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post-TOTP (original, uncut title: "Tale of Two Very Very Very Boring Parties")

By: AlexEvans
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell. I'm certainly not responsible for the fiasco that is season 3.
Summary: I don't want to ruin my surprises.


Part 1

January 5, 2002

"You have to go out of town again already? We just spent New Years Eve apart!"

"Sorry dear," Jesse replied, absorbed in making sure he'd packed everything and oblivious to his wife's anger. "I can't get enough work in Roswell, I don't want to get in your father's way too much, so I have to take the occasional case out of town. It's just bad luck that the court date on this one got moved up. I should be back in about a week." He picked up his luggage and opened the door. "Oh my god."

Isabel stopped on the stairs, turning around and rushing to the door. She saw the man lying on his side, bleeding on her doorstep. "Alex!" She rushed to his side, dropping to her knees as she rolled him onto his back. "He's hurt... he's alive!"

"I'll call an ambulance and the police... those are gunshot wounds," Jesse volunteered, dropping his luggage to pull out his cellphone, fumbling to dial.

"No!" Isabel protested. "Call my brother. No police."

"He's dying!"

"Just trust me!" Isabel stared at Jesse imploringly until he dropped his eyes, then she turned her full attention back to Alex. "Alex, c'mon, you made it this far. I'm not going to let you die, not again."

Alex stirred, mumbled something.

Isabel felt the tears streaming down her face. "I love you too." She realized too late Jesse had finished his call, put his phone away and was watching and listening to her. It wouldn't have made a difference anyway. "Just hold on Alex." She closed her eyes as she put her hands over the gaping hole in Alex's chest. Lost in concentrations, she didn't hear the wail of the sirens.

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Part 2

Isabel was finally jolted from her trance as police cars pulled up in front of her house, the ambulance trailing them by mere seconds. She looked up at Jesse. "What have you done?"

Jesse looked as if he hadn't heard her. He was staring at the glowing handprints Isabel had left on Alex's chest across the much smaller, but still bleeding, wound. "What… what are you?"

"I thought I was your wife." Isabel clung to Alex until Max and Jesse helped the paramedics push her away. "Max, how…"

"Jesse called me."

"Like you asked me to."

"We have to get to Alex. I can't lose him, not again."

"What's going on?" Jesse interrupted again, trying to hold in his anger. "Who is that guy, and what did Isabel just do to him?"

"I don't have time for this." Isabel turned to Max. "The hospital, you have to heal Alex."

"It's too dangerous!"

"If it was Liz, you'd do it, and I'd help if you asked."

"You're right." Max turned abruptly, heading for his car.

"Isabel, what's going on?" Jesse asked again.

"You'll miss your flight," she answered coldly.

"You think I'm going to take off right now, with all this happening? I need to be here for you."

"You should have thought of that before you decided not to trust me." Isabel got in the car beside her brother.

"How could I when you never tell me anything?" Jesse asked the empty night as Max pulled away from the curb, racing at top speed after the ambulance. He watched as one of the deputies examined the area, another following Max and Isabel to the hospital in his car. At least they had waited to try to question Isabel. He should be there when they did.

"It didn't happen here, did it?"

Jesse looked up. He hadn't seen the deputy approach. "We found the guy on our doorstep. "

"Who is he?"

Jesse shook his head. "Isabel knows him. She went to the hospital with her brother. I should follow them. That's my cab, I was going to go to the airport."

"Please don't leave town until we speak to you again. We'll do it tonight or tomorrow."

Jesse nodded once, then turned to the cabby.

"I'll get your luggage," the cabby offered. "We'll have to hurry to catch your flight."

"Leave it. The hospital, fast. My wife… forget the damn flight, get me to the hospital."
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Part 3

Roswell County Morgue, Last Spring




"There's a silver handprint on his chest. Must be what killed him."

"He was supposedly in a car crash. Maybe his friends tried to bring him back. No matter, we can still get important information on Alien powers either way, if we get him out of here and keep the coroner quiet. I'd rather the Sheriff didn't find out we were here."

"They didn't just try, if that's what happened" a third voice reported. "I'm getting a pulse."

"You mean we've got a live, altered human who everyone thinks is dead? Do you have any idea what this means?"

Alex didn't know where he was. He tried to remember how he'd gotten there. He'd been going to join Isabel, finally ignoring Liz and Maria's pleas to play hard to get. He remembered realizing he could stop by the Valenti's on the way. He could remember wanting to confront Tess about something.

Alex remembered Kyle showing up. All the rest of that encounter was a haze. The next thing he remembered was being in his car again, jolted awake by the blare of horns before a truck ploughed right into his car. Then more horns, and the pain and darkness started. No, Alex remembered now, not the voices... not those voices. They had come later.

Before that, there had been other voices. Max had come near him. He'd felt Max trying to do something. He'd heard voices, talking. Then he'd heard crying.

He was sure he'd heard Isabel crying.

He thought that, just maybe, he'd even heard Tess.


Part 4

"Alexander Charles Whitman," Isabel repeated. "He was just brought in, we followed the ambulance. Where is he?"

The nurse at the counter tapped at her computer. "A John Doe just came in… he's going into surgery right now. Please have a seat, I'll let you know as soon as there's some news."

"You don't understand, we need to see him now. Before surgery." Isabel clenched her fists. Her powers couldn't help. Her looks couldn't help. Why hadn't she called Michael to meet them here?

"Are you family? There are forms for you to fill out, if you know his medical history."

Isabel toyed with the idea of claiming to be Alex's girlfriend, or maybe his sister… she had the vague impression from watching ER that biological family had more rights. The situation was already too complicated. "I should call his father." She took out her cell phone, but her hands shook too much to dial.

"What can you possibly tell Alex's father?" Max asked. "We all thought Alex was dead for months."

Isabel turned back to the nurse. "Please, we have to see him. Before surgery. You don't understand, this is different… you have to let us see Alex!"

"Is there a problem, Miss Evans? Mrs. Ramirez, I'm sorry."

