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Fortunate Son
Author: Taffy
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Rating: PG13 – for subject matter at the beginning.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, just borrowing them. Promise to return them only slightly used.
Notes: This is kind of a strange story for me because I am a Spoiled Dreamer, but the idea of what happened to Zan Jr. (aka Spot) after the adoption intrigued me.
This story will not explain nor excuse anything that JK wrote. I am simply taking it, such as it is, and running with it. This is set 15 years in the future.

Caution: there is some violence in this story, particularly Part 1.

Thank you K_K for all your help and suggestions!



Some folks are born made to wave the flag,
Ooh, they're red, white and blue.
And when the band plays "Hail to the chief",
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord,

It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no senator's son, son.
It ain't me, it ain't me; I ain't no fortunate one, no,

Some folks are born silver spoon in hand,
Lord, don't they help themselves, oh.
But when the taxman comes to the door,
Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yes,

It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no millionaire's son, no.
It ain't me, it ain't me; I ain't no fortunate one, no.

Some folks inherit star spangled eyes,
Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord,
And when you ask them, "How much should we give?"
Ooh, they only answer More! more! more! yoh,

It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no military son, son.
It ain't me, it ain't me; I ain't no fortunate one, one.

It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no no no,
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate son, no no no,


Part 1

He looked down at his appointment book at his next meeting, Sam Connor. There was a time that a meeting with Sam Connor meant a long lunch and a couple of drinks and a cigar but not now. A drunk driver stopped those almost two years ago. He had been Sam Connor’s lawyer since the days he was a fresh from college kid working his way up in the financial world. He had helped him with corporate takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, and various legal challenges. When the time came, he also saw to his estate. It had been pretty straightforward. The business side was very well laid out. It was the personal side that was a mess. Sam had been in the middle of revamping that when it happened. He always thought there would be plenty of time.

They had been coming home from an evening at the Met. They were in the back of a big Caddy. Caddies were supposed to be safe, built like tanks. But even tanks could be destroyed. The kid driving his dad’s old Suburban had been out at a concert and partying with friends. He had a blood alcohol of almost twice the legal limit, plus he tested positive for coke. As was often the case, the kid only had a bump on the head and a broken collarbone while he managed to take the life of two people when he slammed into the back of that Caddy. Sadly, that wasn’t the worst of it though. No, the worst was that in that single action, he stripped away a beloved Mom and Dad of a 13-year-old little boy. A little boy that many considered fortunate, he had more wealth than most would have in a lifetime but he had no one other than advisors and lawyers, and an uncle that he didn’t like. It was a now 15-year-old Sam Connor Jr. that he would be meeting with this afternoon.

He looked at the light on his phone as his secretary buzzed him. His appointment was here. Pressing a button, “Send him in, Louisa.”

Standing up, he started to smile as the door opened but he faltered as the solemn boy walked in. The boy wasn’t alone, as he had expected. He looked hard at the boy, he looked lost and miserable and he had one hell of a shiner.

Looking up at the boy’s companion, he forced himself to be pleasant. David Connor had been a pain in the backside of his brother all his life. He was always looking for a hand out or a little cash to tied him over between jobs. With Sam Sr.’s untimely death, David had been handed the goose that laid the golden egg, guardianship of 13-year-old Sam.

As controller of Sam’s estate, now David Connor was a pain in his backside. Over the months he had worked hard to avoid David as much as possible, as he denied his numerous requests for increases in monthly allowances. He had taken very good and careful control of Sam’s vast investments and holdings, but looking at the shiner Sam sported he began to think that perhaps he hadn’t done nearly enough. He cleared his throat and did his best to remain professional, “So David. I wasn’t expecting you today. How are you doing, Sammy?”

David gave the boy a bit of a shove towards the chairs. He had been furious when he found out that with one phone call Sam had managed to get an appointment with this sleaze bag lawyer that held his brother’s money, while his own calls had gone unreturned for weeks. Of course he had only found out about this meeting this morning when he woke from his alcohol bender from the night before and realized that the kid wasn’t in school. The kid was always in school. He didn’t give a damn that he had to knock the information out him. The shiner was the kid’s own fault, anyways. He shouldn’t have fell against the tub like that when he was smacked. Taking a seat in front of the desk, “He’s doing fine, but he needs some stuff and lately that stuff is costing more, a lot more. Why by the end of the month, the cupboards are damn bare. You wouldn’t want to see Samuel Connor Jr. standing in a bread line at the end of every month, now would you, Simon?”

Simon looked at the boy. His heart hurt. Sam had always been a quiet boy, shy and sweet, honest, and kind. A boy that any mother would want their daughter to bring home, a boy that Sam and Carol Conner had been overjoyed to adopt. The boy had been a dream come true for them. Now he looked like a boy that was trapped in a nightmare. He comes from around the desk and pulls up a chair next to Sam, ignoring David’s frown. He gets right in Sam’s line of sight, even though Sam was busily studying the floor, “Sammy, is that why you’re here? To get your allowances increased?” Sam didn’t say a word, just nodded yes and continued looking at the floor.

He rubbed his hand over his mouth and chin in aggravation. He knew damn well that Sam would not come here asking for money. If it had been something that simple, he would have simply asked for it over the phone. He had always told Sam that if he needed any extra cash, all he had to do was ask. Sam never asked. He didn’t have to. The monthly allowance was more than sufficient. Sam knew that too. The boy was here for something else. Looking over at David, he knew damn well there was only one way to get the asshole out of here so he could talk to Sam some more.

Walking over to his desk, he flips on his computer. He opens the proper program and issues the instructions. He waits a moment then prints out the confirmation on his desktop printer. He makes another copy for his files then hands the confirmation to David. He did his best to keep the snarl out of his tone, “Here’s another ten grand. The check is at 1st National, you know the branch, it’s good until close of business today then it’s voided. You better hurry with afternoon traffic.”

Greedily grabbing the document he makes a motion to the boy to get up. Simon holds up his hand, “Don’t worry about Sam. I’ll drop him off tonight. I hate to eat alone and my partner isn’t in town tonight. I was hoping Sam would like to get a bite for dinner with me.”

David sneered at Simon. As far as he was concerned the fag could do whatever the hell he wanted with the brat, just so long as the payments kept coming. Shrugging, “Yeah, whatever.” Deciding that should at least sound parental, didn’t want him thinking he wasn’t taking care of the kid. He kicks the chair leg to get the kid’s attention. When Sam finally looks up at him, he glares at him, silently reminding him to keep his mouth shut about anything that went on at home, “So, see ya tonight. Not too late, school night.” He quickly turns and almost runs out, he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Lawyers and gays gave him the willies and this guy was a double whammy.

Simon waits until the door closes and he hears the faint echo of the front door opening and closing. Getting up and going to the well-stocked liquor cabinet, he fixes himself a martini and fishes out a 7Up for the boy. Handing him a glass of 7Up and taking a seat next to him, “He’s gone now, Sam. Tell me what you wanted. It’s ok.”

Sam took a sip from the glass, not really tasting it. He had been giving this a lot of thought. He wanted to stay loyal to Mom and Dad, but they were gone and he was alone. He knew that he had been adopted. They had never hidden it from him. They had told him all about how his biological family had gone to great lengths to make sure he went to a good home, all kinds of background checks and stuff. They must have cared about him to do that, they must have. He knew that Uncle Simon had always taken care of Dad’s legal stuff so he must know about it, about him. Bringing his soft amber eyes up to meet Simon’s, “Uncle Simon, do…do you know who I am? I mean you’re my dad’s lawyer. You handle all his legal stuff, like…like my adoption. Can you tell me where they are, my biological mom and dad?”

He had to take a few sips of his drink as he contemplates this. They had wanted a child so badly. They had tried for years to conceive then during an exam a tumor was found. By the time it was diagnosed it had already spread. The only thing that saved Carol was a hysterectomy. They then threw all their efforts into her recovery and making plans to adopt. Given Carol’s medical history adoption was difficult, especially for a healthy Caucasian infant. Their only option was a private adoption. They were making inquiries about it when out of the blue he had gotten a call from an old friend. He drained the rest of his martini then grabbed his jacket, “Come on Sammy. I promised you dinner, then we’ll talk.”


The restaurant was crowded as always but it was good food and reasonably priced, and very private for the right people. He slipped the waiter the correct amount and got a relatively quiet table in the back. The spinach lasagna was excellent as usual and Sammy scarfed down an entire pizza on his own. He had forgotten how much the boy loved red peppers. He took another sip of soda, “Sammy, I’ll tell you what I know but in return I want the truth from you. Starting with how you got that black eye?”

He wanted to tell him, he really did but…but if they took Uncle David away then he really would be alone. They couldn’t do that. He couldn’t do that yet, at least not until he found his other family. He could see them in his mind, they probably had been too young to keep him so they had to give him up but later on, yeah, later on, they had gotten married. He probably had lots of brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles, even grandparents. They were just waiting for him, just him. They wouldn’t care about his money, not like Uncle David, “ I slipped and hit my head on the bathtub. It’s nothing. I’m fine.”

You could always tell so much from this kid’s eyes. They were so expressive, and right now they told him that Sammy was lying. He couldn’t help the disappointed look he gave him but decided not to push him too far. The kid needs help and he was afraid if he pushed now, the kid might stop trusting him. “Ok, but you might need an x-ray, make sure you don’t have a concussion or fracture or something.”

Sam shook his head carefully, trying not to wince. He still had a nasty headache, “I’m fine. Now… now it’s your turn.”

He waited until the waiter took their order for cheesecake and tiramisu, “Well, contrary to what you believe, I did not handle your adoption which for you is a good thing. If I had been involved in it as a lawyer, we could not have this conversation until you were 18. So here goes. I know that you were from New Mexico but I don’t know where. I just know that the lawyer and his wife that brought you to New York came from New Mexico. I was there when they brought you to your parents. I think they might have been friends of your parents or your parents' families. They seemed pretty attached to you. They went to extraordinary lengths to make sure you went to a good family. I got the impression that your parents had been young, very young, probably still in high school. That they were both healthy, no drugs or anything, that’s about it.”

Sammy frowned. It wasn’t much, “What about letters or something. Don’t…don’t they do that sometimes?”

Simon wanted to hug him. If ever a kid needed a hug this one did. He was grasping so hard at straws for a family, “Sammy, I’m sorry but this was a closed adoption, there was nothing like that. All ties were severed at that time.”

He wanted to cry. His dream family was shattering into a million pieces, “They…they didn’t care what happened to me afterwards. They didn’t want me. They just wanted to get rid of me.”

He scooted his chair around so he could put his arm around the boy, “Samuel, adoptions aren’t easy for birth parents. Sometimes…sometimes the only way they can deal with what they had to do was sever all ties. It’s just too hard on them otherwise. I do know that they made certain your adoptive parents were of good character and means, that they could provide you with a stable loving home and a good education. Like they knew that they weren’t going to know how you were doing so they made certain the placement was a good one. And it was. Your parents cherished you from the start.”

He wiped his eyes. He hated to cry. He had cried so much when his parents died, after a while Uncle David had started teasing him about being a sissy boy and a cry baby, “I miss them so much Uncle Simon. I just…I thought that maybe my birth parents might care about me and… and, I don’t know. I have this dream that there was this big, large family out there just waiting to welcome me with open arms… not just my money.”

All he could do tonight was hug him closer, “There are people that care about you. I do, you know that, right? And it’s not just about your money. I was your dad’s friend when he was working paycheck to paycheck and barely making ends meet and I’m your friend too. Sammy, this is important. If you need anything, anything at all, not just money, I want you to come to me. I’ll help you. I promise. You understand?”

He gave Uncle a Simon a quick hug then shook his head yes. “I think I should be getting home. I still have homework from yesterday to complete and school in the morning.”


Simon gazed up at the large upscale apartment building, he could make out that the lights were all on in Sam’s apartment. He had a knot in his stomach about this, “Sammy, you could stay with me tonight, if you want.”

Sam looked up for a moment then back to Simon, “No, that’s ok. This is home.” He gets out of the cab and looks back one more time, “Thanks Uncle Simon.”

Simon watched as the doorman opened the door for him. He waited until he saw Sammy disappear into an elevator before telling the cabbie to drive on. Tomorrow he will place a call to John Tennant. He hadn’t talked to John in years. John and he go way back. He had been the friend that had called him that day 15 years ago and told him about another friend of his that had an infant that needed a home, a good home. John should know that, that home wasn’t so good anymore.


