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Author: Me, A Rose Is True Blue, Erin, Ero, Kiki..whatever...just as long as it isn't 'Hey You!'
Title: Song of the Lioness
Category: CC- Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel, Kyle/Ava and AU
Summary: Well, this is kind of a crossover. I mean, not really...but it's loosely based on the books by Tamara Pierce; hence the title Song of the Lioness. It's not the same plot, but it is set back in the olden times with Kings, and Queens, and Knights an all that. So..yea, bear with me! *big* Oh, and by the way..they do have powers, or rather gifts. Different people have different colored um...yea!
Disclaimer: Basically, I own diddly squat. It belongs to Tamara Pierce, Jason Katims..all those people; not me


The audience sits anxiously waiting for the movie to begin. Many sit and watch the screen with grins on their faces, others turn to their friends making small talk, and some eat their popcorn and candy. Finally, the lights dim and all sounds decease, the film rolling the only noise. The image of a lion produces on the screen and it seems to be walking towards the audience, before sprinting. Just as you think it's going to come at you, it jumps and lands in sign for MGM. It roars, and the audience can't help but laugh.

A figure walks through the darkness, and flicks on a light, turning what used to be black, into a light grey. A podium is in the center of the screen which she walks towards. She goes behind it, and takes a step up, adjusting the microphone to her height. "Allrighty, hello! For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Erin...known around here by A Rose Is True Blue. I know, I know. I shouldn't be starting a new fic, I know all of this; but I can't help it! This idea came into my mind at like, 2:30 this morning and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I started to post it as a challenge, then stopped myself because I knew I had to be the one to write this. Bear with me throughout the fic, and enjoy it. Now, let the show begin."

432- 2nd year of the Reign of King Phillip and Queen Diane

The palace sat in the middle of the city of Antar, the streets quiet, no sounds were made, no people wandered the streets, the market was empty, shops closed for the day. If anyone had entered Antar at that point, they would have called it deserted, but it was far from it.

The gates to the palace were wide open, guards standing at the entrance, smiles on their faces. A long line of the city's people stood, leaving back to the entrance hall of the Palace. Today was the day their Queen would give life to the heir to the throne. The city had gathered as soon as the pink and orange hues lit up the sky, signaling a new day's arrival.

In anticipation, they waited all day, and well into the afternoon. It wasn't until almost dark when his majesty walked out on the balcony, holding two bundles in his arms. He held them out to the people, and called, "I give you, my son, Maxwell Phillip Evans the First Heir to the throne of Antar." The people cheered, filling the quiet streets with noise, smiles on their faces. Food was thrown in the air, music began to play. The King smiled, but held his hand up for quiet. They obeyed their King, and he held up the second bundle, "My people, I also give you, Isabella Amanda Evans the First, twin sister to my son."

The city couldn't contain it's excitement. Twins were barely heard of in the Royal line, and to have a son and a daughter was something special. The Gods had trully blessed the Evans line, to grant them such a gift.

They rejoiced until the light of day was swallowed by the night sky, and well into the morning hours. The streets were littered with rice, and bright colors lay about in all the shops. People, lay in their beds, looks of content on their faces, peace milling in the air. And in the palace, not far away, were two tiny children, both unaware of how great they were to be, and what their future had in store for them.

442- 12th year of the Reign of King Phillip and Queen Diane

On the skirts of the Healian Mountains, the land of Laitian lay. It was far too early for anyone to be up besides the servants of the house, preparing the study for the Master, and the kitchen for the breakfast to start cooking. Yet, outside were four horses, and five figures.

"Well, you best be on children, if you want to make it to the Palace and the convent on time, you best make an early journey." Jeffrey Parker Lord of Laitian, said pulling his daughter into a quick hug. Elizabeth stiffened, and did not make an attempt to hug her father back. She grabbed for Michael's hand, squeezing it, as they watched their father walk away, waving them once.

"Please, Nancy, don't make us leave." Elizabeth begged. Nancy was the local Healer in the Village outside of Laitan, and had advised Elizabeth and Michael in their gifts. Nancy picked Elizabeth up, gently placing her on her horse. "I'm merely a Healer here Elizabeth, I have no say in where you go."

