Title: Being Famous
Author: Shana
Category: M/L M/M A/I K/T
Disclaimer: This is my story but I don't own the actual characters. No songs belong to me except a few.
Rating: Undecided
Summary: Should I really write one?
Relax it's the prologue. It prologue is the year before so in chapter one they will be a year older. Their going to be in high school. That's all I am telling.


Elizabeth Parker pulls up to Paige Dance Studio. Parking her Jeep Wrangler, Liz and her two dancers/friends walked to the studio doors laughing at a joke one of them told.
"Finally, I was beginning to think to you weren't coming," said Janet.
"I am only here because these two came into my town house saying that part of the video I didn't like
is out," said Liz. {Her friends names are Debra, and Stacey}.
"It is. After arguing on your behalf about getting into a bed with your lead is just too sexy for you and that you wanted little girls to look up to you, not have your music banded from their homes I got the director to see it your way," said Janet.
"Good because this is costing me money not him. So were is my favorite dance teacher," said Liz.
"Don't even try to suck up to me. You have to practice the moves for the video then off to the shoot we go." said Paige Warner.
"Yes master. Where are my other dancers by the way?" Liz joked. " We are right here," said one of her new dancers for the video coming out of one of the smaller attached studio rooms.
"Alright then let get to work," said Paige.
Even though she was in high school along with Liz, Debra and Stacy. Paige got the studio when her great-grandmother Paige Warner, was gifted dancer die 6months ago her great grandmother left it for her. Paige was already a great dancer even though she was only 16 and still in H.S. After dancing for over 2hours, they went to the set. When they got there the dancers quickly went to get into their costumes. Liz went to her trailer to get her make up done as a style did last minute changes to her clothes. After her make up and clothes were done, her bodyguard was already out side her trailer waiting.
"Good morning Liz," he said.
"Hi Frank, can you get me a bottle a club soda I am so thirsty," said Liz.
"No problem. I will have it by time your finish the first shot," said Frank.
"Thanks" she said before going off to the director's office where her manager Janet was waiting. Liz didn't like the director and she made no secret of it. After talking for 20 minutes Liz agreed to all the scenes. They all left the office, as Liz began walking to golf cart waiting to take her on to the set Stacey and Debra came up behind her.
"Liz have you seen the guy playing opposite you yet?" asked Stacey.
"No" said Liz.
"You so have to see him for your self he is a Greek god. I can't believe you got him," said Debra.
"I never saw him, Janet said that was the only guy Michael would let near me. They when to grade school together or something that is all I know," said Liz as they got in the cart.
"That explains it then, Your cousin is such a hottie and he is friends with Max Evans the singer. Not to mention he got Max playing your opposite" shrieked Stacey." I don't know him and I can honestly say that you can have him cause I don't want him" said Liz. She had never seen Max, all she knew was they came out around the same time and he was suppose to be extremely handsome. Walking up to her chair marked 'Eliza' her stage name. Liz waited for her call to go on the set, as she talked with Debra and Stacey. Looking up Liz saw a tall dark haired man with amber eyes watching her. Just as it looked like he was coming over, Liz heard her call to go on to the set. When she got there she saw the guy on the set. 'This must be Max' she thought. A side from the scenes for the next two days and a few shots of them hanging out, but always on different ends of the room and shots for Paige's celebrity scrapbook [Liz bought for her when she became a celebrity] they never spoke. The last day of shooting Liz made up her mind to go talk to him, but never got the chance. His manager took him away as she was walking over to him. 'Oh well' she thought sadly. Her own manager took her away a short time later so she could get the finished copy of the video to MTV for making the video 'Genie In A Bottle' By Eliza.

It would be a year before they met again...

~ Sorry I can really describe the video because I am focused on describing the other video to come so your just going to have to picture the video as it really is except Liz being Christina and Max being the guy in the video

~ For those of you who are waiting for a new chapter in Can't Stop Loving You and Blood Codes, I have a new chapter I just new a good ending. then I have to type it, but it will be up soon I promise~

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