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Title: Serendipity
Author: Mel (LizParkerEvans⊕
Disclaimer: I own nothing!!
Rating: PG 13
Category: Alternate Universe fic primarily M/L with M/M and I/A
Author’s Note: Serendipity struck me while standing in line for the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland shortly after the August Roswell gathering in LA. I thought it would be fun to tell my vision of Max and Liz meeting for the first time as teenagers. Plus, I wanted to give Michael a different way to grow up, a different opportunity. So, this story takes place the beginning of their sophomore year, Michael doesn’t know Isabel and Max exist, and vice versa. The Evans moved to Colorado shortly after they found Max and Isabel, only to return in the fall of 1999.

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Part 14

Serendipity n. The faculty of happening upon fortunate discoveries
when not in search of them.

The wind whispered in through her bedroom window and Liz turned with a smile as it ruffled her long blue skirt with the sound of satin on silk. She turned around slowly, feeling the hem of the skirt brush against her bare feet and she watched as it settled against her again, looking up to meet her own eyes in the mirror.
She was wearing her dress for the Homecoming dance and she’d just finished pining up her hair as the light breeze had entered her room. Her dress was pale blue, making her hair seem an even richer brown against her skin. Picking up a pair of silver earrings Liz tried to suppress her growing excitement.
With one last look at her reflection she smiled and gave up trying to calm down. It was the night of the dance and Max was taking her. There was nothing in the world that could possibly get her to settle down.
It had been a shaky week since they’d all been in the pod chamber. Liz had revealed to Max what had happened, what his nightmares were about. And like many things, including Max himself, things were not what they seemed. Max had told her soon after that he always feared that he was a monster and that his nightmares had had something to do with that. Finding out that the root was a human fear of drowning was both a shock and relief.
Liz had almost been able to see the weight lifted from his shoulders. And she could see how happy it made him that she knew the truth and that it didn’t change how she felt. The past few days had been better than a dream. They’d done all the things that couples did; go to the movies, dinner at the Crashdown, and a picnic in the park. And they did things only they could do as Liz sat with Max in the pod chamber and he contemplated out loud what had happened, as Liz joined Max to search for the desert for more clues about what had happened.
She knew it should feel strange, having an alien for a boyfriend, but it didn’t. He was still Max, just like Michael was still Michael and Isabel was still Isabel. In fact, because of what he was Max was the person she loved. His nature was cautious and methodical because of having to hide. He was considerate and caring. And above all else, he was careful and protective of her.
Even though time had passed since Kyle had attacked her, Liz couldn’t completely shake the memory. She hadn’t seen Kyle since he’d hurt her and the rumor around school was that he’d been sent to a mental institute. Liz’s heart ached for his father, she saw the Sheriff around town and could tell how hard he was taking his son’s breakdown. And she hated that she had been the catalyst for that breakdown.
It had brought Max to her but she couldn’t quite shake the guilt she felt for whatever part she’d played in Kyle’s outburst. Michael and Maria tried to reassure her, tried to tell her otherwise, but the feeling was always there.
She shook her head to push the thoughts aside and she slipped into her heels before quietly pushing her door open to walk down the hall towards Michael’s room. Liz had a feeling that Michael might be a little nervous. In everything that had happened, somehow, he and Maria had crossed over the line between friends and something more. This would be their first real “date” and Liz thought her brother might be worried.
Liz stopped at his door and looked in, a smile dancing across her face and she watched her brother, standing with their mother, in the middle of the room. They hadn’t noticed her in the doorway, so she watched with amusement, her eyes warming at the sight in front of her.
Nancy was deftly tying Michael’s bowtie as Michael looked down at her, his eyes grateful. Nancy was concentrating hard on tying the tie correctly and Liz’s eyes softened as she saw her mother’s hands shake a little. As she finished she patted the bowtie gently and smiled up at Michael. He saw the shine of tears in her eyes and he put a hand over hers.
“Thanks Mom,” he said softly. Nancy smiled and nodded.
“My little boy’s growing up,” she whispered, blinking carefully so she wouldn’t cry. Michael took in her wistful eyes and the emotion behind them, seeing something he’d never completely realized before. It was like Liz had told him, their parents had chosen him.
Michael looked as though he were considering something as he lowered his head. Nancy waited patiently until he lifted his head and fixed her with an earnest gaze.
“Mom, have you even wondered about who it was that you found that night on the road? Did you ever question what it was that you were bringing home?” Michael asked. Nancy looked a little perplexed at his questions.
“Michael, we found you. By luck, chance, fate or destiny, we found you. It doesn’t matter where you came from, you were ours. We wanted you. And now I have two of the most wonderful children in the universe. I never questioned it because it was never a question,” Nancy said simply.
Michael swallowed carefully and nodded, finally looking up at Liz by the door. He whistled and motioned her closer as she came towards him with a laugh.
“Look at you! Am I going to have to watch Max tonight?” Michael questioned. Liz grinned and joined her brother and mother in the room.
“I don’t know, am I going to have to watch you and Maria tonight?” Liz replied archly. Michael simply smiled and kept his mouth shut and Liz smiled at the change in her brother. More than anything he was happy and comfortable, something he hadn’t really been in a long time.
“Both my babies are growing up! Michael, Liz, we want to get pictures of you in the living room,” Nancy said, walking out of Michael’s room. Liz and Michael dutifully followed and stood where Nancy positioned them as Jeff set up the camera.
While their parents talked, Liz leaned closer to Michael, her voice low so their parents couldn’t hear.
