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Title: Undertow
Author: Xan (brigittabehr)
Disclaimer: Roswell isn’t mine, etc.
Category: M/L, M/M, K/I, S/Z
Spoilers: takes place in season 3, M/L have been arrested and told that they are forbidden to see each other, Max has moved out and lives with the Valentis, think that’s all I allude to
FB: PLEASE!!!!! So I can decide to continue or not.

Standing by yourself.
High on the hills above the ocean.
This is where you'd come to walk with your friends.
Strange how it leaves you with no emotion.
You can't fight the undertow.
Not when you're all alone.
You can't fight the undertow.
How long 'til you let go?
Taking one step back.
Trying to pull yourself together.
No matter what you say nothing you do
can hold back the forces on you forever.
You can't fight the undertow.
Not when you're all alone.
You can't fight the undertow.
How long 'til you let go?
~Undertow by Ivy~


A tall man with blonde hair and green eyes wearing fatigues sat on a throne with an evil look on his face.

“Bring the prisoner in,” he commanded to a guard.

The guard bowed.

“Yes, Khivar.”

“What will you do to her?” a quiet man beside him asked.

Khivar glared.

“Larek, she killed Tess in cold blood. I don’t care who she is, no one gets away with murdering my sister.”

Larek bowed his head in silent submission. The door to the chamber opened and the guard entered with three others. In the middle of the four stood a short, regal, red-haired girl. She had amber eyes, pale skin, and wore a skintight black dress, black boots, and an elegant black robe. Her fiery red hair hung in hundreds of tiny braids and her startling eyes looked ready to kill with a mere glance.

“Ah, your Majesty. I trust you slept well in the dungeon last night.”

She continued to glare at him.

“What’s the matter? Feeling guilty for your actions?”

“Never,” she hissed in a rich and sophisticated voice.

“Well, Serena, I trust you know the gravity of your actions and the punishment for such a crime. After all, you made the rules.”

“Its Queen Serena to you.”

Khivar rolled his eyes.

“Very well, QueenSerena. Anyway, I am willing to let you live, on one condition.”

Serena narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

“And what would that be?”

“That you bow down to me and give me complete control over Antar.”

“You’re dreaming.”

“You’re dead.”

Serena shrugged.

“Like I care. You killed me when you had Ava mind warp Zan, Rath and Lonnie into thinking that Tobia and I were dead, and then forcing Zan marry Ava. When you took my husband and my brother away from me, you killed me. At least my daughter is safe and you’ll never find her.”

Khivar glared at the royalty before him.

“It will be easier to find Tobia after you’re dead.” He turned to the guards. “Kill her.”

The four nodded and stepped toward Serena. She closed her eyes and vanished.

“What the hell? Where did she go?” Khivar screeched.

Larek snorted.

“Khivar, your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. That wasn’t the Queen. That was her astral projecting herself. The real Serena is on her way to Earth in the Granilith.”

Khivar cursed and slammed his fist into the wall, putting a large hole in the marble.

“Find a way to get me to Earth as soon as possible,” he yelled at his chief engineer.

Turning back to Larek, he seethed, “Your little sister will pay for this.”

Larek just raised an eyebrow and prayed to God that Serena would be strong enough to fight him when the time came.

TBC or not?

~Behrian~Cheerleader~Cowgirl~DREAMER~Stargazer~Candy Girl~Truckstopper~

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~Part One~


Find Jim.


Find Jim.


Must run faster.

The beautiful Queen was sobbing as she reached the familiar house. She banged on the door impatiently, desperately needing to see her Jim. Jim Valenti sauntered to his back door and froze in his tracks when he saw his visitor.

“Serena?” he asked in awe as he opened the sliding glass door.

He hadn’t seen the girl in ten years yet she hadn’t aged a day, except for her eyes. They showed how close she was to breaking down.

“Come in,” he said, leading her into the living room.

Serena collapsed onto the couch and resumed crying. Jim was at a loss. She had always been so strong and never showed her emotions. Something terrible must have happened.

“Serena, what’s wrong? What happened?”