Sam could feel the music thumping through the floor the second he stepped out of the elevator. They had the whole floor to themselves so there were no nosey neighbors to complain. As he neared the door to his home, he could hear it blaring at him. David’s nightly party was in full swing. At least he didn’t have to try and get to the kitchen for something to eat tonight. He could go straight to his room, lock the door and put on his headphones. It was his nightly ritual. He hated it. Mom had worked so hard and was so proud of the antiques she collected and silk tapestries that hung in the dining room. Now the tapestries had barf on them and soot from cigars and other things he knew was being smoked out there. A good part of the antiques were at the pawnshops or consignment shops in town. He hated it when David ran out of his party money. He hated the parties, the whacked-out strangers roaming right outside his bedroom, the drinking, the drugs, the never silent music, and the loneliness. He mostly hated Uncle David, the one that had brought it all into his home. But as long as the parties kept going, David left him alone.


Simon waited a day before calling John Tennant. He had to be careful about how he approached things. Legally John couldn’t tell him anything directly about the adoption so he decided on a more indirect approach. They were at a local bar, sitting at a table, smoking cigars and nursing their scotches, “So John, how are things going?”

John had wondered why Simon was calling him out of the blue like this. They hadn’t really talked in ages, then all of a suddenly a “let’s go for a drink” call. He wondered if Simon and his partner were looking to adopt. It still wasn’t easy for gay couples but it was possible. “Good, doing real good. Penny and I are looking forward to Joshua coming home from boarding school for the holidays. How are you and Gary?”

“We’re good. Gary’s import/export business is doing great. He returns tomorrow morning from Turkey. He had some great finds.” He takes a another sip of his drink as he decides to go ahead and plunge in with his plan, “John, I have a client that is looking to do some business in New Mexico. Don’t you have a friend that is a lawyer there? What’s his specialty?”

“Oh, you mean Philip Evans? Yeah, he’s still there. Still hangs his shingle out in Roswell. He’s a contracts lawyer. What was you’re client looking for?”

For some reason Simon wasn’t surprised that this Philip Evans was not in family law. So that means that his involvement in Sammy’s adoption was on the personal side. He was going to mention something to John about Sammy’s current domestic situation but now, now he already has a lead to the biological family, Philip Evans. Changing his plans at the last minute, “Oh yeah, that’d be perfect. He was looking to invest in a research and development project outside of White Sands. Sounds like Philip Evans might be a good one to take a look at those contracts, and make sure they comply with all the state and local requirements. Do you have his number?”

Whipping out his Pilot, “Yeah, I have it my Palm Pilot. If you have yours with you, you can just scan it.”

Checking to make sure it scanned correctly, they finish their cigars and drinks and went their separate ways. Simon wasn’t entirely sure if finding Sammy’s biological family was the best thing to do. They could turn out to be just a bad as David was, just a drain on the bank account. He could be opening a huge Pandora’s box by proceeding with this. Still, there was the memory of that shiner Sammy had been sporting the other day. That image just won’t go away.


Two days later he was in the privacy of his office, studying the report he obtained on Philip Evans, age 59, married 35 years, wife’s name, Diane, age 58, 2 children, boy Max, aged 34, girl Isabel, also age 34. Interesting that there’s not much on the kids after high school, almost like they had dropped off the face of the Earth. He wondered what had happened to them, and made a note to have the private investigator look into the kids’ whereabouts further. Everything he read was very normal. It was exactly what he expected to find, that just made him uneasier. It was almost too normal. By every account, Philip Evans was a damn fine contracts lawyer that had gone out of his way to remain unnoticed, under the radar. Lawyers usually wanted to get noticed, it helped to make a name, to advance, maybe even someday a judgeship. Philip Evans did none of that, “What are you hiding Philip Evans and why did you take such a personal interests in an adoption case fifteen years ago?”

He was startled out of his musing by his phone buzzing him. He wasn’t expecting anyone. Pressing the button, “Yes, Louisa?” “Mr. Sam Conner is here to see you, sir” comes the reply. “Send him in.” He hoped Sammy was alone this time. As the door opened he smiled at Sammy, the sole visitor. “Hello Sammy. How are you doing today?”

He was tired. David had been partying hearty since getting that ten grand earlier this week. He longed for the time when he could come home to peace and quiet. Home held neither for him now. Taking the offered seat, “I’m ok I guess. Kind of tired, up late a lot this week.” He can’t go on like this for much longer. He wants an escape, any escape. He takes the 7Up he’s offered, “Uncle Simon. Can you help me find them, my birth parents? I’ve been thinking about it and…and I don’t have anything to loose by trying to find them. Will you help me?”

Simon takes a seat and fingers the report sitting open on his desk, abruptly closing the folder, “Sammy, I’ve done some checking already. I found the lawyer that handled things from their side of the adoption, through him I should be able to track down your birth parents, but… you’re wrong. You potentially have a great deal to lose and I’m not talking just about money. Sammy, there are a lot of reasons people decide to adopt their child out. They may not be happy to have you looking them up, and you may not like what you find. You could get hurt.”

He had thought of that but until he knew for certain, there was always a chance that they might welcome him. Was it so wrong to want to feel loved and wanted again? “I’ll think about it. Uncle Simon, what’s his name, this lawyer?”

He could already tell by the look in his eye that Sammy was going to go looking, with or without him. It was better to be with him, that way he could look out for the boy’s interest and keep any additional circling vultures at bay, “His name is Philip Evans of Roswell, New Mexico. Sammy, I’ll help you but I want you to let me handle it, ok? Let’s not go blindly into something when we don’t have a clue what we might find.” He checks his watch and frowns, damn, he wanted to talk to Sammy some more about this but he’s got to run, “Sammy, I’ve got some people looking into things already. Let’s see what they come up with before doing anything else.” Rising and grabbing his coat and bag, “I have a plane to catch for a meeting in Brussels. I’ll be back on Tuesday. We should know more then and can talk about how to proceed, ok?” He gives the boy a hug and walks out of the building with him.


His home was unusually quiet when he walked in. It was odd. He glanced in the living room and spotted two people he didn’t know sleeping on the floor, amongst numerous beer bottles and fast food wrappers scattered all over. The housekeeper had quit not long after Uncle David arrived. He made his way into the kitchen, there wasn’t a lot in the refrigerator except beer and wine. He spotted a soda in the back and snagged it. Opening the freezer, he grabbed a frozen turkey potpie and stuck it in the microwave for three minutes. He was just taking it out and dumping it in a bowl when his uncle walked in, “Hey.”

David just looked at him. His mouth was dry from all the alcohol and his head was pounding. He was in a foul mood, made even worse by his current money problems. “Hey, yourself. So I was thinking. That picture of Sam and Carol, not too long before they died, she had some mighty nice looking rocks around her neck. No doubt she had more just like it. Where’d it go? It should be here, right? Unless that tightwad lawyer stole it.”

Sammy was eating very slowly. He could tell this was going to end badly. It always did when David started asking about things. It meant he was out of money and looking for something to hawk, but not this time, not his mom’s jewelry. Each piece Mom had was from Dad. David wasn’t going to get his hands on it. He couldn’t anyways, it was in a safe in Simon’s office but David didn’t know that. Something in him snapped, he was tired of being scared, tired of putting up with all of this crap, “No Simon didn’t steal anything, he’s not like you!” His defiance didn’t last long as David’s eyes grew narrow in rage and his hand went up in the air, ready to strike. Sammy flew from the table, knocking his chair over in his haste to miss the hand coming down to smack him. He ran. He needed to get to the safety of his room and lock the door before David caught up with him. He ran down the hall, he made it, now he just needed to get the door closed and locked. He could feel a weight starting to push on the other side of the door, trying to keep it open. They stayed that way for a few moments, each trying to push the door. It was no match, Sammy was still a just a kid. He was a bit of a late bloomer, just starting to hit puberty. The contest ended when the door to his room swung open, throwing him back and knocking him to the floor. David was on him in an instant, the blows landing all over, spreading pain wherever they made contact.

He was blind with rage. How dare this little brat back talk him, defy him like that! How DARE he! “You think you’re such a big man now, huh? HUH?” Smack across the face, again, and again, the upper arm, the shoulder, that smart mouth of his, “You think you can tell me what to do, huh, do ya? You know what they did to smart mouthed kids in my day?” He paused as he unbuckled his belt and slipped it off. Doubling the belt up, he started again on him, leaving welts and bruises.

He was beyond terrified. He had never been beaten like this. David had slapped him and smacked him around but never like this, never this bad. He had to make him stop, somehow. He didn’t know what he did or how he did it. He didn’t know that he could do it, but as he held out his hand a bluish energy suddenly appeared between him and his attacker. He gave that energy a good shove and David went flying back against the wall. When he finally started to lower his hand the energy disappeared. He staggered backwards both from the pain of the beating and the fright of what he had just done.

David’s eyes were huge with shock. He couldn’t believe it. What had that kid done? How had he done it? What was he? Backing up along the wall, he couldn’t reach the door fast enough, “You’re a freak. I’m going to report you to…to somebody. They’ll…they’ll come and cart you away. Freak, monster!” He was gone out the door, not looking back.

What had he done? He was terrified of what David said, but he was more terrified of what HE had done. He had to get out of here. He had to find someplace where he could be safe and think. He was trembling so hard he could barely pack his backpack. As the doorman hailed him a cab, he fished in his pocket and found only a fiver. Here he was, one of the richest kids in America and he barely had enough money for cab fare. There was only one place he could think of that he could get to on five bucks.


He had been in the shower when he heard the pounding at the door. For the life of him, he couldn’t think of who would be pounding on it that hard. He slipped a pair of sweats on and a t-shirt and went to check through the peep whole. All he could see was a baseball hat, a short baseball hat, suddenly the hat tilted up and he got a look at the hat’s owner. His jaw dropped open. Oh shit! He quickly undid the locks and opened the door and couldn’t help but stare at the kid. He looked like he had been hit by a Mack truck and he was literally shaking in his shoes. “My GOD! Sammy, what the hell happened? Who did this to you? You should be at the hospital.”

Stepping into the apartment, this wasn’t who he was expecting to be here. Looking around, “Gary, where, wh-where’s… S-S-Simon?”

He put a hand on the boy’s shoulder, trying to help steady him. “Somewhere over the Atlantic right now. His plane was scheduled to land in about 5 hours in Paris, then a connecting flight to Brussels. I won’t be able to reach him for another 8 hours.”

Sammy ignored his pain and started pacing. He’s running on pure adrenalin and can’t stop. Still panting with fright as he walks the floor of the apartment and shaking his head, “I can’t. I can’t wait that long. He’ll find me. He’ll turn me in. I have to leave.”

He stops the boy before he makes it to the door, “Sammy, I know that we don’t know each other as well as you and Simon do but that doesn’t mean I’d let anything happen to you. Look, you need to calm down. You need to be able to think clearly. Come on, let’s sit down for a second.” He was tempted to pour the kid a brandy but decided on soda instead. He had to help steady the boy’s hands so he wouldn’t spill it. “Ok, that’s good. Now take some deep breaths. Come on, in and out, in and out. There, that’s good. Now try to relax and tell me what happened. Whatever it is, I’ll help you. I promise.”

He shakily hands the soda glass back to Gary, “W-w-we had a fight, David and me. He-he wanted my mom’s jewelry. We got into it. He was hitting me, then he took off his belt and started hitting me with it.” He took a big gulp of air as the tears threaten, “I… I don’t know what happened. I had this sort of…energy and I pushed him. He-he went flying against the wall. He’s going to call them and have me taken away. I…I’m a freak.” The tears’ saltiness stung as they spilled down his bruised and battered cheeks, “That-that must be why my birth family didn’t want me. I’m a freak and they knew it even when I was a baby.”

He puts his arms around the boy as he starts to sob in earnest. He’s still confused about what happened. It’s obvious that David beat the hell out of him. Simon will have that asshole behind bars for it soon enough, but he doesn’t get why Sammy thinks he’s a freak or why David would call the cops when it’s obvious that Sammy just shoved back to protect himself. He rubs his back gently, being careful of the welts and bruises, trying to sooth him, “Shh, shh, it’s ok, it’ll be alright. Shh.” It takes several minutes to get the boy to settle down. “Sammy, I need you to explain something to me. Why did you say you were a freak? Is it because of the extra energy? It’s not uncommon when people are scared or panicked to suddenly find themselves with strength and energy that they never knew they had. Didn’t anyone ever tell you about the little old lady that picked the car up off her husband after it fell on him?”

He’s so tired and wrung out. He could feel his energy draining away as that shot of adrenalin began to fade, “No, by energy I mean energy, as in a blue energy field, one that you can see and feel. I held up my hand to try and block the blows and…and it just appeared in between us. I…I pushed on it and it sent David flying against the wall. When I lowered my hand it vanished. David said I was a freak and that they’d come and take me away. He’s right. I am a freak. I shouldn’t have been able to do something like that.”