"Is that what you think too Hank?" Michael asked, turning to his guardian. Hank had kept an eye on Elizabeth and Michael all of their lives, teaching them both how to hunt for food, and some of the sword. He had been a soldier for the King once, but he had injured his right knee, and pulled himself out of the King's Own. He handed Michael the reins to his horse, and watched him climb up. "I think you'll make a fine knight Michael. Now, you better make me and your father proud."

Elizabeth turned her horse towards Michael, so that they were side by side. She noticed the tears in his eyes and quickly wiped away one of her own. She pulled his arm and hugged him tightly. "I'll see you soon, brother."

Michael nodded, and pulled away. He kissed Elizabeth's cheek lightly, and the let his horse run to catch up with Hank. He turned back once, gazing into Elizabeth's chocolate brown eyes. "Farewell Lizzie!"

"Farewell." Elizabeth whispered, pulling her cloak over her head. She looked at her brother's figure once more, before kicking her horse slightly in the sides. He ran to catch up with Nancy's horse, causing more distance between Elizabeth, Michael, and Home.

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Chapter 1

"You can talk to him if you like." Nancy offered, trying to cheer Elizabeth up. For the past two hours, Elizabeth had not spoken, or smiled. Now, she looked at Nancy and shook her head. "No, at the Palace he will not have time to speak through the fire. I don't even know if I'll have the time. Besides, what if we were to be seen? I will not get Michael into trouble."

"That's a first, milady." Nancy joked, shooting Elizabeth a smile. Her eyes widened, and she smirked. "A lady like myself would never intentionally get their twin brother in trouble."

"Show me a lady and I will hold the final decision." Nancy laughed. Elizabeth soon was in a fit of giggles as well, but immediately stiffened at the sight of the convent. The walls were a bland grey, already telling Elizabeth that there was no possible way she was going to be able to have any sort of fun here.

"Nancy, will you make sure Michael is taken care of?" Elizabeth asked, stopping her horse. Nancy smiled, "Of course. Just as I will you."

"I feel as if I will never see you again." Elizabeth snapped, then frowned at herself. "I apologize for my tone, Nancy. I just...I wish I had never had to leave home."

"I know." Nancy kissed Elizabeth's forehead as she saw the Priestesses come forward. "I will see you every six months, Elizabeth, and you can always contact me." Nancy sent the Priestesses a nod, before pulling her cloak up and riding off. Elizabeth sighed, the last of her family gone. She turned back to the Priestesses, and refused the hand of the stable boy to help her down. She hopped down herself and held the reins of her horse.

"Elizabeth, Darren will take your bags up into your room, and he will care for your horse. It is not proper for a lady to smell like a stable." The other Priestesses seemed to find this funny, because they all laughed quietly. The one who spoke was incredibly tall, with red hair, bits of grey showing through. "I am Valia, the Head Priestess here, Elizabeth. I will explain the rules on the way to your room."

Elizabeth sighed as Darren took the reins from her. She shot him a small smile, but he quickly averted his eyes. Already, Elizabeth hated this place and she had only been there for less than five minutes.

"The bottom floor is strictly for classrooms, the floor above is where all of the girls rooms are held." Valia stated, as they walked up a staircase. Elizabeth looked around her, and raised an eyebrow. She felt as if she had done something terribly wrong and was about to be thrown into a prison. When they reached the second floor, Elizabeth's jaw dropped. This was far different than the first level she had just been on. There was shiny, sleek, tile and red carpet. The carpet lead into six different hallways.

Valia pointed to each hallway as she spoke, "There are six hallways, each for the different girls of each year. The girls you are staying with your first year, are the ones you stay with for all six years. First hallway is for all of the first years, and so on until the sixth hallway." They started down the first year's hallway and Elizabeth couldn't help but glance at the gold plates on each door. Before she could question them, Valia was speaking again, "The letters outside of the doors represent how many girls are in each, the room number, and your year."

Valia halted to a stop in front of 4-10-1. Elizabeth cocked an eyebrow, "Four girls, room 10, first year." She stated. Valia smiled, "You are already well on your way, Elizabeth."

For knowing my room number?!? Elizabeth thought, resisting the urge to roll her eyes at the Head Priestess. Valia knocked on the door once before opening it. Elizabeth stepped in, and saw her stuff set on a bed in the corner already. Her eyes widened at the size of the room. It was at least four times bigger than the room she had at home. In each corner of the room was a double poster bed, curtains tied to the wooden posts, in order to give each girl privacy while they sleeped. Next to the bed was a bureau, with a mirror on the wall next to it. Close to that was a wooden closet for Elizabeth to put her clothes in.

