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Title: Beah Side Life
Author: BehrFanatic007
Summery: There is a new girl in town. There aren't any aliens in this story(so far...) and it doesn't take place in Roswell. Non of the Alien events took place including the shooting.Mostly M/L, but there is also some A/I and M/M. There is also some Kyle and Tess but they aren't together.
Authors notes: This is my first FanFic so please don't be too hard on me. Please send feedback. I will only continue the story if you guys like it. Thanks.
Rating: PG-13 for now (R if you guys ask for it...)

Chapter 1

Lily stared out her car window in dismay. There was no way that this could possibly be happening to her. There was no way her family was moving to a small, pathetic beach town from the classy hills of L.A? There was no way that surf shops and palm trees lining the street replaced what was there mere hours before; expensive, world famous stores of Beverly Hills. There was no way her mom had cancer and wanted to move to Spring Grove (what kind of name is that!). Reality hit her square in the forehead. Can you say LAME! What was there to do here in this jolly old town, you ask? NOTHING! She looked it up on the Internet and found that the most popular thing to do was surf. Hey, what if you didn’t know how to surf, you might be thinking? Well, too bad, that’s it! ‘Lord help me!’ she thought with a pang as her father pulled up into the driveway of an old beach house.

“We’re here!” Mr. Blanker called to his not so cheerful family seated in the back seat of their blue van. He heard groans from his 2 children. But, when he took a glance at his wife, he saw a weak grin forming on her pale face. Seeing her like this always got to him. But, he wasn’t about to think about that now, was he? No way! This was a happy time, a fresh beginning for their family, or what was left of it.

“I’m gonna go check out the locals, if you know what I mean. Lil, you coming?”
Jake, Lily’s brother asked. Jake was girl crazy. There was no other way to put it. He was 19, and he was soon going away to college, back home in L.A. That lucky dog…

“Yeah, I’m there. Catch ya later mom, daddy.” She pecked her parents on the cheek as she made her way toward the door behind her brother. Soon, they were out in the fresh air and sunshine of the California coast. The town was rather sweet, and she had a terrible feeling that she would learn to like it. As they prepared to cross the not so busy street, Lily caught a glimpse of some teens playing volleyball on the beach. She saw a nice looking boy with dark hair in yellow shorts (without a top…) jumping to spike the ball. When the tarnished volleyball hit the sand on the other side of the net, a loud cheer came from his team. All of a sudden, a pretty girl with matching brown hair in a bright pink bikini ran towards him and embraced him in a hug and quickly kissed him on the lips. ‘Damn!’ Lily thought to herself. ‘He’s already taken!’

“Nice shot Maxwell, but just you wait. When we’re done with you, you’ll be making out with the sand, not Liz for once.” Michael ventured. Behind him he heard a laugh from Maria. She was always the cool chick out of all the girls. She laughed at his not so funny jokes, she woke him up when he fell asleep in science class, and best of all, she always had a place for him on the floor next to her bed when things weren’t going to well with his foster father. Next to Maria was Alex who was blowing kisses to Izzy from his spot on the opposing team. Boy, they can’t even play a decent game of volleyball without giving each other ‘goo goo eyes’ as Maria liked to call them. On the other side of Maria was the ‘devil child’ as everyone referred to her as. He didn’t even know why Tess hung out with them; no one liked her at all. She was shooting Liz a deadly glare. If looks could kill, Liz would be in trouble…

