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Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Author’s Note: This part is dedicated to deraZor. Thanks for your idea, dz, I Realy hope you like what I did with it! ~j

Was It A Dream? Part 38

While his sister and brother-in-law were holed up in their honeymoon suite, Matthew Blair spent the rest of his holiday by exploring the Valley. Marc and Shaun were pretty friendly to him and had spent time with him in between hanging out with their girlfriends, Libby and Amy. Between those two young men and Sam Jones, Matt had been taught the basic rudiments of horseback riding. Now, on New Years Eve Day, he felt confident enough to go riding by himself, along the beginner trails, which circled Airatan.

He was trying to puzzle through his reaction to Dee Evans. He was attracted to her; she was sweet and funny…but she was also an…alien. Why was he so leery of getting closer to her, when he had no problem spending time with her parents and friends? He was even happy that his sister had married one.

Was that the key he wondered? He did not think of Phillip, Marc, Shaun, or Mr. Evans as aliens…first. They were friends and in-laws who happened to also be aliens; But he saw Dee as an alien first and then as an attractive young woman. Was that because she was the only one of them who had used her powers in front of him? …And in a violent way, as well. She had grabbed the rug out from under him, literally and then tied him up in it…without placing one finger on him and, he realized…that scared him.

Matthew Blair had never really been afraid of a woman before. Although he had met many, powerful and intimidating females in his time, he had always felt capable of charming them into liking him and doing what he wanted them to do. Dee was nothing like any woman he had ever met before.

Even though Dee had argued that her people were peaceful artists and had eventually understood his feelings and worries about his sister marrying Phillip; the fact that Dee had alien powers and could, quite literally throw him across the room, made him wary of her. Even though he was attracted to her; who and what she was kept him from pursuing that attraction.

Dee saw Matt from where she reigned in her horse, on an upper trail. She knew that Matt liked his space; his peace and quiet, but she also knew that he would be flying back to New York tomorrow and this might be her last chance to try and fix things between them. She was very attracted to him and she was sure that he was attracted to her, but whenever they got anywhere close to each other, he froze her with his icy personality or started a fight with her. Dee couldn’t let him go without trying one last time, to speak to him.

“Hey Matt.” She called, as she maneuvered her horse down the slope, towards him.

“What do you want, Dee?” Matt asked, wearily.

‘Must I be bombarded by her tempting presence to the last?’ He wondered.

“I wanted to talk to you.” Dee said. “I know that you don’t like me, but our families are linked now and I have a feeling that we will be seeing each other a lot at the holidays and I wanted to try and come to some sort of truce.”

“What makes you think that I want a truce? Maybe I like snipping at you.”

“Why do you like making me miserable? What have I ever done to you?” Dee asked.

“What have you ever done to me? Let’s see…you pulled a rug out from under me…while you stood at least ten feet away…and I landed flat on my back. Then you tied me up in that rug and got me to my feet, still without touching me. You did all of that using your creepy alien powers and I don’t want to give you another chance to do that to me again!”

“If I hadn’t been taught to keep control of my powers, I’d, I’d…turn your hair purple and your skin green!” Dee exclaimed, angrily. “That instance at your home was a desperate try on my part to keep you from leaving the house. I was afraid that you planned to go out and blab what you knew about us, to all of your friends, or, or to the press.”

“Yeah, like I’d ever do something dumb like that.” Matt yelled.

“I didn’t know how you would react; you just looked so desperate and angry.” Dee replied. “Look, you were the very first person that we’ve told the truth to, who had any sort of negative reaction. We had never seen anyone behave the way you did. I was worried and I overreacted; I may never become queen of the Antarian people, but I will protect them any way I can, even to my last breath and if rolling someone up in a rug is what I have to do, to keep them from possibly going to the press, then I will do it!”

Dee was yelling right into Matt’s face, as they sat their nervous horses; knee to knee with each other. Sue’s index finger was jabbing into Matt’s chest, her eyes were hot and angry, but Matt could see tears starting to swim in them.

“Oh what does it matter, you’ll think whatever you want to think.” Sue exclaimed and wheeled her horse around and started riding away.

Dee’s determination to protect her people and the vulnerability he had seen in her face, that last instant, before she had turned her horse away, had Matt urging his horse forward.

“Dee, wait.” He called out, not seeing a small log in his path.

His horse, not being given any instructions by his rider, did his best to jump the obstacle. The animal landed on the other side safely, his rider did not; unbalanced by the unexpected movement, Matt was thrown from the horse. Luckily, his feet did not get stuck in the stirrups; unluckily, his head hit a partially buried rock, as he landed badly and rolled down a slight incline, beside the trail.

