Title: Deceit
Category: M/L, M/M, A/I, K/?
Rating: Mostly PG-13
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Summary: This will follow the show as I see fit. I promise Max and Tess will not be together. All parts to date can be found at the Boardello of Fanfiction by clicking on the link:




I did it! I found the Royals. I have waited so very long for this day. I can remember when I first heard about them. Max Evans…so much like he used to be. Quiet, sensitive, always willing to put others ahead of himself. Oh, and don't forget, loyal to a T! That was his downfall you know. He didn't want to believe that everyone could have betrayed him. I can't wait to see his face when he finds out he was right. You see, he was so close to everyone that he knew their thoughts and feelings. He didn't need any special powers, just the love that he felt for them. And besides, his sister never could have done that to him, her loyalty first and always laid with the King, her brother. Isabel Evans…like Max she hasn't changed at all either. The death of her father when she was just eight made an impression. She was daddy's little girl and he just left her. The pain of her loss cut so deeply that she promised herself that she would never let anyone get close to her again. At least not to her heart. And trust me, she had a heart, bigger than all of our planets combined. Always the first to rush to anyone's aide, willing to give whatever she could. I always wondered what would happen if she ever found the right man, the one who could look past all of her defenses. Maybe now I'll get a chance to find out. I always knew it wasn't Rath. He was always like another brother to her. She just agreed to marry him because she knew her heart was safe with him. Ahhh Rath or, as he is now known, Michael Guerin. There's another that hasn't changed. Always rash, quick to judge, even quicker to move into action. In a way he was the balance for Zan. Zan so cautious and Rath so impulsive. I wonder if Max remembers anything, if he still thinks that Rath betrayed him. Rath didn't know, how could he have? After all, it was Ava who told him about the plans, the plans that turned out to be the downfall of the Royal Four. But more about that later, I would really rather think about it when I can be with the others.

So where was I? Oh yes, Rath, the impulsive one. Oh don't get me wrong; he had his positive points too! I always thought that he was a lot like Vilondra. They both guarded their hearts, neither wanting to let in more pain. I know, you're wondering why Rath felt he had to guard his heart. You see, then, just like now, he was an orphan. Poor Rath, his parents died in a boating accident when he was five. That's how he met Zan and Vilondra, his aunt and uncle, the king and queen, took him in. The poor thing never got over the loss of his parents. Which is why he always felt like he had to guard his heart. I always knew that it would take a special someone to tear down the barriers he had put up. But he never met that someone in his lifetime. There was this one girl though. I don't know how she did it, but somehow she managed to get under his skin. That boy would lay down his life for her if she asked. He's lucky she never did. Especially since she became his Queen. I know, you're all sitting there nodding your heads. You know who I'm talking about…Ava of course. See that's the funny thing. While everyone else is pretty much the same, she somehow is different. She has to be; otherwise Zan would never have married her. She was a Queen to make everyone proud. She never flaunted it. Like Vilondra she was always willing to help where needed. Also like Rath and Vilondra, her marriage to Zan wasn't a love match. Oh they did love each other, but not that all consuming love that everyone wants. No. It was more of a friendship kind of love, the way Ava loved Rath. Ah, but then again we have the betrayal. You see, Kivar set it all up. That man is a diabolical genius! He made it look like everyone betrayed Zan. He was really hoping to get the Royal Four to turn on each other. He never counted on the loyalty that lay within all of them.

I'm sorry. I can't tell you more about the betrayal. See, that's something that I will have to share with everyone, and I don't want to say it twice. It's just a lot to think about. But now that I've found them, I can put my plan in motion. I can work on fixing everything.

Part One

Dear Diary,

She did it again! As much as I love my sister, Brandy has got to stop living in fairy tales and start living in the real world. Huh! Who'd ever think that a sixteen year old would be the one to say that? I'm supposed to be the one who's still living in la la land. And the stories she tells me; they're not even the normal ones that everyone else gets to hear. They're strange. And the names. I don't even wanna know what she was smoking when she came up with those names. It's almost like she took the concept of King Arthur and changed it.