Liz smiled up at Max as she turned and walked back to her place in the game. She could feel him silently trying to coax her back over to him, but she pretended to not notice. She exchanged a smug smile with Maria and caught Tess’s gaze. Tess had been after Max since she moved here, back in the 6th grade. Tess didn’t stand a chance against Liz at all. Liz had flowing brown hair and eyes, a killer smile, and kickin’ curves. Tess had shoulder length curly blonde hair and ice blue eyes that did evil things to her facial features. She was only popular because she used to date Kyle, who was standing next to Liz getting ready for the next shot. The only reason Tess went out with Kyle was because it was her only chance to get with Max, if she was with one of his friends. It failed miserably and when Liz clued Kyle in on Tess’s action, he avoided her like the plague. They still had some unfinished business, but It was clear that it was over and done.
“Come on Michael! Bring it! We don’t have anything to worry about!” She called smiling brightly in the direction of Tess just to get her going. She gave a satisfied smirk to Maria who was in on her mind games with Tess when Tess’s ice blue eyes narrowed and her stance moved defensively.
After a long, hard game of volleyball, with Max and Liz’s team winning, the gang headed toward the water. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, and the waves were wicked. They grabbed their surfboards, all except Tess, who tried to do a fancy move to impress Max, but she did a major wipeout, and destroying her board in the process. Once Liz had finished laughing uncontrollable in her face, she proceeded to do the move Tess had failed at perfectly, earning her a kiss from Max. They headed for the waves and took off. When they were out on the water, no one could stop them. It was their favorite thing to do, and they put their all into it. Max, Michael, Kyle, and Alex all were great surfers. But, when it came to Liz, Izzy, and Maria, well they kicked some major butt. They were the best surfers in Spring Grove and everyone knew it. Once they wrapped up an awesome morning on the waves, the headed for the Shore Shack, the local café where everyone hung out at for lunch. As they made their way inside more than a dozen people acknowledged Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Izzy, Alex, and Kyle walking in. The Sheriff, Kyle’s dad by the way, said hi to Tess as he made his way out the door. She put on a fake smile and said hi to him as well. The gang made their way over to the counter. There were only 4 stools available so Max sat in one, followed by Liz on his lap, Michael and then Maria, and Alex and Izzy. Kyle claimed the last stool making Tess stand. Liz exchanged a grin between Izzy and Maria. They just loved to make Tess’s blood boil. Alex caught their looks and burst out laughing, causing the rest of the gang to join in. Liz turned her head when she heard the bells ring meaning that someone had come in. When she saw a guy and girl sitting in a booth that she didn’t recognize, her curiosity won her over. She stood up from her perch on Max’s lap and headed over.

‘Wow! All of those guys were yummy looking. Especially the one that didn’t seem to have a girlfriend, Kyle I think the others were calling him.’ She thought to herself as she and Jake made there was to the beach. Jake was lying out in the sun, probably to attract girls or get a tan. But she sat and watched the group play volleyball. Man, that Kyle dude was good. He never missed a shot and as always on task. Yep, he was something to look into, he sure was.
Soon, the game was over, and Kyle’s team had won. The gang started to head over with their surfboards. As they walked in her direction, she quickly turned over next to her brother and pretended she was tanning. She did have a yellow bikini on, but it didn’t show much. It was like a halter-top that stopped right about her belly button. The bottoms were like a pair of short shorts. As the gang walked past them, she heard the annoying blonde chick with curly hair complain about her board to Kyle. He just walked ahead of her, next to the girl with brown hair, the hot ones girlfriend. ‘Man, she really needed to get these peoples names.’ She thought to herself. When they had past she quickly scampered up into a sitting position. She watched as the gang ripped up the waves with their boards. She had never been surfing before, but she still watched T.V and she could tell, these people were good. And those girls, the chick with brown hair and two blonde ones were awesome. They did all of their moves perfectly, while every once in a while the guys wiped out. When they all were back on shore, the chick with brown hair, her name was Liz (She had heard the hot guy in the yellow shorts cheering for her) ran up to her boyfriend and while he twirled her in the air, Lily could see the annoying blonde chick glaring at her. ‘Yikes!’ she thought. ‘Someone has got themselves in ‘days of our life’s’ crisis.’
After the small group had left the beach, Lily quickly tried to wake her brother (He had fallen asleep laying on his front and a nice tan had developed on his back. When he finally began to stir, she burst into a fit of giggles. When Jake sat up and took a look at his front, he put 2 and 2 together. He had been lying on his stomach the whole time so his front hadn’t been exposed to the sun. He had a nice tan on his back and on his stomach; he looked like the white lace drapes that used to decorate their French doors in their home in L.A. He growled and quickly covered himself with a blue American eagle shirt. “Come on Jake. I saw a group of girls heading toward that café over there; it looks like it is called the Shore Shack? Anyways, I’m starved. Lets go!”
At the sound of ‘girls’ they were on their way. Jake trudged through the sand with a lot of effort, along with Lily, who was running ahead of him, coaxing him to hurry up. About ten minutes later, they reached the entrance of the café, and with a deep breath, Lily confidently walked through the glass doors decorated with tiny surfboards and waves. She heard Jake suck in a breath when he caught sight of Kyle and the group of girls that surrounded him. “I think I’m gonna like my stay here…” He mumbled half to himself.
When a friendly waitress directed them to a window booth, Lily silently picked up a menu and flipped it open. ‘Not much of a selection’ she thought as she took in the list of greasy food sitting in front of her. But all the same, he favorite little group of regulars seemed to enjoy the place, so she silently took note to come her very often.
Not before long, she heard Jake silently cursing himself and had a feeling someone was nearby. When she looked up she was greeted with a friendly smile from the girl called Liz.
“Hey, are you guys new here?” She asked politely.

