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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: See past 24 parts
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Coming to the end of this story. Thank you so much for your feedback! But please don’t stop now; I really need the support while I try to get the ending “just right”! ~jane ***

Was It A Dream? Part 33

Susan Nelson woke up on Thanksgiving morning and smiled to think that tomorrow would be her wedding day. Even though she had met Sam Jones only seven weeks ago, she loved him so much and could hardly wait for their new life together, to begin.

“Wake up sleepyhead.” Susan called to her goddaughter, who slept in the twin bed next to hers, before she went into the bathroom, to shower.

While Max, Liz, Sam and Phillip were staying at Mason and Cheryl’s home, along with their son; her nephew, Matt; Suzie and her two friends Libby and Dee had come to stay with her for the last two nights in her old home. To that end, aunt and niece were sharing the guestroom upstairs while the sisters shared Susan’s room, downstairs.

“Good morning, you two.” Susan called into her old room, as she came downstairs to make breakfast for them all.

“Morning, Aunt Susan.” Libby and Dee responded.

As she started to make breakfast, Susan tried not to think how bare here little house looked this morning. Even though most of her furniture was still here, all of her art work, books, videos and special pieces of furniture; that which had helped make this house her home for so many years, had been removed. But as two tears drifted down her cheeks, the warm arm of her niece encircled her shoulders.

“I know you’re going to miss this house; it’s had such a special place in your life all these years, but your new home awaits you in Airatan and better yet your wonderful, loving and may I remind you…sexy husband will be there with you, as well!”

“I know Suzie, thank you for reminding me; it’s just…I never thought that I’d ever marry; I resigned myself to living alone and now that I am marrying Sam, it’s a Big change; a wonderful change, an exciting one too, but it’s a little frightening, as well.”

“I know, Aunt Susan, but everything will be fine, you’ll see.”

“Of course it will, Suzie.” Susan dried her tears and smiled and sighed. “Just some nerves showing I guess. Now will you help me prepare breakfast by cutting up some fruit while I make the French toast?” Sue nodded and they both got started.

“I can’t believe how the time has passed.” Susan said as all four of them sat down to eat breakfast a short time later. “It seems like only yesterday, Sam and I were creating our robes and rings.”

“Yeah and since then, you’ve retired from your position at the medical library and already started working at your new job, running Airatan’s public library, while coordinating your wedding plans here in California and moving all of your things into yours and Sam’s house.” Dee said, shaking her head in admiration.

“I saw your home last week and its incredible how great it looks; different and yet the same. You know; warm and welcoming only not it has those little feminine touches here and there too.” Libby said.

“And you two are flying back to your new home for your honeymoon?” Sue asked again. “Don’t most people go to exotic locals for their honeymoon, Aunt Susan?”

“Many people do, but both Sam and I have done a lot of traveling…alone and we plan to travel together at a later date…but for our honeymoon, we just wanted someplace simple and comforting and secluded. We are going to pull up the drawbridge…well the elevator anyway and block the stairs…and not come out for…quite a while.” Susan explained and the girls giggled at her last sentence.

“We’d better hurry girls, or we’ll be late for church services; after which is the wedding rehearsal.” Everyone got up from the table and gathered plates to take into the kitchen.

“Do you have your rehearsal bouquet?” Sue asked indicating the collection of ribbons kept from all their wedding gifts which they had opened yesterday and threaded through a paper plate, to create a gaudy bouquet.

“Right here.” Susan said, as they headed out the door to her car.

“I can’t believe this group I’m joining, that flies from one place to another in helicopters rather than driving in cars.” Susan chuckled, she and the girls had been flown to her house last night by Johann, in a hired chopper; and the girl’s parents and brothers were being flown in this morning, for church and the rehearsal, after which they would all fly back to L.A. for the Thanksgiving/rehearsal dinner at the Blair’s house.

“Having helicopter service and private planes is sure nice though and it does save a lot of time.” Sue mentioned to her aunt.

“Just be glad we were able to find a hotel smack-dab in between here and L.A. for everyone else who’s coming to the wedding; so that they can drive to your church or to the Blair’s house within forty minutes or so; otherwise we’d have a swarm of helicopters flying everyone all over the sky!” Dee said.

“Here we are.” Susan said, as they pulled up outside of her parish church. “I’m late for choir rehearsal, so I’m just going to go sneak in; grab my choir robe and go join the choir in our section. You girls can stay out here for a few minutes or come on in with me.”

“We’ll come with you and save front row seats for everyone.” Libby said.

A few minutes later the rest of their family joined them in the seats they had saved.

“Hey, Uncle Sam,” Sue whispered. “Have you ever heard Aunt Susan sing? I mean a solo, like she’s going to sing today?”

“Yes, Suzie, I have. Her beautiful voice is only one of the many things I love about your godmother and she’s already joined the choir in Airatan.”

After the service, the wedding party waited at the front of the church, for Susan’s pastor to come.

“Why are you fidgeting so much?” Libby whispered to Dee.

“Because that Matt-idiot is staring at me.” Dee answered between clenched teeth.

“Why would having a cute guy stare at you make you fidget?”

“Because he drives me nuts; he’s always getting me mixed up with you; calling me Libby or Lizzybelle…I mean, it’s not as if we dress anything alike, he should be able to distinguish us apart.”

“That’s funny; Matt never calls me by your name.” Libby puzzled.

“Maybe that’s because you’re always standing next to your boyfriend, Marc.”

“But then he should be able to tell that you’re the sister who doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

“I know, as I said; Matt’s an idiot!” Dee exclaimed; quietly glaring at the young man as she said it. Matt just smirked and turned away.

“He’s been teasing me and making a nuisance of himself ever since we met, yesterday.”

“Well, just ignore him.” Libby advised as the pastor came in and they started the rehearsal.

After a successful rehearsal, the wedding party was flown back to the Blair’s house, landing on the tennis court; to join the rest of their extended family for a combined Thanksgiving and rehearsal dinner, set out on the Blair’s extensive patio.

“So there’s no way we can convince you to sing a solo at your own wedding, Aunt Susan?” Matt teased his aunt, a while later. After hearing you this morning, I’m sure that we’d all like to hear you sing again.”

“Matthew, I’ll be lucky if I can get ‘I do’ past my nervous throat tomorrow, much less a melody!” Susan grinned at her nephew, from her position next to Sam, at the table.

“Hey, ‘Evil Knight’, could you pass the stuffing, please?” Phillip called down the table, while referring to the part, which Matt had continually played, on that day, so long ago, when Matt, Suzie, Phillip and Libby had played ‘rescue the princess’, together.

“If I’m the Evil Knight, why would I pass you anything?” Matt asked, slipping into his childhood role once again.

“Because I noticed that you’re partial to the cranberry sauce, which I have here, right by my plate.” Phillip replied.

“Good knights, am I going to have to tie you both up with my magical, unbreakable-cord?” Libby asked, pulling out two pieces of old yarn from her pocket and Sue started to laugh and clap.

“Oh my good friend, the Fairy Queen, have you kept those magical cords in your pocket all these years?”

“Oh no, Princess, I kept them safe in a secret chamber, in the Fairy Realm, but I brought them with me today, just in case these knights decided to do battle again.”

“Oh man, not the magical, unbreakable-cord again, please; I hated that thing!” Matt exclaimed in mock-horror.

“Then hand over the stuffing, Evil Knight.” Phil warned.

“I’ll pass over the stuffing, White Knight, if you pass over the cranberry sauce, which is worth more to me than the rubies our Fairy Queen made it from.”

“Okay, on the count of three, we’ll both pass the dishes.” Phillip agreed. Once the stuffing and cranberry sauce had both been ‘liberated’, Mason asked.

“Suzie, did you keep that crown you were wearing that day?”

“No Dad, I didn’t.” Sue answered.

“But I did.” Cheryl said, getting up from the table. “Liz gave it to me, to keep and when I realized that the four of you would be getting together again, I got it out of storage.” And with that, Cheryl ran into the house.

“Mom don’t…”

‘Get used to it; in a few more years, you’ll be wearing a real crown, my queen.’ Phil told her, as he brought up Sue’s hand to kiss.

“Here we go.” Cheryl called as she came back in and placed the small wire crown, covered in gold sparkles and sequins, on her daughter’s head.


“It looks lovely!” Liz exclaimed.

“I bet you’ll…you would make a lovely…princess.” Max told Sue.

‘That crown is nice and shiny, maybe we should trade our golden circlets in for some sparkly crowns made of wire and glitter!’ Max teased Liz, silently.

After the delicious dinner, the grown-ups moved into the living room to talk and the kids went into the recreation room to play pool, turn the music way up and dance.

“Look, he’s danced with everyone else but me. He even danced with you.” Dee complained to her sister, a couple hours later, as she watched Matt dancing with Amy Guerin.

“Why would you want to dance with someone you think is an idiot?” Libby asked.

“Well, he’s still a cute idiot.” Dee answered.

“Well, go and ask him to dance then, or even go out onto the floor and dance by yourself; maybe then he’ll come and join you.” Libby suggested.

“No way; I don’t want to look desperate.” Dee replied as she looked at her watch. “It’s getting late; let’s go see if Aunt Susan is ready to leave yet.” Libby nodded at this and went to give Sue and Phil their five minute warning, so they could say goodnight and then followed Dee into the living room, to watch their adopted aunt kiss her groom-to-be, goodnight, as well, while they waited for the chopper to arrive and fly them home.