Isabel and Max turned to see the Sheriff standing there. Isabel looked over to the doors she thought led towards the operating rooms, then back at the Sheriff. He had two deputies, plus there would be hospital security. Trying to force her way to Alex wouldn't help him.

"Please come with me," Hanson continued. "I need to ask you some questions about the young man you found bleeding on your doorstep."

"Alex," Isabel insisted.

"He can't be. I know this has been a very hard time, especially for you, but I was the one who… who arrived first on the scene. I admit the resemblance, but… this whole thing doesn't make sense."

"I know it's impossible," Isabel snarled, shaking off Max's hand, "but it's him! The guy you tried to make everyone think took his own life, as if Alex would ever do that…"

"I need to ask you some questions."

"Do you have to?" Max asked. "Can't it wait?"

"I'm afraid not," Hanson said apologetically. "A serious crime has been committed, Alex - the man you found - was shot, it's at least assault with a deadly weapon if it doesn't turn into a murder case…" Hanson stopped himself, too late, at the stricken look on Isabel's face.

"Let me see him." Isabel made sure she was loud enough to attract attention. Made sure she didn't fight her tears, as she looked at Hanson.

"It's best to let the doctors work in peace, it's the best chance he has."

Isabel finally broke down sobbing, forcing Hanson to lead her over to the waiting area, sit her down, and get her a cup of coffee. Neither the Sheriff nor the nurse at the counter noticed Max had disappeared.

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Part 5

Alex looked around as the fog cleared to reveal the hospital room. White, just like that other room. Alex lay on a hospital bed, hooked up to a bewildering variety of machines. He walked over to his beside to stand over himself.

"You won't make it, you know." The voice was slightly sympathetic.

Alex turned to regard the man who now stood there. He was handsome, irreverent, seemingly on the verge of chuckling. "This is a dream, isn't it? I must be asleep."

"Yes and no. Actually, you're in a coma. Kivar," he added as an afterthought, extending his hand.

Alex shook automatically, freezing as he recognized the name.

Kivar took his hand back. "She's married now, you know. This Jesse guy, a lawyer."

"You want me to give up, to not fight, to let myself die," Alex accused. "That's why you're here."

Kivar shrugged. "What have you got to live for? Who would miss you? All your friends have moved on, gotten on with their lives without you. Isabel moved on. She's married," he emphasized.

"After all I've been through," Alex answered slowly, "after everything Isabel and I have been through, do you think I'll let that stop me? It didn't stop you, if I understand correctly."

Kivar looked at Alex for a second, then burst out laughing. "Got me," he admitted. "Fine then. Live. Just remember, in the end Vilandra will be mine. Tell her I said hi, would you?" Kivar laughed again, then the fog returned and he disappeared.


Part 6

"I'm sorry, Miss Evans. I should go check with the doctors. The questions can wait until you're ready."

Isabel dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief. "I'm ready now. I want to get it over with."

Hanson blinked. "If you're sure?" Isabel nodded. "Very well then. First, please tell me in your own words what happened. Start right before you found the man."

"Jesse - my husband - was leaving. I was up early to see him off. He opened the door, and there he was."

"The man who's now in the hospital," Hanson prompted.

"Yes. Alexander Charles Whitman."

Hanson chose to ignore her firm assertion for the time being. "Then what happened?"

"Jesse called 911."

"You know the rest, Sheriff."

"Jesse!" Isabel stood up as if to hug them, then changed her mind and sat down again.

"Please give me just a moment, Mr. Ramirez."

"Actually," Isabel interrupted seeking another delay, "shouldn't my lawyer be here while I'm being questioned?"

"You're a witness, not a subject, but since I need to speak with him as well why not?" There were reasons why not, he didn't want Jesse's memory confused by what Isabel said - people always remembered things differently or noticed different things - but this was a big pain and he doubted either could explain the apparent appearance of a dead man on their door step.

"Actually, Isabel's father is still her lawyer," Jesse objected. "But if she wants my advice, I have to ask her not to tell you anything more until I've at least had a chance to talk to her."

The Sheriff threw up his hands. "You're witnesses, you shouldn't be confusing each other… fine. I've got other things I need to do. I'll be back." He headed for the desk to find out where the new patient was. He turned back around when he heard a slap.

Jesse held a hand to his face. "What the hell!?!"

"I can't believe you!" Isabel shouted. "You're my husband! You're supposed to trust me!"

"What I did I had a legal obligation to do. And when have you ever trusted me, or given me reason to trust you?"

"I just wanted a normal, happy life. Everyone said I was too young and I went ahead anyway… and no sooner are we married than I find myself sitting home alone." Isabel was starting to say the things she'd been hiding from herself since the start of her marriage.

"Happy? Normal? Your family hates me. Your brother and that Michael guy started a fight at my bachelor party. I can't even go out of town without coming home to find you sleeping with Valenti. I'm not part of your life because you don't want me to be!"

Isabel went white at the reference to Kyle. They had only fallen asleep together. "How dare you…"

"Enough!" Hanson finally shouted, completely fed up. "This is a hospital, not a divorce court. Another word from either of you and I'll arrest you both for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. Clear?" Jesse nodded. Hanson turned to Isabel, who didn't seem to be paying attention. "Isabel?"

"Isabel?" Jesse repeated as he and Hanson followed her gaze.

Alex stepped into the waiting area, accompanied by Max and two doctors. As soon as he saw Isabel he stopped arguing with the doctors, ignoring them instead, and smiled.

Did I hear right, or was I dreaming while unconscious? Did I hear her say she loves me?

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Part 7

Alex smiled. "Isabel."

"Alex, how are you, are you all right?" She looked at her brother as she asked these questions. Max nodded slightly.

"I'm fine." Alex let go of Max's arm and began to walk towards Isabel.

Isabel was already moving towards him when Alex's eyes rolled up and he began to fall. She caught him, easing Alex to the floor.