Gary just looked at him. He didn’t know what to say to that outlandish story but Sammy was never one to make up stories. Simon had always said he was very levelheaded kid that was smart as a tack. He wished Simon were here. Trying to think through everything. Supposing the kid was telling the truth, whatever he did to stop being beat would be self-defense. What could David Conner really do? What was it he had told the boy that he was going to call and have them come and take him away? “Sammy, who’s them? You said David was going to call them, do you know who’s he talking about?” Just then there was a knock at the door. The boy almost jumped out of his skin. He was terrified that whoever this them was, were here for him. Who knows, maybe it was ‘them’. Pointing down the hall, “Go wait in the bedroom while I see who it is.” He waits until the bedroom door closes before going to answer the front door. Peering out the peephole, he chides himself on just how worked up the kid had gotten him. Grabbing his wallet as he opens the door and takes the pizza box, “So what’re the damages again?” Handing over a twenty, “Keep the change.” Calling out down the hall, “It’s ok. It was just the pizza delivery guy. Come on out. Let’s eat and talk about what we’re going to do.”

He just picked at his pizza. He was too upset to eat and jumped at every noise, besides Gary forgot to get red peppers. He loved red peppers. “I have to leave.”

He had noticed the kid just picked at his food. Plus it was probably hard to eat while holding an ice pack to your lip, “Where would you go?”

“Roswell, New Mexico.” He replied with the only place he could think of that might hold some answers. He needed answers. He needed to know what else he was capable of. He needed to know what he was so he wouldn’t be so scared. He needed to know that he wasn’t a freak or monster. “You said you’d help me. I need to go to Roswell.”

“Why?” He needed to know how to explain all of this to Simon when he got a hold of him.

"Because that's where I'm from. They'll know what I am, and what I can do. They have to." He grew quiet for a bit. He needed to build the courage to admit it to him self, let alone someone else, "I'm afraid I might hurt someone. I could have hurt David. I could even have killed him. I don't know how it happened or how to control it. I...I'm scared. Please, will you help me to get to Roswell?"

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SciFiNut111 originally wrote:
Fantastic start to a story.

Gee, you fooled us. You said you were going to deal with the mess Katims left us. No changes. Wasn't SPoT 100% human??? 2 Aliens have a kid that's 100% human??? Remember, Tess said so.

This is a transcript of Nesaedo/Michael conversation from the White Room.

NASEDO: Humans are weak – which doesn’t bother me – and wasteful. Their brains are incredible machines they haven’t even begun to use. When you were engineered, you were given the capacity to do everything the human brain is capable of.

MICHAEL: You mean beside our powers?

NASEDO: Those are your powers, Michael. Everything you can do is human. You were just programmed to be several thousand years ahead of mankind, that’s all. But from what I saw earlier, you’ve barely tapped into what you’re capable of. You can do it, Michael. The only thing stopping you is yourself. (Michael tries to transfer the dead body’s fingerprint onto his own finger.) Try again.

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Part 2

Gary had no idea how he had been talked into this, none whatsoever, but suddenly here he was on a plane heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico with a kid that he barely knew. He hadn't planned this, and he had no idea how he was going to explain it to Simon when he finally reached him. He looked over at the kid who was curled up in his seat sound asleep. He wasn't even sure how he had managed to get on a plane with him without being asked a lot of questions especially about the black eye and busted lip the boy had. The kid was exhausted. It had been a long day, and it was proving to be an even longer night. When they landed he planned to rent a car, find the nearest hotel and crash for a few hours, wake up, call Simon, who'll go nuts over this, and hopefully be on a plane back home by the time Simon got back from Europe. Christ, he could be in a lot of trouble taking a kid across state lines but what choice did he have? The kid was going with or without him, and who knows what kind of trouble he might get into on his own? At least this way, he could keep an eye on him. Yeah, that's the position he's going to take when he talked to Simon. Watching the kid's chest rise and fall in quiet slumber, he thought about it. Simon hadn't been there, hadn't seen the terror in him, how desperate he was. He hoped the kid could find what he was looking for in Roswell. As far as he knew, the only thing in Roswell was a bunch of alien obsessed nuts. What's the kid going to find there?

He was so stiff and sore, all he wanted was a soft place to curl up and not move again. Gary had wanted to stay right there in Albuquerque that night, but he managed to talk him into driving to Roswell instead, then renting a motel room. As the car rolled along, jostling him now and then, he could feel the road vibrating in every sore spot in his body. And there were lots of those. Gary had rented a big Buick. Sammy bunched up his jacket for a pillow and tried to get some rest. He missed the large green sign with a picture of an alien that read 'Welcome to Roswell, NM, The Alien Capitol of Earth'. Thirty minutes later Gary roused him from sleep and helped him into the cheap motel room. A lumpy bed never felt so soft.

Gary watched him for a bit. He was really worried and more than a little, down right scared. The kid wasn't looking too good and here he was, across state lines, with no legal association to him at all. What would he tell the local hospital if he needed to? 'It's ok, I'm the gay lover of his late father's lawyer, and I'm just here trying to protect him from his abusive uncle and legal guardian in New York while my significant other is in Europe?' Somehow he doubted the local police would be willing to buy off on that... how had he allowed himself to get dragged into this in the first place? With nothing more that he could do that night, he brushed his teeth, stripped down to his boxers, climbed underneath the cheap bedspread and blanket in the other double bed, and turned the light off. He would listen to the kid breathe for most of the night, and he cringed whenever the kid winced and moaned in his sleep. Damn, he was in big trouble.


Sammy awoke to the sound of a car engine roaring past, and he very slowly rolled over. The first thing that he noticed was sunlight streaming through the partially opened curtains, then finally his eyes found Gary sitting in a chair with a coffee cup in his hand. As he tried to sit up, Gary was suddenly at his side helping him and stuffing pillows behind him. Gary thrust a McDonald's cup at him. The citrus from the orange juice stung his cut lip but he said nothing. He watched as Gary grabbed a bottle off the night table and broke the seal to get a couple tablets out. He swallowed the ibuprofen down with the last of his juice. "Thanks... thanks Gary for...for helping me."

Gary ran his hand through his hair, not sure about any of this. If he had any brains he would bundle the boy off to the nearest ER, call the local cops and pray he wasn't the one they arrested. He jumped with a start when his jacket pocket started ringing. He reached for the fast food bag and handed it Sammy, "Here, I got you a breakfast sandwich. See if you can get it down." He then glanced down at the caller id as the phone continued to ring. It was an international number. He punched the button as he continued to keep an eye on Sammy, relieved to see him very carefully eating the sandwich. He took a deep breath, "Hello, Simon...thank God."

Simon's connecting flight from Paris to Brussels had been delayed and he had just arrived at the hotel, jetlagged and exhausted. And there waiting for him was an urgent message to call Gary on his cell. His tired mind had suddenly come to life, running through all different kinds of scenarios that could be labeled urgent. The stressed tone of his companion came through loud and clear. "Gary, are you okay? What's wrong?"

He walked towards the sink area, needing some privacy, but wanting to keep Sammy in sight, just in case. Last thing he needed was to have him choke or something while he was talking on the phone to Simon. "It's Sammy. He' with me. Simon..." He took a look at Sammy sitting in bed eating then turned a little more towards the bathroom. Sammy didn't need to hear. "David beat the crap out of him. Sammy showed up at the
door last night. He was freaked, really freaked. He wanted to go to Roswell, NM. He wanted me to take him."

Simon leaned into the phone as if somehow it would make him closer to them. His chest became tight as Gary described one of his worst fears coming true for the boy. He had to concentrate on remembering how to breathe. His keen mind took over on autopilot and sorted the information, and then prioritized it. "How is Sammy? What did the doctor say? Was he hospitalized?"

He cringed at the questions and glanced around the bathroom wall to check on Sammy, who had found the TV remote and was laying back watching I Love Lucy. Every time the boy winced as he tried to get comfortable, a shot of acid churned in Gary's stomach. He licked his lips, trying to moisten them and his dry mouth. This is where the yelling was going to start. "He's... fine. A black eye, busted lip, some bruising. I think he might have some bruised, there are some welt marks on his back..."

Simon’s eyes narrowed as Gary's words registered, 'he thought he might have some bruised ribs?'. Alone in a strange hotel room, a half a world away, he stood up in shock and then anger. "GET HIM TO A DOCTOR NOW!"

Gary pulled the phone away from his ear, but he still had no problem hearing his lover's rage. He figured he might as well get it over with, since things weren't likely to get any better, "Simon, he wouldn't go. I tried. The only place he'd go was Roswell, NM."

Simon sat back down in the chair with a thump. It took him a couple of moments to collect his wits about him. "Gary, tell me you aren't in Roswell with him. Tell me you're not."

He studied his shoes for a moment, wishing that they and he were anyplace but here. He had to swallow a couple of times. It didn't help the stomach acid. "I am. We are. Simon, you weren't there. You didn't see how terrified he was and not just of David but...of himself as well. Simon, he said that he did something to David. Something about some sort of energy field he used to push him back against the wall. It scared the hell out him." He paused for a moment and heard only silence on the other end so he figured he had nothing more to lose and continued, "Simon, I know this wasn't exactly brilliant on my part, but at least he's safe. He's sitting up in bed watching I Love Lucy. He had some OJ and a Sausage McMuffin. I gave him a couple of Advils. He's doing okay." He mentally added the 'I think' part. As the silence continued, "Simon, say something."

Simon gnashed his teeth together as he listened, but held his tongue. Gary wasn't some dumb punk. He was a successful businessman in his own right, well educated, and he knew how to think. But for the life of him, he couldn't imagine him letting Sammy talk him into this. The initial shock eventually wore away as Simon made a mental list of action items. He took out the hotel-supplied pen and paper and started to transcribe his mental list to paper. He finally got to the point where he could speak again. "Gary, for the moment stay put. I'm going to see about bumping my meeting to earlier today and then I'll catch the next flight back to New York. I do not want to see you showing up with Sammy until I'm back and in a position to can handle things. The last thing I need is for you to be arrested for kidnapping. So just stay put. Stay in the motel. But Gary, if Sammy needs medical treatment, don't hesitate. Get it. We'll deal with any fallout later on. Can I talk to him?"

He closed his eyes as he listened and nodded his reply into the phone before he remembered to speak. "Yeah, of course. And don't worry. I'll keep him safe. Call me on the cell when you're back. Simon...I'm sorry. I know it looks like I've screwed up but . . . you didn't see and hear what I did last night."

Simon put his pen down, his anger now gone, and a sense of relief came over him. Gary had done what he thought best and he had gotten Sammy to safety. He knew a few judges that could help out if the repercussions went that far. "No I didn't. We'll work it out. Just keep him safe. I love you."

"I love you too." He walked back into the main sleeping room and handed Sammy the phone. "It's Simon. He's not as freaked as earlier. He wants to talk to you." He grabbed the TV remote and hit mute as Sammy spoke to Simon. He slumped into the chair and waited for them to finish. His curiosity was piqued when Sammy grew very animated and very adamant. There was that name again that he'd mentioned last night, Philip Evans. It hurt to see the tears swelling in the boy's eyes as he pleaded on the phone with Simon. He'd been through so much already. It wasn't hard to figure out. Simon wanted them to stay put in the motel room until he gave the okay sign, and Sammy wanted to go look for this Philip Evans. After all that was the reason they'd come here in the first place. After a few more intense minutes Sammy closed his eyes and said, “okay”. As he hung the phone up, it was obvious that Sammy was anything but okay. "Sammy, are you alright?"

Sammy carefully swiped at his puffy and bruised eyes. He was here, so close. The answers were here. He knew they were. He could feel it. He couldn't leave until he knew those answers. He needed to know how he did what he did last night. He needed to know who he was, and what he was. He needed to know whom his family was and if they wanted him. He had a headache now on top of all his other aches and pains. He squinted as he looked at the built-in night table. He carefully pulled out the phone book and looked under attorney. His finger went right to it, Philip Evans, Esq. The person that held the key to his questions was right here, in the same town. He wouldn't leave until he'd met him.

He watched as something came over the boy. Some sort of hidden inner strength bubbled to the surface. His suspicion was confirmed as the Yellow Pages came out. Sammy wasn't leaving Roswell until he had what he wanted. Answers. When Sammy's finger stuck on a spot, he reached over for the book. "Here, give me that. There's no way you're going out all beat up like that. This Philip Evans would take one look at you and I'd be behind bars so fast it'd make your head spin." He grabbed for the phone and dialed the listed number. Simon had taught him well on how to cut to the chase, and get appointments with people that are supposedly too busy to meet with you. It took a little persuading, but eventually he had a 3:30 appointment to meet with Philip Evans over a legal matter. As he finished writing the directions to the office down and hung up, he gave Sammy a very serious look. "Okay, this is how we're going to do this. You are staying here." As Sammy opened his mouth to protest, "No, I mean it. Let me go feel him out about what he might know. I might not be as good at things like this as Simon, but I can usually hold my own. Now, if he's forthcoming with information. I'll set up a later meeting that includes you...and hopefully Simon will be on hand for that as well. But you, under no circumstances, are to leave this room. Can I trust you on that?"