Dee heard Matt call her name and turned her head to reply with a sarcastic retort, but that reply died on her lips as she saw Matt’s horse safely take the jump and Matt take the fall.

“Matt!” Dee yelled as she turned her mount around and trotted back to where his horse had stopped, after losing his rider.

She dismounted; tied both horses’ reins to a nearby bush and ran down the hill to where Matt lay, unconscious.

‘I need help on bridle-path three. Rider has fallen off horse and is unconscious.’ Dee called over the Connection, automatically falling back on her first-aid training, before kneeling down next to Matt.

“Matt, oh Matt.” Dee cried, as she passed her hands gently over his body.

“Everything’s going to be alright.” She said, trying to reassure Matt as well as herself.

Dee found a bump, the size of a golf ball, on the back of Matt’s head and a bad break, just above his left knee.

“Oh Matt, could you open your eyes for me…please? Please Matt, open your eyes for me; it will make it easier for me to start healing you if you’ll open those gorgeous amber eyes of yours.” Dee pleaded.

But Matt’s eyes didn’t open, so Dee placed both of her hands on either side of his head and struggled to make a connection anyway, to allow her healing powers to seep into Matt’s body. She didn’t stop, or look up when she heard two people come running up behind her.

‘Have you been able to make a connection?’ Her father asked softly, even in sub-vocal speech, so as not to startle Dee and cause her to lose her link.

‘Yes, but it’s difficult, with his eyes closed.’ Dee replied.

‘Marc and I will help; transfer our energy to you and more help is on its way. Use the Connection to gather more energy as well.’ Max reminded his daughter.

‘Okay, that’s better, thanks.’ Dee said, as she felt the infusion of new energy. ‘The swelling in Matt’s head is going down…’

Matt came back from the cold, dark place he had been knocked into when his head hit the rock, but couldn’t open his eyes, or makes a sound. Every part of his body hurt, but his head and his leg were in agony. Then he felt warmth, concern and love overflow him and encircle him, as if he were being wrapped up in a soft quilt. Incredibly, the pain in his head began to ease and with the lessening, Matt was able to sense more of what was going on around him.

He felt two, soft and gently hands cupping his head and he heard several people come running up to where he lay, but then nothing else; no voices asking questions or giving instructions. He did however, sense emotions; they were washing over him like waves upon the shore and as his head cleared, he started to make sense of them. Worry and sorrow were the top most emotions; so much concern for him and what had befallen him…and a deep sorrow from a heart which was in the process of being broken…by him. Underneath these surface emotions, Matt sensed attraction, admiration…and love; but a bruised and hurting love…Hurting because…he had not…loved in return.

Matt could not, for the live of him, think of a person who loved him that much and would be able to heal him at the same time; the healing ruled out his parents and sister…so who could this be? Matt struggled to crack his eyes open, just a little. It seemed to take forever, but after blinking several times, to help clear his vision, he realized that he was looking into the beautiful face of Dee Evans.

Dee couldn’t see that Matt had cracked open his eyes at first, because her own eyes were swimming with tears, concentration, worry…and love. Matt could not believe what he was feeling or seeing. How could all of these feelings be coming from Dee? His thoughts slowed down enough for them to clearly ask a question.

‘Are all of those emotions for me; the tears and worry? And am I responsible for her sorrow and wounded heart as well?’

Dee heard Matt’s thoughtful questions and her eyes shot to his and focused. She didn’t answer his query, but Matt could see her response in the eyes she locked with his and sense her emotions more clearly, through their visual connection.

Dee was then flooded with Matt’s sense of wonder, amazement, joy…riding side by side with his guilt, sorrow and…attraction, admiration and…love…for her…She quickly closed mental doors so that on one else, nearby, or linked-in through the Connection, could hear their private conversation, as she bravely took the first step to clarifying their thoughts for each other; she had, had enough misery and it was time to end it.

‘Have we been working at cross purposes; hiding our true feelings from each other?’ She asked.

‘I…I think so.’ Matt admitted, hesitantly. ‘How can we be speaking to each other…in our heads?’

“It’s just something Antarians can do; create a mental connection through physical touch, but don’t worry, we can’t read your mind or anything.’

Matt nodded, slightly and then winced.

‘Oh, I’m so sorry, let us finish healing you and then we can talk, okay?’ Dee asked before focusing on her task at hand.

Matt then noticed that there were several other people standing around him; their eyes closed and a hand extended to touch Dee on her back or shoulders. He recognized Mr. Evans and Marc, but none of the other three men and women who surrounded him.