Alex recovered consciousness after a few seconds. By the sounds and smells he was still in the hospital lobby, but something had changed for the better. After a moment he determined that this was that his head was now in Isabel's lap. He didn't hurry about opening his eyes. He heard Max whisper to Isabel that he was healed, just exhausted, and realized he must be worrying her. He looked up at Isabel. "I’m fine. I just need out of here."

One of the doctors shook his head. "That fall…"

"I faked it," Alex claimed unconvincingly.

"I believe that," Jesse muttered, glaring at Alex.

"You were shot," Hanson pointed out. "Possibly involved in some crime, but even if you weren't you're a witness. If you try to leave I'll put you in protective custody."

Alex looked up at Isabel. "It's so good to see you again."

"You're alive… I still can't believe this is real." She cast a guilty look towards Jesse.

"It is real." Alex closed his eyes. "Isabel, don't let them take me away again. Don't let them hurt me anymore."

"I won't let anyone hurt you again, Alex. I promise." Hanson took a step backwards as her gaze fell on him, even though he couldn't hear her conversation with Alex. Isabel whispered to Alex. "I'll get my father to get you out of here." She noticed how Alex shrunk away from the attendant who offered to help him up and waved him away, helping Alex up herself. She looked for Jesse, saw he was looking away, then flung her arms around Alex and hugged him fiercely. "I'll find a way to protect you Alex."

Alex hugged her back. He'd long to hold her in his arms, to be safe in her arms, for so long. "My dad. Liz and Maria. I want to see them again. I want people to know I'm alive." He gently took Isabel's face between his hands, and kissed her gently.

Isabel kissed him back, then pulled away unwillingly. She was still a married woman. "I'll come see you as soon as I tell the others." Isabel stared at him until he was out of sight on his way to a hospital room where he'd stay for - and under - observation. She took out her cellphone and walked towards the door. Jesse caught her arm.

"We need to talk."

"Later," Isabel insisted, beginning to dial Alex's father's number.

"Now," Jesse insisted.

"He's Alex," Isabel explained. "My boyfriend we all thought was dead, but obviously he isn't, and I'll explain everything else later."

"You keep saying that. I need to know what's going on. Do you even know? Where has he been all this time? What has he been up to? Hanson thinks he's a criminal. And what about those handprints?"

"It's a long story, I'll explain later." Isabel yanked her arm out of his grasp and walked away, dialling the rest of the number.

Part 8

Max watched Jesse stalk away, then followed Isabel.

"Mr. Whitman? Hi, yeah, it's Isabel. This is pretty hard to explain… maybe even more so than what I told you before, but could you meet me at the hospital?" She listened for a moment. "No, no, I'm fine. I'll see you in a few minutes, sorry it's been so long." Isabel started when she saw Max next to her.

"I called Liz, Michael and the Sheriff. Maybe Valenti can talk to Hanson."

"Good. I hope Hanson listens."

"You've been talking a lot to Alex's father?"

"We ran into each other a lot at… during the spring and summer. Talked to each other about Alex."

"Of course."

"I never knew he had a crush on me since grade school. Imagine that, Max."

"All the guys had crushes on you. Even Michael." Max cleared his throat. "Where did you keep running into Mr. Whitman?"

"His…" Isabel hesitated.

"Oh. Of course."

"His grave. Surely I can say the words now that I know he isn't really under there." Isabel sighed. "His father probably still visits every day. Isn't it funny Max? Alex is alive, but I feel guilty I didn't visit his grave more often."

"You were trying to move on with your life," Max reminded her, "which brings us to the problem I wanted to talk to you about.

"Jesse." It galled her that the others had been right, that she'd moved too fast.

"He's mad, really angry, I've never seen him like this before. He saw enough to destroy us."

"I can handle Jesse," Isabel insisted, wondering if she really could.

"Not if you keep kissing Alex in front of your husband."

Isabel levelled a glare to no effect. Even Michael would at least have blinked. "I suppose, your majesty, you've come up with a plan you're about to order me to carry out."

"Make nice to Jesse, I know nothing I say will keep you from spending time with Alex, but don't touch him and don't be alone with him. And try to avoid Kyle."

Isabel stood perfectly still for a moment. Didn't blow up. Didn't knock Max flying through the hospital doors, although she did allow herself to imagine it for a few blissful seconds. Then she smiled coldly. "Every now and then you're right about something despite yourself, Maxamillion."

Max stared at his sister, trying to figure out her strange behaviour, her lack of outrage.

"We need to get Alex out of this place," Isabel continued. "He needs to be home. Get dad on it as soon as he gets here."

"He's out of danger, we can't risk exposing ourselves."

"He wants to be home. Besides, do you really want him here where the doctors can monitor him and do blood tests and figure out how he recovered?"

"I'll get dad on it as quickly as I can. Maybe it would be something to keep Jesse busy as well."

"Good." Isabel walked away from her brother, sitting on a bench and fishing a wallet out of her purse. She let it fall open at random and put a finger to the photo of Alex.

It was from that first summer together, their only summer together, when they'd been dating, the only couple out of the three humans and three aliens drawn together who had withstood the 'destiny' revelations of the previous spring.

Max waited until she was in the dreamwalk, then slipped the wallet out of her hand. He flipped through quickly. All pictures of Alex, especially pictures of him with Isabel… Frasier Woods, the Prom… but some were of him with his friends Liz and Maria as well. One was of the whole group. Max closed the wallet and put it in Isabel's purse so Jesse wouldn't see it if he came along.

Part 9

Alex suffered himself to be led to his room, looking backwards as long as he could see Isabel. He looked at the room in distaste. "You must have a room that isn't white. Anything?" he asked shakily.

"Nope," the attendant answered. "You've got a private room, consider yourself lucky. Your friends can bring some stuff in to brighten the place up."

"Right," Alex muttered, not intending to be here that long. He sat on the bed and closed his eyes, trying to calm himself.

"Up to answering a few questions?" Hanson asked. "I need to establish your identity and what happened to you."

