitled to kiss whomever she wants to.”
”It’s not the kissing I’m worried about.”
”Ok, then you’re in no place to judge her. Not after what we did in the garden. What if someone had found us? How would that have looked?”
”That’s different.”
“No it’s not. Let’s just go over to Cali and gently tell her it’s time to go. No fireworks, no raised voices. Just treat her like an adult, ok?”
“Ok.” Liz finally responded reluctantly.

Interrupting Cali was a task in itself, and then the identity of the mystery man nearly knocked both Max and Liz sideways. It was Jesse Ramirez, Max’s young new assistant. Heck neither of them had even realised he was at the party, let alone with Cali.

“Jesse.” Max acknowledged, narrow eyes in the direction of the young man. “Cali, it’s time to go now.” Liz added, trying to remain calm. Watching her sister sprawled across the young lad’s lap did little for Liz’s control however.
“I don’t want to go now.” Cali replied simply.
“Not an option. We’re all going home together, and that’s now.” Max stated. “Say goodbye to Jesse, the taxi is waiting outside now. You have two minutes to be in the car or I’ll come back in and find you.” He added, giving her a little room, but also authority at the same time.

The look on Cali’s face was evidence enough she didn’t approve of Max putting his foot down. But at the same time she was acutely aware that he meant business. She had no doubt that if she stayed he would come back in and probably drag her out the house by her hair if that’s what it would take. Definitely not a good impression to make towards Jesse whom she liked very much.

Despite Liz’s reluctance they headed away from Cali, Max confident she would follow in due course.

“I didn’t even know Jesse was here, let alone they were getting closer.” Liz said shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Me? I didn’t know Liz, if I had I would have told you.”
”Oh there must have been signs. Something at work to indicate they liked each other.”
“Not that I saw, and if I had I would have told you sweetheart.”
”Yeah I know. And I know I can’t keep Cali single for the rest of her life, I just hope she’s sensible.”
”Jesse too. I’ll talk to him, next week at work, and makes sure he’s a gentleman with Cali. Don’t worry.”

But in her heart Liz wasn’t convinced. She cared about her sister, and the last thing she wanted was Cali to get in to any trouble. Heck the whole reason of bringing her to LA was to halt the wild streak, not strengthen it. But something told Liz as Cali finally joined them in the taxicab that it wasn’t going to be easy to calm Cali’s wanton need to throw herself at guys.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 30th June 2002
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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 49

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC-17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


A month later

“And you’re sure …. there’s no mistake?” Liz queried, holding her breath, the heart skipping a quick beat as she waited for affirmation.

“Yes Mrs Evans, we’re certain. There’s no mistake.” He confirmed. “Is there a problem with that? Do you want to talk to somebody about your options now?”
“No! No it’s fine, thank you very much.”
“And you’ll call to make another appointment soon won’t you?”
“Yes I will.” Liz assured him. “And thank you.”

Replacing the telephone receiver in the cradle, Liz headed aimlessly over to the small black leather sofa, before flumping down on the puffy cushions. A million and one thoughts circled her mind, rushing through at top speed so quickly she could barely register them. Taking in a very deep, very long breath, she tried to absorb in the news she had just received. Yet no matter what she did, the urge to pinch herself to check it was real was so strong.

She’d suspected something was wrong for a few weeks. No major signs at first, just a fluttering feeling, or perhaps a longing like before. So instead of acting on it, getting hopes up, she’d just waited. It had been the hardest few weeks of her life, getting through each day just waiting for a sign to prove her suspicions were wrong. She could have done a test, got confirmation, but part of her liked the idea of not knowing for sure. Because then she could pretend that it was true, when the reality could have been anything but.

But now she knew the truth and her head felt giddy. The cup of coffee she’d drunk not thirty minutes before churned around in her stomach. Why was that though? She’d enjoyed the taste going down, but now it felt like it was eating away at her insides?

And just how the heck was she supposed to concentrate on work now? She had a meeting in ten minutes with some new potential suppliers of towels and toiletries for the whole of the hotel chain. All items would hold the Amber Inn Group logo, all depicting class and comfort for guests at their hotels. And if she could nail down the new supplier at a third less than their proposal Amber Inn would be much better off than with their present arrangement.

But how was she supposed to keep her mind on an even keel? How could she ignore everything her mind kept mulling over, the flips her stomach kept doing and the anticipation she felt through to her bones?

A sudden, swift wave of fatigue hit her unexpectedly at that moment. Her body felt heavy, her head struggling to remain upright. She was bone weary tired on top of everything else, great!

The urge to kick off her shoes, throw her head back on the pillow and stretch out on the inviting sofa was almost too great to pass up. Almost. She was at work, she scolded silently.

She couldn’t just go around like she could do as she pleased, she had a job to do, and Jim was counting on her. He’d already agreed to cut her hours to suit Rebecca’s schooling, allowing Liz to come in later and leave earlier as necessary. And that was only because of who she was and how good Liz was at her job, she knew. Had she been anyone else, or if the threat of resignation by her weren’t hanging over Jim’s head, he probably wouldn’t have been so lenient.

“Liz? Mr Chambers is here for your eleven o’clock meeting.” Maria said, sticking her head around her boss’s door after gentling rapping on the closed wood.
“Oh right, thanks Maria.” Liz said, snapping out of her daydream and shaking her head to try and establish something resembling clarity.
“You ok? You look a little peaky.” Maria said, taking in Liz’s slightly pale complexion.
“I’m fine really, just didn’t sleep too well last night that’s all.”
“You sure you want this meeting? I know that Mr Chambers is important, and there is a growing room of associates with him, but I’m sure Alex could cover for you if you’re not feeling up to it.” Maria offered, her concern evident.
“No really Maria I’m fine. I want this meeting.” Liz assured her, rising from the sofa and straightening her beige suit skirt. “Really ‘Ria, stop worrying.” She added before snatching up her writing pad and ink pen, then disappearing out the door.

Standing in the room, looking back through the empty doorway, Maria wondered what she’d just missed. She knew Liz too well now to know when something was up, and her boss was the world’s worst liar. Her voice said one thing, but those expressive brown eyes always held the truth. And the truth was something was going on with Liz, something she was keeping from Maria. Being kept in the dark, out of the loop, was the quickest way to get Maria’s back up, that was for sure!

The shrill ring of her telephone started Maria’s feet walking again. If there was something wrong with Liz she’d find it out, she assured herself.

The call was for her, surprisingly, Michael checking up on things as he drove to a client meeting. She hadn’t been back to work long after having Mackenzie, and he still worried about her. It had been one of the first times they’d had an argument since Mac’s birth. She loved Michael dearly, but he just couldn’t understand why she wanted to go back to work.

It had been Amy’s suggestion on how to end the low simmering feud, but one Maria had jumped at. Amy had wanted a little time with her first grandson, and Maria had wanted a little freedom to remember who she was, so it had made perfect sense. So, after consultation with Liz and Jim, Maria had returned to work, only two and a half days a week. But it was enough to make her feel human again. And get a decent enough fix of adult conversation. She loved Mackenzie dearly, but the craving for being more than just a mother was still strong. Michael, however, still worried about her despite Maria’s assurances she was fine. In truth, although she’d never admit it to him, she kinda liked his calls; the attention and concern making her feel fully loved.

Stepping through the glass doors into the foyer area of his offices, Max glanced around. Lack of noise was normally a pitfall of the office, since there were only a few employees. It wasn’t like he was in the office that much, and Michael was spending more and more time out on assignment. It left Cali and Jesse to hold down the fort most of the time.

However, this afternoon the faint sound of light music drifting through caught his immediate attention. Cali wasn’t at his desk, although the shrill ring of her phone was clearly evident. Striding over he picked up the receiver, hoping against hope it wasn’t anyone too important.

Max certainly wasn’t adverse to answering his phone, hell he’d done it at the beginning while the business was getting off the ground to save money on secretarial support. But it didn’t do well to show that side of him to people he needed to negotiate and work closely with, not now the business was established. He had a professional front to hold up, after all.

“Hello Max Evans.” He said firmly but politely.
“Max? I didn’t know you normally answered the switchboard.” Liz’s sweet voice replied.
“Ahh hi honey, yeah well your darling sister seems to have done a runner.” He admitted, grateful it was Liz. The sound of her voice melting down the phone like warm honey, making is heart soar and brining a smile to his face. Oh if she knew what just simple words from her sweet voice could do to him!

“Missing?” She queried, the sound of concern edging into her voice.
“Not sure yet, I’ve just walked in and there’s no major sign of anyone. Don’t fret about it though, I’m sure she hasn’t gone far.” He assured. “So, what can I do for you … or is it just a social call?”
“Yes and no.”
“Well I just wanted to check what time you’re coming home for dinner tonight.”
“Erm well I guess around seven.” He suggested, fingering a pile of messages that could rival a small country’s industrial waste and sighing quietly to himself. No rest for the wicked.

“Ok, great, I’ll see you at seven then.” Liz said, starting to end the conversation.
”Hang on, don’t I get any clues what’s going on?”
“Nope, you’ll just have to wait. Bye Max.” Liz replied, the smile on her face projecting into her words.

Still puzzled somewhat by the telephone conversation, Max replaced the receiver and tried to work out what Liz was up to. The timing of when he was due home from work was never normally an issue; he couldn’t imagine why it would be today. Had he forgotten an anniversary, or her birthday or something? He searched his mind, but came up blank.

His thoughts were cut short, however, by the soft sounds of laugher, a giggle not too dissimilar to Liz’s. That meant it could only come to one person …… Calistia.

Abandoning his briefcase by her desk, Max strode down the hallway to Jesse’s office, stopping only once he got to the doorway. Perched on the edge of the young associate’s desk was the giggler in question, Cali.

Her skirt had been pulled higher on her legs to show more of her hose clad thighs. An extra button or two had also been undone on her thin cream blouse. Jesse too bore the signs that inappropriate activities were taking place. His tie was hanging loose around his neck, a few buttons undone on his shirt and his hair looked rumbled as if Cali had been running her fingers through it.

They were completely oblivious to Max’s presence, however. Instead they looked deeply engrossed in a heated kiss that Max considered might have rapidly spiralled out of control if he wasn’t around. Either that or the heat of the embrace might just set the office on fire with the wayward sparks that seemed to be flying off them. But he was in control at that moment, even if Jesse and Cali weren’t, and he couldn’t deny the anger he felt bubbling away deep inside. This was his office, not some sleazy motel room, and no place for groping or improper kissing.

The rough, gravely clearing of his throat brought the young couple springing apart. Cali turned to look at him, her eyes wide with guilt, hands clasping at her blouse to pull it together to keep modesty. Jesse too had the same shameful look in his eyes, his mouth hanging open at being caught.

“And just what the hell do you to think you’re doing?” Max roared, failing to keep a grip on his normally in check temper.
“It’s not what it looks like ……” Jesse started in protest.
“Oh is that right? Well that’s got to be a good thing.” Max said sarcastically. “Because here was me thinking you two were making out on my company’s time, in my offices while the telephones are ringing off the hook!”
“Max please …..”
“Save it Jesse I don’t want to hear your excuses. Just get on with the work you’ve got to do.” Max said, holding his hands up to halt the young man’s pitiful words. “Cali, my office now.” He added firmly, pointing a finger out the open door.
“Max …...” She started to protest.

Feeling far too much like a young school girl, rather than the adult Max had previously treated her, Cali dutifully traipsed out of the room and headed down to Max’s vast office suite.

“Max …” Jesse started, trying to help Cali and persuade their boss to take it easy on her.
”I don’t want to here it Jesse, I don’t need excuses or reasons why. Just get on with your job and let me do mine, otherwise you won’t have one!” Max voiced sternly before turning on his heal out of the room.

Taking a deep breath, Max slowly followed her, trying to sort in his mind what to do next. He, out of everyone had trusted her. It had been his idea to bring her in to Evans Consulting, and although the transition after Isabelle had left hadn’t been easy, they’d got there.

Cali had been shaping up as a more than adequate replacement for his sister, her organisation skills much better than he’d thought they would be. But then this had to happen. What was he supposed to do now? Cali was seventeen after all, old enough to do as she pleased within reason, just not under his office roof! So why did he feel like he was her large and looming father about to lecture her?

“Look Max I’m sorry.” Cali started as he closed the door to his office.
“Save it Cali, we both know you don’t mean it.” Max said holding his hand up to halt her apology.
“I do.” She reiterated firmly as he rounded his desk.
“Sure, then tell me this. Is the first time it has happened here? You and Jesse romancing each other that is.”

Lifting his head to catch her eye contact he prayed she’d say it was, prayed she’d confirm it hadn’t happened before. But she didn’t. The bowing of Cali’s head, the dropping of her eyes and the gentle headshake indicated it had been going on for a while. A silent curse slipped past his lips, how could he have been so blind, so stupid not to see the signs?

He’d known they were getting closer; hell the lip lock they’d been in the night of Jim and Amy’s engagement party had been more than evidence enough. Jesse had been round a couple of times; picking Cali up before they disappeared off to wherever they went. But he hadn’t realised it was this serious, serious enough to risk making out at work and getting caught.

“So this is the thanks I get. I bring you into my home, I give you a good job, responsibility and you just throw it back into my face.”
“I didn’t mean to.”
”You didn’t mean to what Cali? Didn’t mean to walk into Jesse’s office, or sit on his desk and kiss him?” Max queried. “Or perhaps you didn’t mean to get caught?”

“Ok you’re right Max, I didn’t mean to get caught. Jesse and I like each other.” She finally admitted.
“That’s no excuse and you know it. You may be young Cali, but you’re old enough to accept responsibility when you make a mistake. And you made a whopper here. This is your place of work for goodness sake!”
“I really am sorry Max. I promise it won’t happen again.”
“Damn right it won’t!” He said firmly. “Because if it does I won’t hesitate to ship you straight back to your parents. What you do away from this office is your business Cali, but I won’t have to jeopardising the integrity of this company by dragging down the good name. Now, get out of here and get back to work.” Max added, silently grateful it hadn’t been a client who had caught them.

Turning on her heal, grateful to get out of the hotpot that was Max’s office, Cali headed towards the door before pausing with hand on the doorknob. For a moment she hesitated, wondering if it was best to say nothing. Instead, needing to know, she finally turned around and lifted her eyes to meet Max’s.

“Are you …. Are you gonna tell Liz?” She asked quietly.
“Right now Cali I haven’t decided what I’m going to do. But the last thing I want is Liz worrying about you. As far as she is concerned you’ve left your wild ways back in San Francisco. So maybe I’ll let this incident slide. But if you give me any more reason to question your actions I’ll certainly think twice.”
“Ok.” She finally accepted, realising she was getting off much lighter than she probably should have. True nothing too incriminating had happened, just a kiss really, but he could easily have sent her packing back home at the drop of a hat. Closing the door, new admiration for her brother-in-law grew inside. She’d let him down, and she genuinely felt bad about it. Perhaps it was time to start acting like the adult she wanted to be.

Slipping his Lamborghini into park, Max pulled on the handbrake before climbing out of the car. Despite everything, he still loved the fast car. He’d questioned, silently, it’s practicality with Becky now a huge part of their family, but had finally decided to keep it. He loved it too much to get rid of the car unless absolutely necessary.

Reaching across to grab his briefcase from the passenger seat, he click the button on the key swab to lock and alarm the car before heading up to the front door.

All throughout the journey home he’d been trying to work out what was going on with Liz. Silently, however, he was grateful Cali had said she was going out straight from work and wouldn’t be back till late. He certainly hadn’t relished the thought of spending 45 minutes in a car with her. The silence would have been altogether far too deafening in his opinion after the incident in the office.

Slipping the shiny silver key into the lock, Max pushed open the door and waited for the expected hurricane that was Rebecca to burst through the house. It was a nightly ritual, she always came running to give him a hug when he came home from work. It was one of the nicest things, he thought, as he hung his jacket up in the hall closet and slipped his feet from the Italian leather loafers he’d worn all day.

However, the house remained silent apart from quiet background music coming from the kitchen. No Rebecca to greet him, much to Max’s disappointment. Dropping his briefcase into his office to the right of the front door, he padded along to the kitchen to look for the two ladies in his life.

Putting the roasting tin back into the oven, Liz pushed the door closed before turning to find Max standing right behind her. For a moment she jumped in shock, she’d been completely unaware he was home.

“Hi honey.” She smiled, throwing her oven glove clad hands around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.
“Hi babe. Where’s Becky?” He queried.
“Oh, your mother is looking after her tonight.”
“Right?” He queried, mulling over the words. “What, all night?” He added, thinking quickly.
“Yeap, it’s just us.” She replied.

A million and one thoughts circled his mind, at the forefront the notion they were alone that evening held strong. They loved Becky, of that there was no question. But having an evening and night together alone sounded like bliss. Oh yes, he was gonna love Liz that night without question!

Dipping his head, Max captured her lips in a gentle, warming kiss. His lips glided effortlessly over hers, velvet against velvet, and passion against passion. Slipping a hand to the small of her back, the other rose to release the sliver clip that held her hair hostage in a tight twist. One click and a blanket of melted chocolate coloured hair cascaded down her back for Max to scoop in his fingers.

With light pressure he pulled her lower body closer to his, the gentle rocking motion of her hips sending sparks of fire straight to his groin. A soft thud, followed by another indicated the oven gloves had been shed, before Liz ran her fingers through his short brown mop of unruly hair. Moving her hands she scooted down to undo the buttons to his shirt, exposing his muscular, toned chest.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he turned to back her against the kitchen table before gently lifting her so she sat on the edge of the honey pinewood. He felt like a crazy, starved man as he plundered her mouth with this tongue. Sweeping back and fourth against her lower lip, dipping inside to graze her pearly teeth and then sinking deeper into the warm crevasses of her sweet mouth. His hands ran over her shoulders and down her sides before sweeping across to cup her breasts through the cotton of her shirt. Finally breaking contact with her lips he bent to kiss and nibble her jaw and neck as she gasped a breath into her mouth.

“Max …” She whispered, wriggling to get closer to his body.
“How long is dinner?” He queried breathily through nibbles on her ear.
“A while.” Liz responded hazily. “About half an hour.” She added, throwing her head back and allowing him more access.

The buttons on her shirt fell open with ease and the front clasp of her white silk bra soon followed. Dipping his head, Max kissed and sucked his way from her neck down to her breasts before loving them also. Head thrown back Liz allowed the all too familiar feelings to flood her body. Her hands jammed through his hair, running down to his nape before practiced fingers stroked and caressed just where his hair ended.

This wasn’t at all what she had planned, she mused silently. She’d arranged to serve a nice dinner, over the soft glow of candlelights, with soft jazz saxophone music playing the background. And then, as they ate the beef roast she’d tell him. Finally tell him her secret, that she was ………….

“Ahh.” She sighed as she felt his fingers work her navy skirt up her legs to reveal her matching white panties. The sweep of the pad of his finger over her sensitive area sent a shockwave heat burst through her body. Another moan ripped past her lips as his fingers finally delved beneath the silk to stroke her once more.

“Ahh Max.” She breathed again, her mind awash with vivid images and forceful emotions.
“What were you gonna tell me?” He queried, lifting his head to take in the exquisite look of Liz drowning in his pleasure as he continued to stroke her intimately at the juncture of her thighs.
“Not ….. yet.” She pushed out, as a stronger wave of pleasure washed over her.
“Now.” He insisted more firmly, moving his fingers in measured circles and watching the effect contort on her face.

Her both wriggled and writhed closer to his hand; the radiated heat he could feel pulsed across his fingers. Just watching her, at the moment caught between sane and over the edge always took his breath away. Her stormy, aroused eyes coloured with golden sparks of emotion, her arched body urging him on, her fingers tugging and teasing at his hair. Oh yeah he loved it when Liz was putty in his hands, dying for him to carry her over the edge with every measured stroke and gentle thrust into her deep, warm centre.

“I’m ……….I’m ………..” She struggled, before her eyes drooped closed and his practiced fingers drove her swiftly over the edge. Her head fell forwards against his shoulder and rode out wave after wave of drowning feelings, her whole body contorting in spasm as he continued to stroke and caress her.

His plan had been to whip her into a frenzy and obtain a confession. The plan had been flawless, up to the point where his own desires jumped to the forefront. Instead, watching her pink flushed face tinged with the afterglow of climax, her silky soft centre begging to have him encased deep inside her warmth; he lost the small amount of control he had been clinging desperately on to.

Shrugging the button to his trousers off and quickly unzipping them, they fell to the floor with a gentle thud that neither really heard nor cared about. Placing hands on her hips, he eased Liz forward slightly on the table before moving his fingers to cup her cheeks. Taking her lips hostage once more in a sweet, soft kiss, he groaned into her mouth as he joined them as one.

The hot, slick warmth surrounded him, caressed and sheathed him intimately. Control snapped completely, he drove in and out, upping the pace with each measured stroke. Within moments he felt her contract around him once more, pulsing before she climaxed. Seconds later he thrust once, twice, before burying himself deep once more and emptying himself into her welcoming heat.

Ragged breaths were pulled in as they slowly came back down to earth. Burying his head in her shoulder Max mentally shook his mind of the fog that enclosed it. Geez she’d only told him Rebecca wasn’t coming home that night and he’d lost it. Imagine if Cali had walked in on them. Oh she was due to be out all night, but still, it could have happened. After what he’d lectured her over in the office earlier, he was just as bad. Oh what his beautiful wife did to him!

Finally relinquishing his embrace around her, Max pulled on his clothes again as Liz slid down from the table. Doing up a couple of the buttons to the shirt, he peered around the corner to the dining room, finally taking in the sight that he’d missed after becoming too engrossed in Liz.

“Are we expecting guests?” He queried, as Liz straightened her skirt.
“Then what’s with the table?”

Stepping around Liz he took in the sight more fully. Normally they ate in the kitchen, but this time the large walnut dining table was laid for two people. The best china had been pulled out, along with shiny silver cutlery and crystal glasses. Two lit silver candlesticks stood in the middle, casting a whispering glow over the room. All in all, the room smacked a missed anniversary or birthday. Had he forgotten something, he thought silently as a cold sweat descended over his flushed body.

“It’s not your birthday is it?” He queried tentatively, scrambling through his brain to check.
”No it’s not.” Liz replied, seeing the relief over his face.
“Then what.”
“Soon.” Was all she said before heading upstairs for a shower to freshen up.

The next thirty minutes were like pure torture for Max. There was obviously some big secret Liz knew that he, as yet, hadn’t been let in on. Being in the dark was not something he appreciated either. Instead he spent the time racking his brains to guess what the problem was. Various things circled, but yet he had no clues.

Eventually, after a shower and changing into blue jeans and a black t-shirt that hung loose over the waistband, Max returned to the kitchen to see Liz dishing up the delicious smelling food on to the table.

“Ok Liz, I don’t think I can take much more of this.” Max said, as Liz poured him a glass of red wine.
“Much more of what?” She queried in mock innocence.
“Liz.” He said sternly. “Come on, just tell me what’s going on. What’s all this wonderful meal about?”

Smiling inwardly, Liz conceded it was time to put him out of his misery. Besides, she was bursting to tell him anyway. Heck she’d almost blurted it out when they were making love! If he’d pushed her then she would have fold, would have told him.

It was time.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 8th July 2002
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So, you wanna know Liz's secret huh???? Sorry, I know it was mean for me to leave it there ...... but I just couldn't resist it!!!! *big* *big* *big* *big*

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 50

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC-17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


The next thirty minutes were like pure torture for Max. There was obviously some big secret Liz knew that he, as yet, hadn’t been let in on. Being in the dark was not something he appreciated either. Instead he spent the time racking his brains to guess what the problem was. Various things circled, but yet he had no clues.

Eventually, after a shower and changing into blue jeans and a black t-shirt that hung loose over the waistband, Max returned to the kitchen to see Liz dishing up the delicious smelling food on to the table.

“Ok Liz, I don’t think I can take much more of this.” Max said, as Liz poured him a glass of red wine.
“Much more of what?” She queried in mock innocence.
“Liz.” He said sternly. “Come on, just tell me what’s going on. What’s all this wonderful meal about?”

Smiling inwardly, Liz conceded it was time to put him out of his misery. Besides, she was bursting to tell him anyway. Heck she’d almost blurted it out when they were making love! If he’d pushed her then she would have fold, would have told him.

It was time.


“Ok, I have some news for you.” She said, pausing to take a slip of the ice-cold water.
“Right, that much I can guess. Here let me pour you some red wine.” He suggested, feeling the emotional charging of the moment. Whatever Liz had to tell him was important to her.
“No really, I’m fine with water.” Liz replied, putting her hand over the empty long stemmed wine glass to stop Max from filling it. No, no more wine for her, at least not for a while.

His eyes narrowed in her direction at that moment. Liz wasn’t a big drinker, not known for getting really drunk, but she always enjoyed a nice glass of red wine with a good meal. This one certainly smelt like a good meal so why was she declining the wine, he pondered silently.

“Out with it then Liz, tell me before you burst.” He encouraged, slipping his hand over hers and flashing a warm smile to make her relax. The slight trembling of her fingers underneath his own set Max’s mind racing once more.
“Well, I found out today that ……”

Geez why did saying the word seem so difficult? She was happy, hell ecstatic over the news. And so would Max be, she was sure since he wanted this as much as she did. So why the worry? Perhaps it was fear of something going wrong, since she wanted this so much, she reasoned silently.

“That what?” He prompted gently, his brow furrowing slightly in concern.
”I’m ….. I’m pregnant.” She finally announced, tears of happiness stinging her eyes at finally voicing the words. She was going to be a mother to a child of her own in not too many months.

For a moment the room fell silent apart from the soft sounds of saxophone jazz drifting in from the stereo in the lounge area. Watching him from across the table, her eyes sparkling with joy and a happy smile across her face, Liz wondered what was going through his mind at that moment. The gapping of his mouth in a wide ‘O’, the stunned ‘scared rabbit in front of headlights’ look decorating his face confirmed one simple thing …. it hadn’t been the news Max had been expecting.

He was staggered, Max thought clearly, completely stunned. In fact it was the only clear thought he could process at that moment, that and Liz’s words ….. “I’m pregnant”.

Reasoning silently he hadn’t thought too much about what Liz was going to tell him, hadn’t mulled over too much what was going on. But if he had, he probably could have had a million guesses and not come up with her news. Yeah, he was stunned, ecstatically happy but stunned.

“P …. Pregnant?” He finally stumbled, unable to compose his thoughts completely before responding. He had to say something; the last thing Max wanted was Liz to think he was unhappy with this new development. He surely wasn’t, but he’d been knocked back just a little.
“That’s right.” She responded somewhat cautiously.

“Well ….. erm …… when …… what …. how?” He spluttered, grateful to rest his glass of red wine down on the table without spilling it. Was that his hand shaking there?

“How? Do I really have to answer that one Max? I think it’s pretty obvious how.” Liz clarified feeling slightly uneasy by her husband’s reaction.

It certainly wasn’t the response she’d been expecting. She’d played the scene in her head thousands of times that day, with many different outcomes. For the main, he’d rush up to her, sweep her off her feet and hug and kiss her silly. Yet not once did she think her husband would be stunned virtually into silence, with no major swing one way or the other as to if he was happy or not by the news. Heck, for all the emotion he’d shown she could have announced her news to a wall! This was not good.

“Are you ….. are you not happy about this? I mean I know we didn’t exactly plan it but … you know … we kind of did subconsciously …. we haven’t exactly been careful for a while now ……..” Liz finally asked tentatively, chewing on her bottom lip.
“What?” Max responded, his eyebrows rose in surprise at her question. How could she think that after all they’d been through? How could he not be happy that they were having a baby? It was the only thing his heart desired that he didn’t have in life, his own child. “Oh no Liz babe, I think it’s wonderful news.” He clarified shaking his head to try to clear the haze surrounding his brain.

“Then why haven’t you said that before now?” She asked, her eyes still filled with concern and worry. “You’ve just sat there in stunned silence …. what am I supposed to think?”
“Oh sweetheart.” Max cried softly, pushing back his chair, rounding the table and sinking to his knees in front of Liz. Lifting his head he looked up at her face, slipping a finger under her chin to align their eyes. Looking up into her deep brown pools he hoped his eyes portrayed every ounce of the amazing love he felt for her at that moment. “I am so happy Liz, more happy than I can express. It just kinda took me by surprise that’s all, but I am happy. Really, really happy.”

As if to emphasise his point, Max lifted his hand to stroke her cheeks before capturing them and raising his lips to kiss hers. Stroking across her lips gently, the kiss spiralled slowly into a lazy, languid kiss full of emotion. A soft sigh omitted by Liz showing the message from Max sealed in the kiss was sufficient.

“So, how far along are you?” Max asked, when they eventually broke the kiss. The cloudy fog that had descended over his brain at her news was slowly clearing. Instead, it was replaced with a strong desire to know everything about it, everything about their baby.

Oh how wonderful that sounded, and a little strange if he was honest. He’d longed for this moment for so long, prayed Liz’s would one day tell him such wonderful news. But now it was here it was a little daunting. Oh he’d taken on Rebecca, but she was hardly a baby, instead a beautiful little lady. Would he really know what to do with a baby, change nappies, feed and bath them, and such?

“Erm I don’t know for sure, I have another doctors appointment tomorrow morning. But I think about two months or so.”
“Yeah, I mean if I’m right I think it happened that night at James and Amy’s engagement party … you know in the garden.” She reminded him.
“Oh yeah!” He breathed, stealing another swift kiss. “Won’t forget that any time soon!”
“Me either.” She grinned happily.

