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Summary: This is a post departure story, (one of thousands I know) Everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the gerduck’s betrayal. M&M are closer than ever, Isabel is running away, Kyle has a new love interest, M&L are having a rough time of it. There is a new alien in town as well.

There are a lot of flashbacks in this so pay close attention to the dates. *wink*

Hope you enjoy—

Do you guys remember this one? I know it's been eons. Pain was kind of consuming my brain there for a while. Of course now I'm doing the companion to that one, a new loyalist fic, and this one, so Lord only knows how this is going to go. Here's a link to parts 1-10:


But I'll give you a short recap:

Last we read, Liz has just told the Wanker-oops sorry wrong story-Max her suspicions about the evil one and in a flashback Casseia met up with the scrumptios Zan and has taken him home to be reunited with Ava. Is that too vague? Well click on the link if you need more of a refresher.


Part 11

July 21st, 2001

“What? What do you mean Liz?” Max asked her incredulously

“Think about it Max. Supposedly, Khivar wanted your heir right? Well then if she were pregnant, why in the world would he execute here if she was carrying what he so desperately wanted?”

Max sat staring at her, speechless, so she plowed on.

“I think it was a mind warp Max. The baby. I mean it just has to be right? Max??”

She didn’t say the sex and the baby, because really, she wasn’t sure about that, just hopeful.

Liz waved a hand in front of his face. He blinked and then suddenly stood up.

He looked down at her on the bed, “A mind warp?” he asked, his brows creased in confusion. No it’s not possible he thought, she couldn’t have done that to me, could she?

“Yeah Max, a mind warp. She did it to everyone else, why not you?” she said in exasperation.

“Oh God,” he said and covered his mouth with his hand.

Liz stood up and began pacing around her room. “You need to find the trigger Max. There has to be something to make you remember.”

“The observatory,” he mumbled under his breath.


“I need to go to the observatory,” he said more clearly.

“The observatory. Okay I…”

“Will you come with me Liz?” he asked softly.

She sunk down into her desk chair. “ I don’t think that’s a good idea Max.”

If the reason he wanted to go to the observatory was the reason she thought it was, that was the last place she wanted to go to.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m sorry for even asking. It was very presumptuous of me.” He ran a hand through his hair, pushing it away from his forehead.

“I’m going right now,” he said earnestly, “Um, can I—can I call you when I get back?”

Liz nodded and Max slid her window open. “Thank you Liz,” he said quietly and slipped outside.

She watched him go, mentally crossing her fingers that her speculations were correct.


June 18th 2001 *flashback*

Zan exited the bathroom after his first hot shower in over two weeks and made his way out into the living room.

Casseia and Ava sitting are together on the couch waiting for him.

He chose a chair opposite them and settled into it.

“A’right ladies, let’s get some talkin’ done. What was you telling me ‘bout them messin’ up the memories?” he looked pointedly at Casseia.

Casseia smiled, he sure was different than Max. “Well basically, they implanted the memories into the wrong set of you. Except for Tess. She had all of hers. We’re not really sure how that happened.”

Zan fingered the ring in his lip thoughtfully. “So you’re tellin’ me that we got the memories from the past life, and the Royals, they’s stumblin’ around clueless?”

“Essentially, yes,” she said slowly. “Your set was designed originally as decoys, for the sole purpose of deceiving our enemies. You were never meant to know any of this unless absolutely necessary.

He smirked and continued on. “So what are these ‘developments’ you was talkin’ about?”

“Now that’s a pretty long story so I’ll try to summarize,” she began. “As you probably remember, Khivar and his minions in their ultimate quest for power over the planets, staged a revolt against your throne. And unfortunately they were successful, killing every member of the Royal Family.”

Zan nodded, remembering.

“And do you also remember how they got the information they needed to attack that day?” she asked.

He nodded again and dropped his gaze into his lap. “Ava,” he said barely audibly.

Ava squirmed in her seat on the couch. She didn’t remember any of it.

“That’s right. Your new bride was the perpetrator behind the whole thing. And she’s done it again. Practically as soon as she hatched she’s been in cahoots with the skins.”

“Why’d they even make her again?” he asked. “Seems they’d a been better off leavin her dead.”

“Yes, that’s true. Unfortunately our scientists didn’t find out about her betrayal until the pods were already on their way here.”

“You knew. You came to me that night,” he said closing his eyes, “you wanted to warn me, but you were a little too late, they killed us both right there.” He winced painfully as if experiencing it all over again.

