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Summary: AU, future fic. This is a sequel to “I Can’t, I’m Different!”, which is available on the Repost Board viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=1141 (hope you like it!) I recommend that you read ICID first, or at least the Last Chapter. A few days before their wedding, Max and Liz met the two young actors “Mason Blair” and “Cheryl Appleton”, who were staring in the very popular movie and TV show ‘Among Us’. The actors look exactly like Max and Liz, so to keep the Press away from them, Mason and Cheryl stay away from M/L, until one day when they and their young children meet again. The children share a magical moment. Will they remember each other when they meet again in college? There will be a little danger and excitement, but mostly, this is a love story!

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Was It A Dream? Part 40 The Conclusion

2042, 5 Years Later

Tage and Nasus were reading over the last chapters of each other’s life stories, which Tage’s son, Eric had helped them write. All of the elder Antarians had been working on this project of documenting their history, off and on, for eleven years and now everything would be ready for the ceremony and celebrations,

“The two of us are the oldest, surviving Anatarians, my friend.” Nasus said. “What we and the other elders have seen in our long lives…” She shook her head in wonderment.

Tage Paterson could only nod in agreement; no words could easily describe what they had both seen in their one hundred twelve years of living; an old age, for an Antarian, but by no means a record. Tage’s memory traveled back through time…

“Mama, Papa, is today the day? Are we really going to the Palace today?” An eleven year old Tage asked his parents excitedly.

“Yes son, today is the spring opening of the Royal Gardens and our new king and queen, Welmax and Belleisa, have invited us and many others to come; and they especially wanted all of you children to attend.” Tage’s mama answered.

“So you must be on your very best behavior.” Tage’s papa said and Tage nodded solemnly.

He knew that it was a great honor to be invited to the Palace; he would do his very best not to embarrass his parents that day. When he, his parents and his two sisters arrived at the gardens, later that day, Tage walked between his parents as they wandered down the trails, which meandered their way through the many, many different types of flowers, bushes and trees; his sisters ran a little ahead of them. Tage’s eyes would have spun around his head if they could, to allow him to see everything they passed by; all the colors, shapes and textures.

Finally, they reached a large open area by the Palace. All of the children were encouraged to come to the front of the crowd, so that they could see and Tage left his parents. Shortly afterwards, a murmur went through the crowd as they saw King Welmax and Queen Belleisa casually walk out of the Palace and up to the balustrade of the upper patio, so everyone could see them.

Tage looked up and saw his rulers for the first time. The King was tall and handsome, with shoulder-length brown hair; he wore a long, white, sleeveless ceremonial robe, which showed off his muscular arms and some of his chest. The Queen was also tall and lovely, with long, straight blond hair; she also wore her robe, which showed off her slim form. Both robes were edged in gold and they also wore their gold circlets around their heads. In their arms they both held a child. Tage knew that these three-month old babies were the Crown Prince Zan and the Princess Velondra. The baby prince had a cap of straight brown hair and the princess had golden ringlets.

“Lovely morning to you, good Antarians.” King Welmax called out.

“Lovely morning, Sire.” Everyone answered, happily as they all bowed low.

“Thank you for coming to our first official ceremony.” Welmax said; indicating for Belleisa to continue.

“The King and I and our little prince and princess would like to welcome you all to the opening of the Royal Gardens. May all of the flowers, bushes, trees and other living things within, grow strong and beautiful and we pray that you will all enjoy their lovely scents, colors and shade.”

The royal couple raised their free hands, gesturing for everyone to wander around the gardens freely. Musicians started to play; some danced their way among the plants and Tage’s sisters and many of the other children followed them on a musical and magical tour of the flowers. Acrobats and other performers started entertaining children and adults alike, who opted to stay on the Green. Tage’s eyes grew large and round as he saw the King and Queen walk down the stairs from their balcony…and strolled over to…him.

“Hello young-one, what is your name?” Queen Belleisa asked in a gentle voice and with a kind smile on her face.

“Tage, Your Highness.” He responded as he had been taught.

“Tage, it is very nice to meet you.” Welmax said in his soft, gentle voice. “May we introduce you to Zan and Velondra?” The King and Queen gracefully knelt down next to him so that he was eye to eye with the babies.