Now this was much better, Liz mused silently. Ok no sweeping her off her feet, no air restricting, bone crushing hugs, but at least he was happy. At least Max was smiling and his eyes were dancing with excitement. That had to be good.

“I can’t believe I didn’t suspect that was your news.” Max said, mentally kicking himself for not jumping to the conclusion. Silently however he reasoned it had probably been the furthest from his mind simply because he desired it so much. In allowing himself to think Liz might be pregnant would only have been setting himself up for heartache and disappointment …… but not anymore.

“Yeah, well I didn’t really face my suspicions until yesterday. I made an appointment with Doctor Frazier this morning and got the results a few hours later.”
“How long have you suspected?” Max queried.
“I don’t know really, a week or two, maybe longer I guess if I’m really honest.”
“A week or two?” Max reiterated, his brows creasing at the news. “You thought you might be pregnant for all that time and didn’t tell me?”

The hurt and slight anger in his voice was clearly evident. His eyes that had sparkled only moments before took on a harder, stormier appearance. Leaning back away from her slightly the only part of their bodies that touched was his tentative hold on her hand. And even that felt like it was slipping away just slightly. She’d been wrong to shut him out; he was her husband after all. But telling him could have made things worse than just suspecting she was carrying their child. She couldn’t have broken his heart and faced him if it had turned out to be a false alarm.

“Well I wasn’t sure, and I was scared it was just another false alarm.” Liz defended.
“Still Liz, you should have told me. I had a right to know if you thought you were carrying my child.”
“I know you’re right Max ….. I’m sorry I didn’t …… but I was just so afraid that if I told anyone it wouldn’t be true.” Liz said, tears welling in her eyes at Max’s indignant tone. “Please don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean to keep you in the dark. But I just couldn’t face getting both our hopes up only to be dashed if it was a false alarm like last time.”

For a moment Max wanted to be angry. He wanted to feel forlorn at being left out by Liz, in not being able to share that initial flutter of butterflies at the mere thought. Wanted to have been given the chance to stand with Liz during the five minutes it would have taken for a home test to register. Wanted to feel those hopes, dreams and silently willing the test to be positive.

Yet, despite not being able to share that special moment, he couldn’t deny how delighted he felt. How his heart felt as large as a house, as if it would burst right out of his chest with happiness and pride.

They were going to have a baby, a child of their own just like his sister and their best friends. In the end, the fact Liz had kept him in the dark until she’d known for sure wasn’t really that bad. At least this way there was no disappointment, no dashed hopes or shattered dreams …… just full, unadulterated ecstasy.

“I’m not mad babe.” Max clarified, his eyes softening once more as he pulled her into his arms. “I’m far too amazed to be mad right now.” He added honestly.
“And you’re happy?”
“No Liz, I’m not happy.” He said, watching her face fall in a touch of fear. “My feelings right now are completely indescribable, and saying I’m simply ‘happy’ is far too a plain word. I’m speechless, astonished, shocked, and more exultant than I think I have ever been in my life.” The smile returned to her face as his words sunk in.

Lifting her hands to his face, Liz cupped his cheeks before dipping her head to catch his lips. Softly she allowed her lips to glide effortlessly over his, her tongue bumping gently against his bottom lip in an attempt to taste him.

Finally parting, they returned to the lovingly cooked meal Liz had prepared. The only real topic of conversation was the baby, both chattering away with delight like young children on Christmas Eve awaiting Santa.

Despite the fact they’d both had showers not an hour before, after the meal had been consumed Max scooped Liz up into his arms and carried her to their bedroom.

Her giggles filled the air as he nuzzled her neck before placing her gently on the cool satin sheets. Dashing away he started to fill the large round marble corner bath in their ensuite bathroom before heading back to swipe the red wine and two glasses. After making sure the bath was filled with warm, luxurious bubbles, Max helped Liz strip before steering her towards the bathroom.

“What are you doing Max? We just had a shower each.” Liz queried, as she watched him strip the jeans and t-shirt from his body.
“I read someplace that warm baths are good for pregnant women.” He clarified, pouring two glasses of wine, one with only half for Liz, before settling the crystal on the edge of the bath. “Come on, get in.”

After watching Max climb in and become swallowed up by the mass of soapy bubbles, Liz finally followed suit.

“You know that is good advice, but it normally doesn’t come into play until at least the sixth or seventh month once the woman starts to show and added pressure is put on the back.” Liz reminded him, sitting down in between his opened legs and laying her back against his chest.
“Well then I guess I’m just getting in practice.” He grinned, handing one of the wine glasses to Liz.
“Max ….” She started to protest.
“I know, you’re not supposed to drink when pregnant, but surely half a glass of red wine won’t hurt. Come on, we can hardly celebrate with milk can we?”
“Ok, just half a glass.” She conceded, taking the crystal and lifting it to her lips. My, the liquid felt nice on her tongue and slipping down her throat. Giving this particular pleasure up for nine months would certainly be a challenge.

Placing his glass on the shelf behind him, Max slipped his arms around Liz’s upper body, hugging her closer to his own wet skin. Hands roamed across her midriff, finally resting on her flat stomach. Despite his mind knowing what was going on inside her body, it still felt anything but real to him. He wondered fleetingly what it really felt to her. Did she feel different; could she tell there was a baby growing inside her?

“What does it feel like right now?” He asked, caressing and stroking her stomach gently.
“What does what feel like?” Liz queried, her head lying back on Max’s shoulder, her eyes drooping to half-mast as the steam of the bath relaxed her muscles and mind alike.
“Inside you, with the baby?”
“It doesn’t feel like much at the moment, its far too small to feel anything.” She clarified. “But I do feel like there are hundreds of butterflies caught up inside me, fluttering away in my stomach. I don’t know if that’s just excitement, but it feels nice.”
“I want to experience this with you Liz. Feel every movement, every kick, everything that you will go through for our child. Promise me you won’t shut me out again like you did with the pregnancy test.” He said softly, kissing the damp tresses of her hair.
“I promise Max.” She whispered dreamily.

The feel of Max’s hands slowly rising from her stomach to cup around her bare breasts caused Liz’s head to lull further against his shoulder. Warming heat pooled in her stomach, nerve endings in her body tingling with anticipation.

Sighing contently, Liz turned her head slightly so she could capture Max’s mouth. Their lips came together in a soft, sensual kiss, stroking and stoking passions deep inside. Her tongue danced tantalisingly across his top lip, before stroking and then diving between as he parted his lips. Heat poured into her body as she explored his mouth, duelling and tangling with his tongue.

His large hands stroked and caressed her breasts, circling the tips until they formed tight peaks just begging to be dragged into his warm mouth. Soft moans were omitted from her mouth as he moulded and caressed each tantalising mound. The first clear indication of her pregnancy was evident to him. Her breasts although not too much bigger than normal, were obviously more sensitive than they previously had been.

Leaving one hand to continue to caress her sensitive breasts, the other danced down her front and across her stomach towards her thighs leaving a trail of fire in its wake. A slight brush of the pad of his fingers across her damp, dark curls brought a throaty moan from her lips. Continuing on, he gently stroked her in a soft, sensual circular motion that caused hot pangs of fire fuelled emotion to shoot straight through her body and pool right where his fingers were caressing her.

As her body thrummed from the sensations he was creating, Liz felt the hard length of his own desire burning into her back. A wicked smile crossed her lips. Reaching round, her fingers caught and then encircled his desire before gently stroking.

It was Max’s turn, this time to attempt and fail to stem a moan from slipping past his fingers. His aim had been to love Liz and satisfy her, but ignore his own deep routed emotions and desires. Her delicate fingers were certainly making that point very difficult to focus on.

Pushing her hand away from him, Max gently stretched his thumb out to apply light pressure on her sensitive area. The tensing of her body was indication enough his new manoeuvre was well received. Her breathing became shallow, laboured, her eyes drooping shut and mouth hung open slightly just enough so Max could latch on and explore with his own eager tongue.

“Max.” Liz rasped, struggling to keep hold of her body’s control.
“Relax, just enjoy.” Max instructed gently, continuing his ministrations and feeling the heat burning further in his body at the exquisite look painted on her face. Oh how he loved to watch Liz’s face just before his touch caused her to see stars.

A moment later and she arched her body towards him and felt herself freefall through the light air. Spasms inside filled her body, muscles contracting and pulsing. Heat shot through her like a speeding bullet, leaving no centimetre untouched. Bright beams of light expelled under tightly shut eyelids, and wave after wave of immeasurable, torturous sensations flooded her insides.

Finally her body relaxed, falling limp against his chest as she dragged in deep breaths of air. His fingers moved to wrap around her middle, tracing imaginary circles over her silky wet skin.

Eventually regaining control of her previously lax body, Liz loosened Max’s grip on her enough to twist on to her stomach. Lying out over the full length of his body, Liz was now able to stare deep into his desire filled dark pools. Oh how she loved the way his normally placid eyes took on a stormy midnight black colour full of reckless abandonment.

“Liz.” Max cautioned softly as she leant in to take his lips. Her body across his, his desire practically aligned with her hot sweet centre nearly took his control away. Just a slight movement and he could be buried deep inside her, just where his body craved to be. But this wasn’t about him, it was about her. About thanking Liz for the wonderful gift she would give him in less than nine months. Their baby.

“What?” She queried, genuinely confused. Not only did she want to repay the favour and satisfy his strong urges, she also still wanted him in the worst way possible.

“We can’t.” He clarified, trying to move her slightly so as she wasn’t lying in quite such close proximity with his lower body. How the heck was he supposed to keep his mind on an even keel when what he wanted most was so close?

“And why not?”
“You know why not.”
“No actually Max, I don’t.” She said somewhat indignantly. “Are you saying you don’t want me now I’m pregnant?”
“No of course not. Hell you must know I want you like never before.” He clarified, taking her hand and placing it gently where he ached the most. “But we have to think about the baby.” He added, dropping a free hand to cup her stomach between their bodies.
“What has the baby got to do with this? I want to make love to you Max, to show you how much l adore you. What’s the problem with that?”

“But what if we hurt it?” He asked, genuinely worried, worry lines creasing deep tracks across his brow.
“Oh Max, we won’t hurt it honey.” She cupped his face tenderly. “Hell you’ll hurt it more by leaving me like this all aching for you.”
“But ….”
“Please Max, I promise it will be fine. Besides, there is no way I’m gonna wait nine months before loving you again.” She said fiercely.

The inner struggle he was fighting was clearly evident painted on his face. She could tell in wasn’t just mental pain, there was a fair amount of physical pain also. But she had to make him understand that it would be more than fine to continue. The hand gently cradling his desire began to gently stroke it, as if to help him come to a decision more quickly.

Eventually, a low growl passed his lips before he pushed her hand away. Placing a palm either side of her hips he pulled Liz to align his body once more in a silent confirmation that he was happy to continue now. Placing her hands on his chest, Liz rose up before gently sinking down and encasing him deep inside her warm heat.

A sigh omitted past her lips once more, complete contentment filled every fibre of her being, loving the wonder of him filling her deeply, thoroughly. Leaning in to connect their lips once more, Liz slowly rose up before rocking her hips in towards his body once more.

Steam from the bath filled the room and circulated around them. The heady feeling of a little red wine mixed with strong desire drowned their bodies. Over and over they came together, teetering on the very brink of sanity before edging away and starting over once more.

Hands placed on his chest, Liz sat more upright, staring down into his deep, desire filled brown eyes. His chest was heaving, breathing laboured through the strong emotions crashing through his body. Max’s hands came up her body to rest and cup her aching breasts. The caressing and moulding of his fingers around her sensitive areas stoked her desire even higher.

Quickening the pace she took them higher and higher, Max’s hands instinctively slipping to frame her hips and continue the torturous pace. A moment later and her control finally slipped and nature took over. Head thrown backwards, wave after wave of pleasure drowned her, eyes slamming shut to prolong the exquisite feelings crashing through her body. Two thrusts later and Max joined her in their own private heaven. A low growl and he buried himself within his wife before emptying his seed deep inside.

“God I love you Liz.” Max rasped, pulling Liz down on his chest and crushing her to him. Heaving breaths were dragged in by both as they slowly, reluctantly came down from the amazing high they had just experienced.

“Ditto.” Liz whispered, laying her head against Max’s chest and closing her eyes.

This was the life, she thought silently as his arms wrapped around her body. A warm steaming bath, husband buried inside her in the most intimately passionate way, and hotly desired baby growing deep inside her womb.

Oh life couldn’t get much better than this, could it?

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 14th July 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

posted on 21-Jul-2002 1:46:19 PM
Hey Guys!

Just wanted to let you know I'm really sorry I haven't posted a new part so far this weekend.

It was my best friend's wedding yesterday, which was awesome, but has meant I haven't had time to read through the next part to be posted. Unfortunately, I'm functioning on four hours sleep right now ....... so anything I write probably won't make any sense!!!

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 51

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


Telling Rebecca about the new baby, however, was more difficult than both Max and Liz had considered. Both had assumed the little girl would accept the news at face value, hopefully happily, and then skip off without a care in the world. She was only five after all, how much information would she need? Unfortunately, Rebecca proved to be a little girl who craved new knowledge!

“A baby?” She asked curiously.
“That’s right.” Max said as the three of them sat on the sofa with Rebecca in the middle.

It was the following day, after picking her up from Max’s parents, and they were both eager to tell Rebecca their news. Both Max and Liz had agreed the quicker the little girl knew about it, the more time she would have to adjust to the idea of another child in the house.

“Can I see it?”
“Oh no sweetheart, the baby won’t be here for about eight months or maybe a little earlier.” Liz said, smiling at the little girl’s innocence.
“Where is it then?”
“It’s in here.” Liz finally responded, splaying her hands across her stomach in indication.

Despite her initial reservations, something told Liz the little story about the ‘stork’ bringing the baby to their doorstep wouldn’t work with this inquisitive little girl. No, in a few months Rebecca would want to know why Liz was putting on weight, and then the whole ‘stork’ solution would be painted for what it was, a lie to keep Rebecca’s innocence. Being up front was definitely the best policy Liz thought silently.

“In there?” Rebecca queried again, pointing at Liz’s stomach and clearly not convinced. “But there’s not enough room for a baby in there!” She announced incredulously.

The little girl’s innocently put questions brought smiles to both Max and Liz’s faces, how sweet a little girl she was. Silently they both wished Rebecca would be able to keep her naïve outlook on topics forever, always being so honest about questions she wanted answering. Both, however, knew such naivety was not only impractical as you got older, but also completely impossible. The many events around the world often put pay to that, it wasn’t an ‘idyllic’ world they lived in.

“It’s a very small baby at the moment, but as it grows so will Liz’s tummy.” Max clarified, watching the thoughtful expression paint Rebecca’s face. Clearly she was thinking of her next, insightful question that would test them, and how to pose it.
“But ……. But how did it get in there?” Rebecca finally asked, placing a finger on Liz’s stomach and pushing gently to see what reaction she would get. When nothing happened a frown decorated her face. Clearly, Liz thought, Rebecca had been expecting some kind of response from her new baby brother or sister.

Both looking up, Max and Liz glanced at each other over the little girl’s head. Geez now what were they supposed to say? Rebecca was still young, they’d both assumed such questions wouldn’t be forthcoming or require answering. How wrong they’d been ….. and now they were totally unprepared!

“Well ……..” Max started, more stalling for time than anything else as Rebecca’s inquisitive eyes stared up at him waiting patiently for an answer. A pleading look in Liz’s direction cried out for assistance, he was way out of his league here!

“Max put it there.” Liz finally replied calmly, fully prepared for all the questions her simple answer would raise. Just how far and how much were you supposed to tell a five-year-old anyway?
“How?” The obvious response was returned.

“Well.” Liz started, thinking quickly. “You see, when mummy’s and daddy’s are happy and they cuddle, sometimes it makes a baby. And that’s what going to happen to us. The baby will grow inside me and once it’s big enough I’ll go into hospital and you’ll be able to see it.” Liz said softly, trying not to spill any details a five-year-old shouldn’t know.

Furrowing her eyebrows, it was clear Rebecca was mulling over this new piece of information from Liz. It was amazing to watch her try and comprehend the wonder of conception, without details, for her innocent mind. Glancing nervously at Liz, Max couldn’t help but wonder what question would come next. The one thing they both knew for sure ….. there would be another question!

“But, Sydney cuddled Jake in the playground yesterday and she was happy.” Rebecca pondered. “Does that mean she has a baby in her tummy too?”
“Oh no sweetheart.” Liz laughed softly pulling Rebecca into her arms as Max grinned. “It only happens if mummies and daddies cuddle, but not all the time.” She clarified simply.

“Ok. But if you’re going to have another baby, does that mean you don’t want me anymore?” She asked.
“Oh no Becky, of course we want you!” Liz cried softly.
“You are a part of our family sweetheart, and you always will be. This new baby won’t change that no matter what.” Max added, wrapping an arm around Liz’s shoulders and hugging the two ladies in his life. “You’re just gonna be a big sister as well as our little girl.”
“So you’re ok about the baby?” Liz added softly, watching Rebecca mull over the thought of being a big sister.
“Yeap! I want to be a big sister. Caitie is and she says it’s fun.” Rebecca grinned. “Can I go tell her?”
“Sure, just be back by 6.30 for dinner ok?” Liz said.
“Ok.” Rebecca replied happily, jumping to her feet and dashing towards the back door.

“Phew, that was harder work than I’d envisaged.” Max commented, pulling Liz into his arms for a hug.
“Yeah, I though it would be easy. A little info and she’d be happy. Should have guessed though with Rebecca’s thirst for knowledge, that it wouldn’t have been enough to satisfy her curiosity.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Least she’s happy about it now.”
“You’re right, now all that’s left is to tell our families.” Liz sighed gently, resting her head on Max’s shoulder and closing her eyes for a moment. Boy did she feel tired these days!


Stepping out into the garden, the warm sun hit Max’s face causing him to squint for a moment to adjust his eyes to the bright light. It was a good day, he thought silently. Lunch on a Sunday afternoon with his parents, sister and friends, and then a sharing of exciting news with them.

Walking across the patio area, he graciously accepted the masculine hugs from Michael and Alex, dropping a warm, friendly kiss on his sister’s cheek before turning to Maria to do the same.

“How are you sis?” He enquired, as Liz stepped up behind Max and started to accept the hugs and kisses from her friends also.
“I’m ok. I’ll be grateful when this is over though.” She said, hands hugging her bulging stomach as she lent back in the wooden chair.
“You must be excited now though, not long to go.” Liz added, kissing Isabelle’s cheek before accepting a big hug from Alex.
“Yeah, we’re really excited.” Alex grinned.
“I’ve just about had enough of feeling like a beached whale now though. Oh to be able to squeeze back into my jeans and see my toes again.” Isabelle murmured wistfully.

Watching his sister clearly frustrated with her new, rounded figure, Max wondered how Liz would cope with her pregnancy. Granted, in Isabelle’s defence, her pregnancy hadn’t exactly been planned, but she and Alex had been over the moon despite that. He and Liz had all but planned their child, actively not using any kind of protection for many months. And Liz had yearned for this moment for a long time, longer than even he had been previously aware of.

But it was one thing to desire something, and another altogether when you actually got it. How would Liz cope with nine months of looking after herself? Would she grow to resent him or the baby when she had to slow down at work and relinquish control of Amber Inn back to Jim again? How would she cope when her petit size ballooned to accommodate their growing child? And he didn’t even want to think about Liz having to go through the pain of childbirth!

Then again, their child was much more of a miracle. In his heart he hoped Liz would cherish every day, every moment of the next nine months before their baby was born. For in his own heart, Max knew there was no guarantee they’d ever get a second chance at having their own baby.

A sharp squeal and a tug at his trouser leg diverted Max’s attention from his thoughts back to reality. Looking down he found Mackenzie grasping tightly to his leg, doing his best to hoist himself into an upright standing position with Max’s unknowing help. Unable to resist his cherubic face, Max bend down on his knees before slipping his hands under Mac’s arms and scooping the excited child up. Gleefully, Mackenzie flailed his hands around, hitting Max gently in the face a few times before he managed to catch hold of the baby’s hands and hold them fast.

Dropping his head down on Max’s shoulder, Mackenzie was content enough to gnaw away at Max’s shoulder through his white cotton T-shirt. His hand gently rubbing the little boy’s back, Max was suddenly aware of a warm pool of drool quickly starting to seep through the cotton onto his skin.

“Oh gosh Max I’m sorry!” Maria exclaimed, jumping to her feet. “He’s teething and munching on anything he can get his hands on.”
“It’s ok ‘Ria, I think my T-shirt can handle it.” He shooed her away back to her chair.
“It’s not your T-shirt I’m worried about.” Maria sighed as she sunk back into the wooden chair. “It’s your shoulder. His bottom tooth is pretty sharp already and I’m sure you don’t want bite marks through your shirt.” She clarified.
“Really ‘Ria, it’s fine.” He insisted. “My shoulder is tougher than it looks I promise.”

Standing next to Max, watching him cradle Mackenzie in his strong arms, Liz couldn’t help but reach out and stroke the baby’s soft hair with her fingers. His fine blond strands felt like silk slipping between her palm, bringing a smile to her face at how precious the little boy was.

And oh how her heart jumped at the sight of Max cradling him tenderly. It wasn’t the first time Max had held Mackenzie, but somehow this time felt different. She’d never noticed the power in his arms before, and how he held the precious bundle in a shielding stance omitting his protective feelings to the little boy. Is this how he would hold their own child? Cocooning the little one and making them feel completely safe?

Subconsciously her hand slipped to her abdomen and thoughts jumped to the tiny baby growing inside. On most previous times, even though she had hated it, seeing Mackenzie or even hearing Maria talk about him had made her sad. But this time Liz felt only joy and pride for her best friends at their beautiful baby son. This time there was no jealousy, no longing or depression, for she knew her dream, and that of Max’s, was finally coming true. In less than nine months time she too would be holding their long awaited baby.

Watching Liz closely, Maria suddenly mentally kicked herself. The longing in Liz’s eyes, the tentative, almost wistful smile on her face as she stroked Mackenzie’s fingers, all pointed to one, obvious thing. Liz was thinking about how much she desired a child of her own.

Damn this was tough, Maria thought to herself. Her heart ached for her friend at the way she looked at Mac. Liz desperately wanted a child but all the signs seemed to indicate she couldn’t have one, yet Maria had gotten pregnant accidentally with Mac at the drop of a hat. Talk about rubbing Liz’s nose in it!

“Oh Liz I’m sorry.” Maria suddenly jumped up in her usual energetic way. Her actions, to all, were clearly to try to spare Liz more pain at being round a baby. Although it was rarely talked about, each friend silently knew the pain Max and Liz had gone through before adopting Rebecca. “Here Max, let me take him. It’s about time he was put down for a nap inside.”
“No really it’s fine ……” Liz started to protest, sensing Maria’s sudden apprehension. If only her friend knew about her condition, then Maria wouldn’t be so worried about Mackenzie around her.

Not heeding her friend’s words, Maria lifted her son from Max’s arms before returning to her seat and cradling her little boy in an attempt to help him sleep. The quicker she could calm him the quicker she could put him down for a nap inside and stop Liz from wishing he was hers. A squawk from Mackenzie was clear indication he wasn’t best pleased at being removed from his comfortable place gnawing away on Max’s shoulder. And he certainly wasn’t ready to nap!

Just as Liz was preparing to tell Maria once again that it was fine now, Diane and Philip headed outside with Rebecca in toe. Deciding now was the perfect opportunity to spill their happy news and alleviate Maria’s fears, Max slipped an arm around Liz’s shoulders and pulled her close. A glance at Liz and the returned smile that lit his wife’s face up was indication enough that she was happy for them to know.

Waiting for a moment while his father sat down and pulled Rebecca on to his lap, Max took a breath. It had been their secret for a few days now, only sharing it with Rebecca, and suddenly he was about to announce it. The shiver of excitement that ran down his spine was mixed with a tinge of sadness. Happiness at finally announcing they were having a baby, but a sliver of disappointment at having to release the secret. It had been wonderful to think they were the only two, or three, to know about the baby growing inside Liz.

“While everyone is here, Liz and I have some news to share with you all.” He started, suddenly very aware of seven sets of eyes strained on him. Heck he was used to standing at the head of a conference table commanding proceedings for goodness sake. So why did this feel so daunting?
“What is it son?” Philip asked smiling as he touched a finger to Rebecca’s nose and making her giggle.
“Well ………. seeing as everyone’s in the spirit of having babies, we thought we’d join the club.” Max finally answered, glancing around to watch the reaction of his news on his friends and family’s faces. One by one his news sunk in and the realisation of his words hit them.

“Are you …….?” Diane started.
“You’re gonna …….?” Alex added
“Is Liz ……..?” Isabelle chimed in all three at the same time.

“Oh my gosh!” Maria quickly exclaimed as Max’s words sunk in, giving him little time to respond to his sister, mother and friend. “You’re pregnant!” Maria added loudly. Jumping to her feet, she quickly handed Mackenzie towards a completely perplexed Michael before covering the distance between herself and Liz.
“Yes ‘Ria, I am.” Liz finally replied, beaming happily before her best friend threw her arms around her in a fierce hug.

Cries of congratulations filled the air and hugs all around were exchanged. The feeling of finally belonging and fitting in once more in his ever-changing and extending family filled Max. The sadness and mild jealously he’d experienced when Alex had announced his and Isabelle’s own good news was finally obliterated and put firmly to rest.

“I’m so happy for you Liz.” Diana said, hugging her daughter-in-law. “And you too Max, you deserve every moment of happiness this brings you.” She added, hugging her son knowingly.
“Thanks mum, we are really happy.”
“You fully deserve to be.” His mother replied, smiling a knowing smile.

Diane knew the pain her son had gone through to get to this stage and the terrible time also that Liz had endured. She could sympathise, she had been there with Philip when they were younger but their hoping had been to no avail. Or at least no biological child of their own, yet now more than ever Max and Isabelle felt like her blood children. And now finally Max and Liz had what their hearts desired for so long, a baby to go along with their nearly adopted daughter. And Diane couldn’t stop smiling with happiness.

Helping to clear away the lunch things after all the food had been consumed, Max followed his mother into the kitchen before depositing the pile of white china plates on the worktop. It felt strange to think back not nine months previously, when they had sat and discussed how bad things were with Liz’s strong desire for a child. Now, they had a beautiful little girl in Rebecca, and another baby, one of their own, on the way. Could life get any better?

“Max I am so happy for you and Liz.” Diane said once more, before hugging her son.
“Thanks mum, so am I.” He responded the huge grin on his face evidence of how elated Max really was.
“I can’t believe I didn’t guess you had news for us, and this in particular. Not only is Liz practically glowing with happiness, but you’re radiating pride in abundance.”
“It all still seems a little surreal though. You know we’ve wanted this for so long, and now to finally have it within touching distance …….” He trailed off, his mind wandering into dangerous territory. What if something went wrong and Liz lost the baby?

“Don’t go there Max.” Diane cautioned, reading her son like an open book. “Don’t create a problem that doesn’t exist. Enjoy this time; enjoy experiencing everything that is packed into nine months of a growing baby. Don’t let doubt spoil this magical time.”
“I know, you’re right mum. I don’t want Liz worrying either, but I’m pretty sure she will. She might not openly show it to me, but I know she’ll be on edge for the next few months.”
“Then make her slow down. Persuade her to cut down on the hours at the office. Get plenty of rest and relaxation that will help her.”
“Have you ever tried to get Liz’s to slow down?” Max queried, raising his eyebrows at her words. “That’s near impossible mum.”
”Then you have to remind her she’s not just thinking about herself anymore. There’s a baby to consider too.” Diane reminded. “Besides, you’ll probably find Liz slows down of her own accord shortly. I think it’s something to do with a mother’s instinct to protect their child.”

Leaving his mother to load the dishwasher, Max returned to his friends and family outside. Wrapping his arms around Liz’s waist, Max rested his chin on her shoulder and watched Rebecca playing happily with Mackenzie on a blanket on the grass.

“She’s really good with Mac.” Liz commented, turning her head to plant a kiss on Max’s cheek.
“Yeah, she’ll be a big help when the baby comes.”
“And I’ll probably need all the help I can get!” Liz joked, the underlying concern in her voice still evident however.
“You’re gonna make a perfect mum Liz, the best this baby could ever hope for.” Max reassured, slipping his hands to lay on her still flat stomach. “Besides, look how you are with Becky, you’re a natural mummy.”
“Yeah, but looking after Becky and taking care of a baby is too very different scenarios.” Liz countered.
“We’ll learn together Liz. It’ll be great.”
“I hope so.”

For a moment Max tensed his arms around his wife. The doubt in her voice, the worry she wouldn’t make a good mother set his mind racing. What if she was having second thoughts about having a baby now. Ok so they’d talked about wanting a baby, they’d even tried without success for a while. But thinking about something as life changing as a baby, and actually do it were too very different pictures.

“You do …… you do want this baby don’t you?” Max suddenly asked quietly, almost too afraid to hear her answer. In his heart he knew he wouldn’t be able to cope if Liz turned round and confessed she’d changed her mind. He couldn’t, wouldn’t let her get rid of their child.

