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Life Begins Here

Their mother has left them and the two twins are alone. They learn about their soul mates Max came over and asked Liz and Maria to go out with him and his brother Michael. Maria replied "No". Maria and Liz found out that their mother and father was taken by the FBI.

Part 3

Maria was shocked to hear this and asked her sister "How do you know all of this"? Liz answered "I don’t know. As soon as we made a connection the memories all came flooding back to me." "Do you remember now?" Liz asked Maria "Yes I do".
"What other powers to you think we have got? Maria asked Liz "We can do this Liz touched her hand on her sister’s cheek *Hello Can you hear me?* a voice in appeared in Maria’s head Maria realised that it was her sister. *Yes I can answered Maria* *We better not tell anyone about this till we know who to trust. Liz told Maria. Maria agreed. The rest of the night the twins talked about their family and asked each other about their cousin. "Do you remember her" Maria asked Liz "Only a little bit. I wonder where she is now. We have to find her. "In the meantime what are we going to do about Kyle." Liz asked Maria " Oh my God! I forgot. He saw you get shot ". "Maria We can’t tell anyone until we know who to trust and what we have to do." Liz told her sister.
The next day at college Maria and Liz managed to avoid Kyle all morning but he found them at their lockers with one of their best friends Isabel. "Hi Liz, Maria and Isabel. How are my favourite girls? I was wondering if you would call to talk about what happened outside Crashdown ". Liz answered "Oh, sorry we were busy. And I do not know what do you mean" Maria lied. Alex looked hurt that his two best friends would not tell him what was going on After the two twins left Kyle told Isabel "I am going to find out what they are hiding". Isabel just answered "Liz always tells me what is going on we have been friends for years. I am going to help you to find out what they are hiding".
Maria dragged Liz back into one of the empty class "Shit they both know something is up" Maria said worrying. "Calm down it will be all right." Liz told her sister.
Liz was in her Information Technology class and Maria was in her Art class and they were called into the principal’s office. They were a bit worried because they had never been to the called in before to see the principal. Maria asked Liz* What’s going on? do you think they have found out something about us?* Calm down there is nothing wrong ,but deep down inside Liz was just as scared as her sister. They knocked on the door belonging to Mrs Jones who told them to come in and sit down. "Liz and Maria there is a new student starting today and I would like it if you two could show her around the college and she will be taking Sociology and Physiology . And I know that you are both taking Physiology. Her name is Joanna Hardy and she is here from Albuquerque and is here on a scholarship. I just go and get her so you can meet her" when the Principal left Maria started to talk to Liz *Do you think that she could be Aura? Liz answered* I am not sure we will have to see.
Mrs Jones came in a moment later with a girl who had long brown hair and blue eyes and she was wearing a blue long denim skirt and a white T-shirt who look very familiar to both Liz and Maria.

Life Begins Here
The two twins have found out some of their powers but not all of them. Maria and Liz have met Kyle after the incident outside Crashdown . Maria and Liz were called in the their principal’s office. They were asked to show a new student Joanna around. Could she be their cousin?
Part 4
"Joanna this is Liz and Maria Parker the two students I told you about . "Hi, welcome to our college" Maria greeted Joanna "Its good to meet you" Liz said. "OK I will let the three of you get to know each other. Go to lunch now" Mrs Jones.
When Mrs Jones was on her own she picked up her mobile and dialled a number. It answered after three rings and she spoke.
"It is Susan Jones here I have got some more information about the project P.H.F.A." "Hello Agent Marie Russell?"
"Hello Agent Jones, what have you got"? A voice came out of the phone.
"Well. I have put three girls together who I think are definitely related to Julie Parker in fact I am positive that her twin daughters are here Liz and Maria Parker . So do you want me to carrying on watching them and report back to you?
"Yes I think that would be a good idea. Oh I am sending four agents to you."
"Oh thank you. I know just where to put them. So they can watch the girls. All right I call you later. Bye"
When the three girls came out of the principal’s office. Joanna asked "So where do you go for lunch? I brought my lunch from home" Liz answered "Yes, we did as well the cafeteria food is a flee pit". "And to answer your first question Liz and I go and sit under a tree in the summer "Why don’t you come with us? (Maria has a quick look at Liz and she nods yes)."Well OK if you both don’t mind and please call me Jo" "No not at all". All through the lunch hour Joanna was asked about her life and Maria and Liz talked about their lives leaving out the Alien factor.
Joanna could sense something differently about Liz and Maria. She felt that she knew them but she could not remember where from.
After college Liz and Maria went to their part time job at Crashdown . During their shift Max and Michael and their friend Alex (Isabel’s boyfriend) came in and sat down at their usual table and the two brothers were smiling at the twins , Liz notice that the guys were staring at her and her sister. Liz telepathy said to Maria* Max and Michael are looking at us do you want to serve them or me? * I know that you want to so go for it sis* Maria telepathy answered her sister. Liz just nodded ‘thanks’ and then walked over to them.
"Hi guys, what can I get for you today"? Liz asked politely as she tried not to blush when she saw that Max was staring at her blue eyes and long brown hair tied up in a ponytail. Max just answered with a smile, I think we have three Diet Cokes and three chicken burgers with chips. "All right I’ll just get your drinks " as she wrote their orders down on her pad and walked off.
While Liz went to get their drinks "Max and Michael would you stop staring at Liz and Maria. Look why don’t you ask them out? " "Max did but Maria and Liz said no." Michael answered disappointedly. "What? Isabel told me that they like you two. Don’t let them know that I told you cause Maria and Liz would kill Isabel and then Isabel would come out of her grave and kill me."