The next morning, the two sisters woke up first and made breakfast for all of them and took all of the food up to the guest room to serve their honorary aunt (and friend) breakfast in bed, to start her wedding day off right. By nine thirty, all four ladies were ready; most especially the bride. Susan was wearing her lace dress under her robe, which now looked like a stylish, white, calf-length jacket with white embroidery circling the hem; white shoes and small, whit hat, perched on top of her simple page-boy hair-do.

“The three of you young ladies look so lovely. I wish I could have had you for my bride’s maids, but if I had done that, there would have hardly been anyone to sit out in the congregation!”

“I think it’s a great idea of yours to have Mom and Dad give you away.” Sue said.

“Well, since I don’t have any blood family left and Mason and Cheryl are the closest thing I’ve had to a brother and sister, I asked your father to give me away. Then your mom got the idea that both of them should walk me down the aisle; especially since Max is Sam’s best-man and Liz is my matron-of-honor; I guess they see it as their giving me not only into Sam’s care, but into Max and Liz’s care, as well, since I’m moving to Airatan; moving from my old life, to my new one.”

“It’s time to leave; it’s our turn to be your fairy godmothers and make sure you get to the church on time!” Sue said, as they headed out to Susan’s car.

At the church, Susan’s choir was in place as were Sam, Max and the pastor; standing on the first step before the altar. The congregation was a small one, but was made up of good friends; co-workers and neighbors of Susan’s, plus Suzie and Matt. Then Phillip, Libby, Dee, the Guerins, all of their grandparents and a couple of Sam’s Air Force buddies.

Max and Liz had modified their robes to match Sam’s and Susan’s; their symbol of copper and golden hearts and the silver infinity symbol, all depicted now in blue or white, in a border around the hem of their shortened robes and for the sake of secrecy, the Royal Seal had been removed.

Liz gazed at her beloved husband from the back of the church, loving the sight of him all in blue; showing off his broad shoulders and slim hips.

‘And I love seeing you in all white again.’ Max said to her softly, through their connection. ‘It brings back memories of our wedding day, like it was yesterday. I can hardly wait to take your robe off and see you in that lace dress I know you have on underneath it!’

‘Max, don’t get me all excited and stimulated while we’re at our friend’s wedding…and I can’t do anything about it! Now hush; I have about five seconds to compose myself before I have to walk down the aisle.’

‘You’re gorgeous when you blush.’ Max had to add, before the organist started playing the Wedding March and Liz started to slowly walk down the aisle; her cheeks still pink and a happy smile on her lips.

Susan waited a few moments before starting down the aisle, behind Liz, with Mason on one side and Cheryl on the other. Twice she had to slow her pace so that it wouldn’t look as though she were dragging them behind her in her haste to reach her future husband, at the altar.

‘Oh…boy…Sam looks…so handsome; all in blue with all of his medals pinned to his broad chest!’ Susan gazed lovingly down the aisle at Sam; their gazes locked.

‘Oh my sweet Susan, you look so lovely!’ Sam was thinking at the same time.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…

“I, Samuel Arthur, take thee Susan Elizabeth as my lawfully wed wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, ‘til death us do part.”

“I, Susan Elizabeth, take the Samuel Arthur as my lawfully wed husband, have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, ‘til death us do part.”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife…you may kiss the bride.”

“Finally, Mrs. Jones.” Sam whispered as he drew his wife into his strong arms.

“What’s taking you so long, Mr. Jones?” Susan smiled up at her husband, before they both swooped in on each other, for a long, satisfying kiss.

Max and Liz were standing on either side of the pastor, but within their psychic link they had been reaffirming their wedding vows and were now kissing as bride and groom, once again, as they watched their friends share their first marital kiss.

Out in the congregation, several of the couples were also sharing kisses.

“Hey, you two aren’t married yet!” Amy Guerin whispered, swatting Sue and Phil on the back.

“May I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jones!” The minister called out and the congregation broke out in applause.

At the reception, Susan “magically” threw her bouquet over her shoulder…to Sue and Sam tossed her garter right into Phil’s astonished hands.

“I don’t get to see this much of your leg, except when you’re at swim-team practice and even then it’s not…quite…the same.” Phil told Sue, as he skimmed his hand up her leg under the guise of putting the garter on.

“And you won’t be able to again until after our wedding.” Sue said, placing her hand over his; stopping it before it moved too high up her leg.

“Well, if I don’t get to see your…legs, may I at least hold you in my arms, while we dance?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Sue giggled and got up off of Phil’s lap and they both walked over to the dance floor and waited for the bride and groom to have the first dance, before everyone joined in the waltz.

“Oh Susan, I can’t believe that you are finally my wife or that I have you here in my arms.” Sam whispered to her, as he held her closely for their first dance.

“And soon you’ll have me in your arms, in our bedroom.” Susan promised, anticipating their wedding night with an excitement that raced over her skin.

“Mmmm, Johann will be picking us up in…” Sam looked at his watch, which was counting down the minutes. “One hour, seventeen minutes and three seconds; a short helicopter flight to the airfield, an hour’s flight to the Valley and we’re home!”

“Home!” Susan grinned happily and tiptoed up to kiss Sam’s lips, bringing them to a standstill in the middle of the dance floor.

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***A special thank you to Ladylou, Ursa, Izzylizard and deraZor (your idea will be in a later chapter, I promise!) and everyone who gave me ideas for how Matt should find out about Our Heroes! I think I’ve included a little bit of each of your suggestions into this next part. I hope you like what I came up with! Enjoy! ~jane

Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: See past 24 parts
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Author’s Note: I have posted all parts for this story on the Repost Board as well.

Was It A Dream? Part 34

Two hours, fifty-two minutes and fourteen seconds later, Sam was carrying Susan over the threshold of their mountainside home. They had no memory of their flight here, but were glad to see that all of their clothing was intact, if slightly mussed…but not for long, they both thought, as they eyed each other.

“Oh wow, I see the elves have been hard at work!” Sam exclaimed, as they walked hand in hand into their bedroom.

“Oh Sam did you plan all of this for me?” Susan gasped.

“In general, yes, but I allowed the ladies some artistic license.”

They both looked around the room in wonder; white candles were everywhere and as the newlyweds stepped through the doorway, they all magically lit up; laughter and giggles were heard outside one of the curtained windows, before it faded away, as those who had prepared the wedding bower ran home to spread the news that Mr. and Mrs. Jones were home.

Besides the candles, now aglow on every flat surface, small branches had been tied to their plane bed, to create four bedposts, which reached over the mattress and became a canopy; draped with sheer, white material. Bouquets of autumn leaves in crimson and gold had been tied to some of the branches and placed in several bowls on the dresser and night tables. After seeing how the room had been transformed, Sam and Susan turned back to each other, a little uncertainly.

“Would you like to take a shower…or…change in the bathroom?” Sam asked.

“Actually…um…my plan was for you to…undress me…” Susan whispered, blushing but her eyes popped up when she heard Sam give a low moan.

“All right…I was going to change into something…more comfortable…but maybe you’d rather…return the favor?” He grinned sexily at his bride.

‘Dare I tell him that I’d do anything he wants me to?’ Susan wondered, as she cleared her throat.

“I could do that.” Susan answered, smiling softly, as Sam stepped closer and ran his knuckles down her jaw.

“Where would you like me to start?”

“Um…by letting me go first? You have more clothing on than I do.” Susan answered, as she raised her hands and laid them on his shoulders, waiting for his go-ahead.

“All right.” Sam said, letting his arms fall to his sides and held his breath, as Susan slid her hands over, to unfasten his robe and slide it off of his shoulders; she folded it and placed it neatly over the back of a chair.

“Sit down, Sam; so I can take your shoes and socks off.”

Sam did so and took the chance to run his fingers through Susan’s silky hair, as she knelt to slip his shoes off and then his socks. His hands stopped massaging her scalp, as he felt Susan running her hands over the arches of his feet; gently manipulating the bones.

“Mmmy turn, sweetheart. Just stand up right there.” Sam instructed and Susan straightened up to stand between his knees.

Sam could feel her breathing become shallow and rapid and saw a blush spread across her face, as he unfastened her robe and pushed it off of her shoulders. The material slipped from his fingers as he saw what Susan was wearing underneath.

“Oh my…” Sam sighed out, as his eyes skimmed over the vision standing shakily before him.

The lace he had seen while Susan wore her robe at their wedding had only made her look virginal; prim and proper, but now that her robe had been removed, she looked anything but. Sam was never happier than at that moment, that he stayed in excellent physical shape, by exercising every day; otherwise he would be worried by how his heart was threatening to beat its way out of his chest. Susan was now wearing a lace sheath; high necked, long-sleeved, calf-length…and mostly see-through; showing off the slim, barely covered figure of his wife, underneath.

“I always knew that you were beautiful, but seeing you now…” Sam said, before he wrapped a hand around Susan’s neck and pulled her down for a deep, intense kiss.

As they continued to nibble and taste each other’s mouths, Susan let her fingers do the walking down Sam’s chest; unbuttoning his shirt as she went. She pushed it off and caressed his skin; still not watching what she was doing, only touching and stroking…Suddenly, Susan’s world turned upside down and she found herself lying on the bed with an impassioned Sam leaning over her, as she kissed her jaw, her throat…

“Your caresses are driving me crazy!” Sam moaned between nibbles to her left ear.