Sammy nodded with obvious reluctance.


At 3:00 he left Sammy still in bed napping. Beside the bed was a plastic ice bucket full of ice and sodas, and beside that was a large selection of the best a vending machine had to offer. A piece of paper with his cell number was taped to the phone. Between naps Sammy had spent the morning telling him everything he knew about his adoption, and Philip Evans' involvement in it. Gary hoped this would work out. Sammy was pinning so much on this, he'd be devastated if it didn't. Roswell was a small town and he quickly found the address with 15 minutes to spare. He sat and waited in the car, watching the entrance as if it could tell him something about this man and what had happened to make parents give up their child to someone else. And why all the way in New York? He and Simon had looked into adopting once and even if they had been a heterosexual married couple, they still would have had a long wait for a healthy Caucasian infant. He doubted Roswell was any different. At 3:25 he walked into the sparse yet functional suite of offices. The receptionist took his name and told him that he'd have to wait, that Mr. Evans wasn't back from court yet. He knew that he had been squeezed in at the end of the day so he wasn't overly surprised. He kept checking his watch and hoping that Sammy was still sound asleep or watching what ever came on TV during the day. It was a little after 4:00 when a man finally walked in. He looked very tired and worn from what must have been a long day. The man gave him a confused look, nodded politely then went into an inner office, calling back for the receptionist to follow him. She emerged about 5 minutes later and said that it'd be just a few more minutes. He checked his watch again. He should probably pick up some pizza or tacos or something on the way back to the motel. It was getting close to dinnertime. He looked up as the man came back out and introduced himself. Taking the offered hand, "It's good to meet you Mr. Evans. I'm Gary Wilcox. Thank you for taking some time to meet with me this afternoon on such short notice."

It had been a very long day, spent mostly in court. Philip wasn't overly thrilled when he found a new client sitting in his office with an appointment that he knew nothing about. His practice was already maxed out and he had no desire to expand it. It had been almost 15 years since he had hired additional help. He hired only to replace someone that had left. A prominent lawyer with a large practice attracted too much attention and he couldn't afford that. He decided to hear what kind of help the man needed so he knew whom to refer him to. Shaking the hand, "It's nice to meet you too. I apologize for the wait. I was held up in court. Please, come in and have a seat." He went through the normal courtesies offering coffee, tea, or water, and then got down to business. "Mr. Wilcox, I'm going to be honest here. My calendar is pretty full right now. In fact I don't even have a junior associate with free time to take on any more cases. But if you'll give me an idea of what your needs are, I can refer you to someone qualified to handle your case."

Gary felt bad about blindsiding the guy but he couldn't think of any other way. "Mr. Evans, I'm afraid that I wasn't completely honest with your receptionist when I booked this appointment. I...uh, I'm here about an adoption."

Philip shook his head, clearly confused. "I'm sorry but I'm not an adoption attorney. I don't understand why you would seek me out about one."

Now it was his turn to be confused. Why was Philip Evans involved in Sammy's adoption if he didn't specialize in those? The more he found out, the more confusing things got. His confusion was etched on his face. "But then why were you involved in one 15 years ago in New York?" He wasn't prepared for the kind of reaction that elicited from the man sitting behind the desk.

His throat was dry from all the talking he had done that day in court and had just taken a long drink of water when out of the blue, he was hit with a question he hoped to hell he'd never be asked. It was all he could do not to spit the water out. He choked on it instead. The man started to get up to help him, but he held his hand out, indicating he was ok as he took another sip of water to try and ease the coughing that had ensued. He took some deep breaths, trying to get his composure back. He wanted to kick himself. His obvious reaction gave away all deniability and he didn't have a clue to whom, yet. He needed to find out. "Why? What do you have to do with it?"

Gary wasn't sure what to say. Obviously this man was intimately connected to the adoption to have reacted like that. He diverted his eyes for a moment, not wanting to look him in the eye until he knew what to say. His eyes landed on the pictures sitting on the credenza behind Philip Evans’ desk. And there they remained glued. One of the pictures was of a young man, a teen a year or two older than Sammy. His hair was darker than Sammy's but the eyes. The eyes were the same, in fact quite a bit was the same. He studied it for a moment longer. The clothes were out of date by about 10 or so years. The jeep he was standing in front of was ancient. It would be a miracle if it were still on the road. The picture was old, but who was the boy in it? What was his relationship to Sammy? For Gary was certain that they were related. He glanced at the other pictures sitting there, the wife and children, family pictures. Sammy had to be related to Philip Evans, but how? He looked back up at the man sitting there. Most likely he was a young grandfather or an older father. But why would he have given either son or grandson up for adoption? It wasn't in his nature to ask such personal questions, but he had no other choice. Nodding towards the picture behind him. "Mr. Evans was that baby your son or grandson? That boy looks just like him."

Philip turned and looked at the pictures. The one of Max was there. He had just gotten his drivers license and couldn't wait to take the jeep out for a spin. The summer before, father and son had worked side by side getting the jeep running smoothly. It was one of his fondest memories. But the jeep was destroyed just three years later and that had started the chain of events that had led to him losing his son and daughter as well as his grandson the year after. Taking that little baby to New York and handing him over had ripped his and Diane's hearts out. He blinked a couple of times as the man's words sunk in and his head whipped back around. "How do you know that? How do you know what he looks like? He was just a baby."

"He's here with me. He...his adoptive parents were killed in a car accident a couple of years ago. He's had a hard time since then. We're staying..." He didn't know what to think when Philip's eyes grew wide in alarm and held out his hand, indicating him to stop talking. His curiosity grew to unease as Philip looked around the room like he was trying to find some hidden thing. After a few minutes, Gary tried again. "Mr. Evans, if you'd like I could ta..."

"Shut up! Just shut up... Not here!" said Philip as he silently thought, "Shit!" He knew that his home and office had been bugged for a while right after the kids had left. He had no idea if they still were, but he couldn't take the chance. They obviously didn't give a damn about the right to privacy or client-attorney privilege, but then that didn't surprise him. After all they had been willing to shoot his children down in cold blood, in the middle of graduation, in a packed auditorium. Now this man had brought his grandson here. He grabbed his case and motioned the man to follow him. He bid his receptionist good night and told Gary to follow him in his car. He'd give anything to see his grandson, anything. But it was safer if he and Diane didn't. God, what was he going to tell Diane? It would break her heart to know that little Zan was nearby and she didn't get a chance to at least see him. What was that he said again, something about his adoptive parents being killed? How had they found him? If they could track him down then so could the Special Unit. He had no choice. He picked up the cell and dialed his wife. He would use the code that they had come up with a long time ago. He hoped she remembered. "Diane, honey...I was thinking, why don't you pack a picnic basket and meet me out at the lake in say twenty or thirty minutes?" He heard her sharp intake of breath and knew that she had understood. Her reply was choked full of emotion, but it was steady and strong. He pulled down the dirt road that lead to Buckley Point. In the back was a bag that he had packed a long time ago. Diane had another one in her car as well. They had wanted to be ready...just in case. He pulled to a stop and Gary pulled his car up along side. Philip popped the trunk and retrieved a pair of high-powered binoculars to scan the area. He didn't see anything so he scanned it again. Finally satisfied, he looked back to a very confused and now panicked looking young man. He indicated that they should walk away from the cars. There was always a chance his car was bugged as well even though it was brand new. His eyes kept searching around as he spoke, "What is your relationship to...what's his name?"

Right now Gary wanted nothing more than to go get Sammy and get him as far away from Roswell as he could. He had no idea what was going on, but it was obviously very dangerous. However he needed to know what danger was lurking out there so he'd know what to avoid. "Sammy...Samuel Conner Jr. actually but he's always been called Sammy. Mr. Evans what in the hell is going on? Why all this...this cloak and dagger stuff? What are you afraid of?"

"Loosing my children...and my grandchild's lives." He looked around again. Diane should be coming any minute. "You didn't answer my question. What's your relationship to...Sammy?"

Gary's patience was wearing thin. Philip Evans was scaring the crap out of him and he needed to know why. "A friend, a good friend. Look, I've been very patient, but it's time you started answering my questions for a change. Who exactly is Sammy to you and what the hell is going on? If I don't start getting some answers then I'm going back, get Sammy and getting him the hell out of here." He turned; ready to bolt as they both heard the car coming.

He immediately recognized the car and breathed easier. "Don't panic, that's my wife. I called her on the way over." Turning his full attention back to the man. "Actually your idea would've been a good one right up until the moment you walked into my office. Once you did that then you and Sammy were marked."

"WHAT? Marked? Marked with what?" He was getting ready to lose it. "This is f*cking ridiculous!"

Diane pulled up, got out of her car, and immediately ran over to him. They hugged then walked back over to Gary. "Gary, this is my wife, Diane Evans. Honey, this is Gary Wilcox, a friend to little Zan."

Her hand flew to her mouth. It was one of her dreams and nightmares coming true. Her precious grandson, this man knew her precious grandson. She fought to control her emotions so she could speak. "Is he alright? Could I...oh Philip, what are we going to do?"

Philip could see that he was pushing the man beyond his limits. Taking a few breaths, he started to explain, "Diane, he doesn't know anything. Gary, Sammy is our grandson Zan. He's the son of our son Max and a...girl he once knew. Max wanted him very badly, as did we, but we couldn't keep him. We did so only for a short time, but it was too dangerous. Giving his son up was the hardest thing that Max ever did. But in the end he was right. The kids barely escaped with their lives only a short time later. We were watched for a long time afterwards to see if any of them came back here or made contact with us. We're not sure if we're still being watched, but we can't take the chance...not with our grandson's safety on the line."

His head felt like it was going to start spinning any second as he tried to get a grasp of this. "Wait a second. Where's this girl your son knew? Where's Sammy's mother?"

"She's dead. That's why Zan came to us. Besides, I doubt Max would have let her keep him once he finally found him even if she had lived. She...she had a... history." Philip hoped he wouldn't have to explain Tess to Zan...Sammy. He didn't need to know his mother was a murdering bitch that had brought the heat of the FBI back down on them and forced their children to run.

Gary could only shake his head. He still didn't have a handle on exactly what was going on but so far it didn't look good. He just didn't get it. Philip and Diane seemed like nice, upstanding successful people. "So your son Max is on the run and Sammy's mother is dead. And it's obvious that you're both scared to death that now Sammy might be next? Why? What the hell is your son involved with that would put him and Sammy in so much danger, especially 15 years after the fact?"

Diane just looked at Philip, wondering how much they should say. Would he go to the authorities and turn the child in? Even if Zan...Sammy was human, if Max found out that the Special Unit had his son...just the thought almost brought on a panic attack. "Mr. Wilcox, Gary, how is Sammy? Is he okay?"

She sounded so nice and warm, like any concerned grandmother would. "No, he's not okay. His parents were killed in an auto accident two years ago. His uncle got custody of him, but what he really wanted was custody of his money. He didn't give a damn about Sammy. Last night Sammy showed up at my apartment looking for Simon, my companion. Simon was Sam Conner Sr.'s attorney and has power of attorney over all of Sammy's inheritance. Plus he was a good friend to both father and son. Simon's in Europe on business, but he'll be catching a flight back tonight. Anyhow, basically Sammy had the hell beaten out of him, nothing too serious though, mainly a lot of bruises and welts, sore as hell. I think. But he was really freaked. He said something about...about some sort of energy field he used to get his Uncle David to stop beating him." He shrugged. "You know how kids are, they can exaggerate things. I tried explaining about the grandma with superhuman strength freeing her trapped..." He stopped because of the way they were looking at him. He expected them to be upset but not like this. "Uh, what?"

Philip spoke very slowly, "Sammy used an... energy... field? Has anything like that happened before?"

Gary studied their faces, trying to figure it out. "Judging by how freaked he was about it, I don't think so. He didn't understand how he had done it and he was terrified by the fact that it had." The couple were looking at each other with what he could only describe as an 'oh shit' look. "Wait, you're not saying that he really did have some sort of actual energy shield thing, are you?"

"Oh God. He wasn't supposed to be able to do any of that. Philip, that poor baby, he needs...he needs his father to teach him and help him understand." Diane was beside herself. They had given him away so he could be safe and have a normal life and to find out that had been all wrong. Oh God...Oh God. The tears started falling then. "Philip, we have to take him there. We have to somehow get him to Max."

Gary watched as Philip nodded to his wife then walked back to the car to get something out of the trunk. That was it. He had enough. "Now wait just a damn minute. If you think I'm handing Sammy over to you just like that, you're nuts! I don't even know you. Obviously your children have gotten involved in something bad and now you want to drag Sammy into it? No f*cking way!"

