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TITLE: untitled
Disclaimer: dont' own any of 'em
Summary: hmmmmmmmm............................Liz, Maria, and Alex are aliens as well as Max, Michael and Isabel. Things become complicated.
Rating: pg 13 or pg14 b/c of swearing
Couples: mostly ML and MM, a little AI thrown in too

A brunette and a blonde walked through the halls of Roswell High. They were known to be bitch queens of Roswell High. They had few close friends. They were best friends. They went from one guy to another each and everyday. A different guy was seen with the each of them everyday. They didn't care.

"So, who's your next target?" the blonde asked by her locker. She was putting on red lipstick to emphasize her lips.

"Kyle Valenti." Liz said.

"My step brother? You're going after him?"

"You know how much he lusts after me."

"Well I think I'm gonna go after Josh Peters." Maria said. "What a hottie!"

"Mmm hmmm."

"Hey ladies." a voice said.

"Hey Alex," they both said. While Maria and Liz went after different guys each day, Alex lusted after only one girl. Isabel Evans. His goddess.

"You know, you should really stop this bitch act you two have going on."

"Where's the fun in that? Joshhh!!!!!" Maria smiled as he walked by. "Josh can you come over here for a minute?"
He walked towards her.

"Is this shirt too low cut?" Maria pulled her shirt down more, and more cleavage showed.

" It's perfect." Josh gawked.

"How about you and me tonight? You game?"

"Yea...sure." Josh said. He knew what kind of girl Maria was. But she was hott has hell.

"Movie and dinner, pick me up around 7:30. Bye bye." Maria kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey Kyle." Liz walked seductively up to him.

"Liz. What a suprise." He said sarcastically. "Need a date? Go find someone else."

"Kyle. I like you. A lot. Give me a chance please? You never know, you could be the one I've been looking for." Liz pouted. She knew her pout would win him over. It always works.

"You know Parker. I can never resist a girl who pouts. And with lips like yours...."

"Pick me up at 7:30. Movie, and dinner. Bye bye." Liz kissed Kyle's cheek.

"Looks like the bitch queens are at it again," Isabel said to her brother and his best friend at lunch time.

"Yea whatever. Let them do whatever they want. As long as they dont' come near us, we're good." Michael rolled his eyes. "We can't get attached."

"Hi Isabel." a voice said as he passed her by.

"Hi Alex."

"Join me for lunch?" Isabel looked at Max and Michael. They shrugged. Isabel went with him.

The next day....

"Well that was not fun." Liz said. "Kyle was so boring."

"I could've told you that one." Maria said. "Josh talks way too much about himself."

"So who is your new target?" Liz asked fixing her hair in the mirror.

"Michael Guerin. And yours is Max Evans."

"Max?" Liz gulped. She had to admit, she had liked Max for awhile. She didn't think she could do this.

"Yes Max. Max and Michael are going to be a challenge. And that's exactly what we need. I'm tired of getting guys who would do anything for us. Michael and Max...they're different."

"Max, brother of Isabel?" Alex popped his head in their conversation.

"Of course. Since you already know Isabel, this should make it easy for Liz." Maria slammed her locker. They both went off to class. "Max is your lab partner. I made sure of it. Go ahead. Give it a go."

Max was sitting in his lab table waiting for his lab partner to show up. He didn't bother checking the list. Then he saw her. She was heading towards him. Great just what he needed. Liz, the bitch queen.

"Hello Max." She sat down *very* close to him.

"Hi Liz. Nice to see you again."

chapter 2

Biology went so slowly for Max. 'Let me out. Let me out.' was all he thought. Liz looked at Max. He looked as if he was in torture or something. 'Am I that repulsive to him?' There's something really familiar about him. She put her hand on him and got a flash. "Zan." She muttered.

"What did you just call me?" Max whispered loudly enough for her to hear him.

"Nothing. Sorry."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing okay?"


"I said Zan. Okay. Happy?" Liz said. The bell rang. She ran out of there. Max was Zan. Zan was her destiny. Zan WAS the luv of her life. Oh my gosh.

"LEAVE ME ALONE bitch!" someone cried. "Go find yourself another boytoy."

"Jeez. Don't gotta be so hostile about it."

"Go away!" He said. She was following him. A real challenge alright.

"Maria, we have a problem."

"Michael, we have a problem." Max told Michael. Liz glared at Max.

'Don't tell him or else I'll make your life very miserable. Is that what you want Zan?' Max's eyes almost popped out. He had heard her.

