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Title: Get Over It (A UC but mostly CC and M/L fanfic)
Author: Christy
Rating: PG-13 (including foul language)
Summary: Based on the movie Get Over It about a girl who broke up with a guy and he is now getting over the heartache and ends up falling for his friend’s sister. Meanwhile, after his ex finds out her new boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, she wants him back.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and most of the ideas and plots and lines in this fic. I changed some lines.
Authors Note: My first attempt at this kind of fanfiction based on a movie. The Roswell characters I use in this fic will be like the ones in the movie. There is no aliens. I suggest you rent or buy the movie-it is very good and it has Colin Hanks in it! I hope you like this fic, I thought it was a good idea to write this.
Feedback: Yes and lots of it!

Part 1

Max’s POV

Tess and I were the perfect couple. We knew each other since we were 7. She was the first girl I played doctor with, the first girl to see me naked. And she didn’t even run away screaming. We were best friends until she moved away but I knew one day fate would bring us together again. And it did, my senior year of High School, during lunch.

“Hey Max, it’s me, Tess, Tess Harding. Remember me?”

I got up from the lunch table and just standed there looking at her as realization swept over me. She smiled. This was the girl I’ve been waiting for, for years. From that day on, we were together again. I was dating the most beautiful girl in school and the best part was we still played doctors.

A year later...

Boy, was I a dumbass.

“Max, can we talk?”


I smiled at her as we sat down on the couch.

“Um, you know, things die, people, plants, animals. And sometimes things don‘t go the way you plan...”

“What are you trying to say, Tess?”

“Well, um, remember our first kiss? The sparks?”

“Yeah...” I smiled, now, remembering that first kiss with her.

“Now, those sparks are kind of...gone.”

I sat there shocked. I was screaming inside my head. What the hell happened to us? She walked me to the door and as I was heading out...


She picks up a box of my stuff.

“I packed up your stuff. I thought it would be easier.”

I take my stuff and she slams the door on my face. I drove home depressed and took a nap. I wake up 10 minutes later freaking out over some weird dream I had. I go to my parents, Phillip and Diane at the studio where they tape their show “Love Matters”. They’ve just finished taping a segment. I walk up to my Mom and Dad.


“Hey, Honey, what are you doing here? Is everything alright with Tess?” My Mom asks.

“Um, no, actually.”

“What’s the problem, Dude? Cheating, Distrust, an argument?” Dad asks.

“No, nothing like that.” I answered.

“Sex.” Both my parents said in unison.

I shook my head, “She dumped me.”

“Oh, honey.” My mom answered, giving sympathy for me.

“Awww...” The crowd said. They had overheard the whole thing.

“Maybe this is not the best place to talk about this.” I said as I ran out of the studio and then drove back home.

Later, I went out to the local dance club with Michael and Alex. We just sat down for awhile. Some guy was surrounded by girls.

“Are you guys listining to this Nsync look-a-like?” Alex asked.

“Nah, he sounds like Madonna.“ I said as I started to look around the room. I suddenly saw Tess. “She’s here.”

“Who? Madonna? Where?” Michael asked.

“No, Tess.” I replied as I started to walk over there. Alex stopped me.

“No, man, you are not going over there. You’re here to get over her.” Alex said.

“Whatever, fine, I’m gonna wander around.” I said.

“Don’t you dare go over there.” Alex warned me.

“I’m not, I’m gonna blend in. Meet someone else, maybe.” I said. ‘Yeah, right.’ I thought to myself as I started wandering around, ‘Like I could ever find someone like Tess.’

I walked around for about 10 minutes finally thinking about something else other than Tess but then I saw her. Kissing that guy who sounded like Madonna. The whole world around me spun around and my eyes just seemed to focus on them. I felt like screaming. Suddenly, Alex and Michael came up to me. They saw what was going on.

“Come on, you don’t need her, man.” Alex said as Michael and him pulled me out of the club. I paced outside while Alex and Michael sat down on the steps.

“Tess should be with me right now, not that Nsync wanna be.” I said.

“She’s not your girlfriend anymore, man.” Alex said.

“Who marries their high school girlfriend, anyway?” Michael said.

“Nobody.” Alex replied.