She took a shaky breath and looked up at him, a look of utter despair flashing in her eyes.

“Khivar. He was going to have me executed so I ran.”

“What did you do for him to execute you?”

She looked down at her bloodstained hands.

“I killed his sister.”

Jim gasped.

“You killed Tess?”

Serena could only nod.


“The damn bitch was so much like Ava, and you know how much I hated Ava. We were arguing yesterday about Max and she made some comment about Zan and I snapped. I’m not really sure what happened, it happened so fast.”

Jim studied her.

“Serena, you’ve killed more people than I can count. What’s really bothering you?”

Serena smiled ruefully.

“I never could hide anything from you,” she sighed. Her eyes watered up as she continued to speak. “Jim, Tobia’s dead.”

“Oh, God, I am so sorry,” Jim murmured, hugging the distraught woman.

Serena nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“I’ve told Khivar over the years that she’s alive, but I never really knew whether or not she was. I talked to Kathana before I left—I hadn’t talked to her since I hid Tobia there—she said that Tobia had died only three days after I left her there. Apparently, Tobia somehow had the disease that Khivar and Ava had infected Zan, Lonnie and Rath with. Since she was only a baby it killed her quickly. It took two years to kill the other three.”

“What are you going to do now?”

The deadly gleam was back in Serena’s eyes.

“I’m going to train Max and Michael, and then the three of us are going to take back what’s rightfully ours.”

Jim looked a little uncomfortable.

“Serena, you do know that Max—“

Serena cut him off.

“Oh God, do not go into the ‘Max is different than Zan and is now with a human’ spiel. Getting with Max would be creepy. I mean, he’s eighteen while I’m seventy. Granted, seventy is a relatively young Antarian age, but still—way too creepy. Not to mention the fact that he is so not Zan. Zan and I were soul mates and I would be able to sense if Max was. He’s not; he’s that human…Liz…he’s Liz’s soul mate.”

Jim smiled warmly.

“I knew you’d understand. So, how are we going to tell Max and Michael?”

“Tell me and Michael what?” Max asked from the front doorway.

Serena and Jim whirled around to see Kyle and Max watching them with suspicious looks. Serena cast a glance at Jim and he almost burst out laughing. She was going to do what she was fearfully known for—screw with the poor guy’s mind.

“Well, Lover boy, we were going to tell you and Michael that I’m his sister and your real mate.”

Max started.

“No! How dare you even think about interrupting me! We’re going to have to work on your manners before the wedding... Anyway, I’ve already killed Tess so all we need to do now is train you two boys so we can return home, kill Khivar, and reign as a threesome.”

Max and Kyle stared at her in shock.

Jim couldn’t take it anymore and burst out laughing.

“You are so evil!”

Serena grinned.

“I prefer the term ‘morally challenged’.”

Max and Kyle just continued to stare.

“Oh, calm down. I was Zan’s mate; your mate is Liz Parker. You and Zan are two completely different people. You’re way too serious. And you, Kyle, surely you can see that I’m kidding.”

“H-how do you know who I am?”

Serena smiled fondly.

“Because I’m your aunt.”

The two boys fainted.

“Wimps,” Jim muttered, grinning at his sister.


~Part Two~

“Let me get this straight,” Max said while pacing the room. “You’re my first wife, but Ava mind warped me into thinking that you and our daughter, who’s actually dead, were dead; you killed Tess and came here; Jim, Larek and Michael are your brothers; and I never slept with Tess. Did I get that right?” Max asked after Serena finished explaining who she was to Kyle, Michael, and himself.

Serena grinned.

“A little out of order, but correct.”

“Why are the three of you so much older than me? No offense,” Michael questioned.

“None taken. Basically, you died and we didn’t. We’re still on our first lives.”

“Well I feel stupid now.”

“That’s my Rath!”

Michael glared but couldn’t help smiling at his adorably mischievous sister. Max sighed.

“I just want to clear something up. You and I—“

“Are never going to be together, I know. Don’t worry, I don’t want in your pants. I got enough from your original self to hold me over until I can reach Zan, your dupe.”