I know, you're wondering what it is she told me this time. This time she told me about the destiny. You know the basic story. Lord knows I've told it to you bunches of times. About King Zan, his sister Vilondra, his best friend Rath, and the queen-Ava. They sound like great people, all nice and loyal and all. But I know something went wrong. She never tells me what it was though. Tonight's the first time she has ever told me about this destiny thing. I don't know if I like that word, destiny. It makes it sound like people have no choice in their lives. I couldn't stand knowing that my life was already heading down this set path. I wonder how the Kings and Queens of the world handle it?

Anyway, back to the story. Last one that Brandy told me she went over the war a little bit and told me that they died; that the Royal Four-as she calls them-ceased to exist. But now she's changed her story. Can you see where I would wonder what she's smoking? That's besides the point. Brandy picked up where she left off last time, with the death of the Royal Four. Apparently there's this prophecy in Antar (where did Brandy pick up that name? It's as bad as the names for the Royal Four!) that states something to the effect of What once was shall again be or something strange like that! So okay, these four die. And I don't know how other than there was a war. Zan's momma, Queen Gabriella, knew that she couldn't let them completely die. So she takes some blood from each, and goes to the royal scientists. It seems that they have been preparing for this day for a long, long time. They recreated the Royal Four! At this point I told Brandy she's gotta stop with her crack. It's totally messing with her brain cells! She just gave me that look. You know the one. Then she continued with her story. So they recreate the Royals and put them in these incubator tube type things so that they can grow. The scientists knew that it would take a while to find a safe place to put them, so they set the growth periods really slow. Brandy said it took like fifty years for the new Royals to look like they're six year olds! I know, this story keeps getting stranger and stranger! So everyone gets ready to send the tube thingies off someplace safe when there's an accident. And that's where she stopped! Of all the nerve!!! I know I know. I keep teasing her and saying that the stories are ridiculous, but I do enjoy them. Shhhh! That's between you and me. Hopefully she'll decide to tell me more later. In the meantime, I gotta jet. It's getting late and I have an Algebra test first thing tomorrow. Lucky me!


Roswell, New Mexico

Tess Harding walked into West Roswell High and looked around. She knew who she was looking for and she was hoping to see at least one of them right away this morning. Her head jerked up when she heard the bell. Tess let out a groan, knowing that she wasn't going to get a chance anytime soon; she had to go to the office and get her new schedule. She was almost at the door when she ran into what felt like a brick wall. Looking up, she saw the strangest guy she'd ever seen. He was about 6'1" and his hair looked like it hadn't seen a comb in a decade.

"Hey watch it!" The brick wall scowled at her then continued heading towards his first period. Secretly Tess smiled, knowing that she had just met Rath, or Michael Guerin, as he was known here.

"Hey Max! Wait up, I wanna ask you something!" Michael called out as soon as he saw his best friend, Max Evans. Max paused looking first at Michael and then focusing past him when Liz Parker came into view. "Max, hello! Wake up man!" Michael waved his hand in front of Max, hoping to snap his attention back.

Liz walked up and slid her hand into Max's. After giving each other a quick kiss, they turned their attention to Michael. "Good Morning to you to Michael." Max's sarcasm only caused Michael's scowl to deepen. "Funny Maxwell, very funny! We gotta meet tonight. I had the strangest dream and I think it means something." Michael was looking around, pretending to make sure no one was listening but in reality he was looking for his on again girlfriend Maria DeLuca.

A grin spread across Liz's face while she watched Michael. It turned into a full-fledged smile when she noticed her friend Alex Whitman walk up behind Michael. "Michael, do you really think that we need a meeting to hear about your wet dreams starring Maria? Ow!" Alex was prevented from saying anything more when he got smacked by his girlfriend, Isabel Evans. "God Alex! Could you be any cruder? It's bad enough I've walked into those dreams, I don't need to be reminded that he actually has them!" Michael turned red when everyone started laughing at the Isabel's comments. "Hey! It's not like that! My dream had nothing to do with sex! It's like those dreams I was having last year…" Michael trailed off, waiting for Isabel and Max to remember what he was talking about.

Noticing the confused expressions, Max hurried to fill in Liz and Alex. "Last year Michael was having creation dreams. So we have an idea of how things started, aside from the crash, but we haven't been able to find the location." As Max finished his explanation the five-minute bell rang. Quickly setting up a time for the meeting later, everyone hurried off to their first period classes.

It's started. Soon they will know who I am. But I have to remember to take my time, gain their trust. That's the only way I can fix things.