Well guys, here is the truth (that only you, my fellow Roswellians know). This fic that I am writing is based on events that happened to me. Yet the ending will be different because it will definanlty be a happy ending. So Liz (me) is slowly realizing just how special her friends polite and somewhat quite brother Max (undisclosed) is. The more she sees him, the more she feels for him. With me, the feelings have not reached love, just an extreme awareness. But as we know M/L always fall in love (in my world anyway)!

Title: Love’s funny that way!
Author: Tina Katselos
Rating: PG-R (For bad language, hey its my life story here LOL)
Summary: Liz, Isabelle and Maria are best friends. Isabelle has a slightly older brother whom Liz thought was a just a friend. Slowly she realized there’s more to Max then blood ties with Isabelle and Liz understands why love can be so damn unfair~

So I'm in the car with Isabelle and Maria and we’re on our way to Maria’s job interview. Yea, yea, I know what you guys are saying. Why would we ALL go to Maria’s job interview? To give her guidance of course, we always do stuff like this. Isabelle tells her what to wear and how to act and I give her the rundown on typical interview questions and help her with her answers. You should see Maria, she is stressing, BIG TIME! Its like she’s having an interview for some really great job, that will kick start her career but in actual fact it’s only for a job in a music store. You see we all just finished college at the University of New Mexico, three weeks ago. We’re planning to go to Europe together for European summer, so we don’t want anything serious. Just a job where there is a paycheck, and we won’t have our parents on our backs everyday! So yep, Maria is applying for a job in a music store, Isabelle works in a clothing store and I work in a sandwich bar. As you probably would have guessed, I make sandwiches. If Maria gets this job then we would all work in the same shopping center. Isn’t that the coolest?

“So when they ask what my biggest weaknesses are, what do I say? That I'm lazy, I never finish anything on time and I talk too much? I mean c’mon”

I look at Maria and I feel like slapping her out this state that she is in. She kills me when she gets like this. I mean we have been over this question twice already. From the front passenger seat, I turn my head around to face Maria who is sitting in the back. “No Maria, when you get a question like that you use it to your advantage. For example” I say lifting up my eyebrows “I guess my biggest weakness would have to be that I'm a perfectionist”. This statement causes an “as if” from Isabelle who is driving. “Shut up, this is only until she gets the job, after that she only has to be there for six months before we leave”. Then I continue talking to Maria while giving Isabelle looks, so she does not say anything. “As I said, ‘my greatest weakness is that I am a perfectionist, meaning that at times, I tend too spend too much time on one thing”. Maria smiles and I'm surprised at Isabelle because she was able to contain herself through my little speech. Yet she’s still smiling, it looks as though it’s getting hard to contain though, so I change the subject before she just bursts out laughing. It’s funny when you think about it. There are only a few people who really get to see the real Isabelle. Her family obviously, Me, Maria and her boyfriend Alex. They’ve been together forever. The Isabelle that everyone else sees is the bitchy and cold side. Maybe it’s because she was born with killer looks and learnt to use them to her advantage, what ever it is, I'm happy that when I'm with Isabelle she’s real, and that’s all that really matters.

Now, I mentioned earlier that Isabelle has a boyfriend named Alex. Well she’s not the only one with a boyfriend. Maria is also dating this guy that she met at college. He’s name is Michael. Not your typical dream man, but he’s ok. A bit to edgy for my tastes but Maria likes him so… Now me? Well I am the only one who is single. Do you know what its like being the only one without a boyfriend? It’s terrible sometimes. Sure, I’ve had a few relationships but nothing serious. Sometimes I think that it’s time for me to find someone but then I remember my dream. EUROPE! I have to experience life before I even think of getting into anything serious. I look over to Isabelle once more and I wonder how she will leave Alex. Will they brake up? Will they put it on hold? Who knows?

“And if they ask why my marks were not so good in college”? Maria asks, still feelings extremely nervous.