“What?” Liz queried, startled by his words. Twisting around in his arms, Liz moved so she could see into his eyes and get an idea as to what was roaming through his brain. “Of course I want this baby! How can you ask such a thing after everything we’ve been through?”
“Because I can hear the doubt in your voice. You’re afraid you won’t make a good mother to our baby. I was just worried you’d changed your mind. I couldn’t cope if you got rid of it.” Max clarified, saying the last sentence almost as a whisper.

Looking up into his deep brown eyes, Liz felt her heart break a little. Although she’d alleviated immediate fears by insisting she wanted the baby, she could still tell he was worried. Had he really thought she’d even consider aborting their baby? After all the pain they’d been through, all the tears and heartache each month when it was evident she hadn’t conceived.

Lifting a hand to gently cup his cheek, Liz did the only thing she could think of to show Max how she really felt. Rising gently up on her tiptoes, she leant in and pressed a kiss to his lips. Wrapping her arms around his neck, the kiss instantly deepened as Max’s body relaxed into her embrace.

Their lips glided together with practised ease, soft sighs omitted swallowed instantly by the other. Snaking her tongue out, Liz gently touched his bottom lip in a silent request for entry. Opening up to her easily, Max parted his lips before she invaded his mouth and his senses.

Eventually they reluctantly parted after a few moments, knowing they were making a spectacle of themselves in front of family and friends, Liz glanced up into Max’s eyes once more. This time his troubled brown pools seemed more at peace and more full of desire.

“I would never, ever even consider hurting our baby Max. Believe that.” She added firmly, cupping his cheek with her palm once more.” I am so proud to carry your child, and I can’t wait to hold our baby in my arms. Do you believe me?”
“I do.” He added softly, stealing another quick kiss. “And I’ll hold you to that. That means slowing down at work, giving Jim back more of the stressful stuff and generally taking care of yourself. Ok?”
“Ok.” Liz finally replied, reluctant at the thought of giving up control of Amber Inn. She’d practically ran it for so long, been such a huge part of her life, relinquishing evening a little of it was going to be tough.

Yet for the sake of the baby she’d craved for so long she’d do it without question. She no longer needed her work to consume her life, Max, Rebecca and the baby growing in her womb were far bigger than any job or company. Life was definitely perfect right then as they stood in the garden with the warm LA sun beating down.

The only problem with ‘perfect’ was it normally was followed swiftly by disaster down the line.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 23rd July 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

posted on 25-Jul-2002 1:53:41 PM
Hey guys,

Thank you sooo much for your awesome feedback guys!!!!

Ok, I know I'm mean leaving you with that little line at the end ...... I just couldn't resist it!!!! I'm not gonna give anything away though, only to say you'll find out in the next ep.

Only one request ..... have faith in me!!!!!

Take care

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 52

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


“I would never, ever even consider hurting our baby Max. Believe that.” She added firmly, cupping his cheek with her palm once more.” I am so proud to carry your child, and I can’t wait to hold our baby in my arms. Do you believe me?”
“I do.” He added softly, stealing another quick kiss. “And I’ll hold you to that. That means slowing down at work, giving Jim back more of the stressful stuff and generally taking care of yourself. Ok?”
“Ok.” Liz finally replied, reluctant at the thought of giving up control of Amber Inn. She’d practically ran it for so long, been such a huge part of her life, relinquishing evening a little of it was going to be tough.

Yet for the sake of the baby she’d craved for so long she’d do it without question. She no longer needed her work to consume her life, Max, Rebecca and the baby growing in her womb were far bigger than any job or company. Life was definitely perfect right then as they stood in the garden with the warm LA sun beating down.

The only problem with ‘perfect’ was it normally was followed swiftly by disaster down the line.


Leaning back in her chair, Liz placed her hands over her stomach and struggled to suppress the smile beaming across her face. This was a good day, she concluded silently.

As much a part of that conclusion was the fact it was the first morning she’d got through without suffering a major bout of morning sickness. For the previous two weeks, since telling her friends and family the good news, she’d struggled each morning with sickness. Isabelle’s suggestion of milk and crackers when she first woke up didn’t work, neither had Maria’s idea of dried cereal and Diane’s inspiration of tea with ginger had sent her hotfooting quickly back to the bathroom.

For his dues, Max had been better than perfect. Each morning he’d made sure Rebecca was dressed for school on time and ate all her breakfast before brushing her teeth. He’d even gone so far as to learn how to pull Rebecca’s chocolate brown hair in to pigtails just the way the little girl liked it.

Often he even took the little girl into school himself, or other times Diane helped out. That way Max was happier so he could stay with Liz. She was sure it couldn’t be the most prettiest of sights, watching her kneeling on the floor hunched over the toilet basin, but Max never shirked it. He’d sat with her on more than one occasion, cool flannel in hand and holding her hair away from her face. That was true dedication on his part, she thought silently.

Rubbing her hands gently over her stomach, Liz smiled at the very slight protrusion. Anyone else, bar Max, would hardly notice, she thought silently, but she did. It was only a slight filling, no too dissimilar to if she’d eaten a very large meal and was completely full. But it was more than enough to make Liz happy. It was the first obvious, albeit small, sign of what was growing inside her.

And despite Isabelle’s grumbling that she couldn’t wait to have her child so she could slim down again, Liz felt almost the opposite. She was small and loved her petit frame, but to have her body fill out to accommodate her growing child was something of a miracle to her. Silently she couldn’t imagine ever wishing to be slim when pregnant, something about the mother/child bond she guessed. Then again, it had as much to do with the fact she was proud to carry Max’s child.

A slight rap at her door brought Liz out of her thoughts to find Jim standing in her doorway. He surveyed her for a moment, looking at how relaxed and contented she looked. It was definitely a look that suited Liz.

Silently he thought back to the magnitude of changes that had afflicted his number two in command of the company. The loss of Kyle had hit her hard, yet she’d thrown herself into work and become a more than powerful and very successful businesswoman.

If Jim had known Max Evans would have had such a profound affect on pulling Liz back into the land of the living he would have hired Max’s help long before he actually had. From fiery spitfire to relaxed and carefree mother of one and working on another. It was, quite simply in his eyes, a remarkable achievement. Oh Liz had lost none of her spark and fire when faced with a boardroom full of executives, she could still fight with the best. But no longer did work occupy ever minute of her waking hours, instead she had a life and love of her own.

“You look mightily happy with yourself.” He commented, stepping in and taking a seat in the leather chair opposite her desk.
“Of course, why shouldn’t I be?” She grinned. “I’ve given most of my stressful, taxing work back to you!”
“Ah yes, and now the head of this company actually has to do some work!” Jim bantered back with ease. “I’m sure there’s something wrong there.”

“Yes but I offered you a solution there remember? I know Alex would love to get his teeth sunk into something more challenging like the Bilford project.”
“And your suggestion was duly noted.”
“But tossed aside?” Liz commented, raising her eyebrows. She certainly wasn’t used to having her suggestions thrown by the wayside by James Valenti. Normally when she spoke he sat up and took notice, but not this time and it was definitely an eye opener for Liz.

“Not exactly tossed aside, more pushed back for a while.” Jim clarified. “I decided he has enough on his plate with their baby due any time soon.”
“Yeah ok, I concede that I hadn’t thought about that.” Liz agreed in hindsight. “Thanks for thinking about Alex.”
“No problem, that’s my job as boss to think about my staff!” Jim grinned at the same time as the phone on Liz’s desk started ringing.

Sitting upright in the chair, Liz cleared her throat before reaching for the phone. The sound of noisy traffic in the background greeted Liz immediately, before the caller spoke.

“Hello Liz Evans.”
“Liz? It’s Alex.” He puffed.
“Alex? Are you ok? You sound out of breath. Where are you?” Liz queried, at the same time hearing another voice in the car. This one was female and clearly in pain. The dulcet tone of Isabelle rang out in what Liz could only describe as a wail. Whatever was going on, she was in pain.

“I’m on my way to the hospital, Isabelle’s just gone into labour.” Alex replied, ripples of panic dotting his vocal tone as he heaved in another breath.
“Then perhaps you should slow down and take a deep breath. It would be much better to get Isabelle to the hospital in one piece, and I doubt she’s about to have the baby right now.” Liz commented, trying to calm her friend. “These things take a long time, so you just need to calm down and drive safely.”
“Yeah well she sure seems to be in a lot of pain.” Alex grimaced as another moan from Isabelle cascaded down the line to Liz. “I hate seeing her in pain too, I just want to make it stop.”
“I know Alex, but that’s part of having a baby. Just think about the beautiful baby you’ll have at the end of all the pain. Look concentrate on driving and let me know when you get there.” Liz said calmly before saying goodbye and terminating the call.

Surveying the one side of the call he had heard, Jim looked at Liz questioningly as she replaced the receiver. He’d heard enough to piece together what was happening, but there was nothing better than a first hand account.

“Only in the sense of a terribly nervous and slightly panicking expectant father.” Liz replied with a grin. She knew how much her best friend wanted a child but he was so prone to worry about every detail. It was a wonder Isabelle hadn’t divorced him with all the fussing he’d done in the previous nine months.

“Isabelle’s in labour?”
“Apparently so.” Liz replied, somewhat distantly. “I should call Max, he’ll want to know.”
“Of course, we’ll talk later.” Jim said, rising to his feet and disappearing before Liz could suggest otherwise. Business was clearly the last thing on his assistant’s mind, and Jim didn’t blame her. The group of friends were close and shared all information, they’d want to know about the impending birth. And, judging by the sparkle in Liz’s eyes, she was also thinking months down the line at the birth of her own child. Thoughts like that weren’t something that Jim could deny her. Especially not when his mind was swimming also at silent thoughts and hopes of a possibility of another child of his own.

Lifting up the piles of paper haphazardly placed across his desk, Max bit back a swear of exasperation. He had a big, spacious office and under normal circumstances he loved it. So why the heck did his usually more than adequately sized desk feel like it had shrunk a couple of feet over night?

It was mid afternoon and the warm sun beat in through the large tinted window behind him. Normally such a tranquil safe haven, today Max’s patience felt tested by the unusual restrictions of his office. The UPN takeover case was an important one of his firm, heck it was one of the biggest cased he’d undertaken since forming Evans Consulting. Then again, it wasn’t every day that a TV media company the likes of Sci-Fi Channel stepped in to seize control of UPN in a hostile takeover and a deal worth millions, and not least would save a lesser known TV show about Roswellian Aliens, much to the delight of the hundreds of fan followers around the world alike.

But the mass of paper decorating his desk was rapidly getting out of control. From annual reports, to the accounts, to lists of stocks and various other paraphernalia, all cluttered across his normally pristine walnut dash desk. Now if only he could find his pen to jot down some notes everything would be fine.

Lifting up a pile of papers further more to a right angle to peer underneath sent an unstable tower teetering on the edge of his desk fluttering to the floor. A neat scattering of papers raining down finally came to land in a disorderly mess on the plush cream carpet.

“Damn.” Max muttered, snatching hip pen up before lowering the other papers in his hand. Scooting down on his knees, he started to gather up the papers; searing profanities under his breath as he went at the fact the important documents were now completely out of order. Hell hadn’t anyone ever heard of headering the documents, adding some paper clips or perhaps even putting a simple task of page numbering to help him put them back in order?

The shrill sound of his telephone piercing the peaceful air startled Max, causing a reflexive action to jar his head up, only to collide with the solid walnut. Hitting his head hard against the underside of the desk caused another string of profanities to litter the air with ease. He was not having a good day!

Rubbing the back of his head at the sore spot, Max sat down in his large leather chair again before snatching up the telephone handset, ceasing the incessant ring vibrating through his ears.

“Yes!” He snapped down the phone, not at all in his usual professional manner. Despite his tone, he knew it would only be either Cali or Liz calling, or perhaps even his mother. Very few people knew his direct telephone line, since Cali screened all his calls and always stayed on the line to inform him of the caller before putting them through. Granted snapping at his wife or mother wouldn’t go down well, but heck he didn’t care at that moment. He didn’t often have bad days at work, so surely they’d begrudge him an off day today.

“Mr Evans?” The voice queried somewhat tentatively.
“Yes. Who is this please?” Max asked, his mind immediately alert to the stranger’s voice.

The pain in his head disappeared instantly and he dropped his hand down to scoop up his pen in preparation of writing notes. This was not a voice he recognised, and an unconscious chill ran down his spine. The ring had been external he registered, meaning the call had not gone past Cali, and therefore someone had his direct line. And he never gave that out to clients, no matter how important they were. Whomever this person was they’d obviously gone to great lengths to track down the telephone number.

Liz had the number though he reasoned clearly, and for a moment his mind raced. What if something had happened to her? What if this was a policeman or doctor or similar. What if she’d had an accident or something, she could be lying in a hospital bed fighting for her life …. Or worse. Reason quickly overpowered imagination, if there had been something wrong with his wife Jim would have called to let him know, not some stranger. So who was he?

“Ahh good, Mr Evans. My name is Mr Bergstrom, Tom Bergstrom.” He announced cheerily as if he was a used car sales man eager to pass a lemon car on to his next unsuspecting target. The sickly, syrupy sound of his voice poured down the phone to Max.

“Good afternoon Mr Bergstrom. How may I help you?” He asked cautiously, keeping a professional front in case this man was after his company’s help.
“Actually you’re quite a hard man to pin down Mr Evans, it has taken some time, and many phone calls I might add to locate you.”

“Well it looks like you have found me now, and without meaning to be rude sir I am rather busy. So if there is something I can help you with, please could we get to it?” Max pushed, his senses still honed to caution.

What was it about this man that put him on edge? Heck he knew nothing, bar a name and a voice about him. And that name certainly didn’t ring any bells to Max.

“Ahh you want me to cut to the chase.” Tom Bergstrom laughed. “Well that I can do.”
“Then please do.”
“Well actually I am after something you have in your possession that belongs to me.”
“And that might be?”

“My daughter Mr Evans ….. I’m here to reclaim my daughter.” Tom crooned with more than a little glee.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 29th July 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

posted on 30-Jul-2002 1:44:59 PM
Hey guys!

Ahh thank you for your amazing feedback!!! Ok, I know you all 'hate' me for upsetting the happy balance .... but you must know me by now!!!!!

Carolina_moon Yeap, couldn't resist slipping in the whole Sci-fi taking over UPN!! *big* *big* Something of my poetic licence since can write what I want to!!! Shame it wasn't that easy to save the show though *sad*

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 53

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


“Good afternoon Mr Bergstrom. How may I help you?” He asked cautiously, keeping a professional front in case this man was after his company’s help.
“Actually you’re quite a hard man to pin down Mr Evans, it has taken some time, and many phone calls I might add to locate you.”

“Well it looks like you have found me now, and without meaning to be rude sir I am rather busy. So if there is something I can help you with, please could we get to it?” Max pushed, his senses still honed to caution.

What was it about this man that put him on edge? Heck he knew nothing, bar a name and a voice about him. And that name certainly didn’t ring any bells to Max.

“Ahh you want me to cut to the chase.” Tom Bergstrom laughed. “Well that I can do.”
“Then please do.”
“Well actually I am after something you have in your possession that belongs to me.”
“And that might be?”

“My daughter Mr Evans ….. I’m here to reclaim my daughter.” Tom crooned with more than a little glee.


“Your daughter?” Max echoed, trying to get the words to sink in.
“That’s right. I believe you and your wife are temporary guardians to my little girl Rebecca, and I’ve come to retrieve her.” He announced.

“I’m sorry but …..” Max started to object before being interrupted.
“I am sure you have taken good care of her and given her a nice place to live for a while. But I am her biological father and I am now exercising my right to reclaim her.” Tom said, making the little girl sound more like a piece of meat, or lost luggage, than a living, breathing person.

His head whirled as the words floated around, not really penetrating his brain to make clear sense. Rebecca’s father? Back in the picture? Oh this couldn’t be happening, could it?

Glancing at his calendar on the wall, Max bit back yet another curse. How much of a bad time was this call? They were less than a week away from the adoption being final, and suddenly this man jumps in to claim he is her father? Oh this was not good, Max thought silently, not good at all!

“Mr Evans?” Tom queried, making sure he was still on the other end of the line.
“I’m here.” Max finally responded curtly.
“Good. I appreciate all you have done, but I would like to arrange a time to stop by and collect my daughter. We have missed out on a lot of time together and I want to start catching up immediately.” Tom replied, sounding as if he expected Max to just stand aside while Rebecca was taken from them.

His brain finally starting to lift from the fog that had descended, Max tried to think clearly. There was no way he was about to just hand Rebecca over to some stranger, whether he was her biological father or not. In his heart, for all intent and purposes, Max felt like he was Rebecca’s father and no man was about to wade in and steal her away just like that.

“Now just a minute! You know as well as I do I’m not about to just hand over Rebecca to you, whether she is your daughter or not.” Max said firmly. “For starters I don’t know you from ‘Adam’. I want hard proof you are Rebecca’s father first of all. After that I can assure you I will be arranging a full and thorough search of your background to ensure you are not only financially stable, but also physically capable of looking after Rebecca.”
“Search away, I have no skeletons Mr Evans.” Tom replied casually, the smile on his face drifting through into his words.

“And then, Mr Bergstrom, I can assure you my wife and I will fight you tooth and nail to retain custody of a little girl who is very much a huge part of our lives.” Max said abruptly. “So you’ll be hearing from my lawyers very shortly. Goodbye.”

Quickly replacing the receiver, Max blew out a deep breath. Dropping his elbows to his desk, Max rested his forehead on up turned palms and tried to process everything that had just happened in the last few moments.

His head was spinning; the dull thud of a headache pushing through, and a sense of dread filled every fibre of his being. Oh this was not a good day, not a good day at all, was all he could think about clearly.

The shrill ringing of his phone once more made Max jump and for a moment he hesitated. It was his personal call tone, meaning it was either Tom Bergstrom again, or Liz. For the first time he thought about the advantages of caller ID display, and made a mental note to ask Callie to arrange it for him. Unable to avoid the call though, Max took a deep breath before answering.

“Liz, hi.” He sighed.
“Are you ok? You sound funny.” Liz commented.
“Erm yeah, tough day.” He replied, clearing his throat in an attempt to sound more normal. The last thing he wanted was Liz to ask more questions. He never could lie to her, and telling her over the phone about Rebecca’s biological father coming back into the picture wouldn’t go down well at all! “What can I do for you?”

“Well apart from hearing your sexy voice. I thought I’d let you know I just got a call from Alex.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, apparently Isabelle has just gone into labour.”
“What do you mean already? She’s nearly a week overdue Max.” Liz replied, wondering how that had slipped his mind. Isabelle had called every night over the past week and that often came up. Clearly being pregnant had been starting to take its toll on her sister-in-law.
“Oh yeah, I knew that. Sorry.” Max covered up. Lifting a hand he gently hit his head with his palm, in a vain attempt to knock some sense back into his fuddled brain. Geez if he kept this up Liz would surely know there was a problem.

“Are you sure you’re ok Max? You sound like you’re on another planet or something. Are you sure work’s ok? Has Callie done something to upset you?”
“No Liz really it’s fine. Callie’s fine and the business is going from strength to strength I promise. I’m just having a really bad day that’s all.” He assured. “Do we know how long Isabelle will be in labour?”
“Not yet, Alex was more panicking about getting her to the hospital before she had the baby. He was convinced she was going to have it there and then. He said he’d call me once he got to the hospital.”
“Well ok, let me know when you hear more.” Max responded before cutting the conversation short. Much more of the pretending and he was gonna spill everything out to Liz, and that was something he didn’t want to do until they were alone together, face to face. And, in truth, he didn’t want to have to tell her then either.

All he had to do now was think about what to tell Liz. Having her upset with the baby’s wellbeing at stake was not something he wanted. Then again, was this really something he could keep from his wife? What if it did go to court and Rebecca was taken away from them. How would he explain that to Liz?

Placing his head in his hands again, the thumping in his head deepened along with the dread of the situation he now found himself in. Oh how Max wished he could bury his head in the sand and let this all go away. But a feeling told him Tom Bergstrom was after something, and not just Rebecca, and wouldn’t let up until he got it.

Five hours later, Max was on his way to the hospital. Liz had called two hours earlier to say Isabelle had given birth to his new niece, much to Alex’s joy. Despite the happiness that surrounded the event, as he pulled into the hospital car park a sense of apprehension filled him. Facing Liz, and pretending as if nothing was wrong would be very taxing, even for Max’s acting skills. He couldn’t lie, or hide if she asked him, but at the same time blurting it out at the hospital wouldn’t do them any good either.

Besides, he was here to see Isabelle, Alex and their new baby. It was a happy occasion and the last thing he wanted to do was mar it with news of Tom Bergstrom upsetting all of their plans to adopt Rebecca.

“Oh Isabelle she’s beautiful.” Liz gushed as Max entered the private hospital room.

Standing beside his wife was Alex, with a huge grin plastered to his face. The pride he was emitting radiated and filled the room as he gazed down at the bundle of soft white blanket that encased his newborn daughter. Beside him stood Philip and Diane, holding an arm full of wrapped presents and a bunch of sweet smelling flowers. Maria stood next to Liz peering at the sleeping tot, while Michael hung back slightly with a fidgety Mackenzie in his arms. The cabinet beside her bed was already filling with presents and cards, more flowers and two helium filled balloons announcing ’it’s a girl floated around attached to the bed post.

“Hi.” Max said softly, almost wishing he wasn’t there. Being happy in his present state of mind wasn’t something he felt like doing. Yet for his sister whom he cared for deeply he’d do it, this was her day after all.
“Max.” Isabelle smiled, before her love filled eyes returned to her daughter.

Stepping closer, Max took a look at his newborn niece. Although wrapped in the blanket, a shock of dark brown hair was clearly visible, small rosy cheeks, a perfect tiny nose and deep pink rosebud lips completed her face. As Isabelle gently stroked her cheek, the little tot opened her eyes for a few moments, giving Max a view of her crystal blue eyes. Boy was she gonna be a stunner when she got older if her present looks and parents were anything to go by, he thought silently. God help Alex when his baby daughter was old enough to date guys!

“She’s beautiful sis.” Max commented warmly, kissing his sister’s cheek. “So, what are you going to call her?” He queried.
“Well …..” Isabelle said, glancing at Alex to ensure his approval. “We were thinking about Amber Jayne.”
“Amber Jayne Whitman, I think that’s a beautiful name honey.” Diane announced, as Philip smiled to back up the confirmation.

While everyone continued to coo and ahh over dozing Amber, Max slipped silently into the background, watching Liz’s bright, beaming smile. He wondered absently if she’d smile like that again when he told her about the call from Tom Bergstrom.

If only there was a way to protect her from the pain, he wished, but it was futile. There was no way to shield Liz, or Rebecca or even their unborn baby. They all had to know what would happen, and he could feel it in his bones that this was going to go all the way to court. Either Tom Bergstrom was a fully dedicated father, which Max doubted he was, or there was some other reasoning behind his sudden reappearance into his little daughter’s life.

By the time they got home from the hospital, and had collected Rebecca from her friend Caitie’s house next door, Liz was more and more concerned about her husband. Max had been distant at the hospital, even with the polite chitchat he had exchanged with his family. Oh he asked the right questions to Isabelle, but it was as if they were almost rehearsed, and he clearly wasn’t listening intently to the answers. Something told her that if she asked Max was his little niece was called, or even how much she weighed or what time she was born he wouldn’t have a clue.

Something was bothering him, but Liz couldn’t put her finger on it. The call earlier to his office had been a clear indication that he was having a rough day. But he’d had tough days before, and never once brought it home to affect his family and friends. Max always firmly believed in leaving his problems at the office. Whatever it was, this time it was obviously playing heavily on his mind. And Liz was determined to get to the bottom of it.

After the take away Chinese meal they had brought home had been finished, Liz took Rebecca up for a bath before tucking her into bed. Pulling her bedroom door closed slightly, Liz took a breath before heading downstairs. They were finally alone, and it was time to find out just what was bothering her normally calm and cool husband.

“You want to tell me what up?” She queried, claiming a seat next to Max on their leather sofa.
“Huh?” He queried absently, the tumbler glass with a small amount of whiskey paused in mid flight, as if he couldn’t decide whether to take a sip or not.
“What is it Max? You’ve been on another planet ever since you stepped into the hospital. Are you worried about something? Is it the baby?”
“What? Oh no Liz I’m not worrying about the baby I know everything is fine with you.” He reassured her with a gentle pat on her knee before turning away again.

Taking a breath, Max tried to keep a reign on his emotions. But he couldn’t look at her. Holding Liz’s gaze was too tough, too penetrating. It was as if she could see right into his very soul and extract all the secrets he held inside. No matter how hard he tried, he could paint a happy smile on his face but the worry in his eyes would still be more than present. Glowing too brightly like a beacon on a pitch-black evening at the dead of night.

“Please Max, talk to me. I know you’ve had a rough day, and I know that I probably can’t do much to make it better. But let me try will you? Let me in to what’s going on in your brain. We haven’t kept secrets from each other in a very long time ….. please don’t let us start now.”
“I really don’t think you want to know Liz. It’s a secret best left buried.” Max replied bluntly, turning to face her and finally holding eye contact. It was time to tell her.

The look of dread in his eyes made her heart skip a beat. Whatever the problem was, be it work or personal, it was bad. Very bad. She’d never seen such a haunted look in his eyes before. Max was normally so strong, so vibrant, but whatever the problem was it had hit him hard.

“Tell me.” She insisted, placing a gentle hand on his arm as she watched him tilt his head back and down the remainder of the amber liquid in the glass. As his Adams apple bobbed and swallowed, she could sense the apprehension of the moment.

“I had a call today.” Max started, heaving in a deep breath. “From Tom Bergstrom.”
“Bergstrom?” Liz queried. The sounding of Max’s voice was grave, as if she should know the name and its importance. It was, however, lost on her. Searching through her mind she could find no reference to a Tom Bergstrom, good, bad or indifferent. “Who is he?”

Pouring another measure of Whiskey from the bottle beside him into his glass, Max took another swig before facing Liz. In a blink of an eye he knew he was about to bring her world crashing down. At that moment everything was perfect for them, Rebecca, the baby, their families, little Amber …… But with four words he would change that for Liz. And there was no way to protect his wife, he swore silently. He couldn’t do a damn thing to soften the blow or keep the news from her, no matter how hard he tried.

“He’s Rebecca’s biological father.” Max finally announced, waiting for the words to hit Liz.
“W …..wh …. What?” Liz stumbled quietly, her eyes growing large as she took in his news.
“He called me today at the office just before I spoke to you.”
“What did he want?”
“Rebecca.” He simply replied.

For a moment she sat there, blinking her eyes as she stared into space. Her happy smile from the hospital was now a thing of the past, her dancing eyes long since extinguished by his words. Instead the colour quickly drained from her face, drawing out her fear filled eyes even further. For a moment Max was grateful Liz was sitting down. For sure she would have passed out had she been standing.

“Liz?” Max voiced softly, realising she had said nothing for a few moments.
“He …… he can’t have her.” She finally responded, lifting her head to show tear filled eyes. Her voice was choked thickly with emotion, as if she’d had to battle hard to say the words. “She’s ours!”

“Oh babe!” Max cried softly, putting down his glass before pulling Liz tightly into his arms. He’d hurt her with the news, the very thing he’d wanted to avoid and he hadn’t been able to. Gently smoothing his hand across her back, he absorbed her sobs into his chest and bit hard on his lip to keep control of his own emotions. Oh how he wanted to cry and wail that Rebecca was theirs too!

“We can’t let him take her away.” Liz sniffed, finally lifting her head.
“We won’t.” Max said firmly, as much to assure himself as Liz. “I’ll get on to my lawyer first thing in the morning to see where we stand and what we need to do. I’d hazard if Tom Bergstrom is serious then he’ll petition for Rebecca very soon.”
“Max what if he takes her away from us?”
“We can’t think about that right now Liz. We have to remain positive and believe we’ll win. We’re good people, and we’ve given Rebecca a wonderful house and plenty of love. From what Angie at the Orphanage said, her father has been out of the picture for a long time. No court will look favourably on that.”
“But he’s her blood relative, we’re nobodies.”
“No, we’re people who opened our house up and took Rebecca in when she had no one to care for her. Please Liz, we have to believe we can do this.” Max stressed. “And if the worst happens and he wins, then we’ll have to learn to live through that too.”

Pulling her close once more, they sat in the near darkness of the room and held on to each other for dear life. Crushing hugs, whispered words attempting to soothe. But nothing could help or stop the fact Tom Bergstrom was threatening to rip the new family apart.

The following morning, after Max had put the phone down to his lawyer, Ben McNab, there was a knock at his door. A court official served the petition papers with Tom Bergstrom’s intention to go to court to win back his daughter.

And so the fight to keep Rebecca in her new family began.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 8th August 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

posted on 9-Aug-2002 12:45:58 PM
Hey guys!

Thanks sooo much for your awesome feedback!! You guys always make me smile when I read your responses!

Islandgirls Your post really made me smile! I can just imagine you sitting at your computer with boxing gloves on!!!

Ok, I can't deny the next few parts are gonna be emotional, but you'll just have to trust me to make everything all better!!!!

Next part should be up early next week

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 54

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Just a side note, I have very little or no knowledge of the justice system in America. Therefore please excuse any errors or faux pas where you believe ‘this wouldn’t happen like that in real life’. Thank you!


