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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: See past 24 parts
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Author’s Note: I have posted all parts for this story on the Repost Board as well.

***Thank you for your patience (unlike my cat, Maddy, who is Screaming for my attention!). It's just been one of those weeks and I was having a lot of trouble writing this part. Hope you think it was worth the wait. Please let me know! Love, jane

Was It A Dream? Part 32

The next weekend, something interesting happened, which would help Susan and Sam make the decisions they needed to, before their wedding. Susan was in Airatan once again and staying with Max and Liz, since Sam had taken Mason’s advice; about putting too much temptation into his own path and had asked his friends if she could stay with them. Susan had come back from her early morning horseback ride with Sam and had showered and changed, when someone knocked at the Evans’ front door. Liz had her hands full with preparations for a special dinner that night and asked Susan to answer the door.

“Hello? Oh, Miss Smith, isn’t it?” Susan asked the small, older woman who stood at the door.

“Yes, Joan Smith, Miss Nelson; the Community’s public librarian. We met when Sam Jones brought you by the library once, a few weeks ago.”

“Yes of course; won’t you come in? Liz is in the kitchen…” Susan led the way.

“Thank you, but it was you I came to see.” Miss Smith told her.

“Me? Well all right; um if you’d like some privacy we could sit in the living room.”

“I wouldn’t mind sitting in the family room, or the kitchen as long as you don’t mind, Liz. It might be helpful to Miss Nelson if you are here.”

“What’s this about, Joan?” Liz asked, as all three women sat down at the kitchen table.

“I have a job offer for Miss Nelson.”

“Please call me Susan. What sort of job offer?”

“I want to offer you my job, as community librarian. I have wanted to retire for some time now, but none of our college-kids have shown interest in becoming a librarian…there are several young children, who might grow up and get their Master’s in library science, but in the meantime I’ve been leery of hiring someone from the outside.”

“But it’s been years since college or my first few jobs which were in public libraries and a school library; I’ve worked in medical libraries ever since.” Susan pointed out.

“Ah so you do have experience with public libraries; I wasn’t sure about that. I’m sure you could make the transition easily and I would be nearby to answer any of your questions.” Joan started on her sales-pitch. “Our people use the library heavily…but there just aren’t that many of us living here, so there are never all that many patrons using the library at any one time. Plus you have a small staff to help cover all of the hours the library is open.”

“Besides,” Joan continued. “This might be an opportunity for you to step back a little; slow down and be able to spend more time with your new husband and yet not really retire if you don’t want to, yet.

“I haven’t decided what to do, yet. I would really love to live here, with Sam, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to retire. I want to be useful.” Susan admitted.

“Oh you’d be that, my dear.” Joan nodded. Also, Dr. Wang and our other clinic personnel have a need you may be able to fill, but than I. Over the years, I have kept up a small medical collection for them, since even now not everything is on the Internet; publishers being what they are! I have had some success using inter-library loan, to get them journal articles and textbooks they need from university libraries, but I just don’t have the contacts that you would have.”

“Hmm, better access to medical information would be well worth looking into.” Susan agreed. “Wow, that is something I’ll really have to think about and speak to Sam about. Let me do that and then I’ll get back to you with all sorts of questions in a day or two.”

“Good enough; come by the library any time and I’ll show you around in more detail.” Joan said, as the women shook hands before she left.

Susan and Sam and Max and Liz did talk about Joan Smith’s job offer and what it would mean to them. Susan would have to give notice at her current position, as soon as possible, so that they could hire someone new and she might be able to start familiarizing that person to her job, before she left. Sue would have to sell her home; something which made her sad, but which also made her happy, because she really wanted to move to Airatan and she and Sam had already had some discussions about how they could incorporate her feminine personality into Sam’s house; their new home. And they discussed all the possibilities this job would open up for her; being in charge of her own library, rather than being a part of someone else’s staff. Setting up the information services for the medical personnel in town; and then having more time to spend on personal interests…including her new husband.

“We can go by the library tomorrow and speak to Joan together; get more specifics about salary, staffing and things like that.” Sam assured her when Susan admitted how much she wanted to accept the job offer.

“At least my director at the hospital has been expecting me to quit or retire ever since I told her I was getting married; it won’t be such a shock to any of them, when I give them my notice on Monday.” Susan said.


Sam flew back to California with Susan, to help her set up her house for sale. When her real estate agent learned that she was getting married and moving into Sam’s house, she suggested that Susan might like to sell her house as a furnished unit, including her plates, pots and pans, etc.

“Your cozy little home is just right for first-time buyers and very often they don’t have much in the way of furniture and kitchen basics. Of course, you would take anything of yours you want, with you and if the buyer doesn’t need your furniture, I can help you sell it, but making the furniture available might help sell the house.”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Susan said and Sam agreed with her.