Little Zan reached out a tiny glowing hand and grabbed onto Tage’s pinky finger, which he had stuck out towards the babies. Tage grinned as his digit started to glow.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Prince Zan.” He said.

Then baby Velondra touched his cheek and he could feel the warmth of a silver hand-print forming on his skin.

“A pleasure to meet you as well, Princess.”

Both royal parents grinned at the small boy and then at their precious children, before standing back up.

“Enjoy the gardens, young Tage.” Belleisa told him and Welmax smiled good-bye before they strolled off to meet some of their other subjects. Tage took off running, to find his parents and tell them what had happened.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Six Years Later.

Tage’s mama was looking over his educational marks for the year.

“Top of your class again my son; your papa and I are so proud!” She kissed him on the cheek. Just then Tage’s papa came into the room.

“Look at the marks our son has received for his education this year!” Mama held the form out to Papa, who took it and studied it.

“Well done, my son; well done in deed!” Papa praised Tage, but there was a worry hidden within his thoughts and his wife sensed it.

“What’s wrong?”

“There is to be an important announcement from the Palace in one hour; it is recommended that only adults and children over fifteen years link in to see it.”

“Oh my…an age limit? There haven’t been age limits on Royal announcements since the last wars, millennia ago. What could this be about?”

One hour later, Tage, his two sisters and their parents linked into the Community’s Connection to see the announcement. When he saw the King and Queen’s expressions, Tage knew that they were about to deliver very serious news indeed. All softness, gentleness and kindness had been wiped off of their faces and out of their voices. Their whole demeanor was controlled; no emotions were allowed to leak out, but Tage could sense them boiling together behind the mental walls of control.

“Good Antarians, the King and I have some very serious news to give you.” Belleisa started. “Once again, we recommend that no child under fifteen be linked-in for this announcement. It will be better if you explain the situation to them, after we are done here.”

“The Queen and I urge you to remain calm.” Welmax said. “Our scientists have made their final reports to us; these reports are the culmination of hundreds of years of solar observations and study. To put it simply, our sun, Antaria is dying.” A visual representation of their solar system came up behind the royal couple.

“Something is wrong and Antaria will go nova much sooner than a star of its type should. We don’t know the reasons, only that it will do so and that when it does, Antar will be destroyed as well.”

Tage and his family could feel the calming minds of the Antarian Peace-Keeping Forces and those of all relevant scientists, working to keep order within the Connection, as an uproar could be sensed across the planet. But the Peace-Keeping Forces did their jobs very well; calming everyone so that the King and Queen could continue.

“As we all struggle to deal with and accept this information in our own ways, let us give you all one ray of hope.” Welmax continued. “We do have limited space-travel capabilities. We have always sent unmanned probes out into space, to explore the galaxy and send information back to us. Our scientists believe that these probe-craft can be modified to carry one child or small adult, each, away from Antar and to land on another planet, where it would be safe for them to live.”

“This is what we must focus on now, good Antarians.” Belleisa said firmly. “We must all band together to modify the probe-craft and build more so that we can save as many of our children as possible.”

“There is enough time to accomplish this, but only if every one of us gives his or her all to this imperative endeavor. Will you help?” Welmax asked and he was gratified to hear many of voices shouting “yes!”

He had, at least for the time being, focused everyone’s minds onto the positive; the work every one could be kept busy with. As the months flew by, the work and the Connection would be what kept every one sane. Antarians were such a community-oriented people; they had always worked closely together; the Connection quietly acting as a conduit for information, solidarity, strength and calm. If someone started to panic or become depressed, another person would always be there to help lead him or her back to the light of purpose and calm.

As it became evident that there would not be enough space craft to save every child, age restrictions were given, as to which children would be allowed to escape. It was reasoned that older children would be better able to take care of themselves once they reached their destinations. When Tage heard that only children older than ten years would be able to go, he instantly thought of Prince Zan and Princess Velodra, who were only six years old.

“Mama, Papa, what will happen to Prince Zan and Princess Velondra, or even King Welmax and Queen Belleisa? They will be able to escape, won’t they? Antarians can’t be a whole people without the Royal Family, can they?”

“I don’t know about the children, but the King and Queen have already announced that they will stay with Antar to the last.” Tage’s papa answered, but his question started to pop up in many conversations in the days to come, until a planet-wide cry built up to save the Prince and Princess.

