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Author: Kari

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or anything to do with it. All rights belong to UPN and Melinda Metz. No infringement intended.

Summary: When the geeks meet the freaks, everything changes.

~*Chapter 1*~

Liz walked to Alex’s locker after school, the same as she did every day. She and her twin brother stuck together…they had to. They only had each other. In elementary school they had been dubbed “The Geeks of Roswell” and it had stuck all the way through now. Now, Alex and Liz Parker were sophomores in high school. And high school is tough for geeks.

Liz sighed as she saw the note attached to Alex’s locker. It said that he was staying after school for extra help with his music. Alex had recently taken up playing the tuba, and he was having a lot of problems learning how to play it. It didn’t help that he had never learned to read music.

Liz walked out of the school into the fresh spring air of her small hometown of Roswell. Liz wasn’t like all the other girls in Roswell. All they talked about was leaving the small town as soon as they graduated, possibly sooner. Liz saw no problem with living in Roswell forever. As long as Alex was with her of course…she really depended on her brother. He was always making her laugh and he was her best friend. Also, Liz really liked her job at the Crashdown Café, which her father had recently bought.

As Liz was walking home, she noticed a group of kids standing across the street, laughing and having a good time. ‘I wish I had a big group of friends to hang out with’ thought Liz, a little sadly. She watched the group with jealousy.

Then she noticed that one of the girls was waving at her. It was Isabel Guerin, another girl that worked at the Crashdown Café. Liz shyly waved back, but kept walking. She knew that Isabel was only being nice, none of them would want to talk to her. Those were some of the more popular people.

She reached the Crashdown Café, walked through the main room to the back room and went up the stairs to her room. She shut her door and fell onto her bed. She was so tired…being made of fun of all day took a lot out of a person.

Liz soon fell asleep.


Isabel waved at Liz Parker. She turned back to her friends, who had all stopped talking. They were all staring at her like she had gone crazy.

“Isabel! What are you thinking?” asked one of her best friends, Maria Evans. “I mean…have you completely lost it? Did you like, not put your contacts in this morning? That was Liz Parker you just waved to!”

“I know who that was Maria. I was just being nice, I work with her you know.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you have to be her friend. Do you want your reputation to be ruined? I’m not going to let you ruin everything you’ve worked for since kindergarten! Stop being nice and start being an Ice Princess!”

“Maria, I can be nice once in a while, ok? You are really overreacting. My reputation will not be ruined just because I waved to Liz Parker. And I must say, her brother Alex is kind of hot.”

Tess jumped forward and covered Isabel’s mouth. “What did you just say? I don’t think I could have heard you right. Because I could swear I just heard you call the other geek hot! Alex Parker…hot? Isabel, do we need to lock you in a closet for the rest of your life?”

Isabel pushed Tess away and said, “I’m just saying…he’s kind of cute. It’s not like anyone else besides you two are going to find out.”

“Oh, but we just did, my dear little sister.” Isabel turned around to see her older brother Michael, and Maria’s older brother Max, standing behind them, grinning.

“Michael…if you tell anyone…I swear I will be forced to torture you with my powers. You know I’m stronger than you.”

“Sure, whatever. Your secret’s safe with me,” grumbled Michael. Isabel knew that he was very sensitive about being the weakest of the four aliens. She, Michael, Max, and Maria were aliens and had powers. Their friend Tess knew all about it.

“We just wanted to find you to tell you that Michael and I are planning a party. Just the five of us. At me and Maria’s tonight,” said Max.

Everyone nodded and Tess said, “Good…I need to have some fun. I have been so swamped with school work lately…a party sounds perfect.”

“I’ve got an idea,” said Maria. “Why don’t we make it a slumber party? Isabel and Tess can sleep in my room and Michael can sleep in Max’s room.”

Everyone agreed and they all went their separate ways to get ready for the party. As Michael walked home with Isabel, he came up with a fun idea for the party. Truth or dare.



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~*Chapter 2*~

Maria set down a bowl of popcorn and looked around her at the rest of the kitchen. Everything looked perfect. She couldn’t wait for her friends to arrive, tonight was going to be so much fun!

Max came running down the stairs. “Hey Ria, anyone here yet?”

“Nope.” Maria turned and walked into the living room. She plopped herself down on the couch and used the remote to turn on the stereo system. She was jammin’ to Linkin Park when the doorbell rang. She jumped up to answer it. Isabel, Michael, and Tess came in, carrying all their stuff they would need for the night.

Maria led Isabel and Tess up to her room to dump their stuff on the floor, while Michael went in search of Max. They all met up in the kitchen. Maria had made homemade pizzas, which were staying warm in the oven. She pulled them out and the party got started.