“Yes,” she said sadly.

“Are you a hybrid too then?” Ava chimed in for the first time.

“Yes,” Casseia nodded, “only I was born there, not here.”

“What’s been happenin since?” Zan persisted.

“For the past 50 years, an underground group has been planning a coup, so to speak. A revolution. I was reincarnated to lead the rebellion against Khivar.

Before I was sent here, Tess returned to Antar. She and Khivar had struck a deal, very similar to the first one. She was supposed to come back with the others and be carrying the Kings heir, but she was alone, and completely not pregnant. Khivar had her imprisoned immediately, but we kidnapped him before he found out she wasn’t.

He is now in the custody of the rebellion. But our ultimate goal cannot be reached without the return of the King. Without him, we have no power to maintain control over the Kingdom. Things will just continue on until he destroys all of us.

That’s why I’m here, to bring him home. But unfortunately I didn’t come alone. Nicholas got wind of what we’ve done and he and his little renegades are here to make sure we don’t succeed in returning the King to his rightful throne.”

Zan sat for a long time, just looking at her. He knew something big was happening when he first felt her presence, but this, this was huge.

“How ‘xactly do you think I’m gonna help?” he asked skeptically.

“Well for one, you can be used for what you were meant for, both of you.” She turned and looked at Ava as well.

“Decoys.” He said simply, and Casseia nodded.

“You won’t be able to move around town freely though. The Royals cannot know you’re here, not yet.”

“What about you? Do they know who you are?”

“No, it’s not safe. I can’t make them suspicious; they’ll draw undue attention to themselves. I’m keeping a close but safe distance and working my way into their inner circle.”

“How ‘xactly are you doin’ that?”

“I’ve got my resources,” she said slyly.

“Yeah, I bet.”

Sorry if it's a bit convoluted. It's taking me a while to get back in the swing of this one after PAIN....

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

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Sorry for the delay, it's hard writing 3 stories at the same time! Apparently I'm insane.

Anyway here's a new part and I should have a new part of NEED up later today. SciFi and Jane had some questions about Khivar, and hopefully those will be answered in the next part. As well as I can anyway!

Oh and Ms.Hip, you'd best keep your smarmy comments to yourself! *coughsnailspacecough* Pot calling the kettle indeed! *wink*

Here ya go...

*WARNING: This part may induce vomiting*



Part 12

July 21st, 2001

Max stood alone outside the observatory.

His eyes fixated on the large building looming in front of him.

He remembered being here with her, right in this very spot where he now stood. The flash had hit him immediately upon stepping out of the car.

Her words echoed in his head painfully. “I’ll be here for eternity,” she’d said and then he’d kissed her. A long, lust filled kiss. The thought now was enough to make him puke and his stomach lurched under his skin in agreement.

He shuddered violently and took tentative steps toward the doors. Once there, he couldn’t make his feet move any further.

Dread filled his heart to overflowing and he was finding it difficult to get any air into his lungs.

“Are you going in?”

The voice startled him and he whipped around in a panic.

Oxygen that eluded him moments ago rushed into his body with a huge gasp. He was all at once relieved and horrified at the sight before him.

“You shouldn’t be here,” he choked out, “I can’t believe I even asked you,” he said shaking his head with regret.

“Go home, please go home.” He wanted her to turn around and leave, she did not, under any circumstances, need to see what transpired here that fateful night. And yet he wanted her here if indeed it was all a farce, if he’d been tricked like she thought, he wanted her to be the first to know.

She shook her head slowly, “No Max. I want to be here, I need to be here.”

When she’d realized why he had to come to the observatory, her first thought was if she never set foot in there again it would be too soon, but the more she thought about it the more she was convinced that it had all been a mind warp. And soon she was desperate to know for sure, to have concrete evidence that would confirm her suspicions.

She’d grabbed the keys to her Mother’s car and raced here like a maniac.

“Liz, I…”

“Don’t Max,” she cut him off, “don’t try to fight me on this okay? I’m staying whether you think I should or not. It’s my decision and I’m making it. Got it?”

He nodded mutely amazed once again at her resolve. Where did she get all that strength? That determination?

“Well, you have to open the door Max,” she said stepping up next to him.

He swallowed hard and turned to face the demon that’s been haunting him for two months.

He remained frozen in his spot and so Liz said, “Um, I don’t have a key so if you’re waiting for me….”