“God, I so did not need to hear that,” Jim moaned.

“Uh, Serena, Zan’s dead. Lonnie and Rath killed him,” Kyle said apologetically.

“That’s what you think. My baby’s alive and kickin’.”

“Sis, I thought you said it’d be creepy to get with Max because of the age difference. How is Zan any different?” Jim asked.

“Because he is.”


Serena rolled her eyes at her brother and turned to her nephew.

“So, Kyle, I hear you’ve found Buddha. How is the little bald man?”

Max snorted. ‘I think I’m going to like having her around.’

“So, where are you going to stay?” Michael asked several hours later.

“I don’t know. I think Jim has enough company. Think I could stay with you?”

Jim nodded and Michael quickly agreed.

“One more things, boys. Don’t tell the girls about me yet.”

“Why?” Kyle asked, puzzled.

Jim answered for her.

“Because she wants to mess with their heads.”

“Hey, its what I do best,” Serena shot back.

“Fine with me,” Max said with a mischievous grin.

The other men nodded.

“Well, we’d better go. It’s getting really late,” said Michael, looking at his watch.

Serena began to stand, only to collapse. Max automatically reached out to catch her.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, of course. Just lost my balance for a second.”

The four men shared a knowing look.

“I’ll find out later,” Michael mouthed at his older brother.

Serena and Michael bid the others goodnight, hopped onto the back of his motorcycle and drove off, unaware of the three shocked women watching them.

“Okay, first of all, who the hell is she? Second, why weren’t we invited to that little party at the Valenti’s? And finally, where the fuck does she think she’s going with my boyfriend?!” Maria shrieked.

Liz and Isabel shrugged.

“Follow ‘em,” Liz suggested.

Maria nodded and took off after them.

“Oh, God,” Isabel groaned when they saw Michael put his arm around her waist to escort her to his apartment.

“That bastard!” Maria seethed dangerously.

“I can’t believe Max didn’t stop them,” Liz said, shaking her head.

“Or Jim,” Iz added.

Maria turned to her two friends.


“Yep,” Liz and Isabel chimed in unison.

The three friends climbed out of the car, marched up to the door and knocked loudly.

“Jesus, girls, its after midnight. What do you want?” Michael whined when he saw who was there.

“Where is she?” Maria demanded with her hands on her hips.


“The red head you just came in here with.”

Michael glared.

“What, were you three stooges spying on me?”

“Michael, what’s with your hot water? I can’t get it to—oh, hello!” Serena said brightly, stepping into the room with her beautiful hair unbraided and wearing Michael’s robe.

“Bastard!” the other three girls exclaimed while Michael struggled to keep a straight face.

“Who the fuck are you?” Maria asked.

“I’m Serena. Who are you?”

Liz’s eyes widened. ‘Serena. That’s the girl Future Max spoke of.’

“I’m Liz Parker; this is Isabel Evans; and this is Maria DeLuca.”

“Nice to meet you.” Serena graced them with a dazzling smile.

“Why are you being nice to the home wrecker?” Maria asked under her breath.

“Just because.”

“”Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed, since Michael’s damn hot water won’t work. Goodnight.”

With that, Serena sauntered off to Michael’s bedroom leaving Maria, Isabel, Liz and even Michael starring after her in shock.

“She’s right, its time for bed. Talk to you three tomorrow,” Michael said and shoved the girls out the door.

“Can we say ‘rude’?”

Isabel muttered her agreement while Liz nodded absently. ‘Something’s not right,’ she thought with a frown.

“God, that was great! I thought Maria was going to—Serena? Are you okay?”

His sister was slumped against the wall and shaking violently. Her eyes had a distant look and she began crying, “No! Leave me alone! Don’t touch me, please!”

“Serena! Snap out of it! What’s wrong?”

He reached out to touch her and was instantly hit with a flash.

~”Get back here, bitch!” an evil looking blonde man demanded.
“I’ll never give you an heir, Khivar,” Serena said firmly.
“We’ll see about that.”

Michael recoiled so strongly that he lost his balance and fell to the floor. After a moment, he crawled to his sister and asked, “Serena, what did Khivar do to you?”