Climbing out of the car, Liz struggled to quell the queasy churning of her stomach. Instinctively, after smoothing down her navy suit, her hand fell to rest over her stomach, rubbing it rhythmically to quash the uneasy feeling. Her normal ritual of dry crackers and sips of orange juice to stem the morning sickness hadn’t worked this time. Instead she’d barely kept the small amount of food in her stomach long enough to dash to the bathroom.

How much though of this morning’s raging bout of sickness was down to her pregnancy, she wasn’t entirely sure. The impending day and what would be held within it had to take at least a little of the blame for making her stomach feel like a washing machine on a spin cycle.

Slipping his hand into his wife’s, Max squeezed it gently before throwing a smile her way. It was an attempt to help her relax and not worry so much, but all it did was make Max even more concerned about his wife.

She looked pale and drawn this morning, as if she’d had very little sleep the night before. Something he could definitely substantiate, since he had felt her tossing and turning until the early hours of the morning. The fact Liz was struggling to keep even the smallest amount of food down concerned him further still. If only she’d listened to him, he thought silently.

He’d done his best to persuade Liz to stay at home, to rest, relax and not worry about anything. He wanted her to look after the baby and leave the concern and worry to him. He was her husband after all and it was his job to protect her from hurt such as this. But Liz, being the stubborn woman he knew and loved, insisted in accompanying him along to the courthouse. They were married, a partnership, she’d argued as he’d helped her through the bout of morning sickness earlier by holding back her long silky hair, and two people who had made a loving, carrying environment for Rebecca since bringing her home from the Orphanage. And that was the Liz he knew and loved wholeheartedly. She wasn’t thinking about herself, or that of her own sickness, no all she cared about was Rebecca.

And if someone, anyone, now wanted to come along and take her away from them, Liz sure as hell wanted to be around to fight tooth and nail to the very end to keep the little girl right were she belonged. At home with her new mother and father who loved her very much.

“You ok?” He queried softly, concern filling his brown eyes.
“I’ll be fine Max.” Liz assured him. “Just as soon as this horrible nightmare is over and Rebecca is ours for good.”

The strength and determination in her voice, despite Liz’s gaunt completion and listless look in her eyes reminded Max what he loved most about her. That iron will and fiery determination to get what she wanted and never give up until that happened.

“Ready?” Ben McNab, their lawyer asked, his voice strong and full of optimism.
“As we’ll ever be.” Max responded, trying to sound equally confident, but failing somewhat.

Walking up the stone steps to the courthouse, Liz dragged in a deep breath of fresh air. For a moment she felt like it was herself on trial for something, the way the breath of air felt like it could be her last. Then again, if Rebecca was taken away she wasn’t entirely sure if she’d breath again without her. Subconsciously Liz’s hand drifted to her stomach once more, rubbing measured circles in an attempt to remind herself there was someone else to think about in this scenario. Heck Max was already stressing about how it was affecting her, he didn’t need to worry about their baby too.

The morning seemed to drag by for Liz, facing Tom Bergstrom for the first time proved a very arduous task. On the outside he seemed normal enough, smartly dressed in a slate grey suite and tie, hair cropped short behind his ears and shoes freshly polished. It was as if, to Liz, he was trying to project the model image of a helpless father who had lost his child and was trying to win her back. And that, of course, was exactly what he was trying to do. Although winning Rebecca back was one thing, being right in doing so, in ripping her away from her new family, was still under question in Liz’s eyes.

And, as the morning wore on, Liz’s dislike for Rebecca’s biological father heightened.

Tom’s lawyer was good, she deduced, knowing exactly the right questions to ask to instigate the fatherly reaction from him. Questions about how Rebecca had come about, and why he hadn’t been around to provide for the little girl. This gave Tom an inroad to explain how his daughter’s mother had shut him out, pushed him away and stopped him being the father her wanted to be.

And by the time tears of emotion filled Tony Bergstrom’s eyes Liz felt fit to burst. One glance at the jury and it was obvious they were falling for his sob story, she on the other hand disbelieved every word he uttered.

“Why would he have just left Becky? Why didn’t he fight to see her? Why did he just leave her mother to raise their daughter alone in a tiny flat with nothing, not even measly maintenance or child support payments?” Liz ranted as they sat in the small room near the judge’s chambers during recess.
“That’s what I intend to find out.” Ben assured her, placing a calming hand on her shoulders.
“But that’s not good enough!” She cried, tears filling her eyes. “He’s fed the jury a pack of lies and they’ve just sucked them in as the gospel truth. He’s being painted as a model father who’s just been hard done by, but I know it’s not true.”
”Liz honey you need to calm down.” Max said softly. “We can’t start speculating on the jury and what they’re thinking. We need to keep an open mind and stay positive.”
“Please sweetheart, getting upset won’t do you or the baby any good.”
“I don’t care! Becky is worth getting angry over.” Liz blazed, tears cascading slowly down her face as her eyes shone out the anger that crashed through her body.

Sucking in a deep breath, Max sunk to his knees in front of his wife and cupped her trembling hands in his. Bowing his head he took in a deep breath before slowly counting silently to five. All the while doing his best to keep a tight reign on his own emotions that were threatening to run rampant and scream and yell just as Liz was. But showing Liz he was equally as riled up and emotional as she was wouldn’t help the situation one bit. He had to remain strong for her, Liz had to know he was her rock to lean on no matter what.

“Ok Liz, I know you’re angry and upset, but you need to relax. Le me do my job please. Let me get him up on the stand tomorrow and cross-examine him. Then I can pull holes in his flimsy defence. That’s why you’ve hired me, to do the work and to do the worrying.” Ben reminded her softly, his silver grey eyes showing all the concern and compassion he felt for the poor couple. “And you just look after yourself and that little one. Ok?”
“Ok.” Liz finally responded much to Max’s relief.

But the day dragged on and got little better. By the evening things were still looking very bleak for Max and Liz. Any fight for custody was bad, but for two all but strangers to the child to fight against a parent was going to be tough.

“They’re going to take her away from us.” Liz said sadly as she laid bed that night.
“Liz don’t say that.”
“Why not Max, it’s the truth.”
“No it’s not. No one is going to take Becky away.”
“How do you know? How do you know he won’t win and then we’ll have nothing.” Liz said, trying her best to bite back the tears filling her eyes. Geez right now all she seemed to do was cry, what was wrong with her? Damn hormones!

“I know it because I have to Liz. I have to believe Becky is staying right her with us because …… because if I don’t I’ll go mad.” He said firmly pulling Liz close and wrapping his arms around her naked shoulders. “I know it’s hard, but you have to believe it.”
“I can’t Max, I’m so afraid.” She finally responded, tears cascading down her cheeks and splashing against his bare torso.
“You have to be strong Liz, have to believe everything will turn out how we want it to. If you don’t do it for yourself do it for the baby. You’re putting too much stress on yourself and that isn’t good for anyone, let alone someone who is in the early stages of pregnancy.”

“It’s so hard.”
“I know babe, and I wish there was a way I could make this all go away, but I can’t. I can’t stop you hurting, and I can sway the jury in our favour, but I can make you look after yourself. You need to get some rest and start eating more than the few bites you’ve been surviving on the last two days.”
”I can’t face food though.”
”I know, but unless you start eating you’re not coming with me tomorrow.” Max said firmly, for once laying down some authority. It was something he very rarely did. He didn’t like the idea of being a dictatorial husband, being married was a partnership. But if it was the only way to stop Liz from making herself sick with worry. The only way to make her start looking after herself and more importantly the baby, he was going to do it.

“You can’t do that Max!” Liz cried softly. “I’ll go crazy staying here while you’re in court.”
”Then promise me you’ll eat something tomorrow. Please Liz, I couldn’t face loosing both Becky and our baby.” Max said softly, placing a hand over her bare stomach.

Her abdomen was still flat; barely a hint of what was growing deep inside. The thought of a couple of months down the line and the changes that would take place in Liz’s body made him smile. All because of the child he’d helped create, the child he’d put inside her with his essence. He couldn’t wait to see her stomach rounded with their child, her breasts swelling further in preparation, and her skin glowing like most pregnant women did. In his mind he imagined how she would look carrying their child, how proud he would be to show her off even more to the work knowing it was his child inside.

Just the mere thought stirred the feelings deep inside his body. A shiver of excitement ran down his spine as his body hardened in reaction to what it craved. The feel of Liz’s naked body encased in his strong arms heightened the feelings of desire, heat pooling deep in his stomach in anticipation. Oh it would be so easy to push her gently back against the billowing cream silk pillows and cover her body in a multitude of kisses. Then slowly sink deep inside her, to feel her muscles contract as he eased out before thrusting deep inside once more. To continue the age-old rhythm of making love, until they both reached what they craved and fell over the edge.

But he wasn’t about to act on his primeval instincts no matter how strong they were. Liz had been though enough that day, sitting in court and enduring lie after lie spilling from Rebecca’s father’s mouth. Then to have hardly eaten a bite all day, coupled with the fact she’d tossed and turned the night before.

No, the last thing she would want was him aching and needy for her. Oh she wouldn’t turn him away, she never did, but this was one night he’d hold on to that desire for the good of his wife. She needed a good night’s sleep and that was what he’d provide to the very best of his abilities. Holding her tightly encased in his arms and making her feel safe was all he’d do, nothing more, even if it caused him physical pain to deny his body’s needs in the process.

The following morning Liz woke feeling more refresh and awake than she had in a long while. After a warm, invigorating shower she managed to keep down a small amount of breakfast. She would have skipped it altogether, however, if Max hadn’t been standing over her, watching her like a hawk at every nibble of dry toast she took to ensure it was ingested. Still, she knew he’d keep his word and hold her hostage in the house if she didn’t at least try. And staying away from the courthouse was definitely not an option. Part of her also knew, in her heart that Max was right to force her to slow down.

A pang of guilt hit her hard as she took her black tailored single-breasted jacket from the closet. She did need to look after herself more now, there wasn’t just her to think about anymore. Her hand instinctively slipped to her midriff, for a moment thinking of the wonderful miracle growing deep inside her. This was her reason to slow down, to not get quite so worked up and relax a bit more. This was the reason she’d forced a little food and juice down her throat and willed her stomach to remain settled so the food could be absorbed.

Her baby. Their baby.

The child they both had longed for desperately for so long. The one last thing that would make their lives complete. Oh having Becky was a godsend, and they loved her with all their hearts and wouldn’t give her up without a fierce fight. But nothing could compare to the joy of own flesh and blood.

The experience of feeling their child growing daily inside her. The wonder of its first kick and the feel of it moving around. That was what Liz longed for more than anything else, to feel the life inside her. That was what would get her through this terrible ordeal, that and the thought she would let nobody take Becky away from her. That little girl was as much her daughter, her own blood, as if she’d carried and given birth to her herself.

The same shiver of apprehension fizzled down her spine as they entered the courtroom that morning. The thought of having to face Tom Bergstrom once more filled her with much dread. Oh how she hated that man. He was Rebecca’s biological father, which was undisputed with DNA testing that had already been carried out. But it took a lot more to be a father than just creating the child. When she’d needed him most, when her mother had been cruelly taken away from her in the fire that had destroyed their home, Tom had left Rebecca alone to face the agony of the world. Nothing, no matter what he did or said, would change that or Liz’s feelings on him.

Another morning full of arduous questions and cross-examination ensued before it was Max’s turn to take the stand and give account of why he felt Liz and he should be allowed to regain custody of Rebecca.

Watching him on the stand, Liz felt renewed admiration for her husband. His face was well known in the business circle. Evans Consulting was rapidly becoming a very big player in the market even though it was a relatively small outfit in terms of staff. Such publicity from an adoption suit wasn’t necessarily a good thing for his company. All the while he was in court, Max was unavailable for consulting and that in turn meant turning away custom that would have been very productive. Coupled with that, he was blatantly displaying that he was a family man, keen to fight for what he believed was right. And, more importantly, fight for a little girl who wasn’t even his own flesh and blood.

That on one hand told onlookers that he wasn’t a man to roll over when things got tough. He was prepared to stand up for what he believed in no matter what the cost. But on the other hand it showed his gentle, caring side. It showed he wasn’t single minded when it came to the pursuit of business, he had outside interests. Which in turn told everyone he wasn’t the hard as nails businessman he portrayed in boardrooms and power meetings, but he had a human side also. It was a toss of a coin as to if that was good or bad.

Max answered all questions fired his way in a professional, businesslike manner, treating being on the stand very much like conducting a business negotiation. Showing just enough emotion to be loved, but not so much as to give away the upper hand. Ben had prepped him as to what to expect from the cross-examination, but Max wasn’t unduly worried. He had practically no skeletons in his closet, no arrests, no court writs or anything, heck not even a wayward parking ticket that could paint him as anything other than a model citizen of the state of California.

Yet still they tried to slander him, tried to make out he was more interested in his work as was Liz. Tom’s lawyer pointed out he worked long, laborious hours, to which Max could do little else but agree. For he did, at times, working long into the night, even if it was often in his study at work. That came with the territory of owning your own business and striving for success. They were nights, however, that Liz was home with Rebecca taking good care of her, and it happened less and less nowadays that he was away from home in the evenings. He loved his family and the thought of coming home to Liz and Rebecca each night always chased him from the confinements of his office.

Although Liz wasn’t required to take the stand, much to Max’s relief in her present state, her working commitments were still brought into question. Although she had slacked off hours at Amber Inn, she still put in a fair few, meaning Diane often collected Rebecca from school and looked after her for a couple of hours until one of them came for her. It was an arrangement that suited them all. Diane loved seeing the little girl who was all but her granddaughter, and Becky loved the older lady. Knowing Rebecca was in safe hands also stopped Liz from worrying about her while she was at work.

And then Cali was brought into the picture.

They couldn’t deny she was staying with them, and, when questioned about her behaviour, Max couldn’t deny Cali had been a handful at first. Even though he stated categorically for the record that Cali had turned over a new leaf and was much more responsible now, the fact she’d been somewhat of a tearaway didn’t bode well for any of them.

By the end of the second day both Max and Liz felt even lower. Things were not going their way at all. The judge seemed to be looking on at them as if they had ‘bought’ Rebecca rather than opened their home to her through love.

The fact Liz was pregnant also didn’t seem to be working in their favour; since it seemed to be viewed Rebecca had originally been taken in by them so they didn’t need to have the inconvenience their own baby. They had money and Max couldn’t deny they were comfortable with all they could provide for the little girl.

But in normal circumstances that would work for them since they could prove they could provide for anything the little girl needed. Yet this time it seemed to work against them, harm their chances rather than help.

For Tom Bergstrom had the most important thing on his side ……. he was blood relation to Becky. And so far in this case, that counted very favourably in his direction, no matter what private motives he might have.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 15th August 2002
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Thanks as always for your feedback!

ps_dreamer, to answer your question, yes Rebecca is still with Max and Liz at the moment and she's looked after while they are in court.

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 55

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC-17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

This part is for the Maria and Michael fans out there - hope you enjoy!!


Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, Michael pulled Maria closer to him on the sofa before planting a kiss on the top of her head. It was a little after 9.00pm, and Mackenzie had finally settled a few minutes earlier. So now they finally had a little quiet time together to indulge in the high-octane action movie they’d rented out. Quiet time with an active toddler, however, was a rarity in the Guerin household. So moments like these, where it was just the two of them snuggling were all the more precious and appreciated.

The restlessness coursing through Maria’s body was more than evident however. She fidgeted and moved for the first ten minutes of the movie, trying her best to get comfortable. But nothing seemed to do the trick.

He did his best to concentrate on the film; Michael had already deduced this movie was one he’d need to have his full concentration on. One of those films with a thick plot that twisted and turned then reeled you in before smacking you in the face with the most unexpected ending. And he’d been looking forward to seeing this movie for ages. Yet with Maria moving every few minutes, tugging at the cushion behind her, or scooping her feet up then dropping them back to the floor. It was plainly clear he wasn’t going to get any peace until he’d resolved whatever was playing on Maria’s mind.

“Ok, out with it.” Michael suddenly announced, her movements finally playing on his nerves. They were here to watch a movie in peace, not plump the pillows of the sofa.
“Out with what?”
“Whatever it is that’s bothering you Maria. Is it Liz?”

For a moment Maria thought about denying it, contradicting it was her best friend that was troubling her mind. Oh she knew what Michael would say. Just try to forget about it, don’t worry; you can’t make the situation any better. It was the same words she’d been reciting to herself all afternoon, so why didn’t it make her feel better? Why was this whole, sorry situation happening, and now? It was so unjust.

“Ok yeah I am worried about Liz. But I’ve got good right to be concerned. She’s going through hell right now.” Maria protested.
“I know she is ‘Ria, but you worrying as well won’t resolve the issue. This is out of Max and Liz’s hands, we all just have to trust the judge will decide in their favour.”
“Well I’m sorry Michael but staying positive is obviously something that comes much easier to you than me. Maybe you can forget about what’s going on and carry on as if everything is hunky-dory, but I can’t!” She snapped, crossing her arms and turning her back towards Michael.

Despite his best efforts, Michael couldn’t stifle a heavy sigh that ricocheted through his body. Geez she was highly strung tonight! He hadn’t said anything about forgetting what was happening to Max and Liz. He certainly couldn’t and it was a wonder he’d actually got any work done at the office earlier that day. His thoughts had been firmly planted with Max and Liz as they sat in the courtroom. His only solace at not being there was that Isabelle had called him every couple of hours when there was a break to relay what was happening. He was just suggesting Maria should tried not to worry so much, since getting herself worked up wouldn’t solve anything.

Allowing a weak smile to cross his lips, Michael held out his arms before pulling Maria close despite her reluctance. She resisted for a brief moment, clearly still mad at him, before she finally melted into his warm, safe embrace. Oh how he made her feel safe when she was worried.

“Whatever happens ‘Ria, Liz is gonna need your support and strength. Showing her you’re just as concerned as she is won’t help her at all. You need to be brave and have some faith sweetheart.”
“I just can’t help thinking how it will kill Liz if Rebecca has to be handed back. I mean imagine if something happened to Mac, I don’t know what I’d do. It would just tear me up.” Maria responded tearfully.
“Shhh babe, nothing’s gonna happen to Mac.” Michael reassured her, cupping a hand through her hair and pulling her face to bury in his chest.

Gentle sobbing filled the air, as all the worrying Maria had done that day poured out through her tears. The fears of protecting Mac as he got older, the concerns of Liz with the baby she wanted to desperately. The terrifying possibility that Rebecca would be taken away, it was all too much.

One hand rhythmically ran along her spine in soft, soothing motions. The other was wrapped in her hair, stroking gently in an attempt to calm her emotions. She was normally a live wire, Michael mused, but tears weren’t normally part of Maria’s repertoire. But then again this whole ordeal for Max and Liz had got to all of them. Only that morning he’d had Isabelle on the phone in tears over how unjust the whole situation was. He’d put Isabelle’s outburst down to raging hormones after Amber’s birth. But now he wasn’t so sure. This whole court case was taking its toll on all of them in one way or another.

Eventually lifting her head and pulling away slightly, Maria pushed a shaky hand through her thick, unruly hair, before swatting her cheeks with the back of her hand. She probably looked a wreck; she thought wryly, big red blotchy patches, damp wet tracks down her cheeks, and red-rimmed raw eyes. Yet Michael still sat there, just watching. Then he raised a hand and caught another escaped tear, before rubbing a thumb under her eyes to remove further evidence of the emotional outburst.

A watery smile crossed her lips as she stopped his hand from retreating from her face. It was supposed to be their long awaited movie night, but right now she needed closeness and reassurance from Michael. No, she needed to feel loved.

Moving his hand around to her lips, Maria kissed the centre of his palm before cupping it around her cheek once more. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, she marvelled in the strength and warmth she found in his hand. Why couldn’t she be that strong? Why did she have to get so damn emotional over everything? Geez anyone would think she was pregnant again!

Needing him even more than her next breath, Maria leant in, rested her palms on his slanted chest before lowering her head to cover his lips. Gliding softly across his warm, moist lips, the swell of desire descend over her body. Feeling his hands encase her body and wrap around her back to pull her closer, further stoked the fires deep inside. Warmth surged through her veins like the finest melted Belgian Chocolate dripping from a wooden spoon. The heat pooled quickly in the pit of her stomach, sending spears of desire throughout her body. Oh she wanted him badly.

Michael’s fingers inched up her soft blue cashmere sweater just enough so he could dive underneath and touch the silk velvet of her skin. His fingers danced and caressed her back, creating a blazing trail of fire before he rested his palms on her bottom and encouraged her to shift slightly so she could stretch out along the length of his body.

The movement gave him greater access to her body, and using it to his advantage, Michael scooped up the hem of her sweater and swept it up and over Maria’s head in one swift, fluid motion. Delight and desire crossed his face as the realisation that she wore nothing under the cashmere. No restricting T-shirts or blouses, and no awkward bra, just bare skin for him to appreciate.

And appreciate he did as his hand descended to cup and caress first one breast and then the other. His soft movements, gentle pinching of his fingers and light kisses around her collarbone made her head go light. The dizzy, almost disorientating feeling of falling fast with no desire to grab hold of a support drowned over her.

His lips took hers once more in a forceful, passionate kiss. His lips plundered hers, his tongue sweeping across eager to snake inside the moment she parted her lips. His patience was rewarded and the moment the sigh crossed her lips his tongue disappeared into her warm honeyed mouth. His tongue felt strong, demanding and desiring as he stroked and caressed the deep, dark crevices.

Despite the cloud of desire descending around her brain, Maria’s fingers made light work of the buttons on his white cotton work shirt. Deftly she popped each button free, gracing her eyes with the view of more and more trim, tanned flesh. Pushing the parted material aside, Maria ran the palms of her hands across his toned upper body, marvelling as the muscles twitched and quivered under her touch. Ahh she could still wave magic over him, still hold his body hostage under her seductive touch.

His hands ran across her stomach, coupling at her back as he dipped his head to run a trail of kisses along her shoulders, nipping and nibbling at her ear and jaw line before connecting their lips once more.

A restless shiver surged through her body, the sudden need to get even closer to the man she loved. Pushing her body closer his arms wrapped father around her back but it still wasn’t enough, nowhere near close enough to feel their hearts beating as one.

Frustrated, Maria sat more upright and ripped apart the silver button stud that held his jeans up. The slow, seductive way she pulled down the fly zip had Michael throwing his head back and grinding it against the pillow before puffing out a deep breath. His control was dwindling fast, he reflected silently. And then suddenly it was practically non-existent as he felt her hands delve inside the jeans and encase his searing heat.

Oh that felt so good, he mused silently except from the groan deep in his throat. To feel her hands touching, caressing and loving his body with ease and such expertise. The silky softness of her hands, the slight scraping of her nails against his skin, oh it was almost too much.

Roughly pushing away her hands, Michael growled deep in his throat before quickly discarding the ankle length pale blue knit skirt she had been wearing. Swiftly swapping places in the blink of an eye Michael loomed above her, dark and dangerous. His long strands of hair fell to his shoulders, a floppy fringe falling to frame his face and dance in his eyes.

And oh those eyes, Maria considered quietly, they were quite a sight. It certainly wasn’t a look she hadn’t seen before mind due. The stormy midnight colouring, the almost black granite complexion of the pupils, the desire laced pools that said so much without using words. Oh yes she liked those eyes!

Placing a hand gently at the base of her throat, Michael chased a path down the centre of Maria’s body. Between the crevice of her breasts, past her belly button which he paused to swirl a finger around, before continuing further still. The journey stopped only when he reached the silken barrier of her panties. For a moment he stopped, instead content on running the tip of his finger along the waistband of the small scrap of silk.

Underneath him, her body writhed. He was driving her mad with his simple touch. Subconsciously Maria tried to rock her hips, trying to make his fingers slip down to where she ached the most for his scorching touch. A grin played on his rugged face and Maria knew he was teasing her mercilessly. Talk about driving her mad, it took all her will power not to slug him one! It was that or grab hold of his teasing hand and move it to a more useful place!

As if sensing a potential box around the ears, Michael finally slipped his fingers under the silk. The first touch of his practised fingers on her aching heat made Maria buck her hips towards him.

Her body cried out for release as he gently, slowly boiled the heat inside her to raging fire levels with his exquisite touch. He knew just the right touch, the right tempo and pressure to stoke the fire and carry her almost within reaching distance of her goal. And then he stopped.

Her glazed eyes blinked several times trying to focus coherently on his face. Why had he stopped? Hadn’t he known how close she was to ecstasy?

“Need you.” She breathed raggedly against his ear and heard a strong suck in of breath by Michael. He was hanging by just as little a thread as she was, Maria thought.

Shifting slightly she pushed away his boxers finally removing the last clothing between them. Another groan passed his lips as he nestled between her thighs. He could feel her warmth, feel how ready she was and it was nearly his undoing.

She needed him, she needed Michael deep inside her so badly, more than her next breath or beat of her heart. A slight movement and she could feel the tip of his desire touching her heat. Just a movement upwards and he’d be right where she wanted him, buried deep inside and finally completing her as whole once more. A gentle thrust of her hips and she felt him start to fill her. A sigh omitted past her lips, heaven, she was finally home again.

Just as she felt him almost completely sheathed inside, she heard Michael stifle a curse before pulling away.

“No!” She cried out hoarsely, clawing at his neck to stop him from retreating.
“Have to.” He ground out, forcing the words through the strong will to continue and plunge deep inside her velvet warmth. Common sense prevailed though, a tiny voice at the back of his mind reminded Michael they had to be careful. Mac was a wonderful child, but one was quite enough for now. And at that moment they were anything put doing that.

Shifting away, Michael grappled for his wallet on the coffee table, before returning to Maria a few moments later. A smile played on his lips as he took in her sight. Sprawled naked across the couch, her creamy skin looked even more translucent against the deep burgundy red of the couch. Her long locks of hair cascaded across the arm of the couch and stumbled down the side. She watched his perusal of her body through heavy lidded eyes, the desire filling her body written all over her face.

Unable to restrain any longer, Michael laid out once more to cover her body and finally join them. A mixed sigh of contentment and a tad of relief filled the air from their lips.

The dulling noise of the movie played on in the background, but neither noticed or cared. Instead they concentrated on the emotions and feelings filling their bodies as Michael slowly rocked his hips. Running her hands along his shoulder blades and down his spine, Maria finished by cupping his bare buttocks and urged him further, deeper, harder.

From that moment onwards nothing else matter. Time stood still as they both strove towards their mutual goal. The feelings flooded her body, heady and needy. As Michael crushed his lips against hers once more, Maria felt a strong ripple of desire crash through her body, followed swiftly by another.

On and on they continued before finally together they hit the peak before dipping over the edge and spinning, falling out of control. Wave after wave of desire filled emotion hit them, swamped and drowned them, robbing them of the ability to breathe or think coherently.

Heaving in a soul deep breath of air, Michael finally collapsed on top of Maria, spent. Her fingers danced gently along his back, sending ripples of sensitive ticklish feelings coursing through his body. He had no energy to laugh even though every fibre in his body wanted to. It wasn’t a well-known fact, but his one weakness was being ticklish, especially when he was relaxed. And Michael definitely was relaxed at that moment!

A snuffling cry from upstairs suddenly brought so clarity to the moment. Both waited with baited breath to see if Mackenzie would settle himself. Within a few moments though it was obvious that wouldn’t happen as his cries became louder and more incessant.

“Go on Daddy, your turn.” Maria grinned, pushing gently on Michael’s chest to make him move.
“Geez thanks!” Michael groaned, finally moving his lead filled legs and scrabbling around for his jeans. Hastily pulling on the trousers, Michael high tailed it up the stairs eager to quieten the young lad down and get back to Maria.

The gentle pushing open of their bedroom door quickly took Max’s attention away from the uninteresting ceiling. It was way past midnight, but he couldn’t sleep. So much of the court case was still swirling around in his mind, occupying his thoughts and causing major insomnia. Liz, on the other hand, was thankfully fast asleep beside him. She was clearly wiped out by everything and exhaustion had taken over the moment her head had hit the pillow that night.

“Hey sweetie, what are you doing up?” Max queried softly as he gently pulled his arm from under Liz’s head, all the while trying not to wake her.
“I couldn’t sleep.” Rebecca responded quietly, rubbing her eyes with a tiny fist.
“Come here.” Max instructed, before the little girl dressed in cream silky pyjamas covered in little brown teddy bears with red bows padded over to him.
“Can I ……. Can I stay here tonight?”
“Of course you can babe.” Max responded, lifting the little girl up so she could lie next to him in the large bed. Wrapping an arm around her, Max kissed the top of her head before instructing her to go back to sleep.

Gently stroking her long brown hair from her face, Max watched the little girl in the silhouette of the moon through the window. Despite his soft instructions to sleep, her little brown eyes remained open, and clearly troubled. It was obvious he wasn’t the only one having problems sleeping that night.

“What’s troubling you?”
“I’m …… I’m scared.” Rebecca’s voice trembled.
“Of what sweetie?”
“Of going away. Of ….. of not having you and mummy around anymore. I don’t want to go away.”

The wavering of her voice cut to his heart, how could he reassure this little girl when he wasn’t certain himself? How could he sound confident when he was, in truth, just as afraid as Rebecca was that she would be taken away? Handing his trust to someone else, even Ben McNab, for something this important gnawed incessantly on his worry nerve. What if his faith in Ben was misguided?

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do sweetie.” Max assured. “We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure you stay right here with us ok?”
“Ok.” She replied, sounding more assured. “Besides I don’t like my real daddy, he’s not nice to me. You’re my daddy now.”
“Yes sweetheart, I am your daddy now.” Max said softly, and he was surely going to do everything humanly possible within his power to keep the little girl right by his side.