“They are not going to ask you that Maria, your applying for a job in a music store, not for Time magazine, now get of the car and knock em’ dead” I tell her as Isabelle stops the car in front of the mall, actually, its not really a mall but it’s the closest thing that Roswell, New Mexico has to a mall so…

Isabelle and I decide to stay in the car and wait. The interview won’t go longer for more than twenty minutes anyway. I take out a cigarette and offer Isabelle one. Today she doesn’t want one. Isabelle is one of those social smokers, who only smokes when she feels like it. I, on the other hand, being the idiot that I am, got myself addicted and have been smoking for the part five years. I thought I was so cool when I was sixteen, but now that I'm almost 21 I would give anything to stop. But it’s not just the health side that bugs me, it’s the money. I, Liz Parker cannot afford to smoke and that is the honest to god truth. Taking another drag, I almost choke at what Isabelle says next. “Max broke up with Kathy”

“What”? I say, totally shocked. Max and Kathy were like the perfect couple. Totally in love, always together and always happy... or so it seemed. “Why”?

“You know Max, he has to get his shit together before he gets serious with anyone. He wants to get a real job, not nights shifts, doing customer service”.

“Is he upset”? I ask. I can’t believe this, Max and Kathy broke up, it still has not sunk in. They were the couple that everyone thought would last. But I guess everyone was wrong.

“Yea he is, I mean, he told me he still loves her”

I get a small pain in my chest when I hear this. Why? I don’t know.

“If he loves her then…”

“That’s all he told me, he needs to sort himself out”. Hearing this I feel like I'm starting to understand Isabelle’s reclusive brother a bit more. You know when you find you have something in common whit someone you feel closer to them? Well that’s what I feel with Max Evans. We both need space. We both need to figure out who we are. Geez, why does life have to be so scary and confusing?


That was it. That was where it all started. That conversation was the first time I ever thought about Max as Max, rather than Isabelle’s polite, and quiet older brother.

Part 2
I wake up in the morning and head into the shower. I have to be ready in half and hour for work. As I walk into the shower I cannot stop thinking about Max and Kathy’s break up. I mean how can a couple so devoted, just break up out of the blue? Isabelle told me that for their Six month anniversary as a couple they went to dinner, exchanged presents, and then went for a drive. Apparently during this drive, Max stopped the car and pulled to the side of the curb. He put in the song that they had christened as theirs. The song was ‘Angel of Mine’ by Monica. He then got out of the car and pulled her with him. Then, they danced.

That was only a month ago. I can’t help thinking, what changed? Can people grow apart in such a short time? Doing my best to cleat these thoughts out of my head I head into the shower. Why do I care about what Max does anyway, it’s none of my business.

Great, just fucking great! I missed that stupid bus, I was only late one minute but sometimes one minute is all it takes. Dejectedly, I put my head down. Not looking forward to the walk and the lecture from my big, fat boss who thinks yelling at people is proper work etiquette. After five minutes of walking I hear a car pull up beside me. Not looking around I walk faster. I’ve always been paranoid like that. Always been very cautious. I then hear a beep and I turn to find that it’s Max. Surprised I walk to the car and he rolls down his window. He’s dressed in a suit, which surprises me. “My, my” I say, “aren’t we looking very snazzy today”?

“Why thanks Parker” Max has called me Parker ever since I can remember. I can’t remember the last time he called me Liz. “I'm actually going to an interview” he says “where are you going? You look as though you could use a lift”.

“I'm going to work actually” and of course, my fierce independence kicks in, “but it’s ok, it’s a nice day, I can walk”.

“Don’t be crazy, it’s on the way anyway, hop in” Forgetting my stubborn side, I open the door and sit down. I notice that he has classical music playing the in the background. He always listens to that. Before I used to hate it, but now it sounds kinda soothing.

“What? No complaints about the music?”

“Nope, I like it”

“You do”?


“You’ve changed” Hearing this I turn to look at Max but he is staring at the road.

“Changed, how”? I'm getting paranoid again now, is it a good change, or a bad change?