"Elizabeth Parker of Laitian, meet your roommates for the next six years; Maria DeLuca of Tresil, Avara Harding of Bideis, and Isabella Amanda Evans the First, Princess to the throne of Antar." Valia beamed with pride as she spoke of the Princess of Antar. Elizabeth looked to the ground, and did her best for a curtsey. She looked back up to see Valia sighing. "You all have a few hours to unpack, and get acquainted before we assemble for dinner, and a warm welcome from the older girls to the first years." Valia left the room, closing the door tightly behind her.

Elizabeth heard the sound of the footsteps as they walked away, and then there was a silence in the room. She looked to the other girls, taking in Maria first. She had long hair, to her chest, wavy and golden. Pouty lips, bright green eyes, and a green riding dress. It seemed that she too, had just arrived. Next, Elizabeth looked at Avara. Bright blue eyes stared back at her, her blonde curls thrown back casually. The white dress she wore had dirt on the bottom, and Elizabeth suspected that she had worn that instead of a riding dress. Finally, she turned to look at Isabella. Hair as bright as the sun, was in a tight braid. Light brown eyes looked Elizabeth up and down, and she wore an elegant red riding dress.

It seemed like each one of the four was expecting the other, and Maria couldn't help but laugh slightly. She sighed, "Well, seems we are all together for the next six years, we might as well make the best of it. I'm Maria...Ria." Maria gazed at the other girls waiting for them to say something. "When did all of you get here?"

"I just arrived." The four girls spoke at the same time, and then broke into laughter.

"I'm Elizabeth." Elizabeth stated, immediately liking her roommates. Maria tilted her head, "Can we call you Liz? If I have to say Elizabeth every time I talk to you my tongue will get awfully tired."

Elizabeth laughed, "Please. Every time I hear someone say it, MY tongue gets tired."

"You?" Isabella asked, "Try this. Every time I walk into a room everyone says, 'Why, it is Isabel Amanda Evans the First, Princess of Antar.' And that is all I hear."

"I think, you win, Isabel." Avara replied. Isabella nodded, "Isabel, I like it. So, we have Liz, Ria, Isabel, and..Ava."

"Do you think Valia would get awfully mad if we started calling each other by these names in classes?" Maria asked, a wide smile growing on her face.

"I don't know Ria, what do you think Ava?" Isabel teased. She quickly sat on her bed. "I am not in the best mood to unpack. I just packed all of that a few hours ago."

"I am with Isabel." Liz groaned, joining Isabel on her bed. There was silence for a few seconds before Liz spoke again. "I miss my brother."

Isabel nodded, and fiddled with her dress, "I know what you mean. I miss Max dreadfully." She then frowned, "He gets to be a page this year."

"Michael does as well," Liz stated. Ava and Maria joined the two on the bed.

"That's rotten." Maria replied, "Why do the boys get to fight, while we get to sew?"

Liz, Isabel, and Ava all turned to look at Maria, who immediately looked up. "What did I say?"

"Nothing," Ava replied, "But..." She toned her voice down as if someone were to hear them. "Have any of you ever learned anything about weapons or fighting?"

Isabel sighed, "I sometimes watch the pages, squires, and knights practice but usually I am whisked away by my mother."

"I have seen some of the people on the street fight." Maria admitted. "I would feel better knowing I could protect myself."

"As would we all." Ava replied. Liz sighed, "Hank took care of Michael and I, he used to be in the King's Own before his knee gave out. He taught Michael and I how to hunt, and how to use the sword." Isabel eyes widened and she grinned, "You must teach us."

"He only taught me some." Liz argued, shaking her head. Weren't there some sort of rules against fighting in the convent? "It would not be proper."

"I do not wish to be proper!" Isabel said, jumping up from the bed. She turned to the others, "Why must I be proper? I hope it is not because I am a Princess, because if it is...I promise I will surely scream."

"Isabel, calm down." Ava replied. She turned to Liz. "We do not have to discuss this now. Let us unpack our belongings, and get settled in. We can talk about this after dinner."