“It looks like maybe you’ve come to terms with some things,” Liz suggested. Michael nodded and then fell silent for a minute. Liz waited, knowing that it was normal Michael behavior. Just as she’d known that she could ask him anything. Because in some ways, since they’d been together, two of only four people who knew his secret, for eight years, they were able to be more than honest with one another.
“I think maybe I’ve just come to see who I am isn’t really that different than anyone else. In a way it actually makes me appreciate my human side more,” Michael said. Liz met his eyes with her own.
“And what about Maria?” she asked. Michael’s smile was wide.
“Maria makes me see that any differences that there are, they don’t matter,” Michael replied. Liz nodded, satisfied.
“Good, because if you hurt her, I’ll have to kill you,” Liz said, her face serious. Michael smiled and nodded.
“Got it,” he said. They both turned as the doorbell rang and Liz felt her stomach drop and her fingers tighten on Michael’s arm. A sudden excitement at seeing Max claimed her, as it always did when he was near. And she didn’t question that it was Max on the other side of the door, she just knew.
Voices mumbled quietly from the door as her father let Max in and she looked up, a smile of anticipation on her face, as footsteps approached. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped and Liz met Max’s eyes, his eyes staring back with unabashed admiration.
Max looked more handsome than she’d ever seen him and his face wore a smile unlike any she’d ever seen. It was wide, it was open and it was trained on her. In his hands he loosely held a corsage with white roses and a blue ribbon tied around the wristband. Oblivious to her parents and brother Liz walked to Max, stopping just a breath away. He ducked his head down to meet hers and Liz saw his hesitation as he held himself back from kissing her. Liz’s eyes twinkled as she realized he was still shy around her family.
Max took in the vision of her in a filmy blue dress that clung to her body and he realized her couldn’t breathe. It was almost like an aura of light centered on her and everything around them disappeared. Instinctively he’d gone to kiss her but suddenly he’d recalled that her parents were standing right there. Reluctantly he’d pulled back, not missing the amused look on Liz’s face. He opened the box holding the corsage and reached for Liz’s hand, which she gave willingly.
With his fingers on her wrist he could feel the steady, increasing pulse just under her skin and he couldn’t resist the urge to rub the warm, soft skin gently as he slipped the corsage on. Looking up, Max saw Liz’s smile and blush as she lifted her wrist to inhale the scent of the flowers. As she closed her eyes and enjoyed the smell Max felt his heart skip a beat. It seemed like every little move she made, every twitch of a muscle or inhalation of breath was a fascinating experience that left him awestruck.
Isabel had commented on how Max watched Liz like he was studying her, like everything she did was new. When Max had replied affirming her view, Isabel had been puzzled. He’d tried to explain that everything was new, that it was like seeing life for the first time, she’d looked both skeptical and jealous at the same time. Max could tell that she didn’t quite understand what he was talking about, but he knew she would. She just had to realize that it was less about Alex winning Isabel over, it was about her seeing Alex for who he was. And Max knew that it might take time, but it would happen. And he had a feeling Alex was patient enough to wait for her.
He turned his attention back to Liz, his eyes gentle as he looked at her. When he eyes finally opened, lazily, happily, they met his and she whispered loud enough only for him to hear.
“They’re my favorite. How did you know?” she asked. Max smiled knowingly and leaned his forehead against hers, his voice quiet.
“I just knew,” he said simply. Liz didn’t question him, just smiled and nodded, thinking she could stare into his deep brown eyes all night.
“Thank you,” she whispered, her eyes never leaving his. Max just nodded, not able to voice aloud his thoughts without fearing his words would tumble over themselves.
Watching Liz show her mom the corsage Max couldn’t believe where he was. In only a month things had changed so drastically, in ways that he never would have imagined. He and Isabel were no longer alone. They’d found Michael, Maria, Alex and Liz. For Max there could be no comparison to the realization that they had people they could trust and people they could love.
“I’m going to pick up Maria, we’ll see you at the dance?” Michael said, looking at his sister. Returning to Max’s side and slipping her hand into his, Liz nodded happily. Michael kissed his mother on the cheek and then left, unable to hide the ease of his muscles in his body. That was the biggest change in Michael, he’d finally accepted who he was and his family around him.
Max looked down as he felt Liz’s fingers under his lapel and he smiled as she struggled to pin a white rose to his jacket. Her eyes were focused on the project at hand and she bit her bottom lip in concentration. He found himself leaning closer, unable to resist the pull of her until she suddenly finished and looked up, her lips brushing against his.
Their kiss was short as Liz pulled back, giving Max one last brief kiss before turning to her parents. Max’s hand automatically found the bare skin on her back and he felt her shiver under his hand, a smile creeping across his face at what he seemed to be able to do to her.
“Are you kids getting ready to go?” Jeff asked. Liz nodded, allowing her father to take a few pictures before they exited the apartment and walked through the Crashdown to the street where Max had parked his father’s car. As he held open the door for her she arched her eyebrow.
“What, no jeep?” she asked jokingly. For an instant Max was confused, thinking she would have preferred the covered roof of the SUV and not the openness of the jeep. He quickly realized she was teasing him and walked around to climb in the driver’s seat.
Max turned on the ignition and then glanced over at Liz, her hands folded loosely in her lap. He reached over and took one of her hands, loving how her fingers automatically sought to link with his.
“You ready for this?” he asked, feeling more than a little nervous just for himself. This would be their first real formal date and he didn’t want the night to have any problems.
Liz reached over with her free hand and took Max’s chin, brushing her lips against his cheek with a soft kiss.
“I’m ready for anything with you.”