“I don’t know, you seem older, more mature, not so young anymore” He looks over to me and I think I see something, is it…? No it can’t be.

“What do you mean not so young, your only two years older than I am anyway”

And its true, he is. But Max has always seemed much older. I don’t know why but…maybe it’s because he’s traveled. Last year he came back, after leaving for a whole year. He went to Africa, Europe, and ended up staying in London for eight months. I remember just asking him questions about different cultures and things and always being totally intrigued.

“I know, sorry Parker, but I guess I just always thought of you and Isabelle’s friend, not as Liz parker” His voice is soft and very low.

WOW! You don’t know what it feels like when I hear him say ‘Liz’. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that before. I ignore the emotions that are slowly magnifying inside of me.

“So, now you see me as…”

“A woman.” He completes my sentence for me. I smile at him, and he smiles back. The rest of the car ride is in complete silence but it’s comfortable. Nothing but our breathing, and the soft music in the background.


“So Max told me he gave you a lift this morning” Isabelle, Maria and I are sitting in one of the café’s in the mall sipping our coffees, Maria go the job by the way and today is her first day of training. Today, I’m not the only one smoking. Isabelle is having one too. Blowing out the smoke I ask:

“When did you speak to him”? I caught myself before I started getting defensive. I have to make myself relax. It’s no big deal and it’s obvious Isabelle does not think so.

“He called me at work and told me that the interview went well. He was really exited”.

“What job is applying for”? Maria asks.

“Financial adviser, that’s what he studied at college so he’s doing his best to get into his field. If he gets the job their going to train him for three months here in Roswell but then he will be transferred to San Francisco”. My heart falls when I hear this. I don’t know why, but it does. Changing the subject I bring up our trip.

“So when are we going to book our tickets”?

“I think that we should put a deposit on our flight and the tour tomorrow on our lunch break” Maria said before taking another sip of her café late.

“Yea, tomorrow”! Isabelle said excitedly. The rest of our lunch break was spent discussing our trip, all three of us ecstatic and waiting for the time where our eyes would finally be open and our lives would change forever.


We did it! We finaly did it! Our tickets are booked. Our your is booked and everything is organized. I can’t believe that it’s finally happening. You cannot believe how exited I am. Unlike yesterday morning, I was able to make the bus home on time. I’m so tired. One would not believe it, but working in a sandwich bar can be very tiring. For one, there is the asshole of a boss. I – can – not – stand – him!!! He is so rude. He’s perverse and takes pleasure out putting others down. Why I still work there? I don’t know, maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment? At the moment Tony (my boss), has no idea of my traveling plans and I can’t wait for the day when I literally, take off my apron and walk out of that god forbidden place. That, and the fact that in six months I will either be in Greece, Italy or France soaking up the European sun, keeps me going. Had it not been for my dreams I would have lost it a long time ago.

One week later

It’s Saturday Morning, one of the only days in the week where I get to sleep in and I am rudely awakened by the ringing of my cell phone. Still half asleep I answer the phone only to hear Isabelle’s voice on the other side.

“Liz Parker, are you still sleeping”.

“Yes” I mumble.

“Well get up you lazy cow”!

“Isabelle, what possesses you to call me at this stupid hour”

“Its 9:30” As if that makes it better. My usual wake up call is at twelve (on a Saturday anyway).

“What is it Isabelle”?

“Max got the job” She sounds exited. Great, as I feel my heart drop she gets exited.

“That’s great,” I say with false bravado.

“I know, were all stoked. Mum is so happy, and Dad too. Not to mention Max. He’s ready for this you know? But the reason I called is because were going out tonight for celebratory drinks, what time should I pick you up?”

So we make plans for tonight, were going to a local bar. Nothing too flash, just a place where we can sit, talk and drink. But the problem is, is that I don’t feel like drinking now. I feel like crying and it’s killing me. Because I, Liz Parker am developing feelings for a man whom I’ve known all my life and never took notice of. A man who in three months, is leaving me for good.