Everyone started eating and they were all having a good time. Max stood up to get some more soda, and knocked his plate of pizza right onto Isabel. She gasped, and then, not knowing what else to do, threw her soda in Max’s face.

“FOOD FIGHT!!!” yelled Micheal, throwing popcorn into Tess and Maria’s hair. Everyone started throwing food, until everything was either on the floor, or on a person. After everyone thought it was done, Michael sat down…right on a cake.

Maria burst out laughing. Michael stood up and the cake was sticking to his butt.

After everyone got calmed down again, they all went off to get changed, and since Maria and Max’s parents were rich, they lived in a house with three full bathrooms, so in no time at all, everyone had showered and met back up in the living room.

“So, what now?” asked Tess, still chuckling about the food fight. “We could dance, or watch a movie, or-”

“I have an idea,” said Michael. “Let’s play truth or dare.”

“Oh come on Michael!” said Isabel. “We aren’t in junior high any more…that game is so immature.”

“Actually,” said Maria. “That game sounds like fun right now. I’ll play!”

“Yeah, me too,” said Max and Tess at the same time.

“Fine,” grumbled Isabel.

“Ok,” said Michael. “I’ll ask Max first. Let me think…I have to make this really good…oh, I’ve got it! How far have you gone with a girl and with who?”

Max blushed and said, “Dare.”

“Damn,” said Michael. “I wanted to know. I dare you to run around the house six times making monkey noises.”

“Um…ok,” said Max. “Is that it?”

“You have to do it in your boxers!” said Tess, causing all of the girls to giggle.

Max sighed and stood up. Ok. I’ll just go in the front hall and…um…get myself ready. When I start running around, you can all come outside and see me….just, please, no cameras!”

Max jogged to the front hall and kicked his shoes and socks off. He stripped his shirt off, looking in the golden edged mirror on the wall to admire his muscular frame. He took his pants off and took a deep breath. ‘This is going to be so damn embarrassing!’ he thought. He pushed open the front door and started to run. As he ran past the living room window, everyone saw him and got up, running for the front door.

“Ooooo…ooo…eeeee…eeee…eeee…ooooo!” He tried his hardest to sound like a monkey but it was hard to do without laughing. He could hear his friends cheering him on from the front yard. He ran around the back and to the side, making more noises. As he reached the front yard again, Tess and Isabel whistled. He grinned and kept running. Finally, he had gone around six times, and he collapsed onto his front porch.

Everyone applauded and they went back inside. He got dressed again, and joined the group in the living room. “All right,” he said. “Now it’s my turn to torture someone. Maria, do you like Michael?” He burst out laughing, knowing that his sister did like Michael, in fact, she was obsessed with Michael.

“I’ll take the dare please,” she said, casting a dirty look at Max.

“I dare you to kiss Michael…with some tongue.”

Maria stared at her brother and wished she could kill him. He knew how much she liked Michael! How could he embarrass her like that? Besides, it wasn’t nice to push it on Michael like that. He didn’t like her…

Maria stood up and quickly kissed Michael. “What was that?” asked Isabel playfully. “That was just a peck. Come on, Maria, really kiss him.”

Maria groaned and leaned down to kiss Michael. What she totally wasn’t expecting was when Michael grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down onto him, so that she was straddling his lap. He bit at her lips playfully until she opened her mouth wider, letting his tongue in.

No one else in the room had been expecting Michael to do that either, so they all looked away in embarrassment, even though they all wanted to comment on it and laugh.

Finally, Maria had to come up for air. She gasped for breath and looked into Michael’s eyes. ‘Wow. That was great!’ she thought. Then she realized what position she was in on Michael, and stood up. “Um…ok,” she said, trying to look like nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. “So, um…Isabel….I have a question for you. Have you ever used your powers to try and seduce a guy?”

Isabel laughed mysteriously and said, “I want the dare.”

Maria had to think for a little while before she came up with the perfect dare for Isabel. “I dare you to ask out Alex Parker.”

Everyone stared at Maria like she had grown a second head. “I’m sorry,” said Isabel. “Can I have a different dare?”

“Nope,” laughed Michael. “Don’t you know the rules? You have to answer Maria’s question or do her dare. Pick one.”

Isabel looked around at everyone and said, “But I don’t think it’s fair to Alex, you know? I mean, asking him out…he’d probably have a heart attack. And even if I actually went out with him once, I wouldn’t go out with him twice…that really would ruin my reputation!”

“Don’t be such a baby,” said Tess. “Just ask him. If you wanna make it funnier, actually go out with him and then dump him. It’s not like he really matters…he’s a geek!”

Isabel slowly nodded her head. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I see your point…and it’s not like one secretive little date could ruin me. As long as no one else knows about this. Ok, I’ll do it.”