At the dance the six of them had quickly found each other and secured a table away from the dance floor. They largely stayed away from it as each couple went to have their pictures taken, jumped up at a particular song or took another trip by the food table.
Somehow along the way Michael and Alex had begun to shed the pieces of their tuxedoes so that the jackets and ties were strewn about the table. Neither Maria nor Isabel seemed to mind. In fact, as Liz watched her brother and best friend dancing, she thought she saw Maria’s fingers loosening another button on Michael’s shirt.
Smiling, she turned her head back towards Max’s neck, leaning her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes as they swayed slowly to the music. Their first date couldn’t have been a better night.
Her fingers played with the ends of his hair by his collar, curling the black strands around her fingers. She felt his fingers caressing and skittering over his skin as his hands finally came to rest at her waist, bringing her as close as space could possibly allow.
She could stay like this forever, held in Max’s arms, so at peace. Because she knew that they were together and that they both knew with every core of their beings that they belonged together. When Max suddenly stopped she looked up in surprise, seeing her brother and Maria standing close by, Michael with an amused look on his face.
“I think the song’s over,” Max mumbled in her ear. Reluctantly Liz stepped away from Max, away from the warmth of his arms.
And then Michael surprised her. He held out his hand towards her and she looked up, meeting his eyes with hers. She saw the question there, and even the slight fear that she would say no. Resolving to prove to Michael someday, and make him believe it, that she would never reject him, she took his hand and followed him, waving to Max as she walked away to dance with her brother.
“I’d love to,” she told him, his wide smile the only response she needed. They were both a little clumsy at first, Michael afraid of where he put his hands and Liz having to compensate for his difference in height. She’d automatically become accustomed to molding her body against Max’s when they danced, something she had to adjust when dancing with her brother.
“You know, I never got to really thank you,” Michael murmured.
“For what?” Liz asked.
“For just being there for me. I don’t deserve to have you, Maria, Alex, Isabel and Max as friends, but somehow, you’ve all let me in,” he replied. Liz’s face softened.
“Michael, I think you’ve got the friends thing all wrong. Friends don’t deserve one another, they just are. You know it’s the best when you don’t have to make any effort, when the feelings and the thoughts are already there. That’s what makes it special. We all may have problems, but we’ll always have each other,” Liz said. Nodding, Michael agreed and he leaned over to kiss his sister’s cheek gently.
“Thanks all the same, Lizzie.”
Liz nodded and watched her brother as he concentrated on dancing as he surprised her once again. She knew life would never be boring with him around.
Finally they established their own movement and Liz found it easy to look around him to try and find the others. She laughed suddenly and Michael turned her around, looking to see Maria and Isabel dancing together, smiles on their faces as Isabel turned Maria around and dipped her.
Michael grinned and looked at Liz, a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“Does that mean we’re going to find Max and Alex dancing together around here?” Michael questioned. Liz burst out laughing at the idea when suddenly the music stopped and the lights went dark in the room.
Liz felt her eyes go wide as she tried to see in the dark and she turned to Michael.
“What’s going on?” she asked above the noises of people in the crowd asking the same question. Michael shrugged just as a light shone on the stage. Liz blinked, unable to see as she heard a familiar voice over the loudspeakers.
“Um, sorry about the lights. With the help of a friend I have a gift for an amazing woman. It’s been a long time coming and I know she’s been waiting for it. Liz Parker, this one’s for you.”
Liz felt her jaw drop as she recognized Max’s voice. She realized what he was doing, giving her his karaoke song, as he spoke and she felt the color rising in her cheeks at the sudden attention as people in the crowd cheered, always ready for public embarrassment of any kind.
She could finally make Max out, standing on stage, a microphone in hand, Alex standing next to him with a grin on his face. Alex motioned to the DJ and music started, reaching Liz over the crowd. Slowly, Max began to walk across the stage to the floor and towards her. His voice finally came through the speakers, strong without hesitation, mixing with familiar piano chords.

It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside
I’m not one of those, who can easily hide,
I don’t have much money, but boy if I did
I’d buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again no,
Or a man who makes potions in a traveling show
I know it’s not much, but it’s the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one’s for you

Liz locked her eyes on Max as he got closer and closer, not quite able to believe he was singing for her. She knew how he hated to be in the spotlight and yet there he was, more than figuratively bringing the attention of the entire school right down on him. He wouldn’t look anywhere but at her as the crowd of students parted for him, cheering him on, as he got closer to her.

And you can tell everybody, this is your song
It may be quite smile but now that it’s done,
I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well a few of the verses, well they’ve left me quite cross
But the sun’s been quite kind while I wrote this song
It’s for people like you, that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do
But you see there’s no way I could forget if they’re brown or they’re blue
Anyway the thing is, what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen

Liz smiled as Max changed the words of the song just a little to accommodate her own dark eyes and he gave her a boyish smile as he got closer. Liz heard Isabel, Michael and Maria behind her, clapping and whistling, but all she could see was Max as he finally got close enough to touch her. His free hand reached out and wiped her cheek, taking away the tears that she hadn’t realized had fallen.
Max knew they were tears of happiness, he could tell she was happy and that’s all that mattered to him. He’d wanted to prove how much she meant to him. Cupping her chin he kissed away her tears just as the song was finishing.

