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Author: Marielle
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Title: Our Heart
Characters: Max and Liz, Michael and Maria, Alex and Isabel, and Kyle and Tess
Rating: PG 13 – NC17
Summary: Futuristic: Set 10 years after Heart of Mine but the scene of Max and Tess never happened They all had kids. The skins came and… sorry too much info.
Feedback: I'm new at this and I hope you will be giving some pointers or some ideas on how to go about the story. I will really appreciate it.


As they all graduated college from different universities, Liz and Max from Harvard both took up medicine, Isabel from Stanford who took up designing, Alex from Cambridge took up business management with a major in IT. In the other hand Michael went to CIA (no surprise there, being the cook in the Crashdown for several years), Maria from UCLA who took up a major in music and Kyle and Tess stayed near Roswell and studied at University of New Mexico. Kyle was the captain of the basketball team and while Tess was the captain of the cheerleading squad. They all went back in their respective homes in Roswell.

Right after they graduated Liz and Max, got married, they have four kids now. Michael and Maria got married too with two adorable little girls. Alex and Isabel waited for a year after they have graduated and they both settled down, also Kyle and Tess. Both couples have their own children by now. They all became friends and they are very close to one another.

Everyone was together and settled. They all have a house (if you can call it that) of their own and everyone is very successful in his or her own field. It was very peaceful in Roswell when suddenly the group of 8 received a message from Larek that the skins are going to attack if they won’t live. The adults fled to who knows where and left their children with their parents. Their parents know the truth of their origin and to their surprise all of the parents welcomed them with open arms. The war they thought won’t come, came. It lasted for about 2 years and finally the people in Antar are free but they were in hiding for at least 3 more years. When they were sure it’s a little safe, all of them settled in a mansion with 14 rooms at Washington after the war was finish. They all never had the chance to go back to Roswell, for they are scared for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Though the war is done they can’t help feel cautious, maybe there are still skins loitering around seeking revenge for their ruler Kivar. The pod squad never had the chance to go back and never got the chance to see their children grow up because they have been fighting with the enemy the skins.

Chapter 1

*5 years before (when they received the message)*

“What are we going to do?”

“What about the children?”

“This can’t be happening! It has been years!”

Question from each corner of the room has been popping out since they all heard about the message that Larek gave them. All the girls were concerned about their kids and what they are going to do about the situation. They all looked up to their leader who they have known as their friend for the instructions.

“Maxwell, you know this is serious. We can’t risk anyone. We better live. All four of us take off and leave the humans and the kids here.” As soon as Michael said this he regretted it. He knows Maria she will be in the Hurricane DeLuca mode or then again Hurricane Guerin mode counting silently on when she is going to burst ‘…5…4…3…2…1…’


“Yeah Max, I won’t let you leave me here. I’m going with you no matter what.” Liz quietly told her husband.

“I won’t go anywhere if Alex is not with me.”

“Me too, I won’t go unless Kyle is with us. I know I have been pushing Destiny before.” Tess paused as she looks at Liz apology written all over her face, regretting what she has done in the past “but now I realized that my destiny is with Kyle and Max you know that we all work better as a team if you haven’t realized that.” She continued as she laced her fingers with Kyle.

The room was silent everyone was trying to swallow what Tess had said. After a minute of stillness Max spoke with his most commanding tone that says finality with the decision that has been made.

“Alright it is settled everyone is going.”

“What about the children Max? It’s not safe for them to come with us and it wouldn’t be healthy.” Alex voiced his thoughts

“Max, Alex is right. The kids can’t come with us. As much as I want them we have to leave them here with our parents” Liz said looking at her husband of 6 years with tears brimming in her eyes.

“I know”

The room was silent again as they contemplate what their next move would be.

*Present: Roswell*

“Grandma D grandma D” Diane looked up from her book and she sees 11 kids running towards her 3 11yr olds, 3 10yr olds and 5 9yr olds. Diane smiled at them as they come rushing to her. She all considered them her grandchildren even though they were not from Max and Iz. She smiled once again as she remembers her children, her in laws (which she considers a son and daughter), and her children’s friends. All the kids and the adults were having a picnic at the Evan’s house. Everyone was there. The Valenti’s, the Whitman’s, The Parker’s and of course them. They all know what their children’s secret and that’s what binds them all together.

As she looks at the kids again who are now hounding Philip she can see the similarities of Josh, Belle, Victoria, Lexi, Jay, Rick, and lil Liam who is not so little anymore with their parents. Josh, Belle, Victoria and Liam are the children of Max and Liz. While Lexi, Jay, and Rick are the children of Alex and Isabel. Josh and Belle are twins and so are Jay and Rick. The other kids also looks like their parents. Shannon and Jessie inherited their mother’s spunkiness, perkiness and her long blond hair, while they have their father’s stubbornness. Will and Jeremy in the other hand inherited their father’s sportyness, both are very good at basketball. The two kids also got their mother’s sparkling eyes and her refinery. And also all the children received one of the most treasured gifts that made them very special with the grandparent’s, which would be the powers they have inherited from their alien origin.

Diane still remembers that day when Max, Liz, Izzy, and Alex came to their doorstep with their children who were sleeping in their arms.

*5 years ago*

“Max, what’s wrong?” Philip asked as he looked at his son. Diane heard voices downstairs so she went to investigate. As she peered inside the living room she was surprise to see her grandchildren who are sleeping peacefully and her children all gathered together looking scared. Diane showed herself from her hiding place.

“MOM!” Isabel shouted as she sprinted towards her mom crying. Diane cradled her daughter like what she did when she was still young. As she looks around the room she sees a shaking Liz, a pale looking Alex, and a very angry Max. As she surveys the room she knows something is up.

