Disclaimer: You know the whole story.
Summary: First time writter, so let's see takes place in wipe out, Tess isn't pregnant but they did sleep together so yes that would make them a couple. Said to much already.
Rating: Pg-13 for now.
Couples: cc/uc

Max and Micheal are up on the balcony of Liz's apartment. Everyone had disappeared from the face of the earth except the aliens and Liz and Maria who were out of town doing a favor for Liz's father.

"You see anything?" Micheal asked as Max used the telescope to scope out the town.

"No." Max replied backing away from the telescope. "So what's going on with you and Courtney?"

"Nothing, and yes I know you think your looking out for Maria, but you don't. She knows that I love her and only her. I should be asking you what's up." Micheal said crossing his arms.

"What do you mean?" Max said looking away and sitting down as did Micheal.

"You and Tess...Have you?" Micheal asked plain out. Max just looked at him. "I swear if Liz finds out and get's hurt, I'll kill you myself oh fearless leader." Max looked at him.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean. Since when did you become her protector?" Max said standing face to face with him.

"Since..." Micheal was interrupted by Liz and Isabel.

"MICHEAL! We need to talk." Liz led him and Isabel inside her room and to her parents room. "Micheal what were you thinking. If he found out..."

"I know I'm sorry, it's just your all I got left now that I know the truth. Mom and dad died and I'm not going to lose you to Max." Micheal stated.

"Micheal I just found out your my brother, and I love you for doing what you did, but Max has to live his own life even if it means sleeping with Tess. Max doesn't want to be friends so be it." Liz said going to look out the window.

"Liz we just are worried that since your the most powerful weapon against Nicholas, that maybe we were meant to tell him. He's the only one who could help." Isabel said scared.

"I wish it were that simple."


"Tess, where's Liz, I need to talk to her." Courtney said taking a deep breath. Maria got up quietly to go get her.

"Anything you got to say to a human you can say...."

"To a traitor?" Courtney finished for her. Tess pulled the plug but a hand stopped her.

"Get out of my bathroom." Liz stated firmly. "Hey, what's up."

"It's Nicholas he's getting into my mind. He wants you and he said he'll give you something that you want. Your child that the future self was carrying. All he has to do is touch your stomach and your pregnant. But he wants you Liz, don't fold."

Meanwhile, Tess and Max are talking. "Do you think Liz would betray us, with Courtney?" Max looked at her. He pushed a piece of hair out of her face.

Liz's smiling face.

"Max what is it?"

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Maria's voice was heard. "MICHEAL IT'S LIZ!!!!! SHE'S GONE!!!!"

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