“Good Antarians, we will heed your cry and send our Prince and Princess away from Antar with the other children.” Belleisa said. “Because they are so young, we will send them with two of their best friends, Rath and Ava, the children of our Royal Counselors and along with the four will be sent a protector. We will send them all in the proto-type space craft, which has only just been completed and perfected.”

“We thank you for your concern for us and our children and heirs.” Welmax said. “May all of our young ones who leave us, travel with the same strength of character, courage and concern for others, that you all have shown and may they all find safe and loving new homes.”

Wellmax and Belleisa would repeat those words one month later as Tage and the other children were readied to be placed in their stasis chambers. Somehow, his and all of the parents remained dry-eyed as they told their children how much they loved them and how proud they were of them; these words and actions helped Tage and the other kids be brave as they were put into a deep sleep and then placed into their stasis chambers…

The next thing Tage knew, he was waking up within his stasis chamber; incredibly, he realized that a great deal of information had been added to his memory while he slept. He knew that he and the others had covered millions and millions of miles and landed on a planet called Earth; he now had access to several different Earth languages, a basic world history and an understanding of where on this world they had landed. It was incredible, the amount of information that probes sent to Earth had been able to learn.

While Tage was accessing his orb and the probe’s computer for more information, he was informed that two of his companions’ probe-craft had landed badly and that they were wounded. Since they had all been naked when they were put into their stasis chambers, to allow for nutrient absorption through osmosis, Tage quickly got dressed and opened the stasis chamber and probe hatch. He met his two sisters as they exited their probe-craft at the same time.

“Are you two alright?” Tage asked them after he took his first good look at all of their craft. It turned out that none of them had landed well.

“We’re fine, but my orb told me that the others are injured; but what happened to the proto-type craft with the Royal Four and their protector inside?”

“I don’t know, we can look for them after we see to the others. Let’s change our clothes into something warmer and get to work.” Tage said.

They did so and then went to open the hatches of their friend’s space craft. They were hampered by the darkness, for they had landed at night; and by the cold for it seemed to be winter, with snow on the ground and not a building or tree to be seen for miles. They worked together to heal their friends as well as they could and get them dressed in warm clothes. Then they accessed their orbs to find out where they were.

“We have landed in a place called Sweden.” Tage said. “There is a small town just a few miles from here. Luckily, Swedish is one of the languages I was taught, along with Spanish.”

“I was taught Italian and Japanese.” Christina, one of their friends who had been injured, said.

“I was taught German and Russian, which might also come in handy.” Christina’s brother said; he had been the other friend who had been injured and they both were still weak.

“I was taught Cantonese and Hindi.” One of Tage’s sisters said.

“I was taught English and French.” The other told them.

“Well we better all set our orbs to teaching us more of the native and neighboring languages as soon as possible.” Tage instructed and they all did so. “Now, let’s also check our orbs for the whereabouts of the Royal Four.” He said.

“The instruments can’t tell where they went after they veered off from us while we were still out in space.” Christina said a few minutes later.

“We don’t even know if they are alive.” One of the others said, worriedly.

“No need to give up hope yet.” Tage told them. “We need to find shelter and then we can try to find them after that. Let’s transfer all records and information into our pods, get our packs, destroy the ships and get going. We have to get out of this cold.”

One hour later, the five friends reached the outskirts of a small town. As they saw inhabitants of the town from some way off, they changed their own clothing to match, so they could blend in. When they heard a woman cry out, up ahead, Tage left the others to run and see what had happened. The others came more slowly, helping Christina and her brother, who were almost out of strength. Walking had been difficult, through the snow, cold and wind, while helping their injured friends along.

“Are you all right, ma’am?” Tage asked as he ran up to the woman, who was sitting on the ground, cradling her wrist.

“The wheel on my cart fell off and threw me off balance, so that I fell. I put out my hand out, to break my fall, but I think that I’ve broken my wrist instead and now I’ll never get my groceries home.” The older woman said.

“Please, let me help you.” Tage said and he carefully felt her wrist. “I don’t think it’s broken, but let’s wrap it in this scarf to mobilize it, just in case.” Tage created a scarf as he pulled it out of his pocket and gently wrapped the woman’s wrist up in it. “Which way do you live? I’ll be happy to push your cart home for you.” Tage said, after he temporarily fixed the wheel.