As he continued to nuzzle Susan’s face and neck, which she arched to give him greater access to, Sam’s hand started to wander down over her hip, her thigh and calf, until he found the hem of her lace dress and started to slide his fingers back up the way they had come.

“Oh sweetheart, you really know what drives a man wild, don’t you?” Sam asked, after his fingers discovered the top of her sheer hose and her garter-belt. “These garments will require my full attention to remove!”

Susan arched her back in need, panting, as she watched her husband slowly push her dress up her legs, until he reached the fasteners for the garter-belt and started undoing them and rolling each stocking down her legs. Afterwards, Sam returned to his place beside her, but his large, slightly rough palm continued to stroke her thigh.

While Sam’s hands were busy; one propping him up, the other stroking her leg, Susan let hers’ inch its way down his chest and over his tight abdomen, to fumble with his belt buckle and the zipper to his slacks. Once both were undone, she slipped her fingers inside is slacks and boxers, to stroke him as he was stroking her; over his hip and muscular thigh.

“Enough of that…for now, love.” Sam warned, as he pulled her adventurous fingers away from his over-sensitized body. “Can you undo those tiny buttons at the nape of your neck, or do you need some help?” Sam asked and then watched as Susan raised her arms to undo the buttons to her dress. Another…part of her anatomy lifted up as well…and poked against the lace covering it.

“Lift your hips up, while I peel this dress off of you.” Sam said next.

As soon as her next to last covering was gone, Susan moved in to wrap her arms around Sam’s shoulders, but he held her off with gentle hands placed on her upper arms and gloried in this new vision before him.

“You are so lovely…I must…taste you…” Sam hesitated, glancing up into her eyes and saw only love and desire, until she brought a hand up and guided his head down to nuzzle and taste her breasts; both of her hands combed their way through his short hair and kept his lips where they were causing such incredible sensations to radiate out from her core.

Susan’s moans of excitement finally got Sam’s attention and he broke off his in-depth study of her torso, to slip his pants and boxers off in one, quick action.

“I wore baggy pants today, so they would be easy to get off!” Sam explained, grinning and then felt that smile go lax, as Susan skimmed her lacy panties and the garter-belt down her legs, tossed them aside and then rolled to her knees and straddled his hips.

“Do you still want to ‘return the favor’, Sam?” Susan asked, no longer shy, as she started to explore her groom’s exciting body with gentle hands, nipping teeth and soothing tongue.

Sam could only nod this time and continue his exploration of his new bride, who was beautifully displayed above him; open to his every caress. He found her ready and after only a few gentle strokes of his fingers, she was begging him to make the final connection. He eased her onto her back; still kissing her lips and stroking her most sensitive spot, before joining his body to hers. They reached their peaks at the same time; sending each other even higher, until they slumped together ad gently floated down to earth. Sam managed to draw the sheet and blankets up around them, while keeping one arm around Susan.

“I love you.” They both sighed, before falling asleep.


Same time, at the Blair’s house.

Mason, Cheryl, Max, Liz, Phillip and Suzie, Dee and Libby, who had moved into rooms of their own, in the mansion, had flown back to L.A. after the reception and had gathered in the living room. Matt had asked to be excused from playing junior host, in favor of going to visit some of his buddies for a while.

“You know, I’ve been wondering what we should tell Matt, about all of you guys and what really went on with Niko Giuliani.” Cheryl mentioned.

“Yes, me too.” Max replied. “In most cases a Human doesn’t learn about we aliens unless he or she has fallen in love with one of us. Each case is handled individually; one person at a time…but with Matt…”

“On one hand, he’s living in New York and had nothing to do with the Niko situation; we told him very little about what was going on at the time, there was no need for him to know more. But now, we, his parents know your secret and his older sister is marrying an alien prince; no disrespect intended, Phillip, Max.”

“None taken.” Father and son assured.

“I think that it would be best if we all told him the truth about ourselves, before we leave this weekend.” Liz replied and everyone agreed.

“It’s a shame he isn’t here right now; we could get it over with.” Cheryl said.

“Hey you know what would be great? We could all watch ‘The Royal Four, Among Us’!” Mason suggested. “I’d love to see your reactions to it. You kids have studied Antarian history, haven’t you? I’d love your input too.”

“Well sure, Mason; we’d like to hear your stories about filming the movie.” Max replied, while glancing over to Liz, uncertainly.

Even though he, Liz and the rest of their friends had loved the movie and been big fans of the TV series; Max had only watched the movie once, when it had first come out in the theaters. He hoped that almost twenty-four years later, it wouldn’t be so emotionally gut-wrenching to watch. Liz brought Max’s cold palm up to her lips and kissed it gently, as Mason used a remote to have a large screen drop down out of the ceiling and keyed the proper DVD to insert itself into the player. He dimmed the lights some and the movie began.

“I remember the FX guys grumbling about getting those special effects just right.” Mason whispered, during one exciting part in the movie.

“I love how authentic the sets and costumes look.” Libby mentioned.

“I just wish they’d found an actress who looks more like Grandma Belisa, than the one who ended up playing her part.” Dee said. “You look so much like my grandfather and father, Mr. Blair, it’s kind of startling not to see Aunt Isabel or someone who looks like her, up on the screen, as well.” Cheryl paused the movie.

“You know, it’s incredible with all that we know about all of you and all we’ve been through together; I’ve never really thought about the fact that Mason was playing Max’s father and then Max himself and I was kind of playing you, Liz; that just blows my mind!”

“Well, thank goodness my life wasn’t like the role you played.” Liz replied. “The thought of being hunted by the government is one of my worst nightmares!”

A moment later, Matt came around the corner, into the living room and no one paid attention to his expression, or wondered if he had heard any of what they had just been discussing.

“Hey Matt, I thought you were spending the evening with your buddies.” Mason asked.

“Turns out they were all busy with family stuff.” Matt answered.

“Well, come join our family stuff. We’re watching ‘Among Us’.” Matt shrugged and found a seat; looking around at everyone in the room as Mason started up the movie again.

Soon, they reached the part where the parents are bravely saying good-bye to their children and then putting them into their individual space pods; to send them away from their dying sun, Antaria, before it went nova and killed everyone left on their planet. Matt heard sniffles coming from just about everyone sitting around him and tried not to let his own tears fall, as well; this part was always so poignant.

“Daddy?” A tiny voice whispered to his right and he turned to see Mr. Evans with tears streaming down his face and anguish in his eyes. Mrs. Evans was in his arms, trying to sooth him; gently caressing his face and shoulders, while tears ran down her face, as well. Then the cute-but-irritating Dee moved over to hug her father and tried to comfort him too.

‘Wow, deep family.’ He wonders at their intense emotions.

“Oh man, Max, Liz, I’m sorry. I should have realized how upsetting this would be for you to watch…especially since for you, all of this was real.” Mason said, cryptically…to his son, anyway.

“It’s alright, Mason, this scene is almost over; please continue showing the movie, the second half was great.” Mason nodded and hit the play-button.

‘What was that all about?’ Matt wondered. After that, he couldn’t believe that he was just sitting there, watching the rest of the movie. While waiting for it to end, he let his mind wander over everything he had heard, before he came into the room.

“You look so much like my grandfather and father, Mr. Blair, it’s kind of startling not to see Aunt Isabel or someone who looks like us, up on the screen, as well.” Cheryl paused the movie. “You know, it’s incredible with all that we know about all of you and all we’ve been through together; I’ve never really thought about the fact that Mason was playing Max’s father and then Max himself and I was kind of playing you, Liz; that just blows my mind!” “Well, thank goodness my life wasn’t like the role you played.” Liz replied. “The thought of being hunted by the government is one of my worst nightmares!”

“Okay, someone, want to tell me about what is going on here?” Matt exclaimed, shooting to his feet, the instant that the credits started to roll, he couldn’t stand waiting any longer. “I heard what Dee, Mom and Mrs. Evans said earlier…and…and the way Mr. Evans overreacted to that scene in the movie…Dad, I found out what Giuliani was accusing you of…what’s going on?”

Everyone looked around the room and then Max started to explain.

“You say that you know what Giuliani was accusing your father; and myself of. Except for the bit about our families being related…everything else is…true.”

Max continued to tell Matt the whole story, with a little help from everyone else; of where he came from, meeting Liz and the others, building Airatan, meeting Mason and Cheryl, up to Suzie and Phillip’s relationship.

“My sister is marrying an alien?” Matt exclaimed when Max finished his story.

“Out of all that my father just told you, that’s all it boils down to?” Dee exclaimed.

“And that my own family knew about all of you and didn’t tell me, yeah!” Matt yelled, arms flying.

“Try to calm down, Matt.” Mason said. “We only just found out about Max’s…alien status a few months ago and at the time, there was no need for you to be told; you weren’t a part of it.”

“But with your sister marrying my son,” Max said in a firm voice. “We knew that you should be told and planned to tell you later today or tomorrow.”

“Yeah sure, you must be real good at keeping your secrets, why would you tell me now?”

“Because that’s what we do when someone becomes involved with us, you numbskull!” Dee exclaimed. “We tell that person and then let him or her decide if they still want to be…involved with us. Up until now, there’s never been a problem; everyone we’ve told has helped us keep our secret.”

“Yeah, so you say, but nothing is ever that simple.” Matt glared at Dee before turning and walking out of the room.