"You know who I am." Alex lay down on the bed. "I'm not up to talking yet. I want to see my father and my friends."

"Okay," Hanson agreed sympathetically. The poor guy had obviously been through hell, and it didn't help that he obviously had a thing for Isabel, who had married while he'd been presumed dead - assuming this was Alex, which was both obvious and impossible. "If you'll agree not to try to leave until I talk to you again I don't have to post a deputy. Unless you think whoever shot you might try again."

"He won't." Alex wished he hadn't said that. "His friends might. I'd appreciate some protection while I'm stuck here. And my family and friends." He didn't think a deputy would do any good, but it might help some.

Hanson nodded, then realized Alex's eyes were still closed. "I'll post someone, and tell him to let in your father and your friends. Get some rest. My cards on your bedside table, if you want to talk to me call me, whatever the time." Hanson waited till Alex nodded, then left quietly.
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Part 10


Alex looked around. He was in a forest. He recognized it, it was a place he’d visited with his parents when he’d been little. “Who’s there?”

“It’s Isabel. I’m trying to dreamwalk you.”

“You’re in my head,” Alex accused, standing up. “How do I know it’s really you?”

Isabel finally appeared in front of him. “We know about Tess. She isn’t on Earth anymore.”

“It is you,” Alex decided with relief. He stopped backing away, realizing he’d been walking backwards.

“It’s me.” Isabel looked down. She was wearing the same red dress she’d worn to the prom. Her subconscious, or Alex’s?

“I have so much to ask. I don’t even know exactly how long I’ve been gone.”

Isabel told him.

“Not as long as it seemed… but you’re already…” Alex didn’t want to say it.

“Already married. I’m sorry, Alex.”

“Do you love him?”

“Not like I love you.” Isabel forced herself to finally be honest. “I told myself I did, but I was lying. To him and to me.”

Alex nodded, not sure what he could say to that.

“We don’t have long, your father and Maria and Liz and the Valentis are coming. I need to ask what happened to you. I saw something when we kissed, but it was too much… I couldn’t make sense of it.”

Alex shook his head. “I can’t… it’s too soon. I have to tell you because it isn’t over, but not now.” He was glad to see that Isabel understood. “Can I ask a question?”

“Of course, Alex.”

”Why didn’t you dreamwalk me before? To see if I were really dead?” He’d had to ask, couldn’t leave that question hanging over them both.

Isabel was stung by the accusation. “I did, Alex, night after night for months. I didn’t want to believe you were dead, I kept hoping it was some trick. I never found your dreams. I don’t know why not… I was able to just now. Maybe just because I didn’t really think it would work, maybe Tess did something to keep me from catching on to what she was doing.”

“You tried,” Alex said in surprise.

“I really did.”

“Thank you.” Alex finally hugged Isabel.

“I should have protected you, instead I saved Tess from Whitaker. This is all my fault.”

“No it isn’t. You couldn’t let her die, not then.”

“I’ll protect you now, Alex. I’ll do whatever it takes.” She felt a hand touch her shoulder in the real world. “I love you Alex.”

“I love you.” He kissed her, and then she was gone.


Part 11

Isabel opened her eyes. The person who’d awoken her from her dreamwalk was Alex’s father, not Max or Jesse. Someone – it had to be Max – had already returned her photos to her purse. Her anger faded. “Mr. Whitman, I’m glad you came.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, exactly. Maybe I’d better show you. This might be a bit of a shock.”


Alex was startled when Isabel vanished from the dream. Willing himself awake, he sat up. Had someone found him already, found Isabel and the others? He wanted to go find Isabel, make sure nothing had happened, but just sitting up had made the room spin around him. He’d barely managed to swing his legs off the bed when the door opened. “Dad!”

“Alex!” Charles Whitman ran forward to hug his son. Isabel smiled at them, not intruding.

“I have so much to tell you,” Alex whispered, hugging his father back.

Charles glanced at Isabel. “I already know some of it. I’m very proud of you.”

“I’ll tell you the rest as soon as I get out of here. I’m fine, the doctors will let me leave, but Hanson…”

“I’ll talk to Philip.”

“Dad should be on his way here,” Isabel volunteered.

“Good.” Charles smiled, then cleared his throat. “I imagine you two have a lot to get caught up on.”

“You deserve time with your son,” Isabel protested half-heartedly.


Charles stepped into the hall.

“Mr. Whitman? How is he?” Liz asked anxiously.

“Alive.” Charles smiled at her, Maria, Michael and Max. “Give Isabel a second, then go on in.”

“Two people at a time please,” the deputy on guard interrupted them.

Max and Michael whispered quickly. “Liz and Maria should see him next,” Michael announced.

Charles nodded. His son was friends with Max and Michael now, he would want to see them, but Liz and Maria had been his friends since… just about forever.

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Part 12

“Your other friends will be here by now,” Isabel said, “but I just needed to hug you and hold you again so I’d know this is real.”

Alex hugged her back. “I know the feeling. You’ll wait for me?”

“I’ll take you home when all this stuff is sorted out with Hanson. We’re going to protect you this time Alex. I promise.”

“Thank you. But be careful.”

“Of course.”

“I’m not giving up on you just because you’re married.”

”I’m glad.”

“Kivar was in my dreams.” Alex studied Isabel’s face. “Is there anything about him you should tell me?”

“Liz and Maria are waiting.” Isabel hesitated, kissed him again. “I had better go.”


“Please don’t talk to anyone about Kivar.” Isabel hurried out before Alex could ask her why not.


Isabel stepped back into the hall. “Liz, Maria, I’m glad you’re here. Alex wants to see you.” She smiled as they rushed past her. “Mr Whitman, we have to talk to you about convincing Hanson to let Alex go. You and my father and maybe Jim Valenti will help us.”

Max cleared his throat. “There’s something the two of us have to talk about,” he told Isabel. “Something we already discussed and I thought we’d agreed on.”

“Later, Max. Can you stay here in case Alex, um, needs anything.” Isabel’s eyes flickered to the single deputy on guard.

