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Title:The ones that were sent for us
Author:Roswell chick101
Disclaimer:do not own a thing
Feed back only if you want more of the story (No feed back=no story)
Summary:okay well pretend we are in season three but there is no Liz,Alex is not Dead ,they have not met the other shapeshifter,Tess and Max are an item(not for long)M/M A/I K/?
(side note I use Pacey in this fic looks like him, acts like him ,no connection to D.C)

Liz Pov
So there we were Me and this being next to me we were both scared .We looked around The others were not there they left so we stayed in the Pod Chamber.Then suddenly we both get this urge to run out . . .out side like we felt a presence when we get out side we see a form taking a little girl covered in Gel like me away I try to yell grab there attention but my voice doesn't work So I remember one thing about that girl she had bright hair Like the light shining down on us.

I want to cry Im scared to only be here with him and for some reason I feel like I be with him for a while.

Then with out warning a light starts to shine a man appears takes our hands and leads us out side.

Continue or not Up too you leave feedback and pronto.

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Title:The ones that were sent for us
Author:Roswell chick101
Disclaimer:do not own a thing
Feed back only if you want more of the story (No feed back=no story)
Summary:okay well pretend we are in season three but there is no Liz,Alex is not Dead ,they have not met the other shapeshifter,Tess and Max are an item(not for long)M/M A/I K/?
(side note I use Pacey in this fic looks like him, acts like him ,no connection to D.C)

Michael:So basically I have to come to school to learn stuff I will not apply later?
Teacher:yes mr. Gurein we all need to learn this and that is why because you skipped most of my classes you will go to Summerschool,good day .
Michael:(mutters jack ass)
Maria:hey(kisses him on the cheek)
Michael:I hate my life I am second in command to a planet I can not even get out Summerschool.
Maria:Wll another thing you can not get out of is date night saturday.
Michael:I won't I promise(kisses her)
Maria :I will see you at the Crash.

Present day Californa
Huge house
Liz:you would think being the seventh richest girl in the World would be enough making apperances at partys ,Nynsc ,Limp Bizkit,Mya no my life is anything but an easy ride I knew that the second I walked of the Pod with him and My friend Pacey ever since then for 7 years until we both knew the full extent of our powers we trained now we have thousands of Powers we can do most anything execpt locate the Royal Freakin Four I am Liz Whitter And every day I feel like My life is just passing bye I am powerless to stop it

Pacey:You okay
Liz:yes I fine I was just writing
Pacey:Oh well I going out with Faith so . . .
Pacey:Are you sure you are Okay I mean I do not have to . . .
Liz:You Go I will be just fine okay it is nothing
Pacey:Alright bye
Liz: and that Ladies was my brother wait no my Destiny I can not see myself with him it is so Ewwwe gross I love him like a brother I hate the word Destiny it is so wrong. . .
Langley:knock Knock
Langley:I need you to train for an hour at least
Langley:thankyou you look pale is everything okay?
Liz:yes well no I know I can't tell anyone about us but I was wondering if I could go to Roswell To visit Alex. . .I need a friend.
Langley:sure I will book a flight for tomorrow Are you going to call him?
Liz:I am going to surprise him.
Langley:okay sweety good night . . .I am going out so why don't you order a movie to watch .
Liz:maybe I have to pack first.
Langley:good night
liz:good night
And that was Langley our father in many ways our mentor in others but all the same we love him he still makes us train which is good seeing as how Me and pacey are the chosen ones ,we are of Royal blood sent down here with the 4 to help them with our enemys so we train and we do not know where they arebut there out there Oh one last thought Once I meet the Prince of Antar and the Royal 4 as they call them I will either be kicking my self for not searching evenharder or be releived that I do not Assiocate with them and nacedo I heard he has no feelings on human life at all now I am happy I am going to train then Pack to see one of My best friends Alex Whitman sure I cant tell him who I really am he makes me feel a bit normal because my closest other friends Angel/faith they know and they treat me the same as anyone else but they are kind of cautios.
Liz Whitter 4/14/2001

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part 2a

Max had no idea what to do all he could think about was the flash he had just gotten .Could it be possible?could they have left other aliens behind? it was his Under standing it was the Royal four and two protecters One had been Nacedo but he was now dead the other unknown to them somthing was pulling him to the chamber well he got there and then
Flash back
Max was sitting on the ground just thinking thatthere was somthing missing and then he sees a light so he gos upto the light and he finds two mor pods hidden one with Purple and the other blue he gos up and touches the Purple pod only to get a flash of when she came out of the Pod she was gorgeous

he then touched the Blue pod only to find a boy walking out of the pod as well then a light shined a man came out of nowhere and took them.

