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Title: ?
Rating*tongue*G, im not sure about american ratings, but its a tame fic
Disclamer:I own nada, if I did colin would permantly be tied-up, if you know what I mean
Summary:It's after Blind Date, thats about it really

~Crashdown, after closing, Michael & Liz are there~
“You can go home Michael”
“Nah, I will stay & help you”
“Thanx!” Liz said un-enthusiastically
“Why are you so pissed?”
“Oh, Maximillon”
“Yeah, you no the blind date it was great, every-thing he said, then he didn’t remember, it was horrible, then he apologised for ruining my nite” Liz said tears forming in her eyes
“It could be worse”
”How? How??”
“He could of screwed you & then forgotten”
“’Could have, I guess your right”
“Could have, fine!”
“Sorry, just you no”
“You just like good grammar”
“I don’t get Maxwell, I mean how can he break up with you??”
“What do you mean?”
“Look at you, your beautiful & smart & funny” Michael said stepping closer to Liz, so that the were centimetres apart
“Ummmm, well it’s the same for Maria, I mean your ummm handsome & fun&…” But Michael’s cut off Liz by putting his mouth over hers & pushing her up against the wall, Liz replied by wrapping her legs around his waist & leaning into both Michael & the kiss.

~5Minutes Later~
“Umm, er OhMiGod” was all Liz could stammer out before pulling away from Michael & walking away
“Look um Liz”
“Geez, calm down, you love him huh?”
“Lucky Maxwell, look im sorry for like talking advantage”
“No, don’t, it takes two to tango & anyway…” Liz trailed off
“What, Liz what is it?”
“You want Maria back? & I want Max back” Liz said an evil grin spreading across her face
“Yeah, so?”
“So we use jealousy”
“Max thinks im dating you, Maria thinks I’m dating you. It’s a mean trick But it will work”
“Liz ‘im-a-Bitch-to-the-people-I-love-to-get-wot-I-want’ Parker”

~West Roswell High, Tuesday, Lunch time, Maria & Max are sitting at a table & Liz & Michael walk up to them hand-in-hand~
“Here we go Michael, ready?” Liz whispered to her ‘boyfriend’
“What do you think?”
“Hey guys” Liz called out snuggling closer to Michael
“Hey” Max said not looking up.
“Sup Maxwell?” Michael asked sitting on the bench sitting Liz on his lap
“What the hell?” Maria asked out loud
“Sorry I thought that was in my head”
“What’s your problem Blondie?”
“You & Liz are together?????” Max’ head shot up on hearing this & saw Liz gazing into Michael’s eyes
“Your going out? Why?? When???” Max asked hurt
“It just happened the other day”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t think you would care” Liz casually said, she hated lying, what’s more she hated hurting people she cared about, but hopefully they’d be happy in the end. Maria’s jaw dropped to the ground when she heard this.
“I can’t believe you!” Maria shouted at her ex-best friend & then ran off
“Bye Michael, Liz” Max said & shot Liz a hurt look which seamed to slice threw her soul
“Now what?” an agitated Michael asked a girl on the verge off tears sitting on his lap
“Now, now we try something different & I think I know what, listen”

~Max Room, Night, a seemingly drunk Liz crawls threw Max’ window~
“Liz what are you doing?”
“Saying hi” Liz, said looking giddy
“Are you feeling ok?”
“Me, im fine, just a little um…” Liz said unable to finish becuse she fell on Max’ bed
“You know alcohol tastes nice”
“You didn’t”
“If you can, why cant I?” Liz asked climbing up Max’ body so she was straddling his waist, kissing his neck
“Because” Max’ whispered before closing his eyes trying to control himself
“Max will you make love to me?” Liz questioned kissing all-over Max’ face apart from his mouth
“Liz? Your drunk you don’t know what you are saying”
“Like you?”
“I don’t know, I’m sorry about that, but we’re not together, your with Michael now”
“Yes we are, I’m not with Michael, I was trying to make you jealous & he was trying to make Maria jealous”
“You were?”
“Yes” Liz assured, kissing Max deeply
“You are not drunk!”
“I want you back, I want you, I love you, and I really want you to make love to me”
“You do? You do?? You do??? You do????”
“Quadruple yes”
“Um, I want you, I always have, I love you so mutch & I really want to make love to you” Max said grinning like a fool
“So we’re gona do this?”
“Only if your sure?”
“50000% sure”
“Ok, um when do actually do, um, its gona hurt, but I will take the hurt away ok? So are you sure?”
“I love you Max”
“Ill take that as a yes”

~Maria’s Room, Michael has just fallen threw her window~
“Hey sexy”
“Ugh, what is up with you?”
”If Maxwell can get drunk so cans I”
“Oh, what do you want?”
“What about my darling best friend?” Maria asked sarcastically
“You act like she isn’t your friend”
“Well she isn’t”
“Why not?”
“Because she has you. Shit”
“HEY! No one has me anyway that was an act, so I got drunk & now I’m here to get laid”
“No you are not!”
“& why may I ask, not?”
“Your drunk & Liz told me what happened when Max was…wait your not together?????????”
“Nope, we kissed, it was weird not right but when we make-out, that’s right ah, naked Maria”
“Sorry” Michael apologised smiling
“Wait, your not drunk, are you?”
“No, sorry, I, well Liz just thought it would help, she’s doing the same thing with Maximillon”
“Michael before we do any-thing”
“Do you love me?”
“I don’t know mutch about love, all I know is what I fell when I’m around you. When I’m with you I fell, ummm, well happy, no one makes me feel as good as you do & some-times I think about you & get butterflies. Look I know Max loves Liz, I have known ever since I met him, he’s been drooling over her & I don’t think I drool over you But I like you, I like you a lot, I like more that any-other human, I’m not sure But I think I like you more that Max & Izzy”
“So, um I’d like it if we could get back together, & maybe go like steady, or some-thing”
“I’d like that to”
/& guess what, that’s right they all did it that night*wink*
THE END*angel*
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