She looked up at him with a look of devastation.

“He…he raped me and…and I’m pr-pregnant.”

“Son of a bitch! I’ll kill him,” Michael mumbled and held his older sister. “We have to tell the others.”

“No! They’ll freak. Look, just tell them I’m pregnant, okay? They don’t need to know about the other stuff.”

“But they’ll know something is wrong,” Michael insisted.

Serena’s stonewall went back up.

“I said no. This is my problem and I only shared it with you because you got a flash from me. Discussion over. I’m going to bed.”

She stormed out of the living room and slammed the door to his bedroom.

“Women,” Michael muttered.

~Part 3~

The next morning, Kyle, Jim, Michael and Serena went to eat breakfast at the Crashdown. Serena surveyed the men with her and turned to Michael.

“You told them, didn’t you?” she asked accusingly.

Michael hung his head.

“Yeah. They needed to know.”

“Serena, --“ Jim began.

“I don’t want to hear it!” she snapped.

“So, what did you tell Max?” Kyle asked, trying to calm his aunt down.

Serena poked at her eggs and sighed.

“I made up some bullshit father and he doesn’t believe me. Needless to say, he’s pissed.”

“What is she doing here?” Maria complained when she noticed the red head with her friends.

Liz shrugged. “I have no clue. Maybe they’re eating?”

“Oh, shut up. Uh-oh, Max’s here.”

Liz looked up and smiled, only to find that his focus was not on her, but on Serena.

“Serena! In the back, now!” Max barked.

Serena gulped and muttered, “Here we go. Wish me luck boys.”

The guys gave her a ‘thumbs up’ and watched Max drag her into the break room.

Liz and Maria looked at each other.

“What the hell?”

Liz started for the door, but Jose stopped her by yelling, “Liz, order’s up!”


“What’s up, Max?” Serena asked innocently when Max was sure they were alone.

“Don’t give me that innocent crap. Who’s the father?” Max demanded.

“I already told you,” she insisted stubbornly.

“Yes, but now I want the truth. Who’s is it?”

Serena hugged herself and turned away from Max. Looking at the floor she murmured, “Khivar.”

“What?! How the hell did that happen? Unless…did he…um, r-ra…”Max trailed off, unable to finish his sentence.

“Yeah, he raped me.”

“I’m going to kill him! I swear to God, I’m going rip that man from limb to limb and make him feel every second of it. God, why didn’t you tell me in the first place?”

“Because I knew you’d freak out and go on a ‘kill Khivar’ rampage and do something stupid. I mean, you beat the crap out of him for kissing my hand one time.”

Max managed a smile.

“I did, didn’t I? I think I remember it. We were at a party and had just had a huge fight so you were flirting with everyone in sight. I was watching you and when I saw that slime ball kiss you, I just snapped.”

Serena grinned.

“I knew that would happen, that’s why I allowed it. Like I’ve said, I always loved messing with you.”

Max smiled and hugged his former wife.

“I know you’re trying to put up your wall and be tough, but what that man did was despicable and it’s okay for you to cry. We may not be together now, but I do love you and will be here for you,” he whispered in her ear.

Serena nodded.

“I know.”

Max kissed her on the forehead and said, “You better get back to your breakfast—you’re eating for two now.”

“Join us.”

“I can’t. Liz’s parents have banned me from eating here. I need to go before I get caught.”

Serena smirked.

“Ah, yes, the infamous convenience store robbery. All hail Zan, king of Antar and criminal mastermind. You know, Max, that was really stupid.”

“I know, and I even managed to lose the damn ship.”

“Well, you’re not only stupid, but incompetent too!”

“Bite me!”

“Where?” Serena asked with her trademark smirk.

Max just shook his head.

“I better go before you get me in trouble. I’ll see you later?”

“You bet’cha.”

Max kissed her forehead again and snuck out the back door. Serena grinned and rejoined her family. Meanwhile, a very pissed Jeff Parker stood at the top of the stairs.

“Little bastard,” he muttered in disgust.