“Thank you, young man. My name is Mrs. Petersen; Mrs. Hedvid Petersen. May I know your name?” Tage quickly took a name out of Swedish history and silently urged the others to do the same.

“My name is Tage, Mrs. Petersen.” He told her as they arrived at her tiny home. “You wouldn’t happen to know where we could find someplace to stay, would you.”

Mrs. Petersen looked around at these five young strangers.

“You can stay with me. My house is tiny and we won’t have much room, but you are most welcome.” She said, somehow knowing that these young people would be no danger to her and that it was the right thing to do.

And that is how five young Antarians found their first home on the planet Earth. They took care of Hedvig Petersen as she took care of them; helping them finish their education and get jobs and they eventually took her last name as their own. She never knew where they came from, but always knew that “her kids” were special.

Tage remembered the next five years, living with Hedvig. They tried to make contact with the Royal Four or their protector, but were never able to do so. Two of their five orbs had been destroyed in the crash. Five years after the crash, Tage and Christina had married and bought their own tiny home. Tage remembered each time one of the others fell in love with a Human and then told their soul-mates the truth about who they really were and the anxiety they all felt until that special Human would set their worries to rest by accepting and loving them all even though they were “different”.

He remembered trying to call out, using his orb each year, for thirty years and never getting any answer, from the Royal Four or from anyone out in space. He and Christina had born and raised two children of their own and seen them married themselves, before Tage had finally given up and accepted that Prince Zan and Princess Velondra, their friends and protector must be dead and that the five of them were the only surviving Antarians on Earth. He would have slumped into a deep depression if his first granddaughter hadn’t come into the world just then. From the first time she made his pinky finger glow, she had owned his heart and made it beat with joy again.

“Have you been remembering?” Nasus’ voice gently broke into Tage’s thoughts. “You’ve been quiet for almost an hour.”

“Yes, I’m sorry my friend; what with the ceremony taking place tomorrow, I can’t help but think of the past.”

“I know me too.” Nasus admitted. “I had just reached my memories of when Max first made contact with us.”

“Me too, so my memory comes first.” Tage told her about it.” We were all so worried that the military had figured out how to work an orb somehow and that it was a trap, when we received his message. Some of my family didn’t even want us to try and make contact, but they were voted down and we answered the message. When we found out that Max Evans was actually our prince…” Tage paused for a moment, one hand covering his face as he tried to compose himself.

“We had tried for thirty years to make contact with the Royal Four or anyone else for that matter, without any results. The five of us thought that we were the only survivors on Earth and we wondered if anyone else had made it to a hospitable planet.”

“To have thought, even for an instant that you were the last Antarians…anywhere, must have been awful.” Nasus empathized.

“And then to find out that we weren’t the only ones, not to mention that it was our prince and princess and their friends who had survived…it was as if we came back to life! Now we had a future as well as a link to our past. That was one of the best days of my life; finally being able to see them again…was the best…at least until we made contact with all of you, out in the Alliance.”

“That was by far my happiest day so far in my life as well.” Nasus said. “We weren’t quite so lost, out in the Allliance. Many of us were able to live close by each other and we never had to hide who we were…but there was always a hole in our hearts where the nine of you belonged. Our artistic souls were starving though; immigrating to Earth and arriving in time to see Max and Liz crowned as our king and queen…and recreating the Connection, which had been broken with the death of our people and our home…was my happiest day. Nothing else has surpassed that!”

“Now we have come full circle though, don’t you think?” Tage asked. “Every, single Antarian has made their way to Earth for Phillip and Sue’s coronation tomorrow; even some of the members from the Alliance Council are here. We are a people joined together in one place again, for the first time in ninety-five years!”

“Yes this will definitely be a time for every Antarian to remember!” Nasus agreed. “Even though some of us will be returning to their homes back in the Alliance, after this ceremony is over, an even stronger link will have been created.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Grandma Cheryl! Grandpa Mase!” Six-year old Anne Evans and her four year old brother, Fred yelled as Mason and Cheryl came into the Evan’s family room with their older brother and cousins, ten-year old Jason Blair, eight-year old Paul Evans and Shiri Blair.

The five of them had been having a lot of…wet fun with water balloons while the younger two were taking their naps. The soaking five had come in to change into some dry clothes; Mason and Cheryl had borrowed some of Max and Liz’s clothing as they had done once or twice before.