“Liz come here.” Diane said in a very motherly tone. Liz crawled her way to her lovable mother-in-law. Liz then settled in the other side of Diane and hugged her as if there is no tomorrow. Her heart cried as she looks at her two daughters that she loves so much.

“Dad, Mom we have to leave Roswell. We are leaving the children with your care.” Max said.

“We don’t know when we are going back or if we are coming back. We are leaving them with you because it is safer.” Alex continued as he saw that Max couldn’t continue.

“You know Alex, Max the children will be safe with us. We will take care them for you. What about the other kids?” Philip said.

“They will be with their respective grandparents.” Max said sadly as he looked over Belle age 6 and Toria age 5 who are beginning to look like their mother with their brown doe eyes. He observed his two sons Josh, the twin of Belle, he was beginning to look like… me, he thought with a sad smile. And Liam he thought ‘I’m going to miss this little one the most. I won’t be able to see him and the others grow-up. I hope he still remembers me he’s still young, he’s only 4.’

As if sensing the thoughts of Max, Liz commented “You know he’ll miss you too as you to him.” Liz gave Max a sad smile.

“I know but I can’t help but think that he won’t remember me.” Max responded.

“Max, we will tell them about you all.” Diane said as she looked over her children with understanding. “I know this is the hardest thing you guys are going to make for your children. And I know how hard it is to let them go but you have to, like what I’m going to do with you four. I love you guys and please keep that in mind always.”

*Present: Roswell*

“Lunch is ready.” Philip hollered.

Kids came in every direction to get in line for their food. The kids know the ritual they have done this for as long as they remembered. Every Saturday they all get together for a picnic. The Evan’s, the Parker’s and the Whitman’s alternate with their grandchildren every week. The Evan’s have the kids for this week.

“Look at those kids eat.” Amy commented.

“They are getting so big.” Nancy agreed.

“You know what the kid’s birthday is coming up. What are we planning to do?” Jim asked the other grandparents.

“Well, that’s true. The birthdays of the kids are very close to each other. Its practical to make one big celebration than having each one on their birthday.” Paul Whitman agreed.

“Let’s make it a surprise birthday party and invite their friends from school. We can make it next week Saturday.” Sharon Whitman suggested.

“Yeah that’s a great idea Sharon. But then the problem is how to keep the children at bay so they won’t find out.” Jeff pondered.

“Well, Sharon, Amy, Diane, and I can take the children out so you boys can fix the preparation needed for the party.” Nancy suggested. They all continued talking and making plans for the upcoming birthdays of the children.

At the kid’s table, they were all laughing and having a great time eating their food.

“What do you think mom is doing right now?” Lexi wondered out loud. At this the whole table went silent.

“Well, I really don’t know but if we all connect together maybe we can try to contact and see how they are.” Josh said in an authoritative voice, which he inherited from his father.

“How can we do that when all of us are sleeping in different houses?” Shannon asked sarcastically.

“Well, we can ask our grandparents if we can sleepover in…” Jessie trailed.

“Here!” Belle declared.

“Yeah that’s great! I can’t wait.” Victoria said enthusiastically.

“We should have manicures and pedicures.” Lexi said smiling.

“Also we can fix each others hair.” Shannon added.

“And we can talk talk ‘til it’s late.” Jessie said also getting in the mood.

“Or we can watch or rent a movie.” Belle said. The girls planned as the boys groaned that they would be at the mercy of the girls if they want to try the connection thing, which they found out through the old journal of Liz.

“Okay everything is settled. So who’s going to ask permission?” Josh taking the leadership mode again. Everyone was silent for a minute but then like light bulb switch on their heads all of them looked at Liam who is now 9, except for him, for he was still in deep thought on who will do the asking. As he glanced around the table he noticed that everyone was looking at him with a smile. He then shakes his head to say no.

“Guys, I won’t ask permission.” Liam said with finality.

“But you’ve got to.” Jeremy pleaded.

“Yeah, as you know you are the favorite of all the grandparents here.” Will join the friendly banter.

“Yeah cause I’m the youngest.” Liam said annoyed. The girls were making puppy faces.

“Don’t you want to connect and see how your parents are?” Jay said using guilt.

“Don’t you want to know where they are?” Rick pressed on.

Josh was just smiling. Knowing that at the end of this conversation Liam will be willing to ask the permission.

“FINE! I’ll do it! Its obvious that you guys does not have the balls to do it.” Liam said grinning. As he made his way to their grandparents. The girls were laughing at their red - faced brothers.

“Hey Liam” Nancy greeted the boy.

“Hi grandma Nance” Liam said smiling at the grandparents.

“What can we do for you?” Sharon inquired smiling kindly at the boy.

“Oh, I was wondering if Shannon, Jessie, Lexi, Jay, Rick, Will, and Jeremy stay the night tonight.” Liam asked putting his cute puppy looked.

“Well… let’s see… it would be okay for me if its okay for your grandma D and grandpa Phil.” Jim said looking at Diane and Philip.

“We don’t mind having them around.” Philip said smiling at his grandson. “The girls can stay at Belle and Toria’s room while the boys can stay at Josh and Liam’s room.” Philip continued.

All the grandparents agreed to Liam’s request but they asked for his promise that they won’t be very rowdy while they are staying at The Evan’s house.

Liam went back to kid’s table smiling triumphantly at his brother, sisters, cousins and his friends.

“They agreed that you guys stay the night but we have to be behaved.” Liam said smiling evilly to his conspirators, which was returned obviously.

*Present: Washington* (same time as the picnic)

The pod squad members were sitting in the dining table; they were all discussing their plan for the week.

“So who’s up for swimming?” Maria said.

“I am”

“Me too.”