"Okay," Maria agreed, hopping off the bed and made her way to her own. Isabel sent Liz a pleading glance, before heading to where her bags were. Liz sighed and got off of the bed, making her way to her own. If anything, she had expected to come here and hate everything about the convent, along with everyone in it. But, here she was, with three other girls who had the same passion that she did, and who was she to try to keep someone's passion inside of them?

Quickly, Liz turned back to the other girls, "I have made up my mind." She got the attention of the others, "I will teach you everything I know." Isabel grinned, and turned to look at Ava and Maria who were both containing squeals of delight. Isabel quickly launched herself at Liz in a hug. "Thank you!"

As Valia finished her speech of welcoming, she explained the rules for all of the new girls, who had heard it before. Liz felt like falling asleep, and almost did. As soon as Valia had gotten to rule number 45, Liz had slumped to the table, leaning on her elbow. Valia would have surely seen her, had Isabel not quickly pushed her back up.

"So mote it be." The girls chanted suddenly. Liz was thrown from her thoughts and she looked up, quickly saying, "So mote it be."

Ava, Maria, and Isabel giggled at Liz, while the girl's around the four shook their heads. Liz grabbed the spoon beside her bowl, and was about to eat, until Ava motioned towards the other silverware. Liz groaned upon seeing three other spoons. Maria grabbed one and shoved it towards her, right before Valia walked by. Liz quickly smiled at Valia, who raised at eyebrow at the upside down spoon in Liz's hand.

"Extremely good first impression." A girl a few benches down the table replied. Liz shot her a look before tuning back to her soup. It was going to be a long six years.

Hey, here's the ages in each year, just to help you get an idea! *big*
10-11: 1
11-12: 2
12-13: 3
13-14: 4
14-15: 5
15-16: 6

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By the way; Liz, Maria, Isabel, and Ava are going to stay in the Convent...but let's just say they are going to rebel...ACK, I probably shouldn't say anything. LOL

Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle are all in the story in this part, but I think that I'm going to just focus on the girl's mainly. I'll have flashes and so on to go into the boy's background if you'd like..but I didn't think it was necessary since the girl's will be doing more than the boys. Eh, tell me what you prefer. *big*

Chapter 2

"...and Veronica, Roxeanne, Elaine, and Grace will be showing around Isabella, Maria, Elizabeth, and Avara." Valia looked up, scratching names off of her list. "Ladies, remember they are first years, so please...I want to see no more of the nonsense from last year." She shot the older girls a look before quickly hurrying over to the next group. Liz raised one single eyebrow, and looked towards Isabel, who only shook her head in reply.

"What nonsense?" Maria asked, quickly looking towards the four. Veronica was petite, with long black hair reaching down to the middle of her back. She had golden eyes, and continued to watch Liz, reminding her of a hawk. Roxeanne had blonde hair, almost white. The dark brown of her eyes, bringing out the bronze color of her skin. She was the tallest out of her roomates, but not the most intimidating. Elaine was the daughter of a prosperous man across the sea's, sending his only daughter to Antar for safe keeping. She had the rest of the older girls looking up to her, and knew exactly where she came from. Or so Isabel had forwarded to Liz, Ava, and Maria. Yet, Grace shined above the others. There was a smile on her face, the rosiness of her cheeks standing out. Her curly brown hair was slightly tinted with gold, bringing out the hazel in her eyes. It was her, who immediately befriended the others.

"So, tell us, where are all of you from?" Grace asked, once again flashing them a smile. Liz bit her lip, Hadn't Valia just said where we were all from?

Isabel seemed to notice the annoyance in Liz's eyes, so she turned to Grace and grinned, "Let us not discuss our homelands. Instead, please, entertain us in where the four of you are from."

This seemed to spark something in Elaine for she began to give a detailed speech about Jadis, where her family originated from. Soon, she and Isabel were getting into a heated discussion about the different aspects of the royal life from each of their lands. While they continued to talk to each other, Ava, Maria, and Liz were left to stare at Veronica, Roxeanne, and Grace who seemed to be studing them all.

"Well," Grace finally said, grabbing onto Maria's arm, "Shall we show you the grounds?" Maria nodded enthusiastically and then flashed a grin at Liz and Ava. Roxeanne watched Grace drag Maria off, and then she turned to Veronica, shooting her a wink which Liz didn't miss. "Avara, is it? Come...we'll explore the grounds outside."