“You know, you guys are incredible; how can you tell us apart from your Grandma Liz and Grandpa Max? I’ve always wondered; especially today, Grandma Cheryl and I are exact twins of your other grandparents, our hair is the same, our voices are the same, we are even wearing their clothes, but you can always tell us apart!”

“We can always tell the four of you apart, Grandpa Mase.” Paul explained. “Even when we were younger than Freddy is now, we could tell you apart because we couldn’t talk to you in our heads like we can Gran’ma Liz and Gran’pa Max. We always say ‘hi’ underneath first before we say ‘hi’ out loud.” Mason hit the heal of his hand against his forehead in exasperation.

“Why didn’t I think of that all these years?” He asked himself and everyone laughed.

“I wan’na see Mommy!” Fred said as he got up off the floor and headed towards the library.

“You know that you can’t go see Mom and Dad in there right now, Freddy.” Paul reminded his younger brother. “Remember, tomorrow is the very important day when they become King and Queen and Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Dee and Aunt Libby are in there with some of the Alliance Council members, talking about it.”

“Hey Freddy, let’s go out to the tree house and swing set!” Mason suggested in an excited voice, to get his grandson’s attention and entice him outside and away from his parents.

“OKAY Gran’pa!” Fred yelled excitedly and ran outside on his short, little legs; all of the other kids and the grandparents ran after him to spend some enjoyable time playing on the swings, monkey-bars; in the tree-house and play-house.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The day of Phillip and Sue’s coronation arrived; it would be a warm, sunny day, perfect for the ceremony and the festivities, which would follow, afterwards. In anticipation of Sue, Phil and their children moving into the larger “Royal Family house” and Max and Liz moving into the smaller “retirement house”, after the coronation, much of their belongings had already been switched, but the last things would be moved during the reception.

It would be a welcome change for all involved; the challenge of Phil and Sue’s new role and the larger house for their growing family; the letting go of responsibility, which Max and Liz had carried for thirty-five years and a simpler life in the smaller house. It was still a little bitter-sweet though, when Max and Liz helped Phil and Sue change the genetic-code lock on the secret drawers, hidden in the master bedroom, which held the Royal Circlets. Liz hugged Sue, who had tears in her eyes.

“I’m so happy that you decided to retire now…rather than Phil…and I having to…take your places…later, after you…” Sue sniffed. “But it must be hard to step aside.”

“A little.” Max admitted with a smile as he hugged his precious daughter-in-law. “But we wanted to be able to pass these circlets onto you under the best possible conditions; things are going well for our people, Liz and I are in good health, so we can enjoy our retirement and yet we’ll be here if you need any help, not that we think you will.”

“Now we had better get changed into our robes.” Liz said. “Yours have been placed in your old room, Phil. Michael, Tess, Libby and Dee will be here soon to escort us down to the Green by the church.”

The four of them split up to get changed and indeed, just as they got ready, the past and future Royal Counselors arrived. Max and Liz came out of their room, wearing their robes and circlets and Phil and Sue came out similarly garbed, but without anything on their heads and holding hands.

“Ready?” Michael asked and the four of them nodded.

They walked out of the house in pairs; first Michael and Tess, then Liz and Max, with Dee and Libby going next and Phil and Sue going last. The Honor Guard had strung itself out along the path down from the Royal House to the Green. Each pair of guards held two energy pikes and the eight walked under each archway along the way. The Guard alternately stepped in behind or before them, as they walked by.

When they reached the Green, there was an enormous circle made up of Antarians and other Airatan citizens. The town gates had been closed the night before and were still locked to ensure privacy; the Connection assured them that there were no unauthorized people looking on from any vantage point. The eight walked through an opening in the ring and out into the center.

“Can you believe this?” Max whispered to Liz. “At our coronation there were a little over two hundred Antarians in attendance; now, with every Antarian here, there are at least two Thousand! Three hundred children escaped from Antar; ninety-five years later, there are two thousand of us!”

“I guess that means that you are Not so different after all, Max.” Liz whispered back, grinning.

“That’s what you taught me, Liz; I can do anything as long as you are beside me and I am not that different at all. I love you, so much Liz. None of this would have been possible without you. You are the one who brought Tess, Isabelle, Michael and I together; you reunited my father with his long, lost brother, Isabelle’s father and you helped us build this community.” Max drew Liz into his strong arms.