"What the hell is the matter with you?" Michael asked Max.

"Zila." Max said. Liz grabbed Max's arm and shoved him into the first room that was available. Conveniently it was the Eraser Room. "Zila." He regretted saying that again because she slapped him.

"Zila?" Maria said. "Oh my gosh!" Michael looked at her. Maria looked closely at Michael. She touched his arm. They both got flashes. "Rath. Rath. Oh my god! I need my cyprus oil." She went into her purse brought out a vial and took a sniff.

"Riana." Michael muttered.

"HEY WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR????" Max got angry as he rubbed his cheek.

"I told you not to tell him."

"Zila, I mean Liz, what's the matter with you?" She was a bitch yes, but she was never this bitchy or mean.

"I can't believe this. The whole time. We were looking the whole time, and you guys were right under our noses."

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TITLE: untitled
Disclaimer: dont' own any of 'em
Summary: hmmmmmmmm............................Liz, Maria, and Alex are aliens as well as Max, Michael and Isabel. Things become complicated.
Rating: pg 13 or pg14 b/c of swearing
Couples: mostly ML and MM, a little AI thrown in too

chapter 3

Zan= Max
Zila= Liz
Riana (pronounced reeahna)= Maria
Rath= Michael
Vilandra= Isabel
Xander (pronounced zander) = Alex

Thanx for the feedback!!!

"Riana." Michael muttered.

"Don't call me that in public." Maria said.

"Who are you?" Michael glared at her.

"Meet us in the Crashdown at closing time." Maria replied harshly.

"Not after you tell me who you are. Why do I know you?" He demanded.

"I am...I mean I was your wife." Maria managed to say. She walked away leaving a stunned Michael. At the same time Liz walked out of the Eraser Room. Liz shoves Michael and walks away.

"We're meeting at the Crashdown at closing time. Tell Isabel." Michael ordered Max.

At lunch time.....

"WHAT?" Alex cried out. People looked at him. "They're what?"

"They're like us, ok?" Maria said. "Jeez...keep it down."

"Hi." they heard.

"Isabel. Um...what a surprise." Maria said making room for her.

"Am I interrupting something? I can come back."

"No no. It's okay." Alex said.

'Does Alex know?' Isabel telepathically asked Maria.

"Yes I do. And I am one of you." Alex replied casually. Isabel dropped her sandwich.

"Alex how'd you know Isabel was one of us? I didn't even know."

"I figured...if Max was...Isabel had to be." Alex said.

"Right." Maria nodded her head. "Oh Alex, Isabel, meeting at the Crashdown at closing time. I think we all need to have a little chat."

"Definetly." "Yes." Alex and Isabel both said at the same time. Isabel found herself staring at Alex as he ate his lunch. Alex knew she was staring. He felt it.

Later in the day (closing time of Crashdown)

"Liz what are we gonna do?" Maria said.

"I don't know. I don't know!!!!! I'm surprised as everyone is. Who would've thought Max, Michael and Isabel?" Liz said wiping the tables over and over and over.

"Okay. They're clean!"

"Anyways....I don't...."

"Okay we're here." they heard.

'Michael. Of course. Who else could be that rude?' Maria thought.

"I can hear you remember?" Michael said.


" you know anything about our past lives?" Max said cutting to the chase.

"All I know is that I..we were to seek the king, his second in command, and the king's sister." Alex spoke up.

"Maria said she was my wife. Is this true?"

"Why would I lie to you?"

"Who knows. So is it?"

"Maria! Where did you come up with something like that?" Liz looked at her.

"I've been having these dreams."

"These really intense make-out sessions?" Alex asked.

"Exactly. But I can never seemed to see the face. His face would be always covered...I can only see his eyes and feel his lips." Maria said. "It was weird."

"Can we trust you?" Isabel blurted out. Alex gave her a look. "Look, who knows who you guys could be. You three could be skins for all we know."

"No, they aren't skins." Max spoke up.

"And how do you know that?" Michael asked.

"I just do. They are us. It's a feeling."

"I don't know Max."

"Isabel, you can trust us. We won't bite." Maria said. Liz went in the back room.

"Where is it? Where is it?" they heard her asking herself. "There it is!" She cried. She came out and showed them the "book".

"What is that?" Isabel asked knowing exactly what it was.

"Um...I dont' really know how to explain it. It's a book. It basically tells us of our past lives." Liz explained.

"It's in code though."

"Maria translates it. She can decode it using her powers."

"I dont' like decoding it. It takes too much of my energy. We really haven't gotten that far yet."