Philip grabbed the prepaid cell phone out of his trunk. He'd made sure that it was one of the cheaper models that did not have the global tracking system. He frowned when the man started yelling, but he couldn't blame him. Walking back over he took his wife's hand in support. "Mr. Wilcox, Sammy did produce that energy field, just like he said. The reason I know that is because his father, our son, could do the same...and that's just the beginning. You're right, our kids are on the run for their lives and not because of something they've done, but because of what they can do. They're different. So was Sammy's mother. But Sammy wasn't supposed to be. She told us he was...normal. That's the main reason that Max decided to give him up, to let him have a chance at a normal life. That doesn't seem to be the case any longer. And Diane's right. He's going to need to be with others that can help him to understand and protect him."

Gary ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. "No, you're not taking him. I won't let you. Jesus Christ, do you even know who he is? He's Samuel Connor Jr., son and heir of one of the largest fortunes in the country! The police, the FBI are going to be going ape shit if he comes up missing or kidnapped!"

He was surprised his demeanor was so calm with a guy yelling at him. But it just proved that this was a good guy who cared a great deal about Sammy. "But we didn't kidnap him, you did. You said this Uncle David was his legal guardian and this Simon fellow was out of the country. Who gave you the authority to take him across state lines? By the way, you said he was hurt, have you taken him to the doctor yet?"

That made him pause. He still felt guilty about it. He was beginning to believe that he shouldn't have listened to Sammy's pleas and called the police when he first showed up. God, has it really been less then 24 hours ago? How had he gotten involved in all of this? "Uh, no. Sammy refused to go. I did try, but I was afraid if I pushed him he'd up and run off on me."

"Good. With Sammy's powers starting to show up, there's no telling what a medical examination would've revealed." As Gary stood there with his mouth hanging open in astonishment, he switched the phone on. He hoped that it worked. He had purchased a new one at a different place and in a different city every six months. It was almost time for a new one. Hearing the phone pick up, "Yes, hello, Sheriff Valenti, please." Philip was immensely grateful for what Jim Valenti had done for his son and all the kids. He was glad that the man had gotten his position back. "Sheriff, this is Philip. Diane and I need to take a vacation for a bit. I was hoping you'd be kind enough to get our cars back home. They're at the BP. Yeah, thank you, sheriff... for everything. The keys will be under the bumper."

Diane was already retrieving her bag from the trunk of her car as he did the same. He had one more call to make. This one Max had given him the details on, including using it in case of extreme emergency only. Philip didn't relish calling the person that had sworn his hatred to his son, but at the same time that same person was still duty bound to protect the King of Antar, and his heir. A stranger's voice answered the phone, "Hello, Cal Langley please."

Gary could only watch as his world was being turned upside down. Christ, the local sheriff was in on it? Cal Langley, where did he know that name? He'd heard it before, he was sure of it, but where? Hollywood, that's it. Wasn't that the name of some big shot movie producer? Why the hell would Philip Evans be calling him? It quickly became clear that this Cal Langley wasn't too thrilled to be called into this. Philip was doing some major arguing with him. He had observed Simon on the phone while working and he recognized in Philip the same arguing traits. Philip must be one hell of a lawyer. Good thing too. They're going to need one when all this is done. When Philip finally hung up, "Look, I'm still not just turning him over to you two. I don't care who you are. You're both strangers to Sammy and me. I won't give him to strangers. Besides, Simon would skin me alive!"

"Don't worry, you're not. You're coming with us. As for the FBI and police, if Simon is whom I think he is, Simon Shapiro of the Shen, Wilke, and Shapiro Law Firm in New York then we're going to need his help with this as well." He grabbed his own bag out of the back of his car and escorted Diane towards the big Buick that Gary was driving. As he opened the back door for Diane, "Gary, are you coming?"

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Demoira Your post just cracked me up. Thank you.

ladylou Ah, what can I say Philip must've been a hell of a Boy Scout.

K_K My bud, you'll have your answer on the "how does human Zan have powers..." question probably in the next part I send over, or at least my theory for it. Look for it... hmm, if not before your trip then waiting for you when you get back. Oh, and congrats on the new niece-in-law!

To all that have asked...Yes, M/L and everyone will be part of this, just not yet. This is mainly a Zan Jr. story and revolves around his world and those in it. And they ain't in it yet. *wink*

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Part 3

During the car ride back into town, Diane was shaking she was so excited and scared. She was going to see her grandson, but at the same time it would've been better if he hadn't shown up. Oh God, what a mess. Her mind ran through everything Gary had told them. His name was Sammy. He had been orphaned two years ago. His uncle had abused him. He was scared and confused. He was hurting. Tears kept threatening as she thought about him, alone and scared, poor baby. He needed help, their help. She wasn't overly surprised when they pulled into the Tumbleweed Motel. There weren't a lot of motel options in town. She was out of the car the second it came to a full stop in front of room 4. Her grandson was just on the other side of that door. She hadn't seen nor held him in 15 years. She had cried buckets on the plane ride back from New York. And then a river flowed a few days later when they donated the little crib, and everything they had bought for him, to charity. He'd only spent a little over a week with them, but it had brought them all back together again as a family. Max had even moved back home since Michael's apartment was no place for a baby. Then she had lost not only her grandchild, but her children as well. Now at least one of them was right here. Philip took her hand in his while Gary pulled out the key attached to the orange plastic key ring and opened the door. The theme from Gilligan's Island assailed them as they walked into the room. And there, lying in bed was Sammy snoring loudly. Her hand flew to her mouth to stifle the sob that threatened. He was beautiful. She wanted to scoop him up in her arms and hold him close. He looked just like Max did at that age, still so young and innocent looking. She bit her lip when she got a good look at his left eye, it was swollen and black and blue. And his lip was puffy and bruised. Oh God, someone had hurt him. Of course she knew that already, but to see it on him. She held her hand out tentatively, wanting to touch him, but afraid to do so. He didn't know her, she wasn't his mother...he looked so much like Max. She finally allowed just her fingertips to gently stroke his hair. It was more a medium brown than the dark brown of his father's. But that made sense, since Tess had been a blonde. Philip sat beside her, almost as overcome as she was. She quickly removed her hand and held her breath as his eyes started to flutter open. The left eye opened just a slit, but his right one flew open in alarm and he tried to sit up. He winced and grunted as he moved which heightened her maternal instincts. "It's okay, honey, just go slowly. It's okay, Sammy. Gary brought us. It's okay."

Sammy had been napping off and on, and eating junk food in-between. He was still too sore to do much more than that. He had been dreaming about his mom and how she would take care of him when he was hurt or sick. For a moment right before he woke up he could have sworn that she was there, touching his hair. He was startled when he woke to find a strange lady sitting on the other bed staring at him, and there was a man next to her. He looked around the room until his eyes landed on Gary, who nodded and told him it was okay. He turned his attention back to the lady and studied her for a moment. She looked like she was about to cry or something. She seemed anxious. Had she been touching him like Mom used to? He glanced over at the man. The man looked worried but he smiled a little at him. Sammy was unsure of what to say, "Hi?"

A slight chuckle slipped out at that. Sammy's confusion was so clearly written all over his face that Diane just couldn't resist any longer. Reaching out, she gently put her hand on his shoulder and smiled, "Hi Sammy. I'm Diane Evans, and this is my husband, Philip Evans."

Sammy's eyes grew wide with excitement as he looked at the man again, "'re Philip Evans? You're the one that handled my adoption, right? I mean, you know my parents, don't you? Where are they?"

He looked so desperate. Diane's eyes started tearing up, "Oh honey..."

Philip decided he had better start explaining things before Diane lost it and started all out bawling. Taking the boy's hand in his, "Sammy, we do know your parents, at least your father pretty well. We should, he's our son, which makes you our grandson."

Sammy hadn't ever figured on that. He should have, but he didn't. "You'" He looked again at the lady who now had tears running down her face, "Grandma?" He immediately found himself wrapped in her arms and being held tight. It hurt the bruises a little, but it was worth it. It'd been so long since someone had done this. He laid his head on her shoulder for a moment and closed his eyes, and softly mumbled, "Grandma" again in her ear. Maybe his dream family really existed after all.

It took Diane a few minutes before she could let go of him. She pulled back and really looked at him, the same eyes, the same chin and mouth. She grinned, the same ears. She took some deep breaths to try and calm her emotions. She gently cupped his cheek, "You look so much like your father." She sniffled again, "The last time we saw you, and you were just a baby with no hair and your ears stuck out. You were just precious when you smiled and gurgled."

He was so excited. He had a grandma. He'd never had grandparents before. Mom's parents died when he was baby and he never knew Dad's parents. He looked over at the man, his grandpa. "Grandpa, where're my mom and dad? Why... why was I adopted? Was it because I can do that...thing?"

Philip and Diane gave each other a look. What where they going to tell him about what happened and why? So much of it needs to come from Max. But Max wasn't here. He went and sat next to Sammy on his bed and put his arm around him, "Sammy, it''s complicated. Actually it's because you weren't supposed to be able to do that thing that Max decided to give you up for adoption. He wanted you to have a normal, safe life, and he knew that was something that he couldn't give you. And because it would be easy to figure out that you are our grandchild, neither could we. Sammy, your dad and mom were like you. They could do that thing too and more.

Some...people found out about them and wanted to take them away, or even worse. Sammy, your mom was killed and... and your dad was afraid that they'd find you. He loves you so much, we all do. It was very hard for all of us to give you up, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. It wasn't too long afterwards that those bad people did come after your father and his sister, his best friend, and their friends. They had no choice but to run, and they've been running ever since. But at least Max knew that you were safe." He looked at all the bruises, "Well, at least from the dangers that he knew about. But it's different now. You can do things. Your powers, powers that we never thought that you'd have, are starting to develop. You need to be with your dad. He can help you to understand and control them."

Sammy broke out in goosebumps, there was a 'them' and they had killed his mother. He had no doubt that Uncle David would contact 'them'. He'd do anything to get more money, and if I were sent away...Uncle David would have it all. His dad was like him, and others were too. He needed to get to them and safety. He looked up at his grandpa with scared eyes, "Grandpa, can you take me to my dad? Do you know where he is?"

Gary had been standing by the now silent TV watching the reunion in front of him. It was obvious that Philip and Diane loved Sammy, which was exactly what Sammy needed, tons of love. But God, what a mess! "That's a pretty good question," Gary said. "Do you know where he is?"

"No, not exactly," Philip responded. "It was too dangerous for me to know, but I do know someone who does or at least would know how to go about finding him. And that's where we're going, to meet him." He gave Sammy a good squeeze, but not too tight though. He needed to be gentle on those bruises. He wondered if Sammy knew how to heal himself, yet. He sighed. Just one more thing Max might be able to teach him. He gave Sammy a peck on the forehead. "It should be dark soon, we should head out then."
Sammy hugged his Grandpa back then climbed out of bed and grabbed his backpack, "I think I'll get cleaned up before we leave." He collected another kiss from Grandma before heading into the bathroom.

Gary waited until he heard the shower running before saying anything more. "Let me guess, Cal Langley is the person who knows your son's whereabouts." A nod from Philip confirmed this. "So, care to explain how this is all going to work? I assume we're heading to California to meet him?"

Philip shook his head, "No, Kansas. Some place far away from his home and our home, someplace neutral and out of the way. Hopefully neither of us will be followed. He gave me directions to someplace right outside of Wichita."

Gary frowned at that. "You didn't answer the other question. How does your son know Cal Langley? From the sound of the conversation you had with him, he was none too thrilled about being contacted."

Philip sighed heavily. "No, he wasn't. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but there's some bad blood between them. However, despite that...Cal has to help Max and his son. He's duty bound to." Philip could see that Gary was going to challenge that last statement so he quickly added, "It's a family debt. Cal owes Max a family debt and Cal has no choice, but to pay it. And no, he's not too thrilled about any of this, but he did agree to meet." Philip listened for a moment and smiled, singing was coming from the shower. Maybe Sammy wasn't exactly like Max after all. Max couldn't carry a tune that well. Turning his attention back to Gary and their immediate concerns, "It'd be safer if we weren't seen in public, but since we've got a little time before dark you might want to go pick up some fast food for dinner. And maybe some drinks and snacks for the road."

Gary didn't like leaving Sammy alone with them. It's not that he didn't trust them; then again, maybe he didn't, at least not entirely. But they had no car. True they could call a cab or something, but why go to all the trouble of making a story up like this just to snatch the kid. He finally nodded in agreement and left, but only as far as the McDonalds on the corner and the market just behind it.

Philip waited until they were alone before sitting down with Diane. Everything was happening so fast. They had always known that this could happen and they had prepared for it, but did they want to take it the last step? "Diane, how far do we take this? If we go all the way, can you do it? Can you walk away from everything?"

Diane closed her eyes and thought of their comfortable home they had made for themselves. In her mind she could see and hear her children's laughter echoing down the hall as they played. The house had been so quiet for so long. It felt like it too missed those sights and sounds. She opened her eyes and gave her husband a sad smile, "Without the children, it's just a house, not a home. Our possessions are just things and can be replaced. Do it, Philip."