He couldn’t understand why he was reacting this way; so irrationally, but he needed time away; to think. He didn’t realize that he was fighting his attraction to the beautiful Dee and in trying to reject that attraction; he was rejecting anything she said, as well.

“Matt wait, let’s talk about this.” Mason called.

“I’ll get the idiot.” Dee said and raced out of the room.

She followed the sound of his footsteps, as Matt walked quickly ahead of her; slipping on a couple of scatter-rugs as she tried to catch up with him. She passed through the enormous kitchen and realized that Matt was headed for the garage…and his car. When she reached the deserted back hallway, she saw him up ahead and in a moment of desperation, used her powers to pull the rug out from under him; literally and then wrap him up in it; arms as well as legs.

“Oh man, how the hell did you do this to me?” Matt yelled.

“Shut up; I’m an alien’s daughter, remember? Now come in here before someone sees or hears us.” She commanded and used her powers to get him up off of the floor. She tugged on his restraints and he hopped along behind her, into the laundry room. Dee firmly locked the door and turned to face Matt.

“Please try to calm down.” She urged, trying to calm down herself.

“Get me the hell out of this…rug!” Matt yelled.

“No, not until you calm down.” Dee said, but she did loosen the rug’s hold on him a little.

“Gee, thanks.” He sneered.

“You’re welcome…Now please listen to me when I say that we are harmless…well mostly, anyway.” Dee modified when Matt lifted an ironic eyebrow. “We don’t Want to hurt anyone. We are a peaceful people; a civilization of artists and poets…and actors.” She tried to appeal to the fact that Matt was an actor.

“And just what sort of artwork do you do?” Matt asked.

“Um, well actually, I’m studying to be a lawyer. I tried sculpting when I was younger, but even Uncle Michael said that I was hopeless. Libby; you know my twin, who you keep getting me mixed up with, is the artist in my family. She makes the most beautiful things with clay!” Matt sighed.

“Okay, so you’re all a bunch of peaceful potters and painters; can’t you understand that this is all a lot for me to take in all at once? My sister is not only getting married, but she is getting married to an alien…who will one day become a king; my sister will be a queen!”

“It’s not that big a deal; look at my parents, they Are a king and queen and they aren’t wearing their crowns or designer clothes; they are just a family lawyer and a microbiologist; my mom and dad.”

“But they…do have…crowns?” Matt asked in wonder.

“Well…yeah, but they hardly ever wear them.” Dee explained.

“Dee, it is still an awful lot for me to take in. I just need to think it all through…alone. I may have questions later, but for now I need to get away for a while, okay? I promise, I won’t tell a soul, ever.” Matt said, looking intently into her eyes.

“You promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“Yeah, I promise.”

“Well okay then.” Dee said and let the rug fall to the ground. Just then someone started knocking loudly on the door.

“Matt, Dee; are you in there? Are you alright?” Suzie called.

Dee walked over to the door and unlocked it. Matt shook his head in wonder as he saw the girl’s hand glow and walked over to his sister.

“Everything’s alright. I just need to go for a drive; think things through, okay?”

“All right; drive safely.” Sue said in relief.

“Don’t worry, I will.” Matt said, as he drew her into a gentle hug and kissed her brow.

“Tell Mom and Dad that I’ll be back later.” And he walked past Phil and Dee and out the door to his car.

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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: See past 24 parts
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Author’s Note: I have posted all parts for this story on the Repost Board as well.

Was It A Dream? Part 35

Two weeks after Thanksgiving, the kids were back in Cambridge and well into their studies. As Dee walked through the door to her home-away-from-home, she was reflecting on Phil and Sue…and Matt.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep the two lovers apart at night, even though they still said they wanted to ‘wait’ until they were married, they were constantly being caught in one or the other’s rooms making out. Dee, Amy and Audra had taken it upon themselves to make sure that there were no more nighttime liaisons; they were getting too close to the date for their wedding to allow Sue and Phil to ruin that special day for themselves.

Matthew Blair was another worrisome thought, bouncing around in Dee’s mind. It had been two weeks since he had found out about…everything and he hadn’t said anything to anyone, on that subject, since he had left the house to go for his drive and to think things through. Dee was brewing some tea in hopes of calming her stomach down, when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll yet it.” She called, as she went to answer the door. “Oh…Matt Blair; what are you doing here?”

“I came to see my sister, is she here…Libby?” He grinned at her.

“No, she isn’t.” Dee answered and moved to slam the door shut in his face, but his hand snapped up and stopped it from closing.

“May I…come inside and wait for her…Dee?” He relented.

“Oh all right. See how nice I can be when called by my proper name?” She smiled.

“Do you know what time Sue will be home?” Matt asked, just grinning back at her.

“Fifteen, maybe twenty minutes; would you like something to drink?”

“Yeah, a beer would be great.” Matt said.

“You aren’t twenty-one and you won’t find any alcohol in this house, anyway.” Dee answered.

“What, are all of you aliens tea-totalers?”

“As a matter of fact we are.” Shaun and Ed came up behind Dee.

“You wouldn’t want to see an alien get drunk, my friend.” Ed warned and had the pleasure of seeing Matt swallow, nervously.

“I’m just brewing some tea.” Dee said now with a grin on her face. “Would you like some of that? Or, we have vegetable, or fruit juices, iced tea, or pop.”

“Um how about a Dr. Pepper?” Matt asked, cautiously.

“Sure coming right up.” Dee said, indicating a chair at the kitchen table.

“Would that be with or without Tabasco sauce?” Shaun asked; he loved intimidating this guy.

“Tabasco; what about it?” Matt asked.

“Would you like some in your Dr. Pepper?” Shaun asked slowly, as he popped his own can open and dropped some in, before taking a swig.

“Uh sure, I’ll try it.” Matt agreed reluctantly and started Dee laughing.

“Shaun, don’t you dare!” She stopped her friend from dropping and Tabasco into Matt’s drink and took the can away from him. “Matt, we like our food to be sweet and spicy at the same time; it’s a physiological thing, a dietary quirk. You would not like it at all; Shaun was just teasing you! Would you like ice?”

“Is there any Tabasco in it?” Matt asked and Dee shook her head with a twinkle in her eyes, so Matt said yes to the ice.

“Here you go.” Dee served him his drink after pouring it over a glassful of ice.


“Matt, hi!” Sue cried out, when she came through the back door and saw her brother sitting there; she flew across the room to hug him.

“Hey big sis.” Matt hugged her back. “Hey, Phillip.” Matt stuck his hand out and they shook.

“Matt, how are you?” Phillip asked politely, if warily.

“Doing good; can the three of us talk?”

“Sure…why don’t we go up to Sue’s room?” Phil suggested. “Sue, would you like something to drink?”

“Some of Dee’s tea, when it’s done.” Sue said.

“Go on up and I’ll bring it to you in a minute.” Phil told her, reluctantly letting her hand go, after kissing her knuckles.

“Thank you, love.” Sue smiled her special smile at him and then headed out the door and up the stairs. “Come on Matt.” Because she knew her brother would worry, she explained how the house was set up.

“The boys’ rooms are on this floor, the girls’ rooms are on the third floor and my room…soon to be mine and Phillip’s room, is in the attic. Isn’t it nice and cozy up here?” She asked when they reached the top.

“Yeah, you really have it fixed up nicely, Suzie.” Matt replied, as he looked around the nice sized room, tucked in under the eaves. “If Phil’s room is downstairs, why do you have two desks up here?” Sue let out an annoyed huff.

“Because we like spending as much time together, even if it is while we study. Dee, Amy and Audra make sure that he sleeps in his own room, don’t worry.”

“And you really love him, don’t you? And his being…different doesn’t bother you at all, does it? How are you going to handle becoming a queen?” Matt asked.

“I love Phillip more than life itself; I can’t imagine my life without him.” Sue told her brother, fervently.

“Nor can I see mine without you, sweetheart.” Phil said, as he came up the last few steps, into the room, carrying a tray with him. He put it down and met Sue half-way as she moved towards him, as well. Phil placed a tender kiss on her brow in deference to their audience, but kept hold of her hand.

“To answer the rest of your questions, Matt, no, Phil’s being an alien doesn’t bother me in the least; it make him special. As to being his queen, I’ll deal with that the same way his mother does; with love, standing by his side and one day at a time.”

After that, all three of them sat down and talked for a while; the men getting to know each other. Phil invited Matt to stay for dinner and he accepted. When Matt didn’t eat his green beans, the prankster pounced on him with glee and everyone, including his sister and future brother-in-law laughed at him, while he reluctantly ate the hated vegetables on his plate.

Later that night, as Matt was getting ready to go back to his hotel room, Phil glanced at Sue and lifted a questioning brow. Sue nodded, smiling and Phil turned back to Matt.

“Hey Matt, I was wondering if you’d like to be one of my ushers at our wedding?” Matt looked up, startled and pleased.

“Hey yeah, I’d love to; thank you.”

“No, thank you.” Phil countered and both men, now friends, shook hands.

“Bye Matt, see you in Airatan for Christmas, if not before.” Sue hugged her brother who had been invited for the holiday and to her wedding, of course, but would now be a part of her wedding party.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!” Everyone called to their friends, as they left the lovely candle-lit church, after the midnight Christmas services. It was cold in this part of northern New Mexico, especially at their high altitude; the ground was already covered and more snowflakes were drifting gently down.