“I…we can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for all of us.” Then, while both of them wore their circlets and were standing in front of all of their people and dignitaries from the Alliance, Max kissed her deeply, sweetly and with all the love in his heart.

Everyone in the circle, who had heard what Max had whispered to Liz, over the Connection, broke out in spontaneous applause and cheering, until their Royal Couple finally came up for air.

“Are you two ready to begin?” Michael asked them quietly and both Max and Liz nodded.

“Will everyone hold hands and link into the Connection, so that we may begin.” Max called out, loudly and everyone did so.

“I, Zan, now named Maxwell Phillip Evans hereby state that I wish to abdicate the crown and kingship of the Antarian people and I freely relinquish all rights, responsibilities and privileges of that royal position from this moment forward.”

“I Elizabeth Claudia Evans hereby state that I wish to abdicate the crown and leadership of the Antarian people and I freely relinquish all rights, responsibilities and privileges of that royal position from this moment forward.”

As soon as Liz finished her oath, both of their circlets lifted up off of their heads and floated over to land in Michael and Tess’ hands. The former Royal Counselors then turned to Dee and Libby and handed the circlets to them. The two young women in turn stepped to face Phillip and Sue as they began their part of the Oath of Royalty and Community.

“I, Phillip Jeffery Evans, son of Maxwell Phillip Evans and Elizabeth Claudia Evans, former king and queen of the Antarian people, hereby state that I wish to be made the new king of the Antarian people, wherever they live and of the citizens of Airatan, New Mexico.” He looked to Sue and nodded, smiling.

“I Susan Elizabeth Evans, daughter of Mason and Cheryl Blair, hereby state that I wish to be made the new queen of the Antarian people, wherever they live and the citizens of Airatan, New Mexico.” Then, everyone, including their parents, but not the Alliance Council members, said.

“We, the Antarian people, wherever we live and the citizens of Airatan, New Mexico, hereby state that we wish to make Phillip Jeffery Evans and Susan Elizabeth Evans our new king and queen.”

The circlets in Dee and Libby’s hands floated up into the air, but stopped halfway between Counselors and Royal Couple. Phil and Sue said together.

“We hereby vow to guide our people by the Antarian Ways of Living: Honor, Justice, Love and Kindness.” The people answered.

“We hereby vow to heed your guidance so as to follow the Antarian Ways of Living: Honor, Justice, Love and Kindness.”

The circlets moved until they hovered over the heads of Phillip and Sue and the two of them continued.

“We vow to be your link to the past, to the future and to each other.”

“We vow to link through you to the past, to the future and to each other.” The people said and with that final vow, the circlets settled gently onto Phil and Sue’s heads. A surge of energy flowed through the Connection just then.

“The Connection just reestablished itself; sort of rejuvenated itself to continue while we are king and queen.” Phil explained to Sue.

Sue barely noticed his words though, because she was totally distracted by seeing the enormous ring of over two thousand people bowing low before them…even Max and Liz.

“Mom, Dad, you don’t have to…you shouldn’t…” Phil tried to say but Max interrupted him.

“Just this once son, let us show our respect to Antar’s new king and queen.” He said softly, so that only the four of them could hear.

“Just this once.” Phil warned.

Seeing the man and woman he most admired, who he called mother and father and also who he had called his king and queen…bowing before him…really moved Phil, as well as Sue. As soon as everyone straightened up, Phil took Sue’s hand in his and they bowed in return to their people, but mostly to Max and Liz.

Tears were flowing on many faces as everyone burst into cheers and started to clap. Slowly the ring of people broke up and the festivities were organized. Alien powers were used greatly to produce hot and cold food and refreshments for everyone to eat and drink. Phil and Sue walked over to where their three children were standing with Mason and Cheryl.

“Thanks for watching our little princes and princess for us, Mom and Dad.” Sue told them, as they all hugged and then Sue picked up Freddy in her arms and Phil picked up Anne, while they both put their arms around Paul.

“Mommy and Daddy are wearing crowns!” Freddy exclaimed, gazing at the shiny gold rings around his parents’ heads.

“Yes they are kiddo.” Libby told her nephew as she, Dee, Matt and Marc came up to the group. Libby was looking closely at Sue’s circlet.