Eventually, encased in his strong arms, Rebecca finally drifted off to sleep. But it was much later before Max finally joined her in dreams. All he could think about was the two most precious ladies in his life and how one could be taken away from him so quickly. And the effect such action would have on Liz, and the tiny baby growing inside her. Oh how had their perfect life taken such a sour turn? How had it come to having to fight to keep their new family together? And what real chance did they have against Rebecca’s real father.

Only Ben McNab could answer that question.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 21st August 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

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Hey Guys!

I just wanted to say I'm so sorry the next part of my story hasn't been posted yet.

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 56

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

As before, I know very little of the justice system in America, so please forgive me for any mistakes or faux-pas in this part, thank you!


Rising to his feet, Ben gathered together some notes and took a deep breath before stepping away from the desk towards the witness. A silent, niggling thought that he was placing ‘all his eggs in one basket’ with this case sprang to mind. Ben wasn’t one to normally rely on someone’s emotions, it was very dangerous ground and often difficult to judge how a witness would react. But if he could just hit Tom Bergstrom with the sucker punch, knock him off balance, then Ben knew he’d have a chance at winning this case for Max and Liz. And with the information dug up before court that morning he certainly had a very good chance of that. On his colleague and Ben knew about the information, and that was exactly how he wanted it. The element of surprise was their only weapon, and that meant leaving his clients in the dark as well.

“You love your daughter Mr Bergstrom.” Ben started, the words more of a statement than a question as he moved from around his desk.
“I do.” Tom confirmed confidently
“And you loved your mother I assume?”
“Objection!” The defending attorney rose to his feet. “Relevance?”
“Counsellor?” The judge queried, throwing his eyes at Ben in a silent challenge.
“There is relevance your honour I assure you.”
“Then please do get to the point.”
“Yes Sir.” Ben responded dutifully before continuing his line of questioning.

“Your mother passed away a couple of months ago is that correct Mr Bergstrom?”
“And is it true she had a sizeable estate and money left in her will?”
“Objection! Again I state where is the relevance in Mr McNab’s line of questioning.” The defending attorney again sighted.
“Again your honour I assure the court there is a very real reason for this questioning. If I could ask the Court for a little more leeway my reasons will become apparent very shortly.”
“Ok Counsellor, the Court will allow you only a little more leeway. Please continue.” The judge decided.
“Thank you Sir.” Ben let out a breath, knowing he was on borrowed time. Time to get to the point, he decided silently. “Could you answer the question please Mr Bergstrom?”

For a brief moment Tom looked uncomfortable on the stand with all eyes looking at him. Watching him too, Max wondered where Ben McNab was going with this line of questioning too. He’d know Ben had an ace up his sleeve when they’d arrived, but as to what it was, Max was in the dark as much as anyone else in the courtroom. Not for the first time Max wished he’d paid more attention and delved into law a little more at college. Oh he’d done the token classes to give himself an overview, and he was capable with the basics of company law and personnel. But this was a completely different kettle of fish, and he was just as baffled as the rest of the people around him. All he could tell, his powers of observation working overtime, was that Tom Bergstrom clearly was uneasy with the questions.

“Yes my mother had money Mr McNab.” Tom finally answered cautiously.
“And is it true she left the majority of the money to her grandchildren?” Ben queried, getting closer to his point.
“Erm ….”
“Answer the question Mr Bergstrom. A simple yes or no will be sufficient for the court.” Ben pressed firmly.
“And Rebecca is one of those grandchildren.” Ben reminded, pressing on with his questioning before Tom had a chance to answer. “How many brothers or sisters do you have Mr Bergstrom?”
“I have two brothers.”
“And how many children do they have between them?”
“And you have just the one child, is that correct?”
“It is.”

Turning on his heal, Ben paced towards the table with his briefcase, stalling for a moment as he picked up another piece of paper. Turning around once more he strode towards the judge.

“With the court’s permission I would like to submit this as evidence 1F.”
“What is it Counsellor?”
“It is a copy of the testament for the estate of Mrs Jocelyn Bergstrom. It also details the points of her will and explains that each of the five grandchildren have been left a trust fund and the value of that fund each totalling $100,000 per child.” Ben said, handing a copy to the judge before passing a copy also to the defending attorney.
“Ok Counsellor, I will accept this as evidence. Please continue.”
“Yes sir.” Ben acknowledged, turning his attention back to Tom Bergstrom.

“As you were aware of the trust funds, I assume you are also familiar with the clauses surrounding the money?”
“I …… don’t recall.” Tom stammered, looking more and more nervous and the moments ticked past.
“Then I will refresh your memory Mr Bergstrom.” Ben grinned. “The will states each child will inherit the money on their twenty-first birthday and not before. However, there is a clause in the terms denoting that the blood mother or father of each child has access to the money if it is deemed necessary to support the child. I assume the clause was put in to help with University funding or such.”
“I wouldn’t know.” Tom brushed off, trying to act nonchalant.
“But you are aware of the clause aren’t you Mr Bergstrom?” Ben pushed.
“Before you answer sir, please remember you are under oath in a court of the United States of America. Perjury is a crime punishable by imprisonment. I would just take a moment to consider that before you answer.” Ben suggested with raised eyebrows.
“Ok yes I guess did know about the clause.” Tom finally admitted.

A hushed murmur rang through the courtroom at the admission. People whispered between themselves as they took in what was happening. Sitting beside her, Max gently squeezed Liz’s hands as she turned and threw a cautious smile his way. This was definitely a good turn for them. Could this piece of information hold the key to them retaining custody of Rebecca? Her heart did a little jump in potential anticipation, although Liz’s mind did its best to remain cautious. Getting her hopes up only to have them dashed would do no good in the battle to keep Rebecca.

“You guess? Come now Mr Bergstrom, surely you either knew about the clause or you didn’t.” Ben pushed determined to get affirmation.
“Yes ok! I did know.” Tom snapped back.

Good! Ben thought happily. He was getting riled up and agitated, exactly what he wanted Tom to do. There was more chance of him admitting his next crime if he was off balance and frustrated. Emotions often clouded common sense in Ben’s experience.

“Tell me Mr Bergstrom, do you like gambling?” Ben queried, surprising everyone with the sudden change of tac and off the cuff question.
“Objection!” The defending attorney jumped to his feet once more, full of agitation and determination. “Please your Honour, where is Mr McNab going this time? What has Mr Bergstrom’s likes or dislikes got to do with a custody case?”
“I assure you your Honour that this is also a legitimate line of questioning.” Ben replied, hoping to not give away everything he would be throwing at Tom Bergstrom. The element of surprise was necessary to catch him off guard.
“Ok Counsellor, but I will be less lenient next time.” The Judge assured him.
“Thank you Sir. Mr Bergstrom?”
“Yes I guess I like gambling, I mean who doesn’t?”
“Quite!” Ben agreed metaphorically while turning to the jury with a smile. “So what do you like Mr Bergstrom? Blackjack? Poker? Roulette?”
“Poker I guess, why?” Tom queried cagily. What was this lawyer getting at? He couldn’t know, could he? No, he’d buried that skeleton deep in the ground, for the time being anyway. At least until he had custody of the kid and then he’d be off the hook.

Watching him once more, Max studied Tom Bergstrom’s body language. Although he was sitting down and hidden by the stand for the most part, his face was clearly visible. And that meant Max could see clearly the worry lines starting to creep in between his eyebrows. His slate grey eyes also held an uneasiness Max hadn’t seen before. Still Max was a little unsure of where Ben was going this time, what on earth had gambling got to do with Rebecca? Putting his faith in another man to win the case and keep Rebecca was definitely a hard thing to do. Relinquishing control of a situation wasn’t something Max was used to doing, and just sitting there, waiting and listening was worse than torture.

“Ahh Poker, yes I enjoy a game too. A group of friends, cold beer and a few quarters to play with.” Ben added smiling warmly. It was a subtle attempt to knock Tom off guard, and it was working. “And you do enjoy it don’t you Mr Bergstrom. So much so you don’t always know when to stop.”
“I don’t follow?” Tom replied, his face blank with expression, but inside his heart skipped a beat. This was not good.

“Oh I think you do sir, I think you follow me very well indeed. I believe that a few months ago you got involved in a poker cartel. It started off small, just little change being bet against the cards. But it spiralled out of control rapidly didn’t it?” Ben queried, watching Tom shift nervously in his seat. “Soon you were playing for larger sums of cash, and before you knew it you’d run up a hefty tab, isn’t that right?”
“I guess …..”
“As I stated before, please don’t guess in court Mr Bergstrom. Just answer the question.” Ben pushed firmly.
“Ok yeah, I did.”
“Thank you. And can you tell the court exactly how much debt you got into because of Poker games please?”
“I don’t remember.” Tom replied stonily.

“Well then I’ll refresh your memory shall I?” Ben suggested, heading back to his table. Pausing only briefly to glance at Max with a slight smile, he turned to face Tom Bergstrom once again, this time holding another piece of paper. “With the court’s permission I would like to submit this as evidence 1G please.”
“Ok.” The judge replied with interest in his voice.

After handing a copy to Tom’s lawyer, Ben continued. “For the benefit of the court, and Mr Bergstrom who has had a lapse in memory over this matter, I will disclose the brief contents of this piece of paper. This is a detailed description of exactly what Mr Bergstrom owes at present for his ‘love’ of poker. With bets, cigars and a bar tab of mainly scotch on the rocks, the grand total comes to $99,550.”

The murmurs spread around the courtroom once more. A quick rap with his gravel and a booming ‘quieten down’ from the judge brought the court back to order.

“And if I could save the court time in doing the mental arithmetic, that leaves a sum of $50 left from the total amount in the child in question’s trust fund.” He paused for dramatic affect to let the words sink in. “Do you deny Mr Bergstrom that you don’t have sufficient money to pay this debt at the present time?”
“I could ……”
“You are under oath remember.”
“Ok no I can’t pay it right now!” Tom replied sharply.

“And you were planning to win this custody battle so you could get your hands on the money is that not correct?”
“She’s my daughter.” He protested weakly.
“True.” Ben agreed, unable to deny that point. “Can you confirm the last time you visited your daughter Mr Bergstrom?”
“I wanted to but they wouldn’t let me.” Tom replied, pointing at Max and Liz. Reflexively Liz’s fingers wrapped around Max’s hand tighter. Not once had they ever denied Tom visitation, mainly because not once had he asked to see his daughter. In all the brief contact, Tom had not once asked about Rebecca’s welfare or anything giving indication he was actually concerned about the little girl.

“Ok. Before your money problems arose when was the last time you saw your daughter?”
“Oh I don’t know, it’s not something I keep a diary of. She’s my daughter after all.”
“Quite, but I would have thought such outings with the little girl would stick in your mind. Think Mr Bergstrom, try to remember.”
“I can’t, maybe a few months previously or perhaps longer I suppose.”
“Again let me refresh your memory sir, it was indeed ‘longer’ as you put it. In fact it was years rather than months I can confirm. You haven’t seen your daughter in well over three years, why is that?”
“Well her mother wouldn’t let me.”

“Wouldn’t let you? But this is your daughter we’re talking about, your own flesh and blood who you love so dearly. Why didn’t you fight for your rights? Go to court to obtain access and visitation?”
“I didn’t want to disrupt her, make a mountain out of everything.” Tom replied weakly. “I was thinking about my daughter’s welfare.”

“But you’re prepared to do that now? Now that money could be involved? Back then your mother was still alive was she not?”
“I guess.”
“So why do you now want to disrupt your daughter’s life? Why all of a sudden is it important to see your daughter?”
“I don’t know, it just is.”
“And why, when your daughter needed you most, when her own mother was tragically killed, did you not step forward to take responsibility of a frightened young girl? Why, when that little girl needed her own family the most, did you turn your back on her instead of running to her aid like a father should?” For once, when Ben had finished speaking, Tom didn’t even bother to respond. What could he say, he had done just that and could hardly deny it.

“Let me put this to you then Mr Bergstrom. I would ‘guess’ that you have no real aspiration to retain custody of your daughter. I would ‘guess’ that this whole stunt has been pulled so you can obtain access to the money in the trust fund and thus dig yourself out of a very large, very deep, and very expensive hole. But then I ‘guess’ the court wasn’t supposed to find out about your affliction with gambling were we?” Ben said, his voice rising visibly.

“No ok! You don’t know what it’s like, none of you do! That should have been my money, all mine! I never asked for a kid, she tricked me into getting her pregnant. The last thing I wanted was a kid for god’s sake. And I sure as hell never asked my mother to leave money to her so-called grandchild! All I’m after is what’s rightfully mine; if they want the kid they’re welcome to her! Hell I’ll sign whatever custody papers needed for them to have her just let me have my money.” Tom ranted, pointing once more in Max and Liz’s direction.

The court erupted with sound, the judge rapping hard on the gravel to restore something resembling order. This was definitely a turn up he hadn’t been expecting.

Heading back to his desk, Ben couldn’t hide the smile of glee that decorated his face as he glanced at Max and Liz. His plan couldn’t have worked any better than it had. Tom had confessed his real reason for wanting Rebecca, and with his strong faith in the justice department, Ben was convinced Max and Liz would be granted full custody of the little girl in the next few moments.

“Well Mr Bergstrom I think you can return to your seat thank you.” The judge dismissed him. “I think we can all say we have heard more than enough evidence here to make a judgement. Mr and Mrs Evans have proven they are upstanding members of the community and are more than capable physically and financially to take care of the little girl in question. Mr Bergstrom, on the other hand, has proven on the record than his intentions in this custody battle are anything but admirable. Using a child for money, especially your own child, is a despicable act and completely unforgivable. You may not have wanted a child Mr Bergstrom, but you got one, and it was your duty as her father to be the best parent you could. Clearly you are neither capable nor responsible enough for the task at hand. I, with the jury’s agreement, therefore grant full custody to Mr and Mrs Evans, with no plans to review or appeal.” The judge boomed, banging down his gravel hard before standing up and swiftly exiting the courtroom.

Activity circled around Max and Liz as they slowly rose to their feet. The look of thunder on Tom Bergstrom’s face was sweet justice, after everything he had put them through. And Rebecca’s welfare hadn’t even crossed his mind. Just the cold hard dollar signs of money.

Pulling Liz into a hug, Max felt the relieving sigh from her reverberate in his own body. It was finally over. The nightmare that seemed to have lasted an eternity had finally come to an end. And they’d won.

Rebecca was finally, legally theirs. They’d challenged her blood father and won, thanks to the skill of Ben McNab.

“Thank you so much Ben.” Max said, shaking their lawyer’s hand.
“No problem Max, just doing my job.”
“I know, but how did you dig up that dirt on Tom?”
“A little private investigation on my part. But having the information was one thing, getting him to admit to it in court was something else. Couldn’t have planned it any better if I’d tried.” Ben grinned happily, clearly pleased with himself.
“Serious Ben, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did.” Liz added, hugging their friend. “You were amazing, and I will be forever indebted to you for making sure Rebecca wasn’t taken away.”
“It’s no problem Liz. You just go home and look after yourself and that baby of yours. Ok?” He replied.
“Ok.” Liz smiled warmly, the strain of the previous few days almost completely washed away with the judge’s verdict.

“Mr Evans, Mrs Evans, Mr McNab.” Tom’s lawyer approached. “I will have the adoption papers drawn up and couriered over night to you. As soon as you sign them the little girl will be legally yours.”
“Thank you.” Max said courteously, his eyes flickering from the lawyer to Tom who stood beside them. “If the money is so important to you, then here you go.” Max added, narrowing his eyes at Tom.

Reaching into his blazer pocket, Max pulled out his chequebook. Swiping a pen from the table he quickly scribbled a cheque for $90,000 before signing his name. Tearing the cheque out, he put down the pen before facing Rebecca’s biological father once more.

“Here’s enough to cover most of your debts, I trust you’ll be able to find the rest?” Max said curtly. “And I don’t want you to come anywhere near Rebecca or my family again, is that understood?”
“Crystal.” Tom sneered, before snatching the cheque from Max’s grasp.
“Let’s go Liz.” Max turned, wrapping an arm around his wife’s shoulders before escorting her from the courtroom.

Finally, their nightmare had come to an end. They had custody of Rebecca, and come morning she would officially be their adopted daughter. The long, hard fight had been worth it.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 2nd September 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

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As always, thank you so much for your feedback, I'm so pleased you liked the new part. You know I'd never have let Rebecca be taken away from Max and Liz!!!

Next part should be out after the weekend.

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 57

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC-17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Hey guys, I am SOOO sorry for the delay in this part. I've been trying to sit down and write for the past two weeks ..... moving is no fun *sad*. But here it is, and a little NC-17 no less as well ..... hope you enjoy!!


Returning to her desk, Calistia tried to concentrate on the task Max had set her. Punching in figures into a spreadsheet wasn’t exactly the hardest task in the world ….. so why the heck did she keep getting it wrong? In the last twenty minutes she’d just completed and had to redo it, all because of the mistakes in inputting. Geez her mind wasn’t on the task.

And why? Oh the reason why her brain felt spaced out was easy. She was scared as hell at that moment. Busily worrying her bottom lip in a nervous stance, Cali tried to forget about her worries and concentrate on the task at hand. That was a feat not easily done though.

Just when she found herself fully concentrated, her subconscious would flash a warning, and her stomach would lurch, reminding her of the potential predicament she found herself in. This was not good.

Puffing out a deep sigh, Cali stared at the computer screen and watched the numbers merge into one. No! She was not going to cry, she was going to stay in control. She couldn’t, wouldn’t let Max know something was wrong. He’d ask her loads of questions she wasn’t ready to answer, questions she didn’t truthfully know the answer to at that moment. Thoughts of telling Jesse jumped into her head. Would he be kind and caring? Or would he tell her she was on her own, turn his back and walk away. Then she’d be alone, very alone. No, not telling them was the best policy, Cali thought silently. But oh how she wanted to talk to someone.

“Cali? You ok?” Max queried, coming out of his office and watching his sister in law stare into space. The teary look in her eyes wasn’t lost on him either, despite her quick attempts to blink and remove the evidence.
“What? Oh I’m fine.” Cali quickly replied, trying to sound composed.
“You sure? You don’t look too well.”
”Yeah, I guess I am feeling a little under the weather.”
“Then go home. Things are pretty quiet here right now and if you’re not feeling well you shouldn’t be worrying about work.”

Thoughts of sitting at home in an empty house didn’t exactly fill her with joy. There would be far too much time to sit around and think about things. Analyse and question whether her suspicions were right. Then again, maybe she could find out for sure, rather than just speculate and pray.

“Ok, thanks Max. If you’re sure?”
“Yes go, do you want me to give you a lift?”
“No, I think the fresh air might do me good.” Cali replied, reaching for her jacket before slipping it on.
“Ok.” Max said, watching her switch off her computer and collect her things before disappearing out of the glass doors to their office.

Turning on his heal and heading back into his office, Max wondered what was wrong with his wife’s sister. Cali wasn’t normally known for her quietness, and certainly not for having difficulties with simple tasks set at work. Since the first few weeks of joining him, she’d quickly bucked up her ideas where physical work was concerned. Max certainly couldn’t fault her work rate and accuracy. So maybe she was sick, a virus or bug or something. Making a mental note to talk to Liz that night, Max set about answering the office phone that had started to ring incessantly.

Clutching the small brown paper bag in her hand, Cali pushed her keys in to the lock before turning it and opening the front door. On first inspection the house was quiet as she stepped into the large hall. Just as she’d expected it to be, Max and Liz were both at work, and Rebecca safely at school. That would give her plenty of time to do what she needed to do and face the consequences. The last thing she needed was an audience to question what was wrong.

“Cali?” A voice called from the kitchen.
“Liz?” Damn!, she was supposed to be at work!
“Yeah, I’m in here.”
“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Cali asked bluntly, watching Liz remove a baking tray filed with chocolate chip cookies and place them on a wire rack to cool.
“I could ask the same of you.” Her sister shot back in a softer tone.
“I’m not feeling too great, so Max sent me home. What about you?”
“It was quiet so I decided to take the afternoon off work. Had a hankering for cookies!” Liz grinned, snatching one up and breaking it in half. Watching the stringy melted chocolate drip down her finger, Liz took a bite before savouring the freshly baked taste. “Mmm, they’re good, want one?”
“Err, no thanks.” Cali replied, a hand falling to her stomach. Just the thought of food made it churn.

Was that a nervous reaction? Or perhaps another sign that maybe, possibly she was ……….. No! She wouldn’t voice the words, even in her head. But watching Liz, her stomach starting to show major signs of pregnancy now, was almost too much. Her sister was so happy, married to Max and excitedly awaiting the birth of their child. Their circumstances so different, yet could they be connected with a common link? Could she really be ………..?

“Cali? You sure you’re ok? You look as white as a sheet. Here, come on, let’s go sit down in the living room.” Liz said, placing two hands on her sister’s shoulders and directing the younger girl to where she could sit down. Dropping her bags to the floor, Cali took in a deep breath before the inevitable tears started to cascade down her face.

“Oh Cali! What is it?” Liz asked softly, but got no reaction except for the gentle sobs. Wrapping her arms around her sister, Liz pulled Cali close and tried to soothe her tears. Calistia wasn’t an emotional person normally, wasn’t someone who let others know what she was feeling usually. But whatever was troubling her sister, Liz thought, was clearly serious.

It took several minutes and a glass of ice-cold water before Cali finally felt composed enough to speak. Maybe it was for the best to share her burden with someone. Ok so Liz would most likely judge her, tell her I told you so, but ultimately she was still her sister. Surely Liz wouldn’t shun her?

“What is it Cali? What’s troubling you?” Liz pushed gently, wanting to get to the bottom of it.
“I’m ….. I’m scared Liz.”
“About what?”
“I’m …… I’m late.”
“Late? For what?” Liz queried, before realisation dawned on her. “Oh! Late, I understand. How late?”
“A few days, nearly a week.”
”Well that’s not that long Cali, maybe it’s just a false alarm. Or have you any reason to think you might be. I mean you are careful aren’t you?”

Her sister’s averted eyes and hung head was the only answer Liz needed. Shouting and screaming at her would do no good, the deed was done. But Cali knew better than that, did she really want to be saddled with a child at her age? Surely she knew all about taking precautions and being careful, she was nearly eighteen for goodness sake. Ok so their parents weren’t always busting at the seams to discuss sex education, but Liz had at least been forced to hear the basics of using precautions. Not that it had done a great deal of good in her case. But surely her parents had done the same to Calistia ….. hadn’t they?

“Oh Cali.” Liz sighed. “Please tell me you were careful, please tell me you didn’t take risks …. You’re seventeen for goodness sake. That’s plenty old enough to take responsibility and be an adult.”
“Look ok I know I made a mistake. It was just once Liz, about two weeks ago. We weren’t prepared and just kinda got carried away with the moment. You know how it is, heat of the moment, sometimes being careful isn’t at the forefront of thinking.”

Hell yes she could relate to that, and she hadn’t even got away with just a scare. Thinking back, Liz thought about what she and Kyle had gone through the time she had fallen pregnant, not much older than Cali while at University. Ok so they’d been careful, but still got stung, but in the end paid the price, physically and emotionally. Did she really have the right to judge or lecture her sister for ending up in the same predicament?

”Have you talked to Jesse about this? I mean it is Jesse you were sleeping with right? This is his child you could be carrying?”
”Yeah it’s Jesse, but I haven’t said anything to him. He did worry afterwards for a while, you know, concerned for me. But I said it would be ok, that I wouldn’t get pregnant. And I really thought I wouldn’t, I mean it was only one time Liz, just once. Surely I couldn’t be pregnant?”
”That’s all it takes sis, you know that.” Liz replied. “So I think you should take a test to know for sure. Then you’ll be able to decide what you want to do before talking to Jesse.”
”I’m scared.” Cali said in a small voice.
“I know, but this is important Cali, you need to know for sure so you can choose your options. You’re so young, but you can’t run away from this. You’re an adult now, sleeping with Jesse has forced you into that. And now you have to face the consequences, good or bad. Have you got a test yet?”
“Yeah, here.” Cali reached down to pick up the brown bag from by her feet.
“Right, go on then. I’ll wait here for you.” Liz instructed, her sister reluctantly rising to her feet. “And don’t worry. Whatever happens we’ll work it out sis.”
“Thank you Liz.” Cali whispered before disappearing upstairs.

Sinking back into the sofa, Liz rubbed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. Oh what a mess. How would she face her mother and father if Calistia did turn out to be pregnant? They’d sent Cali to her to stop her wayward ways, and to an extent she had. But this would be the ultimate icing on the cake so to speak.

Dropping a hand to her stomach, Liz thought about the tiny baby growing inside her. At nearly four months, she was starting to show now, much to her pleasure. She loved watching the changes in her body, the slight bulge indicating what she was carrying. A baby she’d struggled so hard to have, been through so much turmoil and tears. Yet here was Cali, faced with the potentially same prospect after just one slip up. Oh how life could be very cruel indeed. But then Liz knew that, and her thoughts returned to when she and Kyle had faced the same problem, waiting for the results of a test as they held hands and willed it to be negative. It hadn’t worked then, would praying work now?

A few minutes later Calistia returned, eyes still red from crying, carrying the white stick that held her fate. Placing it gently down on the coffee table, she sat down and faced Liz.

“Liz look I know I should have been careful …….”
“Let’s save any lecture until after we know the results ok?” Liz said rather sternly. Geez, why did she feel like Cali’s mother right then?

The next few minutes were torture for both of them. Barely breathing, not saying a word and hardly moving as if any change would influence the outcome of the test. Liz tried to put herself in her sister’s position, finding out at 17 that were going to become a mother. Just the though sent a shiver down her spine. It was hard enough being older and with a loving husband, but Cali was barely a child.
“It’s time.” Liz said softly, glancing at the clock.
“I can’t look.” Cali said, squeezing her eyes shut.
“Ok, I will.” Liz said defiantly. Reaching out for the white stick, Liz glanced at the results for speaking. ”It’s blue Cali.”
“Blue?” Her eyes shot open and Cali said bolt upright. “I’m not pregnant?”
“No.” Liz said with a relieving sigh.

Tears cascaded down Cali’s cheeks once more, but this time they weren’t tears of despair, instead tears of happiness. Wrapping her arms around her sister once more, Liz hugged Cali, as relieved as her sister was that the test had turned out negative.

“Look Cali, you know I’m really happy that the test wasn’t positive and you’re not pregnant, but …..”
“Liz please, no lecture.” Cali said, standing up. Now that she knew the test result, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Definitely time to celebrate.
“No way Cali, you owe me a few minutes.” Liz said sternly, grasping her arm to halt her sister’s movements. “Now I know you don’t want me to so called lecture you, but what you did was wrong Cali. Geez you’re seventeen for gods sake, do you really want to be saddled with a child?”
“No, of course not. That’s why I’m pleased I’m not.” Cali shot back.
“Are you going to tell Jesse?”
“What’s the point, there’s nothing to tell him. It was just a scare Liz.”
”But he deserves to know Cali, deserves to know what worry you’ve been put through. Maybe then he’ll think twice about taking risks and not using precautions.”
“Whatever.” Cali brushed off.
“You do what you choose Cali. But do me a favour and learn from this mistake please? You got lucky this time; you slipped up once but don’t have to pay the price for it. If you keep playing with fire though, one day you’re gonna get burnt. And I won’t be able to bail you out, no matter how much you want me to.”
”I never asked you to Liz.”
“No, but you know I’m always here for you. We haven’t been the closest of sisters Cali, but I’ll always be your friend. Just promise me, promise me you’ll be careful from now on. No more risks, ok?”
“Fine, whatever.” Cali replied before sauntering out of the room.

Another heavy sigh, Liz sat back down on the table and stared at the pregnancy test. Cali had been lucky this time, but would she learn from it? Would do her utmost to make sure it didn’t happen again? However much she wished the answer could be yes, Liz wasn’t sure how much this episode had actually sunk into Cali now she was off the hook.

Watching the froth of strawberry bubbles rise up, Max paused before turning of the large silver faucet to stem the water flow into the bath. The heady aroma of strawberry and peach, mixed with the folds of billowing steam from the hot water filled the large bathroom. Making sure two clean towels were laid out ready for them, Max turned to chivvy Liz along.

It had been obvious from the moment he had stepped into the house from the office that Liz was itching to tell him something. The looks exchanged between Liz and Calistia had been brief throughout dinner, but the undercurrent of something big simmering under the glances. Liz seemed happy enough, but something had obvious happened between the sisters. The way Cali was eager to disappear once dinner had been consumed wasn’t overly out of the ordinary, she often had a hectic social life. But Liz’s warning and flashed stern eyes to be careful hadn’t been lost one bit on Max.

And what better way to encourage Liz to spill the beans than in their Jacuzzi surrounded by bubbles and sparking wine. Ok, so Liz’s glass was three parts lemonade with a dash of wine, but it was the thought that counted.

“Hey you.” Liz smiled; sprawled out on the bed with eyes looking up over the brim of the book she’d been engrossed in just moments before. How was it that she could go from being so occupied one moment, to forgetting what she’d read in a space of seconds? All because Max had entered the room.