Those were all the responses the girls made before they ran up to their rooms to change. They all have walk in closets because with their joint account all of them were able to afford a house or mansion with 14 rooms, which has a big bathroom each and have a big swimming pool. Everything in the house is big; it is very secluded in one’s eye outside.

Upstairs all the girls changed into their bikinis, which showed all their curves. Isabel was wearing a red plain bikini, Liz was wearing a black sting bikini, Maria was wearing a hot pink tankini, and Tess was wearing a green one piece that makes her eyes shines. When someone will look at them they’ll think that they are still single and not married or a mother of 2-4 children. Usually the girls play a prank to their husbands because they know that it will infuriate them. When other men look at their girls the guys will give them a scowl and the girls usually laugh at them.

As the girls bounded downstairs, they saw the boys setting up the barbecue. They were all laughing and having fun out in the garden. The girls stood by the doors looking at their husband make a fool out of themselves.

“You know, if someone sees them, they’ll be thinking ‘oh look a bunch of men still in their teens’” Tess commented as she imitated an old lady’s voice. At this all of the girls were laughing their heads of. As they were laughing they never noticed their husbands creep up at them. When they realized that they were at their backs it was too late.

As soon as the guys heard the laughter coming at the doors they saw their wives in their bathing suit. They all thought that they look so hot in the bikinis they were wearing.

All the guys swept the girls from their feet and stood by the edge of the pool. Michael dumped Maria first in the pool, and the next one was Tess. The other two remaining girls were still talking with their husband bargaining with them.

“If you drop me now, you won’t be having dessert for a month.” Liz said with a straight face, as she looked at her flushed husband. “So what would it be? Me dumped in the pool or no…” Liz trailed as Max kissed her hard in the mouth. Everyone just stopped whatever they were doing and stared at the couple then continued their banter with the couple. This was a daily occurrence in the household so they learned how to not mind it and go on.

“Guys! Get a room!” Tess hollered.

“Too much too much! I can’t believe I'm seeing this.” Isabel said closing her eyes as she saw Liz her friend groped her brother out in the open as if no one is around.

When they hear a moan coming from the both them they all started to groan except Maria she was having teasing the two, “To think you guys are adults acting as if you guys are teenagers.”

“And don’t forget with kids” with this said Max and Liz stopped. Everyone around them smiled a sad smile as they remember the little ones.

The girls were teary-eyed as they reminisce the old times.

“I wonder how they are right now?” Tess wondered.

“Their birthdays are coming up.” Liz said with a sad smile.

“Why don’t we celebrate it.” Maria suggested.

“Yeah maybe next week Saturday, we can have a little celebration with cakes and candles.” Isabel said, her spirits lifting up a bit.

“You know that’s a great idea,” thinking of Will and Jeremy “and we can send them gifts or we can visit them.” Tess said hopefully.

“Honey, you now we can’t go back to Roswell.” Kyle said affectionately. As Tess whispered “I know its just wishful thinking.”

Max hugging his wife in a very protective manner said, “Everyone in this room misses their kids but you know the consequence if the skins find out about them.”

“Yeah we know what will happen they’ll use the kids to haul us in their trap.” Michael said angrily as Maria hugged him tightly as much as her little arms can take.

“How about if we try to connect with them or at least try to contact them via…” Alex trailed as he pointed toward his wife Isabel “You know its worth a try.”

“That’s a great idea. Maybe if we all connect with each other we can all see them because we are stronger when we are all together we try to contact the kids or even see them.” Maria said enthusiastically as she taught of Shannon and Jessie.

“I'm also wondering how they look like now. I want to know if Josh and Liam has Max’s ears.” At this said everyone laughed at red-faced Max as Liz kissed him.

Still red from what was previously said, “I'm okay with the plan if Izzy is okay with it.”

“Are you kidding Max!” smacking him ”I’ve been waiting to do this for 2 years. I haven't done it yet because you told us we cant use are powers.” She said as she pokes her brother in the chest.

“Why don’t we try it next week Saturday, right after we celebrate the children's birthday. So we can check if it’s okay and if no one is loitering around when we do this.” The ever-cautious Michael said.

“It’s a plan we do this next week.” Max declared to everyone. They all ate their lunch and they all swam and relaxed under the sun.

Chapter 2

*At the Evans house - Evening*

The kids were all staying in the living room because it’s bigger. Everyone wants to stay together, so they can do what they have planned to do that night. They have been bugging Diane and Philip about it to the point where they had to concede so they will stop bugging them about it.

“So when are we going to try this connection thing” Will asked Josh.

“Well, we can try this after grandpa Phil and grandma D are both sound asleep, so they wont know what we are doing.” Josh responded.

“So what are we going to do before then? You know how grandma D is about bedtime.” Jay said.

“We can pretend we are sleep, so she won’t have to worry and have to check on us every time.” Rick suggested. “But before that we can watch TV.”

“Come on let’s be first on the TV. You know how the girls are when they have the TV to themselves.” Liam said as they glanced at the girls in the other side of the living room.

The girls were gossiping on the latest thing that’s been happening on their school – like boys and the fashion victim.

“OMG did you see what Kena was wearing?” Belle said with disgust written all over her face.

“I know! Come on checkered pants with stripes shirt.” Jessie added. All the girls and the boys were in the same grade level despite their ages. All of them are in 4th grade thanks to their special gifts they were able to wave through some years.

“Talk about fashion victim of the year!” they laughed as Shannon said this

“Oh Belle did you see Lanie check your brother out?” Lexi said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Belle said surprised that someone was able to notice her quiet brother.

“Yep! I noticed it all right. I was standing right beside her when Josh passed by with Liam, Jay and Rick.” Toria said to her older sister.

“I can’t believe it our brother has an admirer and he doesn’t even know about it.” Belle said.

“Well, haven't you noticed that quiet brother of yours looks at Lanie when he thinks no one is looking.” Shannon added.