“Of course we will,” Michael agreed, nodding to Isabel that he understood. Max acquiesced with bad grace.


Alex pulled Liz and Maria into his arms.

“We missed you so much,” Liz sobbed into his chest.

“I missed you, too.” Alex closed his eyes after they kissed him.

“What’s wrong?” Maria asked worriedly.

“Nothing. Not if everyone’s okay. It’s just… overwhelming. Every time someone kisses me, even on the cheek, I get this flood of images. It’s good, I need to get caught up on everything anyway, it’s just too much to make sense of.”

Liz and Maria retreated a little, sitting on either side of the bed, each clasping one of his hand. Like Isabel, they still needed reassurance this was really happening.

“After a while you’ll be able to make more sense of it all,” Liz advised. “Don’t strain yourself right now. We’ll fill you in on everything. How long do you need to stay?”

“Max healed me. I’m just here until Hanson lets me go, Isabel is working on that but if she doesn’t convince the Sheriff I’m leaving by tonight anyway. I can’t take it here… it’s too white. I can manage while you’re here with me, but…”

“Tonight you’ll sleep in your own bed,” Maria assured him, exchanging worried glances with Liz.

White. They both remembered what that meant… what had been done to Max. Only Alex had been thought dead for months.

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Part 13

“So what’s going on with Hanson,” Charles asked Isabel as they walked down the hall. “Does he suspect my son of something?”

“Alex was shot, and then there’s all the unexplained stuff… how he’s alive, how he recovered from the gunshot. Hanson wants answers, but we can’t risk giving them to him.”

“Alex was shot?” Charles repeated. “Oh god.”

“That’s another reason to get him out. We can’t protect him once visiting hours are over.”

“We’ll just have to get him out then.” Charles stopped, and Isabel stopped to. “It’s probably way too soon to ask you about your plans.”

“My plans?”

”Regarding my son.”

Isabel looked away. “I love him.”

”I know.”

“The problem is, I’m married. How can I just walk away from Jesse? I should have listened to you.”

“I’m just asking you to start thinking about what you want. Think it through. I know you’d never purposely hurt Alex, but this situation is going to be really hard on you. I don’t want you rushing into something again. For your sake as well as his.”

“That’s a lot like the advice you gave me last time… what you said Alex would say.” Isabel paused to remember.


They’d met at Alex’s grave, as they had so often. Isabel had been confessing what was going on to Alex, and wondered aloud what Alex would say just as his father arrived.

“I didn’t mean to overhear… but maybe I can help.”

“I just wish I knew what he’d think.”

“He’d want you to move on. You know that. He wouldn’t want you to get married this young, but he’d definitely want you to get on with your life. He knows you aren’t forgetting about him. That’s my advice to. Please listen, Isabel. You were almost my daughter… I almost think of you that way. Move on, but not too fast.”

“I don’t know if I can wait… but thank you. I just wish I could have become your daughter-in-law.”


“Isabel? Charles?”

”Philip! I’m glad you’re here, I need a lawyer for my son.

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Part 14

Alex fell asleep again, sleeping away the rest of the morning and much of the afternoon. His friends took turns sitting by his side. It wasn’t until late afternoon that Alex felt someone shake him awake.

“It’s time to get you home,” his father happily informed him.

“Thank goodness,” Alex said. He wasn’t sure he could have taken spending a night there alone.

“Are you okay to walk?”

“I’m completely fine, dad.”

“Good. I brought you some clothes.”


Everyone seemed to be there when Alex reached the hospital’s waiting room, accompanied by his father and the deputy who had been outside his door (not the same one originally posted). ‘Everyone’ included Sheriff Hanson.

“Alex, good to see you up.”

“Sheriff,” Alex said warily.

“I’ve talked to your father, Mr Evans and my old boss. They’ve persuaded me not to hold you here any longer. Before you leave, though, I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me what’s going on. You were shot… cluing me in who did it would be a good move for you.”

Alex actually thought it over briefly. It would be so tempting to dump the whole mess into the hands of the people who should handle it. To believe that they could handle it. “Are you sure you want to know, Sheriff? Your predecessor lost his job because he knew too much.”

“That isn’t…”

”It is why, and you know it. Besides, you can’t protect me. I’m leaving. No more questions.”

“Wait!” demanded the doctor standing next to Hanson. “You can’t leave until you sign this.”

“Against medical advice?” Alex questioned. “What advice? What’s wrong with me?” The doctor shrugged. “Mr Evans?”

“You don’t have to sign. Let’s just go.”

Alex finally left the hospital, breathing a sigh of relief as soon as he got outside.

Isabel brought up the rear of the group, reflecting that it had been hours since she’d seen Jesse.


Part 15

Alex managed to convince everyone to let him and his father alone in his father’s car, promising they’d gather at his place.

“Your room is still there… I couldn’t bear to change anything.”

“Good.” There was silence for a minute. “Dad, I really need to talk to you about something. When we get home, there are some decisions that can’t wait. You have to know what’s going on. Up until… up until whatever happened. I didn’t tell you before, it wasn’t my secret, but I’ve a right to now and you deserve to know.” Alex took a deep breath. “There are Aliens on Earth, dad. I’ve been dating one. Another one nearly killed me.”

“I know,” Charles said calmly. “Isabel told me. All I don’t know is what happened to you these last few months.”

“She told you?” Alex asked, stunned.

“I thought it was an accident… but I couldn’t completely dismiss suicide. I didn’t mention my doubts to her, but she knew. She told me you’d been murdered. That the murderer had left the planet. That you’d been risking your life protecting her. I meant what I said in there Alex, I really am proud of you.”

“Thanks. It means a lot.” Alex had expected a lot of arguing… arguing to show Aliens existed, then arguing to show that most… well, at least some… weren’t like Tess. “It wasn’t Aliens who held me. It was humans. They consider themselves part of our own government.” Alex chose his words carefully. “Max did something to me and then he went away and there were these voices… I heard them, heard their plans, but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even make them aware I was awake, much less get away. They… they…” Alex couldn’t finish. He was aware they’d reached his house, his driveway, but he couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. After a while, voices came through like before.