When Liz was next to the table, she could feel the blonde guys stare. “Hey, Are you guys new here?” She asked sweetly when the girl looked up at her.
“Yeah, we are, we just moved here from L.A.” The guy answered for her. “My name is Jake and this is my sister Lily.”
“Well, its nice to meet you, I’m Liz. I was just wondering if you are starting at Sunny Grove High in the fall.” Liz asked and she then quickly flashed her famous dimple smile. ‘Gets ‘um every time’ she thought to herself.
“Well, My sister here will be, but I’m going back to L.A. for college in the fall.” Jake replied confidently to her, trying and failing to impress her.
“Oh! That’s too bad! Well, I’m sure you won’t mind if I barrow your little sister her to introduce her to some friends of mine, would you?” Liz asked quickly. When Jake looked hesitant, Liz went in for the kill. “If she is new here, I’m sure you would want her to hang out with the right kind of people, wouldn’t you?” She asked and than let her bottom lip quiver causing Jake to quickly reply, as if afraid he had hurt her feelings.
“Well, of coarse, but Lil isn’t really into meeting new people alone, she’s really shy.” He answered with a small nod of his head. “Yeah, that’s it.”
“No, I’m not. I’d love to come.” Lily spoke up for the first time. She had been sitting in shock while Liz worked her charms on Jake. She would have answered for herself but when she had went to look up, she had caught Kyle staring at her from across the Café. His cheeks had sported a light blush from being caught staring, but when they had locked eyes, neither could look away. She had finally managed to look away, when she heard Liz ask if she could introduce her. ‘Perfect!’ Lily thought with excitement. ‘I can meet Kyle!’ She had to speak up before her brother said something stupid to make Liz go away.
“Great! Come with me then!” Liz smiled brightly leading Lily over to her friends sitting on the bar stools. “Hey guys, this is Lily and she is new to Spring Grove. Let me introduce you… This is Maria, a.k.a loud mouth.” Liz said while pointing to one of the blonde girls.
“Hey! I’m not loud!” Maria practically screamed with a frown that was quickly replaced with a giggle when half of the restaurant turned to see what all the screaming was about.
“I rest my case.” Liz replied with a giggle. “Next to Maria is Michael, otherwise known as Maria’s property.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Michael mumbled with a grin. Liz could tell he was shy meeting this stranger. ‘Oh how things will change!’ she thought to herself with a smile.
“This is Isabel and Alex, who are also a pair.” Liz stated with a bright smile.
“It’s nice to meet you Lily!” Isabel responded with a friendly grin.
“Yeah, welcome to Sunny Grove.” Alex also acknowledged
“This is Max, Isabel’s twin brother who is also my current flavor of the week.” Liz teased as she moved along. Lily noticed how Liz looked like she swallowed a light bulb when she mentioned Max. ‘She must have it bad.’ Lily pondered.
“Yep, that’s me. Unfortunately I only get this beauty for a week.” He teased back, pulling Liz back onto his lap. Liz continued her introductions from her new location.
“That is Tess, but you don’t need to know her.” Liz quickly mentioned as she pointed to the annoying blonde chick and then turned to face Lily again. Lily heard Tess mumble something nasty about Liz, which she pretended not to hear. Lily didn’t know the whole Tess story, but it was obvious that Kyle wasn’t very interested in her. Lily wasn’t about to take any chases with this guy.
“And last but defiantly not least is Kyle Valenti, son of our own Sheriff Valenti. You’ll meet the Sheriff in plenty of time, if your new here he will stop by your house and welcome you.” Liz added with a quick smile.
When Lily caught Kyle’s eyes once again, she could have sworn she had seen his soul. She couldn’t seem to break her gaze until he spoke. “You’ll love Sunny Grove after a while, don’t worry. We know it isn’t the most happening place around, but it’ll grow on you.” Kyle choked out, obviously taken by this new girl.
“Great! Now that we all know each other, why don’t we show you around our humble little town?” Liz questioned everyone. “And while we are at it, we can get to know you a little better, and vise versa.”
“Sounds great. Lets go.” Kyle replied quickly,” I mean, if you want to Lily.” He added sheepishly.
“Yeah, I would love to, let me go tell my brother, he’s right over there.” She told them pointing to the window booth where her brother still sat.
“Sure lets go.” Liz smiled as they made their way back to the booth the girls had earlier deserted. When Tess began to follow, Liz’s bright smile immediately faded.
“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Liz asked curtly as she sent a deadly glare over her shoulder.
“Who died and made you queen of the surfers, huh? I can go where ever I want to go!” Tess replied while a smug smile covered her pale face causing Liz to nearly lose control.
“Yea, I guess your right Tess.” Liz spoke softly after regaining her composer, “I just think it is unusual that you follow us around when no one even likes you. But, I guess pretending to be liked is easier than facing reality.” Liz retorted letting her words drip like honey. With that remark, the evil grin that once covered Tess’s ugly face was replaced almost immediately by her cheeks becoming a light shade of scarlet and her icy eyes began to narrow.
“Oh, and like you have room to talk. The only reason that people pretend to like you is because you and Max are together, which still amazes me. I can’t see why Max would ever want to be with someone like you.” Tess spoke coldly giving Liz an unpleasant once over. When Liz didn’t react, Tess finished by crudely whispering into Liz’s ear. “You know that Max isn’t really interested in you. I mean, you hang over him all the time, he is only being polite when you literally throw yourself at him.”
Max turned around to face the two girls when he heard his name. He was used to Liz and Tess fighting, and he also knew that Liz could take care of herself. But, when he was mentioned, then he took charge. Max was about to tell Tess off, but Kyle beat him to it.
“Tess, you must be dreaming to think that you even compare to Liz. She is not only a caring individual, but she is also a knock-out which is more than I can say for you.” He finished rudely.
Tess looked shocked at what Kyle had just said. She just stared at them all in disbelief. They just couldn’t not like her. They were her friends, all with the exception of Liz that is. But she never could have dreamed that they all didn’t like her, especially Kyle. They had had a nasty break up but she thought that they were still at least friends. But, from the looks of it, she wasn’t on anyone’s good side right about now. As she glanced from each face to the next, she realized that the odds of anyone being on her side were quite dire. Isabel and Maria both were sending her deadly glares and Michael was nodding his head in agreement to Kyle. Alex was trying his hardest not to meet Tess’s eyes and Max was looking like he was going to do some serious damage to Tess for what she had said to Liz. Lily was staring back at her, obviously confused. But when Tess went to look at Liz, she sharply took in a breath. Liz’s dark caramel eyes were glistening with tears and her bottom lip was quivering as she tried to keep from crying. Tess’s stunned expression was once again replaced with a smug smile. ‘I really hit a nerve this time’ she contemplated evilly.
When Liz saw how Tess’s appearance had changed with her reaction, she understood what she was after. ‘How could someone be so evil’ she thought to herself. ‘I guess she won.’ She completed numbly as she sank to the floor by Max’s feet.
“Lets hurry up and get out of here guys, Lily go talk to your brother, I have to speak with Tess for a second. Izzy, Maria, you know what to do.” Max breathed angrily as he pointed to Liz’s broken form. He made his way toward the back of the restaurant and tightly grabbed Tess by the arm as he passed her. “Ouch, Max your hurting me!” Tess squealed as Max dragged her behind him. When Max didn’t respond to her plea, she knew what was going to happen. She silently prayed that he would understand as he painfully pulled her through the swinging door that led to the back room.
Should I continue? You guys tell me! Thanks! Hope you enjoy!
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I think I need to clear a few things up. In the next upcoming parts it will explain why Lz was so effected by what Tess said to her. I can see how you may have become confused. I'm working on Chapter 2 right now...