‘What are they doing?’ He asked.

‘The others are giving me some of their energy, so that I can heal you.’ Dee explained, as she shifted her gentle hands down Matt’s neck and arms.

‘Your touch is so gentle; I wouldn’t have thought that possible of someone who could literally throw me across the room.’

‘We’ll talk about that later; just relax and let me finish healing you.’ Dee said again, as she paused for a moment to brush some of his hair off of his forehead.

Matt sighed as he felt the pain leave him, closed his eyes and relaxed. He savored the feeling of Dee’s gentle touch as she ran her hands over his body.

‘I’m touching you for clinical reasons.’ Dee’s voice broke into the fantasy his tired mind was weaving. ‘Get your mind out of the gutter, you’re distracting me.’

‘I thought you couldn’t read my mind.’

‘I can’t, but you’re broadcasting your thoughts; I’ve had to shut some mental doors, so that the others; my father in particular, doesn’t hear them. Please control your fantasies so that I can open the doors again; I need their energy to finish this.’

Once again, Matt relaxed and just tried to envision his broken bones meshing together; his skin mending itself.

‘Very good, that helps a lot.’ Dee remarked. ‘Almost done…There, how do you feel?’

Matt did a mental inventory and stretched his muscles and wiggled his toes.

“This in incredible, all of my pain is gone! My head, my leg and everything in between! I saw how screwed up my leg was and now…” Matt slowly lifted his leg and bent the knee. “It is completely healed!”

“Why don’t you try slowly sitting up.” Max suggested and supported Matt, as he sat up. “Any light-headedness, pain or blurred vision?”

“No, I feel fine!” Matt replied, grinning, and then he looked at Dee. “Thank you…very much for healing me…all of you.” Matt dragged his gaze away from Dee, to look around him at the smiling faces, above him.

“Do you feel like you could stand up?” Max asked, still concerned.

“Yeah, I think so.” Matt said and got to his feet, with a little help from Marc and Max.

“Still okay? How’s the leg?” Dee asked.

“It feels great; you do great work, Dr. Evans!” He grinned at her and ran his hand up and down her arm.

“Doctor, huh? Does that mean I can bill you?” Dee joked back.

“Oh man, how much do you charge?” Matt asked, half joking, half wary.

“Why don’t we go and discuss that?” Dee asked, taking his arm. “Dad, could we use your vehicle and would someone please take the horses back to their stable?” Dee asked and was answered with understanding nods.

Dee drove them back to her family’s home, but instead of leading him inside, she led him out back to the old tree house.

“Do you think you can climb up there? I think some neighboring kids left their sleeping bags up there, so we’ll be warm while we talk.” Dee said.

“Sure, I can climb up there; it doesn’t look nearly as high off the ground, as it looked when I was seven years old.”

They both climbed up and there were indeed two sleeping bags rolled up in one corner. They unzipped them and half sat on them, half snuggled into them. After an awkward pause, Matt started.

“Um, maybe I should start, by apologizing for the way I’ve been treating you. Even if you hadn’t needed to heal me, I owe you an apology.” Matt sighed deeply. “These powers of yours and the way I was initiated to them, really threw me for a loop! Knowing a girl, who could do what you can do…um…unmanned me…I guess.” Matt couldn’t look up at Dee for a moment.

“Any of us can do what I can; it’s not just Antarian girls who can…um…throw guys around a room!” Humor sparkled in her eyes and then dimmed. “I need to apologize as well. I shouldn’t have used my powers against you like that; we don’t use them to harm…”

“You were trying to protect your people.” Matt cut in, understanding. “I’d say let’s just call us even, except I know that there’s no way I’ll ever be able to repay you for your healing me.”

“There’s no debt, we would do that for anyone…” Dee said reaching out to touch his hand and Matt turned his so that he could clasp hers.

“Do you…really feel…all of those things…for me?” Matt asked, softly.

“Do you…feel those things…for me?” Dee asked in reply.

“Yes!” They said together, as they gazed deeply into each other’s eyes.

Neither of them realized that they were moving closer, until their lips brushed…and then clung. Their arms came up to encircle each other.

‘How can this be happening; this love at first sight?’ Dee asked, as she opened her lips to Matt’s passionate mouth. ‘We have only known each other for a short time and most of that time we have spent fighting, but even so…’

‘Even so, when I first met you, I felt an instant attraction to you and soon after that I was falling in love with you.’ Matt finished for her, telling of both his and hers first reactions to the other.