End flash
He was so confused who were these people and why did he have this urge to protect the girl?He knew he could pick her out in a crowd

He had to talk to the group.

At the Airport

So here I am Liz Whitter waiting at the front of the Airport for a cab and I think to my self why fly here when I could of orbed to Roswell and been here in seconds why am I waiting for a Cab when I can orb? Oh thats right even here in a town like Roswell Langley insisted there could be Media and the would check with the Airport on My flight records!

No privacy"I mutter

At the Crashdown
Max:we have a problem I was out at at the Chamber today and I had a flash.
Michael:What were you doing there?
Max:I needed to think
Tess:We didn't know where you were
Isabel:You could of gotten Hurt
Valenti:What did you see?
(Alex and Isabel had recently gotten back together and were holding hands where they sat.)
Kyle:Is there some alien out to get us all?
Alex:(phone rings)I will be back
Maria:Max what did you see?
Max:he told them everything
Michael:how do you know this is not a trick?
Tess:It could be an enemy (worried)Max put his arm around her)
Alex:I kinda have to go
Michael:we are kinda in a meeting
Tess:they don't have to be here they can just go.
Isabel:they do need to be here to see what were facing
Kyle:I swear if I . . .
Maria:Do not start Buddah boy
Alex:(not wanting them to fight)forget it I will not go

Liz in a Sequia (car)

Liz:singing along to Linkin Park when suddenly Pacey orbs in.
Pacey:Hey !where are you going?
Liz:You scared me you big Jerk !don't do that
Pacey:Well sooorry !just coming with you to visit my oldest Friend! why are you driving?you could of Orbed or got a cab
Liz:I waited for one then just forgot it and rented this.I cant use my powers here cause he said it was too dangerous with us crashing here and all it could raise peoples thoughts and stuff.
Pacey:Oh ok
Liz:I wish we could tell him about us
Pacey:Me too but we can not put him in danger.

Liz:He said there was a place we could called Senor Chows then just go to his house and meet up with him later.

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Part 2b
// =thoughts ** flash backs

Alex:I do not know about you guys but I'm hungy .
Isabel:we need a break we will talk more later
Max:Senor Chows anyone?
Alex:(forgeting the converstatin earlier)I'm game
Max; lets go

Liz:This is a cool place
Pacey:yeah its OK

Max:table for 7
Waiter:right this way
Alex:is it me or just when we seem to have everything right it gets messed up?
Micheal:well I have to agree with you there
Max:well its probably nothing
Tess:yeah (gives him a kiss on the cheek)
Waiter:to drink?
Max:cherry coke

Kyle starts to tell a story)

Liz-Pacey talking when they hear a distinct laugh)
Pacey:OMG Alex?
Liz:yes it is
Pacey :should we go say hi
Liz:get up
Alex:yes?(looking around)OMG Liz!(embrace)
Pacey:what up man?
Alex:(slap hands)

Isabel:(glaring at the girl who just hugged her BF)Alex?
Alex:oh sorry Liz ,Pacey this is Max ,Tess,Isabel,Micheal,Maria,and Kyle
Max:/so this godess has a name Liz she is so beautiful/ you want to Join us?
Isabel:so um how do you guys know Alex?
Liz:Best friends since thrid grade then in fifth he moved here we all keep in very close touch though.
Alex: The three muskateers
Tess:so how long are you guys staying /from the way Max is looking at her I want her gone./
Liz:It really depends
Alex:where are you staying?
Liz:well its been a while since I visited what is there?
Alex:Well there is always La Whitman my mom loves you so it will be a treat for her too.

Max:/Is it obvious Im staring I could of sworn I felt someone kick me but I am drawn to this girl Please do not let him be her boyfriend/ So how do you guys know eachother?best friends too?

Liz:We are a little more than best friends

Max:/damn/oh . . .

Liz:were brother and Sister

Max:/YES! YES! YES!/ thats cool ,it must be nice having parents that trust you enough to come out here alone.

Liz:yea its the life.

(short they will get longer look for next post sometime on Saturday night)

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Part three
// =thoughts ** flash backs
Note:I am going to try and use as many names from shows as I possibly can)

in the car
Pacey:The people Alex hangs with are pretty cool don't you think?

Liz:yeah,there cool

Pacey:Oh you know it was pretty obvious that you were staring at that Max guy all through lunch.

Liz:I was not staring . . .

Pacey:you were just drooling uncontorlabley

Liz:You know nothing

Pacey :I want to Orb Faith and Angel here I have a feeling this week is going to be so Dawsons creek

Liz:Ok Orb them here . . .you think Alex will let them know about us, being the 7th richest family in the world and all?