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Hey, I'm glad you all like this Fic. I have decided to continue it for now. Please send feedback! I'm sorry about the lenghth of this next chapter, But I promies to post more as soon as is I get it written. Thanks,

Chapter 2
When Maria and Isabel say the swinging door slowly come to a stop they quickly bent down to comfort Liz. She wasn’t crying now, she was just staring at the door that Max and Tess had just disappeared through. Maria and Isabel were perplexed to say the least. Liz and Tess were always fighting about one thing or another, but Liz NEVER cried, especially about something Tess had to say to her. But Liz had most defiantly been crying. The moment that Liz caught Maria’s eyes, she looked down.
“I’m alright guys, I don’t know what came over me. But, we better get going, lets go wait with Lily and her brother until Max returns.” Liz pulled herself to her feet and began to walk toward the booth where Lily and Jake were discussing something. She tried to keep her face blank, but it took a lot of effort. Why had she begun to cry like that? Nothing like that had ever happened to her before and she still couldn’t grasp the fact that she had cried over all things but TESS!!! Tess always had something nasty to say about her, but she never let it bother her. She always told herself that Tess was just jealous of her and what she had. As she neared the table she sat next to Lily, followed by Isabel and than Alex. Maria and Michael sat across from them and next to Jake. Kyle proceeded to stand, and Lily introduced the rest of the gang to her older brother.
Liz caught Maria flash Isabel a worried look and she knew that it was because of her. She hated to leave her friends out in the cold and she wished she could explain about her outburst. But how could she explain something she didn’t understand herself? At that very moment, there was a sound of a crash and a high-pitched scream coming from the kitchen. ‘Oh Great!’ Liz thought as she stared at the swinging doors waiting for Max and Tess to return.

