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Author: Roswell Chick101

Title: Problems

Category: M/L M/M A/I M/T (but not really)

Disclaimer: I own nothing and am no way connected to roswell

Summary : this is basically my version of End of the World There is M/T for about a week in my story . This is the first part of a trilogy.
The first chapter is utterly and completely quotes from the show but I needed that to start so without further ado I give you Problems. . . . .

LIZ: I'm so confused.

ALEX: I'm so depressed.

MARIA: Wimps.

LIZ: Max keeps coming to my window and telling me he wants to be with me again, but I know it' can never work out.

ALEX: Isabel, she gave me another one of those "Alex, you're such a great friend" speeches. It made me want to puke.

MARIA: I have Michael Guerin. He's mine. You should have seen his face when he apologized to me. His eyes were practically begging me to take his sorry ass back. I have so landed him for once and for all...I think.

LIZ: Where are you taking us, anyway?

MARIA: Mmm. To a place where all of our questions will finally be answered. She'll tell us where our future lies with our hybrid freaks. She's a prophet. My mom lives her whole life based on her advice.

ALEX: And this is a recommendation?

(Inside the psychic's house, Alex is the first to talk to Madame Vivian)
ALEX: So, Isabel and I will be...

PSYCHIC: You are a wonderful friend, her foundation. You will never have a carnal relationship...

ALEX: Oh, come on, Madame Vivian, there's gotta be something in those leaves...a few moments of pure lust? Anything? Uh...Story of my life.

(Maria's turn. She asks about Michael)

PSYCHIC: This boy...very volatile.

MARIA: That's good for sex, right?

PSYCHIC: This relationship will not endure.

MARIA: Look, lady, I am not necessarily looking to tie the knot myself, but do I at least have a few months?

PSYCHIC: 48 hours, tops.

MARIA: 48 hours? Ok, are they a good 48 hours?

(Liz's turn. She asks about Max)

PSYCHIC: I've never seen the cards fall like this before. The boy, he's different.

LIZ: Yeah.

PSYCHIC: He's very important, this boy. A leader.

LIZ: Yeah, he has this whole other that doesn't include me.

PSYCHIC: No. He chooses love.

LIZ: What?

PSYCHIC: He chooses you.

LIZ: No, no, no, no, see, that's impossible.

PSYCHIC: The reading is clear. You marry your true love. You have happiness. The card here? Intimacy, sex. You will not be left wanting.


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AN- Pretend Nacedos still alive

Part 2

we see Max waiting for Liz on Her Balcony
When Liz walks into her Bedroom Max doesn't notice

Liz: Max?

Max: Oh a Liz hi (shyly)

Liz: is somthing wrong?

Max:/she shouldn't have to think like that/ no well yes I miss you

Liz: I miss tou too Max but-

Max: see we miss eachother why can't we be together

Liz: you have a Dest-

Max: so If I didn't have a destiny we wouldnt be together

Liz: Max. . .yes we would but-

(max started to move toward her

Max: But?

Liz : (could feel her legs getting weak) you do have a destiny

Max: we make our own destiny

Max was so close he could feel her warm breath as he leaned in )

Liz: admitting defeat let him kiss her) it started slow and gentle Liz could feel Max's Tounge outlining her lower lip asking for permission She of course gave it to him his arms came instintly around her as hers went to his neck

Max: I love you Liz I'm not letting you go again ever

Liz: I love you too

Max: I better go before your Parents wake up(he really didn't want to go but he didn't want to start over on the wrong foot)

Liz: My parents are in Santa Teresa for the next 3 weeks ,. . . will . . . um

Max: what with a grin on his face from her shyness

Liz: will you stay and just hold me

Max: Forever

On the other side of town

Tess: I Hate the Humans Its destiny

Nacedo: Tess its our planets survival get Max do anything you have and I mean anything

Tess: I know I will I just have to do somthing on all the Humans to make them see.


Maria: (up too Michael) we need to Talk


Maria: I heard we only have 48 hours so dont be a jerk ok?

Micheal: (shaking his head)Ok Maria

Maria: Good

Michael: is that all?

Maria: no I just waiting for you to get off work

LIfe Life is Unbeleivable
Life Life
Life is Good
Life is Great
Life is Unbeleivable
Life is Hard
Life is Cruel
Life is so Beautful
Oh yeah Oh yeah
Life Life is Unbeleivable
Oh yeah oh Yeah
Life Life is Unbeleivable

Somewhere in Laffiate on my way to anywhere
A woman named Beatrice Serves me coffe and smiles as if she cares It reminds me of this painting That I think I've often seen The Kings behind the Counter serving coffe to James Dean.

Life is Good
Life is Great
Life is Unbeleivable
Life is Hard
Life is Cruel
Life is so Beautful
Oh yeah Oh yeah
Life Life is Unbeleivable
Oh yeah oh Yeah
Life life is beuatiful

On my way from Garden City on my way to anywhere a Guy named Patrick gives me directions and he smiles as if he cares It reminds me of this movie that I think I've often seen pretty much this situation expect I'd be Steven Queen

So what would you do if you wake tommorow if theres no more Sorrow all your dreams come true so knock on wood and cross your fingers now count your blessings it might be you What would you do if you woke tommorow all your Grey skys blue how many days do you think your given now get living its up too you

Life is Good
Life is Great
Life is Unbeleivable
Life is Hard
Life is Cruel
Life is so Beautful
Oh yeah Oh yeah
Life Life is Unbeleivable
Oh yeah oh Yeah
Life life is beuatiful

I couldn't do the Rest if anyone has the other part of the Lyrcs pplease send them to me Props to LFO
There right I thought this was apporiate song TBC

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