Pacey:I hope not why can't this week be normal?

Liz:our lives will never be normal we can't even tell one of Our bestfriends who we really are./ should I bring it up?/

Pacey:(streches out hand )Faith ,Angel (they appear)

Faith:call before you do that it freaks me totally out.

Angel:Roswell?as in aleins are .are we doing some alein ass kicking?

Liz:no not yet any way we met up with Alex and his friends he invited us to stay at his house.

Max/I just met this girl and I am totally and completly head over heels for her /Micheal, do you feel anything about Alex's friends

Micheal:like what ? the fact you were staring like a freak at Liz .

Max: there is just somthing about her that I don't know . . . your sure you didn't feel anything ?

Micheal:nope not a thing but it wasn't like I was looking for something either ,Maria is waiting I gotta go,Bye oh and may I recomend that you go see Tess she is your girl friend you know.

Max: you're right its nothing I guess I was just paranoid from earlier today thats all I 'll go see Tess now.

Liz:I have a feeling that this is where we need to be you know I just feel drawn to this place.Lets go out to the desert I think I know where the pod chamber is.

Pacey :Lets go

Angel:I knew it

Faith :sure

Max:tess meet me at the pod chamber 30 minutes

Tess :sure

max:get Isabel,and micheal

Tess:sure yeah um . . .is everything okay?

Max:yeah fine just we need to have a meeting.

Liz:just get over that rock and this shoud be it (streches hand and handprint appears)now we go inside and see what we can find Angel keep watch .

Angel:got it

Max coming up in car)

Max:who is that guy (Micheal comes behind him)

Micheal:looks like we got trouble I'll take him you take whoever is inside and we will come up with something later.

(They start heading toward chamber)
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Part 4

Max/all I am going to do is ask why he's here get him to go away and see what he was doing here/ I'm ready

Micheal:/I will personally strangle this guy if was snooping around/ I'm game

Max:Hey! what are you doing here?

Angel:just hanging around/go away/you?

Max:hiking why are you hanging there?

Angel:gota problem?

Micheal:if you do

Angel:I'm fine
(we hear voices)

Max:youre friends in there?/how did they get the door open /

Angel:whats it to ya?

Max:nothing just odd being here (looks at micheal)
A small rock falls on Angels head)

Max:lets see what there up too
Walk inside

Liz:I know this is where we wre born these are the others Pacey.

Max:what others?

Liz:Max what are you doing here?

Max:I could ask you the same thing

Liz:just exploring you?

Micheal:/now I know how I know them/get her out of here

Liz:faith we will be there in a sec.

Faith:take your time

Max:Liz,what are you hiding?

Liz:What are you hiding ?

Micheal:you are one of us you came from the pods too

Liz:are you saying youre the ro. . ro . .royal four?

Max:yeah youre the girl I saw in the flash yesterday you hadn't come out of the pod but you were hidden so no body would find you cause youre of great importance to us to our people. . .

Liz:you felt it did'nt you earlier that we were connected

Max:yeah I felt it really strong

Pacey:the Royal 4 I never thought I would see the day

Max;we need to talk Liz . . .

Liz:yeah we do (tears in her eyes)

Max:come here (wrapped his arms around her)Everything is going to be okay I know it.

P.S a new campaign for keeping roswell on the air is going on The campaign consits of sending in your Snapple caps to UPN kinda like the Tabassco thing but different visit: for more details*angel*
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part 3

Liz:so um . .what do we do now?

max:I think we need to talk with everyone put together what we know

Liz:I think I should tell you that I . . we live with our shapeshifter-

Max:he's dead

Liz:we have two

Micheal:you two will need to be here awhile so I guess we'll pool our money together -

Pacey:not neccasary were set when it comes to money

Micheal:how so?

Liz:well we have made our shapeshifter is the 7th richest person in the world
so needless to stay we could make up a cover story move out here buy a house and figure things out.

Max: you guys do have it made-Oh inorder to distract your friend well he's uncounsious

Pacey:what!mess with our friends we will mess with your okay!

Max:never will happen again/I feel so cold without her in my arms/so why were you guys hidden away ?

Pacey:were the chosen ones we were sent here to help

Max:/why is she getting so quiet?/Um we'll have a meeting 7pm UFO center .Liz do want to go with me and Micheal we'll take Pacey

Liz:please /I feel so safe with him I almost froze to death with out his arms around me/If its okay

Max:/yes!/sure come on.

I know its short but give me 5 different feed backs I 'll post by 12/20/01