Her house had only been on the market for a week when it was sold to a young couple who were just starting out in married life. They were renting a furnished apartment and they had loved how Susan had decorated her home, especially her furniture, which they bought and promised to take good care of. The timing would work out well, as Susan didn’t want to move out until just before Thanksgiving and the younger couple couldn’t move in until just after the holiday. Sam had figured out ways to incorporate and display all of Susan’s books, movies, nick-knacks and art work into their home, so they started packing up all of her personal belongings, as well as her off-season clothing.

On the first day of November, Liz called Susan to tell her that she had finished sewing their robes and suggested that Sue fly into Airatan that weekend, to try hers on.

“And then we could perform the robe and ring ceremony; with Max’s help, couldn’t we?” Susan asked her friend, excitedly.

“Yes of course.” Liz agreed with a smile in her voice, before they hung up.

That weekend then, Susan flew in and was met at the town entrance by an equally excited Sam.

“Mmm hello love.” He greeted her with an intense kiss and a tight hug.

“Hello to you too!” Susan returned his hug and kiss. “You’re excited about this too?”

“Of course I am; every step we take brings us closer to the day when you become my wife; I can hardly wait.”

“Neither can I, Sam, neither can I.” Susan said, kissing him again before getting into Sam’s car.


At the same time, in Cambridge, Phillip and Sue were up in the Phil’s room, with their textbooks out and spread all over his bed as the two of them…lay among their scattered notes and studied…each other.

“You have…eight freckles running in a cute little line across the bridge of your nose.” Phillip noted, before he brought his lips down and kissed each and every one of those cute, little freckles.

“Mmm and I see those three tiny flecks of green are back in your eyes; they aren’t always there…” Sue stated, while they gazed into each other’s eyes, after their last bout of kissing.

“I wonder if they’ll stay if I kiss each of your eyelids.” Sue matched action to words as she gave each tiny surface three little kisses.

Sue groaned a little as she felt Phillip’s gorgeous long eyelashes brush against her lips and let her own long lashes flutter their way over his cheek and down to his lips to tickle him the same way. Phillip brought one hand up under Sue’s chin to reposition her lips over his.

“This was how Dee found them, when she lightly knocked on Phil’s half-opened door and came into the room; books and papers scattered all over the bed, with Phillip lying on his back, on top of the whole mess and Sue lying on top of him; her hands caressing his face, as they kissed and Phillip’s hands holding back Sue’s lovely waves of long, brown hair, as their lips met and held, time after time…

“Oh no. Not again!” Dee exclaimed. “Phil didn’t you hear Dad calling you over the family’s frequency on the Connection?”

“Huh, what?” Phil finally broke away from Sue’s drugging caresses, to ask.

“Dad’s been calling us for the last ten minutes. Sam and Susan are ready to perform the robbing and ring ceremony!” Dee told them and that stopped Sue’s soft fingers from inching their way under Phil’s shirt.

“Aunt Susan and Sam?”

“Yeah, come down to the living room; we’re all going to link in and watch.” Dee said, before leaving the room.

“Come on Phil.” Sue said, as she slowly moved off the bed. As much as I want to continue studying, I want to see this ceremony too.”

“Of course, sweetheart, we can come back to this later.” Phil winked at Sue, before he took her hand and led her downstairs.

They were the last to arrive and took seats together on the sofa and linked hands with the kids sitting near them.

‘We’re here, Dad. Sorry, Sue and I were delayed.’ Phil told his father sub-vocally.

‘Uh huh.’ Max replied, looking at his son and future daughter; their mussed clothes, hair and puffy lips, which Phil had forgotten to fix.

‘Well let’s start, shall we?’ Max asked as he walked back to where Susan and Sam were standing. Each was wearing their new robe; modified to look like calf-length, expertly tailored suit coats. Sam was wearing his dark blue robe over a shirt and slacks of the same color, while Susan was wearing her white robe over a white blouse and slacks.

‘Sam, Susan, I want you to hold each other’s left hands and place your right hands on each other’s upper left chests. Now close your eyes and relax, while you think about your love and feelings for each other.” As he said this, Max gently placed a hand on each of their shoulders.

Susan gave a little gasp of surprise as she felt Max’s energy shoot through her body and pass out through her hands.

“Wow, I felt that surge of energy! Did it work?” Susan asked, a moment later.

“Let’s see.” Max and Liz answered as Sam and Sue took their hands away.

“Oh my goodness, what a unique design!” Liz exclaimed and everyone moved closer to see.