"What does it say?"

"Talks about our childhood, so far. It talks about our families."

"So you can translate ours then?" Max asked pulling out a similar book. All of a sudden both books start to glow. They start floating and slam into each other. It transforms from two seperate books to a single book. "What the hell?"

Liz opens the book and sees engravings of themselves. Liz with Max, Alex with Isabel, and Michael with Maria. "This is it. This is what we were looking for." Liz exclaimed looking at Maria and Alex. "This is going to tell us exactly what we need to know about our past."


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TITLE: Living a soap opera (corny title I know)
Disclaimer: dont' own any of 'em
Summary: hmmmmmmmm............................Liz, Maria, and Alex are aliens as well as Max, Michael and Isabel. Things become complicated.
Rating: pg 13 or pg14 b/c of swearing
Couples: mostly ML and MM, a little AI thrown in too

chapter 4

okay everyone. this may seem a little confusing to you. but this part is part of their past. it's one of the chapters in the destiny book. this book basically tells the story of their past life.

"Why dont' we all go upstairs and get ourselves comfortable?" Liz asked. "This may take awhile. All night perhaps. Tell your parents something." Liz led the way up to the apartment. "Okay we'll just stay in the living room." Everyone nodded their heads.

"Okay so this is the how the story goes. Wait wait wait!" Maria looked closely at the book. It skips what happens to us in the first few years of our lives."

"Start from wherever it starts from. We'll probably pick it up or something. It'll probably be mentioned in the later chapters." Michael said.

"It starts out like this....."

Johna and his wife Meralyn, were the king and queen of Antar. They had two children, Zan and Vilandra. On the planet of Kalina, were Gregio and Mara, the king and queen. They had two children as well, Rath and Zila. Unfortunately the Skins had attacked Kalina. Gregio and Mara sent out their only heir to Antar for protection. Kalina was completely destroyed by the skins. Johna and Meralyn took in Rath and Zila. Rath and Zila were only five years old and didn't know what was going on. Along comes Riana and Xander. They were taken in as orphans. Their parents died and Riana and Xander had no other place to go. They too were five years old. Riana,and Xander came the same time as Rath and Zila. They were all the same age as Zan and Vilandra.


"Wait really syas fourteen years later?" Max asked incredulously.

"Yes, that's what it says. They don't even explain what happens in between age five and age nineteen. Let me go on."


“SHE WHAT?” he screamed.

“She ran off and married Xander.” He replied to his enraged second-in-command.

“How dare she! Didn’t she care about my feelings towards her?”

“Apparently not. I’m sorry Rath.”

“Whatever Zan.” Rath stormed out. He turned a corner and crashed into someone. He was so angry that he shoved that person out of his way. That person hit the edge of the wall and started bleeding. Rath didn’t even notice. He was so angry that he kept on walking not caring who he pushed. Soon that person passed out.

“RIANA!!!” someone screamed as that person saw Riana on the ground passed out bleeding as well. “Riana, wake up. Wake up! Oh my god!! Oh my god! XANDER!!! XANDER GET HERE RIGHT NOW!!!”

“What is it? What’s the screaming…oh my god. Riana. My sweet sister.” He rushed towards his sister. “Let me heal her. Let me heal her.” He gently pushed his wife out of the way.
”Riana, look at me. Look at me!” Riana opened her eyes as much as she could. Xander formed a connection and healed her. Riana got up from where she was. She saw the blood stains and removed them. “Riana, what happened?”

“Xander, I’d rather not talk about it,” she started crying. “Thank you for saving my life, Vilandra. I am in great debt to you.”

“No no no, dear sister-in-law. I must take care of you. After all you are younger than Xander. And you are part of my family.”

“Sister-in-law?” Riana looked at Xander.

“We got married. With the King’s permission of course.”

“Oh my!” Riana hugged her brother and his new wife. “Well what are you doing here? Go do the bonding ceremony that I know you two are dying for.” Riana giggled.

“Yeah.” Vilandra looked at Xander.

“Thank you once again for saving my life.” Riana told them as they walked away.

“Saving your life? What happened?” a voice said.

“Your highness.” Riana curtsied.

“Riana, don’t do that. I’m not king, yet anyways.”

“Zan. It’s nothing. I’m okay, really. No need to get worried.”

“Well if you are sure.”

“I am.”

“ZANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!” they heard Vilandra’s scream. Zan and Riana ran towards Vilandra’s scream.

“What happened?”

“Zan, daddy is dying!” Vilandra started sobbing. Riana looked pale. Zan looked as if he was going to pass out.

