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Title: Was It A Dream? Category: M/L’s children,…...Rating: G – PG-13
Author: jane E-mail: jwest⊕
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Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

***Author’s Note: I have posted all parts for this story on the Repost Board as well.

Was It A Dream? Part 39

2037, 6 Years Later

Five-year old Jason Blair looked through the rails of the crib where three, one-year old toddlers were supposed to be taking a nap. Jason stuck his small hand through the slats and gently stroked the downy-soft cheek of little Judy, who was wide awake and gazing back at him with just as much interest in her big blue eyes.

Judy slowly stood up on her just-learning-to-walk-feet, held on to the side of the crib with one tiny hand and stretched out her other towards the boy who had come to visit her. Judy’s palm glowed just as she touched Jason’s cheek and left behind a tiny silver hand-print after she withdrew it; both children giggled as Jason brought up his own hand to rub over the silver mark, which he knew was there.

“Hey there buddy.” Matt Blair greeted his oldest child as he quietly came into the nursery. “I thought you were supposed to be taking a nap as well.”

“Couldn’t sweep.” Jason told his father. “Ju’y couldn’t either.”

“So I see.” Matt said, as Judy lifted up her arms to him.

“Up, up.” She cooed.

“Up, up.” Matt repeated, as he swung Judy up in the air before cuddling her close to his chest. “There you go sweetheart; well your diaper doesn’t need changing.” He muttered after checking quickly. “Why don’t we go find your mommy and daddy, huh? Let them figure out why their daughter isn’t getting her beauty rest.”

“Mm, mm, d, d, d.” Judy agreed.

“Up too, Daddy.” Jason said.

“Okay sport…argh!” Matt made a noise as if Jason were too heavy to pick up…as he easily picked up his son in one strong arm and carried both children out to the Evan’s family room.

“Hey Greg, Audra, look who I found wide awake and flirting with my son; she even put her mark on him!” Matt joked, as he carried both children in on his arms; both with their weary heads resting on his chest.

“Oh Jason, did Judy leave another silver hand-print on you, honey?” Dee Blair asked and saw her son nod happily, if sleepily.

“Here Judy, come snuggle with your mommy and daddy.” Audra came over and gently took her third child and only daughter out of her friend’s arms and walked over to sit next to her husband of five years, Greg Hamilton, who encircled his wife and child with his arms.

“Our Judith does like to leave her mark.” Greg remarked. “It’s her way of saying ‘hello’ or ‘I like you’.”

“I don’t know which ‘greeting’ I prefer best; Judy’s hand print, or our Anne’s habit of making things glow.” Phillip replied. “Whatever she grabs hold of, starts to glow; your nose, your ear, your finger…!”

“That’s what our twins, Martha and Mary liked to do; say hello with a glow!” Amy and her husband of five years, Shaun Murphy chuckled together.

“Paul preferred leaving his mark…in the strangest places.” Phillip remembered what his and Sue’s three-year old used to do as a baby.

“I wonder why our children show their powers so early; Mom and Dad have told me that we never did stuff like this.” Amy asked.

“Neither did we.” Phillip replied. “But Dad and I looked through the historical records and they say that it is a normal part of a child’s development; to show their powers so early.”

“Then why didn’t we?” Phillip’s sister, Libby Guerin asked.

“Mom thinks it’s because we picked up on their nervousness, that it was instinctive for us to sense how worried our parents were, that we would do something dangerous out in public. They didn’t have to say anything, we always seemed to understand that we must not betray our people.” Dee explained.

“We were the first generation to grow up here in Airatan and our children are the second; I think we feel a lot more safe and secure than our parents did.” Phillip added and prayed that it would always be so, within this select, little community of theirs.

“What are you two lady’s looking at?” Matt asked Dee and Sue. While he had been checking up on the sleeping children, his wife and sister-in-law had opened up a bunch of picture files on the computer and were organizing them on the TV.

“I would think that’s obvious, Matt.” Sue razzed her brother. “Since we are celebrating Phil and my 6th wedding anniversary and yours and Dee’s and Libby and Marc’s fifth anniversaries, what do you think we are looking at, pictures of Mom and Dad’s latest movie?”