“There’s nothing wrong with him,” Max said. “Not physically.”

“I can’t communicate,” he heard Isabel’s lovely voice say in despair. “He’s erected defences in his mind to keep anyone from getting in. They must not have worked at the time, but they’ve been getting stronger all the time. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t dreamwalk him. I reached him in the hospital, but he consciously let me in. I think we just have to wait.”

“Isn’t there anything you can do?” Charles pleaded.

“Not safely. I might damage his mind if I break in. He’ll be okay… he’s been deeply traumatized, he has to deal. Alex is strong, he’ll stop reliving what happened and come back to us when he’s ready.”

Her faith was touching. So was all their concern. And it sounded like they’d accepted his father knowing the truth, which was a considerable relief. Alex opened his eyes. “Sorry about that.”

“You don’t need to apologize for anything,” Liz told him swiftly. “Is there anything we can do?”

“Just what you’ve been doing. Being here.”

“We won’t leave you alone,” Isabel assured him. “I’ll stay over here tonight, keep watch.”

Alex sighed. “You have no idea how much I love the idea, Isabel, but no.” Isabel looked hurt. “You’re married. I want you to leave him, I want that with every cell in my body, but until you do you can’t stay at my house overnight. Besides, I’m not as defenceless as I used to be.”

Isabel wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but didn’t press. “I failed you last time… I need to make up for that. More importantly, what if these… people? try again?”

Alex didn’t argue this time, he just turned to a different Alien. “Michael. You’re the warrior. Feel like being my bodyguard tonight?”

“Sure.” He looked worriedly at Maria.

”For tonight.” Alex’s voice was firm. “Just until I get on my feet again. I need food, sleep, and then I’ll be fine. All of you be careful though. All of us are in danger.”

Isabel left last except for Michael, pausing to look at Alex again, but she didn’t know what to say. Besides, she needed to have a couple conversations she dreaded but couldn’t put off any longer.
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Part 16

Jesse looked up and forced a smile as Isabel approached. “I was wondering when you’d get home.”

“Who was that, dear?” Isabel asked, nodding towards the suited man who had just left.

“Insurance salesman. So, how’s this Alex guy?”

“Better. Been through a lot.” Isabel took a deep breath.

“Care to explain the whole handprint thing?”

“I healed him. Well, I tried, healing isn’t my specialty…”

”Hence needing your brother. That part I get. But… what are you people? Aliens or something?” he asked flippantly.

“Exactly.” Isabel flinched back from the anger on his face.

“How could you not tell me?”

”Jesse, I…”

“I married you! I thought I knew you!”

“I told you there was a chance I might not be able to have children. How else does it matter?”

“How else does it matter?” he repeated incredulously. “You aren’t even human. In what way does it not matter?”

“Yeah.” Isabel glared back. “I’m not human. I thought you cared about who I was. I guess I was wrong.”

“You were wrong about a lot of things, Isabel. You thought your boyfriend was dead. Well, he looks alive and kissing to me.”

“You can’t blame this on me! If I’d known he was alive I’d never have…”

“You’d never have married me. Would you?”

Slowly, Isabel shook her head. “I love him. He’s the one guy I was ever serious about before I met you, but I screwed things up anyway. We finally got back together right before he was murdered.”

“Murdered? Because of you?”

Isabel nodded, but couldn’t hide her tears any longer.

“Only he’s alive… this is so messed up.”

”If… if you’d known…”

“If you’d been honest? Would I have knowingly married an Alien, is that what you’re asking me? I guess we’ll never know now.”

Isabel shook her head. “I’m sorry. I… I have to go.”

“Back to your boyfriend?”

“It isn’t like that… I’m worried about Alex.”

“Yeah. Worried. When did he learn you’re an Alien?”

Isabel met his gaze, blinking away tears. “It never mattered to him.”

She got into her car and drove away, conscious of Jesse’s despairing gaze following her.

Part 17

Michael jumped as he felt someone touch his shoulder.

“Shh,” Isabel whispered. “Go home.”


“I snuck in here and you didn’t even notice… you’re tired. Go home. Or go keep an eye on Maria.”

“She’s at Liz’s. Max is there too.”

“Go join them. Shoo!”

Michael sighed in defeat, and Isabel headed upstairs. “Mr. Whitman.”

He didn’t seem surprised to see her. “He woke up a little while ago calling for you.”

“Can I…”

“What’s wrong?” Charles asked, realizing she’d been crying.

“I told Jesse. About me. About Alex too. He didn’t take either very well.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I sent Michael home. I have to see that he’s safe for myself.”

“I figured you would. Go on in. Take good care of my son.”


Part 18

Isabel slipped noiselessly into Alex’s room.


She started. “Are you still awake?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“You slept some at the hospital.”

“I’m scared.”

Isabel made her way to the edge of his bed. “Of the Special Unit?”

“They’re horrible. But not just them. There’s Tess... I can’t make myself believe she’s really gone. There’s Kivar, who wants me dead. Most of all, I’m afraid of losing you. To Kivar, or Tess, or just to this lawyer.”

Isabel reached under the covers, found his hand, clasped it. “I’d never have left you Alex.”

“You did, once.”

“One of the biggest mistakes I’d ever make, and I learned from it.”

“I guess things are more complicated now.”

“Much more,” Isabel admitted. “Jesse… we’re married. It was a huge mistake, for both of us, but it happened.”

“And he’s got a huge secret.”

“He won’t use it against me,” Isabel said quickly.

Alex hoped she was right. Maybe she was, he hadn’t really even met this guy. “What about Kivar?”

“What about him? He was here before. First he started dreamwalking me, then Kivar possessed someone and showed up to mess up my honeymoon. Max, Michael and I de-possessed the poor guy and that was the end of it.” Even in the dark she could feel his eyes on her. “Okay, I nearly went with him. It was between him and Jesse, not him and you. But that was months ago.”

