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I have decided I need some distractions from the WTC and everything else that is crazy happening in the city. I am the same person as TI88, I just decided to change my name with the new board.

Title: any suggestions

Author: Tina

Email: roswellgoddess2001⊕

Rating: PG – watch the show you can read this

Spoilers: Through departure. Dealing with the repercussions of End of the World

Summary: Maria, Michael, and Tess confront Liz and Kyle about the rumors of LIz and Kyle sleeping together. Isabel and Alex are left out of the loop...and she isn't too happy about it. Thats defintie. They are few other things I'm playing around with. But don't worry all will work out in the end *happy* In my world there are no Courtney/Michael problems and the candy couple is as happy as can be. No Grant either.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell belongs to WB…at least it did when I started this…now its UPN and the writers, producers and all those people. I get no money from this, just a warm fuzzy feeling and a clear head from getting the stuff that’s floating around out of there.

Author notes: I have been writing this thing for like forever. But I am going to finish it...even if it sucks. I like writing and you can't get better at it, if you don't keep doing it. So here goes. My first step towards getting over my stage fright and getting something I created to the public. Enjoy...and honesty please. Constructive, but honest. *happy*

Part 1: Gimmie me a break already

Tess walked through the halls of West Roswell High thinking about the strange turn of
events that constituted her life and laughed. One minute she was throwing herself at Max
because of what she knew, and the next Kyle gets shot, their mother appears confirming
‘Destiny’ and she became the hated one. Then to shake things up a little more, Nacesdo as Pierce dies, leaving her to move in with the man and his son Kyle, who now turned friend and protector, was not too long ago trying to expose them. She found herself smiling at the thought or mention of ‘Buddha Boy’ as she liked to refer to him.

Michael and Isabel gave up on ‘Destiny’ and went back to their humans. Max had gotten
Liz back. Everything had seemed fine – in fact her and Kyle had even begun flirting, and
then Liz had dropped by to help her get back Max. It didn’t really work at first – then Max came to her. But he wouldn’t say what happened. And it wasn’t like her and him were together or anything, it was just weird. He wasn’t with Liz anymore, but Tess wasn’t sure if she wanted him. There was the whole…

Before Tess could finish her thought and get her locker closed she began to realize
people were snickering all around her. She looked up and down the hall and they were all doing it. Oh she could tell they were trying to be inconspicuous about it, but they were
doing it all the same.

“What is going on?” She asked. She didn’t really expect an answer. But one would have been nice. “Did I drop something Do I have something on me?” She started to look back the way she had came, then she started checking her clothes and shoes – nope no toilet paper stuck to her. Oh good, she did step over that…well whatever it was in the girls’ room – women could be so gross sometimes. Tess gave herself one final check and not seeing anything wrong started to get pissed off. “Someone tell me something or so help me…” She was interrupted by a sarcastic reply

“So help me what…you gonna fry them all with your evil alien eyes?” Tess groaned. That
reply could have been Kyle –why couldn’t it be from Kyle, he would have gotten then to
stop. But no, she knew that tone and voice anywhere – and it was all Michael. She turned to
look at him and sure enough it was Michael, trademark smirk and all.

“Michael!” Tess practically screamed. Maybe he could shed some light…well a girl can
always hope. “What is going on? I feel like everyone is laughing at me, like they know
some great secret I don’t…but involves me none the less.”

The whole time Michael just studied Tess trying to figure out if this really was such a great idea. He knew she had feelings for Valenti and if he didn’t know any better, he’d say Valenti had feelings for her too. What a laugh, both his women had been with Max Evans. But if rumors were true than Valenti had gotten at least one of his women back – but he didn’t believe that for a
moment. Liz would never hurt Max like that and with Valenti of all people unless she
had a good reason and revenge wasn’t it. Besides they had gotten past that and Liz wasn’t
shallow like that. And while Kyle Valenti was not on the top his favorite people list - he knew that if Valenti did sleep with Liz then he wouldn’t have blabbed it around the whole school and… Get a grip Guerin, all that time you spend with the blond hurricane is starting to rub off on you. He had started rambling in his head. Maria was so going to pay for this.

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Hey thanks for the feedback guys. I realize what you mean Anna. I took out in the summary that part I am changing it. But I'll go and put something there ;)
A new part before I go and do the dishes, and clean up. Enjoy!!!

Part 2: Tess gets a clue

Michael just kept looking at her and she couldn’t take it anymore. “Michael I KNOW YOU KNOW SOMETHING…SPILL IT ALREADY!” Tess was furious, scared, and worried. Michael had gotten this very serious look on his face while looking deep in thought. As she thought about it she realized it was not a pretty combination, not that she was trying to be mean or anything, but it didn’t happened often. And when it did…something big always happened. “Tell me, please.” Tess begged…something she would have never done a few months ago. But too much had happened. There was too much at stake.

Michael gave one last thought and then decided. Looking at her he growled and figured why not. It couldn’t get any worse than ‘Destiny’ “Not here…Let's go.”

