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I always have this nagging feeling like I stole someone else's idea. SO I'm going to add this.

This is Alien involved. Liz got shot while in New York, this involves my favorite idea of Liz, Maria, Alex and Kyle being the Royal Four's Protector's with Serena as their Protector/Mentor dudet.

I just wanted to say that to make it perfectly clear that this will not be someone else's idea, maybe it starts out looking that way though. Zan is in this for y'all. An dI wanted to say that although Serena is Liz, and her side's Mentor dudet, she is still their age. Another character will probably pop up as I don't want Zan to be alone, and I feel like introducing the world to Sorensen, my alter ego online character.

Title: That’s my Life…As Liz Parker
Summary: Liz goes through a period of changing AU but not.
Category: Hehe M/T (not evil Tess though) K/L (for a sec, literally) K/S I/A (As in ALEX good ole Alex) M/M L/Z and, of course, as in how all TDD fics end, M/L.
Disclaimer: When in question, I own nothing except the rights to a lil Harry Potter site.
Dedication: To every person who reads this. To every loyal fan I have (the one) So, my deal is going to be like a few others have done, but different, whoever replies with the most FEEDBACK, will get their name mentioned in this fic somehow in the following chapter.
Author’s Note: At the end of every part, and I won’t promise how soon, or how late any parts of this come out. If you know a TDD fic, then you know I’m horrible with writing continuous fics. I will try, I just need lotsa feedback, loyal readers, and someone to nag me every day. Email me, board mail me, I don’t care.

How do you prevent falling in love with your best friend? They say a boy and a girl can’t just be best friends, that at one point, one of them is going to fall for the other. From there the friendship either ends, or they find out they’re in love with each other. But how do you know whether it’s worth the risk of risking your heart and telling the other? I guess you really don’t. And that’s my life, as Liz Parker.

Chapter 1

It was Kindergarten. The day I met Max Evans. Some people don’t believe in love at first sight, but looking back now, 12 years later, I realise that it was. My best friend was Maria DeLuca, and my brother was Michael, it was weird, because Michael and Maria have this on again, off again relationship, Maria told me that the first time she came over to my house, was just to see Michael. My other best bud was Max. I’d tell Maria things, but Max, well, I’d tell him EVERYTHING. Except for the part when I realized I was in love with him. 6th Grade. You know, when everyone was “so” into saying they were going “out” with someone? Well Max fell into that trap too, I don’t think I realized how mad and jealous I was about every time Max told me he was going out with someone until the Summer before High School. When Max started dating Tess Harding. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tess and all, she is my cousin, but she can definitely get annoying. And that summer, she was all over Max. The start of freshman year it became official, that they were a couple. Halfway through the year I started dating Kyle Valenti, maybe to prove that I could date too, or something. Kyle and I went way back, He was Maria’s stepbrother after all. When Max first came to me about being shy about kissing Tess, that was around when I broke up with Kyle. Max, Tess, Michael, Isabel Max’s sister, and Alex, the other member of our group were all a year ahead of us. I was Michael’s ‘kid’ sister, so in a way I was Max’s ‘kid’ sister too. When I was little when Michael would be picking on me, Max would be the one to stop him eventually. Michael and Max were best friends just like Maria and I was. Up until now, senior year, I never cared about how I looked, or what I wore, or maybe it was just that I didn’t care about other people’s opinions, I don’t know. I was always the ‘Just throw on whatever jeans I could find and a T-shirt, maybe a sweatshirt’ kind of girl. Max never gave me a second glance, and I hated that, it was always the older girls he was after. But something happened after my freshman year, a few something I guess. First, the school asked me to skip a grade, I had a 100.5 grade point average, and the school thought it would be best for me if I skipped a grade. Second, my parents asked me if I wanted to spend the summer at my Aunt’s house, in New York, Fashion capital of the world. After remembering what happened last summer, I jumped at the chance to get away from Max and Tess.
I was originally only supposed to spend the summer in New York, as I’d mentioned, but things changed plans. My best friend I met up their, Serena begged me to stay, and spend the year up there. My parents agreed, so I spent my now junior year instead of sophomore year in New York. Well, New York being what it is, I didn’t exact keep my T-shirt and jeans attire, Serena and my Aunt insisted that before the new school year, I get a new wardrobe, which, after much begging from them, I did. Then somewhere within my year in New York, I guess I changed a lot. Up there, I was popular, versus back in Roswell, where I was geeky Liz Parker, since I had skipped a grade, I didn’t know anything, and thus, fitted in perfectly. Serena had always been popular, so everyone just assumed that if I hung out with her, I must be too, and so, all of a sudden, I was. The T-shirt and jeans geeky Liz Parker, with glasses, and dull brown hair, became Gap, and Ambercromie and Fitch, contacts, and blonde highlights Liz Parker. They say you can’t go to New York and stay there for over a month without changing at all, I guess a year there can change you completely. Don’t get me wrong, I was still me, just with an updated outside. So I guess that’s why, when a year later, and Serena next to me (my agreement with her, was that after I spent a year with her, she had to spend a year with Me.) in Roswell, people didn’t recognize me.