“Riana..” the king said faintly. “Please leave me to my children. I must speak to them.”

“Yes of course.” Riana ran out of the room.

“Zan, Vilandra. My dear children.” He said weakly. “My one dying wish has already come true. Now I must have Zan complete my second and third.”

“What is it? I’ll do anything for you father.” Zan took his father’s hand.

“Take Zila as your wife. Make her your queen.” The king told his son. “Vilandra already married the one I wanted her to marry. Zan it is your turn. Do not let me down. Zila is strong, beautiful, above all, she is intelligent. She will make a wonderful queen. Make her your queen at the end of the month. I also want you to make Riana Rath’s wife. Whatever must be done. Their marriage must be no less than two weeks after yours and no more than five weeks. Please. ”

“Does Zila know of this? Rath?

“Yes I had talked to her before. She is hesitant about this. But nevertheless, she will go through with the wedding. Please…Zan…don’t…let me down. Rath does not know, nor does Riana. Please..don’t let me down. ” The king was growing weaker and weaker.

“First mother, now you. Do not leave us!” Vilandra screamed. “Please let Zan heal you!”

“I cannot let him heal me. My time has come. I love you both. Remember that. Remember me….forever……” the king said his last words and took his last breath. He died.

“FATHER!” Vilandra screamed. Zan was numb. He just sat there. Vilandra threw herself on her brother. “Zan, what will we do?”

“Be strong. We must be strong. We must do as father has asked us to.”

“Zan. I don’t think I can be strong.”

“Go to Xander. He is your strength. He will give you your strength. I promise.” Zan kissed her forehead. Zan watched his sister leave. He now had to prepare for a royal funeral and royal wedding.

“Zila, are you in here?” Riana went into her best friend’s quarters. She found her best friend sobbing on her bed. “Zila, what’s wrong?”

“The king has passed away.”

“I know. I heard.”

“I am to be queen.”

“WHAT?” Riana’s green eyes flew open.

“It’s true. I am to be Zan’s wife in seven days.”

“Oh my.” Riana was shocked. “You are going to be queen.”

“I know. I am so utterly upset, Riana. The queen, and now the queen, my family, has passed on. They were like my uncle and aunt. They cared for me, sheltered me. And they leave me with the kingdom.” Riana hugged her best friend.

“On the happier note, Xander and Vilandra eloped.” Riana told Zila.

“Oh my goodness!” she looked at Riana. “Rath. Oh my! He’s going to have a fit! I have to go find him. I’m sorry.” Zila rushed out of her quarters and went to her brother’s room. “Rath?”

“Leave me alone. I don’t need to hear your words right now dear sister.”

“Rath.” Zila came closer to her brother. He put up a shield. “Rath, stop sulking. It’s done, it’s over with. Get over her. She was never yours!”

“She could have been. We would’ve been great.”

“Some soldier you are! Crying your eyes out.”

“I am not crying. NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY QUARTERS!” Rath glared at his sister. He used his powers and pushed her out of his room, closed the door and locked it.

“Idiot.” Zila muttered. She picked herself off the ground. Just as she was turning she bumped into something, rather a someone. She looked up and gasped. “Your highness, I’m sorry.”

“Zila, it’s okay. And it’s Zan.” He helped her off the floor. “I am also sorry.”

“For what your…Zan? I was the one who bumped into you.”

“It’s quite all right. Zila, there are some things I must talk to you about.”

“Yes me too. Can we go somewhere private?” She looked into his brown eyes.

“I was thinking the exact same thing. Why don’t we go into my quarters?”

Zila gulped. His quarters? Her quarters-to-be? “Okay.” She said softly. He started walking and she followed.

“I never remembered you to be so shy Zila,” He opened his doors and led her in.

“It’s only certain people I’m shy around.” She responded. She looked around his room and marveled at how it was decorated. It was a sight to see.

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disclaimer in part 1.....

chapter 5...

“I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.” Riana muttered. She walked the corner and bumped into someone, and that person pushed her again into a wall. “What am I, a punching bag?” she screamed. He turned around.

“What did you say?”

“I said, WHAT AM I, a PUNCHING BAG?” she screamed.

“Who the hell are you to be talking to a second-in-command like that?”

“I will talk to you how ever I want. You are nothing special.” She rolled her eyes. Vilandra and Xander was coming around the corner when they heard an argument.

“You do not talk to someone like me like that, ever!” He slapped her with the back of his hand. And because he had a ring on, he cut her lip.