“Merry Christmas, my love.” Sue kissed Phil, making their lips warm with the insistent pressure, before breaking out of their embrace and climbing into Uncle Sam’s car to drive home and get some sleep during the early hours of Christmas morning, at her aunt and uncle’s house.

“See you in a few hours; sleep well, honey.” Phil called.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By noon on Christmas Day, the extended family and friends were gathered at Mat and Liz’s house to open presents and eat Christmas dinner, later on. Two enormous trees graced the living room and family room, garlands and ribbons were hung everywhere else and many poinsettias brightened up the corners.

For Sue and Phil, this Christmas was half holiday, half bridal shower.

“Oh man, Mom and Dad…Wow what a great gift!” Phillip exclaimed as he and an excited Suzie read over Liz’s note, which was attached to Max’s dry legalese…transferring a plot of land, nearby, over to them.

As the almost newlyweds opened their gifts, they saw a conspiracy forming.

“Gee you guys, all of these gifts look like they might add up to a…house!” Max grinned at his son and soon-to-be-daughter.

“Olaus and his son gave me this letter, to give to you; it’s an invitation to come by their studio; to talk about what you want in your home, so that they can design it for you.”

“Oh Mr. and Mrs. Evans, this is so wonderful, so generous…” Tears of joy were running down Sue’s face and Phil drew her tighter into his arms.

“Liz, I want to give these two an early wedding present; I can’t wait.” Max said, determinably.

“I didn’t want to wait until their wedding in the first place.” Liz reminded him.

“Sue; with all due respect to your parents, we would like you to call us Mom and Dad, or Max and Liz from now on. It’s a few days early, but we see you as our daughter, already.”

“Oh my, oh my!” Sue gasped out happily and then turned to her parents. “Mom, Dad, is it; would it be alright if I call them…Mom and Dad…too?”

“Of course it is, sweetheart; the four of us have discussed this already.” Cheryl told her daughter.

“Well then, we won’t wait until your wedding day either.” Mason said. “Phillip we would also like to drop the formality and we ask you to call us Mom and Dad, as well.”

“Hey great!” Phillip exclaimed, as Phil went to Cheryl and Mason and Sue went to Max and Liz for hugs and kisses from their new parents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I love the winter-carnival feeling you have going on here.” Matt remarked to Dee as everyone came out of the church, following a successful wedding rehearsal.

“Yeah, our summer art-fair draws tourists into the Valley and then they stay to watch the plays our actors put on in the open-air amphitheater; and then the musicals and dramas we perform in our indoor theater draws them in during the winter and they stroll through our artist’s studios between performances.”

“And yet you have only two good-sized hotels; how do you house everyone who comes to the Valley?” Matt asked.

“A lot of motels have sprung up on the highway, leading here, but they are still a ways away, since they couldn’t build within the National Forrest, so a lot of our people rent out rooms in their homes, as bed and breakfast accommodations.”

“Ah.” Mat said, nodding.

He and Dee had been getting along fairly well, since that first day he had come to see his sister, at their house in Cambridge. Matt had driven down to see Sue once more after that and now he was one of Phillip’s ushers and was pared with…Dee in the wedding party.

“So, tomorrow is the big day. Where are my sister and your brother going on their honeymoon, I haven’t heard.” Matt asked.

“Oh well, since they are college students, they can’t afford the cost or take the time to go away to someplace…warm, so they are staying at the Valley’s best hotel. The owner built a honeymoon suite this summer and Phil and Sue will be the first couple to stay in it!”

“Well, well, sounds romantic!” Matt smiled, happy for his sister.

“Knowing my brother, I’m sure it will be!” Dee said.

“Hey look, you two, you’re standing under some mistletoe!” Libby laughed at their startled expressions, as they looked up and saw the beribboned mistletoe hanging from the branch of a nearby tree.

“Hey, you gotta kiss her now, man!” Marc laughed along with his girlfriend.

“It’s Christmas; it’s tradition.” Libby added and grinned as Matt and Dee hesitantly moved in to give each other a quick peck on the lips and then turn away from each other, blushing.

‘It was only a quick kiss.’ Matt tried to tell himself. ‘But then why did it feel like so much more? It can’t mean…I just met her a couple of weeks ago…She’s an alien for Pete’s sake…She irritates the heck out of me…Then why did a quick brush of her lips make me see a quick starburst?...I need to think about all of this.’

“I’m, um going to go for a walk. I’ll be back in time for the dinner.” Matt muttered to himself and quickly walked off, before anyone could say anything. Dee rounded on her sister and friend.

“Why couldn’t you have left us alone? We were having a nice conversation…” Dee cried out.

“Hey, it’s tradition, and besides, the way you two were blushing, I think something more than just a peck on the lips, happened here.” Libby kept grinning.

“If he weren’t interested in you and you in him, neither of you would have reacted so strongly.” Marc agreed.

“Oh you guys!” Dee groaned, as they walked towards the cars which would take them home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘It’s my wedding day, finally!’ Sue thought happily the second her eyes popped open, early that morning. She jumped up out of bed just as her Aunt Susan knocked on her door.

“Oh good, you’re already up. I brought you some tee. Why don’t you get dressed and then we girls can head down to the Evans’ house, which has been slated to be your bridal headquarters and the guys will take over this place for the day. I shudder to think what my home is going to look like, when I come back tonight!” Susan groaned in mock-horror.

A few minutes later, Sue came out of her room, ready to go. Her wandering eyes peaked through the half-open door to her aunt and uncle’s bedroom.

“Aunt Susan, I didn’t know that you two had a canopy bed. Are those tree branches?”

“Yes, we liked them so well during our honeymoon that we had the branches permanently attached to the frame and now we decorate our canopy according to the season.”

Sue nodded, smiling, seeing the bright Christmas tree lights and greenery which were draped over the bows, now.

“Let’s go.” Cheryl said and the three ladies left the house after one more kiss to their husbands.

“Cheryl and Susan tried to screen Sue from the sight of Phillip as he and the other men came up the steps, they were walking down.

“Don’t look!” Everyone cried out as Sue and Phil tried to get a peek of the other, but to no avail, as they were hurried past each other.

At the Evans’, Sue now had her two mothers; Liz and Cheryl, her three best friends; Dee, Libby and Amy Guerin, her four aunts; Susan, Maria, Isabel and Tess and all four grandmothers; Nancy, Diane, Amy and Judy, for company.

‘And I’m the partridge-in-a-pear-tree!’ Sue sang to herself, as she saw all of the women in the house.

“We have the requisite chic-flicks to watch, chocolate to eat and the master bath ready for you to soak in, later.” Maria told Sue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The movies had been fun, the chocolate, divine and the long soak in the vanilla-scented bubbles, with candles burning all around the bathroom had been relaxing, Sue thought, as she came out into the master bedroom, snuggled into her warm robe. Her mother was there and her dress was hanging from the closet door.

“We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much company while you get ready, but if you’d like your friends to come in while you apply your make-up and fix your hair…” Cheryl suggested.

“That would be fun, if Dee, Libby, Amy, Liz and Aunt Susan could come in and help.” Sue agreed.

“Now you don’t want or need to wear too much make-up.” Dee advised as the ladies came in and got busy. They brushed her long, gorgeous hair and just curled the ends a little to give body.

You did a lovely job making the adjustments to your dress for Suzie, Liz.” Susan praised, as her niece was helped on with her dress. “How did you find lace to match their special pattern?”

“There is an artisan in town, who makes lace designs to order.” Liz answered, walking over to Sue’s veil. “She even incorporated the Royal Seal into the center of your lace, here.” Liz pointed out.

“It is all so beautiful, thank you so much!” Sue gulped out between tears.

“You will be a beautiful bride.” Libby assured her as she swept her glowing hand over Sue’s face, to erase the damage of tears.

“Now for your robe.” Liz said, once Sue’s dress was buttoned up the back.

Sue’s sleeveless and floor-length robe was placed over her shoulders and she pulled it together in the front, but didn’t fasten it. Stepping in front of the full-length mirror, Sue admired the gold embroidery, which ran down each side of the front of the robe and around the hem.

“Here’s your veil.” Dee said and helped to arrange it over her hair.

“I love how your lace veil shows up with your lovely hair spread out beneath it.” Amy said.

“Ladies, do you agree that our Suzie is a lovely bride?” Susan asked and everyone agreed, wholeheartedly, especially after a gentle blush spread over her cheeks.

“Now my dear, why don’t you go show your gorgeous self to all the ladies out in the family room. Chat with them and try to relax, while we get ourselves changed in record time.” Cheryl told her daughter.

Amy ran ahead and opened the door for her and then walked out into the family room.

“Ladies, may I present the bride; Susan Elizabeth Blair.” And all women clapped, oohed and ahhed.

In good time, everyone was ready and they were off to the church.

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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: See past 24 parts
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Author’s Note: I have posted all parts for this story on the Repost Board as well.

Was It A Dream? Part 36

The church was beautiful when the women arrived and peeked into the sanctuary. Besides its lovely and other-worldly design and stained glass, there were flowers and candles everywhere in jewel-tones that covered the spectrum.

“Suzie get back here, the guys are coming in through another door and they will see you if you continue to stand there.”

“Just one glimpse of him, Aunt Susan.” Sue begged.