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~*Chapter 3*~

The next Monday, before school started, Alex walked into the school, lugging his tuba along with him. Usually Liz helped him carry it, but she’d stayed home because she had a stomachache.
“Oof!” Alex half dropped, half threw the tuba case onto the floor, leaning against a wall to rest. He felt like he was going to die—he’d had to walk a mile with the tuba because he’s missed his bus.
As he was recuperating by the wall, Isabel and her friends walked in. Tess and Maria nudged Isabel and giggled.
“There he is, Isabel,” teased Maria. “Your geeky little love-connection!”
“Shh! He’ll hear you!” said Isabel.
“So, you’re going to ask him out now, anyways. Just go for it!” Tess and Maria walked away, leaving Isabel to go through with her dare.
‘Here goes nothing,’ she thought, walking up to Alex. She tapped him on the shoulder, which obviously scared him, because he screamed loudly.
“Are you trying to give me a heart attack? I-” He turned around and realized who he was yelling at. “Oh, Isabel Guerin, right?”
“Yeah, that’s me. And you’re Alex Parker. Now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s talk.”
“Talk? To me? Are you cra—I mean, why? I’m not exactly…um…popular.”
“Yeah, um, that’s not important right now. I need to ask you something.” Isabel looked around, realizing that anyone could walk by and hear her asking Alex out, which she didn’t want to happen.
“Well, what is it?” asked Alex. “I have to tune my tuba.”
Isabel tried her hardest not to burst out laughing at Alex’s comment about his tuba—it was just so stupid! Who played the tuba, anyway? “Um, Alex, why don’t we go somewhere more private?”
Alex gave her a skeptical look and said, “Ok…whatever you want. Where do you recommend we go?”
“The eraser room.” Then Isabel realized what she had just said and instantly regretted it. How could she have been so dumb? Everyone would see her and Alex go in there together and totally get the wrong idea!
“Ok,” said Alex, who had no idea what the eraser room was known for. “But, uh…can you maybe, like, help me carry my tuba?”
“Sure,” said Isabel, wanting to be polite, but wishing she didn’t have to. It would just make her and Alex walking together more obvious.
They both picked up an end of the tuba case and slowly shuffled sideways down the crowded hallway.
“Excuse me. Pardon me. Let me through please. Tuba coming through,” said Alex, not realizing that Isabel was blushing.
They finally reached the door of the eraser room. They set down the tuba case and Isabel opened the door. They picked up the tuba case again and slowly carried it into the room. Alex tried to close the door, but the tuba was in the way.
“Oh, um…here, move a little. Yeah, like that. Ok, now pull the tuba towards you. Ok…ow! My foot! No, it’s ok. I’m fine, here, just hold this up…and-” Alex finally shut the door, and he looked around for Isabel.
“Where are you?” he asked. “I know you’re in here.”
“Yeah, behind the tuba case.” Isabel had been pushed behind and under the tuba in Alex’s attempts to close the door.
“Oh…um…there you are. If you wanted to sit on the floor, you should have said something,” said Alex, plopping himself happily down next to Isabel. “So, what’d you want to ask me?”
“Alex, I would like to know if you’d want to go out with me sometimes. Like, go to dinner and a movie or something.” Isabel looked blankly at Alex, not really caring if he said yes or no. She had been dared to ask him, which she just had. No one had said she had to make him go out with her.
“Sure!” said Alex, making his eagerness just a little too obvious. He blushed. “Sorry I sound so eager. It’s just that, well, I don’t exactly get asked out very often. In fact, no ones ever asked me out before.” Alex looked down shyly at his feet.
Isabel was a little shocked. Sure, she had known he was one of “The Geeks of Roswell,” but she wasn’t expecting to have him tell her she was the first girl to ever ask him out. She felt a little bad, she didn’t want to hurt his feelings later on. He was a nice guy.
“Ok,” said Isabel. “How about tonight? I work at the Crashdown with your sister, but I get off at 8:00. We could go then.”
“Sure,” said Alex. There were a few moments of silence and then he said, “Well, I should go now. You know…the tuba…tuning…”
“Oh, yeah. The tuba. Sure. Go ahead. Have fun,” said Isabel. They stood up and walked out of the eraser room. Alex walked down the hallway, dragging his tuba behind him.
“Oh man!” Isabel cringed at Tess’s voice. “Isabel, were you and Alex in the ERASER ROOM?!”
Isabel whipped around to face her giggling friend and said, “Geeze, Tess, announce it to the whole damn school. Yes, we were in there. But nothing happened, so wipe that stupid smirk off your face. I just asked him out in there, I didn’t want people to hear, I thought we needed privacy.”
“Sure,” said Tess. “If you say so. So, did he say yes?”
“Yup. Tonight at 8:00, after my shift at the Crashdown, we are going out for dinner and a movie.”
“That’s nice,” said Tess, still laughing about seeing Isabel come out of the eraser room with Alex.