And you can tell everybody, this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it’s done
I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world

As the last note died away Liz’s arms went around Max’s shoulders and she met his lips with her own, smiling and laughing as the students around them clapped.

Away from the crowd of students, far into the shadows of the dark room a pair of sharp eyes watched as Max Evans sang to Liz Parker. The anger boiled until the eyes shut painfully in rage and then, just as suddenly, opened with an eerie calm.
He knew what he had to do. And he knew that it was only a matter of time. He just had to wait a little while longer, be patient and things would be as they should.
Liz Parker would be his.

TBC . . .

Proud to be a Dreamer!!

Liz: I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time I was really seeing Max Evans. I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful.
Liz: The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown. And once you do, you can never go back.
Max: You're my dream girl, Liz.
Max: What's so great about normal?

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Proud to be a Dreamer!!

Liz: I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time I was really seeing Max Evans. I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful.
Liz: The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown. And once you do, you can never go back.
Max: You're my dream girl, Liz.
Max: What's so great about normal?
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See Part 13 for disclaimer. I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner, but I was having issues with my computer last night.

Part 15

Serendipity n. The faculty of happening upon fortunate discoveries
when not in search of them.

“Hey, Chica, what are you doing out here?”
Liz turned with a smile on her face for Maria, who joined her outside the gym, in front of the school. Liz took in Maria’s face, lit up with a happy smile, and she felt a surge of contentment for her brother and her best friend. They really were perfect for each other.
“I’m just waiting for Max. He forgot his coat inside. We were just going for a walk and then Max was going to take me home,” Liz said, loving how the easy description rolled off her tongue. It had been so natural to slip into the roll of Max’s girlfriend. Like it was a place she’d always been meant to be.
“Michael’s meeting me out here too. We’re going to the Crashdown for some food, so I guess we’ll see you there later?” Maria suggested. Liz nodded as Maria turned away to go back inside, like she couldn’t wait for Michael to come out front. Maria turned just as she got to the door, an impish smile on her face.
“You know, I never would have thought this would all happen,” she commented. Liz fixed her with a perplexed gaze. Maria waved her hand in the air.
“All this—Max, Isabel, Michael. I just never would have expected it. Even living in Roswell I never would have thought that you and I and Alex would be dating aliens,” Maria finished. Liz smiled at her friend, realizing that shared a special bond, the three of them and the six of them.
Without another word Maria left, entering the gym just as Max came out. Liz’s face lit up at the sight of him, shrugging his jacket on over his broad shoulders, his tie hanging loosely around his neck and the top two buttons of his shirt undone, revealing smooth skin and his strong neck. Liz felt herself drawn to him, her hands gliding over his chest to pull on his lapels and bring him closer.
“Hey, missed you,” she whispered into his ear. Max couldn’t stop the grin from spreading over his face.
“Liz, I was only gone three minutes,” he replied. Liz gave him a pouting look, her lower lip jutting out.
“Doesn’t matter, you were gone,” she replied defiantly. Max smiled and leaned down, drawn to her soft lips for a gentle kiss. His fingers found the bare skin at her back and skimmed over her delicate shoulder blades, coming to rest on her arms. When they finally broke apart Liz leaned her head against his shoulder and his arm went around her easily, naturally.
They began to walk away from the school, towards the Crashdown and home. Liz had told Max she just wanted to walk with him and he’d readily agreed, deciding to pick up the car after he dropped her off. Anything to extend their time together.
The town was quiet as they walked up Citrus Street, their voices punctuating the cool night air.
“So, what’s it like here during the winter?” Max asked, noting the coolness in the air as a signal of the early end of fall.
“It gets a little cold, but not like what you’re used to in Colorado,” Liz said.
“What about snow?” Max asked eagerly. Liz shook her head.
“Only if it’s really, really cold. It hasn’t snowed for years, not since Maria, Michael, Alex and I were ten. We didn’t even have enough snow for a snowman or snow angels, but we sure tried,” Liz said, thinking back with fond memories. Max pictured Liz in the snow, laughing as she tried to make a snow angel, her dark hair a striking contrast against the white snow.
“I’m going to miss that about Aspen,” Max said sorrowfully. “I love the snow.”
Liz nodded and watched Max as he talked about his other home. She could tell he missed being there, in the place he’d grown up. She knew Roswell and its alien-themed memorabilia still made him a little uncomfortable.
She hardly noticed as they passed the Crashdown and turned down the alley, heading towards the park. It was as if they’d both decided that they didn’t want to part for the evening just yet.
Liz had been silent as Max talked, loving to hear his voice ebb and flow, full of emotion as he talked about his life, himself, his family. It was like watching the layers peel away. They were still getting to know all the details about one another and she loved hearing every single one.
They finally reached the park and crossed over the path to the grass. Liz felt her heels beginning to sink into the soft earth and she leaned down, slipping them off. She wiggled her toes in the grass, feeling it tickle and cool her feet. With a laugh she spun away from Max, her arms outstretched wide as she closed her eyes and turned her face towards the moonlight, unable to pinpoint exactly what was making her so carefree.
Nothing felt quite like being with Max.
Max felt his breath leave him as he watched Liz. The way she carelessly left her shoes behind, how her hair caught the moonlight and how the silver light reflected off her skin and shone in her pale blue dress. She was so beautiful, and she was all his. He felt like he needed to pinch himself, like he might wake up any second and realize that everything was all a dream. He’d wake up and they would be back in Colorado and everything that had become his life would vanish. But looking at Liz, hearing her call his name, her hands, her lips on him proved otherwise. She was real, she was pure, and she was all his.
“Max! Max, come here!” Liz beckoned from the middle of the field where she’d danced off to. Max grinned and complied, picking up her shoes as he walked towards her.
Liz’s own breath caught in her chest at the sight of Max, looking slightly disheveled in his tuxedo, her silver shoes slung through his fingers by the delicate ankle straps. Sometimes she wondered that her heart didn’t burst just at the mere sight of him, so good, so strong and so beautiful in front of her.
He dropped her shoes as he got closer and walked into her arms. His hands went to her waist and hers to his upper arms, rubbing gently. Max suddenly wished that he didn’t have the layers of tuxedo shirt and jacket between them. The feeling of her fingers was a welcoming burn even through the fabric.
He could tell her mood had shifted a little from the carefree, dancing girl of a minute ago. And he waited patiently, knowing she would tell him when she was ready.
“You miss Colorado, your other home, don’t you?” she asked. Max thought a moment and then nodded.