“Isn’t Lanie a year younger than us?” Jessie inquired.

“Definitely! She is the class Valedictorian of her batch and guess who our batch Valedictorian is.”

All the girls shouted “JOSH!” this prompted the boys to look at the girls with weird expression.

“What?!” Jessie said annoyed as the boys looked at them, “Continue watching TV. Go on! If you don’t all of us girls will raid it.” The boys looked back at the TV where they were watching WWR.

“So what do you think they’re talking about?” Rick asked no one in particular.

“Oh it would definitely about Josh boy here.” Jeremy teased. All of them started laughing at the expression Josh have in his face. The boys continued watching the wrestling they have been watching.

“Hey that’s not fair!”

“Did you see that guy? Lame trick!”

“Uh! You have to bang his head not letting him go, you dumbass!”

“Damn wrong move man!”

“Yeah! There get him!”

“Right left right!”

“Yep you definitely got him”


As the girls looked at the boys again they asked, “Don’t you boys have anything to do besides watching that awful thing in TV?”

“Why? Don’t you girls have better things to do than gossip?” the boys throwed back.

“Of course!”



Before a fight erupted Diane came with 11 mugs of hot chocolate. “All right its time for bed kiddos. Finish this and go to sleep.”

“Yes Grandma D” the kids chorused.

“All right” she said with a smile “Goodnight Sweet Dreams and I Love You.” as she said this each kid received a good night kiss from their grandma D and each of them returned their love to her.

As Diane returned to her bedroom with Philip she slipped on her nightie and went to bed. But before she slept she said a silent prayer to protect all of her loved ones that are not with her.

“So are we ready?” Josh asked the group.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”


“I guess so.”

“Can’t wait!”

“Stop!” Jay said. The whole group fell silent. “Why don’t we wait a little bit longer ‘cause we don’t want the grannies to walk in and see what we are doing right?”

“Oh yeah that’s right. I think we should wait for at least 30min so we can know for sure if they are really asleep.” Will agreed.

“How about we do something while we wait for them to sleep.” Suggested by Lexi.

“I'm too tired doing anything now. Besides we have to preserve our energy for later,” Jeremy said yawning.

The girls huddled with one another as they continued to chat. Belle got up from her place and went to the kitchen to get something to eat, “What do you want? There’s Vanilla ice cream, Rocky Road, Chocolate and Strawberry?”

“Rocky Road”


“ Chocolate!”

“Alright I’ll get everything but I need help”

“Sure!” the girls stood up and helped Belle with the ice cream they wanted. The boys were just talking when they heard the word ‘Ice Cream’.

The boys were eager when Belle handed them some ice cream bowl. “You better not make a mess here. Whatever you guys used you better clean it yourselves.”

The boys just nodded their heads. “We really don’t have to clean because with just one wave,” Rick said showing how, “its clean.”

Everyone was at the table eating ice cream when suddenly they heard footsteps going down. Philip heard the voices of the kids so he went checked on them. As he looked in the living room no one was there, he checked the kitchen and that’s where he saw the kids. “What are guys still doing awake?”

All the kids were quiet as they faced the adult in front of them. Josh looked at everyone and he saw that they were squirming in their seats, “We were just hungry, so we came in the kitchen to get something to eat. Want some?” As he offered his grandpa Rocky Road ice cream.

“Hmmm… I can use some of that.” Scratching his chin, “pass me the chocolate please. Not a word to your grandma or else.” Looking at each of everyone.


“Alright so what are you guys talking about? I heard voices down here, so don’t tell me it was nothing.”

“Um… Err… well… you see…” Toria began.

“What she is trying to say is that we were just talking about… uhm… the… tthhe…”Jay trailed off.

“OOK! Just spill it to me. I promise I won’t get mad.” Putting his best friendly face he could muster.

“Well…” looking at her sister Jessie then to her cousins and friends for approval and seeing them give her the go signal she said, “we were just talking about ourparents” saying the last two words as fast as she can.

“Who?” He inquired. As he looked over his grandchildren they were all looking down as if there is something interesting in the floor.

“Our parents.” Will whispered. Philip was shocked to hear this. He was expecting something big but not this BIG.

“We just want to know something about our parents.” Liam added. “It’s just that… I was still small and I hardly remember their faces only by this picture.” Liam showed them a picture of his parents with his aunts and uncles in it.

Everyone was looking at the picture. “I also have a similar picture of that.” Jeremy said as he pulled out from his wallet the picture.

“I think everyone has a picture.” Lexi thought.

Philip’s jaw was hanging now. “How’d you get that picture? Where did you get that?”

“Promise you won’t get mad?” Josh said skeptically.


“Well, we were just going through my mom’s stuff and I saw a bunch of pictures.” Belle continued.

“I gave Shannon, Jessie, Lexi, Jay, Rick, Will, and Jeremy.” Victoria said.

“And we also saw some of mom’s things so I kinda know her more.” Liam said.

“Right before they left I heard mom speaking to Grandma Amy to take care of us and that she was crying and daddy was there comforting mommy. Grandpa Jim was talking to Uncle Kyle and Aunt Tess about taking care of some papers or something.” Shannon shared to the group as Philip recalled the similar thing that happened in the same house of his.

“Can you tell us anything about our parents?” Rick inquired.

“Of course. What do you want to know?”

Everyone looked at each other as if they won the lottery. “Can you tell us why they left us? Or why they haven't contacted us? Or if they still remembers us?” Jeremy asked.