“I’m gonna call her.” I said as I start to dial her cell phone number.

“No!” Alex said as he lunges for my cell. I dodge out of the way and run to call her. I eventually run to her house. Michael and Alex follow.

Tess and her friend Courtney are discussing the guy she was dancing with and kissing at the club. They are watching a music video of him with a group. Courtney is looking at the CD Tess got from him.

“His name is Kyle. He’s cute. So, what did he say when he gave you this?” Courtney asked.

“Hmm, I don’t know. He asked me out.” Tess said.

“Well, don’t be so nonchalant about it, girl. That boy is really hot.” Courtney replies. Suddenly, they both hear Max start to sing outside the window.

I get up on the roof by her room. I start singing “Alison” by Elvis Costello except I change the name to Tess.

“Oh, it's so funny to be seeing you after so long, girl. And with the way you look, I understand that you were not impressed.”

Tess and Courtney saw me but I kept singing as they ignored me.

“But I heard you let that little friend of mine took off your party dress! I'm not gonna get too sentimental like those other sticky valentines 'cause I don't know if you are loving somebody.”

“Max, you’re gonna wake the neighbors up.” Alex said but I kept on singing.

“I only know it isn't mine. Tesssss, I know this world is killing you. Oh, Tesss, my aim is...” I fell off the roof. “Owww!” I yelled.

“Max, your aim sucks.”

Part 2a

The next day at school...

Max is in gym class playing basketball. Kyle and Tess are also in the gym. Liz and her best friend Maria are nearby talking.

“Oh my god, how more public can you get?” Maria said, looking at Kyle and Tess who are making out in the bleachers. “They’re practially groping each other.”

Liz looks over at the scene, “It’s disgusting. Alex told me about how Tess broke with Max yesterday. That must be so hard for him to see that.”

“Yeah, um...whatever.” Maria said. She wasn’t really paying attention. She was looking at Michael, Max’s friend, who was playing some very impressive basketball. Maria was practically staring at him. Liz noticed this immediately.

“Maria, when are you ever gonna get the courage up to ask Michael out?”

“What?!! No way! I don’t think I like him like that...” Maria said, obviously lying.

“C’mon Maria, you know you like him.”

“Fine, I admit it. I like him. I’m not the only one who likes someone...You like Max. You’ve had a crush on him since grade school.”

“Yeah, but that’s different. He’ll never see me like that because I’m his friend’s sister.”

“We’ll see...”

At that moment, Max was playing basketball, trying to ignore Kyle and Tess making out. His eyes looked past them and he saw Liz, Alex’s sister. In other words, his friend’s sister, Alex’s sister. There was just something about her that caught his eye every time. He knew there was something special about her but ignored it because he was going out with Tess. He also tried to ignore it because of the fact she was Alex’s sister. Now, that he wasn’t with Tess, he couldn’t help but stare at her. This took his attention away from basketball and when someone passed him the ball, it hit him and he got knocked down.

“What are you doing, Evans? Daydreaming? Get back on the court!” Max’s gym teacher yelled. Max quickly got up and caught one last glance at Liz before getting up. As Max was leaving class he overhead Liz and Maria talking.

“So, are you going to try out for the school play with me Friday?” Liz asked Maria.

“Sure, why not? I love acting. What play are we going to try put for?”

“A Midsummer Nights Dream, my favorite Shakespeare play. Well, besides Romeo and Juliet. They are making the play partly musical. Like Grease.”

Max decided this was the one way to get Tess back. He knew she liked acting, too and tried out for the play every year. He thought about his plan to get Tess back but couldn’t help thinking about Liz, too.

Part 2b

Max, Michael, and Alex always had lunch outside by the pool. Max was studying the book A Midsummer Night’s Dream, trying to understand it. Michael was checking out Maria who he’s had a crush on for months. Alex was eating his lunch while keeping an eye on his sister, Liz, who was talking to her friend, Maria.

“When are you gonna stop staring and ask her out, man?” Alex asked Michael.

“I’m too shy, too and anyway, I don’t think she goes for guys like me.” Michael replied. Max looked up to see what girl Michael was talking to but someone else caught his eye first...Liz. Max started staring at her but quickly looked back at his book when Liz looked over his way. Liz and Maria walked over to Max, Michael, and Alex.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Liz asked.