“I suppose I miss parts of it. The things I would really miss are right here. I would miss people, not places, not things if they weren’t here. Mom, Dad, Isabel if I’d had to be away from them. And even more now,” Max replied. Liz nodded and bit her lip, hesitating, before she looked at him, her round brown eyes wide in the dark.
“What about your real home? What would you do if you could go there? If you could go home?” Liz asked, her thoughts going to a place in the sky, farther away than she could ever imagine, as both a scientist and a human. Max looked stunned for a minute, wondering how he could answer the question.
The thought conflicted him. A part of him had feared his alien side as long as he could remember. A part of him had never wanted to know. But now, that part of him was being drowned out by a natural curiosity about what he’d come to see wasn’t scary like he’d thought.
“I’m not asking to make you feel guilty or obligated, but I just wanted to know. Because you, Michael and Isabel are such a part of our lives and I don’t know what I’d do if you were to suddenly leave. I just wanted to know,” Liz said truthfully. Max took her face in his hands and gazed at her, amazed at how brave she was.
“Liz, there’s no way I could ever go anywhere without you. I don’t have it in me, and I don’t want to. Wherever Michael, Isabel and I go; you, Maria and Alex go. We’re stronger together. I guess, given the opportunity I would like to know about where we come from, but I’m not ready to leave this place, not anytime soon. This is my home, you are my home, Liz,” he said to reassure her. Liz smiled and kissed him, her lips gentle, kind and loving as she poured her love, her gratitude into him.
Max felt their connection flare up again, the first time since she’d come to his bedroom to try and convince him that she didn’t think he was a freak. Feeling the warmth of her beckoning him he readily moved closer, embracing her mind as rushes of images flashed past him. He could feel her mind in his, he didn’t know where she ended and he began and he welcomed the presence, only stepping back reluctantly.
Liz’s eyes gazed at him in wonder, her fingers touching his face as if to reassure herself that he was in fact real. He found his fingers doing the same, touching every inch of her that he could as he tried to form words from his thoughts.
“Wow, Liz, I saw what you saw, when you look at me. I just never thought anyone could feel that way about me,” Max said. Liz kissed his fingertips as they passed over her mouth.
“Me either. I saw how you see me, how I look in your eyes,” she replied. Max watched her carefully, seeing that she wasn’t upset or unhappy, more awestruck.
“What did you see?” he asked. Liz blushed a little.
“That I’m beautiful,” she replied quietly. Max grinned, shaking his head.
“Because you are! Liz, how could you ever doubt it?” he asked incredulously. Liz laughed a little, falling against Max’s chest and enjoying how his arms automatically went around her.
“Max, not everyone sees me as beautiful, but I’m glad you do,” she murmured. Max nodded vigorously; not needing to be convinced that the girl he loved was the most beautiful person in the world.
Liz’s nose nuzzled against his neck and Max rubbed her shoulders, surrounding himself with the smells of her skin and hair, the sound of her breathing and the feel of her against his skin.
“I never got to say thank you for my song,” Liz murmured. Max smiled and leaned back, pushing a stray strand of hair back from her face.
“That’s not the end of the surprises for you tonight, Liz Parker,” Max replied with a playful grin. Liz looked at him curiously as he pointed upward with one finger. She followed the path, seeing the moon and then glittering flakes falling down towards them. She gasped as the cool flakes hit her skin, catching in her eyelashes and melting on her lips.
“Snow! Max, you made it snow!” she exclaimed. Max grinned and shrugged.
“It’s not enough for snow angels . . .” he trailed off. With a laugh, Liz spun around, enjoying the cool feeling of the light snow falling around them. She caught Max in her hands and turned him around, then pulled his arms around her waist, his chest warm on her back as the snow slowly stopped falling, resting around them on the ground and quickly melting to nothing in the night air.
“Liz, did I tell you that you look like an angel tonight? I can’t even explain how it makes me feel when I look at you. It’s like I suddenly realize that everything in the world is ok, as long as I’m with you,” he said. Liz turned in his arms and caught his face in her hands.
“Don’t you see Max? It’s the same for me. I love you, Max,” Liz replied honestly. Max didn’t seem startled by her words as he touched her cheek briefly.
“I know. I—“
“Well, isn’t that just sweet?”
Max felt Liz freeze in his arms at the harsh voice coming from the shrouding darkness of the nearby trees. They were out in the open, bathed in moonlight and couldn’t quite see into the shadows. Max couldn’t recognize the voice, but he heard the coldness, the anger in the words.
“Liz, who is that?” he asked urgently. Liz’s fingers dug into his arms and she looked at him, her eyes scared. She suddenly worried what he might have seen, while she and Max thought they’d been alone.
“It’s Kyle,” she whispered. Max squinted, trying to make out the person in the shadows.
“How could it be? I thought he was—“
“Locked in a Looney bin? Pulled out of society? Eliminated as a danger to Liz Parker and the rest of West Roswell High? Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not that hard to get away from those places,” Kyle said, finally stepping into the light.
The sight of Kyle made Liz shrink back against Max, a move that seemed to anger Kyle more.
“Liz, step away from him. You aren’t his, you’re mine,” he said evenly. Liz shook her head vehemently. Angered, Kyle suddenly extended his arm, revealing a gun in his hand, now pointed straight at Max’s head.
“It’s not very hard to get a gun when your Dad’s the sheriff,” Kyle observed. With a cry, Liz looked at Max, her eyes desperate.
“NO! No, Kyle, please, I’ll do anything you want, just put the gun down,” Liz pleaded. Max caught her arm, his eyes wild.
“Liz! What are you doing? I said I would protect you and I will. You are not going with him!” he exclaimed. Liz’s face was strong as she shook her head, her voice low as she spoke, so Kyle couldn’t hear.
“Max, I can’t stand to see anything happen to you again. And Michael isn’t here to save you. I’ll see what he wants, try to calm him down. Get Michael and the others,” Liz said. Max looked at her in amazement.
“Liz, if you think I’m just going to leave you with him and leave, you’re crazier than he is! He’s got a gun, I saw what he did to you with his own hands, I will not allow him near you when he has a gun,” Max said urgently.
“Look, I’m getting tired of waiting. Liz, are you coming with me or do I need to shoot him?” Kyle asked impatiently. Liz shook her head at the last statement and took a step away from Max and towards Kyle. Max caught her hand in his, shaking his head as she backed away from him.
Liz’s eyes pleaded with him to stop, to let her go, that she’d be fine as long as he was safe.
Max felt like his heart was tearing apart. He’d told her he would protect her, that Kyle would never touch her again, and there he was; ready to take her away, that smug look on his face. As if he’d won.
“Like hell,” Max muttered, making a decision as he quickly stepped forward, pushing Liz out of the way, far from him and Kyle. He heard Liz’s cry as he tried to overpower Kyle, he saw the light reflect off the black metal of the gun. He saw the barrel pointing straight at him; he heard the click of the hammer being pulled back and then the impossibly loud bang of the gun going off.
And then in a flash of pain and a burst of light Max’s world went irrevocably black.