“Hey, time to put the book down and give some of your attention to your husband.” Max said, gently prising the book from her hands and placing in face down on the bedside table.
“Is that right?” Liz queried in mock innocence.
“Yeah, and just to show what a wonderful husband you have, I’ve run the bath all ready for us.”
“Really?” Liz replied with raised eyebrows.
“Yeap. I take it Becky is all tucked up in bed?”
“Shouldn’t stir till morning.”
“Then what are we waiting for? The water will get cold.” Max said, holding his hand out to help Liz up from the bed.

Entering the bathroom, Liz discarded her clothes, with Max quickly following suit. Climbing into the large tub first, Max held his hand out to help Liz in, before they both slowly sunk into the hot water and strawberry bubbles.

Laying her head back against Max’s chest, she took a quick sip of her drink before letting out a contented sigh. His hands seemed to be working their exquisite magic as his fingers made light work kneading away the knots of tension in her shoulders. Rolling her neck slightly, she subconsciously encouraged his fingers towards a needy spot.

“So, what’s going on with you and Cali?” He asked softly against her ear.
“Oh, well she kinda had a scare today.” Liz replied dreamily, her eyes closed.
“Yeah, she thought she was pregnant.”
”Pregnant?” Max spluttered. “Wow, I guess that explains why she was preoccupied at work today.”
”Yeah well she got lucky, like I said it was just a scare.”
”But you don’t think it’ll jolt her into being responsible?”
”Who knows Max, who knows.” Liz mused. “Hell you know my sister, she’s always up for shock value!”
“Oh yeah! Do you want me to have a talk with Jesse?” Max asked, hoping to elevate some of Liz’s fears.
“Yeah, that might help. Only don’t tell him details, I don’t even know if Cali is going to tell him about this.”
”Ok, I’ll be discrete. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” Max promised. “Now, time for us!”

Gently helping her to turn in his arms, Max grinned up at his wife before lifting his head and brushing her lips. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Liz sighed into the embrace before deepening the kiss. Sweeping her tongue along Max’s bottom lip and grazing against his lower teeth before delving in to explore the dark caverns of his mouth.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Max pulled Liz as close to him as he could, before breaking the kiss and blazing a trail of kisses down her neck, across her shoulders and down further until he found her bare breast.

Running her fingers through his steam damp hair, Liz kissed the top of his head, all the while rocking her lower body against his. In a couple of months she’d be too big for loving in the bath, Liz thought silently. Definitely time to make the most of it!

Prising his lips from her body, Liz guided Max’s mouth to hers once again as he took charge of the kiss. Spreading her fingers across his chest Liz dragged her neatly manicured nails down his chest, stopping just below his belly button before heading up once more. The throaty groan omitted by Max as Liz danced her nails down once more reverberated around the room.

Scooping up fistfuls of damp hair, Max angled Liz’s head slight so he could deepen the already passionate kiss. Her hands roamed over his body as they embraced, touching, caressing and stroking down his torso before she reaching her goal. Feeling her hands sink under the warm water before encasing his heat had Max biting back a curse. My was she in a hurry tonight! Sane thoughts quickly evaporated into the steam of the room as the fire in his stomach doubled and then tripled with each touch, each stroke of her sculpted hands.

In a bid to deflect some of the attention from him, either that or there would be an all too soon untimely end to their fun, Max ran his hands along Liz’s sides. Brushing the sides of her breasts before slipping to the curve of her waist and over her hips to her thighs. Slipping his fingers across he moved tantalisingly across her legs and up past her stomach once more. Just when the look in her eyes indicated she might die if he didn’t do what her body demanded, he finally brushed his fingers against the damp curls between her thighs.

“Max.” She sighed as the pads of his fingers brushed over her sensitive heat. Needing more, urging him further, Liz rocked her hips into his touch, silently pleading. “Please.”
“What do you want babe?” He queried huskily, deliberately keeping his touch just skimming over her.
“You.” She groaned back. “I want you.”
“Then you can have me.”

Finally receiving what her body craved, she felt his touch strengthen, probe and caress her in just the right way to heighten the already bright flames in her stomach. Over and over, with each stroke, Liz felt the coil inside her tighten like a spring ready to break free. Higher and higher his exquisite touch took her until just before Liz felt sure she would free fall into oblivion. And then Max stopped. Damn how was it he knew her body so well? To taunt and tease to the very brink and then pull back?

With a smug smile on his face, Max pulled Liz close once more before descending on her moisture damp lips. His lips plundered hers, his tongue taking her mouth mimicking what he would do to her body in just moments.

Finally breaking contact, Max placed a hand either side of Liz’s hips. Dropping her own hands to his chest to keep her balance, Liz’s hair fell across her face in damp clumps, steam and water from the bath coating her body. Rising up with Max’s guidance, she slowly sunk back down, filling them, joining them as one as she encouraged him deeper inside her velvet body.

Slowly, gently she started the rocking rhythm, taunting and teasing Max with the power she had over him at that moment. His hands tried to encourage a faster pace, but Liz held fast. Now it was her turn to tease!

Hands sculpting and caressing his chest, Liz bent to kiss Max once more, all the while continuing the torturously slow pace. When she relinquished his lips she saw into his black, tempestuous eyes and she could feel the air in her lungs quickly expiring. Knowing it was time to end the torture, Liz slowly upped the pace, this time allowing Max’s strong hands framing her hips to help.

Over and over they continued, matching each other stroke for stroke before finally, they came together in a flash of white light and a surge of emotion. Slipping over the edge, they rode wave after wave of immeasurable feelings together before slowly, reluctantly coming back down to earth, dizzily spent.

Collapsing against his chest, Liz was silently grateful Max’s upper body was out of the water. For she felt sure if she had rested her head against him while consumed with the water she’d drown, not having the energy to move. Dragging in a long, deep breath, Max slowly ran his fingers up and down Liz’s back, tracing her spinal column as he felt her slowly return her breathing to normal.

Gently kissing the top of her head as she dozed against him, Max couldn’t stop the smile. Oh how he loved his perfect wife, more than anything else in the world.

And when they eventually got out of the tub and into their waiting bed, he fully intended to show her once more the immense love he felt for his petit brown haired angel!

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 16th September 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 58

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


Stepping out from the kitchen, Jim loitered in the doorway of the expansive and comfortable living room. He stood there, leaning gently against the doorjamb and just watched. Surveyed all that was happening in his vast house and the warmth it generated inside him.

For so long the house had lain practically empty, quiet and almost desolate. With Kyle around it had been the perfect haven, filled with the fun and laughter of his friends, but also giving solitude and space for the two of them to live together without too many father/son spats.

But then, with Kyle’s passing, although Jim had kept the house and its up keep going, his heart hadn’t been in it. No longer had the brightly lit rooms, colourful decor and sunny tended garden make his heart fill with warmth. For many a time he’d considered selling up and moving to a place that held less memories and fewer ghosts, not just of Kyle but also his ex wife Michelle. The house had been her choice, her idea of a status symbol rather than a family home. But after Michelle had abandoned their son and her husband, Jim had worked tirelessly to make the place as cosy and homely as possible. Yet still, the thought of moving on to start afresh had crossed his mind on many a lonely night.

But now, surveying moments like these, Jim Valenti was grateful he hadn’t sold the place he’d come to love. Old memories would always be remembered with fondness and a tinge of sadness, but it was times like these that he realised there were new memories created every day to dull the pain of the old.

It was three days before Christmas Eve and his place was a happy haven for the children he classed as family. There was something magical about watching children play under the glow of twinkling Christmas tree lights and the soft flicker of a wooded fire.

At a year and a half, Mackenzie was a fast paced crawler; gunning for anything left loitering on the floor. The pile of presents clustered around his feet held little appeal as the little boy placed a chubby hand on the solid chestnut coffee table and hoisted himself eagerly into a standing position. Stretching out sticky fingers he reached towards the long crystal stemmed glass that held sparking white wine.

He should have been concerned, Jim reasoned, at watching Mac go for the glass. By rights he knew if the little one took hold of the dainty crystal it would most likely end up tumbling towards the floor in a shatter. Yet the breakage of a prized flute glass was worth it for having the laughter fill his house once more. Oh how that little boy reminded him so much of Kyle at that age. So inquisitive and eager to learn to walk and thus experience the independence he craved.

Sitting at one end of the forest green sofa was Alex, daughter cradled protectively in his arms. A smile crossed Jim’s rugged face as he though of the changed that had gone through Alex since Amber’s birth. The smile of happiness was plastered constantly across his face, the joy and sparkle in his eyes each time the little tot’s name was mentioned. Oh how he remembered that pride and paternal love for a small being he’d helped create.

And how adorably sweet that little girl was. From Amber’s big wide blue eyes, to her delicate splay of blond locks to her baby soft skin. She was sure going to be a stunner when she grew up, Jim mused, since she’d already stolen the hearts of all the men in her life without even a bat of her baby lashes.

But the little girl who had truly stolen his heart though sat crossed legged on the floor, flanked either side by Liz and Isabelle. Between them they were busy conquering a few hundred-piece jigsaw puzzle of some brightly coloured Disney character whose name Jim couldn’t quite remember. Rebecca’s teeth were gnawing incessantly on her bottom lip, worrying it and mirroring an action he remembered Liz used to do when he had first met her. Back when she had dated Kyle.

A chill ran down his spine as he thought about how close Max and Liz had come to loosing their precious little girl. But it hadn’t happened, he reminded himself sternly, the judge had backed them. And now they had officially adopted the Rebecca for good. No one would ever take her away from them again.

Watching Liz slowly rise to her feet, he took in her lazy stretch. He wasn’t the only one watching the petit brunette either, he quickly mused as he glanced around. Max’s eyes were firmly watching her with delight, glee and pride as he held one ear on the conversation with Michael about the latest ball game the night before. It didn’t take a genius to know that Max’s undivided attention was, however, on Liz.

Pregnancy definitely agreed with Liz Evans, Jim thought silently. Despite occasional bouts of sickness and fatigue, she’d had a relatively easy previous eight months on the pregnancy front. Despite her advancement in months, from the back she looked no different, it wasn’t until she turned and her stomach came into view you could tell she was expecting. And she definitely radiated happiness at the impending birth. Max too was obviously anxiously waiting until their child was born, as he held out a hand to encourage Liz into his arms. Jim watched her go with ease, and couldn’t stop the wash of happiness it gave him.

Despite everything Liz had gone through with Kyle, despite how much she had cared for him, what Max and Liz shared was true love in the purest sense. He silently wondered if Kyle had been still around would he have really stood a chance in stopping Liz from unconsciously radiating towards Max Evans? Somehow he doubted it. Heck if he’d believed in soulmates these two were classic examples!

The roaring open fire and twinkling white fairy lights added further to the magic of the evening. They’d had a traditional turkey dinner and after opening presents they’d all settled for an evening of relaxation and entertainment for the children. Just having so many people in his house on such a family time was special. He was no longer alone in the world any more.

Much of that was to do with the lady sitting only a few feet away from him chattering to her daughter. Amy DeLuca had not only brightened his life, she’d stomped right in and turned it upside down. Not that he was complaining of course!

He’d long since given up on love after Michelle had left him when looking after a young boy had become too much of a chore. A string of beautiful women were always around to accompany him to various functions and events, but they were little more than beauty charms on his arm to look good. None of them had anything Jim really looked for in a woman. Most were typically pretty airhead types who rarely thought for themselves. Amy, on the other hand, had proved she could do anything she wanted with little or no help from anyone. The way she had successfully single-handedly reared Maria was proof enough.

Even now he couldn’t put his finger on exactly what he was attracted to with her. Oh she was pretty, certainly, but was it the sparkling green eyes, or her cute smile, or that short pixie style hair cut that made her look years younger than she really was. Or perhaps it was her stunning independence that won him round. Whatever it was, Jim knew he was caught, hook, line and sinker in love with Amy DeLuca.

And he planned to marry her, not long after Christmas. They’d discussed it many times since the engagement; it was time to push forward he thought. And then they could go back to tackling the other subject that had cropped up over the previous few months between them. It was a subject Amy had brought up each time, silently trying to obtain his views. A subject that had stemmed ever since Amber’s birth, Jim suddenly thought.

“Surveying your domain Boss?” Liz queried softly, as she drew up beside him in the doorway.
“Something like that.” Jim replied somewhat wistfully.
“They won’t all disappear if you look away you know.” Liz said gently, placing a hand on Jim’s arm to reassure him.

Glancing around the room at the activity one more time, Jim finally turned to look at Liz. Her dark brown eyes stared up at his face, full of inquisition and just a touch of concern. She wasn’t used to him becoming reminiscent, clearly such activities worried her. Placing a hand over the top of hers on his upper arm, Jim flashed a reassuring smile her way at he patted her wrist gently.

“I know that, thanks Liz. I’m just wondering where along the way of life I deserved all this.” Jim said, gesturing around the room with his hand.
“I’m not sure I follow.”
“All I ever wanted in life, from my marriage, from my son, was a house full of activity and happiness. I never really got it from any of those sources, except life, and yet it has decided to descend now. Why? I’d given up hope on my dreams of a happy family and friends to surround me, I guess that’s why Amber Inn is so successful. I’ve had nothing else to occupy my time after Kyle.” Jim mused. “But now ….. now I have all this. All these people and beautiful, amazing children. Makes me wonder why I let life pass me by for so long after Michelle and I parted. Why I didn’t just find someone else to make me happy and move on.”
“You were just waiting for the right woman to come along I think.” Liz replied wisely.
“Yeah, perhaps you’re right. Amy is amazing that’s for sure.” His face lit up as he looked towards his fiancée. “Maybe this is my second chance at a family then. I always thought Kyle would be my only child …… but I guess who knows.”

“Are you and Amy thinking of trying for a family?” Liz queried, studying her boss’s face and for the first time noticing the worry lines that had used to be such a permanent feature, had completely disappeared. Instead his eyes were full of life and love, the years practically fallen away as if a huge weight had been lifted from his broad shoulders.
“Well you know maybe just thinking about it.” He responded. “I mean I’m not getting any younger and there’s no guarantees we even could or anything. But we have talked about it and I guess who knows.”
“You’d both make great parents Jim. Kyle would be so proud to see you finally happy again and considering such things. He would have wanted you to find solace with someone you love.”
“You know I think you might actually be right. He always did badger me to move on and find someone, I guess it just took me a little more time than he imagined it would.”

Wrapping an arm around the older man’s neck, Liz hugged Jim, sensing he needed some reassurance at that moment. Enveloping Liz in a returned embrace, Jim felt the comfort in her words and actions. Liz’s approval was almost as good as a confirmation from Kyle, she was like a daughter to him, and that was just what he needed.

The debate as to whether he was too old to start a new family with Amy still raged in his head though. He loved her dearly, and she’d made no secret on the fact she’d always wanted another child or two after Maria, but had never met the right man. Could he really go back to midnight feeds and nappy changing again? Would he really have the stamina to run around after an active toddler at his age? A rueful smile crossed his face as he watched Michael jump up to sweep Mackenzie off his feet and stop him climbing on to the TV cabinet to get the china cat ornament that stood on top. Age had nothing to do with it, he suddenly deduced. No matter who you were or how old you were, keeping hold of an active child was an immense task!

The tiny fluttering feeling between them made Jim release his hug on Liz and pull away slightly. Query crossed his face; he hadn’t imagined that little ‘kick’ had he? Was that really ……. really her child he had felt?

“Was that …….?”
“Yeap, junior is getting active again. He doesn’t like it if I confine him to a small space for too long.” Liz grinned. Whether it was indeed a he or she growing inside her, Liz didn’t know. And, to be honest, didn’t really mind one way or the other. She loved Rebecca dearly, loved buying new pretty clothes and doing her shiny brown hair in fancy braid styles that the little girl adored. Yet a son would be very special too. A little boy who’d look just like Max, of that Liz was sure. Someone for Max to teach to play baseball or fishing. An ally, and someone to carry on the legacy of the business Max had built, if he wanted to of course.

“Wow, that was really him kicking?”
“Yeah.” Liz responded, watching the awe on Jim’s face. It was almost the same as how Max looked when he experienced it. The awe-struck eyes, the goofy grin and the need to experience it again and again.
“Can I ….. can I?” Jim stumbled, his hand hovering around Liz’s protruding middle.
“Sure.” She smiled, taking his large hand and placing it to the right of her bump. As if on queue, junior gave a hearty kick once more, making sure no one forgot he was around and after attention.

“Wow Liz, that’s …. Amazing. Doesn’t it hurt?”
“No not really, unless he manages to get his heal right in my ribcage, but that only normally takes my breath away a bit. It’s kind of comforting though, I like it.”
“You know, I’d forgotten how amazing it is. How it feels to share the experience …. It’s been such a long time.”
“Well you’ve got the opportunity to experience it again with Amy if you want to. Otherwise enjoy the fun of being an honouree grandfather to our growing and ever extending family.”

“Everything ok?” Max queried, slipping into protective mode as he had for the previous few months. Worrying about Liz and their unborn baby seemed to be his favourite pastime of late, not that Liz had ever given him really reason for concern. Yet no matter how many times she’d tried to alleviate his concerns, Max had gone right on worrying. It was as if it was in his genes to worry about anyone and everyone. Maybe in a past life he’d been a leader, or a king or something, Liz had thought more than once.

“Fine.” Liz smiled.
“Oh, erm I was just ……” Jim stumbled, feeling like a teenager after being caught with his hand touching Liz’s stomach and experiencing the amazing flutters of life. With a quick snatch he removed his hand and stuffed it into his jeans pocket.

Feeling growing life was certainly amazing, he couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to see Amy pregnant and feel his own child kicking gustily. He hadn’t been involved much when Michelle had been pregnant with Kyle, and she hadn’t enjoyed it, which meant he’d missed out on many magical experiences before Kyle had been born. Only now was he realising this, and wondering if he could have a second chance to experience everything he’d missed.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Max grinned, wrapping his arms around Liz’s middle and waiting for junior to say hi too. Max wasn’t disappointed either, a few moments late he was rewarded with a couple of hefty kicks of greeting. “I think feeling him kick is something I’ll never tire of.”
“Yeah, it’s something special alright.” Jim replied with a smile, grateful to see Max hadn’t taken offence to his hand on Liz’s stomach.
“You ok Liz? No back ache, or pain or anything?” Max queried, his hand instinctively slipping to her lower back to massage it gently.

It was one of his best traits, Liz had decided over the past few months. Max’s ability to massage and rub her back when it ached was a godsend. And just how did he know exactly when it ached, and where the spot was?

“Mmm, a little.” She replied, her eyes drooping slightly under the touch of his fingers. My that felt good, she thought silently.
“I think we should take you home soon. You’re looking tired and a lie down would do you good.” Max finally said.
“No I’m fine really, I guess sitting on the floor doesn’t do me much good right now.”
“Liz …..”
“Please Max, we’re all having such a good time. And Rebecca is doing really well with her puzzle, I’d hate to tear her away now.”
“Ok, another hour. But then we’re going, right?” Max pushed, stopping the massage as he waited for confirmation.
“Ok.” Liz finally conceded. “But can I have a little more on the back rub first?” She queried with a grin.

As Maria got up to trade places and sit next to Michael, Amy glanced around to find where her husband to be had escaped to. Finally spying him standing in the doorway, looking more like a spare wheel in his own home as Max massaged Liz’s back.

“Hey you, there you are!” Amy called out, extending a hand to encourage Jim to sit down with her. With another smile to Liz, Jim eagerly obliged. It was time to be a part of the fun of the evening, rather than a mere bystander.

Kissing the tip of Amy’s nose, Jim put his arm around her and pulled her close. Her eyes gazed up at him, the smile on her face radiating, but she could sense a change in his demeanour. The look in his eyes gave something away, like he’d had a huge decision to make and he’d finally decided what to do.

Raising a hand, Amy cupped his cheek before lifting her head to gently kiss his lips. Breaking away after a moment, she checked again to look into his eyes, in case she’d imagined the fleeting look. But again it was still there.

“Is everything ok Jim?” She queried softly, stroking his cheek and encouraging him to look at her.
“Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t it be?”
“I don’t know. It’s just a feeling I guess, like you’ve just made some monumental decision or something.”
“Well I guess maybe I have.” He replied cryptically.
“Do I get to be let in on the secret?” Amy queried.

“Yeah sweetheart you will. Just not yet ok?” He said. “Wait till later, when we’re alone. Let’s just say I’ve thought a lot about something we’ve discussed before and I’ve finally decided what I want to do.”
“That’s pretty cryptic Jim, do I get any hints?”
“Nope, I’ll just leave you guessing!” He grinned.

Amy playfully punched his arm, a clear indication she wasn’t pleased with being left in the dark, but she didn’t push the issue. It was clear the decision hadn’t been easy to arrive at, which meant it was something serious. And she could wait if that’s what Jim wanted.

Instead she nestled into his arm, resting her head on his shoulder. All the while surveying her family and friends, silently grateful this Christmas was an immensely happy one for all concerned.

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 24th September 2002
Feedback is very welcome and appreciated
E-Mail: Kaznstu⊕
This story is archived on my website,

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 59

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the delay in posting this. I'm due to move in two days, so packing has taken priority. Hopefully I'll get my computer unpacked and up and running as soon as possible once I've moved. This part is a little longer than normal ...... hope it was worth the wait!


Gathering the breakfast dishes from the table, Liz opened the dishwasher and proceeded to load the items. The sun was shining in from the large window framed with warm yellow curtains and matching blind. Since Rebecca was at school and Max at work, the house was a haven of quietness.

Smiling to herself, Liz thought back to her conversation with Max that morning. With only three days to go before their baby was due, he hadn’t wanted to go in to the office. In fact, he’d taken the previous three days off and worked from home so he could be around Liz just in case something happened. But an urgent client needed to see Max, much to his displeasure, and instead Max had been called into the office. The look on her husband’s face as Liz ushered him out the door had been priceless. Like a small child who had been shown a bag of candy before it being taken swiftly away. If she hadn’t known better she could have sworn Max was convinced she’d have the baby then and there!

But heck she still had at least three days to go, and that was if their bundle of joy was on time. If their baby was anything like its father it was more than likely going to be late! Ok so she looked definitely pregnant now, having blossomed over the previous two months. But according to Isabelle and Maria, not so much that she looked like she might just drop the baby then and there. What was all the fuss about? Geez if Max’s fussing was anything to go by, it was as if he thought she was the first woman ever to have a child!

The metallic clanging of a spoon hitting the tilted floor reverberated around the kitchen at that moment. In her hazy daydreaming, she’d managed to drop the spoon from Rebecca’s breakfast bowl. Biting back a silent curse, Liz put one hand on the counter top, the other on her bulging stomach, before slowly lowering to her knees. Not an easy feat at nearly nine months pregnant, whether her bump was smaller than average or not!

Grappling around, Liz’s fingers fumbled for a moment before finally colliding with the metal. Closing her fingers around the spoon, Liz took a breath before considering the best way to stand once more.

Using the counter for support once more, Liz started to stand up, eager to get the circulating pumping around her feet once more. Straightening her back as she stood more upright, Liz suddenly sucked in a deep breath. A surging pain ripped through her body at lightening speed, lasting only a minute or two before ebbing away. Placing a hand to her lower back, Liz rubbed it rhythmically as she dragged in another breath, easing away the pain as she breathed out. When finally happy to walk without fear of the pain returning, Liz headed over to the wooden kitchen chair before sitting down and placing a hand on her large stomach.

“Hey junior it’s ok. I guess I got up too quickly for you huh? You want me to take it slowly right?” Liz said softly, rubbing her hand over her stomach to soothe her baby. “Ok well I promise not to bend down too often from now on. Ok?”

Staying put for a couple more minutes until she was satisfied the pain was fully gone. Liz stood once more and padded over to the sink to pour a glass of water. Taking a long swig of the ice cool drink, Liz balanced the glass on her forehead to cool her warm face.

The pain that took hold of her body this time was stronger, more intense than the last. The surge ripped through her once more, stealing her breath as it thundered through her petit body. The glass in her hand slipped, tumbling to the black granite counter, smashing and sending shards of glass into the air.

“Ahhh!” She cried softly, clutching her stomach and bending slightly to try and stem the pain. A few moments later and once more the pain subsided, giving Liz time to catch her breath again.

It wasn’t until the pain had completed disappeared once more that Liz became aware of another pain. This time more of a stinging, uncomfortable sensation than a ripping in half pain, culminating at her hand. Really, it was just a mere twinge of discomfort compared to the surge through her body moments before. But she couldn’t deny the blood that gently dripped from a large cut on her palm, dropping blood into a growing puddle of bright red on the black counter.

Taking a bite out of her hamburger, Maria swallowed before blowing on some french fries and placing them in front of Mackenzie on his high chair tray. A squeal from the young boy filled the air, and mixed with a protest from Amber who was lying, wriggling in her mother’s arms.

It was their weekly ‘get together’ for the women. A morning of shopping, gossiping and then into a restaurant to rest their feet and feed small, hungry mouths. It was a ritual that all three women, including Liz, loved and looked forward to each week. Something that had brought the friends even closer together as they shared gossip and tips on their children.

“I swear this one has learnt to be impatient already!” Isabelle exasperated, fighting to tie a bib around the grizzly little girl’s neck before finally fishing the bottle of milk out of her bag. The moment the bottle was put to her lips, Amber’s tears dried up as she latched on and devoured the milk hungrily. “Geez anyone would think I haven’t fed her in days, not a couple of hours! I swear she’s taken more after Alex than me. He’s the most impatient person I know.”
“Yeah, I guess that’s where she’s got it from.” Maria grinned with raised eyebrows. Ok so Alex could be a little impatient at times, especially when waiting for Isabelle to get ready. But he’d never yet grizzled if he didn’t get his own way! No, maybe this little angel had learnt more from her mother already than Isabelle cared to admit to. Oh sweet Amber was gonna be a handful when she got older, Maria thought.

“I hope Liz is ok, it’s not the same her not being here.” Isabelle mused, reaching for her sandwich to take a bite before Amber could object.
“Yeah, I know what you mean. I know she’s close to her due date and everything, but the way your brother was carrying on last night anyone would think we wouldn’t know what to do if she went into labour!”
“Yeah ok, I know Max has been in way over protective mode since Liz found out she was pregnant, but at least you can’t accuse him of not caring. He’s got both Liz’s and the baby’s best interests at heart. He just doesn’t want anything to happen to them.” Isabelle countered, thinking back to how Alex had been like he was jumping on hot coals as her due date with Amber had grown closer.

“True, but that leaves Liz to just sit around the house, bored stiff, and just wait until Junior decides to make a grand entrance. I mean, he hasn’t even let her do much of the nursery decorating even.” Maria scoffed. “What’s the worst that could happen putting a few teddies on a shelf, or a mobile over the crib? No, Max has had to do everything.”
“Give him a break ‘Ria, he’s just not used to not being in control. This is one thing he’s had to just sit back and accept it’s all Liz’s work to do, not his. He is trying though, and that nursery does look simply amazing with those stencils over the walls.”
“Yeah ok, I’m just glad Michael wasn’t quite so fussy over me when I had Mac.” Maria replied.

“Well then, why don’t we head over to Liz’s once we’ve finished here. We can take her some cookies and gossip over a cup of tea while the kids take a nap.” Isabelle suggested, changing the subject somewhat. Clearly Maria didn’t know Michael quite as much as she thought, either that or Michael had been a very good actor before Maria had their baby. He’d been just as jumpy as Max was right now!
“Now that sounds like a really great idea!”

Running her hand under the cool water jet from the tap, Liz couldn’t help but wince. So far she’d avoided another surging pain in the last five minutes, long enough to catch her breath again. But the persistent ache in her back seemed to be silent indication that the pain would be back within time. She’d worry about that eventually, decide what to do. Was it just a false alarm? Just the famed Braxton Hicks contractions? Or was it the real thing?

Her immediate priority though wasn’t to those troublesome pains. No, more important was to stem the flow of blood from the deep glass cut on her and. Once that was done then she’d worry about whether the contractions were real or not. There was no need to worry Max yet though, false labour pains were common in the later stages of pregnancy. Her antenatal nurse had confirmed to them both that twinges were very common and Liz was sure that was all this was. She still had days to go till her due date after all, and her baby was more than likely going to be late.

Sitting in the stuffy, dark office, with Morgan Johnson droning on felt like Max’s worst nightmare. He wasn’t the biggest fan of the multi-millionaire who owned a large slice of a popular record company, but normally Max did admirably well to hide his distaste. After all, the wealthy Mr Johnson was paying Max a hefty sum to come up with a suitable plan to restructure the record company and streamline profits to free up cash flow for further investment. But today, Max didn’t feel like being charitable or kind to the older man.

Max didn’t take well to being ordered about at the best of times, and especially not by one of his clients. And with Liz so close to her due date he’d wanted to be right with her all day in case something happened. Max knew he’d never forgive himself if anything happened to Liz or the baby because he wasn’t around to take charge. But that ‘little’ excuse hadn’t washed at all with Morgan when he’d called Max at the ungodly hour of 7.00am that morning. No, the fact Max was eagerly awaiting the birth of his very precious first born child didn’t cut it with Morgan Johnson. Instead the millionaire had blustered and billowed down the phone, whinging that he needed to see Max as a matter of urgency. Needing to go over Max’s elaborate plan one more time before it took affect from the following Monday. With any other client, Max would have been more than happy to send Michael in his place to handle any last minute concerns. But not with Morgan Johnson. Oh no, this man wouldn’t have any ‘substitutes’, not that Max ever considered Michael ‘beneath’ him in any way, shape or form. No, only the main man would do for the multi-millionaire!

