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Title: Eternal Flame
Author: Jezzy (with, of course, input from Bell and Lia.)
Rating: PG-13 for now, may venture into NC-17 territory.
Summary: A prequel to JezeBelLia's "We Haven't Turned Around."
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except Jacinda. "We Haven't Turned Around" is Bella, Lia's, and mine.

"Jacinda, Tess is here!" Diane called from the foot of the stairs.

"Thanks, Di...I mean, Mom!" Jacinda replied. She stood at the door to her bedroom, intentionally blocking the doorway to make it clear that Tess was not welcome in her room, let alone in the place she now called her home. "What are you doing here?" She asked in a tone that was cordial enough, but had the slightest chill to it as well.

"I might ask you the same thing." Tess shot back.

"I live here." Jacinda said simply. "With my family." For they were her family now. Soon after she had arrived in Roswell, and revealed her true identity to Max and Isabel, they had finally told their parents the truth about themselves, and told them about the sister even they hadn't known they had. Diane and Philip Evans had recovered from what was, to say the least, quite a shock initially, and had insisted that Jacinda move in, to be with her siblings.

"That's not what I meant, and you know it." Tess snapped. "Why are you here? Nasedo told me that for some insane reason, you had been sent to earth with us, but he said that you would only be sent to us if we truly needed your protection."

"Correction." Jacinda said. "If my family needed my protection. That means Max, Isabel, and to a lesser extent, Michael."

"What are you saying?" Tess asked.

"I'm saying that I've got their backs." Jacinda told her. "I watched my brother and sister die once already, when I was a just a child. Maybe that's why I have a hard time trusting. Maybe if I had been cloned like the rest of you, left with no memories of the past, I'd be easier to fool. Like they were. But I'm not a clone. I'm a living, breathing, flesh and blood original. I remember everything. And I trust nothing and no one. I know that you're up to something, and this time I'm ready for whatever you throw at us."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Tess said, averting her eyes slightly.

"Hmm..." Jacinda sighed. "Dumb, ugly, AND a terrible liar. What a catch you are. Can't imagine what's holding my brother back." She assumed a more threatening stance. "You know where the door is, right? Good. Buh-bye, now."


"So, I think I've finally figured it out." Kyle said.

"Kyle, ew, finish your Saturn Rings before you start rambling." Jacinda told him.

"Right, sorry. Anyway, as I was saying," Kyle continued. "Jacey here. She's the answer."

Max slapped the table. "Okay, I know this one. Things that are driving me insane? Things that take my money? Things that use my car without asking, and then return it all scratched up? Things with sharp edges?" He smirked at Jacinda, making it clear that he was just teasing her.

Jacinda raised an eyebrow and tried to glare, but laughed instead. "Pretty brave in public, Ear Boy."

"Okay, stop the invective, both of you." Liz spoke up. "Kyle, you were saying? Jacey's the answer to what?"

"All the shit you were saying just before she showed up, about 'feeling' like something was up." Kyle explained. "You were going all crazy with the intuition bit, and then here she is."

"Jacinda's been here a month." Max pointed out. "And Liz is still getting those 'feelings.'"

"That's right." Jacinda agreed. "Look, I don't want to freak you guys out or anything, but there's something going on, and it has something to do with-"

"Max!" Jacinda was interrupted by an annoyingly familiar voice.

"Well, speak of the Devil Barbie." Jacinda said. "You mind? I'm trying to warn them about you."

"Warn us about what?" Max asked.

"What the hell are you doing?" Tess demanded. "With her?"

"Drinking an Alien Blast." Liz replied. "Max, I thought she'd gotten the message by now. it's been a week."

"When are you going to let her go?" Tess asked. "This is not what's meant to be. You and me, that's how it's supposed to go."

"Okay, people are staring." Kyle said. "This may not be the best place for the alien chat."

Jacinda nodded. "Agreed. Max, Liz, Kyle, let's go." She picked up her jacket and led the way out the back door to the alley. Once outside, she continued. "Well, that's pretty much what I was going to warn you guys about. She's stepping up her efforts to force Max and Liz apart."

"Where the hell are you guys going?" The group turned and saw Tess behind them.

"Get behind me." Jacinda said under her breath. Her heart was pounding, her senses were on overload. This encounter, this moment. This was why she had been sent to Roswell.

"What?" Max asked.

"Do it." Jacinda ordered through clenched teeth. "Now."

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Max gently placed his hand on Liz's arm and pulled her behind him. Kyle took a few steps backwards, keeping his eye on the two girls in front of him.

"Tess, you need to let it go." Jacinda said calmly, walking forward until she was right in front of Tess. For one tense moment, neither of them moved a muscle. Then Tess blinked and stepped back.

"What is wrong with you people?" Tess hissed. "Why can't you accept your destinies?"

"We are not the ones who are in denial!" Jacinda snapped. "Tess, we've been over this before. Max chose Liz. He LOVES her. He doesn't love you."

"Jacinda, please-" Max began, taking a step toward his sister.

"Shut up." Jacinda interrupted. She put up her hand and pushed him back against the wall without turning around. "Tess." She continued. "Get. Over. It. Nasedo poisoned your mind, he led you to believe there was no other path for you. But it's not too late, you can still change your life and move on. Why can't you just accept that you and Max are different people now, with different lives?"

"Because it's wrong!" Tess replied in her usual childlike shriek.

"Tess, we're not trying to drive you away." Liz said softly, stepping forward. She held on to Max's hand, overwhelmed by the palpable tension in the alley, as she moved closer to Tess. "You can still-"

"Shut up!" Tess screamed. As Kyle and Jacinda watched, she threw up her hand. A blinding white light burst from her hand, and when it cleared, Max and Liz were lying in a heap on the ground, unconcious.