“I’m sorry. You must’ve not seen me. You must’ve been concentrating on a woman you never had, and never will have!” She screamed. “Vilandra is taken. She has been taken. She will never see you the way you see her. She will never love you. She will never love you the way you love her. She loves Xander. SHE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU. Get over it.” He slapped her again.

Meanwhile…in Zan’s quarters…

“I think we have some issues to discuss.” Zan told her.

“Yes we…” and they’re conversation was interrupted by Riana’s outburst.

“I said, WHAT AM I, a PUNCHING BAG?” she screamed.

“Who the hell are you to be talking to a second-in-command like that?”

“I will talk to you how ever I want. You are nothing special.” She rolled her eyes. Vilandra and Xander was coming around the corner when they heard an argument.

“You do not talk to someone like me like that, ever!” He slapped her with the back of his hand. And because he had a ring on, he cut her lip.

“I’m sorry. You must’ve not seen me. You must’ve been concentrating on a woman you never had, and never will have!” She screamed. “Vilandra is taken. She has been taken. She will never see you the way you see her. She will never love you. She will never love you the way you love her. She loves Xander. SHE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU. Get over it.” They heard another slap.

By this time, Xander, Vilandra, Zan and Zila came rushing towards them.

“How could she ever love you? You do not know how to treat a woman. Hence look at me. You’ve just slapped me twice. Not only that, I almost died because of you! You pushed me into a corner and I passed out. You are selfish.” Rath went in for another slap before getting interrupted.

“RATH!!!!” Zila screamed. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” Zila pushed Riana out of the way.

“Riana!” Xander hugged his sister. He looked at her wound. He looked at Rath and punched him. “You hurt my sister again, and I will make sure that you will never be able to walk again.”

“Riana.” Zan went over to her. He healed her wound on her lip. He healed her pain, but no one would be able to heal the pain in her heart or the memories.

“How could I ever love you?” Riana went to him. “How could I ever think that you would ever love me the way I have loved you?” She ran off to her quarters.

“You just made the biggest mistake in your life Rath.” Vilandra glared at him. She went off to her sister-in-law’s bedroom. Rath just stood there with Xander, Zan and Zila. Xander walked off, he was too angry to talk. Zan and Zila stood there.


“Rath please explain yourself. Why would you hurt her like that?” Zan interrupted.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s come over me.” Rath looked genuinely remorseful.

“I will tell you what has come over you. You have become obsessed with Vilandra. You became so angry at the fact that she never loved you, that she chose Xander over you. You are upset. You almost killed Riana, your future wife, and now you are hurting her. If I were her, I would be beating the crap out of you. You don’t deserve her and I have no idea what the king was thinking making you two marry.”

“What are you talking about? Me marry her? Are you nuts?” Rath questioned her.

“She is dead serious. You two will be married a month after my...I mean our, marriage.” Zan and Zila walked off leaving a shocked Rath.

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disclaimer in part 1.

chapter 6

The next day……

“Zila…” Zan whispered. Zila turned around and saw Zan standing in her doorway.

“Zan!” Zila scurried about trying to make herself presentable. She quickly brushed her long brown hair.

“Am I early?”

“Yes!” She smiled. “Come in.” He closed the door.

“I hope we don’t get interrupted this time.” He smiled. So did she. “We need to talk.”

“Yes, we’ve been saying that a lot lately.”

“The wedding is going to be in six days.” He bluntly said.

“I know.” She responded.

“Well it’s traditional for everyone else to plan the wedding, not us.” Zan said.

“Zan, I know this already. I grew up here. I’ve been to royal weddings just like you.” Zila smiled. “I know I may not come from a royal line, and I don’t even know where I come from, but..”

“Don’t worry about those things. I am glad my father chose you.”

“You are?” she asked in surprise.

“Yes. I do not wish to marry a curly haired blonde who is only marrying me because I am king. I know you Zila. I’ve watched you.” Zila smiled. “I also want to remind you of the royal tradition of ‘bonding’ on the wedding night.”

“Yes I know about this too,” Zila blushed.

“I would tell you that we wouldn’t bond until you were ready in normal circumstances, but..”

“Zan, calm down. I understand. I’ll be honest, I am scared of this whole idea of me being queen, but I will be okay. We will be okay.”

“I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.” Riana muttered on her way toward the kitchen. She bumped into a person for the third time in two days. “Oh great. What are you going to do to me? Rape me?” She looked at him.

“I’m sorry.” He told her.

“Excuse me?” Riana didn’t think she heard him right.