“Pictures of Mom and Dad? I’d love to see those!” Matt teased back. “I know, you are looking at pictures from one of the happiest days of my life.” Matt said, seriously, glancing over to his beloved wife, Dee.

“Right answer, sweetheart.” Dee approved. “Come sit back down next too me so you can see too.”

Matt did so smoothly, not wanting to wake up his now sleeping son. Greg, with little Judy in his arms and Audra; Libby and Marc and Amy and Shaun all moved their chairs or came to sit on the floor so that they could watch the slide show and home movies.

“I still can’t believe what you two wore to your own weddings!” Sue laughed at Dee and Libby.

“Hey, we wanted to keep it simple.” Dee reminded her friend and sister-in-law. “And we looked great, if I do say so myself.”

“Yeah, but to just wear your robes with only a long-sleeved, turtle-necked lace body-suit, a garter belt and lace stockings and-that’s-all-underneath is really, really simple!” Phillip agreed, laughing.

‘And very easy to get you out of, once we reached our hotel room!’ Matt reminded Dee, silently, but they both started to laugh at their shared memory.

“What’s the laughter for?” Sue asked.

“Nothing really, just a private joke.” Matt said, trying to tone down the grin on his face.

“Uh huh.” Everyone else said.

“We started a trend back to our Antarians traditions.” Libby reminded them.

“I’ll say, now every couple who gets married here, only wears their robes, as they used to on Antar; unless it’s winter, then they wear a little something underneath for warmth, but not much more.” Phillip replied, resigned.

“Matt and Dee; and Libby and Marc started the trend, but we brought it to fruition at our weddings; we were the first two couples to wear only our robes.” Amy said; looking at her husband, Marc and two friends, Audra and Greg, who had all been a part of the trend-setting ceremony.

“At least our brides continue to wear garters, or I might never have met my Audra.” Greg remarked and then kissed his wife, sweetly.

“I keep on forgetting that you didn’t grow up here, Greg; you fit so well into our little group.” Phil said.

Greg Hamilton and his parents had lived on one of the planets within the Unified Alliance of Planets. His parents had come to Earth several times over the years, to speak to Max and Liz, but had never brought their only child with them. He had however, been taught English and Earth customs, as he grew up. When he was eighteen, his parents decided to move permanently to Airatan and Greg, now a young adult had come with them. To earn money for college, Greg had worked as a waiter for the better hotel in town, which catered Matt, Dee, Libby and Marc’s wedding.

“Oh man, I have video footage of that, let me find it!” Sue exclaimed and quickly searched her video catalogue and then opened the proper file.

“There’s Dee, throwing her bouquet and Audra catching it.” Amy called out, as they all watched.

The guys sang some strip-tease music as they watched Matt taking off Dee’s garter, which had been placed high up on her thigh.

“Now Matt’s throwing the garter…”

“Why can’t you throw that well when we play baseball, Matt?” Phil joked.

“…and there it sails over all the bachelor’s heads to land on…Greg’s serving tray as he passed behind them, to serve some drinks!” Sue finished and everyone laughed and cheered for their newest friend, Greg.

“It’s a good thing your boss was such a romantic.” Audra remarked. “He let you take an extended break so you could put Dee’s garter onto my leg and then you were able to dance with me for a while.”

“That was one of the best moments in my life.” Greg remembered, gazing deeply into Audra’s eyes. “I had only come to Earth a few months before; I was working and studying hard, everything was new and different; then I’m working at this reception and I see an angel sitting up at the head table. I can’t keep my eyes off of her…and nearly two hours later, she’s in my arms, we’re dancing and she tells me that she hadn’t been able to keep her eyes off of me either!”

“I love hearing that story, no matter how many times I hear it.” Libby sighed happily, watching the video of waiter-Greg and bride’s-maid-Audra dancing closely together.

As he watched the videos, Matt thought back over the last six years. After Sue and Phillip’s wedding, all the Harvard/MIT students had returned to college and Matt had returned to New York; his classes, rehearsals and performances. For the first six months, he and Dee had called each other once a week and one of them would drive to see the other over the weekend, once a month and had really got to know each other well.