“You will get all the glimpses you want in about five minutes.” Her godmother told her, before kissing her cheek and following the other ladies to their seats up front. Only Mason, Cheryl, Libby, Dee and Amy stayed in the back vestibule with her.

“The pastor is up front and the string quartet is about to begin.” Mason warned. “Everyone ready?” Amy, as bride’s maid stood first in line to walk down the aisle and then Dee and Libby, as co-maids of honor and finally Sue, with her parents on either side of her.

As Amy stepped forward a few white rose petals started floating down over the aisle…out of nowhere. As Dee and Libby walked forward the flurry of petals increased, but only looked more magical to Sue and her parents. By the time the bride stepped forward, the floor was covered in white and only a few petals fell around them.

‘No prankster with his model plane flying around, dropping rose petals on us, needed this time!’ Alex whispered to his friends over the Connection and was answered by grins and some soft giggles, as the eight of them remembered their own weddings.

Sue didn’t here anything and her eyes were locked on Phillip’s as he stood at the front of the church, with Marc Guerin as his best man and Matt and Shaun as his users, beside him. When they reached the front, Mason and Cheryl hugged and kissed their daughter and gave her hand to Phillip, who clutched it tightly.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…”

“Susan Elizabeth Blair, you were my brave Amazon Princess, when we were seven and we have been linked to one another, ever since. I was attracted to you right away, on that first day I saw you again, in History 101, three years ago. I fell in love with you from afar, as I saw your sweetness, intelligence and humor. I know you so much better now and admire all of your strengths and your inner beauty. I pledge to continue being your partner, to become your husband and lover and always be by your side through the good times and the bad, as long as we both shall live.”

“Phillip Jeffery Evans, you were my brave White Knight, when we were both young and we have been linked to one another ever since. I was attracted to you as soon as is saw you again, that first day in History101, three years ago. I also fell in love with you from afar as I saw your kindness, intelligence and humor. I know you much better now and admire all of your strengths and gentle manner. I pledge to continue being your partner, to become your wife and lover and always be by your side through the happy times and sad, as long as we both shall live.”

‘I’ve been noticing that our rings look like an Antarian version of the Claddagh ring; traditional and yet individualized for just the two of us.’ Phillip observed, silently as he slipped Sue’s ring onto her finger and she placed Phil’s onto his finger. As Phillip drew Sue into his arms for their kiss, she could here him continue to whisper to her.

‘Oh my Suzie, you are mine now and I am yours; I will love you for ever and ever…’

‘I have loved you for such a long time and now we are one and will remain so for ever and ever…’ Sue replied, silently.

‘And soon we won’t need physical touch to speak to each other, sub-vocally.’ Phil wiggled his eyebrows at her, as they broke their kiss and backed away a little.

“May I introduce to you, their Royal Highnesses, Prince Phillip and Princess Susan…Evans.” The pastor called out and then joined almost everyone in bowing low before them.

‘I didn’t know he was going to introduce us like that.’ Phil told Sue, as they blushed and waited for everyone to straighten up. ‘Oh man the Honor Guards are moving into position, they’re going to cross their pikes for us to walk under.’ He warned her.

‘Crossed pikes?’ Sue asked.

“Ever see an Army wedding, where they make a tunnel out of their crossed swords for the bride and groom to run under? This is the Antarian equivalent.’

Half of the congregation had already left their seats by the side aisles, to walk outside and find a good place to stand and see the Royal Couple come out of the church. The other half waited until most of the wedding party walked by, starting with the grandparents and parents; then Amy and Shaun; Dee and Matt; and then Libby and Marc walked back down the aisle. Phillip and Sue waited a few moments and then followed their friends.

Sue saw Dee tugging Matt out through the church door and Libby and Marc scurry through as well, just before she and Phillip reached the Honor Guard, who lined both sides of the aisle. They each carried a four-foot long staff in their hands, one end of each staff resting on the ground. Suddenly a bolt of energy shot out of the upper end of each staff, creating what Sue could only describe as an energy rod. Phil gave her hand a comforting squeeze as they passed under the radiant archway and exited the church. They stood on the top steps, under more pikes for a few moments while their friends and family took pictures of them, before running down the steps, through the hail of birdseed, which was thrown at them and over to their family, who led them into the community’s fellowship hall, where their reception was to be held.

“Oh man, what was that?” Mason asked Dee, as he, Cheryl and Matt stood nearby, outside the church.

“Those are the Honor Guard and they are holding energy pikes for Phil and Sue to walk under. On Antar, the Guard was the elite company who protected the Royal Family. Even though all of those people are a part of our security force, here in Airatan, this ceremony of theirs is mostly honorary; in memory of relatives who served in the Antarian military and Honor Guard, as well as a way for them to show their respect for my parents and now for my brother and his bride.”

“Oh boy!” Matt exclaimed, quietly.

“Will they do that for you, whenever you get married, Dee?” Cheryl asked.

“Probably not. My sister and I are only heirs to the heir; we aren’t so close to the throne that we would garner such special treatment, which is just fine with me, I wouldn’t want all the responsibilities that Phil will be taking on in eleven years.”

“What happens in eleven years?” Matt asked.

“That, God willing, will be when my father abdicates his place on the throne and my brother will be made king.” Dee explained. “Come on, let’s go into the reception.” She said and led them into the hall.

“Grandma Amy, I love the wedding cake you baked!” Her grandson, Marc exclaimed, a while later. “No plain white cake for you; this carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is delicious!” He said through a great big bight and gave his grandma a smacking kiss on her cheek.

“You’re welcome sweetie; weren’t Phil and Sue cute when they cut the cake? They reminded me so much of Max and Liz; both being so careful and neat when they fed each other a piece of cake.”

“Unlike my parents; I’ve seen the pictures of how they almost started a food fight at their wedding by smearing the cake over each other’s faces!” Marc said with a big grin on his face.

“Well, if you plan to follow in the footsteps of Maria and Michael, at your wedding Marcus Guerin, you can just go buy one of those tasteless, white cakes from a bakery. I’m not having my hard work smooshed all over Libby’s face!” Grandma Amy warned.

“No way Grandma, I wouldn’t do that to one of your wonderful cakes. Anyway I haven’t had the courage to go to Mr. Evans and ask for his permission to marry Libby yet…much less actually proposed to her, but when the time comes and it will; could you bake your white chocolate cake with raspberry filling?”

“Of course, sugar, I’ll keep my cake pans handy! Oh look, Sue is ready to throw her bouquet.” And they both turned around in time to see…Dee catch the flowers.

“Oh man, Sue’s brother, Matt caught the garter!” Marc exclaimed. “The tradition must be way off this time; I’ve seen those two fighting and snipping at each other whenever they’re in the same room. No way would they ever marry each other.”

“I have news for you; your own parents snipped at each other all the time, before they married and haven’t you noticed…they still do.” Amy told Marc, before going over to congratulate Dee and Matt.

“Sue, come with me, love; there’s some important people I want you to meet.” Phil said, as he came up to his bride and then guided her over to a table where ten elderly people sat, enjoying the reception.

“Hey Phil, when are you going to take your bride out onto the dance floor so the rest of us can start dancing as well?” Nasus asked, smiling.

“Just as soon as I introduce my lovely bride to the rest of you.” Phil answered, kissing the old lady on her cheek. “Sweetheart, you’ve met Nasus and Olaus Petersen; but this is Tage Petersen.” Phillip introduced the rest. “Tage is the oldest of the five children, who traveled with my parents from Antar to Earth. They crashed in Sweden, came out of their pods immediately and grew up there, before my father was able to contact them.

“It’s a great pleasure and honor to meet all of you, at last.” Sue said, glancing over the whole table. “I’d love to hear your life stories sometime; they must all be fascinating; coming to a whole new world and growing up here. Have any of you written your stories down?”

“No we haven’t, but maybe that would be a good idea.” Tage said thoughtfully. “Perhaps my son, Eric could help us write our stories down.”

“That would be a great idea.” Phil agreed. “We need to remember what happened to all of us; document it somehow…but for right now, I’m going to dance with my bride; Nasus, I expect to see you out on the dance floor, later.” Phil said, before leading Sue over to the cleared space for dancing and heard the band switch into a dreamy waltz, before he drew her into his strong arms and held her close.

“How much longer before we can leave?” Sue asked, desperately, as she felt Phil’s sexy body brushing against hers.

“Soon, love, soon.” Phil said, as he felt her soft form squirm against his. “Very soon, I promise.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dee and Matt stood on the sidelines watching, as Phillip and Sue danced together. When many of the other couples moved onto the dance floor to join the newlyweds, Matt turned to Dee.

“Well I guess we’re supposed to dance together, come on let’s get this over with.” He said and then took Dee’s hand and dragged her out into the crowd.

Matt kept Dee at a proper distance from his body; he didn’t quite understand why he was so reluctant to dance with this beautiful young woman in his arms. He loved to dance, he was very good at it and he was attracted to Dee, but a stone wall still seemed to encircle his heart, keeping him from displaying his emotions to her.

Dee could find no pleasure in finally being taken into Matt’s strong arms to dance, because he seemed to resent the necessity of dancing with her so much. He was a great dancer; graceful and sure, but his gorgeous lips had been pulled down in a frown the whole time and he barely even looked into her eyes. When the dance ended, Dee was so disappointed that she stomped off in a huff, to ignore the bore for the rest of the reception. Matt sighed in disappointed relief and slumped off the dance floor to quietly replay the moment when he got to touch Dee’s calf as he had slipped Sue’s garter up her leg and then the feeling of holding her in his arms as they danced and he inhaled her sweet scent.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“May I dance with my daughter?” Mason asked and Phillip reluctantly let go of her and went to find his mother for their traditional dance.