“I said I am sorry. Can you not hear me?”

“I heard you, I didn’t think I heard you correctly.”

“Well I said I’m sorry. I’m sorry about yesterday. It was cruel of me to hit you like that. No woman deserves that. And I am truly sorry. I don’t want you to hate me when we get married.” He told her.


“You don’t know?” Rath asked incredulously.

“Is this another one of your cruel punishment for me?” She narrowed her eyes. Her hands were on her hips.

“No, it’s true. The king wants us married in five weeks.” Rath said. “Zila told me.”

“Oh, our queen to be. Maybe I should go talk to her. This does not mean in any circumstances, that I have forgiven you. You will have to do a lot more than sorries, Rath. A woman deserves some respect. And I had done nothing to you.” She walked away.


“NOT NOW!” Zila cried.


“What is it?” Zila opened the door. Riana saw Zan sitting on her bed.

“Oh I’m sorry.” Riana blushed.

“No it’s quite all right. Are you all right?” Zan questioned her.

“SINCE WHEN DO I HAVE TO MARRY RATH?” Riana screamed out.

“Oh you found out? How?”

“Rath told me. Why Rath? Why couldn’t I marry someone who has manners?”

“It was my father’s wish.” Zan said.

“I cannot believe this!!! I can't marry Rath!!!!!" She looked at them and realized she interrupted something. "Um, well I’m sorry I interrupted. I think I am going to go for a walk or something.” Riana walked off.

“That went well.” Zila laughed.

“Rath and Riana will make quite a couple.” Zan also laughed.

“Yes they will. So is marriage all you needed to talk to me about?” Zila started brushing her hair again.

“Yes. Oh, tomorrow there will be dresses coming in from the farthest lands for you, Riana and Vilandra. They are for the wedding.” Zan said.

“Oh. There was no need for that.” Zila said.

“It’s customary for the bride to have the most beautiful dress.” Zan said. “But I think whatever you wear will make you beautiful.” Zila smiled at him. She could see herself being his wife and it made her happy. Her smile grew bigger as she thought about this. “What are you smiling so much for?”

“I am thinking about our wedding. How beautiful it’s going to be. How many people are to come?”

“I don’t really know. I know there shall be many people we will not know. Many of which are father’s and mother’s friends.” Zan explained.

“I’m getting married. I’m getting married. I’m getting married.” Riana said outloud. “SHIT I’M GETTING MARRIED!” she cried out in frustration. She started walking through the royal garden and ended up in a secluded place few miles away from the castle. She sat down on a rock that over looked the red sea. “I can’t believe I’m getting married in five weeks.”

“Four weeks six days to be exact.” She heard his voice behind her. “But who’s counting anyways?”


“Do you come here a lot?” He sat next to her on a separate rock.

“No, this is my first time. I was walking through the gardens and then I wandered off. What are you doing here?”

“I followed you.” He said bluntly.

“What? Why?”

“I do not know really.”

“See this is the Rath I…..never mind.” She realized what she was about to say.

“What were you going to say?” he looked at her with curiosity.

“Nothing.” She blushed.

“It had to be something for you to be blushing.”

“I can’t say it.”

“Well I can always mind read you.” Rath said. “Then I’d hear all your thoughts.”

“I was going to say this is the Rath I had once liked.” She said.

“Oh. Well would it help any if I said I was sorry again?”

“Maybe a little. I can never hear the words “I’m sorry” coming out of a man too many times.” She chuckled. He also laughed.

“Well I am sorry.”

“I should be so angry with you. You almost costed me my life.”

“Should be?”

“For some odd reason, I cannot be angry with you.” They sat there in silence watching the waves in the beautiful red sea. The sun was setting. “Does it really upset you that my brother married Vilandra?”

“Yes it did. All I wanted was Vilandra. As long as I can remember I had wanted her. I thought we would be great together. Zila is right. I became obsessed with her. I had watched Vilandra eat, sleep, drink, move, anything. I would constantly stare at her. So when I found out that this Xander stole her away from me, I had become furious.”

“Yes, this I know.”

“Zila is going to be a great queen.” Rath said out of the blue.

“Does it bother you that your sister is going to be more powerful than you?”

Rath laughed at this question. “No not really.” They sat there for another few minutes in silence.



“I don’t know my way back to the castle. Will you take me back?” Riana asked.

“Of course.” Rath got up from where he sat and led her back to the castle.

sofia~ yes yes I know I should've made rath suffer more. I should've had riana be more angry. thanx for the feedback!!!!