Tess couldn’t believe it. She didn’t no whether to laugh or cry. Michael was going to help her. From his response though she could tell things were going to get rocky once what ever Pandora’s Box he knew about opened for her. But that was ok. She was starting to feel part of something, and she was determined to protect that at all cost. “Ok, let me get my stuff” There was only one period left in the day and ‘Man of Two Few Words’ had just told her in his cryptic way that whatever was going on didn’t need to be discussed at school and cause there was only one period left, it didn’t matter if they left or not. Although with Michael, Tess reasoned it could’ve been first thing in the morning and the response still would have been the same. Tess re-closed her locker and turned to face her brother, and said with more confidence then she felt “Ok, I’m ready.”

The drive to Michael’s was done in virtual silence. He was glad Maria had loned him the Jetta. This was her crazy idea anyway and walking back to his place would not have happened. The energy coming off of Tess could have lit up Eiffel Tower for a week easily. As soon as they got through the door she leveled him with one of those looks. “We’re here - so spill.”

Michael was a bit out of his depth with this one. This was touchy stuff - he still had to master it with Maria. ‘Come on Guerin. She needs to know and she might as well hear it form one of us then the rumor mill.’ This was Maria’s fault - she sent him after Tess, while she went after Liz. Michael was still lost in his thoughts when Tess’s urgent pleading interrupted him.

“Michael please...I need to know.” He still didn’t say anything, so she decided to switch tactics. “Michael - come on, it didn’t take this long to come out of the pods.” She finished with a smirk and was pleased when she got one out of him in return.

“Cute Tess, real cute.” Michael paused again and looked right at her. “Ok...remember you asked for it.” He took a deep breath and thought here goes nothing. “The reason people were laughing was…because…well…you see before I tell you, you have to understand how rumors are, I mean...”

“Spill it!!” So help me thought Tess, if he doesn’t come out with it, I’m going to… Tess never got to finish her mental threat because as she was coming up a bodily injury she heard Michael say something that sounded an awful lot like…

“LIZANDKYLESLEPTTOGETHER.” Michael said it in a rush and then waited trying to gauge her reaction. He hoped and prayed it wouldn’t be tears. I mean everyone knew they were a bit friendlier to one another. But he couldn’t deal with girls crying - it always made him feel like crap; even those happy ones - he still felt like crap. And since Tess was his sister…little one at that. Oh no, if Michael was going to do the brother thing, he was going to do it right. He was the BIG brother – to Isabel first, then to Liz and now to Tess. Those tears would make him want to do some bodily harm to someone. Maybe it was a good idea Maria went to see Liz. Max had a hand in this he just knew it.

“What. Did. You. Say.?!” Nope tears weren’t coming anytime soon, but he was still scared, cause he thought he saw something like unbelief, then jealousy, and anger play across her face - and it was anger that stayed. “That, that lamp-trimming-Buddha-following did what and after Max healed him, this is how he repays him! I’ll kill him.” And with that she whirled around and went to leave the apartment when Michael grabbed her.

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Part 3: Michael Goes Touchy Feely

“Tess I’m not finished...” What in the world was he thinking? Grabbing Tess when she was about to go into a rant that would make Maria proud. Maria! This. Is. All. Her. Fault. If I get fried by Tess, it is going to be her fault…and she’ll probably blame me anyway.

Someone had her arm. Alien or not, she was in the mood to kill, and if Michael didn’t let go of her soon, she might be running for her life from Maria, for the rest of her life and probably eternity too. Count to ten. Deep breaths. He’s your brother. Just got him back, can’t kill him now. “Michael, what’s there to finish? Kyle slept with Liz. That’s all I need to know. How could he...”

“betray Max like that, I know. Believe me I know.” Michael let her go, and walked around the living room, running his hand through his hair. Why was he bothering with this…why did he even care. Maria a little voice said in his head. He knew this was all her fault. He should just stop here. He told Tess what he needed to tell her, there was no need to go on. She could leave and he could…well what could he do. Maria was off tackling Liz and then they would probably have female bonding time…mental shudder. Nope, he couldn’t go after Maria now. Ah! He could sleep. Yep that’s what he would do…sleep. He stopped and turned to Tess to tell her he was done and now he was going to get some sleep before his…before Maria came over to talk…yeah they would get some talking done…right. He opened his mouth to tell her that but instead said: “I think there is more to your anger…” Where the hell had that come from? God Maria will be the death of me yet. Now, I’m going to have to have more feelings conversation…I’ll make her pay.

Tess looked at him and narrowed her eyes “What are you getting at Michael?” If Michael was smart he would have dropped it right then and there, he was not prepared to deal with something like this…but his brain was not connected to his mouth, so he went on to discuss the comment.

“Well, its just funny how you’re all up in arms about KYLE, but you haven’t mentioned a thing about LIZ.” Michael folded his arms and smirked at his little sister and watched her try to get things under control. Her eyes and mouth were moving and opening and closing and there was a slight blush on her cheeks…maybe this is worth losing the nap over. Alien or not she-who-said-we-didn’t-need-humans was furious and hurt by one, and just a bit jealous of another.

“Are you implying that…that I’m jealous of LIZ and have feelings for KYLE BUDDHA-BOY VALENTI?!” Michael shrugged. “I so do not!” Michael smirked and shrugged again. “And besides I am so in love with Max” Michael couldn’t take it anymore and started laughing.

“Yeah right” He paused for a second until he had her attention again. “But that isn’t the point – it takes 2, so they are equally responsible.” Well he went this far, might as well drop the other shoe…it couldn’t get any worse or funny depending on how you saw things. “The thing is I don’t think it happened.”