“Okay first things first. Always remember that your parents love you.” Looking at each of the child in the eye, as they nodded. Then he continued, “They left because something came up and their enemies were here to fight with them. If you’re wondering why they didn’t bring you, this is because the enemies doesn’t know they have the heir to the throne.” Seeing the confuse faces of the kids he explained to them that Max is the ruler of Antar and Isabel was obviously the sister and Michael is Max’s second in command and Tess is the queen. He also explained about the whole destiny thing and everything in between. He started telling them how Liz got shot and then Max healed her. And the adventures they had done during the past. “Sometimes as I think back I don’t know how your moms and dads handle this problem while they were still studying.”

“WOW! So you mean Dad and Mom are the King and Queen of the planet Antar? So that makes me a prince.” Liam said with a smile in his face. “But who is now the heir?”

Philip was silent as he contemplates how to say who the next heir to the throne would be. “I think that would be me.” Josh said, “I'm I right?” Looking at his grandpa in the eyes.

“Yes you are the heir to the throne now.”

“Why didn’t they tell you?” Toria asked her grandpa.

He explained, “Because your parents think that we wont love them as much as we love them if we find out about their heritage.”

“Grandpa, I miss my mommy and daddy.” Liam said and as he turned ha saw all of his friends, cousins, brother and sister were nodding their head with agreement.

“We all know that because we also miss them.” Philip agreed with his grandchildren.

“What was this destiny that Aunt Tess has been talking about?” Josh asked.

“Oh that! Umm… lets see if I can explain it… well, it started when Tess arrived here with Nasedo. Before you ask questions hear me out first. Anyway, Nasedo is the protector of Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess. Tess grew up with him. When she arrived she has no emotions like Max, Iz, and Michael. He taught her how to hide her human emotions, so he told Tess about the destiny. The destiny was that Max and Tess were married in their previous life and Michael and Iz was engaged. But then Max doesn’t want anything to do with Tess because he loves Liz so much to the point where he wanted to sacrifice his position as ruler. But something came up when they were during their junior year.” Philip paused as he sipped some water.

“What happened during junior year?” Jeremy asked getting to the story.

“I'm getting there” he smiled, “During their junior year, a Max from the future came to Liz and told her to make him (present Max) to fall out of love with her.”

When they heard this, everybody started talking, “That can’t happen. It’s against the law of Physics” Belle exclaimed being the science nerd she was.

“As I have learned everything can happen if you know the ‘I know the alien club’” he hear few snicker as he said this one.

As Philip checked his watch, and it was almost 11:00, as he saw some of them yawning. “You guys better go to bed. It’s late.”

They all said their good nights and each one of them received a kiss from Philip. As they watched their grandpa go up and heard his door close with a click, the kids scrambled up and started talking.

“I can’t believe that your parents are some ruler of a planet.”

“I can not believe I'm a princess”

“Wow your dad saved your mom”

“Dad was Aunt Liz’s ex-boyfriend?!?”

“This all seem so surreal!”

“Your dad will be a great leader and you will also be one Josh.”

“Evil Aliens?! I'm too young to die!”

“What did grandpa mean about us being safe here? Don’t you think it is safer to be with our parents ‘cause they are powerful?”

“That was one heck of a story”

“Can we try the connection thing? Maybe we can see where they are and we can visit them.”

“It seems to work with our parent, why can’t it work for us? Right??” Jay said.

“Right! Anyway summer is around the corner so maybe we can tell the grandparents where we wanna go and stuffs and we can visit them without them knowing”

“Yeah why don’t we try it now.” Rick said. With that everyone held each other’s hand, they formed a circle so their energy can pass through or divide properly, “What should we do?”

“Just concentrate and close your eyes and think about our parents” Toria said as she closed her eyes. As she said that everyone followed.

Chapter 3

As everyone closed their eyes and concentrated they felt a sudden warmth spreading all over them. They can see flashes of memories of each one. They are now all connected to one another everyone can hear each one’s voice through the connection.

‘Hey can anyone hear me?’ they heard Lexi asked no one.

‘OMG Lexi was that you?’

‘Yea Toria that was me’

‘This is incredible’

‘I agree with you there Liam’

‘So Josh I saw a glimpse of you checking out Lanie’ everyone was laughing when they heard Jessie’s voice.


‘So what do we do now?’ Will asked loudly in their heads, changing the subject.

‘Well, we are all connected maybe if we can try to concentrate on one of the parents maybe we can get some information what their status is.’ They heard Josh.

‘We should make sure its not Dad, Aunt Iz, Aunt Tess, and Uncle Max because they can sense right away who we are.’ Shannon said.

‘Yea and they might mess the plan up.’ Belle agreed.

‘So who is the best from the four?’ They pondered when suddenly Jessie had a plan on who it would be. ‘Try Mom she would be the least person to try to think its alien related.’

Laughing Belle nodded her head, ‘Definitely Aunt Maria! She might think she’s just dreaming or something. If it would be mom she will tell dad of this one then they’ll have to make a plan on a way to distract us from making the plan work.’

As the laughter died down Josh took the lead, ‘Okay now everyone concentrate on Aunt Maria and channel all your power to her so she wont notice that we are going to try to visit her. Alright.’

They all responded. At that they all concentrated on Maria. They can feel her coming nearer then suddenly they were inside. Shannon and Jessie felt like they were home. Then they heard voices, and then the clouds all disappeared. In front of them were their parents. They were talking and having fun out in the sun.

‘Look at this place.” Toria was in awe.

‘Its so big!’ Belle said.

As they observed their surroundings, they realized that this was the house of their parents. There were a lot of pictures in frames. All girls, all boys, a picture of each couple, family pictures, and a lot of pictures of them kids.

As they looked out in the garden they can see their parents and how much they looked older than they’ve remembered. They all wanted to jump out from their hiding place when they spotted their mothers talking in the side. But they know that if they do Maria can sense that something is odd. So they listened to the conversations that the girls were having. This was what happened a while ago and Maria was thinking about it when she went to bed, “So Maria did you have fun last night?”