TBC . . .

Proud to be a Dreamer!!

Liz: I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time I was really seeing Max Evans. I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful.
Liz: The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown. And once you do, you can never go back.
Max: You're my dream girl, Liz.
Max: What's so great about normal?
posted on 22-Sep-2001 6:04:47 PM
Author:Mel (LizParkerEvans⊕
Disclaimer: I own nothing!!
Rating: PG 13 (It does get a little dark here, just so you know)
Category: Alternate Universe fic primarily M/L with M/M and I/A
Author’s Note: Serendipity struck me while standing in line for the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland shortly after the August Roswell gathering in LA. I thought it would be fun to tell my vision of Max and Liz meeting for the first time as teenagers. Plus, I wanted to give Michael a different way to grow up, a different opportunity. So, this story takes place the beginning of their sophomore year, Michael doesn’t know Isabel and Max exist, and vice versa. The Evans moved to Colorado shortly after they found Max and Isabel, only to return in the fall of 1999.

One more part to go! And I don't know what is up with the weird spacing, sometimes it puts it in right, other times it doesn't. Sorry to leave you all hanging, but I couldn't help it : ) And thanks for the feedback, you all are very sweet.

Part 16

Serendipity n. The faculty of happening upon fortunate discoveries
when not in search of them.

“Kyle, please, slow down,” Liz cried, trying to wrench her arm from Kyle’s grasp. She looked back behind them, straining to catch a glimpse of something, anything to tell her Max was okay. She couldn’t stop this terrible ache that filled her heart and made her desperately worried that Max was dead.
The gunshot had been impossibly loud. It had brought back horrible memories of the day Max had been shot with the acrid smell of gunpowder, with the sharp smell of blood. Max’s blood. When he’d fallen down, his body limp, Liz had screamed and lunged for Max only to be caught by Kyle. Kyle had dragged her kicking and screaming away from Max, the tears running down her face.
“Kyle, please, let me go back to Max. I need to know that he’s ok. Just let me go, please,” Liz cried. She didn’t care that she should be trying to calm Kyle down, trying to reason with him. The second he’d fired a gun at Max’s head all reason had fled.
Finally, Kyle stopped and pulled her roughly around to face him. Liz’s eyes darted around wildly, taking in where they were. Still in the park, but now standing next to the swimming pool. The rough concrete floor tore at her bare feet where Kyle had dragged her behind him.
“What did I do wrong, Liz? Why don’t you love me?” Kyle asked sadly, his eyes full of tears. Liz tried to form her thoughts to answer, the only thing coming through was an urgent, instinctive need to get to Max.
“I don’t know, Kyle. Some people just aren’t meant to be together. I liked you, but we’re just too different,” Liz said desperately. Kyle’s face immediately hardened.
“No! I’m not going to lose you. No, no, no, no,” Kyle repeated over and over, his eyes starting to look dazed. Liz felt his fingers loosening on her arm and she thought maybe if she calmed him down he’d let go of her enough so that she could escape. She could get to Max and she could call the sheriff.
“Kyle, we can still be friends. We were friends first, remember?” Liz prodded. Kyle fixed his eyes on her and nodded.
“You won’t leave me. Not like Mom did,” Kyle proclaimed. Liz struggled with what to say. She had no idea how to reason with Kyle, he’d obviously been severely damaged by his mother leaving.
“Kyle, your mom leaving didn’t have anything to do with you. And your dad, he loves you. Don’t you think he’s worried about you? About where you are?” Liz said softly. She saw Kyle’s expression soften at the mention of his father and his fingers on her arm seemed to ease up just a little bit more.
“I’m just so tired,” Kyle said plaintatively. Liz nodded.
“I know you are. So am I. Why don’t we go see your dad? He can help,” Liz suggested, praying Kyle would listen. Her words seemed to sink in for a minute and Liz felt her heart beat triple, anticipating whether Kyle would let go. Her thoughts were clouded with Max.
He’d been shot.
He could be bleeding to death.
It had been too long.
Max needed her.
Just when she thought Kyle might let go, she tried to step back a little and his fingers tightened on her arm. She felt her body grow cold as Kyle fixed his clear blue eyes on her, his face eerily calm.
“No, we’re going somewhere else,” he said. As Kyle pulled her with him Liz began to cry again, not willing or able to hide her despair.