"Fuck." Jacinda gasped under her breath. Since when did Tess have that power? She glanced at Kyle. He was already seeking cover, he didn't need to be told.

Tess was shaking, slowly raising both her hands. Jacinda knew, instinctively, what was about to happen. Without a thought, without hesitation, she moved in front of her brother and her friend. She didn't hear the blast, or see it. She just felt the pain ripping through her midsection. Mercifully, it was only a matter of seconds before the darkness closed in.

Kyle froze as Tess stood still for a moment, then turned and fled down the alley, without looking at him once.

Jacinda had been knocked off her feet and flown nearly ten feet through the air before landing with a sickening thud at Kyle's feet. Her face was frozen in an expression of pain, her body was nearly blown in half. Kyle dropped to the ground beside her, pulling her into his arms. Miraculously, he felt a faint pulse in her throat, even as her blood poured over his arms and down the front of his shirt.

"Jacinda!" He cried out desperately. "Jacinda!" He glanced at Max and Liz and saw that they were still out cold. There was no way for Kyle to stop the flow of blood from the gaping whole in Jacinda's stomach. Unless Max regained conciousness almost immediately, she would bleed to death within a minute.

"Oh my God!" Kyle looked up at the sound of Isabel's voice and prayed that he wasn't seeing things. Isabel and Michael were standing just a few feet away.

"What the fuck happened?" Michael asked as they knelt beside Kyle.

"Tess." Kyle spat bitterly. "She knocked Max and Liz out, then blew Jacinda right off her feet. Heal her, quick. She's almost gone."

"I don't know if we can." Isabel whispered shakily. "Healing Max's power...if we try to do it together..." She looked at Michael, and he nodded.

Kyle held his breath as the two hybrids lay their hands over Jacinda's stomach and closed their eyes. For a few horrible seconds, nothing happened. Then Michael and Isabel both began to breathe in short, labored gasps, and then Jacinda's wound slowly, so slowly, began to close over.

The gash was nearly completely closed when Michael and Isabel both fell back suddenly. "That's all we can do..." Isabel said weakly. "Did it...I she..."

"I think so." Kyle replied after a moment, as he felt Jacinda's pulse growing stronger under his hand. "What about Max and Liz, can you revive them?"

"We can try." Michael said. He placed his hand over Max's forehead. "Come on, Maxwell..."

"What the fuck..." Max groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

Beside him, Liz struggled to sit up as Isabel placed her hands on her shoulders. "Take it easy."

Max rubbed his eyes and blinked, then jumped to his feet, ignoring the pain in his head. "Shit! Jacey!"

"It's not as bad as it looks." Kyle said lamely, not taking his eyes off of Jacinda's face for a second. "Michael and Isabel took care of the worst of it. If they hadn't..."

"Tell me what happened." Max said.


"Hey." Liz said as Max opened his bedroom door. He looked only a little surprised to see her sitting on his bed. "How is she?"

"They're gonna keep her in the hospital overnight." Max replied. "Mom and Dad are gonna keep them from doing too many tests on her, though. Nothing too invasive or anything."

"And the doctors bought the story about her falling on broken glass?" Liz asked.

"They seemed to, yeah." Max said, sitting down beside her. "Are you all right?"

"Had a bit of a headache for a while." Liz admitted. "It's all right now. What about you?"

"Same. Just had a migraine for about an hour."

Liz slipped her arm around his shoulder and moved closer. "That's not what I meant. Max, we nearly lost her tonight."

Max nodded. "I don't think it's really hit me yet that...a month ago, I didn't even know she existed. And tonight, she could have been...and, I know that Tess was always on the outside of the group, but I didn't think she'd ever turn on us."

"I know." Liz agreed. "I mean, it's not like I ever trusted her. I just never dreamed there was such a good reason not to trust her."

"It could have been either one of us." Max said after a moment. He turned to Liz and cupped her face gently in his hands. "Or both of us. What happened to Jacey..."

Liz suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. "Max..." She sighed. "We could have died tonight."

"Yeah." Max said, both intrigued and confused by the primal look that had suddenly appeared in Liz's eyes. "Liz..."

"No." Liz pressed her fingers against his mouth. "I want this."

"I do too, you know that." Max told her, kissing her fingertips softly. "But maybe we should slow this down...we've only been back together for a week, and after what happened tonight, neither one of us is thinking rationally."

Liz started to protest, then nodded and sighed. She wrapped her arms around him and lay her head on his shoulder. "Could I stay here tonight?"

"I was hoping you would." Max admitted, kissing the top of her head and breathing in the sweet smell of her hair. "I can't believe your parents let you out."

"Well, as far as they know, I wasn't hurt at all." Liz reminded him. She hated to lie to her parents, she couldn't think of any way to tell them what had happened to her without telling them too much. "I just told them that Jacey had been badly hurt, and you and Isabel were gonna need a lot of support."

"At least that much is true." Max said. He pulled her close to him and kissed her. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Liz said softly. She yawned in spite of herself. "Sorry, I guess I didn't realize how tired I am."

"I understand. It's been a hell of a night." Max agreed. "We should probably put it out of our minds and get some sleep. Try to, at least."

Liz nodded. "We'll deal with it all tomorrow." She said as cheerfully as she could. What had happened in the alley behind the Crashdown hadn't fully hit her yet, and she could tell Max was in a similar state of shock. She lay down beside him and closed her eyes, trying to push the night's events to some far corner of her mind.


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