Quite a while later, Matt and Dee came into the house, hand in hand.

“Hey, where have you two been?” Libby asked. “Marc told me what happened; are you okay?”

“Yes, Libby, I’m just fine, thanks to all of you.” Matt reached out and shook Marc’s hand.

“So…what’s with the hand holding, puffy lips and messy hair?” Libby asked coyly.

“Um, well…Matt and I...talked…about our true feelings for each other and we…” Dee broke off, blushing and Matt finished for her.

“We realized that we love each other!” He exclaimed happily, gazing into Dee’s beautiful, big eyes. “We know that we still have a lot to learn about each other; and that, that will be difficult; our living in two different states, but we’ll work something out.”

Marc had watched all of this silently.

‘Oh man, I never would have thought that Matt and Dee would ever fall in love, much less have the guts to admit it, after all of their spits and spats.’ He thought for a few minutes. ‘But if they can do it, why can’t I be brave enough to tell Libby what I want for the two of us?’

“Hey Libby, would you like to go for a walk?” Marc asked, all of a sudden.

“Um, sure, Marc.” Libby agreed, hesitantly. “We’ll see you two later.” Libby told her twin and Matt.

Dee and Matt snuggled into each other’s arms in a corner of the sofa, as Libby and Marc walked out through the French doors.

“Hey, didn’t you say that the little Tupper kids were playing in your tree house, the other day?” Marc asked Libby. “Don’t they usually leave their sleeping bags up there? Would you mind sitting up in the old fort while we talk? That way we can be comfortable and private.” Marc asked.

“Um no, the fort sounds nice.” Libby agreed.

They walked over, climbed up to the upper level and unrolled the sleeping bags, which had been stored in one corner, so they could half sit, half snuggle into them.

“Hey, wait a minute, these sleeping bags are warm!” Libby exclaimed. “Do you think that this is where Matt and Dee have been all this time?”

“You don’t think they…?” Marc asked, ready to jump out of the sleeping bag if Libby answered with a yes.

“Of course they didn’t…make love; here or anywhere else. They aren’t even engaged. I’m just sensing a lot of…kissing. That okay with you, love?”

“Sure.” Marc agreed. “What do you think about us…following their example?” He suggested.

“Oh yeah, I’d like that…only I got the feeling that there was something you wanted to tell me about.” Libby said.

“Oh man, you had to remind me.” Marc joked. “Yes of course, I do have something I wanted to tell you…and that is…that is…Libby, I have known you all of our lives; we have always been best friends and now we’ve been in love with each other for…”

“Almost our whole lives, as well.” Libby finished for him and Marc looked gratefully and wonderingly into her eyes, as he heard her confirm their feelings for each other.

“Yesss, we have, haven’t we? Well anyway, I have been wanting to ask you this for a long time…” Marc rose to kneel on his sleeping bag. “Liza Belle Evans, I love you with all my heart; with all my mind and with all of my soul; will you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?” Libby launched herself into Marc’s arms, even before he finished his proposal.

“Marc, yes, yes, yes!” She cried happily, as she kissed him all over his face and neck.

“I, I haven’t spoken to your father yet and I know that he’ll think you are too young…”

“But we’ll work something out!” Libby assured him.

“We?” Marc asked.

“Of course, ‘we’!” Libby said. “Come on, let’s go talk to him now!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“May I have your attention, please?” Max called out over the noise of his extended family and friends, later that night. “Before we make the final count down to the New Year, I would like to make an announcement.” Everyone became quiet, as Max looked over to Libby and Marc and then to Liz who was already smiling.

“It is my great pleasure to announce that Libby and Marc are engaged to be married!” Max had to wait a few minutes, as everyone started cheering and clapping. “They will be getting married one year from now; and they will let you all know when they’ve picked the actual date.

“I thought your family had short engagements, Max; after what you and Liz went through, waiting just six months!” Grandpa Phillip asked.

“One year was a compromise.” Libby explained. “Daddy thinks I’m too young to get married…”

“You are, you’re only nineteen.” Max reminded her.

“Yeah and you wanted us to wait two, whole years, until I turned twenty-one and graduated from college…and Marc and I would like to be married no later than next June…”

“So after much arguing between father and daughter, I suggested a compromise of one year.” Marc finished and everyone laughed.

‘Hmmm, one whole year for use to get to know one another; maybe we’ll want to join Marc and Libby at the altar, in one year!’ Matt suggested to Dee, sub-vocally, as they held each other’s hands and grinned at the other young couple.

‘Maybe we will!’ Was all Dee would say in return.

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