“Alex stop drooling!”
“Ouch! I’m sorry Iz!”
“Woah, who’s that?” Kyle asked.
The door to the Crashdown rang, signaling a new entry, looking over I saw the most beautiful sight in my life.
“All three of you stop drooling! That’s gross!”
“Wha.?” I asked.
“That’s my sister!”
“Liz?” ‘No, Liz has glasses, she doesn’t have those blonde streaks and cute little curves. Or those beautiful brown eyes.’ Of course, had I said that last part out loud, Michael would have beaten me to death.’
“Michael! Hey! It’s good to see you!”
“Lizzy! Your back, it’s great your home, so is this Serena?”
“The one and only!”
“Oh Serena, let me introduce you to everyone!”
“That’s Michael, Isabel is the blonde, the guy next to her to Alex…”
“My boyfriend.” Isabel said protectively.
“Alex. The blonde next to him is Kyle, and the other guy is Max.” Liz actually said dismissivly
“And…hey! Where’s Maria?”
“Guy’s, where’s Maria?”
Michael mouthed the words “stall!”
“Alright, fine! Nobody tell me!” Liz shouted angrily. “Serena, come on upstairs, I’ll show you where your room is. I think Mom and Dad said you have MICHAEL’S room.”
“WHAT!?” Michael shouted at Liz as he chased her through the Crashdown and up the stairs.
Liz turned on the lights to find…


Yah, well, it’s me, with another ficcy. 7 Minutes in Heaven seams to have it’s own schedule to being wrote. Either that or lazy inspiration. But did I mention Liz had a BOYFRIEND while in New York? Did I ever mention that this is not non-alien involved? (Hey my goal is if you can understand me, then all the spoiler hints to yah) I also know that many other fics have this story line, but never fear it’s totally different, I guarantee 100%. Mine’s AU but not…cc but not…

“SURPRISE!” “Welcome back Lizzy!” Maria shouted from within the crowd.
“Ria! Get over here! I missed you so much!”
“I missed you too! Now introduce me to this Serena who can rival me in talking!”
“Serena, Maria, Maria, Serena!”
The two talked for a bit while Liz looked around at the people in her house. Michael, Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle, Maria, Serena, and Max. It was the whole gang. Something about having everyone in the same room just felt. Complete, but not on the same time. Looking at everyone with their boyfriend, or girlfriend, except for Serena, Kyle, and Max and Tess. Maria had managed to fill Liz in enough while she was gone that the two had broken up over the summer, and that Max hadn’t seen anyone since. Liz began to miss her boyfriend back in New York. Zan. He was so sweet, and loves me so much. But we both know that there’s someone else out there that we both want. But until then, we have each other.
Serena and Maria can’t help but notice that Max is watching Liz’s every move, Maria and Serena work up a plan.
“So, Liz, when is Zan coming down here to visit! I want to meet that hot stud of a boyfriend you claim you have!”
“Maria! You have a boyfriend! Zan is mine when Liz is done with him. God that boy you could eat though, he’s so yummy looking. But, our problem, he’s attached to Liz.”
“Dude I know!”
“Hello, guys, I am HERE! Next time you want to talk about kidnapping my boyfriend, do it NOT around me!”
“Kidnapping?” Maria said.
“We never thought of that, but you know Maria, it just might work.”
“I know!”

Pretty soon later they watched as Max sulked off, clearly having had heard the entire conversation.


Liz had a boyfriend? ‘Why does that surprise you so much?’ Max said to himself. ‘You knew that one day someone would realise how great she was.’ ‘But why now?’ He asked himself. So much had happened since Liz had gone. He had broke up with Tess, destiny or no destiny, they both knew that they could never be together. Tess was in love with Kyle, and Max knew that Kyle had a thing for Tess too. Me? I couldn’t stand the idea of being away from Liz for so long. But I think I realized how much I had really missed her when I saw her at the Crashdown earlier, it was like I woke up to something that had been in front of me all my life. Looking around I saw everyone, and everything felt so right, but like it had all happened before. In my mind I could pair off everyone. Michael and Maria, Isabel and Alex, Kyle and Tess, Serena and…someone. I knew there was. I just couldn’t figure out whom. But it wasn’t romantically. It was more like an identical twin thing. And me. Liz.
But even if Liz was single now, there was no way she’d ever want to be with me. I wasn’t normal. All I could credit forever doing for her was protecting her from Michael, like she seamed to protect me from the world.


~ Liz, Hun. We really need to tell everyone soon. ~
~I know. But I just think that someone’s missing. It’s like I know something, or someone’s coming. Maybe…~
~ Liz, maybe she is out there. But then, that day will come. Until then, I have to live without my twin sister. No matter how much I miss her, it’s time. You guys need to start training, and they need to know. ~
~ I know, but.. ~
~ No buts. ~
~ One week. ~
~ Will you finally stop denying that you still are madly in love with your sole mate? ~
~ If I get that one week, yes. I’ll admit to the world I’m in love with Max Evans. Including him. ~
~ Deal. ~

On the one side of town….

A small figure stepped out of a cab. Looking around she said.

“So this is Roswell? Alien-theme capital of the world. Look out Roswell. Sorensen’s back.”

“Hey Liz, can we talk?”
“Is it quick Max? Cause I’ve really gotta get to work.”
“Um, no. I guess I could wait till later.” The expression on Max’s face immediately made Liz feel guilty for the way she had said that.
“Look, I’m sorry Max. I get off at four, we’ll have a chance to talk then aight?”
“Sure. Oh, and Liz?”
“What they say about New York is true. One can never go there and not come back looking better then they left.” Max blushed and went to his usual booth.

The bell rang twice, signaling two arrivals. Something in Liz went in full mode. The first to end was a feisty looking red-head, with tight fitting blue flares, and a shirt that said “Wanted” on it, the other was a guy who could have been Max’s Twin.
“Zan! You’re here!”


Sorry that this is more alien themed then couple themed unlike last chapter. I promise that as soon as I get to introducing the past, and from then on, which I have no idea as of yet of what’s going to happen, aside from that it’ll be much more like the first chapter. Expect the next chapter to remind you of the prologue.

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