“We are so happy for you and proud of you!” Mason exclaimed, quietly in Sue’s ear as they swayed together. “You have a brilliant career and future ahead of you. You’ve become a strong, intelligent and beautiful young woman and you have found yourself a good man to fall in love with and to marry.”

“Thank you Daddy; that means so much to me to hear.” Sue whispered back as she lay her cheek on his broad shoulder.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Phillip!” Liz exclaimed, as her tall, strong son came up behind her and swung her into his arms for a dance.

‘My mother is so tiny; has she always been this tiny?’ Phillip wondered to himself, as he guided her around the dance floor. ‘I guess her strength of character; intelligence and love have always given her a few extra inches in my eyes.’

“You look a little lost honey, is everything alright?” Liz asked her son.

“Yeah Mom, I’m fine…it’s jut that…you have always been a person I looked up to; your intelligence, loving heart, your strength…it’s all still there and don’t get me wrong, you and Dad will always be my…heroes, but just now, dancing with you…you seem so tiny to me, as if I need to protect you…although I know that you need no protection…I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Perhaps you’ve just stepped into true adulthood; become the man you were meant to be…you’re no longer my little boy, but my grown son. Your instincts to protect are growing and you feel the weight of responsibility…of becoming a married man, starting a family, your future birthright…But don’t worry, Phillip, your father and I raised you so that you would be strong enough to carry all of these responsibilities…And you have exceeded all of our hopes and expectations for you!” Then Liz switched over to sub-vocal speech, so that Max, who was on the other side of the room, could join her in speaking to their son.

‘I am so proud of you, my son.’ They both said. ‘And so would Welmas and Belisa; you carry their spirits within your heart and have grown into a fine young man. You cared enough to be drawn to and to help Sue overcome what Giuliani did to her and found your soul-mate at the same time. We love you and your new bride, very much.’

‘Mom, Dad, thank you so much for telling me all that. I love you both so much too; you have been the best parents any kid, anywhere could ever have.” Phil hugged his mother and then his father, who had been making his way through the crowd as the three of them spoke sub-vocally.

“Now why don’t you grab your lady-love and slip out of here?” Max suggested with a grin. “Your bags have been taken to the hotel and everything has been prepared for you.”

“Good advice, Dad, thanks.” Phil said and slipped through the crowd towards his soul-mate.

Max and Liz watched, arm in arm, as Phil stepped up behind Sue, got her away from her current dance partner and then whispered in her ear. Sue blushed and then nodded, before leaving Phil’s warm arms so that they could separately sneak through the crowd, towards the door. They almost made it to freedom, when a spot-light came out of nowhere and everyone heart trumpets sound a salute.

“Oh I thought they’d make it unseen.” Liz whispered.

“Yeah, but I guess that the prankster couldn’t resist having a little fun.” Max replied.

Phil and Sue stood in the spot-light, smiled and waved good-bye to their friends. One thoughtless guest was going to take this moment to draw Phillip into conversation, when all of a sudden, he bumped into an invisible barrier; his hands pressed against the force-field as he tried to find his way past it. A startled set of newlyweds looked around for signs of who could have put up the invisible wall and then shrugged, grinned and hurried out the door, while they had the chance.

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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
Disclaimer: See past 24 parts
Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Author’s Note: I have posted all parts for this story on the Repost Board as well.

***Coming down to the wire not. Thank you for sticking with me through this whole story! ~jane

Was It A Dream? Part 37 The HONEYMOON!

Phil helped Sue into the car, which had been left for them outside, got in behind the wheel and took off.

“Thank goodness Antarians don’t go into writing ‘Just Married’ in shaving cream, on the bride and groom’s car!” Phil sighed in relief.

“Or tying cans or old boots to the bumper!” Sue laughed along with him, as they drove the short distance to the hotel.

“Here we are, Mrs. Evans.” Phil said, as they drove under the canopy, which stretched out from the front

Phil helped her out of the car and they walked arm in arm into the hotel. The few guests who were in the lobby at the time, stopped to stare and grin, when they saw the young married couple come in. The hotel owner came forward and shook their hands.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Evans.” He said, formally, only just stopping himself from calling them Your Highnesses, as he would have liked to, on their wedding day, if it hadn’t been for his Human guests standing nearby. “What a lovely wedding ceremony you had; I’m so glad I was able to attend it, before coming back here to make sure that everything was in perfect order for you.”

“I’m sure everything will be great, thank you.” Phillip told the hotelier. “The reception is still going on, maybe you can slip away and put in an appearance there as well.”

“Perhaps, but let’s get you two settled first; this way, please.”

They all rode the elevator to the top floor and the doors opened onto a private hallway, which led to the bridal suite. Their host opened the double doors and Phil picked up Sue in his arms to carry her over the threshold. They kissed passionately before he let her slide down his body to stand beside him again.

“Oh wow, this is beautiful!” Sue exclaimed, as she finally looked around the living room.

A seating area with an overstuffed sofa and chairs faced a stone fireplace. Huge windows on either side of the fireplace gave a fabulous view of the Valley and a small table-for-two was placed in front of one of them. The color scheme in the room was restful with soft greens everywhere and some large, leafy plants arranged in the corners and by the windows.

“Oh man, a fake fur rug…Rumor has it that Dee and Libby were conceived on a fake fur coverlet, my parents had on their bed.” Phil told Sue, looking over to the rug, which lay in front of the fireplace.

“Through here is the bedroom.” Their host opened a pair of folding doors.

The room was large and all in creams and whites. The huge bed was placed on the far wall with a perfect view of the raised fireplace in the living room. White, filmy drapes hung from the canopy and stirred gracefully in the breeze from the opening of the doors. The floor was covered in ankle-deep, angle-soft white carpeting.

“Here is your closet and dresser; everything has been unpacked for you and the bathroom is through here.”

Where the bedroom was virginal, the bathroom was anything but; fashioned of black marble, every surface was mirror smooth and curved, almost fluid in appearance. Despite its large size and color, the bathroom was warm and looked infinitely relaxing, especially the Jacuzzi-tub; big enough to swim in, with a bay window surrounding most of it, giving a spectacular and private view of the Valley. Even though there was no one to look in, more large, leafy plants had been placed around the tub, but ample green-filtered light came in anyway and fragrant, flowering vines swung like garlands around the room.

“This makes me think of some secret, underground grotto, but with sunlight still filtering in; it’s beautiful, the whole suite is!” Sue exclaimed.

‘It’s just as I envisioned.’ Phil praised their host, silently. ‘Thank you for making these special arrangements for me.’

“Hey that’s the magic of staying in an alien-run hotel, almost anything is possible.’ Their host said, before quietly leaving them alone.

“Do you really like the suite?” Phil asked, gathering Sue into his arms and gazing intently into her eyes.

“I really do…my love.” Sue answered.

“Mmmm.’ Phil groaned, as he kissed her, deeply. “So…would you like me to light the fire, would you like to change, take a swim in the Jacuzzi…what?”

“Ohhh a fire sounds lovely and then we can change into something…more comfortable and see what happens after that.” Sue suggested.

“No problem, Mrs. Evans.” Phil grinned and then snapped his fingers and a blazing fire roared to life in the grate.

“That must be a handy talent to have.” Sue said before breaking out of his hold and going over to the closet.

She easily found her white, silt, spaghetti-strapped nightgown and matching robe and lay them on the bed.

“Um…Phil, would you…changing…somewhere else, please?”

“Of course not sweetheart.” Phil replied and quickly found his black, silk pajamas and took them into the bathroom.

Phil looked around the bathroom again, until he saw himself in the mirror.

‘You are one lucky guy, Evans, to have found the perfect woman in the world to be your wife.’

“He kicked off his shoes and took his socks off and then unbuckled his belt and drew it out from the belt-loops, unbuttoned his white dress-shirt and pulled it out of his slacks.

“Phil, could you please come and help me a minute?” Sue called.

“Sure, what do you need?”

“Besides you, dear husband…I need help unbuttoning by dress. I forgot that there isn’t just a zipper back there.” Sue said, as she took in the full sight of Phil, half undressed and sexy as anything.

His shirt was unbuttoned, untucked and hanging open, revealing at least a three-inch strip of his marvelous chest and abdomen. Phil saw Sue; lovely with her veil and robe removed…and barefoot, if the single toe peeking out from under her dress was any indication. The dress had been skillfully altered to hug her slim figure and Phil thought she had never looked more beautiful than at that moment, with his ring glinting gold on her left hand. He rubbed his thumb over her ring on his hand and smiled happily, as he moved forward.

Phil walked around her so that he could see the row of tiny buttons, which ran down her spine from her neck to her hips and prayed for strength. As he slowly unfastened the dress, Sue’s bare skin called out to him and he couldn’t help bending over to kiss each new inch as it was uncovered. As he moved further down her back he realized that Sue wasn’t wearing any sort of bra and his pulse skyrocketed.

‘Oh man, I don’t think either of us are going to need our PJs today!’ He thought to himself, as he reached her waist and then her hips. He could see the lacy underwear, covering her bottom…and could that be a…garter-belt? Oh joy!