“Hey man, where should I put these?” Alex asked Michael as he pushed in through the Crashdown kitchen doors with his shoulder, his hands full of cups and glasses. Michael pointed to the sink.
“Just put them over there. We’ll get them in the morning,” Michael commented. He shut off the sink and joined Alex at the door, watching as Maria and Isabel sat on two stools at the counter, laughing over something.
“So, how did things go on the big first date?” Alex asked. Michael ducked his head, unable to hide the grin on his face.
“Really great. I don’t know how to explain it. We’re the same, but now it’s different. It’s—it’s better now, somehow,” Michael said. Alex nodded, patting his best friend on the shoulder.
“I know what you mean, don’t worry,” Alex said. Then he met Michael’s eyes, his expression serious.
“Just so you know, Maria’s like a sister to me. You hurt her and you’re a dead alien.”
“Ok, ok, I get it! Liz gave me the same speech. I’m not going to hurt her, not if I have anything to say about it. All I want to do is make her happy,” Michael replied, his eyes fixing on Maria as she twirled around on her stool, listening to her laughter that rang like a bell.
The two boys watched Maria and Isabel for a minute, both grinning like nothing could possibly disturb the night. Then Michael turned to Alex and nudged him with his shoulder.
“Speaking of first dates, how was yours?” he asked. Alex tried not to grin like an idiot and failed miserably.
“God, she’s just—she’s amazing. She’s beautiful, she makes guys look twice and yet she doesn’t look at anyone but me. In heels she looks me straight in the eye and I can’t look away. She’s got these brown eyes like chocolate and this deep laugh that makes me lean in for more. In a word, I can’t even describe it in a word. I never thought that I, Alex Charles Whitman, would ever be able to get a girl like Isabel Evans to go out with me,” Alex commented. Then he laughed.
“But then, before I met you, I never thought there was such a thing as aliens.”
“Come on,” Michael suggested, itching to stand near Maria, just be next to her, touch her. They joined the girls and were laughing over some of the things that had happened at the dance when Alex brought up Max’s performance.
“I can’t believe he did that!” Isabel said. Alex grinned.
“I swear it was all his idea. He came up to me before the dance and told me what he wanted. I pulled in a few favors and we timed it just right,” Alex said, clearly proud of himself.
“Did you see the look on Liz’s face?” Michael asked, remembering how his sister had been so happy, her eyes glued to Max. Isabel’s face softened and she nodded. Without a word her hand drifted over to find Alex’s and their fingers intertwined. Alex tried not to look surprised, recognizing that what Isabel was offering him was more than she’s ever opened up to anyone.
Michael watched his best friend and his thoughts turned to the realization that nothing could ever be as perfect as that moment, as perfect as that memory. All of them, all six of them, were happy and together. Wanting to feel Maria against him he turned to find her standing by the front door, her hand on the doorknob and her back tightened with tension.
Frowning, he walked over, feeling the sudden fear practically rolling off Maria in waves. He finally reached her and laid his hands on her arms. He leaned his head down, trying to catch her eyes. Maria wouldn’t look at him, her eyes were staring straight ahead, into the darkness of the night.
“Maria, what is it?” he asked.
“Something’s wrong. Everything was fine, better then fine, and then I suddenly felt this, I don’t know, this panic. It’s out there. Michael, I think it’s Liz. They’ve been gone a long time, I’m worried,” Maria said. Michael took one look at her frightened face and he glanced back at Alex.
“Alex, man, come on,” he called. Without a question Alex immediately stood up and walked over, Isabel following close behind.
“What’s going on?” he asked.
“Maria thinks something’s happened to Liz. We’re going to look for her,” Michael said, reaching for the door.
“We’re coming too,” Isabel announced. Michael shook his head.
“No, you two stay here, in case they come here,” he said.
“Maria, I’m not doing it to leave you behind or anything. You know I’m right. It’s better if half of us stay here to wait. If we’re not back in thirty minutes get my parents from upstairs,” Michael said. Maria finally nodded as Michael kissed her on the forehead quickly before following Alex out the door.
Maria sighed and watched them disappear into the darkness. Isabel laid a reassuring hand on her arm.
“It’ll be ok, they’ll find them,” Isabel said, trying not to let her own worry lace her words. Maria nodded hopefully.
“I just hope it’s not too late,” she murmured.