“He’s still around, he knew as soon as I got to Roswell.” Alex squeezed her hand reassuringly. “You haven’t told anyone he’s still dreamwalking you?”

“Alex!” Isabel sighed. “No.”

”But he has been.”

“Yes,” she admitted. “I can’t keep him out. I don’t even want to. They’d blame me, and how could any of them help? Tess was the only one with mental powers… sorry.” Alex flinched every time she mentioned that name.

“Charming bastard,” Alex muttered, thinking about Kivar.

“Okay, you already have stuff figured out that nobody who’s been in Roswell has realized… you’re caught up enough. You need some rest.”

“I can’t sleep. The nightmares…”

“I can keep them away.” Isabel lifted the covers, slipped underneath and put her arms around Alex.

Alex felt this was wrong but he needed her too badly to push her away again. He hugged Isabel back and relaxed in her arms. Eventually he slept, his first untroubled rest in months, although he didn’t know if that was because of feeling safe in Isabel’s arms or because she was using her talent to keep the bad dreams away.

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Part 19


Isabel woke up. Even before she opened her eyes, she knew it was real, not just a dream. Alex was lying in her arms. Warm. She could feel him breathing. “Mr Whitman?”

“Your brother is here.”

Isabel sighed. “Okay.” She glanced at Alex, who was still asleep, then slipped from under the covers. “I’d better talk to him.” She paused. “How long have you known I was here?”

“Since about 2 am. I decided you both needed your rest. And that I trust you.”

“Thank you.” Isabel took a deep breath. Maybe Alex’s father trusted her. Her own brother didn’t.


“Isabel.” Max kept his voice as neutral as possible. “What are you doing here?”

“Keeping an eye on Alex,” Isabel said breezily.

“Your hair is all messed up.”

Isabel ran her hand through it. “I forgot to brush this morning.”

“So are your clothes.”

“Well, I’ve been trying for years to get you to develop a fashion sense, Maxwell, but right now I’m concerned with more important things. Like the fact that the FBI is going to come after Alex because of us. Or even more likely, they’ll come after all of us. How are we going to protect ourselves, much less the humans?”

“I’ll think of something. But… Isabel, think about it. If they know wouldn’t they have done something already? But now if your husband goes to them… that would do it. He’s upset by you being an Alien, now he’s going to decide he can’t trust Aliens and get scared and ask for help.”

“That’d be a pretty smart decision given our track record,” Isabel snapped. “I don’t trust you. It’s pretty clear you don’t trust me. I let Alex down. But I never lied to Jesse, at least any lie I told him I’d deceived myself with first.”

“You shouldn’t be here, is what I’m trying to say. Go home, Isabel.”

“Where is that?”

Max sighed. “Jesse called at Michael’s a couple times. He’s probably called our parents, too. Why don’t you go there, if you can’t go straight home?”

Isabel nodded.

“Alex will be okay. All of us will see to that. Alex and Jesse and all of them.”


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Part 20

“Sure you don’t want anything, Max?”

“No thanks, Mr Whitman.” Max looked back over at Alex, who had just started on another plate of fried eggs and bacon. “You’re hungry today.”

“It’s the healing,” Alex guessed. “I was hungry last time, to. Not that I ever got much decent food. And no Tabasco there, ever.” He appeared to get lost in memory for a moment, then returned to himself and sprinkled more Tabasco on his eggs. “Isabel had to take off?”

“Her husband was worried about her.”

“Right.” Alex sighed.

“He just found out the truth last night. You know how being kept in the dark feels. So you can imagine he’s pretty upset.”

“Max, come help me with the coffee.”

Max sighed and went into the kitchen. “Problem with the coffee maker?”

“No, it’s you. Lay off.”


“Alex had nothing to do with creating this Jesse situation. On the other hand, if you and Michael hadn’t been so intent on running her life do you think she’d have actually gotten married so fast?”

Max blinked. “What has she been telling you?” Surely he hadn’t created the very situation he’d been trying to avoid. Sure, he’d been against involving first Alex, then Jesse, but for very good reasons. It wasn’t like he’d have told Liz if there’d been any choice, and he certainly hadn’t wanted to let Maria know, either. There hadn’t been any choice about Valenti or Kyle.

”Not much, but I can read between the lines. You’re being too hard on my son and on Isabel. Now let Alex eat in peace, and please try to be a little more supportive of your sister, okay? She certainly needs it.”

“I’ll think about what you said.” Max went back outside, watching the cars go past. He had a sense of being watched, but shrugged it away. He was just unsettled by the way Alex’s father had talked to him.

Now there was a new party to the secret… last night everyone had been too busy worrying about Alex to worry about his father. But what would he do? Isabel had gone and told him without consulting anyone else first.

She’s reckless. Just like Michael. That’s why I have to be in charge. It’s why I have to make them listen to me, even when I’m afraid they won’t like me anymore. It’s too dangerous to let them do whatever they want.


Part 21

Isabel was nearly home… at her parents place, where she’d grown up and still thought of as her real home… when she changed her mind. She had to see Jesse. See if the angry words from last night had destroyed their marriage.

She almost hoped it would be that easy.

Coming in the door, she heard low voices in the living room. She’d made too much noise with the lock though, Jesse had gotten up and was coming over. “Isabel? Where were you, I was worried!”

“I stayed with my parents.” She hadn’t planned to lie. It just came out.

“I called them. They said you weren’t there.”

“I didn’t want to argue anymore. And I don’t want to argue in front of… who are you?”

“I decided to buy insurance,” Jesse said quickly.

“A wise decision,” the man agreed. “I’ll fax the documents to your office,” he told Jesse, gathering his suitcase and stepping towards the door. “I can see you have more important things to worry about right now than this.” He nodded his head. “Mrs Ramirez.”

She hated being called that. Dammit, she’d been born Isabel Evans. Okay, hatched. Well, adopted a few days after being hatched. But the point was the same.