Max glanced her out of the corner of his eye, secretly thrilled that she was teasing him, even if it was to mask her unease.

“Funny,” he mumbled and stretched his hand out to the metal lock of the door. It glowed a faint red and they heard the latch click open. It sounded loud in the dead of the night.

It was Liz’s turn to swallow hard when Max pushed the door slowly open.

He slipped inside holding it open for her to follow. She paused a beat and then entered the hall. He let the door go and it closed behind them, sealing tight.

“Are you sure about this Liz?” he asked searching her face for any sign of doubt.

He didn’t find any. She nodded firmly and gestured for him to lead the way.

He turned around, examining the expanse of the inside of the observatory. Taking a deep, uncertain breath, he headed toward the giant telescope.

Liz held back, suddenly regretting her decision. She watched him from the shadows, holding her breath.

Max reached out a shaky hand and gingerly touched the eyepiece of the massive telescope.

The flash hit with a force that threw him off balance.

“No, it's called Barnard's star. You can see that star from our planet, too. Our world's out there, Max. It's not close, and sometimes it seems like a dream to me, too, but it's real, and I know you know that, too. That's reality, Max. This...this is the dream.”

“If that's the truth, when do we wake up?”

“That's up to you.”

He stumbled trying to regain his equilibrium and reached out for anything to hold on to.

His hand only found air and he tumbled to the floor.

Liz rushed to his side, “Max! Are you okay?” she grabbed one of his hands and squeezed tightly.

The flashes rushed over both of them as Max’s brain burst vehemently out of the warp.

Liz fought desperately to keep the bile rising in her throat at bay. She saw him here with her. She was pulling his shirt up over his head and their fingers entwined in the air seductively. He kissed her in that way—that way that Liz thought he would only ever kiss her. Tess’ hands tangled in his hair pulling his head closer to her…

Max pushed her away suddenly, “No Tess, No. I can’t do this, I can’t—I don’t love you. I’ll—I’ll never love you.”

Tess rolled her eyes. “God Max, what does love have to do with anything? This is about her isn’t it?”


“Her, that bitch Liz that sunk her claws into you. You can’t be with her; surely you realize that by now. You were made for me, for this. It’s our destiny Max.”

“NO! NO!” He stood up quickly. Picking up his shirt, he covered his bare chest with it. “Don’t you ever call her that again! Liz is the only one for me, she—she loves me,” he stuttered out.

“Yeah, that’s why she slept with another guy and made sure you’d see. Sounds like true love to me. Wake up Max. I’m the only one you’ll ever need.”

Max shook his head and backed away from her still clutching his shirt to his chest. He turned and ran for the door.

Liz watched in horror as Tess’ eyes closed and her face contorted in the tell tale sign of an impending mind warp.

Max crumbled to the floor near the door unconscious. Tess stomped over to him clad only in her bra and pants and drug him by one arm across the floor and over near the telescope.

“You just couldn’t make this easy could you Max?” she muttered to herself as she undressed him and tossed his clothes into a pile.

She stripped off the rest of her own clothes and added them to the pile.

Positioning him on his side she crawled in next to him on the blanket she’d brought and slung his arm over her so they were spooned together like a couple who’d just been intimate together.

She sighed dramatically and waited for him to wake up. She had a long wait.

He didn’t begin to stir until the light of morning peaked in through the window. She immediately sent him images of their ‘supposed’ night ‘together’. Effectively erasing any knowledge of he had of ever fighting her off.

He smiled warily at her hugged her close to his bare chest.

The flash ended and Max and Liz found themselves alone on the floor of the observatory.

Liz’s face was stained with tear tracks and Max’s held an utter look of disbelief. He gently reached up to wipe the wetness from her cheeks.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said helping her up.

She could only nod and followed him outside.


"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

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I have to thank Angela and Dingoes, who perhaps may be the same person, for their feedback. You both always keep me on my toes, and on more than one occasion have made me remember something I otherwise would have forgotten and left out. My hat's off to you ladies. Oh and re Max, I don't think he's redeemed completely either. I don't know if it's possible, however, the sex being a mw does change things....I can't comment on the EOTW, not yet anyway...

Thanks to everyone else reading as well, you're inspiring! And feedback definitely gives me a kick in the ass to crank out more parts!

Here you go...Not much happening here, but neccessary none the less.


Part 13

July 22nd, 2001

“So there’s no baby?” Maria was clearly dumbfounded.