“Am I mistaken or are there fewer markings on your crowns than there were when Mom and Dad were wearing them?” Phil looked more closely at Sue’s circlet as well.

“Yes, I think you are right, Libby; well there are far fewer Antarians living out in the Alliance now, most of our people live here.” He explained.

Max and Liz had wandered over to their friends, Johann and Louise. Johann was their skilled pilot of plane and helicopter and his wife and co-pilot, Louise had been Liz’s college roommate.

“I was remembering the first time I met you, Max.” Louise said. “You had just saved Liz from being run over by a car and carried her up to our dorm room, because she had sprained her ankle, when I got home. You were so shy back then. You scurried away quickly…but you kept on coming back; dating my good friend here, until you finally asked her to marry you.” Max and Liz were grinning, remembering themselves as young college students.

“Now look at you two; you have built this community of which I am a fantastically happy citizen, ruled over it for thirty-five years and now your son is taking your place!”

“We have been the luckiest people alive.” Liz said, as she gazed up at her beloved, still incredibly handsome husband. “To have found each other, found our other friends and the rest of Max’s, now my people as well. We live in the best place possible and are so greatly blessed with so many friends and a healthy, happy family.” Liz could only sigh, happily and grin as Max came down to kiss her again….

The great-grandparents; Phillip and Diane Evans, Nancy and Jeff Parker, Amy and Jim Valenti and John and Judy Evans, were grouped together chatting and having a great time.

“I’ve been remembering how our kids brought us back together again.” John Evans told his twin brother, Phillip. We had totally lost touch with each other; I didn’t even know where you were living, but everything connected when our Isabelle met your Max’s girlfriend, Liz and they put the pieces together. Next thing I know, I’m seeing my brother for the first time in over twenty years!” John remembered, happily.

“Those were incredible times.” Phillip agreed. “We learned a lot about our kids just a short time later, when the six of us and all eight kids gathered in Roswell for Thanksgiving. I’m sorry that you weren’t a part of that, Amy and Jim.”

“We started sharing stories about our kids.” Diane continued. “And realized that Max, Isabelle, Michael and Tess had all been found out in the desert, when they were six years old.”

“And we admitted that we had seen our kids do some pretty strange things…” Judy said.

“And then the eight of them were standing in the doorway; they had heard our conversation and they all looked so frightened that we would think that they were freaks or something.” Nancy said.

“As if we’d ever think that.” Jeff added.

“What is incredible is what we found when all of us drove out to the desert and eventually found the pod-chamber…” Dian said.

“That message from Wellmax and Belleisa still sends a shiver through me.” Judy said.

“And look where were now; eight parents instead of just six, watching our grandchildren being crowned or becoming Royal Counselors!” Phillip exclaimed, chuckling.

“It’s been a great life!” Diane agreed, hugging her husband and they all toasted each other with their non-alcoholic champagne.

Phil and Sue were still sharing memories with Sue’s parents, godparents and Phil’s sisters and their husbands.

“What I remember most is meeting my Phillip for the first time, when we were both seven. He made the cutest knight-in-shining-armor…” Sue sighed.

“And you were the cutest and bravest princess…” Phillip responded.

“That whole afternoon, playing with you, Libby and Matt was so much fun…and then that night, when you took me out to the clearing…that was so cool! And even though you were younger than all of the other kids, you caught on faster than both of the two boys you had gone with and they were older than you were!” Sue told her husband, proudly.

“And you weren’t scared at all.” Phil responded.

“But then when we had to go back to your house, you asked me to forget what I had just seen…I couldn’t forget though; I didn’t want to forget.” Sue remembered.

“So I made a keep-sake for you out of five pennies with a map of Airatan on it, to remind you of your promise, to not tell anyone about what you had seen.”

“Hey sis, is that the pendant you’re wearing now? Somehow I never knew the story behind that before; even though you were it all of the time.” Matt said.

“I lost it for a long time and because I couldn’t find my copper-V, I wondered if this whole place had been a dream. It was all so magical and unreal.” Sue smiled gently, remembering her younger self and the confusion that she had felt.

“So Sue, tell us finally; is Airatan real or is it just a dream…something like Brigadoon.” Phillip asked her and Sue looked around at her friends and family.

“It is a dream come true!”

And they lived happily ever after! The End.

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