“Not much here.” Michael replied, trying not to stare at Maria. Alex replied with the same answer. Max couldn’t say anything for a moment until Liz asked him a question. She had noticed he was studying the book A Midsummer Nights Dream.

“Are you gonna try out for the play, Max?” Liz asked.

“Maybe, if I ever understand any of this stuff in here.” Max replied.

“Well, I can help you if you want. I’m going to try out for the play.”

“Liz is a amazing singer. She’s gonna be the next Michelle Carey.” Maria added in.

“It’s Mariah Carey. Anyway, if you want me to help you out, we can meet at the coffee shop tomorrow morning at 7am.”

“Sure, sounds good to me.” Max replied.

“Great, see ya tomorrow than. Bye guys.” Liz said, walking away with Maria.

“Oh my god, did you see Michael staring at me?” Maria said.

“I sure did. That guy has got it bad for you.” Liz replied.

“See, didn’t I tell you?”

The next morning at the coffee shop...

Max and Liz are sitting at a table.

“Ok, read me that first line from the top.” Liz said.

“IfweshadowshaveoffendedThink but this, and all is mended-” Max started to read very rapidly and quickly.

“No, no, you don’t read it like that. Let me explain the whole plot to you.” Liz said, closing the book and pointing to the girl on the front cover. “This girl here is Hermia. She’s in love with a guy named Lysander. The problem is Hermia’s father is forcing her to marry the nobleman he has chosen for her which is Demetrius. He uses his charms on Hermia which leaves Lysander screwed. Also, there’s Helena who is in love with Demetrius and follows him around like a lost puppy. But in the end, Helena ends up with Demetrius and Lysander marries Hermia.”

“Ok, well that sums it all up for me. Thanks for helping me.” Max said, giving up on the whole play thing. Max got up and kissed Liz on the head before walking out, leaving Liz. Max didn’t know why he did that except for the way he had always wanted to show his affection for her.

The following afternoon...School play tryouts

“Hello everyone! Welcome to the tryouts for the musical A Midnight Summers Dream. First, we will audition by singing and then acting. Ok, first up, Peter Wong.” The school director, Mr. Seligman said, starting off auditions. Peter Wong, as usual, impressed Mr. Seligman greatly. “Ooooh, I think I’ll give him the part of Lysander.” He thought. “Next up, Maria DeLuca.” Michael was in the audience watching her sing. Mr. Seligman wasn’t as impressed but considered giving her one of the fairy parts. “Next up, Tess Harding.” Max sat in the back of the audience, feeling a little jealous, seeing her with Kyle. Mr. Seligman was impressed with Tess so he considered giving her the part of Hermia. “Next up, Liz Parker.” Liz impressed Mr. Seligman, too, but asked what song she was singing since he didn’t recognize it. “What song was that you sang, Ms.Parker?”

“A song I wrote, actually.” Liz said, blushing slightly.

“Are you expecting applause? This isn’t TRL. No screaming fans here. Alright. Next!” Mr. Seligman said as Liz walks away a little disappointed. Max was really impressed. He loved her voice and her song was very nice as well. “Next up, Kyle Valenti.” Kyle walked up to the stage.

“I hope you don’t mind if I accompany myself.” Kyle said.

“Not at all, go right ahead.” Mr. Seligman said as Kyle began to play and sing “Alison” by Elvis Costello. He was singing it at Tess the whole time who was smiling. Max, however, wasn’t so happy with that. Mr. Seligman was very impressed. “Very well done, Kyle. Well, is there anyone else who wanted to audition?” Max takes this as his time to speak up.

“I’d like to audition.” Max said, standing up and walking up to the stage.

“Alright, your name?” Mr. Seligman asked.

“Max Evans.” Max replied.

“Ok, Mr. Evans. Please entertain us with your singing.”

“Singing?” Max was hoping to get away with that part and go straight to reading a line from the play.

“Yes. Sing first, recite lines later.”

“Umm..ok.” Max said glancing around, not knowing at all what to sing. He saw a girl with a Big Red gum shirt on and started to sing that Big Red gum song. “Kiss a little longer. Stay close a little longer...”