He stomped down the stairs and hollered, “Maria! May I speak with you for a moment?”

Maria raised an eyebrow at Liz and walked into the back room.

“Yes, Mr. Parker?”

“What do you know about that girl who was just in here?”

Maria’s eyes flashed.

“I know she spent the night at my boyfriend’s place last night.”

Jeff raised an eyebrow.

“What about her and Max? Are they together?”

“I don’t know; last night was the first time any of us girls have seen her. Why do you ask?”

“Don’t tell Lizzie, but that girl is pregnant and Max was pretty upset about it. I think he thought he was the father.”

Maria paled.

“Is he?”

“No. The father’s name is Khivar.”

“Oh my God!” Maria shrieked and ran out the door, leaving Jeff utterly confused.

“Maria, what’s wrong?” Liz asked her best friend.

“Serena is pregnant with Khivar’s child!” Maria spat out in one breath.

“How do you figure that?”

“Your father overheard them arguing about the father of her child. Apparently, Max thought he was the father, but she admitted to it being Khivar.”

“Bastard. God, we have to tell Michael.”

Maria nodded and the girls ran to the table where Michael, Serena, Kyle and Jim were eating.

“What’s wrong?” Michael immediately asked, looking at their upset faces.

“She’s pregnant with Khivar’s child!” Maria shrieked, pointing at Serena.

The four at the table exchanged a look.

“Yeah, we know,” Kyle finally said.

“What?!” Liz and Maria screeched in unison.

“Time to go,” Serena muttered and the men helped usher the other two girls out of the café.

“Where are you taking us?”

“Calm down, Maria. We’re going to my place to talk. Call Izzy on your cell and have her meet us there.”

“Yes, Master.”

Serena snorted.

“You guys have great people skills. Really, I’m impressed.”

“Put a sock in it, shorty,” Maria snapped.

“Will this do?” Serena asked, holding up a bandana.

Maria nodded with a smirk. Serena smiled and shoved the bandana into Maria’s mouth.

“God, I wish I had a camera!” Michael laughed.



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“What the hell is going on?” Isabel demanded, storming though Michael’s front door.

Liz and Maria glared at the others.

“That’s what we want to find out, too.”

Serena rolled her eyes.

“Chill out, Vi. You’ll get your answers when Max gets here.”

“Wait, what did you call me?”

Serena’s eyes widened and she smacked her forehead. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

“Hey Sere—oh, hi girls. What are you doing here?” Max asked in surprise when he saw everyone in Michael’s living room.

“They know Serena is pregnant with that dick’s kid,” Kyle supplied.


“What kid? I didn’t know anything about it. Michael, is it yours?” Isabel asked, shocked.

“No!” Serena, Michael, Max, Jim and Kyle yelled.

“Gross,” Serena added under her breath.

“Its Khivar’s kid,” Maria answered.

Isabel dropped her jaw but remained silent.

“How did you find out?” Max questioned.

“My dad overheard you two arguing and questioned Maria about it. I guess you already found a replacement for me, huh Max?” Liz seethed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Serena demanded.

“Well, Max thought he was the father, didn’t he?”

The formally married couple starred at Liz in confusion until a look of realization dawned on their faces.

“You thought…oh, no. I’d never do that to you. Even if I was capable of it, Max loves you too much to betray you like that.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Maria muttered.

Max grinned. “Actually, I never slept with Tess.”

“What?” Isabel, Liz and Maria gasped.

Max nodded. “Its true. Serena knew what Tess was up to so she made sure that me and the bitch would think we’d slept together.”

“Worked like a charm, too. So, Liz, Maxie boy is still a virgin!” Serena proclaimed with a devious grin.

“Gee, thanks, Serena.”

The queen waved her hand dismissively. “Don’t mention it.”

“So, who are you exactly?”

“Well, Vilandra, I was your sister-in-law in your last life. Not to mention Larek, Jim and Rath’s sister. Oh! And I’m Kyle’s aunt.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Michael, Jim and Larek are your brothers? Jim and Kyle are aliens? And you were married to Zan? Does that make you Ava?” Maria asked on behalf of the other confused girls.

