SPOILERS FOR A Tale of Two Parties

Author: Nicole
Disclaimer: standard applies
Category: Maria POV, just some fluff

ENIGMA: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Partying

Enigma. Six letters that have formed the basis of my New Year’s existence since…forever. I’m going to find it this year, I know it. I just have to have everything, I have to be prepared, I have to be determined. I, Maria DeLuca, will celebrate this New Year at the raddest, baddest party known to man!

Step 1: Make Sure You Get Work Off

Three minutes. That’s it, three minutes that are taking forever. Come on clock! Three minutes ‘til the great search begins, I wanna go now! But, I suppose I shouldn’t complain, I mean, poor Lizzie has to stay here and work the old crowd. *giggle* I’ll tell her all about it tomorrow, that way I can drag it out…Torture for not believe I could find it. Oh, I’m so mean. *bounce* Yes!! I am so outta here!

Step 2: Bring A Friend

Okay, I have no idea what I was thinking, but Michael Guerin has been invited to join me in my hunt for Enigma. I couldn’t help it, he just looked so said and pitiful when he said he had no plans. But now there’s this complete tension, not to mention the fact that we have a chaperone! God! You guessed it, Liz sent Max out with us to keep the two of us in line. *sigh* He says he just wants to find a party, but, yeah right… Max Evans and party do not belong in the same sentence.

Step 3: Don’t Get Caught Breaking And Entering
The first clue to this super cool hidden party is in the school. Did I mention we’re on Winter Break and the school’s closed? No? Must have slipped my mind… So, we’ve broken into the school, along with a bunch of other people, and there it is, the first clue, just sitting there on the chalkboard. “Hut, hut, hut…” Great, football. Michael and Max are arguing, there not going to be any help…Who? Oh, helloooooo Julia.

Step 4: Avoid Suckage Into The Alien Abyss
College party, very cool. Now, to scout around…Lambert’s gotta be here somewhere! Okay, no, hand off butt…Geesh, college guys are worse than high school boys, especially drunk. So, boys, Enigma? No? Well, that’s a bust. Where are Max and Michael? “Townie, Townie, Townie!” What the hell? Max?? One down, now where is that toadstool of an ex? Drunk, that’s where he is, and he’s acting like some druggie on an overdose… I’m never going to get away from their alien crap, am I?

Step 5: Have A Cool Non-Boyfriend

We’re back at the Crashdown and Max and Liz are all kissy and gooey and stare-into-my-eyes. Bleech! But I’m glad Mr. P relented (take that SATs). Unfortunately, because of Michael’s lack of control, my night’s kaput. No Enigma. *sigh* Could someone shoot me? “Maria, can I talk to you?” Sure Michael, why not?

Step 6: Never Day Die

So, Michael’s feeling better, and apparently, he heard me and Liz’s conversation because of what the alcohol did to his whacked-up alien systems, and he talked to me about it. Michael Guerin actually apologized and admitted he was wrong. Which, of course, meant I was right! So, I have one night off from the alien stuff, and I’m going to find Enigma! And Max is coming with me. Apparently, he was serious about partying. The world is a messed up place tonight.

Step 7: Review The Clues

So we’re back in the classroom, staring at the clue. Max think math problem, I think “twenty-four seven” Falafel Hut. God, I was so stupid before, I mean 24/7…HELLO? DeLuca, you are a genius. Let’s move Maxwell!

Step 8: Use That Smart Chaperone

We’re acting casual. There’s a lot of people hanging around, looking for clues. *ha* We’re going to be the ones to find it! Look, look, look…Aha!! “Max!” Act casual, nothing to see here folks. “The flyer?” he asks. Duh, here’s where being a waitress comes in handy, I can spot fake Crashdown flyers miles away…okay, maybe a few feet…But anyway, there it is, the clue. (A clue, a clue!) God, I’m hyper. But what could Blue Moon Quesadilla be a synonym for? “Blue moon, blue moon…” Come on, Max! “Blue Moon Canyon!” Yes! That’s it, that’s gotta be it, Enigma’s in Blue Moon Canyon! Max, you’re a genius!

Step 9: Drive, Baby, Drive

Max’s car is cool, I mean, I liked the Jeep, but this is so much cooler. Especially to show up at a wicked party like Enigma. Are we there yet? We’ve gotta be getting close. What do ya mean, another few miles to the turn-off? Speed-up, I wanna get there NOW!

Step 10: PARTY!!!

Bright lights, smoke…This is the culmination of my ultimate party fantasy. Well, Max, let’s do this.

Okay, last night was the most amazing experience of my life, including that one time when Michael…Never mind. It was great to get some bonding time in with Max, we haven’t really hung out since two summers ago. *giggle* We’re acting spastic from lack of sleep and incredible amount of energy! Everybody’s looking at us funny, but who cares! I, Maria DeLuca, with help from Max Evans (who woulda thought?), have solved the puzzle of Enigma, and man did we party!

OK, that's a rap, hope I captured Maria's babbleness. Have a Happy New Year!