Part 3

As Liz climbed through her window and into room. She turned around to close the window without looking up to see if Max was still there. She knew he was. That damn connection is going to be the death of her. That's if she didn't die from a broken heart first. She quickly glanced up and saw that Max was sitting down on her lawn chair with his hands in his hair. It pained her to see him like this, but she was also in pain and hurting too. She slowly walked towards her bathroom, hoping that a hot bath would make the world go away.

Max sat there...hands in his hair, mumbling to himself. "You really did it this time, Max. You couldn't just for once say what your heart was telling you to say, you had to make excuses to try and explain what an idiot you were. Damn." He looked down and saw the roses that he brought for her. An ice breaker he thought, although he knew it would take more than that. As he picked up the bouquet, he noticed something underneath it. Liz's journal had fallen when he got up to bend down to pick the flowers....and it was open. His mind ran a muck. Should he, shouldn't he - damn MacBeth.

As he bent down to pick it up, still unsure as to what he was going to do, he was hit with flashes from every direction.

~ His Liz, the night he healed her...trying to express her feeling about him on paper with frustration...and her deep desire for him.
~ The night they kissed and the pure happiness that she felt towards him.
~ Michael's words, "thank you for giving me another reason to envy Max Evans."
~The pain she expressed about her seeing him kiss Tess and the trust she felt for him and the belief in their love.
~The hall of mirrors and the ache of realizing it was her fault that he was caught.
~The bus and the overwelming amount of love and feelings of content she felt waking up in his arms after their declaration of love for each other.
~The pain of walking away from him when his mom told them about each other's destiny and how she cried as she poured out her heart.
~A beach over looking an ocean and the feelings of loss without him.
~The pain is seeing Tess heal him after the knowledge of Nasedo being killed and so desparately wanting to be more like him. So that he would love her the way she loves him.
~A version of him and her dancing to I Shall Believe and the pain that ripped through her soul as he disappeared.
~The feelings of love that she still had for him and the guilt of lying to him about Kyle.
~Alex's death and the feelings of betrayal of Max and the others not believing in her.
~The pain of loosing her and then the relief that he was ok and still here.
~The guilt of happiness that he was there with her and the pain that her had a son with Tess.
~Pain, confusion, so many flashes combined into one big blur.

That one brought him to knees. He never talked about everything with Liz - why would Michael tell her that he envyed me? I never danced with her, especially looking like that. I know that he and Kyle didn't sleep together, but never asked why, I was always to busy trying to find a way to save my son. He never realized that Liz personally felt responsible for Alex's death - Tess killed him. And what the hell was that at the end.

He needed answers and there was only one person who could answer and right now he wasn't sure if she was ever going to talk to him again after the way things ended between them tonight. Although, there was one other way...he touched to cover of Liz's journal and prayed that maybe she would forgive him for what he was thinking about doing.

He looked back into her room. The bathroom light was still on, with the door closed. The aroma of vanilla and strawberries hit his senses and confusion swept throughout him. He knew. The connection never failed.
Liz was thinking about them.

As he headed over towards the ladder, he tucked the journal under his arm. I love you, Liz. You are part of me, my soul. Never forget it. Then he disappeared of the ledge.

Liz's eyes opened quickly. She felt him leave, but something else was troubling her and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. As she dried off she went into her room. She looked on her bed....white roses. What in the hell is she going to do? She didn't think her heart could take another beating this wouldn't make it.

With that, she did the only she knew and did what she said she was going to do earlier today.

Maria, it's me. I need to talk.


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