“What is it, Susan?” Cheryl asked; she and Mason wouldn’t have missed this for the world and had flown in to Airatan that morning.

“It’s three sets of horses.” Susan exclaimed as she looked more closely at the picture which had been magically embroidered onto Sam’s blue robe. “But they have been depicted in copper and gold, rather than a blue to match Sam’s robe, as I thought they were going to do be. The male is in a gleaming copper and the female is in gold.”

“I guess that is how your sub-consciousnesses pictured them.” Max explained. “We can change them into blue and white embroidery for your wedding, but I think they would look great on your robes, just the way they are, afterwards.”

“Tell us what each picture looks like.” Dee asked, as Sam and Susan nodded their agreement to Max’s suggestion.

“One pair of horses is standing facing each other, their necks rubbing against each other, their noses nuzzling into the other’s mane. It looks a lot like your two-piece sculpture, which Sam and I own.” Susan looked over at Michael.

“The second pair...” Sam said, looking closely at Susan’s robe…”are cantering happily, side by side.”

“Oh and look at the third pair, Aunt Susan.” Sue said from where her astral-self stood, nearby. “The stallion is almost standing guard, while the mare rests, lying down in the grass. That is so sweet, even romantic, since the horses obviously represent the two of you!”

Max still had his hands on the older couple’s shoulders and they were still holding hands, so he tried not to listen when they unwittingly had their first sub-vocal conversation.

‘Sam, that first day we met…you brought me some coffee. It was in a lovely mug, which had a gorgeous picture on the outside; a dark haired man, gently stroking the neck of a filly, while the horse nuzzled her nose into the man’s neck…Sam, that mug never belonged to Liz; Michael made it for you and you really wanted me to have it, even though we had just met.’

Sam just nodded, a little bashfully, a little worried.

‘Was I…did the filly…represent…me?’

‘Yes sweetheart, the filly was how I saw you…Not that I saw you as some great big horse.” Sam clarified quickly. “I saw you as a beautiful and graceful, but skittish and shy lady, who would need some gentle handling.’

‘Oh Sam!’ Susan said with a sub-vocal sigh and moved into his arms.

This was when Max dropped his hands from their shoulders and stepped back. Susan was tucked into Sam’s arms, his cheek resting on top of her head as she nuzzled her nose into his throat. Liz and Michael glanced at each other and grinned; they understood that the wishful picture on that mug had, just become true for their friends as Sam raised one arm from around Susan’s waist to stroke her from head, to neck, to back with a gentle hand.

The group of friends gave the robed couple a few moments of privacy; each of them turning away from the tender sight of Susan and Sam in each other’s arms and Sam gently stroking his love’s slender back, as she placed tiny kisses on his throat and jaw.

‘Um would you two like to create your rings now?’ Sue asked in a timid whisper and watched as the lovers moved apart a little, but not out of each other’s embrace and smiled at their family and friends.

‘Yes, of course, Suzie. We took your idea and have worn each other’s wedding band, on chains around our necks, even though Sam gave me an engagement ring.’ Susan looked happily down at her ring finger, on which rode a circlet of rubies; Sam had understood that his Susan would not want to wear a cold diamond and found this ring, with rich and warmer-toned rubies set into a channel setting.

‘Hold your rings in your clasped hands; close your eyes and relax.’ Max instructed again, as he placed his hands on their shoulders and sent his energy through them one more time. ‘All done.’

Sam and Susan opened their hands and found two wide, gold bands, encircled with the three, intricately inscribed horse designs, in gold and copper.

‘I’m so glad I was able to see your ceremony, Aunt Susan. How are you going to arrange your special design?’

‘We’ve talked about this and especially because of how the design turned out; we are just going to have a border running around the hem of our robes; at least for our wedding.’ Susan said.

‘That sounds great, you two.’ Sue said, smiling. ‘If you’ll excuse us though, Phil and I have a lot of studying yet to do tonight, so we better say goodnight.’ In truth Sue wanted to go back to Phil’s room and ‘roll in the hay’; well, on top of textbooks, with her own stallion.

‘Goodnight Suzie, see you at Thanksgiving, if not before.’ Susan called as they broke the link.

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dz Susan and Sam will be married on the friday after Thanksgiving.

Ursa Sam and Susan will always have to have physical touch to be a part of the Connection, since neither of them are Antarian. Max was still touching them, when Sue said her goodbyes ;-) Sorry I wasn't very clear about that. Lets just say that someone was lightly touching them during the ceremony, so that they could see the kids, who had "astral-projected" -in!

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Dear Friends, I’m sorry, but I am having more trouble writing part 33! Even though I know just what I want to happen, it’s difficult to write down. I hope to get part 33 out by Friday and one new chapter out each week from now on.

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