And so here he was, trying hard to look attentive and alert as Morgan barraged him with questions and concerns as the rest of the board members discussed the merits of the plan. The heat in the room was becoming unbearable though, with the air conditioning not functioning properly. The dark colour walls, teamed with the formidably large black ash table and matching chairs all adding to the somewhat dreary atmosphere that matched Max’s mood. Oh how he wished he was relaxing at home right then. Waiting on Liz’s every word as she put her feet up and rested.

But he wasn’t there, and he had to concentrate, he chided himself, shaking his head and making a physical effort to sit upright before sucking in a breath. The quicker he answered all the questions, and alleviated Morgan’s concerns, the quicker Max would be on his way back to look after his wife.

Pulling into the driveway, Isabelle slipped the car into park before applying the brake. Glancing into the back to note Amber and Mackenzie were fast asleep, she climbed out of the car.

“I don’t think there’s any need to disturb them. They both look out for the count and we won’t be that long.” Isabelle said.
“Totally!” Maria agreed enthusiastically. “Mac can be a real grumpy bear if he’s woken up early from a nap.”
“Ah something he’s inherited from his father I presume?” Isabelle grinned as she rang the doorbell.

Standing on the doorstep, the two friends waited patiently for Liz or Max to open the door. But nobody came. Frowning, Isabelle ran the bell again, this time leaving the button depressed for a few moments before releasing it.

“I’m coming.” Liz’s faint voice called out before she slowly padded towards the door.

“Geez Liz, you look awful. Is everything ok?” Maria gushed, taking in her friend’s pale face.”
“I’m fine.” Liz assured, ushering them inside. “Come in, sit down. Can I get you a drink? Juice, iced tea, coffee ……….?”
“Liz please, sit down yourself before you fall down.” Isabelle insisted, taking her sister-in-law’s hand and guiding her to the sofa in the living room. ” It’s exhausting just watching you run around. You’re nearly nine months pregnant for goodness sake. Max should be making you rest, not entertain guests. Where is my brother by the way?”
“Oh, he got called into the office this morning. Some important client meeting or something.” Liz replied somewhat wearily.

“My god Liz, what happened to your hand?” Isabelle suddenly exclaimed, seeing the white tea towel streaked with red blood wrapped around her friend’s hand.
“Oh it’s nothing, just a little cut from a broken glass.” Liz brushed off.
“Let me see.”
“No really Isabelle, it’s fine.”
“Liz, let me see.” Isabelle pushed sternly, before unwrapping the cotton towel.

The gasp from Isabelle indicated the cut was clearly not little or small in any way whatsoever. Blood was still seeping out, and clearly a couple of stitches were likely to be needed to help the wound heal cleanly.

“We should get you to the hospital and have this looked over.” Isabelle started.
“No!” Liz defended. “It’s fine, I’m fine, just leave me alone please!”

Turning her head, Isabelle glanced at Maria with raised eyebrows, both silently agreeing something was up with their best friend. Liz was normally the softest, most co-operative of people, why now the prickles?

“Please Liz, if you bleed to death Max would never forgive me.” Isabelle pushed, the tone in her voice softening. Slipping a hand gently under Liz’s arm, Isabelle tried to encourage her friend to stand.

“Owwwww!” Liz suddenly cried out, doubling over and clutching her stomach.
“Liz?” Maria exclaimed, jumping to her feet and rushing over to her friend’s side.

With her friends’ hands on either arm, Liz struggled to suck in air while the pain attacked her body for no more than a few moments. Finally the pain subsided, giving Liz time to fill her lungs, and her friends to ease her back into the comfy sofa. Closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the sofa, Liz took several deep breaths before finally opening her eyes once more. And came face to face with two very worried and more than a little concerned faces.

“Ok Liz, are you ok?” Maria queried.
“I’m fine.”
“Really?” Isabelle queried with raised eyebrows. “Because from where I’m standing I’d say you’re in labour.”
“No!” Liz challenged. “It’s just a false alarm, just twinges. I’m not due for another few days.”
“Sorry hon, have to say I agree with your sister-in law here.” Maria nodded. “I’d say that was the real thing.”
“But Max ……”
“Max will be fine, we’ll get Cali to find him.” Isabelle assured, as the two friends helped Liz to her feet once more. “But first we need to get you to hospital. How far apart are the pains?”
“I don’t know.” Liz puffed. “About ten minutes or so I guess.”
“Well we best not hang around too long then. Maria, go get Liz’s bag while I help her to the car.”

“I fully understand your concerns Morgan, but I reiterate you hired me to make a proposal to free up your cash flow. And that’s what I have done.”
“But I expected that would mean letting a few people go, saving salaries and such. Not reducing my office size so the top floor of the building can be let out.”
“My last resort when restructuring a company is ever to let anyone be made redundant Morgan, you know that. If that was the sort of strategy you were after you should have found someone else. My plan means you’ll loose a few metres of space in your vast office, one less meeting room and condense a few more people into the open plan areas. But no-one will be out of a job or require a pay cut in any way. That’s how I work, a plan with maximum benefit but minimum disruption. If you don’t like it then just say so and I’ll be out of your way.” Max said firmly, eager to get the discussion over with. Already it had droned on for nearly four hours straight and it was more than ticking him off now. If Morgan Johnson didn’t like his plan then fine, he wasn’t about to waste any more breath.
“Now now Max, no one said anything about not liking your plan …….” Morgan started.

“I’m sorry, Mr Evans is in an important meeting and I have firm instructions not to disturb Mr Morgan or his associates for anything.” The prim secretary reeled off.
“But this is extremely important.” Maria stressed.
“I’m sure it is Ms ..….. Deluca, but my orders are clear. No interruptions, period.”
“Look lady, Mr Evans’ wife has just gone into labour. I’d say this constitutes a major emergency wouldn’t you? Now please, just do us all a favour and go and tell him!” Maria yelled, her patience finally snapping.
“I’m sorry my instructions ………”
“Oh for gods sake I know your instructions!” Maria fumed, wondering if this woman could even think for herself. Damn if the place was on fire she’d still sit there until instructed otherwise! “Fine, look give him an urgent message to call me as soon as he gets out. Tell him it’s about Liz, ok? And that it’s very urgent and imperative he calls me right away. Can you do that for me at least?”
“Certainly Ms Deluca.”

Clicking the ‘end call’ button on her cell phone, Maria felt like throwing it across the near empty waiting room. Geez why were secretaries so obstinate? Couldn’t she see this was an emergency? Boy how furious Max was gonna be when he found out this information was with held because of that stubborn woman’s ‘orders’.

“Any luck?” Isabelle asked, gently wiping Liz’s forehead with a cool cloth.
“No, Mr Morgan’s secretary refuses to interrupt their meeting. I’ve left a message for Max to call me as soon as he breaks from the meeting.”
“But ….. I want him ……. Here.” Liz puffed, as another contraction hit her body.
“I know Liz, and he’ll get here as soon as possible.” Isabelle replied, as Liz squeezed her hand. “Let’s hope it’s not too late though.” She added quietly so only Maria could here.
“What …. Time is it?” Liz queried as her body relaxed against the pillows.
“Just before 3.00pm.” Maria replied, glancing at her watch.

“Oh my gosh Rebecca ………!” Liz cried softly, sitting bolt upright in the bed.
“…….. Is being picked up by my mother as we speak, along with Mac and Amber.” Isabelle assured, placing two hands on Liz’s shoulders and easing her back into the bed. “Just relax Liz, and conserve your energy for the next contraction ok?”
“I want Max here.”
“I know you do Liz, and we’re doing everything we can to locate him. I promise he’ll be here soon.” Isabelle said, trying to keep Liz calm. She just hoped she could deliver her promise to her best friend. That Max would be contacted in time and he wouldn’t miss the birth of his first born child. It was as much for him as Liz. Something told Isabelle her brother would never forgive himself if he missed such a monumental occasion.

“Go give Cali a call at work, see if she can keep trying Max’s mobile. Maybe she’ll have more luck in getting hold of him.” Isabelle said, turning to Maria and speaking softly.
“Will do.”

“I’m sorry, Mr Evans has already left the building.” Mr Johnson’s secretary informed in a curt voice.
“Left?” Cali spluttered in disbelief. “Then he got the message left my Maria Deluca right? He knows about his wife?”
“No. He left before I had the chance to pass on the message.”
“But you were told it was an urgent message right? Informed that he must see it before he left?” Cali pushed.
“Yes I was aware it was urgent, but he left while I was on a lunch break.”
“Couldn’t you have left the message with someone else?” Cali exasperated.
“I am sorry that Mr Evans did not get his message, but there is little I can do about it now.”
“Fine!” Cali ended, before slamming the phone down.

Puffing out a deep, exasperated breath, Cali ran her fingers through her hair before pushing the hands free button on her phone. Punching the pre-programmed button with Max’s cell phone, Cali prayed this time he’d pick up. Hoping that finally his phone was switched on, or not in a ‘dead’ area for signal. Her wishing was to no avail though as once more the programmed voice informed ‘the cell phone you are trying to connect to cannot be reached. Please try again later’.

The beeping sound on his phone made Max frown. Looking at the display the problem was evident. No signal! Geez were there still areas of dead signal around?! It was clear that there were, and he’d obviously found it. Damn!

He’d been trying to call Liz at home, to check she was ok and taking it easy, but with no signal there was little chance of getting through. The grumbling of his stomach was a quick reminder he’d hardly eaten anything all day. Morgan Johnson had offered to shout him lunch, but Max had quickly, but politely declined the offer. He wanted to get back to Liz, plain and simple. But in stopping to grab a bite to eat he would be able to kill two birds with one stone, as the saying went. He could stifle the growling of a too empty stomach, and use the pay phone to check on his wife. Now that was a good idea!

“Ok Liz, now you’re doing really well. I’d say only another half an hour or so and you’ll be ready to start pushing.” The cheery Doctor Melissa Samms informed after checking on Liz.
“I don’t know …. How much more …. I can take of this.” Liz mouthed breathlessly, struggling to take in air as her contraction ebbed away.
“I promise you Liz, I don’t think there’ll be too much longer. Things are progressing along every nicely and naturally, you’re doing just fine.” Melissa assured before heading out of the room.
“Where is Max?” Liz queried pointedly for the umpteenth time since being admitted to hospital. “Is he ok? I mean he hasn’t had an accident or anything has he?” She added, her voice upping a notch through panic.
“Max is fine Liz.” Isabelle assured.
“Then where is he?” Liz said again with a touch of anger in her voice. How could he not be here? With her when she needed him most?

“We …… we don’t know where Max is Liz.” Maria finally announced, ignoring the ice laced glared she was receiving from Isabelle. Clearly they had a major difference of opinion as to whether to tell Liz Max was AWOL or not! But in Maria’s preferred opinion, telling her best friend the truth was the only way to go. The last thing they needed was Liz worrying about Max while in the mist of delivering their child!

“Wh …. What do you mean …. You don’t know where he is?” Liz stammered, with tears welling in her eyes. “Haven’t you tried his cell phone or the office or something?”
“Yes of course we have Liz, we’ve tried all that. He’s on his way back from a meeting we’re assuming and his cell phone is out of range at the moment. But Cali is trying religiously, I’m sure he will be here very soon.” Isabelle pacified.

After downing a hearty, and completely unhealthy, lunch of a hamburger and fries dripping with far too much oily fat, Max paid his bill before locating the payphone. Digging into his suit trouser pockets, he dug out a hand full of quarters before lifting the telephone receiver. Slipping a few coins into the slot, Max punched in his home number.

“Hello?” A voice answered after a few quick rings.
“Becky? Hi sweetheart it’s daddy. How was school?”
“Good, I learnt my two times table and drew a picture to go on the refrigerator.”
“Wow, sounds like you had fun.” Max smiled. “Is mummy around? Can I have a word?”
“Nope.” The short answer was returned.
“No? No I can’t have a word, or no she’s not around?” Max queried.
“She’s not here.” Not there? Now that wasn’t right, Max thought.
“Where is she Rebecca? Do you know?”
“Nope, don’t know. Grandma Diane said she’s gone to have the baby.”

The innocence fuelled words spiralled around Max’s mind, making his brain hurt. Liz, gone to have the baby? Surely that wasn’t right? She was early, by a good few days. And surely someone would have tried to call him and let him know, right? Then, through the fog that had descended around his mind, Max remembered the bad signal on his cell phone. Damn! Biting back a curse, Max tried to decide what next to do.

“Ok sweetie, can I have a word with Grandma?” He asked gently.
“She’s changing Amber right now.”
“Ok, well can you take the phone up to Grandma so I can take to her?”
“Good girl.”

The wait before the phone was passed on to Diane seemed to stretch an eternity. Thought after thought flew round Max’s brain, trying to make reason from Rebecca’s words. Had Liz really gone into labour? Or was it just the ramblings of a young girl? After all Rebecca had been convinced Liz was ‘having the baby’ for at least the last two weeks. She’d been convinced she’d come home from school one day to find the baby sleeping soundly in the pine cot in the nursery.

“Mum it’s Max, what’s going on?” He asked quickly.
“Max thank god you called.”
“What’s happened? Where’s Liz?”
“She’s at the hospital Max, she went into labour.”
“When? A few hours ago. We’ve all been frantically trying to get hold of you.”
“I know, my cell phone doesn’t seem to be working around here. Is Liz alone?”
“No, Isabelle and Maria are there.”
“Right, I’m on my way …… let them know I’ll be there as soon as I can, speed limit permitting.”
“Hurry Max.” Was the last parting words from his mother.

The ride across town seemed to take an eternity to Max, his nerves frayed further each time he had to stop at a red light or someone slow got in his way. The thought of missing his child’s birth fuelled his desire to step on the gas. The saner part of his brain yelled it was better to miss the birth and be around for the rest of the child’s life, than to wrap his car around the nearest lamppost.

Forcing himself to slow down slightly, Max concentrated on the immensity of the moment. He was going to be a father in not too long. Not just a dad to Rebecca who he saw as his own daughter anyway. But a real father to his own flesh and blood, his own starry eyed child he’d helped make with the love he felt for Liz. And oh how he couldn’t wait to watch Liz lift their new-born infant in his arms and cradle him close. To be able to see the wonder, awe and unabated love in her sweet brown eyes.

Finally, he drew up outside the hospital and all but abandoned his car. To hell with parking tickets, his child was worth the risk! A quick stop at the reception pointed him in the right direction before he ran full pelt along the corridor. Up three flights of stairs, he wasn’t patient enough to wait for the elevator, and finally into the maternity ward.

Breathless and somewhat exhausted by the run, Max collared the first nurse he could find, desperate to be pointed in the direction of Liz’s private room.

“My wife .…” He puffed. “In Labour ……. Here.”
“Well here’s a good place to be in labour sir, since we are the maternity ward.” The nurse smiled with the humour.
“I need to know ….. where she is.”
“Then you’d best let me have her name … Mr ……”
“Evans. Max Evans” Max finished. “My wife’s name is Liz.”
“Ahh Liz Evans.” The nurse pondered for a moment. “Yes go to the end of the corridor and turn right, hers is the first room on the left.”
“Thank you!” Max called out, but he was already dashing down the corridor.

“That’s it Liz, you’re doing great. When the next contraction comes I want you to push this time ok?” Melissa Samms said gently.
“Ok.” Liz replied sullenly. She wanted Max there, period. Oh yeah Isabelle and Maria were doing an admirable job of holding her hand, mopping her brow and throwing encouraging words around the room. But they were no substitute for the father of her child.

As the next contraction hit her two friends encouraged Liz to push as Melissa instructed, taking hold of a hand each and instructing Liz to squeeze as hard as necessary. And as the pain ebbed away, in her hazy pain induced brain, Liz could have sworn she heard Max call out her name.

“Max! Thank god you’re here!” Isabelle exclaimed, throwing a quick arm around his neck for a hug before moving aside to let him stand next to Liz.
“Max.” Liz said softly, the smile crossing her lips for the first time since arriving.
“I’m here baby, it’s ok now.” Max soothed, brushing her hair away from her head.
“It’s time we were leaving Maria. We’ll wait outside for news ok?” Isabelle said, placing a hand on Max’s shoulder to ensure he was listening.
“Sure sis, I’ll let you know.” Max said. “And thanks …… for everything.” He added, hugging his sister and Maria before turning his attention back to Liz.

“What happened to your hand Liz?” Max suddenly queried, seeing Liz’s bandaged left hand.
“Oh it’s nothing Max.” Liz started, but saw the concern on her husband’s face. “It’s fine really, it’s a long story and I’ll tell you about it later.”
“God I love you Liz.”
“And I love you too.”

Dipping his head, Max placed a kiss on Liz’s damp forehead, before briefly brushing past her lips. The moment the contraction hit her, Max felt Liz’s body tense up, her hand gripping his in a vice like hold as beads of perspiration collected on her face. Reaching for the cool cloth, Max waited for the pain to subside before gently mopping her forehead. Oh this was gonna be hell seeing Liz in so much pain, he mused silently. He hated seeing her hurting and this was one time, even though he knew why the pain was there, he could do nothing to stop it.

“Right, now daddy is here.” Melissa Samms started as she entered the room. “How about we get this show on the road? I’d say we’ve got a pretty impatient baby here eager to enter the world!”

TBC ………………..?


Author: Kazza – 7th October 2002
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Hi there!

Just to answer your question, nope Max and Liz do not know if it is a boy or a girl.

Guess I'm the only one who knows that ....... and I haven't decided yet!!!!

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Hey guys,

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Anyways, I am REALLY sorry for the delay in the next part. I moved house at the end of last week and everything is still in boxes!!! Of course, my computer and desk were the first things to get unpacked!!!!

So I'm off to pen the next part as we speak. Hopefully I'll be able to post it in a day or so.

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 60

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: NC-17

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

Just a word of warning, sorry if this part is too cuddly and mushy!!! I wanted to have a warm, loving part, but I might have overdone the fluff a bit!!!!!


Walking up the staircase, Liz paused at the entrance to the nursery and peered quietly around the doorframe. The sight in the room made her smile and her heart grow with love.

The soft amber hue of the small table lamp on the windowsill lit the room as the darkness of the night hung in the air outside the large bay window. The warm yellow walls were soft in the shadows, the boarder of blue with tiny, multi coloured clowns adding more colour and life to the room. The large pine cradle dominated the room, decorated with a warm blue blanket of soft material. The framed pictures of Disney characters, and a wooden box full of toys and a matching wooden changing table and wardrobe to hold many small outfits showing it was clearly a child’s room.

The only noises that could be heard from the enchanting room was the slight creek of the ornate pine rocking chair and the comforting suckling sounds of a baby nursing on a bottle.

It was moments like these that tore at Liz’s heartstrings in a good way. Made her stand up and take notice and appreciate how good her life was. And how much it had changed in just seven short weeks.

Even with her potentially good experience with caring for Rebecca, Liz hadn’t been prepared for the total upheaval a small baby would bring to her life. It was only in the last week or so that her son had started to sleep better through the night. Only waking once after been put down around eleven each evening, rather than the few times along the first few weeks. Liz hadn’t known bone weary tiredness until Kian came along. She could barely remember the last good night’s sleep she’d had. Not that she was particularly complaining. Motherhood was every bit as fulfilling as she’d hoped.

But becoming accustomed to Kian’s crying and fussing had been more difficult than Liz’s had imagined. With Rebecca there was no miscommunication, the little girl to say what she wanted, but not with a week old baby. Determining whether he was hungry, or needed changing, or just plain fussing for attention and a hug. It was the part Liz had found most challenging over the first few weeks. Feeling a failure when she couldn’t pacify her young son, or worrying endlessly if she was doing something wrong or hurting him when Kian produced lustful cries for attention. With relief, Maria and Isabelle had confirmed they’d experienced much the same panic with Mackenzie and Amber. And so, with the help of her friends, Diane and Nancy, she’d survived the first few weeks, with her confidence just about in one piece.

Max, on the other hand, had taken to fatherhood with the same enthusiasm and confidence he tackled most new tasks. On more than one occasion Liz had struggled with a fussing child for most of the day, only for Max to stride into the house, scoop Kian up and within moments have the child a bundle of happiness once more. How he managed it so effortlessly still eluded Liz. Oh to be able to bottle up Max’s magic spell he cast to use whenever Kian fussed and cried too much.

But moments like this were priceless, and begged to be captured on camera or frozen in time to look back on as their son grew over the years. Watching Max with one leg crossed at the ankle over his knee and the other firmly on the floor pushing them backwards and forwards in a gentle rocking motion. In his arms Kian lay contently, eyes at half-mast as he gazed up at Max as if afraid the bottle might be whipped away if he closed his eyes. With the bottle of milk firmly held by Max’s strong hand, Liz watched with glee as Kian’s little button nose wrinkled up and down as he drew nourishment from the warmed bottle.

The look on Max’s face was he watched his son drink was pure joy. The unadulterated love and adoration showing Max was very proud to be a father. And oh how protected their precious little bundle looked. Encased in sturdy, strong arms, Max’s body stance screamed he’d die to protect his only son, his real flesh and blood borne out of his love for his wife. And oh how wonderful it felt to have Max’s strength encase her and surround Liz so all she could think about was her virile specimen of a husband. Even in such a moment of tenderness, even when such thoughts should be the farthest from her mind after giving birth a mere seven weeks ago, Liz was powerless to the allure that was Max Evans.

Just a look from those hooded brown eyes sent her blood boiling and her mind racing into a perilous direction. Just a brush of his manicured hands, or a sweep of his sensual lips send her pulse into overdrive and instantly turned her legs to jelly. Even now, as husband and wife, he still had the ability to cast a spell over her to chase all sane thoughts from her mind.

And oh how she craved his warm, sensual touch right then, even with Kian safely in his arms. Seven weeks. Seven long, almost torturous weeks without making love to the man who occupied her heart, mind and bed. Seven weeks in which Max had been a perfect gentleman, making sure they never got too carried away, or in the position to take things further before her ‘all clear’ check up. And man did he have an iron will or something! Even her most tried and tested seduction techniques had failed, getting her little further than a good cuddle and a passionate kiss. Man was he frustrating!

But, if Liz had her way, that would all end tonight. The appointment at the clinic to check both her and Kian over had gone well, and the doctor had given her a clean bill of health to resume ‘normal’ activities. And Liz fully intended to put that into action tonight!

The slight, niggling thought that perhaps Max’s staying away power had more to do with her health flickered into her brain. She’d heard stories of husbands struggling to find their wives attractive after giving birth, seeing them as mothers rather than lovers from then on. Could that be the route of Max’s control? Did he not find her attractive any longer? A shudder ran through her body as she pushed the thought to the back of her brain. No, she loved Max and he loved her, becoming intimate again was just a matter of time.

“You can come in if you want to.” Max announced softly, lifting his eyes as he voiced the words. “You don’t have to loiter in the doorway.”
“How ….. how did you know …..” Liz started, shocked that her cover had been blown.
“You’ve been doing that for a while now haven’t you? Just watching us from afar during his evening feed. I’ve seen you deep in thought. You haven’t once come in though, why is that?” He queried as Liz stepped inside and headed towards the rocking chair. Stopping and sinking to her knees on to the plush blue, piled carpet, Liz considered the question for a moment before lifting her head to look up into his eyes.
“I don’t know.” She admitted truthfully. “I guess I feel like I’m intruding on your quiet time or something. I mean I have Kian practically to myself all day, but this is your only time alone to bond with your son Max.”

Lifting his head once more to meet her eyes, Max looked and saw the sincerity of her words in her face. She truly felt this time each evening with Kian was his time. He knew it already, but she had just reinforced his belief that Liz was a perfect mother and wife. How often was it the father felt left out in the first months after a baby was born? The mother taking charge, dotting over the child and barely letting the father get a look in. But not Liz, no she was special. Although she was breastfeeding, right from the start she’d been happy for Kian to have one bottle of made up milk a day so Max could share with the wonder of feeding their son. Even though he had to work each day, Max had been adamant at doing his fair share of getting up in the night, and Liz had relented after a little pressure. Bathing him, changing him, playing with him, Liz was happy to have Max take a turn every day. Not shutting him out, or making him feel second rate or unimportant in the early years of their son’s life, instead sharing the joy rather than possessing their son.

“God I love you Liz.” He whispered with a smile dancing across his lips.
“And I love you too Max.” Lifting her hand, Liz cupped his cheek and placed a soft kiss against his lips.
“Remember that. I love you babe. And never thing you’re intruding again ok?” Max stressed with firmness in his voice. “You’re Kian’s mother, he needs you much more than me right now. And thank you for feeling I need private time with our son. But I need time with you and Kian much more than just him. Just having you sitting here, talking to me while Kian dozes is magical. To see the love in your eyes for both the men in your life. To see how wonderful you have taken to motherhood, both with Becky and Kian.

“Oh you’re just as good as me Max.” Liz countered, running her fingers gently across the wispy strands of fine baby hair decorating their son’s head. “Perhaps even better with this little mite than me sometimes. You always seem to know what to do, and I still feel like I’m feeling my way sometimes.”
“Oh I just get lucky sweetheart. You’ll always be special in Kian’s life Liz, he’ll only ever have one mother. And you’ll still be his mother even when we’re packing him off to college!”
“Ahh don’t let’s wish away the years just yet!” Liz laughed. “I want to keep him a baby for a little longer.”
”Yeah, these years will go so quickly anyway. I want to remember them forever.”
“Me too.” She responded, barely a whisper.

Gently lifting the near sleeping tot to his shoulder, Max rhythmically rubbed Kian’s back for a few minutes before he was rewarded with two milky belches. Removing the soiled bib, and deftly changing his nappy, Max laid their son down in the cradle and tucked the comfort blanket around his tiny form.

Opening his arms, Max beckoned to Liz to come close, before pulling her into a comforting embrace. And they stayed there for a while, in truth only a few minutes, just staring. Watching Kian’s little chest rise and fall, his hands forming into fists and his little mouth budding into an ‘O’ as he drifted firmly into a deep sleep.

“Time for bed.” Liz said as they pulled the door to the nursery close slightly.
“Mmm, you need to get some sleep before he awakes with hunger pains again.” Max agreed, stepping into their room and clicking on the bedside light to douse the room in a yellowy haze.
“Yeah, perhaps. I kinda had something else in mind apart from sleep though Max.” Liz responded.

Kneeling on the bed, she leant over to pull Max closer and started on the row of buttons fastening his crisp white work shirt. By the time she reached the fourth button to expose the sparse spattering of darkened hair across his toned chest, Liz knew Max had slipped into protective mode once more. His hand quickly covered hers as she moved further down to halt her progress towards his jeans snap and zip. Darn him, couldn’t he just go with the flow once in a while?!

“Liz ……”
“What Max? I love you, and I want to show you how much.”
“No Liz, not yet.” He protested in a somewhat strangled voice. Clasping her hands in his Max rested his forehead against hers. “Not till you’ve had the all clear from the doctor. I won’t risk your health Liz, not for anything in the world.”

“Well then.” She said, touched by his concern. “I guess it’s a good job I went to the doctors today then.”
”You did?” Max queried with raised, hopeful eyebrows. “And ……..?”
”And in medical terms I have the all clear to ‘resume normal activities’.” She grinned playfully, freeing her hands and running her fingers across his expose chest. The suck in of breath as her touch brushed against him told Liz her fears Max might not see her as desirable any more were unfounded. She still held magic over him!

Placing his hands under her arms, Max pulled Liz more upright on the bed so he could sink down and kiss her. With nimble fingers, Max unsnapped the gold barrette clip holding Liz’s hair hostage at the nape of her neck, allowing the silky brown strands to fall down around her face. Scooping handfuls of her luxurious hair in his fingers, Max deepened the kiss, running his tongue along her top lip, and then tracing the bottom before being granted access. Thrusting his tongue deep into the velvet darkness of her soft mouth, Max probed and caressed, intent on covering every inch of the honey goodness.

She was dying, Liz was sure. The wash of intense feelings flooding her reactive mind pushing all reason to dark recesses. Her whole body reacted to his passionate kiss, her blood bubbled, her skin prickled and the pool of heat nestled in her stomach grew. My how she was turned on, just by a kiss, even with all her clothes on! Anyone would think she’d never been kissed by Max before! Then again, the hunger and rich desire in his heady kiss was clear indication the seven or so weeks abstention had tested his patience just as much as her own.

His hands slipped down her arms from her shoulders to rest on her hips for the briefest moment. Then, as quick as the blinking of an eye, his hands disappeared under the hem of her tight knitted top before sweeping it up her body. Breaking the kiss for the slightest moment, Max discarded the garment from her body and let it fall to the floor before seizing her lips once more. The clasp on her bra was the next to succumb to his lightening touch and soon it joined her top in a growing pile on the carpet.

And then his hands were everywhere, all over her naked upper body. Dancing across her small shoulders, across her back and under her arms to finally settle on her sensitive and responsive breasts. And then his touch slowed and stilled somewhat. It was as if his remembrance she was more sensitive than normal had overruled his primeval instincts to possess and take her body with this own.

The change in Max was remarkable; instead of urgent and eager, his touch was soft and gentle. Caressing and stroking her breasts before finally breaking contact with her lips. Trailing a blaze of fire along her jaw, down her neck, across her shoulders before finally resting on her aching breasts. And then pure pleasure radiated and multiplied inside her, as his warm, moist mouth descended on her breasts, covering them in light butterfly kisses before slowly, seductively drawing one into his mouth to suckle and hunger on. Repeating the exquisite pleasure with the other eager mound, Liz allowed the powerful feelings wash over her again and again, making the craving for Max to be buried deep inside her stronger and stronger.