As she graciously blushed, “Liz you’re the one to talk, as if you and Max haven't been getting it on since high school.”

When they heard this all the kids groaned knowing what they were talking about. As Liam said ‘I can not believe that I'm hearing this!’

They continued listening. Until, ‘‘So Izzy do you think the plan will work next Saturday when we try to connect with the kids as their birthday gift.”

“Actually Tess, I'm scared what if the kids push us away. I can’t take that.”

“Hey think positive girl!” Maria said as she comforted Izzy.

“Actually I'm so excited. I'm eager to know how Josh, Belle, Tori, and Liam are.”

“What are you girls talking about?” Max came to the table.

“Hey honey” Liz kissed her husband in the lips. “We were just talking about the kids.”

“Really? About what?”

“You know, how they are gonna react when they find out if we connect with them.”

“You guys don’t have to worry about it. I know they’ll be fine because we will know if they are or not.”

“Yeah besides we are all connected to them, we will know if they have used their powers or not or if they were in trouble.” Michael said as he came.

When the kids heard this they all looked to each other but remained silent when they heard their Aunt Iz speaking, “yeah I remembered that day when one of my children were using their powers I felt some of my energy drained away.”

“Yea I remember you were holding a cup of coffee then suddenly you were swaying. Good thing Alex was fast enough to catch you when you did fall.” Tess remembered.

“Huh did I hear my name” Alex came holding a tray of drinks for the whole group.

“Yep you did hear your name, Tess was just recalling what happened when the kids discovered about their powers and have no control.” Michael explained.

“At least it was a good thing we taught the parents how to handle the situation when the kids learned about it.” Alex recalled.

“Hey where’s Kyle?” Tess suddenly asked Alex.

“Oh he’s still in the kitchen preparing the snacks.”

“Oh okay.”

Meanwhile at the background the kids were listening but then they still don’t know where they are. ‘How are we going to know when they don’t even mentioned where they are.’ Will said frustrated by the situation.

‘If they don’t mention it for the next 10 minutes we try to make them tell us where they are. We can try to change a little the scene because when you dream walk someone you can control their dreams.’ Lexi said.

‘How’d you know?’ they asked.

‘Well I read it somewhere Aunt Lizzy’s journal.’

‘Alright then so let listen again after that we follow the plan of Lexi. Got it? Okay good!’

They listened again when out of no where, the scene in front of them changes. They were now standing in front of the White House. “Michael, I can’t believe we are at Washington.”

“Yea Max, its like a dream come true. We have a house big enough for all of us to stay in.”

“It’s a big house all right but then someday its going to be full of kids when we try to get them back when we know it is safe enough for them to come.”

“I miss the kids so much.” The couple embraced.

“I know. We all do.”

Isabel was holding hands with Alex, while Tess and Kyle were nuzzling and they are way behind the others.

The adults that were right in front of them were walking so they decided to follow them. They were all nearing Mulberry Lane, where their house was located. They saw Isabel look from left to right then she used her powers to open the gate to their house. The kids were shocked when they saw how big the house was but they were all happy when they found out where they lived. The kids turned around and they saw this time that Michael secured the gate with his powers.

‘Guys I'm getting tired, why don’t we go now. Anyway we have all the information we need.’ Jay voiced out.

‘Yeah I'm with you there bro.’ Rick agreed with his older brother as everyone were nodding their heads.

‘Okay all we have to do is close our eyes, then let go of our hands.’ Lexi instructed them.

As they left, Jessie did one thing she can think of she changed one red rose to peach knowing its her mom’s favorite rose color. Then she left the dream plane.

As all the kids suddenly woke up they were back in the living room at Roswell.

“That was a blast.”

“The best!”

“We should do it again”

Those were all the responses when they woke up from their stupor.

“We can’t do that again!” Josh said commandingly.

“WHY?!” they all protested at once.

“Because didn’t you hear what Uncle Michael said they can feel us when we use our power”

“Yeah you’re right! I completely forgot about that part.” Jeremy agreed.

“So what is the plan now?” Toria asked.

“First things first. We have to convince the grannies to take us in a vacation at Washington and from there who knows what we’ll do.” Belle said as she tucked in her hair by the ears, she usually does that when she is unsure of what she has said or done.

“Yea we can tell them that we want to see where the president lives and yadda yadda yadda.” Lexi added.

“Of course! Brilliant idea sis. We can tell them that we are so interested in Washington because Jay over here keeps telling us how nice it is there. They won’t be surprise by that because everyone knows that Jay is so into travelling that they are sure when he grows up he’ll be a pilot.”

“Okay by tomorrow morning we ask them. We tell the Evans first then by lunch time the rest of the grannies will be here and the Evans can persuade them to come with us or something in between the lines.” Josh said.

“Do you think we can talk with each other inside our heads?” Jessie pointed to her head.

“We can try. I’ll be first.” Will declared, ‘Okay if anyone hear me race your right hand.’ As he looked around the group everyone was smiling and raising their right hand. ‘This is so cool! This can be really handy.’

‘Maybe for you. So you can cheat of class then pass.’ Liam said sarcastically. Everyone laughed including Will.

‘Will is right Liam.’ Shannon defended Will. ‘It can be very handy when we are in trouble or when we go to Washington.’

‘IF we go to Washington.’ Jay said.

“I'm beat.” Shannon said as she got to her sleeping bag then went to sleep. After a few minutes the others followed and after around 5mins they were all asleep.

*Meanwhile at Washington*

Maria suddenly woke up from her sleep. She glanced at the clock that was on her side table, which was right beside her. It read 2:30am. She again glanced on her other side to check if Michael was still asleep. When she was sure he was still indeed asleep she crawled out of bed and pulled out her blue robe.