Once Max was sure that the swinging doors were shut and locked, he spun around to face Tess. She was examining her arm where his hand had once been. As she gently touched it to see how bad the damage was, her face twisted into a painful pose. ‘That’s sure to leave a mark’ Max thought with a smirk. Tess slowly began to raise her eyes and finally met Max’s. She was hoping to find sympathy and maybe even a little guilt and regret for treating her so badly, but all she found was hatred and anger.
“If you ever say anything like that to Liz again, I WILL NOT hesitate to take action. She is very important to me and if you can’t understand that then I think you better leave. You saw how Maria and Isabel were looking at you. You pull a stunt like that one again Tess, and there will be hell to pay, I mean it.” He finished bitterly.
Tess stared up at him and quickly nodded her head when he was finished.
“I don’t know what you said to her, but whatever it was, she is very upset now. I’m not kidding around, Tess. I can easily make your life a living hell.”
Tess one again shook her head in understanding. She was for the first time, truly scared of Max. She had never seen him like this before. He was always so calm and easygoing. It hit Tess rather hard that the reason he was acting so crazy was because of Liz, because of what she had done to Liz.
“Can I go now, please?” Tess finally whimpered. All she wanted to do was get out of there and think all this through. Her head was foggy with confusion and she needed to sort through some things.
After a moment of thought, he hesitantly moved out of her way. As she moved to walk toward the door back into the restaurant, He grabbed her hard and turned her the other way.
“I don’t think so, go out the back door. I don’t want you upsetting Liz even more.” He said harshly.
“Ok..."She mumbled and headed toward the back door. She was looking down at her feet, feeling defeated and not looking where she was going. All of the sudden, a mountain of Sherbet ice cream came tumbling toward her. She tried to duck, but it was to late. The waiter that she had bumped into feel to the floor, along with the tray and the rest of the food, as the ice cream landed onto her blonde curls.
“YUCK!” she screeched as she ran as fast as she could out of the back door.
Max chuckled to himself as he began to walk back into the restaurant. What was everyone going to think when Tess didn’t return with him, when they had all heard a crash and a scream that had obviously came from Tess, AND while he was smiling? ‘Oh brother!’ he thought to himself with a smirk.

Lily was in shock. Liz was just sitting there crying uncontrollably and Tess was smiling. ‘How cruel!’ she thought with disgust. She barley heard Max mention her name but understood what he asked her to do. As soon as Max and Tess were out of sight, the other girls had attempted to comfort Liz. She numbly walked back over to the booth where here brother was staring at her with a frown on his face.
“Lil, who are these people? You haven’t even been talking to them for 10 minutes and already one is crying! What are you doing to these poor people?” Jake asked in confusion.
“It’s not me, Loser! It’s that other blonde chick, the one with the curls. I thought our life had a lot of drama, but I was definitely wrong!” She finished with a sigh. “Anyways, Liz and her friends want to show me around Sunny Grove, do you mind covering for me?” She asked sweetly.
“I don’t see why not. But, only under one condition, I get to meet them first, to make sure they aren’t psycho killers.” He replied hesitantly.
“Very funny! Here they come now. Jake this is Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex and Kyle. You already know Liz, and Max seems to be tied up at the moment. Great, you have all met, you should head home.” She finished and flashed him a smile.
All of the sudden, they the sound of plates crashing and a shout coming from the door that Max and Tess had disappeared to no more than 5 minutes before.
“Great!” She heard Isabel mutter. ‘That can’t be good’ Lily thought to herself, ‘It can’t be!’

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Hey! I'm so happy that you all like my Fic!!! I was re-reading it and I found a few errors. Like the name of the town... So sorry about that. I'm working on Chapter 3 right now and I plan to post it tommarow around 4:00 - 5:00 (Eastern Time) Thank so much for reading my fic!

P.S. For mara is a dreamer,
Don't worry, there will be some serious gerbil damage later on in the story!