Eager to touch him and be skin to skin, Liz snaked out a hand to continue undoing the remaining three buttons on the shirt, which was already gapping open. Her plan was thwarted, however, when Max caught her hand and pulled it back behind her. A gentle push and she was lowered to the bed onto the cream silk eiderdown. And then the zipper of her black jeans was lowered, along with the button being snapped undone. The feel of her jeans slowly being peeled from her body was beautiful agony. Max’s fingers barely brushed her hips as he eased down the material, dancing down her shapely legs before the jeans were discarded. Her whole body felt on fire, her nerves tingling in anticipation.

And still Max wouldn’t let her touch him. Practically fully clothed, he outsmarted her attempts to remove his shirt or unsnap his own trousers. Instead he marvelled at her beautiful body through hooded, passion filled eyes. And then his hands were over her creamy skin again, dancing across her breasts, down over her nearly flat stomach to swirl around her belly button before moving further south. Her black silk panties held little resistance to her eager husband, as he slipped a finger either side of her hips before discarding the scrap of material. And then she was completely naked to him, open for only his eyes and touch. The suck of breath from Max indicated he was on a short rope, holding on to control with immense strength and testament to his resolve.

His hand trailed up her legs again and across her hips before finally moving to touch her where she ached the most. On first contact, Liz was powerless to stop her hips from involuntarily springing off the bed, eager for more of his touch. And he didn’t disappoint. Sinking his head to capture her lips once more, Max plundered her mouth with his tongue and slowly began to mimic the action with his fingers. The soft cries slipped from her mouth, mixing with his own as he took her higher and higher towards that exquisite pleasure. Writhing underneath his ministrations, he felt Liz try to pull away before finally succumbing to his expert touch. Her head fell back against the pillow, her hair billowing out behind her on the cream pillowcase. Eyes at half-mast, Liz finally let go as her body tensed and the world crashed down around her in pure ecstasy.

“Max …… I want to touch you.” Liz breathed, slowly returning back to earth as he kissed a trail of fire from her stomach up to her lips.
“Soon.” He mumbled against her mouth.
“Now.” She stressed, wriggling her hands out to finally rid him of the shirt.

The feel of her small hands running along the defined ridges of his muscled chest caused Max to drag in several deep breaths. However much he adored the feeling of Liz’s hands caressing his body, now was not the time. Over eight weeks since they’d last got this intimate was playing havoc with this self-control. He felt like a kid with a dollar in a candy store, too eager to spend it all at once. The wrong touch of her hot hands could spell an abrupt end to their loving!

The feel of her manicured fingernails dragging across the protruding bulge in his jeans made him nearly loose control. His whole body jumped, as if jarred by a jolt of sparking electricity. And then as Liz undid the button and slowly lowered the zip, he could take no more.

Seizing her hands in his, Max pulled them above her head and loomed over her. For a moment he watched her face, aglow with a red flush, before dipping in for another searing kiss. She wriggled once more, trying fruitlessly to free her hands but with each movement her body brushed past Max’s groin, eliciting groans.

“Liz, don’t.” He said in a strangled voice.
“I want to touch you Max, want to feel you.”
“I know you do babe, but not yet ok? I’m ….. hell eight weeks is a really long time sweetheart, and my control is about hanging on by a thread right now ok?” He admitted honestly.
“Then don’t hang on, I want you Max. So badly I want you.”
“But I wanted it to be special, we’ve both been waiting so long. I’m afraid it will be over too quickly ……..”
“Never Max. Please I need you, I want you inside me.” She muttered against his lips.

This time when she pulled her hands they came free from his grasp. Reaching down she slowly peeled away his jeans and black boxers until there was nothing but thin air between them. A shiver ran up his spine as she stroked him with her warm hands, his breath labouring and eyes turning to stormy midnight black. He took her lips once more, crushing his body against hers, fusing her lips in a passion induced kiss that left Liz in no doubt her husband was on fire with desire for her.

Despite her silent urgings to finally complete them, Liz could sense Max was holding back just a touch. His body was held ridged around hers, and his actions begged to bury himself inside her warmth, but he held off.

“Max …..?”
“I don’t want to hurt you Liz.” He whispered softly.
“You could never hurt me Max. I love you, I trust you, I want you.”
“But my control is all but gone, I’m not sure I could take it slowly. I’m afraid it will hurt you.”
“Please Max, I need you now more than I ever have. I don’t care, just please ………” She pleaded, trying to break his resolve with her doe brown eyes gleaming.

And then he joined them, just like that. A swift fluid motion and he was finally home. A sigh reverberated around the room from them both, as he paused, buried deep inside her, just looking into Liz’s eyes. Brushing her hair back slightly from her face, Max kissed her again, but this time more softly, delicately. As if he was trying to slow the process down to savour each moment, each touch, and each amazing emotion.

Liz had never felt so alive with fire and pure wanton need before in her life. Oh she’d desired Max before, she’d seduced him on more than one occasion, but never before had her whole body felt like it had gone up in flames without fulfilment. My how abstaining improved the sensations of making love!

Finally, mustering all the remaining resolve he had left, Max drew back before plunging deep inside her warmth once more. Over and over, again and again he continued, his control evaporating as he upped the pace. Unable to stop, to slow or cease, he continued the madding pace. Until he felt Liz’s body stiffen under his, a cry tearing from her lips as the ripples of pleasure washed over her. Again and again they downed her, strengthening in feelings, riding it out until it slowly, reluctantly ebbed away.

And then Max finally let go, throwing his head back he allowed the immeasurable feelings cascade over his body like an icy waterfall on a scorching day. The horse cry of Liz’s name sounded out in the silent room before Max finally fell into her waiting arms, spend and exhausted.

Summing up just enough energy to roll onto his back, Max brought Liz with him before slowly trying to regulate his breathing once more. Resting her head on his shoulder and her palm against his beating heart, Liz couldn’t suppress the swelling feeling of love she felt for her husband.

“Did I ….. did I hurt you?” Max stumbled once he was more coherent, ever the concerned one where Liz was concerned.
“No Max, you didn’t.” She reassured, kissing his chest. “I’ve missed being close to you so much.”
“Me too babe, me too.” He replied, kissing the top of Liz’s head before they both slowly drifted into a deep, relaxing sleep.

And, when Kian awoke at 2.30 in the morning, demanding his regulatory feed, Liz didn’t mind getting out of bed to tend to her son. The kiss from Max, and the way his hand didn’t want to leave hers as she departed the room was all she needed to know he’d make her warm when she returned to their bed ……..

TBC ………………..? (And now, the end is near!)


Author: Kazza – 16th October 2002
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posted on 17-Oct-2002 2:27:16 PM
Hey Moonlit Jade!

Kian is pronounced as Ian but with a K!!

It's an Irish name, and is the name of one of the lads in the pop band Westlife. Basically I chose it because one of my friend's has just had a baby boy in the last week and she called him Kian.

Take care
posted on 28-Oct-2002 3:36:18 AM
Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback!!!

I'm so sorry the next part hasn't been posted yet. Unfortunately my stupid computer crashed and lost half of the part!!! So I'm rewriting it at the moment.

Hopefully I should be able to post the next part in the next couple of days.

Take care

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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


Sitting at the large pine dressing table, Rebecca took a deep breath before the sparkling silver and diamond tiara was lowered onto her head. Several grip clips later the tiara was firmly in place. Her normally straight brown hair had been curled into ringlets for the occasion, before being swept up in a casual way, allowing several ringlets to escape to frame her face and fall down her back. Looking at herself in the large mirror, Rebecca felt her eyes start to mist over with emotion. Her make up was simple but immaculate, emphasising her chocolate eyes, high cheekbones and soft, full lips. In her ears she wore sparkling teardrop diamond studs, a present from her grandparents. Around her neck she wore a silver chain with a matching large teardrop diamond, a present from her parents this time to go with her stunning engagement ring from Lucas.

A soft gasp from behind her brought Rebecca out of her daze and back to living. Turning gently a quarter clockwise, a smile crossed her lips as she took in her mother watching her with awe. Liz Evans, not her true blood mother but the only mother Becky truly remembered. She stood only a foot away dressed in a short form fitted dress and matching jacket in a soft pastel lilac colour with mauve embroidery. Liz’s own hair, also normally straight, had too been curled and swept half up. And the look on her face, Rebecca noted, was one that radiated pride for the girl who sat in front of her on a stool.

“Oh my.” Liz wondered silently, “where has my little girl gone?” For the woman who sat in front of her, ivory silk dress billowing around her, was anything but a child. No, Rebecca was 21 years old and about to marry the man of her dreams.

And oh how she looked like a princess, Liz thought as Rebecca stood so Liz could affix in her hair a shoulder length veil that had a sprinkling of silver flecks over it. Her dress was exquisite; Diane had done a wonderful job. Thin straps held the dress up, a tight bodice displayed Rebecca’s ample bust, delicate sliver embroidered flowers decorated the bodice. Then the dress tapered in at her waist before splaying outwards in a full skirt dotted with more swirling silver embroidery. Her little girl looked simply breathtaking, Liz noted as she swallowed a lump of emotion wedged in her throat.

“Mum, don’t cry.” Rebecca issued sternly, herself also struggling to keep a hold of her emotions. “You’re gonna make me cry and my mascara will run. Then Aunt Izzy will have to do it all over again.”
“I’m sorry sweetie, you just look so beautiful.” Liz choked. “I’ll do my best not to cry, but I can’t vouch for your father. When he sees you he’s gonna be blown away ……. And goodness knows how Lucas will react.”
“Thanks mum.” Rebecca sniffed, throwing her arms around Liz in a tight hug.

They stayed that way for moments that seemed to stretch to eternity. Mother and Daughter standing together in an emotional embrace on the younger woman’s wedding day. Soft tears were shed and whispered words of encouragement and love were exchanged before Liz finally stepped back. Still holding on to her daughter’s hands, Liz took one more look over her.

“Hey, crying is not permitted until after the photos remember.” Isabelle chimed, stepping into the room and taking sight of the two women.
“I’m sorry Aunt Izzy, blame mum though, she started me!” Rebecca grinned, wiping a finger under her eye to blot any more tears.
“Right then, Liz it’s time to leave I think. Max is waiting downstairs for you and Becky. Tell him we’ll be a couple more minutes while I do damage control on the tear streaked cheeks.” Isabelle announced, humour in her voice evident however.
“You just wait Isabelle, one day it’ll be Amber or Rachael’s wedding, then you’ll know how I feel, and I bet you won’t be able to stop crying either.” Liz shot back with a smile. Oh yes, Isabelle would cry buckets when her daughters got married, Liz was sure.

Heading downstairs, Liz paused at the foot to embrace her husband of nearly seventeen years. At 42, Max hardly looked any different from that of his wedding day. A few well-placed grey hairs mixed well with his chocolate brown hair that still fell in unruly bangs across his forehead. Laughter lines bracketed his mouth and slight lines around his eyes made him look even more distinguished. Despite his behind the desk office job, maintaining a fit and healthy body had come far too easily for him, in Liz’s opinion. And Max Evans in a tuxedo was entirely too much for his wife. Geez there should be a law against him looking that fine and handsome, she thought as she placed her palms against his cheeks before diving in for a much needed kiss.

“How’s my princess?” He murmured against Liz’s lips, reluctant to end the embrace.
“Stunning, simply stunning.” Liz replied. “She’s gonna knock your socks off.”
“She done that every day from the moment we brought her home Liz.” Max divulged. “I doubt today will be any different. Although giving my baby away to someone else won’t come easily. Are you sure I can’t lock her up in her room for another fifty years or so?”
“Sorry Max, as much as I hate to admit it too, it’s time to let her fly away and experience life.”
“I know. And Lucas is a good kid, he’ll look after her …… “ Max trailed off, not sounding altogether convinced. It was one thing Rebecca dating a guy, but another altogether for Max to feel happy handing her over to someone else.
“He will Max, Rebecca is a good judge of character.” Liz replied softly, placing a hand on his cheek before stealing one more kiss. Stepping down to survey the array of children in the hallway, Liz couldn’t suppress a smile. The girls, all dressed in long shimmering mauve evening style dresses, with thin straps and a scooped neck. The boys dressed in tuxedos and freshly polished black leather shoes.

Sixteen-year-old Amber stood tallest towards the back of the pack, her long blond hair pulled into a French twist with wispy strands around her face. There was no doubt she was Isabelle’s daughter, although she had inherited her father’s dry sense of humour. Amber had the same air that always seemed to surround Isabelle. The quietly princess stance, stunning facial features, high cheekbones and perfect pout to boot. Next to Amber stood her sister, 12 year old Rachael. She too had inherited Isabelle’s good looks, although her hair was jet black and eyes clearly her father’s.

Fourteen-year-old Kerstein stood giggling with Rachael. Slightly shorter than her 12 year old cousin, Kerstein had inherited much of her father’s rugged looks and fierce determination. Jim’s piercing blue eyes and honey blond hair were also very much apparent in the young girl. Her pixie style face and cute smile, however, was all her mother’s, and so was Kerstein’s wild, somewhat rebellious streak. On more than one occasion she had scared ten years off her parents lives with her carefree attitude and relaxed approach to authority. But she was a good child, and Liz had long since decided Kerstein’s antics were as much down to the fact Jim and Amy let her get away with murder more often than not!

Standing at the front of the group, much smaller than the rest of the bridesmaids stood two small flower girls who could almost have been mistaken as twins rather than the cousins they were. Both girls had identical long brown hair, both pulled back into buns decorated with diamond edged clips. Rich chocolate eyes inherited from their mothers, along with little button noses and perfect smiles. Dressed in ivory dresses with soft-netted skirts and a sash of mauve, the two little girls held on to each other’s hands and giggled shyly.

At five and two months, Jessica Evans was the apple of both her parents’ eyes. Although she had been somewhat unplanned, Max and Liz had been ecstatic when she came along. They’d always planned to extend their family beyond Rebecca and Kian, but somehow Mother Nature seemed to have been against them. Although they finally decided to settle with their two children, they subconsciously continued to try for another child over the following years, until eventually Jess had graced their lives. And how that little girl was spoilt rotten by her parents, big sister and older brother, not to mention her aunts and uncles!

At five years and three days, Lucie Rameriez was the spitting image of her mother, aunt and indeed her slightly older cousin. The bubbly, bouncy little girl was always full of energy and barely stayed still. Just a look at Lucie and Liz was sure her sister Cali was in for a wild ride when the little bundle of energy grew up!

As she headed outside, Liz surveyed the remaining children of the group. Mackenzie, at 17 and a half, towered over his mother and was fast approaching his father’s height of just over six feet. A mop of shaggy brown hair donned his head, and even Maria hadn’t been able to persuade him to cut it for his cousin’s wedding. Maria and Michael’s other son, eleven year old Jacob was much more mischievous like his mother, but it was clear he too would follow his brother and be tall.

Her own fifteen-year-old son smiled happily at his mother as Liz stopped to give him a hug and survey how breathtaking he looked in a tuxedo. It still amazed Liz how so alike Kian was to his father. He had inherited Max’s piercing brown eyes and mop of chocolate brown hair, his nose, cheekbones and even smile was also the same as his father. Each day Kian seemed to take on more and more of Max’s appearance and manner. He’d also inherited Max’s temperament, being calm and cool, collected and always alert, something Liz was grateful for.

Isabelle and Alex’s son Justin stood handing out the orders of service next to Kian. At 8 Justin was very much his father apart from Isabelle’s brown eyes. The joker of the pack, Justin always liked making people happy. Eleven-year-old Enrique stood opposite his cousin, mirroring Justin’s actions. Ricki was Cali’s oldest child and had a mix of both parents in him. His Latino heritage though shone through strong though with his tanned skin, dark eyes and jet-black hair.

Walking down the isle to take her place on the front row, Liz was hit by a strong wave of nostalgia. She was back in the same garden, decorated not too dissimilar to her choices, to when she had married Max. When Lucas had proposed, Rebecca had only one place in mind where she wanted to marry. The same place her adoptive parents did, the spacious garden of the Valenti estate. And, as with Liz, Jim had been only too happy to accommodate the happiness and noise of another wedding in his grounds. Privately Rebecca had confided to Liz that if even a ounce of love that flowed between Max and Liz could rub off on her and Lucas then this was the place to marry.

Sitting behind her were her parents, Jeff and Nancy, along with Calistia and her husband of 12 years, Jesse. The bump in her stomach giving evidence she was three months shy of having her third child. With Diane and Philip the next row back, along side Jim and Amy completing the group. Maria and Michael were behind her mother and stepfather, with Alex and Isabelle’s empty seat along side. Turning to face the front after greeting her friends and family, Liz took in the sight of Lucas Ryder, the young man soon to be her son-in-law.

He was a tall lad, hitting a tad over six-foot, easily towering over Rebecca’s five foot three. A mop of cropped sandy coloured hair and cobalt blue eyes along with healthy tanned skin from working outdoors in the Californian sunshine. Despite all reservations about letting her first baby leave home, Liz was sure Lucas was the man for Becky. Just to look at them together and you could see the love and caring between them. Although right now, as he hoped slowly from foot to foot, he looked far more anxious than calming.

“Now Max, remember to tell Becky she looks a million dollars.” Isabelle prepped, as she breezed past him on the stairs. Without even waiting for witty come back from her brother, Isabelle disappeared outside and missed the scouring look on his face. Since when did he need prepping when it came to complementing the ladies in his life, Max scoffed. He told them all on a regular basis how wonderful they looked, or how pretty they were. Why would Isabelle think this day would be any different?

The same sour look was quickly wiped away as Rebecca slowly descended down the large marble stairs. Fistfuls of dress in her hand to lift the hem so she could walk, Rebecca kept her head downwards until she reached the bottom. Then she finally lifted her face to see the awe in her father’s eyes.

And there wasn’t just awe there. Liz had been right, she couldn’t guarantee Max wouldn’t cry. For already, right then, there were tears welling in his expressive coffee coloured eyes.

“Oh Becky, you look …….. amazing.” He breathed softly, enveloping the young woman in a warm embrace.
“Thank you daddy.” She whispered, trying with all her might not to cry again.
“Hey, no tears, this is a happy day.” Max scolded gently with a smile.
“I know, and I am so very happy.” Rebecca assured. “But that goes for you too ok, no tears right?”

Blinking once, Max swallowed hard in an attempt to dislodge the ball of emotions currently clogging his throat. The father of the bride, not crying, was that even possible? At that moment, taking in the stunning sight of Rebecca in layers of creamy silk, looking every inch his baby princess, Max wasn’t so sure.

“Ahh well I can’t promise that sweetheart.” He started. “You see this is a happy day, and I’m so very happy you love Lucas like you do. But I can’t help feeling a little sad Becky. I’m giving away my first daughter, that’s not something a father can do without shedding a tear or two.”

Lifting her chin, Rebecca looked up into Max’s eyes, her own brown pools sparkling with unshed emotions. Never since being adopted by Max and Liz had they ever made her feel anything less than their daughter. Even with Kian and then later Jessie coming along, she’d never been treated as any less than them. In their eyes, she was their blood child and so treated as such. The magnitude of such love and compassion washed over Rebecca at that moment, hitting her like a tidal wave of emotions.

“Thank you.” She whispered quietly, her lips pursed together to control her slipping emotions.
“What for?”
“For treating me as your daughter ….. your real daughter. For never making me feel less loved or wanted. For making me a part of your life and family …..” Rebecca said, two tears slipping down her powdered cheeks.

“Oh sweetheart!” Max cried softly, pulling her into an embrace. “It’s us who should be thanking you. And if Liz was here right now she’d say the same. You are our daughter Becky, as much as Jessie is, and Kian our son. You are a part of our lives, and a huge part of our family. I don’t care about the blood running through your veins, I’m the father giving you away today and I’m so proud. Believe me, we have as much to thank you about brightening our lives all those years ago than you do for us.”
“I’m so happy you’re giving me away.”
“Me too sweetheart, me to.”

For the next few minutes father and daughter stood in an embrace. Words that had been unspoken for years finally voiced between them on the most special of days. And then, when Max finally released Rebecca he knew it was time to let her go. She was no longer a shy, reserved child, instead a strong minded and determined young lady, swiftly following Liz’s footsteps in the corridors of the Amber Inn Group. And as he watched Rebecca do damage limitation control on her tear streaked cheeks he thanked god for blessing their lives with such wonderful children.

Eventually turning away from the mirror after rescuing her make up, Rebecca turned to face Max again. Taking hold of her hand and slipping it under his arm, Max tenderly kissed the top of Rebecca’s forehead and glanced at his little girl one more time.

“Ok, I think it’s time now sweetheart.” He said in a voice only slightly faltering.
“Ok.” She whispered in reply, blinking away more tears spiking her lashes and throwing Max a watery smile. Geez, was she ever gonna get a grip on her emotions today, she thought silently. Then again, with her family shedding tears of happiness around her, Rebecca wasn’t so sure!

As the sound of the quartet striking up to start the wedding march song, the congregation rose in anticipation to greet the bride. Clutching her silk hanky, Liz turned to watch Max guide their daughter down the isle and past the adorning looks and gentle sighs. A glance at her husband denoted he was calm, pensive and just a little reluctant to loose his first daughter. Immense happiness but mixed with a tinge of sadness all at the same time.

By the time Max had given Rebecca’s hand to Lucas and returned to his wife’s side, Liz breathed a sigh of relief. She was a strong woman, and as powerful in business as she ever was now that she had the helm of the Amber Inn Group. But this was one time, one day she needed to lean on Max just a little, and he needed to lean on her too. Giving away their daughter, no matter Rebecca had been adopted, was a tough task for any parents to undertake. And, as she slipped her hand through his arm Liz took comfort in Max’s strength.

But even as she glanced casually up at her husband of so many years, Liz saw the telltale sheen of tears forming in his sparkling brown eyes.

After drinks and canapés under the warm, afternoon Californian sunshine, the wedding party had adjourned to the marquee for a five-course gourmet meal. And then, as the sun slowly started to set in the clear blue sky a little after seven that evening, the band started the evening’s entertainment.

As with custom, the bride and groom’s first dance started the proceedings. The sound of Linda Egan’s Something to Believe in filled the marquee.

Everybody’s searching for answers
Everybody tries to find some meaning in their life
Where do we belong?
Who will be our shelter?
Looking for salvation, a haven from the storm

With one arm wrapped around his new wife’s waist, the other clasping her hand close over his heart, Luc stared down into Rebecca’s dark brown eyes. The day had been perfect so far, but flying past oh so quickly. In barely the blink of an eye they were already at the first dance. And this was the first moments ‘alone’ to catch their breath as the music swirled around them.

We all need something to believe in
We all need a light see us through
We all need something to believe in
I’ve found something to believe in, in you

Glancing around at the many faces watching with awe, Rebecca caught sight of her parents. Standing with Jessie in front of them, the love filling their eyes practically glowing in the dimmed light. If she had ever doubted Max and Liz’s pure, unadulterated love for her, this day, this moment confirmed it. And the look of pride on Max’s face was one sight Rebecca wasn’t sure she’d ever forget without smiling with happiness. Not for the first time, she fleetingly wondered how she’d got so lucky as to be blessed with such wonderful adoptive parents.

I was like a wayward ship, drifting out to nowhere
Tossing in the raging waters, trying to find my way home
You must be an angel, watching over me
Your loving arms my harbour, now I know I’m not alone

Blinking rapidly, Liz tried to stem the well of tears gathering in her yes. Becky looked so grown up as her husband swept her confidently around the dance floor. Husband? Would she ever get used to Becky being married? Geez it seemed like only yesterday she was a little girl who needed their love and care. Heaven forbid if she had children too soon …… being a grandmother was definitely not something Liz was ready for just yet!

We all need something to believe in
We all need a light see us through
We all need something to believe in
I’ve found something to believe in, in you

Now that I’ve found you, I’ll never let you go,
Now my search is finally over, you’re the only truth I’ll ever know.

Fleeting a glance at his wife, Max smiled at her emotion filled eyes. He was having just as much of a hard time swallowing the golf ball sized lump of emotion in his throat. His little girl was suddenly someone’s wife!

Wrapping an arm around Liz, Max pulled her close and dropped a soft kiss on the top of her head. The feel of her hands circling his waist, her head dropping to his chest and the contented sigh indicating it was just what she had needed on such an emotion charged day.

Stretching out his free arm, Max reached for his youngest daughter, nestling her into his side. He matched Liz’s contented expression with thoughts of Jessica. He may be ‘loosing’ one daughter this day, but Jessie was still his little baby, and he wouldn’t have to give her up for a good few years!

We all need something to believe in
We all need a light see us through
We all need something to believe in
I’ve found something to believe in, in you

I’ve found something to believe in, in you

And as the second song of the night filled the air, the parents, ushers and bridesmaids joined the newlyweds on the dance floor. Watching Kian dance closely with Kerstein raised more than one eyebrow around Kian’s parents. Although the two were good friends, Kian had often teased the slightly younger girl. But the way he gently swished her around the dance floor showed a softer side to their son.

“They look cute together.” Liz commented with a smile.
“Yeah, but you wouldn’t be saying they looked cute if you’d heard what Kian asked me last week.” Max cautioned gently. Until then he’d kept his son’s confidence and not mentioned their father/son chat, but it was time to spill just a little information to his wife.
“What do you mean? What did he ask you?”
“Let’s just say our son wanted to be prepared.”
“Prepared for what?” Liz queried before Max’s eyebrows shot up as if to suggest ‘you know’. “What? Oh no way Max, he’s only fifteen for goodness sake, just a child. He can’t be thinking of girlfriends and sleeping with them yet surely.” Liz replied, rolling her eyes incredulously.
“I don’t know for sure, and I doubt it. But yeah he asked me some surprising questions I guess. Kind of knocked me back slightly at first. But he’s not a child anymore Liz. Kian’s nearly sixteen and curious about stuff … and yes girls are one of them. Just be prepared, in case he asks you anything.”
“Well ….” Liz paused, processing Max’s words. “I guess we can say he’s definitely your son Max, always wanting to be prepared and never caught of guard. Can’t fault him for that!” She reasoned. “But just as long as he isn’t getting ‘curious’ with Kerstein!”

The smile on Max’s face was unmistakeable, with just an edge of seriousness. Hell yes Kerstein was far to young! Making a mental note to haul Kian to one side and have another chat when he got a spare moment, Max glanced around at a couple dancing extremely closely. When the identity of the couple was revealed, Max’s eyebrows were hiked high once more in amazement.

“Liz, if you think we’ve got problems with Kian, you should take pity on our friends. Just look at Mackenzie and Amber! Could they get much closer to each other?!”

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With his hands fixed low on the small of her back, fingers splayed provocatively over her bottom, Mac looked down. Amber’s arms were wrapped warmly around his neck, her sparkling eyes glancing up at his with a glint of mischief. Rising up on her tiptoes, Amber planted a soft kiss on his lips before puling away slightly.

The look in her eyes showed the hesitancy he could feel charging through her body. This was unknown territory for them; no one else knew they’d been getting closer and closer over the previous few months. And clearly Amber was banking on everyone important being too engrossed in dancing or the newlyweds to notice them on the edge of the dance floor.

Taking his queue from her, Mac covered the distance between them with ease before covering her lips in a softly passionate kiss. Ok so he was risking the wrath of his honouree Aunt Izzy, not to mention his own mother’s high-pitched lectures on curbing his hormones. This moment was all about the two of them, him and Amber, no one else. They’d face the heat the next morning, when they came clean to their families. But no one would cause a scene here, at the wedding. Or at least that was what he was hopping as he finally relinquished Amber’s sweet lips and pulled her body close to his once more.

“Hmmm, I have a feeling Isabelle will be having a few choice words with Amber. As for Mac, he sure has Michael’s ‘wandering’ hands!” Liz smiled, secretly grateful it wasn’t one of her children in such a steamy clinch.

The song finally drifted to an end, the bridge and groom drifted apart to mingle with their guests. The party continued, dancing and much drink flowed throughout the night.

And as the happy couple said goodbye before climbing into the stretched limo to take them to the airport, Liz glanced up into the midnight sky. Many stars twinkled brightly, the moon shining a yellow hue over the night.

Thoughts of long ago, when she had often stared out into the dead of the night, unable to sleep, demons chasing her dreams away. The nights spent watching the moon shine, or counting stars, or listening to the comforting sound of the summer rain drumming against the concrete pavement. Back then she was still haunted by the memory of her first love and the tragic way he had been taken from her. Back then she’d never thought she would ever find love again, or the courage to seek it out.

But she had, and Max, with all the patience needed, and taught Liz to love again in full, brilliant Technicolor, never holding back. The joy and wonder of such love was all too evident on such a wonderful occasion as her first daughter’s wedding.

After hugging Becky one last time, Liz watched her hug Kian before turning to Max. In his strong, protective arms, Jessie lay with her head resting on his shoulder. His eyes held a misty sheen of emotion, and slipping an arm around his waist Liz said a silent pray of gratitude for sending such a perfect husband to her.

As the black limo slowly drove down the long gravel driveway, friends and families alike waved the happy couple away as they started out on their new life together.

Finally turning away, Max gathered his family up and ushered them inside. He’d given one daughter away, but gained a son in law to go along with the family he’d been so graciously graced with. The two amazing daughters and son.

And a beautiful wife to love and hold forever ……..



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