Max shook his head.

“So we’ve been wasting time and energy searching for your son who doesn’t even exist?” Kyle added.

Max nodded. They were all sitting in the Valenti/DeLuca living room reeling from Max’s revelation.

“She tricked all of us,” Jim said softly from his easy chair.

“I’m afraid so,” Max said.

The doorbell rang interrupting their meeting.

“Well it’s been…informational, But I gotta go,” Kyle said hopping up off the couch.

He practically ran to the front door and disappeared outside without another word.

Max looked quizzically at Liz who only shrugged her shoulders.

“Casseia.” Maria and Jim said at the same time.


“Casseia. She’s the woman who’s consumed my sons brain for the last couple of weeks.” Jim explained.

Max still looked confused so Maria added, “she’s his girlfriend.”

“Oh. That’s—that’s great,” Max said, “good for him.”

“Yeah, good for me too,” Maria said, “he’s hardly ever here to annoy me.”

“Maria,” Jim warned.

“What? He was annoying you too,” she pointed out.

They all laughed and Max settled back into the couch, feeling pretty good for the first time in almost a year.

“Max, what about all the sightings? And the one alien you know for sure is here? What does it all mean now?” Jim said after the giggling died down.

Max leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and rubbed his temple. That feeling sure didn’t last long.

“I wish I knew Sheriff..I mean Jim,” he corrected, “I guess we just have to stay on alert. I don’t know what else to do.”

They all sighed collectively and nodded their heads in agreement.

Kyle pulled the front door shut and swept Casseia into his arms, kissing her breathless.

“Wow! What was that for?” she asked when he finally let her up for air.

“Because you’re incredibly beautiful and I go crazy when I haven’t kissed you in hours,” he stated.

“Good answer,” she said wrapping her arm around his waist.

They walked to Kyle’s car and he opened the door for her.

“What’s with all the cars?” she asked getting in.

Kyle rolled his eyes, “some of Maria’s friends are here,” he said and shut her door.

He jogged around the other side and slid in behind the wheel. “I’ve been waiting for this all day,” he said turning the engine over.

“Kyle, it’s only 11:00,” she laughed at him.

“I know, that’s forever!” he exclaimed and peeled off down the street.

June 18th, 2001 *flash back*

Zan was staring at his reflection in the full-length mirror.

Gone were his piercing and tattoos. Gone was his tan skin and dark nappy hair.

He hardly recognized himself and was pretty sure no one else would either.

“What’d ya think?” he asked Ava.

She stepped up beside him in the mirror and cocked her head to one side.

“Hmmm…Well, it’s different,” she said vaguely.

“I look like a retard,” he grumbled tugging on a lock of his new long blond hair.

She laughed, “Well, yeah, but least we won’t have to stay locked up in this crib.”

“I’m not sure it’s worth it.”

He looked down at his polo shirt with disdain. “Total cornball.”

Casseia laughed at him from the doorway. “You don’t look that bad, and besides you can always change back later.”

He rolled his eyes and flopped down on the bed. “So now what?”

“We wait,” she said. “Listen I gotta go for a while, I’ll see you guys later.”

“Hey,” Zan called to her. She turned and came back into the room.

“Why don’t you just kill that Khivar dude? Wouldn’t that just end all of this?”

“Unfortunately no. He has a great many followers, over half the population, who will do their best to keep him as their leader. Killing him now will just ensure that someone else in his camp, specifically Nicholas, will try to take the throne. As long as he’s still alive, they will hold out hope that he’ll reign once again and not try to appoint another. But we do have the advantage. The Granolith is back in our possession, and none of them know it. That’s why we need the King to return, only he can utilize its full power. And with the original Royal bloodline on the throne, and the Granolith in place, peace will finally be restored to our people.

As soon as we can get him back home, Khivar will be executed, and I’ll take care of Nicholas here. Khivar’s minions are trying to rescue him, if you can believe that. We keep having to move him around.”

“That’s a bunch a fucked up mess,” Zan said.

Casseia smiled, “Yes it is. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Ah, one more question,” he called to her back.

“Yeeees?” she said turning around again.

“If Nicholas is here, why doesn’t he just kill the King?”

She arched an eyebrow, “Well, his camp might have gotten the impression that the King and Company are hiding out somewhere in Texas.”

“Gee, I wonder how that happened?”

Casseia shrugged innocently and headed back down the hallway.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."
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