“Sue, honey, how badly did you want to change into your nightgown and robe? Because you can do that…but I’d much rather that you…um…didn’t.”

Sue’s first answer was for her to limply lay her head back in his shoulder and bring her arms up to twine around his neck.

“I don’t need to change…at all…if you don’t want to. I would love for you to…um…just slip this dress off of me and…”

“Anything you want honey.” Phil agreed, excitedly. “Let me slip the sleeves off of your arms.”

Sue brought her arms down from his neck only long enough to slip them out of the sleeves, before lifting them back up to link around his neck again. Phil eased Sue’s dress down until she could step out of it and then tossed it over a nearby chair; using his powers to make it fold neatly and lie on top of Sue’s neatly folded robe. Next, he slipped her panties and the garter-belt off her hips until they fell to her feet and she could kick them aside; her stockings had already been removed. After that, Phil brought his total attention back to Sue’s bare back and stroked and massaged their way over her deceptively fragile shoulders and down her arms, then transferred to her waist and smoothed their way back up; brushing the sides of her breasts as they did so.

Sue jumped a little, at Phil’s first intimate touch and then leaned into it as he massaged her spine and shoulder blades. His lips were nibbling at the side of her neck and Sue’s hands held him close to her, so Phil had to slip his hands between their bodies, when they wandered south, to her waist and then over her taunt bottom, squeezing gently. Sue moaned as she felt Phil’s warm hands shaping her butt and leaned into them. At the same time, she realized that she was also leaning and squirming against Phillip’s super-sensitized body.

“Do you like me touching you there?” Phillip asked, on his own moan.

“Oh yesss, how about you; do you like me…touching you…there?” Sue asked, playfully squirming against him some more.

All Phil could get out of his throat was another groan and she let out a surprised squeak when she felt his lower body grow stiff and try to reach out and touch her through his slacks. Phil thought briefly that turn around was fair play and so let his hands circle around from the back of Sue’s upper thighs to the front and stroked them, but didn’t allow himself to seek out her hidden treasure just yet. Phil had been nibbling on Sue’s neck, but had not looked over her shoulders to gaze down at the front of her body. Now, as his fingers and palms slowly caressed her legs and tummy, Phil glanced down and saw her breasts for the first time.

“Sue, sweetheart, you are…magnificent!” He exclaimed in awe.

Due to her arms being linked around his neck, both pail orbs were lifted and pointed in excitement. Phil’s fingers slid their way up from her tummy, over her ribcage to cup them gently. Sue whimpered a little as she felt his hands shape and squeeze her and pressed her bottom back against Phil’s equally excited body, as she arched her back, trying to increase the pressure of his touch.

“I want to see you…to touch you.” Sue whispered as she arched her back and twisted her neck so that she could kiss Phil’s lips.

“I know, my love, but if I see too much of you, or you touch me more than you already are, this will be over in an instant and I want our first time together to last, alright?”

Sue whimpered, but nodded her head; reaching to kiss his lips again and Phil bent his head to kiss her back, passionately. Her tiny fingers were caressing his neck and ears; running through his soft hair. He couldn’t stop his right hand from leaving its exploration of one of her nipples to slide back down and lightly glide over the top of Sue’s thighs and then between them. Sue wiggled a little in her need and shifted one leg to the side, allowing Phil greater access to the spot where her pulse pounded and heat bloomed. As he gently stroked her, Sue’s hips moved in time with him, trying to increase the pressure; the delicious sensations which were spreading out from that aching place.

“Phil, I can’t stand up any longer and I want to…I need to be able to see you; all of you.” Sue pleaded and then whimpered when he stopped his sensuous ministrations and picked her up in his arms to deposit her gently onto the middle of their bed.

She lay as she had been set onto the mattress; arms outstretched and knees bent, her feet flat on the sheet. Phil watched her with hot eyes and Sue kept her gaze on him as he stripped his slacks off.

“Take the boxers off too, Phil.” Sue ordered, her upraised knees, moving restlessly.

Phil hesitated for an instant and then slipped them down his legs as well. He heard Sue start to make a purring sound in her chest as she ran her eyes up and down his body.

“You are the one who’s magnificent!” Sue exclaimed, her breath coming in quick little gasps.

“Let’s jut call us the Evans’ mutual admiration society.” Phil joked as he came to lay down beside her, propped up on one elbow. “Well, I guess you have received your wish of being able to see me, was there anything else my lady wanted?”

“My lady would like to touch and explore and…love her lord.” Sue replied already stroking one hand down his chest, circling his male nipples and then lightly scratching her nails over his abdominal muscles.

“Then come and explore.” Phil replied, lying on his back.

Sue started with the basics; kissing Phil deeply on the lips and stroking his muscular shoulders. Phil mirrored her actions; caressing her slender shoulders again. Wherever she touched, stroked, caressed or explored, Phil followed suit, with fingers, palms, or lips. Chest and breast; six-pack-abs and smooth tummy, hair roughened thigh and silky-soft skin, jutting and proud or secretive and hidden; they discovered their differences and similarities until they were both panting for breath and ready to explode.

“Phil, please…” Sue had collapsed onto her back, vocally and physically begging for his possession and the ultimate connection, as we continued to stroke her gently but firmly into a quivering mass of nerve endings.

“Just want to make sure you enjoy your first time.” Phil managed to chuckle through clenched teeth as he held back his own raging passion in order to make sure that Sue was ready.

“If I become any more ready, I’m liable to fly off into a million pieces.” Sue warned, wriggling on the sheets. “Phillip please…come to me…join with me…love me…”

And Phillip did; go to her, joined his body to hers, loved her…And they both flew; soaring to the stars, which exploded around them, before slowly floating back to earth. When they both came back to themselves, they were in a heap of tangled limbs, slick with perspiration. Phil thought how much he would love a shower or even better, a soak in that huge tub in the adjoining bathroom, with his bride and used his powers to turn on the tap and start filling the Jacuzzi.

‘Are you alright, my love?’ Phil asked silently, as he ran gentle fingertips up and down Sue’s spine as she lay on her stomach, pressed up against him.

‘Mmm.’ Sue purred. ‘I’m so limp with pleasure; I don’t think I have a bone left in my body.’ She replied.

‘Would you like to soak in the Jacuzzi? You might be a little sore, we were pretty…um…insatiable once we jointed.’ Phil said, ruefully.

“Mmmm, soak sounds wonderful.’ Sue purred.

Phillip gently shifted Sue so that he could pick her up in his arms; cradling her close to his heart, which was so filled with love for her, he thought that he might burst. His senses told him that the water was just the right temperature as he walked into the bath and lowered Sue into the tub. She lay her head back against the rounded edge of the tub and opened her eyes just in time to see her incredibly sexy and naked husband step into the water and sit down next to her.

“I can’t get enough of looking at you in all your naked glory.” Sue grinned at him.

“Nor I you, sweetheart; you have the most beautiful body, Sue.” Phillip reached over and stroked her leg and then between them, gently. “But a part of that beautiful body is rather swollen and sore.” He observed and Sue felt a healing warmth spread over her lower body as his hand gently caressed her.

“Oh…my…that feels…wonderful; the warmth of your touch and the feeling of the water lapping against me…makes my pulse throb…just there…”

“Oh man.” Phil murmured. “This was just supposed to be a chance for us to soak and relax.”

“Let’s see how relaxed and limp we can make each other…afterwards. Show me how slowly you can love me, Phil.” Sue suggested as she ran her hand down his arm slowly, with a touch as light as a feather’s and felt him tremble.

And he did; caressing every inch of her with callused but gossamer-light fingers and moist lips. At first, he stayed away from her obvious erogenous zones and found her other sensitive spots; behind her knees, the inside of her elbows, that certain space, just to the right of her belly-button…And Sue found his too; over his ribs, his baby toes, his eyelids. They brought each other up almost to their peaks and then let it fade away…just a bit, before building the pressure up again and again. When they were both crying out from their overflowing passion, Sue straddled Phil’s lap and kissed him deeply as she joined her body to his and they let go of the pressure and the pleasure which they had been reining in too long.

‘If I get any more relaxed, any more limp, I’ll be in danger of drowning.’ Sue told Phillip, silently; she didn’t have enough energy to speak out loud.

“Mmm, just let me rest a minute and I’ll carry you back to bed.’ Phil mumbled, silently.

‘Or maybe to that rug in front of the fire?’ Sue asked.

“I knew you were brilliant.’ Phil said and having rested for a few moments more, managed to stand up and then lifted Sue to her feet and held her upright as he dried them both off and then levitated hotel robes off of their coat hooks and wrapped her in one and then himself.

“Here we go, my lady.” Phil said, as he lifted Sue into his arms and carried her languid form out into the living room and laid her on the rug before the blazing fire. He snagged a couple pillows off the couch and then came to cuddle up behind his wife. Within minutes they were fast asleep.

The newlyweds spent the rest of their honeymoon loving and discovering each other, talking, while lounging in front of the fire, eating the delicious food which the hotel’s room-service delivered and taking long walks, hand in hand, but they kept to trails which were rarely traveled. They attended Max and Liz’s New Year’s Party, happy to see their families but by no means tired of…spending time together. They would fly back to Cambridge and their tiny apartment the next day, ready to start their new life together.

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Plweeeze weeed..Phillip and Sue's HONEYMOON!!

Hope it warms your hearts a little! ~jane