With a groan Max slowly came back to consciousness. He couldn’t tell if he was upside down or right side up, his head hurt so bad. It felt about ten times its normal size and throbbed like a train had passed through his ears.
He tried to open his eyes and found only darkness. He couldn’t remember anything that had happened, all he could think of was how much his head ached. Slowly he sat up, immediately wishing he hadn’t. He gasped as the darkness around him exploded with bright stars of pain. Reaching a hand up to cradle his head he felt the wetness there and pulled his hand back, the pain fading just enough for him to see the dark red blood painting his fingers from where he’d touched his forehead.
Suddenly he remembered. Liz. Snowflakes. Liz’s words. I love you. Kyle. The gun. Liz’s scream. The pain in his head. Complete darkness.
Feeling an urgency all the way to his toes he gripped a tree nearby and struggled to stand. He had no idea how long it had been since Kyle had taken a shot at him, the bullet seemed to have just grazed his head. Max knew he’d been lucky. He also knew without a doubt that Kyle now had Liz and she might not be as lucky if he didn’t get to her. He had to find her.
Ignoring the throbbing in his head he looked around, his eyes readjusting to the darkness of the night. He tried to concentrate, tried to feel her. Sometimes he thought he could, like their connection gave him some kind of special Liz Parker Radar. Drawing on the essence of her, on everything that reminded him of her he began to run across the field, towards a swimming pool by the basketball court.
The urgency increased as he got closer and as he came in sight of the swimming pool he skidded to a halt, his eyes darting around. Cursing, he didn’t see them anywhere. He thought he’d been so sure.
Just as he was about to turn around he heard a scuffling noise off to the side of the pool, over in the shadows. Squinting, he stepped closer and felt his anger immediately flare at the sight of Kyle, crouching in the corner, soaking wet, hugging his knees and rocking back and forward.
Max quickly hauled him to his feet and pushed him against the wall.
“Where is she? Damnit Kyle, what did you do to her?!” Max screamed into Kyle’s face. Kyle seemed to look past him, his face blank.
“I tried to take her with me, but she didn’t want to go,” he said vacantly. Max shook with anger, barely able to contain his urge to snap Kyle in two.
“WHERE IS SHE?!?!” he yelled again. Kyle didn’t respond, just continued to stare behind Max, at the swimming pool. Max felt the chill run down his spine before the thought trickled into his mind and he dropped Kyle like a rag and spun around to face the pool.
The instant before he hit the water he registered the sight of Liz floating underwater, her filmy blue dress drifting almost peacefully. He didn’t even think as he dove into the water, reaching her in an instant and pulling her close to him, and then swimming to the surface. He broke through the surface of the water and gasped at the cool night air, immediately turning to look at Liz in his arms.
As he swam over to the side of the pool he saw how still she was, how cold she looked. He tried to ignore the pounding fear in his chest, deep in his gut, spreading all over his body. He knew she was gone, he could tell just by looking at her. But his mind wouldn’t accept the fact. He’d just found her, she couldn’t be gone.
Trying to remember what he’d learned in CPR he leaned over her, listening for any sound of breathing. No sounds came and he tried not to sob at the utter silence around them. Suddenly he remembered who he was, what he was capable of doing.
Placing a hand on his chest, near her heart, Max concentrated, trying to find some part of Liz that was still alive that he could bring back. He got flashes of water in front of him, felt the choking feeling of liquid in his throat and lungs. He gasped and coughed, unwilling to give up. He pushed his power into her, he could feel his energy flowing from his body to hers.
All of a sudden he felt very cold, very wet and tired. He tried to stay sitting up but found he couldn’t. He sank down to lay next to Liz, shivering and coughing water.
Just before the darkness bled in again he heard a welcome sound next to him.
Liz gasped for air, coughing and sputtering water as her chest heaved and she drew air into her lungs.

TBC . . .

Proud to be a Dreamer!!

Liz: I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time I was really seeing Max Evans. I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful.
Liz: The difficult part is when you follow your heart, you leave normal, you go into the unknown. And once you do, you can never go back.
Max: You're my dream girl, Liz.
Max: What's so great about normal?