Philip gave her a kiss. He grabbed his bag, pulled out his laptop and connected it to his cell phone. He opened the program and punched in the code. He glanced at the bedside clock to confirm that the banks were already closed. He looked at his wife once more to give her one last chance to change her mind. She only nodded at him. He pushed the transmit button. At 12:01 AM, all of their funds would be transferred to a bank in Florida, then onward to the Bahamas, then the Cayman Islands, they would hit Switzerland a couple of times before traveling onward to more banks and countries. It would lead anyone watching on a wild goose chase. Eventually some of it would wind up in Jesse Ramirez's account, but the bulk will be withdrawn by a cousin in Amsterdam and redeposited back in Geneva, Switzerland to yet another new account. But that would take some time. In the meantime they would have to survive on what cash they'd brought with them, which was more than enough for now. Their lawyer already had instructions on what to do. If they were ever gone for more than 60 days without contacting him, he would have power of attorney to sell the house and all their possessions, and then to donate the proceeds to various charities. They weren't planning on coming back. It was hard to leave their lives behind, but some things are simply more important. He briefly wondered how long it would take the FBI to find out that they'd left. Closing the laptop he said, "It's done." Looking at his wife, he voiced the unthinkable. "Diane, what if...what if we can't find them? It's possible that they...were caught and we'd never know. It's been close to a year since we've heard anything. What about Sammy?"

She stood and paced. She hated to think about that. Max or Isabel usually got word to them every so often, but never on a regular schedule. A couple of times it was over a year between contacts, but... she couldn't pretend that they were ok when they didn't know for certain. Not with Sammy's life and well being at stake. They had to have a backup plan for him in case... in case the kids weren't there any more. "We raised two alien children without knowing, we could do it again. In fact it'd be easier in a way, at least we'd know." She looked at him, almost afraid that he'd object. She released the breath that she didn't even know she was holding when he only nodded in agreement. Of course he'd agree. He missed the children and family as much as she did. One way or another they were going to be reunited with their family...or what's left of it.


Diane couldn't help but to keep glancing over at him as they traveled down the dark highway towards Albuquerque. Every once in a while she'd catch him glancing back over at her. They'd smile at each other for a moment before he would duck his head shyly and resume looking out the window at the darkened desert. She had often wondered what it had been like for Max and Iz that first night before she and Philip had found them, lost and all alone, not understanding anything or even what they were seeing. Her babies. She studied him as he watched to highway. He had his father's general build. She bet herself that in the next year he would start to shoot up and fill out a bit just like Max had when he was about 15-16. He had a profile similar to Max's, chin, mouth, eyes, but the nose was a little different. He was shy and quiet like his father was, especially around strangers. And they were still strangers to each other. She reached down to the floorboard and pulled a small book out of her purse. It was time to introduce him to a few members of the family. As she flipped on the backseat reading light, "Sammy, scoot over here to the middle, I want to show you something."

Sammy scooted over and buckled into the center seatbelt. Grandma slipped her arm around his shoulders as she handed him the book. The cover read Grandma's Brag Book. He opened the cover and the first image was of a baby, bald and grinning. He knew that was one of him. He'd looked pretty much the same in the numerous ones that Mom and Dad had taken of him when he was a baby. He flipped the page and stopped, as he stared at the image of himself in a young man's arms. His finger traced along the image of the man. He did look like him, a lot like him. "That's my father?"

She kissed the top of his head and took a deep, trying to hold her emotions in check, "Yes, that's Max and you. Your mother had... run off when she was pregnant. Max was worried sick and tried to find her and you. You were a few months old when she finally came back. You had just come to live with him and us in these pictures." As he flipped the page memories sprang to life for Diane. "Oh, I remember that day. All the kids were over and helping get Iz's room redone as a nursery. That's Michael helping Max put your crib together. Michael was Max's best friend. That's Maria, Michael's girlfriend, holding you." As they flip through the pages, more memories came. "Oh and that's your Aunt Isabel, our daughter, holding you. And that's Jesse, her husband. And this one is Max and Liz sitting on our sofa."

Sammy paused flipped back thru the pages. Everyone was so young. They looked happy and ...normal. But they weren't normal and neither was he. Sammy looked up at her, "Do you have any of my mom?"

Diane paused. She wasn't sure. Max had only been with her for such a short time. It was actually hard to picture her son with Tess. She had seemed to be more Isabel's friend than Max's, let alone...well, obviously they had been a little friendly. The proof of that was sitting right here next to her. But did she have a picture of her? She took the book from him and flipped towards the back where some of the earlier pictures were. There, there was one of all of them, back before everything had completely fallen apart, before Alex's death. "Here honey, here's one of all of them. It was taken the night of their junior prom. There's Max and Liz, Michael and Maria, Isabel and...Alex, and that's Tess Harding, your mom, with Kyle Valenti."

Sammy brought the book up close to see better. That's all she had, a group picture with his mother in it? That's all? It finally started to dawn on him. No one had said a whole lot about his mom other than she had died and he went to go live with his dad and them for a little while. He looked at her again, "You didn't like my mom very much."

How could she explain it? That girl had cost Diane, her family. True, she had given Max this wonderful boy, but it had been at such a huge price. As she looked at him, she couldn't be angry. He was the innocent in all of this. "I honestly didn't know her that well. I had always thought of her as more of Isabel's friend than Max's. I was more than a bit surprised when we found that...when we found out about you." She turned back to the prom picture, "Max and Liz got married not long after they left. Last I heard they were still very happy together. Honey, I know this is hard but try to understand. This boy with Isabel, Alex, he died in an... accident just a few days after this picture was taken. It was a senseless death and everyone was torn up about it. Sometimes people do things and react to grief in ways they normally wouldn't have...I'm not sure what happened between your mom and dad back then, but I guess they grew... close during that time. But honey, I do know that he loved and wanted you very, very much."

Sammy didn't know what to think of that. He looked again at the boy that had died. He was so young, just a few years older then himself. He looked at his mom again and then at the girl his dad had wound up marrying. She'd been his prom date. His high school sweetheart, he'd married his high school sweetheart. He looked back at his mom. Who was this Kyle guy? What had happened to him? What had happened to all of them? Did they all go on the run with his dad? Wait, Grandma said Aunt Isabel had a husband, where'd he go? "Grandma, what happened to all of them? Did they all go with my dad? Are they all like him... like me?"

"Yes, most went with your dad. Liz did, and of course Michael. And yes, he's like you and your dad. So is Isabel, but she asked her husband not to come with them. She wanted him to have a chance at a life away from all the...craziness. But Kyle did go with them. I... um, I guess since Liz had started to develop powers because Max had healed her a few years earlier, and then Kyle was healed a little later, that Kyle figured he'd eventually get them too and... well, he thought that he'd be better off going than staying. It was awfully hard on his father, though." It was hard on all of us. God, they missed the kids. I wonder what they look like all grown and married and even with some children of their own, but not mine, though. How many do Michael and Maria have now? Was it four and one on the way, or was it the fourth one on the way? Sammy's shocked look finally registered, "What is it, honey?"

His jaw had dropped open. It took him a few moments before he could close it and use his mouth. "He healed them? H-h-how?"

Now it was Diane's turn to be surprised. She should have realized that he'd have no idea of what all Max and the others could do with their powers. He was just discovering his own. "Oh, uh, I'm not sure how exactly. He just could. It was sort of instinctive, I think. I'm sorry, honey. I just don't have all the answers for you."

Sammy rubbed his fingers over his split lip and wondered if he could heal himself. He looked at his hand and had no idea how to even begin to try. Turning his eyes back to her, "It's okay. But do you know anything else that he could do?"

Diane had to think for a moment. The kids had revealed so much to them in such a short time and then suddenly they were gone. She tried to remember everything that they had told her and everything that she had seen. "Well, I know that they could change the shape of things. Like say make a statue of a horse into a dolphin. Oh and levitate objects. I know Isabel could do that." Out of habit her hand went to her chin as she thought about it, "Oh and Max told us that Michael was really good at blowing things up, but that it took him a long time to figure out how to control it. Max said that occasionally he still slipped when he was...upset."

Sammy wondered if he could do any of that, then he remembered the one thing he had done. "What about an energy field? Could any of them do that?"

"I'm not sure." Looking up front, she tapped Philip on the shoulder, hoping she wouldn't distract him too much from driving. "Philip, did any of them mention something about an energy shield of some sort?"

Philip had been busy driving, but making a point to be quiet so he could hear everything. He was partly happy that Sammy was starting to open up and ask questions, and partly worried because he wasn't sure about what answers to give him. Fortunately, Diane seemed to be handling it pretty well. Those Tess questions were tough, though. His eyes shifted to the passenger sitting next to him, wide-awake and listening to every word. "Um, I'm not sure but I seem to recall Max saying that he could make some sort of shield."


It was after midnight and the car was silent as Gary stretched in the front seat. These long days were starting to get to him. He was glad when Philip had offered to drive. Besides, he was more familiar with the road. Gary glanced over his shoulder and saw Sammy sound asleep in the back seat with his head on Diane's lap. Diane was either gently rubbing Sammy's arm or stroking his hair, constantly touching him as if she was trying to convince herself that Sammy really was there in the flesh. He still had misgivings about all of this because of all the unknowns, but he was certain that having loving grandparents in Sammy's life was just what he needed. His eyes were just starting to close when he heard his cell phone ring. He quickly grabbed it and looked at the caller ID. He instantly recognized the number as Simon's office. He didn't think it was a good thing that Simon was in his office at after 1:00 AM. Simon must have gone straight there from the airport. He cringed a little as he answered the call. This wasn't going to be pretty.



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Demoira Yeah, Philip and Diane do not want to be the ones to tell him the truth about his mom, and who could blame them? But they can't lie to him either, so it's a fine line they're walking with it.

Sansu Yeah, reading TMF is a major undertaking. And right now I'd rather see you writing new parts of Eyes of Fear. (hint, hint *wink*).. but I'm glad you've decided to start on this one.
Yeah, this is a strange story for me, as fellow SD, to write but the idea just wouldn't go away. I actually started this a month or two ago in between finishing TMF and bounced it off K_K for beta work and suggestions. The first thing I had to do was to generate enough sympathy in my mind and heart for Zan Jr. to justify it. I know it raised a few SD eyebrows but they let me keep my BRAT membership, so all is good. LOL!*tongue*
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chinablueeyes Thanks, on the congrats. I really hadn't been paying attention to the awards thing so I was completely surprised-dumbfounded-estactic-speechless- and just plain shocked to find that TMF had come in as runner up in the "Storyline You'd Most Like the Show to Follow" category. I was incredibly honored to be included with Live as one of the two finalist. I love her work and hope that she comes back and writes some more.

Now to all that have asked....Max and Liz do NOT have any children of their own at this moment... more details will be forth coming on their and everyone's domestic situation...once again, we just aren't there yet.

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Part 4

Simon had managed to get a couple of hours of sleep on the plane ride back to New York, and that was only out of pure exhaustion. He was having a hard time quieting his mind enough to sleep and was anxious to get into his office so that he could sit down, make some calls, and go over different plans. But everything seemed to be conspiring against him. It was raining heavily, which caused landing delays, then customs, and then the traffic nightmare that came to the city whenever it rained. He checked his home messages from the back of the cab on the ride into the city, there was nothing really, just friends wanting to get together when he got back. His office machine was a different matter. He had twenty-three messages and after listening to the first five, all from David and all growing in vulgarity, he'd hung up. After what seemed like an eternity he finally walked into his office. He threw his jacket on a chair, dropped his bags by the door, and hit the play button on the message machine as he walked over to his office bar for a drink. After listening to the twelfth message from David, he poured himself another drink. It seemed that David was reacting pretty much the way Simon had imagined he would. David was furious and was claiming that Sammy had attacked him in a drug-induced rage. Simon smirked as he heard David's claim that Sammy needed to enter a drug rehab clinic. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Simon just shook his head. He and Sammy had talked about drugs and alcohol. And, while he wouldn't be surprised if Sammy had smoked a little or had drunk a beer, Sammy had seen how destructive drugs could be first hand with David and had shied away from them. Smart boy. Simon paused in mid-sip when the tone of the next message started taking on more disgusting aspects as David began accusing him and Gary of doing some very deviant things with Sammy. Bastard. He could feel his temper rising as the subsequent messages just escalated from there. The last one from David was a threat to go to the authorities if Simon didn't hand Sammy back over to him immediately. Yeah, right, "Not on your life, asshole."

The twenty-third and final message surprised him. It was from a Detective Taylor wanting to talk to him immediately concerning Sammy Connor, Jr.'s 'disappearance'. Simon was actually stunned. "Well I'll be damned. The son of a bitch actually called the cops. Looks like this is going to get messy."

