posted on 8-Dec-2001 10:14:31 PM
Title: Witch Child
Author: Donnie
Rating it may be NC-17 but I doubt it, if it is it will be labeled
Couple: Max and Liz
Summary: Nancy Parker has a secret that digs deep into her roots. And Liz. AU
Author’s Note. All rituals in this story are true.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or it’s characters however the storyline is mine.


I used to wonder what plagued my mother, y I saw her starring at the moon, and I often wondered about the 5 pointed star that adorned her neck.. Y mu hair was always cut on the full moon, and why candles littered our house. Then one day my questions were answered.

It was late into the night. When I herd the chanting. My father was away on a business meeting. And I made my way to the part of our glorious LA home. To the basement. Women dressed in beautiful robes with four candles in the center danced in a circle. A circle of magick. The words “our circle is open but never broken.” reached my ears, and then my mothers eyes found mine.

A flicker of fear passed through her electrifying green eyes. Then a smile broke out across her face, and she beckoned me with her finger. I trudged down the stairs nervously. The women all seemed so beautiful and the one man in the room. Looked like a Greek god, a god portion of his chest was exposed, and it was well sculpted.

“Liz, how much have u witnessed?”

“Not much what is going on?”

When I got my answer I was shocked. A witch my mother was, Dianic.

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Thank You to everyone that left the FB!!!

There only being onw guy in the room is a lil uncommon becuz her mother is a Diainic Witch and most of the time Dianic wicca is a all femlae coven. :D

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Hey guys! sorry I thought I posted the next part! lol well I have it written down but I guess I did not type it, and it is written in my school notebook, suz I wrote it while my math teacher drownwed on, and I left it in my locker. I am out of school for 2 weeks, so I will think up a new part and try and have it posted by morrow! *happy* thanks guys!