"Um..." Ava didn't even get to finish before she was whisked off, and Liz was left alone with Veronica. The gaze Veronica held on Liz was extremely nerve racking, and soon Liz was tugging at the side of her dress, and making sure her hair was in place. She immediately reprimanded herself for doing so as soon as she'd done it. Why was she nervous?

Finally, after a few minutes of utter silence, Veronica smiled slowly. "You have no need to be nervous. I do not mean to intimidate you."

"I apologize, I did not mean to give you the impression that I was nervous or intimidated." Liz replied quickly. Veronica laughed, her voice sounding down the hallways. "You and your friends should feel lucky."

Liz followed Veronica as she walked out of the dining hall. "Lucky? And why should we feel lucky?"

"Not only are we; Roxeanne, Grace, Elaine, and myself that is, the most prominent girls in the convent, but we are also some of the brightest. The nonsense Valia was speaking about earlier, was a common trick the only girls use to prey upon the youngers." Veronica glanced at Liz to see if she was still listening, "They come up with all shorts of initiation pranks, jokes, and hoaxes. But, the rest of my roomates and I have never been interested in that, especially since when we were first years, the pranks pulled on us, were some of the worst I have ever seen."

Stopping, Liz tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. Veronica stopped as well, her skirts making a sound as she turned abruptly in her walk. "Yes?"

"I still do not think I am clear on the initiations. Initiations for what?" Veronica nodded, and looped her arm through Liz's.

"Good question Elizabeth. I asked the very same one of my mentor when they first told me about the initiations. The number on your room was never intended to be there when the convent was built. Do you know what it's true purpose is?" Liz shook her head, and Veronica continued, "That number is a way for new girls, to make friends with some of the older ones. Here, we are all a group of...sisters. We look out for each other, help each you follow me?"

"I think so." Veronica smiled, "Now, it would be too much to ask for everyone in the convent to get along with everyone else. Let us be practical...there are just some girls who you do not, and probably will not get along with at some point. So, your room is currently 4-10-1. It will remain so, except for the last digit...soon it will be 4-10-2, and 3, and so on and so forth. When I was a first year, I was placed in room 4-10-1 as well, and the group of sixth years at that time, instructed Elaine, Grace, Roxeanne, and myself."

"I understand. It is like a legacy." Liz replied. Veronica tilted her head, "Yes, and no. It is a legacy, yes, but what is taught to you by my roomates and me, is something that stays between our two rooms. What we do, is between us. The men we meet, stays between us. Like I said, we are sisters. We keep secrets, and try to help each other out. The only way to know if we can trust you, is to see how far into the joke you get. For instance, one of the rooms this year will make a first year room wake the Head Mistress up every night, with a different reason for each. This will surely put them on Valia's list of girls to watch..." Veronica stopped in front of 4-10-6 and opened the door for Liz.

Upon entering, Liz immediately spotted Isabel, Maria, and Ava, each sitting down in chairs in the middle of the room. There was an empty seat next to Ava, which Liz sat in after being directed by Veronica. Ava reached down and squeezed Liz's hand. Liz turned towards her, "Hmm?"

"Do you have a weird feeling about this as well?" Liz nodded, "Yes, but this can not be as bad as we think. It will sort of help us through the year, right?"

Ava shrugged her shoulders and sighed, before looking back at the girls in front of them. Veronica winked at Liz, and then spoke, "So, I am sure all of you know why you are in here. It is not as bad as you are probably thinking. Trust us."

We have known them for only an hour...and we already have to trust them? Liz glanced at the knife that Elaine currently held. Maria gasped, and looked at Grace who was still smiling. "So ladies, are we ready?"


Duke James Valenti sat stiffly, gazing upon Michael as if he were the enemy. Slowly, a smile spread across his face. "Hmm...I wonder how you will turn out. Your father was into his books, are you the same Michael Parker of Laitian?"

"I intend to work hard to make my family proud." Michael answered, already seeing the smile forming on Hank's face. The Duke nodded, and then turned to Hank. "Hank Guerin...the boy is lucky to have you as his servingman."