He was just about to phone the detective back when he thought better of it. Sammy had shown an uncanny ability to talk Gary into doing things that he shouldn't have. Something was telling him to call Gary first and make sure that they were laying low in the motel like they were supposed to. Simon briefly closed his eyes as the phone rang, that was a mistake. Between the two drinks and exhaustion he was about to doze off. It was a good thing that Gary finally answered. Why did Gary's "Hi" sound so hesitant? "Gary, it's me. How's it going? Sammy, okay?"

Gary glanced back over his shoulder into the back seat. Sammy was still laying down, but he was starting to stir. The cell phone had probably disturbed him. He took a deep breath and mentally braced himself, "Sammy's fine. Good in fact. How's... uh, what's going on in New York?"

Simon ran his hand over his face, trying to somehow wipe the exhaustion away, "I had twenty two calls from David on my office machine, each one worse than the previous one. He's claiming Sammy was high on something and attacked him. He thinks we're hiding him and he eventually called the police."

Gary frowned and glanced over at Philip who was still driving, "He called the police? That's not good... is it?"

Simon sighed tiredly into the phone, "No, no I don't think that it is. I'm thinking that we should get Sammy back to New York, and to a hospital so that they can document the bruises and other injuries...ammunition for a child abuse case against David. We'll have to come up with a plausible explanation as to why we didn't do that in the first place, but we'll think of something. If you want to hang on for a minute, I'll log onto the Internet and check the flight schedules from Albuquerque to New York."

He bit his lip, this was it, "Simon, don't bother. We...we're not in Roswell anymore. In fact in an hour we won't even be in New Mexico any longer. We're... we're with the Evans driving to Kansas..." Gary fidgeted. He hated it when Simon grew silent. "Simon, Philip and Diane Evans are Sammy's grandparents. They...they think it would be best for Sammy to be with his father for a bit... that's where we're headed, meet up with Cal Langley who knows where Max, their son and Sammy's father, is...Simon... Sammy wasn't exaggerating about that energy shield thing he did to David. From what Philip said, Sammy's parents could do things like that too... and with Sammy starting to be able to do them too... it might not be a good idea to have him examined by a doctor just now."

Simon was pretty sure he was awake, but his mind seemed to be wandering around somewhere. It refused process what Gary was saying so it just sort of took a little vacation for a minute or two. His hand shook as he reached for his glass and drained the last of his drink. The slight burn of the bourbon as it ran down his throat helped to bring his wandering mind back home. "So... um... and the Evans are taking Sammy to-to Kansas to meet whom, again?"

Gary didn't like the way Simon sounded, "Um, Cal Langley, you know, the movie producer? He... uh, he knows where Max is."

His hand was on forehead. It was the only thing holding his head up as he tried to get a handle on this, "Why would Cal Langley know where Max is and not his parents? Why Kansas? Does Max live there? What exactly do you mean by this energy field?" As the questions piled up in his brain, his temper started to explode, "Why did you contact Philip Evans in the first place? Why'd you take Sammy to meet them? And... WHY IN THE HELL DIDN'T YOU STAY PUT LIKE I ASKED YOU TO?!!!!"

Philip could hear the yelling coming over the cell phone from where he was sitting over in the driver's seat. He checked the rearview mirror and pulled over at a wide smooth spot. Holding out his hand to Gary, "Here, let me talk to him." Philip couldn't help but notice how relieved Gary seemed to be as he handed over the phone. Philip eyed the phone with a raised eyebrow as he heard Gary's name being shouted out of the receiver. He cleared his throat and put the phone to his ear as soon as there was a pause in the shouting, "Mr. Shapiro, Simon Shapiro?... This is Philip Evans. I think that we should talk. But first, please know that my wife and I would never do anything to harm Sammy. He's our grandson and we love him very much. With that said, let me layout the situation..."

Simon's face was bunched up in concentration as he listened to and made notes about the incredible story of two orphaned children found in the desert 28 years ago, special children with special abilities. And later, how they were hunted by a group of Federal agents called the Special Unit that feared them, about Sammy's mother being killed, and their children and their children's friends being forced to run, of believing that Sammy didn't have these abilities and deciding to adopt him out so he'd have a chance at a normal life. And finally, of their plan to meet up with this movie producer who either knew where their children were, or knew how to find them. For every answer Philip Evans gave him about Sammy and his supposed heritage, Simon listed a dozen questions next to it. The story was so incredible that it had to be true...or, more likely, parts of it were true. You just didn't spill your guts to a stranger on a cell phone about a long held secret, especially one that involved your children's safety. Philip Evans was telling him a version of the truth, one that he had long practiced. Of that, Simon had no doubts. He had no choice but to accept it and rely on Gary's judgment for now. Simon set the pen down and rubbed his stiff neck. Until two days ago he would have trusted Gary's judgment with his life. Now he needed to trust it with Sammy's life and so far, Simon had serious reservations about a few decisions that Gary made. Turning and twisting his neck, trying to work the kinks out, "Okay Philip, let me see if I've got this. Sammy cannot go to the doctor and be examined, nor should he return to New York with his uncle, and now the police asking questions, because with you and your wife involved this Special Unit may be on to the fact that Sammy is your grandson and may kidnap or harm him, even if he doesn't have these...powers, in an attempt to draw your kids out of hiding. And that you are taking him to meet with Cal Langley, a famous movie producer, who either knows where your son is or how to get a hold of hope. And that Sammy is best off with his father, your son, who is still on the run and in hiding, so he can teach Sammy about these powers that he claims to be developing. Did I get everything?"

Philip didn't miss Simon's increasingly sarcastic tone coming over the phone, and he couldn't blame him for it either. If he had been on the receiving end, he'd be just as skeptical. "Simon, I know that it sounds...absurd, but it's all true. We want Sammy safe and right now that means the fewer people asking questions, the better. Can you handle the police and Sammy's uncle? Get them to quietly lose interest?"

Simon rubbed his tired eyes, "Yeah, I'll call a friend on the force and inform them that there were some...disagreements at the Connor household and to give everyone some time to cool off, Gary took Sammy on his next buying trip to...Mexico, I guess. I'll tell David something similar, but add a few dollar signs to it. That always shuts him up for a little while. But Philip, I want to know exactly where he is, where you're taking him, and whom he's meeting with. I don't like this, not even a little bit, but at the moment there's not a lot that I can do about it. And under no circumstances does Sammy leave Gary's side. I may not be Sammy's relative, but I am, and was, a damn good friend to Sam Senior and I promised him a long time ago that if anything ever happened to him I'd watch out for his son. If something happens to Sammy...well, this Special Unit won't be the only ones hunting you and your family down. I have the resources and the power to make the rest of your life a living hell."

Philip's tone said almost as much as his words did. "If something happens to him, you won't need to... I'll already be there." He was about to say goodbye and hang up when he heard a small voice coming from the back.

"Grandpa, could I talk to Simon?" Sammy had awakened a little bit ago, but had just laid quietly in his grandma's lap and listened to everything being said in the car.

Philip looked back and his heart just melted. Sammy still was lying down, but his eyes said that he was wide-awake. Something told him that Sammy wasn't quite as helpless as he had first appeared. Obviously he had been through a lot, but he had the backbone and wherewithal to survive and go after what he wanted. He smiled as he handed the phone over to him. "Sure, here ya go Sammy."

Sammy sat up as he took the phone, "Uncle Simon, hi... please don't be mad at me. I just... I just wanted my family... Uncle Simon?"

He was beginning to get an idea of how Gary had been talked into this as "Uncle Simon, please don't be mad at me," kept echoing in Simon's head. How in the hell could anyone stay mad at that? He could actually picture those expressive eyes looking pleadingly at him...God, how did Sam and Carol ever say no to this kid? If Sammy had been his, he'd be heavily in debt to F.A.O. Schwarz and every other store or place that catered to kids. Too bad that not all people thought like that, his heart hardened as he thought again of what David had done to Sammy. He had to clear his throat before his could speak. "I know Sammy. I'm not...real happy about all of this, but I'm not mad at you. Sammy, listen, this is important. Sammy, please do what Gary tells you and stay with Gary, please? Don't go off anywhere without him...not even if your dad shows up and wants to take you with him...stay with Gary. Sammy, your grandparents seem like nice people and it sounds like they've been good to you, but I don't know them and it's my
responsibility to look out for you. And since I'm not there, I have to leave it up to Gary to make sure that you're okay. Please stay with him and do as he says...and Sammy, I'm sorry. I... I should have acted sooner to get David out of your life, no matter how much money it'd cost. I knew... I knew that he wasn't good for you, but I didn't... I didn't know that he was hurting you. I would have stopped it... I'm sorry, Sammy."

Sammy didn't even realize that he had started to snuggle against Diane's shoulder. It just felt like the natural thing to do. "It's not your fault. I never wanted you to know how bad he was. I'm just glad that it's out now. And I'll do what you want. I promise that I'll stay with Gary. I won't go anywhere without him unless he tells me to...Uncle Simon?"

Simon was wondering if he could handle one more drink, or if it'd knock him out for the night. No...he couldn't afford to crash just yet, there was still too much to do. He sighed as he spun the empty glass around in his hand, "Yeah, Sammy?"

"I'm glad that I'm with my grandparents, though." As Grandma's hand rubbed up and down his arm, reassuring him, Sammy yawned.

Simon heard the yawn and the affection in Sammy's voice as he mentioned his grandparents. It'd been a long time since Simon had heard Sammy that...content. Sammy's life was spinning out of control in directions unknown, and he hadn't sounded that relaxed since he'd lost his parents. Maybe the Evans were doing something right for him, "I'm glad Sammy, very glad. Take care of yourself and get some rest. Could you give me back to Gary for a moment?" He heard another yawn before Sammy said sure and passed the phone off. He reiterated what he'd told Sammy to Gary once more before saying goodbye and promising to call tomorrow night. Simon would be up for several more hours, working on pure caffeine and what remained of the adrenaline that his body could produce. He made the call to that friend that he had on the force, one who owed him some favors, to smooth things over with Detective Taylor. He then called David, who was in a drunken stupor, and proceeded to call Simon every name in the book. Simon waited until he figured that David had passed out, and left a message that Gary had taken Sammy on a buying trip to give things some time to cool off and to keep everyone's names out of the papers, and that David would find a check waiting for him tomorrow afternoon at the bank. Simon thought $20,000 would last David most of the week. As he hung up the phone he snorted, "Maybe if we're lucky you'll put your sorry ass out of our misery and fry your brains with too much coke...God, what a horrible thing to think, but then again I wouldn't shed a tear if it actually happened." It was almost 4:00AM when Simon finally hailed a cab and headed home.


Gary watched Sammy sitting on the bed in the adjoining motel room. Sammy kept looking at his hand and touching his face. Gary had seen him doing it off and on since last night when they'd finally stopped for the night. They had almost made it to Oklahoma City before calling it a night. Philip had gone out to get donuts and Diane was taking her turn in the bathroom, so Gary figured he wasn't invading their space and walked in. "Sammy, what are you doing?"

Grandma had said it was instinctive, so he should just know how to heal automatically. Why wasn't it working? He was supposed to be like his dad. He looked up for a moment as Gary walked in then resumed staring at his hand and willing it to heal...again, nothing. Sighing in frustration, "It's not working. If my dad could heal then I should be able to, too! Damn it!"

Gary took a seat next to him. He didn't know exactly how he felt about all of this. All the things that they'd said that their kids could do, did he really believe them? Could it possibly be true? Until he saw it with his own eyes, he was never going to truly believe it...but did he really want to see it? What if it was all a lie or some elaborate
hoax, why was he going along with it? But Sammy believed it, every word. Hell, he was trying to imitate it. Gary could only shake his head as he draped his arm around Sammy. "Yeah, damn it."


Gary pulled off the highway onto a secondary gravel road. He went about a half mile before coming to a stop by some picnic grounds that were next to a small pond. They were the only people there. He imagined that, in the spring and summer, this place was full of families having picnics and barbecues, but as winter neared all that was around were some ducks. Gary checked his watch, "It's almost 4:00. Why don't we get out and stretch our legs a bit? It's been a long drive." With that, all four exited the Buick.

Diane watched as Sammy headed down to the pond with the extra hamburger from dinner in hand. She smiled as Sammy started feeding the bun to the ducks. "He seems to be feeling better today. He certainly has more energy."

Philip just grinned at the growing duck audience that Sammy was attracting, "He's been cooped up in the car and in motel rooms for two days, it's no wonder he's got some pent-up energy to burn."

Gary had been relieved to see the changes in Sammy as the day had progressed. He'd never spent all that much time with Sammy before, but he did remember that Sammy used to smile a lot before his parents died. At one time, he had been a pretty happy kid. It was good to see that smile returning a little. He'd be sure to mention it the next time he talked to Simon. He looked around again, "How'd Langley know about this place? It's seems like a small local place."