“I’m not a whore therefore I am not Ava,” Serena spat out.

“Harsh words, sis,” Michael mumbled.

Jim glared. “She’s right. Ava was a whore who deserved a harsher punishment than dying in battle.”

“Then who are you?” Liz persisted.

“I was Zan’s first wife. We got married when we were young, maybe too young. Anyway, we ruled as King and Queen and were very happily married. We even had a daughter named Tobia later on. Khivar was an old schoolmate of mine and hated Zan for marrying me. When Toby was three, Khivar had his twin sister Ava mind warp everyone into thinking that Toby and I were dead. I escaped from those two idiots long enough to hide my daughter on Quave, Kathana’s planet. Unfortunately, Tobia died three days later from the same disease Zan, Vi, and Rath would die from two years later. Khivar recaptured me quickly and held me in the prison until you three were dead and Jim had fled the planet. Larek and my mother-in-law helped me recreate you to send to Earth, but Khivar found out and slipped Ava and Tess in. After you were sent, I tried to retake the planet myself. When the citizens found out that I was still alive, Khivar had no choice but to let me have the throne back. However, he still had control over the military and I was basically a figurehead. Two or three days ago I killed Tess during an argument and took off for Earth in the Granilith. I astral projected myself to Khivar to buy some more time, but now he knows that I’m gone and he’s pissed. His main goal is to kill me and he won’t rest until one of us is dead. That’s about all there is to tell, right boys?”

The guys nodded while Maria, Isabel, and Liz stared at Serena.

“What is it with the staring? Do you earthlings not have manners of something?” Serena whined.

“Okay, my only question is: do you want in Max’s pants?” Maria asked.

Serena burst out laughing. “God, everyone is so obsessed with that! No, Maria, I do not want in Max’s pants. That’s Liz’s job.”

Liz tried to glare, but couldn’t suppress her grin. “So, you and Max aren’t together?”

Max stood and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. “And we never will be. You’re the only one for me, Liz.”

The two kissed and didn’t notice the knocking at the door. Michael ran and opened the door to reveal an annoyed Jeff Parker.

“Shit,” Michael muttered.

“Michael, where the hell did Lizzie and Maria take off to?”

Michael shrugged and tried to block the older man’s view of the living room, but it was too late.

“Elizabeth Parker! What the hell are you doing?”

Six heads snapped around at the angry voice. Liz swallowed and tried to pull away from Max, but Max wouldn’t let go of her.

“Hey, Jeff. What brings you here?” Jim asked.

“Sheriff? I mean, Jim? What are you doing here?”

“Spending some time with my son and our friends.”

“Right. Liz, we’re leaving, now.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Parker, but Liz is staying with us,” Max said in a deadly calm voice.

“I don’t think so. Besides, shouldn’t you be with the tramp you thought you knocked up?”

“Them’s fighting words, asshole,” Serena hissed, coming out from behind Max and Liz.

“Serena.” Max shot his ex-wife a warning look. “Look, Mr. Parker, you misunderstood the situation. Serena and I have never slept together. I haven’t slept with anyone period. She’s an old friend who I’m trying to help out.”

“I don’t care if I misunderstood the situation, Liz is still forbidden to see you. Liz, we’re going.” Jeff stepped forward to grab his daughter, but her hand shot up and sent him flying across the room.

“Damn,” Serena murmured with raised eyebrows.

“I’m not going anywhere, Daddy.”

“Liz, what did you just do?” Jeff and Max asked at the same time.

She shrugged. “Hell if I know. I just know that I wanted him to get away from us and he did.”

Serena nodded. “Ah, telekinesis. I guess that’s your special power.”

Jeff blinked. “Special power? What the hell is going on? I want—no, I demand to know, now.”

The seven friends looked at each other for a long moment.


Max sighed. “Liz, Maria: call your mothers and have them meet us at the quarry. Izzy, can you call Mom and Dad and tell them the same thing?”

Isabel nodded. “Yeah, but why?”

“Its time for the madness to end. We’re telling everyone the truth.”


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