Over the last half of that year, the phone calls gradually became longer and occurred more often than just once a week. Spending time with each other became so addictive to them that their grades started to fail and they had to back off a little so that they could keep their grade point average up. But always, Matt had counted the days, hours and minutes until he could speak to Dee again, see her lovely face, kiss her sweet lips and touch her soft skin.

After they were married in the same ceremony with Libby and Marc, Matt and Dee had both transferred to the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque and finished up their Bachelor’s degrees. Dee attended law school there and Matt jointed the Airatan Theatrical Troop. They built their home and then started their family soon after.

“Before we float away on feminine tears, why don’t we take a break and prepare everything we’re going to need for our fondue dinner tonight?” Phil suggested.

“What’s to prepare?” Matt asked, coming out of his own memories.

“The different kinds of cheeses need to be cut up into cubes and so does the bread: then we’ll want to wash the fruit, get the marshmallows out…”

“Marshmallows in cheese fondue? Oh man!” Matt groaned.

“Dimwit, I know I told you that we were having cheese fondue for dinner and then chocolate fondue for dessert!” Dee playfully swatted her husband.

“Oh yeah, now I remember. I knew there had to be a good reason for me to be here with all of you!” Matt jokingly made it sound as though being with his friends was a real sacrifice.

“Yeah that is one of the minor reasons and if you don’t start acting more friendlily, you won’t get any strawberries to dip into the chocolate!” Dee warned.

Matt immediately started running around the room and hugged everyone.

“Is that friendly enough? May I have some chocolate-covered strawberries, please, oh please, please?” He begged his wife.

“Man, no wonder you are such a great actor, Matt; you are such a ham!” Phil slapped his brother-in-law on the back.

“Is that cheese-covered ham?” Matt didn’t give up.

“Only if we get the ham off of your skinny back-side.” Sue laughed.

“Ooh, ouch!” Matt side-stepped away from Sue and Phillip.

“So how’s the theater season going so far?” Shaun asked Matt, to change the subject, as everyone got up and moved into the semi-attached kitchen.

“Really well; all of our performances are sold out and we may have to add some matinees.” Humans do seem to love Antarian theater.”

“That they do; the Troop has been growing and becoming more popular each year.” Phillip, Airatan’s CEO stated.

“How do you like teaching, Professor Evans, or is that Doctor Evans?” Audra asked Sue, who had just received her Ph.D. in microbiology the spring before and started teaching that last fall.

“I love teaching; the kids, who call me Professor Evans, by the way, are just great; so enthusiastic and full of life! My colleagues call me Doctor Evans even though I’m a Ph.D. and not a M.D.”

“Aren’t you doing any clinical work; you know, experiments?” Amy asked, anxious to understand what her friend had been doing lately, since she had graduated.

“I’ve been able to do some, but I’m new at the tricky process of applying for grant money; besides, teaching takes up most of my time, which isn’t already filled with taking care of this lot!” Sue said, nodding to her beloved husband and thinking about their son and daughter, in their rooms, taking naps.

“I have always loved this house, especially this kitchen.” Audra told Sue, as all of the friends worked together, companionably. “It’s no where near as large as Max and Liz’s house; it doesn’t need to be, but it is so well designed that all ten of us can work in here or at the table and not get in each other’s way.”

“I do to.” Sue agreed, happily. “Max and especially Liz helped us a lot when we were designing it, so that it has worked very well for Phil, the kids and I and it should also suit Max and Liz’s needs when we switch houses with them.”

“When you switch houses…?” Amy asked.

“Yes, this house was always meant to be a starter-house for us, while our children were young and then a home for Max and Liz when they retire in five years and…you know, Phillip…and I…um, take their place as king…and queen. Their house was designed to be the home of the Royal Family and this way it can continue to be just that.” Sue explained and the other girls nodded.

“Are you ready to be queen, Sue?” Audra asked.

“No, not yet, but I’m getting there. Phil and I have been studying with Max and Liz; Antarian law and customs, ever since we were married, more so since we moved back here, four years ago.”

“That’ll certainly be a ceremony to see; when my friends become my king and queen…” Amy said dreamily, before they went back to their dinner preparations and then had a great time spending the rest of the evening together with their friends and children.

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