They were walking around a little, but staying close to the car and Sammy. It felt good to Philip to be able to stretch. "I'm not sure, maybe a movie shoot?"

Gary's unease had been growing all day as the 4:00PM meeting time and place had drawn near. "You don't really know this guy, do you? How do you know that he's going to help? What if he just says screw it or doesn't even show?"

Philip didn't want to admit that it was a possibility. He had no choice though but to go with what Max had relayed to him about Cal Langley. He could tell that Gary didn't like any of this and was biting back his desire to ask more questions. As he got to know Gary more, he was finding him to be a good, intelligent man who knew when to talk and when to just listen. He'd make good lawyer or investigator. "He'll show. He'll want to at least check it out. His debt is an obligation. Even if he doesn't like it, he has to at least deal with it."

"But what if he doesn't want to deal with it the way that we want him to?" The look that Gary got from Philip told him that he had just hit the nail on the head. Philip didn't know what Langley was going to do. But he didn't have any time to dwell more on it, as they heard a car coming down the road. It was a big, dark blue Caddy with California license plates and man looking decidedly unhappy sitting behind the wheel. Cal Langley.


This is the last thing that he wanted to be doing and the last place he wanted to be. Cal liked his life in Hollywood and hated any interruptions of it, especially when it came from Max Evans or anything or anyone related to him. He had never forgiven Max for ruining his life sixteen years ago. True, Max had pretty much kept away since then, only contacting him a few times over the years. But hatred or not, Cal had to obey him and one of the things that Max had ordered him to do was to keep on eye on all of their families back in Roswell, to make sure that they were okay. Cal was also informed that he would be the go between in case Max's family needed to contact him. There were a few other things throughout the years, but those, while he didn't relish the contact, so far had worked out to all their advantages. Now it was time to pay the piper. He pulled up next to the other car and got out. He recognized Philip and Diane right away, but had only heard the other guy's name yesterday. He turned and watched the boy coming up from the pond. "Shit!" he thought. No doubt about who's the father of that kid. Sweet Mother of God, they were screwed. The kid came to a stop next to Diane, who put her arm around the boy's shoulder. Cal just stared at him, just a kid, yet so much like his father. He smirked and pulled out a cigar from his pocket. He lit the cigar, shook his head and walked back over to stand in front of Philip and this Gary fellow that had shown up out of the blue with the kid. Damn him! "You called this meeting. So talk."

Philip controlled his breathing and remained calm, "Cal, that's Max's son, Zan. He needs to be with Max. His powers are developing. As Max's heir, you are required to protect him and help him. "

Cal took a good long puff on his cigar, "Be careful of telling me what my job is." As he walked back over to look at the kid, "As for him being the heir, Kivar has already dismissed his claim." Cal pointed the cigar at the boy. "The best thing that your dad ever did for you was to give you up." Cal's mind was actually reeling at the revelation that Zan Jr. was developing powers. Cal had gotten word years ago that confirmed what Tess had told Max. The babe had been tested and found to be human, purely human and thus was completely unacceptable to Kivar or to sit on the Antarian Throne. He studied the boy who remained silent. He was just a kid yet, just starting adolescence, a bit of a late bloomer. Adolescence, could that be what triggered the powers? All the hybrids' powers were purely human, but were made to mimic Antarian powers. As was evidenced by Liz and Kyle developing powers, it was possible for humans to develop them, if they had the proper stimuli, which in their case was their respective healings. Could puberty have triggered the boy's? Even if he has them, they might be so minuscule that it wouldn't make any difference. Cal couldn't take the chance. He had to test him somehow. Turning his back on the boy, he purposefully walked up to Gary, "You shouldn't be here, the less who know the better. You seem like a nice enough guy, I'm sorry that you got involved." He raised his hand and stepped towards Gary, his hand started to glow.

Everything was happening so fast, yet everyone seemed to move in slow motion. Sammy felt the panic rising as his mind tried to process the scene. Langley's hand was glowing. Langley was approaching Gary. Langley was threatening Gary. Grandpa wasn't close enough to stop Langley. Grandma wasn't either. Langley was going to hurt Gary. Gary was his friend. Gary had helped him. Now Gary was going to be hurt because of it. It was instinct that made Sammy raise his hand. Sammy didn't remember shouting, "NO!" But he'd never forget the bolt of energy that flew through the air and struck Cal Langley, knocking him on his ass. Sammy stayed rooted on the spot, afraid to move, afraid to lower his hand, afraid of what he had just done. He started to tremble and he felt the tear tracks on his face, but he didn't move.

Gary wasn't sure what happened, but he was certain that his life had been threatened and that Sammy had just saved him... somehow. He watched as Cal suddenly sat upright and began to laugh. It was a laughter that sent a cold shiver down his spine. He really needed to find a bathroom.

Cal had been pleasantly surprised by what the kid had done. Kivar had been shortsighted. He had only looked at the babe as he was and had never thought to test out the potential of what he might become. Kivar had had the heir in his grasp and had let him slip away. Kivar's stupidity was laughable and so... he did. It took several minutes before he could stop laughing, that's when he noticed the shape the boy was in, still ready to strike, but scared shitless. Cal stood up and dusted himself off. "Good shooting kid. You can relax now. I wasn't going to hurt him. I just needed to see what you could do."

Sammy slowly lowered his hand. He could feel Grandma's hand on his shoulder, but he didn't hear her words trying to calm him. All he could hear was the laughter and then the words of the monster before him. He suddenly saw red as his anger erupted, "YOU...YOU WERE TESTING ME? YOU THREATENED HIS LIFE...AS A TEST? YOU BASTARD!"

Cal watched as the kid's temper exploded. He wasn't really worried. The shot had lacked the strength of an adult. He saw how Diane and then Philip tried to calm the boy. They obviously understood that if Cal had been really serious, Gary wouldn't have stood a chance, for that matter neither would the kid. Deciding it was time to put things into perspective for the boy, Cal raised his hand and bolt of energy several times the strength of what the kid had thrown turned a boulder to dust. He stared hard at the now silent group. "Now that I have your attention. I wouldn't suggest that you try pulling that stunt again. Your dad may be the king, but you're still just a cub still cutting your milk teeth. You have a lot to learn before you can roar with the lions. For the record, I had to set you dad down a notch or two when he was just a bit older than yourself and I won't hesitate to do the same again with you." Cal secretly hoped that Max didn't get too pissed when he found out about this. Max was far from that punk kid that had shown up in LA all those years ago. All the years on the run had made all of them develop and hone their skills to a razor sharp edge. Cal doubted he could take any of them on directly. But those
present didn't need to know that. The game they were in was already dangerous enough. Cal looked around for his cigar. It was now covered in dirt. He sighed and grabbed his last one from his pocket, mending the break with his powers before lighting it. After taking a few puffs to get it going he said, "So, how long have been able to use your powers?" He looked up when he got no reply and realized that all four were glaring at him with hatred. He was surprised at who yelled at him next.

Diane had been terrified beyond belief at the actions she'd witnessed. Then as his callousness and arrogance continued, her maternal pride and protectiveness took over. "HOW DARE YOU! He's a child and he's Max's son, my grandson, and you will NOT treat him like this! Can't you see that he's been through enough already!?"

Cal had the good sense to nod in acknowledgment. He was not without sympathy. He'd noticed the bruises on the kid. That was part of why he felt the need to test the kid's strength and skill. Even if he wasn't a healer, he should be able to take care of those bruises. "I pity the poor fool who gave him those," he thought. "Max will hand him his ass for laying a finger on his kid, and rightly so." Then he spoke aloud. "Of course, yes, ma'am. I apologize. I didn't mean disrespect or any harm. But you being here has put me in a bit of a bind. I needed to find out exactly what I was dealing with and fast."

Philip couldn't help but stand a little in front of Sammy and Diane. He was beyond pissed, but he also recognized the danger. Cal was obviously toying with them. Max hadn't been kidding when he'd said to be careful in dealing with Langley. Philip glanced at Gary standing next to Sammy. Gary was still as white as a ghost and hadn't said a word, but he was hanging in there. Philip turned his attention back to Cal. "What kind of bind?"

Cal walked over to one of the picnic tables and sat down. Indicating that they should also take a seat he answered Philip's question. "Kivar has already ruled the kid as unacceptable as heir when he was a babe. That was the reason that Tess scrambled to get back here. Bearing the heir was her only ace card and without it neither her life nor the kid's were worth a plug nickel back home. However, with his powers developing that changes things. Remember, it's the king and his heir that I'm bound to, not king and the one the he *wants* to be his heir."

Philip wished he'd sat down alone with Cal. This was more information than he wanted Sammy or Gary to hear. Too late now. "So if Sammy hadn't acted and used his powers..."

"I would have stopped and told you to go back home. Or to take the kid to Canada or something. Not my responsibility." Cal didn't want to seem so cold. The Evans were nice people and had been good parents, and now grandparents to some special kids, but not everything was nice in the world. "You're being tracked. Max told me to keep an eye on all of you back in Roswell. Your house was turned inside out today at noon. It seems that the wrong people became suspicious when you didn't turn up in court today, and they went to your house, then your office."

"They won't find anything. We didn't leave anything behind." Philip spoke with obvious concern.

"Ah, but you did at your office, a very worried secretary with an appointment book. And guess who's name was down as your last appointment before you came up missing?" Cal casually replied.

"Mine." Gary looked worriedly at Sammy. "They'll be looking for me now, won't they?"

"Give that man a cigar. Yep, and I'd give it another day at the most before they trace you to your friend Simon Shapiro in New York, and eventually to the boy. By the way, your friend is pretty resourceful. He called in a few favors here, applied a little cash there, and viola; everything is nice and least for now. But you might want to give him a heads up to expect some heat, and might get pretty hot too."

It dawned on Gary that he still didn't know who was after them, "What kind of heat? From where exactly?"

Philip sighed. The cat was going to be out of the bag soon anyway. "Special Unit for the FBI." He turned to Langley. "You don't think that they'd really do anything to him, do you?"

"Not unless they get real desperate. Right now they're too busy following you. Which leads me to our next little problem. If you take the boy to Max, you'll be leading them right to him. Currently I have a friend running a little interference, but that's only temporary." Cal seriously doubted they'd go for this, but it really was the best
solution. "They're not looking for me. The boy comes with me and I can take him to dear old dad. No one would suspect a thing. Besides, I obviously can protect him better than you can."

Philip put his hand on Gary before he said anything. He saw Diane hug Sammy a little closer. "No. You'll have to excuse us, but we are not inclined to hand our grandson over to someone who has threatened one of us and shown open disdain for our son, Sammy's father. But then I'm betting you knew that already. What's your next option?"

"Yeah, I knew it was a stretch, but it would be the easiest and safest way. Okay, how about this. They've already traced Gary to the Tumbleweed Motel, and to the rental agency that leased him that Buick at the Airport in Albuquerque. To start, we switch cars. You head on up to Montana, to a little town called Whitefish, and wait. I'll take your car in the opposite direction and meet up with you in say three days at a place outside of Whitefish. It's a place that Max will know."

Diane had to ask. "Is he all right? We haven't heard anything in a while. Are all of them okay?"

Cal puffed on his cigar as he tried to remain gruff, but his eyes softened just the same at their mother's concern. "They're fine the last I heard. The Guerins certainly keep popping little ones out, though. I understand that Liz is expecting again. They're hoping that by laying low and not running, she might be able to bring this one to term. Isabel is keeping busy, same as Kyle." Clearing his throat, "So, we switch cars, you head North, and I'll head South. Oh, and my associate will be tailing you, just to be sure. Don't look for him to rescue you if you have problems, though. He simply reports back to me on what he sees. With any luck in three days you'll have a nice family reunion."

A little later they watched as Gary's rental car pulled away. He figured that he had three days to have a very long chat with Philip Evans. He looked at the AAA map of the US that Philip had spread out on the hood of the Caddy. At least it was a comfortable car. "So where the hell is Whitefish, Montana?"

Philip pointed to the spot on the map. "Here, way up almost to Canada, near Glacier National Park. I bet the kids live nearby. He made it sound like they might have settled down for a little while. I hope so."

Gary nodded, "Looks like a long drive. Why don't you plot a course, I guess an indirect one would be in order. If you'll excuse me for a moment."

"Sure. Are you all right?" Philip was still concerned about him. He was just entirely too calm about everything.

"Yeah," came Gary's reply from behind a bush. "Just needed to find a spot. The port-a-potties were all locked."



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Razz As far as Kivar and the people of Antar are concerned Sammy was not acceptable as the king's heir apparent, therfore Cal was under no obligation to protect or obey Sammy. In other words they, meaning Philip and Diane, could not play the King's heir card on him and make him do anything no matter how badly they wanted him to...until Sammy showed that he did have powers and thusly would be an acceptable heir.

Did that help?

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