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Title : New In Town
Rating: pg-R I might write some NC-17
Disclamor: I don't own anything but some cd's and my cat so don't sue please.
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Arthurs note : Okay I strated to write this story on the old board but I lost the disc that I saved it on and I couldn't find so I'm writing it all over with some improvements. Please leave feedback also I'm a beginner so be gentle. thanks *happy*

Summary :Micheal,Alex, and Liz are triplets. Max and Isabel are twins and Maria is there little sister.they are all aliens but the triplets are a little more powerful.

Let the story begin
"This is were we have to live" Micheal said. As all three of them look to a theme resturant."Mickey its not so bad, look at it this way you'll never go hungry." Liz said. Alex started laughing. "Shut Alex is it my fault I get hungry almost all the time." With that all of them started laughing harder."Come on lets go in Aunt Nacy and Uncle Jeff are waiting for us." alex said
And all three of them enter the Crashdown. When the bells started to jingle evryone turned to see the neww kids. All the guys were drooling Liz was weearing a very tight red tank top with black leather pant that clong to her in all the right place.The girls were no better either Micheal and alex both were wairing dark blue jeans and tight black shirts that should off Micheal muscles and Alex lean body.
"Lizze ,Mickey,Alex your here " Nancy Parker said as she hugged her family "God its been so long ,you sure have grown up ." 'your uncle jeff not here yet why don't you come upstaris and get setteld."
When they left everyone went back to their conversations.But three pairs of eyes kept their eyes locked on the back door. Each thiniking "Where have I seen them before.'

Should I continue ?


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Thanks for all the feedback. My brother has to use the computer for school so I might not be able to post part 2 today. But I'll try to have by tonight.

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Chapter 1b
"So how was the flight?" asked Nancy " Well the food sucked,the people were rude,the movie was boring but other than that it was great " Micheal said "Micheal,god sometimes you can be such a jerk. " "Yeah but you know you love me." with that Liz broke into a fit of giggles.
"Its okay Liz Your father was like that to ." The room suddenly went quite " I'm sorry I'm so stupid I should have know you weren't ready to talk about your ......" "so where uncle Jeff?" alex interrupted. "Oh he had to go out of town for a week he should be back in two days." she decide she would let it go for know.
"Why don't you kids go down and eat ." "Sure" they said at the same time "You know its so cute the way you guys still do that."
Mean while down stairs

"Do you get the feeling we seen them before." said Max . " Well they are related to the Parkers maybe we seen pictures before or something ." Maria said "Max ajust stop what your thinking , I know you probably think there out to get us for god sakes there just knew." said Isabel she knew her brother well. " Well we should at least keep an eye on them" Maria said. "Well here's your chance cause there coming in."
"Lets sit over here" Alex said. "So what do you guys think of Roswell so far ?" Liz asked her brothers. "It so okay but lets not get to comfy." Micheal said "Of course not ,we wouldn't want to do that ." Liz muttered "What that supposed tomean " Micheal said.Before Liz could responed a girl walked up to their table. "Hi, I'm Maria and I'll be your waitress can I get you anything?" "uh we still haven't decide" Alex said. "Okay I'll be back in a little while." Maria answerd and left. "Micheal you mind closing your mouth your drooling all over the table and I for one don't want my food all wet." Alex said. "I was don't drooling" Micheal argued "Well you got a little something right there" Alex said pointing to his chin. In a fast movement he wiped it off with his napkin. "I think it cute how he drooling over Maria ." Liz said "I wasn't drooling" "Was to " "was not" "was to" "was not" "was to" was not" "Was not what" Maria asked as she came up to the table to see if they had decide if they were ready to order.

I know its short but I'll make it up in the next chapter
p.s. please tell me if I should continue ? *bounce*

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Chapter 2
"Was not ready to order." Micheal said fast hoping that Maria would buy it. "Oh okay well I'll come back in five minutes." When they were sure that she left both Alex and Liz started laughing. "Shut up and for the last time I wasn't drooling over her." "Whatever" Liz said " I mean it I don't like her " "Keep telling yourself that Micheal" Alex said. "Besides I think she like you to she keeps looking over here." Liz hoping Micheal would fall for it " She is" Micheal said as he sat up strighter"." I knew it you like her " Liz said " can we dicuss this later she coming over" "sure" both Alex and Liz said but still kept giggling.

"What can I get you guys." Maria asked "we'll have three cherry cokes.three E.T. burgers and fries.Oh can you bring us extra tabasco sause.thanks" Maria stood there shocked at what she just heard.Alex notice how she suddenly had gone pale." Are you okay" he asked "Om yeah, I'll be back with your order." and she left "Did you guys see how she reacted to our order?"Micheal asked getting worried." Micheal stop being so worried okay maybe she just sick stop thing that everyone is after us its getting on my nerves."
He was about to say something when Maria came over with their food. "Enjoy" and with that she left.Later when she told Max and Isabel about what happened they decide they would keep and eye on them.

The next day at school the prinipal called Max,Isabel,and Maria into his office."Guys I would like you to meet Micheal,Alexander,and Elizabeth Parker. You will be showing them around school today." he said to Max,Isabel,and Maria.

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Chapter 2b
"Okay well I have to go to a meeting,have a great first day.And remeber my door is always open." Before they could say anything he closed the door in there face. "Okay well max lets get this tour started.I'll see you guys later" Liz said before both Micheal and Alex could say something. Both of them kept glaring at the back of Max's head they hated the fact that some stranger was showing there baby sister around they hated himemore because he was a guy.

"So how are you liking roswell ?" Max asked he liked her from the moment he met her. " Well its realing beautiful from what I've seem butits a little to quiet."
"So where did you leave before ?" Max asked " We lived in L.A. but whenour parents died we had to move here" liz said close to tears " I'm sorry" "don't be"

to be continue
its short I know I'll have more tomorrow
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Chapter 2c
"So do you have a girlfriend" Maria asked Micheal as they walk to first period. "Why do you want to know? " Micheal answerd "I just want to know" . "Why" Micheal asked "God can't you just answer the question,you know what forget it." As they turn the corner Micheal grab her arm "No I don't have a girlfriend." he let go of her arm and went into his science class. A grin brooke out on Maria friend.

"How long have you leaved in Roswell" Alex asked Isabel. "Since I could remeber.Its a nice place but I want to live in some place where no one knows your business." she answerd " How about you where are you from" "Well since I could remeber Micheal,Liz,and I lived in L.A. we had a normal life Micheal and I were in all the sports,we get good grades.And Liz was agreat student,she was vice presdent of the junior class." Alex said. "Thats great." "Thanks" "So shall we go my Lady" alex said as he held his arm out to her. "yes,kind sir"
Isabel had to admit she did find Alex attractive.He was differnet she mostly went out with just jock who were built.But something about Alex lean body made her hot.
It turn out she had she had all her classes with the gang except for first where she only had Max and Micheal,and Alex.
"I was wondering if you would like me to show you around town tonight." asked Max "I liked that" Liz answerd.

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