"Thank you, your lordship." Hank replied, putting a hand on Michael's shoulder. The Duke turned back to Michael, and pushed some papers around on his desk. "Michael Parker of Laitian, you will be a page until you reach the age of fourteen. Half of the day is spent in hopes of teaching you how to think, while the other half consists of learning the fighting arts. During the evenings you will wait on tables, and run errands for any lord or lady who asks you."

"Of course, your lordship." Michael replied. The Duke sighed. "A Duke is called 'Your Grace'. I have no doubts that you will not get used to this life."

"If, and only if you are thought to be ready, will you become a Squire at the age of fourteen. A knight might choose you as his Squire, in which you will run his errands, tend to his things, and pretect his interest. At the age of eighteen you will undergo the Ordeal of Knighthood. You will become a Knight of Tortall if you survive." As the Duke cut off, Michael couldn't help but want to crumble. The life of a Knight was not what he expected. He could recall discussing it with Liz, and there was no way that his sister would be proud of him if he backed out before he even tried it. At the Duke's nod, Michael and Hank rose, and bowed before the Duke who stuck his hand out to Michael. Michael grabbed his hand and kissed it quickly, before standing up and bowing once again.

They were led to the Page's wing, that stretched along the west side of the palace. Once reaching his room, Michael found that his baggage was already there. The bed in the middle of the room was different from his own, and he ached for home; for his sister. He only wondered how Liz was fairing at the convent, a life he knew she detested. By the time he was eighteen she would probably be a lady. Michael's thoughts were broken through at a knock on the door. Hank couldn't of locked himself out, he had a key, and he said he would be gone awhile.

The knock came again, and Michael rushed to the door, throwing it open. Infront of the door were three other boys, each grinning wildly at him. They rushed into his room, and shut the door tightly. The three broke into laughter, and then threw themselves into Hank's room, only signalling to Michael to be quiet. He raised an eyebrow and felt himself grow angry. How dare they come into his room and not say a single word! Just as Michael was about to give them a piece of his mind, there was another knock on his door. He groaned and opened it, surprised to see five boys in front of him, all older looking.

"Page!" One greeted, nodding to Michael. They quickly searched the room with thier eyes until one of them spoke, "Thank you." The five left, leaving Michael in a state of confusion. He shut the door and turned around only to see the other three standing behind him and grinning madly. He jumped and shot them a glare. "Who are all of you, and I demand to know what you are doing in my room."

"You let us in." One answered. Michael turned to look at him. The amber in the eyes flashed, and the boy smiled. "I am Max, this is my cousin, Kyle, and our friend Alex. Welcome to the Palace, Michael."

"How did you know who I was?" Michael asked. Max turned to Kyle, "His father is the Duke here...we hear about all of the new pages."

"Are all of you pages as well?" Michael asked. Alex nodded. "Of course we are. If we were not, we would not run from Nicholas and his friends."

"I think we could take them." Michael replied. Kyle grinned, and wrapped an arm around Michael's shoulders. "I think I'm going to like you."


"Elaine lost the scissors, so we have to use a knife." Roxeanne explained, holding a length of purple ribbon. Elaine sighed, "It was not my fault really." She cut the ribbon into four strips, and handed the other three to Veronica, Roxeanne, and Grace. They approached the four girls quickly, and grabbed their right wrists.

"These ribbons only show that you are in training. Once we all agree that you have reached the point of which we think we can trust you with all of our secrets, will the ribbons be removed by us, then and only then." Veronica stated, tying the ribbon on tightly to Liz's wrist. She stepped back, and joined the rest of her roomates. Grace yawned and pushed her hair behind her. "Well, ladies, I think that finishes the night."

"Good nigh girls." Elaine called, as the Isabel, Ava, Liz, and Maria walked silently out of the room. When they reached their own room, they glanced at each other before laughing. "Was anyone else scared when she pulled out the knife?"

"Of course not Maria. Like they would really harm us." Isabel stated, shaking her head. Ava sighed. "I do not know. I think I am with Maria. My heart was racing."

Eyeing the purple ribbon, Liz fingered it. "I think this tradition is definitely not what I expected from the convent."

"My mother told me stories." Maria replied, lying on her bed. Isabel nodded, "As did mine." The rest of the knight was spent filled with old stories of the convent. As the sun began to rise, the four girls began to clamber back into their own beds, sleep finally taking over.

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