She went out of the room and she headed towards the kitchen. A light was shining in the kitchen, so checked it out. What she saw was her friend making some hot chocolate. “Hey chica, what you doing up?”

“Maria goodness you scared me.” She said as she fixed her stance. “I should ask you the same question. Want one.”

“Sure Iz.” She accepted the mug given to her, “I can’t sleep. Wanna take this out in the garden, its much cooler.”

“Go ahead I’ll just clean up here.” She waved her hand the stuffs she used and everything was back to where they are supposed to be. Maria waited for Isabel by the door she is still amaze by what they can do at times to think that she has husband who can do the same thing she can.

As they sat down by the veranda Isabel took a sip of her hot chocolate with Tabasco, “So what kept you up?”

“Well, I just woke from a weird dream where there were a bunch of teens I think. I'm not really sure, they look so vague, and anyway the dream was all about what we were talking about a while ago, I mean yesterday considering the time of day it is right now. “ She trailed as she took a sip of her hot choco, “Anyway, it was that then all of a sudden the scene changes from the one a while ago to the first time we moved here. I'm I making sense here? I know I'm babbling right now but… you know it was just so weird.”

“What was strange about that dream? You were just reliving some of the events/memories that’s inside your head.”

“You know what is more weird is that those teens were hiding from us by the bushes then the next was that they were following us wherever we went. I know for a fact that that didn’t happen when we were by the garden ‘cause we always secure the gates so how’d did they come in without us knowing. Or how about when we first purchased the house we were so careful I mean we were always on the look out for anything strange right?”

“Yeah that’s true. Maybe you were just having a hyperactive mind before you slept, which cause your mind to be overdrive.”

“Hmm… come to think of it I took coffee before I slept. Oh thank goodness I thought something was up and we didn’t know or even had the chance to prepare. You know what I mean. So ‘bout you what kept you up?”

“Umm… I just felt a jolt of power building inside me, and then I felt drained. So I came down stairs to make myself a hot chocolate.”

“That’s probably nothing. You have been stressed with work so it means that you have to rest my dear friend.” Maria suggested. Through the years they have grown very close to one another and also very fond by each other.

“Maybe you’re right. I need a vacation. Actually we all need one.”

“How about we talk to Liz and Tess about the plan then we can talk to guys and bargain to them what we want if they won’t give in to what we like.” Maria grinned evilly.

“Girl you are so bad! But I like how your mind works. Now I know why you are part of the group.” Isabel teased.

“Oh stop it. You know you all love me.” Maria smiled.
“Of course.”

“So it’s a plan tomorrow morning we tell Liz and Tess.”

As Isabel nodded she took one last sip of hot choco then said, “Ey I'm getting back in bed. Alex maybe wondering where I am. How about you?”

“Well, I’ll just walk around the house then go back to sleep.”

“Sure night Maria”

“Night Izzy. Thanks for listening to me.”

“No prob.” She smiled as she bounded up the stairs and into her bedroom, which she shared with her husband Alex.

A few minutes walking around to clear her head. She went upstairs to her room where she shared it with Michael. She climbed in the bed and observed how he slept. Maria then snuggled beside her husband then went back to sleep.


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Here's chapter 4

Hope you enjoy it! Feedback please!

Author: Marielle
Email: sweet_mar24⊕
Title: Our Heart
Characters: Max and Liz, Michael and Maria, Alex and Isabel, and Kyle and Tess
Rating: PG 13 – NC17
Summary: Futuristic: Set 10 years after Heart of Mine but the scene of Max and Tess never happened They all had kids. The skins came and… sorry too much info.
Feedback: I'm new at this and I hope you will be giving some pointers or some ideas on how to go about the story. I will really appreciate it.

Chapter 4A

*Next morning at the Evan’s house*

Victoria was the first one awake. She opened one eye and spied the kitchen. She saw her grandma cooking breakfast. Victoria got up from her place and moved her way to the kitchen, she tried not to wake up her cousins that were surrounding the place. As soon as she was in the kitchen, “I like some chocolate chips and chocolate syrup for my pancakes.” Tori announced.

“I know. Its by the table. I know you will be one of the first people to get up.” Grandma D said as she brought new a new batch of pancakes by the table “Thanks grandma.”

“So what are you guys going to do today?”

“Well as of now I’ll wait ‘til the others are awake then lets just see where then.”

“Oh btw us grannies are planning something for the summer. Like a trip or something. What do you think?”

Victoria whipped her head to her grandma’s face as soon as she heard summer and trip from her grandma’s mouth.

“Grandma that would be lovely.” She hugged her tightly.

“What’s lovely?” Shannon said rubbing her eyes and right beside her were Belle, Lexi and Jessie.

“The grannies are planning a summer trip for us!” Toria exclaimed.

First the room was silent but in the next few minutes there were screaming like there was like no tomorrow. When the guys heard the scream they all got up and they all headed to the kitchen thinking something was wrong. As they approached the kitchen what they saw was the girls were screaming, laughing and jumping around and their grandma D was sitting at the head of the table laughing at the girls.

“What’s going on here?” Jeremy said pissed off waking up early in the morning.

“Well my dearest cousin” Belle said grinning from ear to ear. “We as in us kids and the grannies are going to…”

“… Or lets just say having a…” Jessie trailed smiling.

“… SUMMER TRIP!!!” Shannon said with enthusiasm.

The guys were just by the door staring at the girls and thinking why the girls are so happy. Josh was able to put the pieces together and asked, “Can we go to Washington?”

When he said that. It’s like it opened a light switch on their heads and they all started grinning.

“When are we leaving?”

“Let’s go to Washington please!!!”

“Do we have tickets?”

“Is this for real?”

The boys bombarded their grandma with questions. They were all excited that they didn’t have to ask them to take them out for the summer cause they were planning it already.