“Projection!!!” Mr. Seligman shouted.

Max was so nervous until Liz helped him out by continuing for him. “Give your breath...” Everyone else started to sing it, too which gave Max courage and he ended the song with a bang.

“...With Big Red!” Everyone cheered and shouted.

“Alright! Enough!” Mr. Seligman said. “The roles will be posted tomorrow afternoon. Now go home!”

Part 3

Max calls Alex after the auditions.

“Hey, Alex. It’s Max. What’s up?” Max said when Alex answered the phone.

“Nothing, just watching Jack here screwing the rubber tree.” Alex replied.

“Screwing the rubber tree?”

“Yeah, he’s got some kind of hormonal imbalance.”

“Ah, I see. Is Liz there?”

“Why would you wanna talk to Liz?”

“She did something for me today. Just put her on.”

“Ok...hold please.” Alex said, then went into Liz’s room holding up the phone.

“Max Evans? Since when do my friends start calling you?” Alex asked his sister.

“Since today.” Liz replied.

“Whatever.” Alex said as he went back into the living room, ready to overhear this conversation.

“Hey.” Liz said, when she picked up the phone in her room.

“Hey, Liz, just wanted to call and thank you for helping me out at auditions today.” Max said, he liked hearing her voice. he was in love with everything about her.

“No problem. I thought you would of known about that singing part. You were good, though.”

“What?” Alex said into the phone, interrupting Max and Liz’s conversation.

“Alex? Are you on the phone? I can hear you breathing!” Liz yelled.

Alex quickly hung up but so did Max.

“Hello?” Liz said into the phone, now hearing the dial tone. She sighed and hung up the phone.

The next afternoon after school, the roles are posted for the play. Kyle and Tess were with Courtney when they found out their parts and were very excited about their parts. Kyle had gotten the role of Demetrius and Tess had gotten the role of Hermia. Liz looked up her part as Max came up to her to see what his was. Liz screamed out in joy at seeing her part was Helena.

“Whoa!” Max said, looking at Liz getting excited. “What’s going on?”

“I got the part of Helena. I really had my heart set on that part. And, oh, there’s you.” Liz said, pointing at his part and Max looked at it.

“Kinsman #2...doesn’t have any singing parts.”

“Ahhh, Ms. Parker. Satisfied with your role?” Mr. Seligman asked, as he walked up to Max and Liz.

“Yes, very much so. Thank you, Mr. Seligman.” Liz replied.

“And Max, this is your first theatrical performance. Let’s best not botch it. See you at practice.”

“Ah, Mr. Seligman, that may be a problem.” Max said.
“What was that, Max? A problem?”

“Yes, see, there’s basketball games right before practice and I might not make it to practice on time...”

“No, Mr. Evans. I will not accept that. I want you to give half the dedication that I gave my own first performance. Just half!” Mr. Seligman said, reflecting back on his earlier days. “Ahh, those were the better days. Although, these are good. Be at practice on time, Mr. Evans. Goodbye, now!”

“Fuck you!” Max mouthed while giving Mr. Seligman the finger behind his back as he was walking away.

At practice time, Max was running late and quickly took a seat as Mr. Seligman was telling everyone the plot of the play.

“Ah, Mr. Evans, so nice of you to join us. Now, as I was saying...Demetrius is in love with Hermia but so is Lysander. That’s conflict one. and then, to make things worse...what comes into play, people?” Mr. Seligman asked. No one answered.

“Hello, people! Wake up! FAIRIES! They start to control these characters hearts and suddenly Helena falls in love with Demetrius. Hasn’t all hell just sprung loose.”
Max looks at the people playing the fairies and starts to daydream about Tess/Hermia, the fairies interrupt his conversation with her by bringing Demetrius/Kyle into it. Demetrius sword fighted with Lysander (Max) and throws him under his horse near the horses manure. Demetrius and Hermia laughed. Max was snapped out of his daydream by Mr. Seligman. “Mr. Evans, having REM?”
Everyone laughed at him except Liz. She gave him a sympathetic smile as he started to listen to Mr. Seligman’s lecture.

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