Only, she couldn’t get mad at Jesse. He’d merely asked what name she intended to use, and Isabel had said ‘yours.’

“Are you okay Isabel? You look… well, as close to bad as I’ve ever seen you.”

“I’ll be alright.”

“You spent the night with Alex, didn’t you?” Jesse sounded almost as sad as angry.

“He’s scared. They did unspeakable things to him, and I’m the only one he trusts to protect him. Alien powers, remember?”

“Right. So who are the others?”

“There were four of us.” Isabel stopped. She’d already said too much. “Do you really want to know all this? You said I should have told you before I married you. Well, before you get really involved, are you sure you want this? You could be tortured for the information. Kivar… he might do worse than put a mickey in your drink.”

“Who’s Kivar? Wait, someone put something in my drink?”

Isabel sighed. “I’m told I had an affair with him in another life. He’s the guy who called himself Kevin, messed up our honeymoon…”

“Yeah, great golf player… oh my god. Too have an affair you have to be married. You’re already married. That’s bigamy. Unless your husband is dead… Isabel, how old are you really?”

“Another life. I meant that literally. We’re sort of reincarnated rulers of this other planet. Um, actually I hatched looking around five years old. So I’m either 19 or 14.”

“I don’t believe this crap. My wife tells me she’s an Alien, when I see her heal her supposedly dead boyfriend, and then she tells me she’s a princess or something. Oh yeah and that guy we met on our honeymoon is another boyfriend of hers.”

“Now you’re blaming me for what Vilandra did? I was right not to tell you, you’re as bad as my brother.”

“Calm down, you’re just completely confusing me. Back up. So who are the others again?”

“The insurance salesman,” Isabel said suddenly.

“What about him?”

“He could be one. Maybe Kivar possessed him. More likely, he might be FBI. Did he seem strange to you? I’ve just blurted out so much stuff…”

“He seemed fine. Isabel, don’t you trust me? Why won’t you tell me who the others are? Your brother, Michael, maybe those girls they hang out with. Maybe Kyle? Or Alex? Is that what’s wrong with me, that I’m not an Alien? That’s why you like Alex, and Kevin, and Kyle.”

“You’re the one who spent all day playing golf with Kev – with Kivar. I was worried sick! And you know damn well nothing happened with Kyle. You have no right!” Isabel threw up her hands.

“You aren’t going to tell me.”

Isabel shook her head. Why was he so insistent on that one point? There were so many other questions he could have asked. So much else he should also be interested in. “I, uh, I think I left the kettle on the stove. I have to go back home.”

Jesse ran to the door, but Isabel pulled away. For the second time in less than 12 hours he watched her drive away. “I wanted your home to be here with me. Not with your parents. Not on Antar.”

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Part 22

Alex and his father were finishing up the dishes together when the Jetta pulled into the driveway. Charles had told Alex he didn’t have to help, but Alex had wanted the time with his father.

“Hey Max,” Liz said, walking to the porch steps to kiss him, as Maria continued ahead. “Is everything all right?”

“No.” He shook his head. “This is complicated. I mean, I’m glad Alex is back, but it really complicates things. I’m worried about what Jesse will do. Isabel is in such a bind, and I keep making it worse.”

“You can’t fix everything, Max. Haven’t you realized that?”

“But if I can’t fix this, we could all die.”

“We’ll get through, we always do.”

“I almost called Isabel to tell her not to tell Jesse too much. Not to give away the dupes for example, although I guess they deserve the Feds on their trail… anyway, I nearly called her to tell her that. Then I realized that they’re probably tapping phones and eavesdropping on cellular transmissions. I also realized that Isabel doesn’t listen to me anymore.”

“Would you listen to anyone who told you to stay away from me?” Liz asked.

“Of course not! It isn’t the same.”

“To Isabel, it is.” Liz kissed him again. “I have to go talk to Alex. You need to get some more sleep.”

“I’m supposed to be on guard…”

“It’s broad daylight, lots of us here. And you’ll do us no good if you’re too tired. Go on. Shoo!”


Liz stepped inside to join Alex, Maria and Alex’s dad. All three looked very solemn. “What now?”

Alex smiled reassuring. “I’ve been thinking. It’s time I came back to life. Officially, I mean.”

“Is that wise? To draw notice?”

“I don’t know.” Alex shrugged. “I don’t want to be behind… Isabel already graduated, the rest of you are graduating this spring. I need to get back in school now to have even a chance of graduating with everyone else.”

“I’ll fight with the school board if I have to,” his father promised. “You shouldn’t lose the courses you did most of last year just because you d… were kidnapped.”

“I don’t know what else… if I need my Social Security Number reactivated or something…”

“Isabel’s dad could probably tell you what you need to do,” Maria suggested.

“I’ll call Philip,” Charles volunteered. “We can talk about this again later.”

“Right.” Alex smiled reassuringly at his father, beginning to see how hard this was for him. “Great.” He stood up, and Liz and Maria followed as he headed up to his room.

Charles smiled after his son. It was nice to see him having fun with his friends. It had been so long.


Part 23

that evening…

Alex and Isabel smiled shyly at one another.

“Hey Izzy.”

“Hi Alex. I… I had to make you were okay.”

“I am. Mostly.”

“Oh, Alex!”

“I’m alright,” he reassured her.

“I’ll make sure you stay that way.”

“No, I’ll be fine Isabel. Really. I’m okay now. Hanson has someone watching the house, my dad is here, and I’m better now.”

“You don’t want me to stay?”

“I want you stay far too much. That’s why you can’t. Not until… not yet.”

At last Isabel nodded, reluctantly. “I could ask Michael.”

“I’ll be fine, soon we’ll all need to be well-rested.”

“Okay. Be careful Alex.” Isabel smiled at him. “I’m staying with my parents, call me there if you need anything.”

“I will.” Alex couldn’t help smiling at the news.

After Isabel left it was a long time before Alex slept. When he slept, he dreamt, and he did not dream alone.