“Alright boys!” Grandma D said raising up her hands to silence them. “I gather you told them about the summer trip.” Philip said as he entered the kitchen.

“Yeah gramps!” Liam said excited.

“Why don’t we sit down and discuss where you guys wanna go for the trip.” Philip said.

“Why don’t you guys eat first your breakfast then WE can discuss where you guys wanna go. Is that clear?” Diane said looking at her husband evilly.

“Yes grandma!” the kids obeyed and ate their breakfast really fast because they were all so eager to talk about their trip.

“So now that we are all done eating our breakfast, where do you kids like to go for the summer?” their grandpa Phil asked.

“WASHINGTON!!!” they all screamed at once.

Philip and Diane looked at each other and then back at the children, “Are you guys sure? Why would you like to go there? I mean we can go to the beach like in Florida. Your grand aunt is there?”

“NO!” Will exclaim.

“He means we would rather go to Washington then go anywhere else.” Lexi calmly told her grandparents.

“Alright then if you kids are really adamant on going to Washington we just have to tell your grandma Nan and grandpa Jeff, grandma Am and grandpa Jim, and your grandma Sharon and grandpa Paul where, then we will just have to fix the ticket flight then we are all set.” Grandpa Phil said.

The kids nodded their head with excitement. “When are we planning to leave?” Jay asked.
“Well we were planning right after your school ends.”

“But grandpa our school ends this Friday.” Belle said.

“Is that so?” their grandpa teased.

“Yeah.” Victoria said.

“Then we leave Sunday then.” As soon as he said this they all started shouting with glee like they won the lottery or something.

“Alright time to get ready we all have to meet Amy, Jim, Sharon, and Paul in the park in a few hours.” Diane said to the children.

As the children went to their rooms the girls in Belle and Victoria’s room and the boys in Josh’s room.

Diane and Philip were left in the kitchen thinking what just happened here.

“What just happened here?”

“Phil, don’t you think the kids are planning something.”

“They are planning something, Diane. We will just have to watch them carefully.”

At the girl’s room, the girls were all chatting.

“What should we bring?” Lexi said as she flipped on a magazine.

“Definitely we have to bring jackets cause it’s going to be cold there.” Belle said, being the practical on of the group.

“Yes I can wear my leather jacket at last!” Shannon exclaimed.

“You have a leather jacket?” Victoria asked as she was looking over her closet on what to wear.

“Yep I bought it in the mall just right out of Roswell.” Shannon said.

“Jessie what is taking you so long in the bathroom?” Belle asked getting impatient

“I'm almost done.” As they heard the shower turning off. She opened the bathroom for Belle.

“Took you so long!”

“Sorry Bellie. The water was so great I just cant seem to get out ‘til you hollered.”

“Its alright just make sure next time remember there are people waiting for you.”

“Hey Belle don’t finish the hot water save some for us.”

“Yeah sure Lexi.”

It all took them at least an hour or two to finish up. At the boy’s room, Josh was first in the bathroom and took a quick shower. While Josh was inside the bathroom the other boys were planning something on what they are going to do to the ever-serious Josh.

“Is the door open?” Rick asked Liam.

“Yeah its open.”

“Okay why don’t Will and Jay creep inside and flush the toilet then sprint back here in the room.”

“Why don’t you do it Rick its you plan anyway.” Jay said.

“Fine then I’ll do it.”

Rick and Will opened the door and crept inside the bathroom slowly. Rick signaled Will to stay near the door but not by the door, then he approached the toilet then he silently flushed it then they both sprinted out the bathroom and slammed the door.

They were all laughing their heads off when they heard an ear-piercing scream inside the bathroom.

Josh was shock to move when he heard the door slammed but when he felt the ice cold water hit him in the skin he screamed then.

“I’ll kill you 5 if it’s the last thing I'm gonna do.”

They doubled in laughter. “Man what a scream!” Jeremy snickered.

They were still laughing when the door to the bathroom opened to reveal an angry looking Josh.

He glared at them. “So who is the culprit who did this?” No one admitted who did it so he blackmailed them.

“I'm asking again who did this or else I can get the most funniest picture that you 4 have and I will put them up in the web?” Josh said looking at his brother knowing he is going to spill the beans.

True enough, “It was Rick’s idea!” he squealed.


“What? He has more ugly pics of me when I was young and he is my older brother he can do anything to me.” He smiled sweetly at the other three who weren't off the hook yet.

“Liam, don’t think your off the hook yet.” Josh threatened. “So what are your excuses.” Looking at each of his cousins in the eye. Josh can be very intimidating when he wants to be.

“Josh we’ll do anything but please don’t put our pictures up.” Will begged.

“Alright this is what we will do.” Josh told them what they are gonna do.

“But Josh don’t you think our grannies are gonna get mad at us when we’re gonna do what you just told us?” Jeremy asked.

“Josh, should I also go through with it? I mean I declined on Rick’s plan.”

“Alright I’ll see what I can do. So who’s next in the bathroom?” Josh asked pointing to the door.

“I’ll be next.” Liam said.

The boys finished and they were out by an hour. They waited for the girls while the Diane and Philip fixed the van.

“What took you guys so long?” Rick asked annoyed.

“None of your business lil bro.” Lexi said smirking.

“Where's grandpa and grandma?” Shannon wondered out loud.

“They are waiting in the car.” Jay answered.

“Then what are you guys doing here inside the living room?” Jessie asked sarcastically.

“Duh! We were about to go up and get you girls.” Jeremy said knowingly.

“Then fine what are we waiting for lets go to the van.” Belle said.

They all went out and climbed in the van and they were of to meet their other grannies.

Should I continue? or what?

please I want feedback cause that is where I get my inspiration.

Hope you guys like it!!