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~*Chapter 4*~

Alex practically ran home after school. He had left his tuba at school, so that he could get home faster. He needed Liz to help him pick out something not too geeky to wear on his date tonight.
His date. Alex had never been on a date. And to think…his first date would be with Isabel Guerin, the most popular girl in school! And she had asked him!
He ran through the Crashdown Café, and through the back room, up the stairs, and tore into Liz’s room. She was lying in her bed, with the blankets pulled over her head. Alex tore the blankets off of her and threw them on the floor. Liz groaned and turned over.
“What do you want, Alex? I don’t feel good.”
“Isabel Guerin asked me out for tonight.”
Liz sat up quickly and looked at Alex. “Are you serious? You’re serious. You have a date with…Isabel?” Liz lay down again and shut her eyes. “I must be more sick than I thought.”
“Come on Liz, this is serious. I need you to help me decide what to wear…I can’t look geeky!”
“Ugh…ok…I’ll meet you in your room in twenty minutes. Let me get myself together first.”
“Ok.” Alex walked out of Liz’s room and down the hallway to his own room. He shut the door and turned on Garth Brooks on his stereo system. Ah…good old country music, just what he liked. He opened his closet and stared into it.
Nothing seemed to look right. Everything looked too dorky for a date with Isabel Guerin. He sighed and started pulling clothes off the hangers, throwing them onto his bed. The only way to find the right outfit was to try them all.
As he was modeling one outfit in front of the mirror, Liz came in. She burst out laughing.
“What?” he asked. “Is it that bad? It’s the pants, isn’t it? They make my butt look too big!”
Liz just laughed louder. When she could finally talk, she gasped out, “Alex, you look like a girl getting ready for a date. All the clothes on the bed…the comment about the pants…” She started laughing all over again.
“Liz, this isn’t funny. Help me, here! I can’t find anything good!”
“Here,” she said, walking over to the bed and picking up a shirt and some pants. “This will work.”
“Wow, you’re right. I don’t know why I didn’t see that before. Thanks, Liz.”
“Welcome. Well, I feel a little better, so I’m gonna go grab a snack and see if dad needs me to work a shift in the Café. Oh, and Alex, listening to Garth Brooks isn’t exactly going to help out your image. See you later.”
Liz walked out of Alex’s room and went downstairs. She stopped at the fridge and pulled out a container of yogurt. She grabbed a spoon and hopped up on the counter. As she was eating the yogurt, her mom came into the kitchen.
“Hey, Liz,” she said. “Feeling better? I heard loud laughing before…”
“Yeah, I’m better now. I was laughing at Alex cause he’s freaking out about clothes.”
“Clothes? Why?”
“He’s got a date tonight with Isabel Guerin. You know her, she works in the Café.”
“Really?” asked Mrs. Parker. “Alex is going out with her? She just doesn’t seem like Alex’s type…but if that’s what he wants.”
Liz finished her yogurt and asked, “Does dad need me to work in the Café now?”
“Probably. It’s a zoo down there. Thanks honey.”
“Sure,” said Liz. She went down into the back room by the employee’s lockers and changed into her outfit. She grabbed her order pad and a pen, and walked out into the Café.
Her mom was right, it was a total zoo! Liz spotted Isabel and ran up to her. “Hey, Isabel. I can help you out now. Sorry I wasn’t here earlier, I wasn’t feeling too good today.”
“That’s too bad, glad you’re here now,” said Isabel, expertly balancing plates on her hands.
Liz started to wait on customers. As things started to calm down again, Michael Guerin, Tess Harding, and Maria and Max Evans walked into the Café and sat at a big booth. She wanted Isabel to wait on them, because they were her friends, plus, Max made her nervous. He always seemed to be staring at her. Isabel was really busy though, so Liz had to do it.
She walked reluctantly up to the group of people and said, “Can I get you some drinks?” They all ordered cokes and Liz went behind the counter to the soda machine to get them. As she was ready to serve the drinks, she turned around and walked right into Max. Soda went everywhere…on her, on him, on the floor.
“Oh my god,” she said. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.”
“No, it’s ok, I probably surprised you. It’s my fault. Here, let me help you clean this up.”
They cleaned up the spilled soda together and then Max said, “I was standing behind you because I wanted to ask you something.”
“Ok,” said Liz. “What?”
“Well, I’m sure you know by now that Isabel and Alex are going out tonight, right?”
“Yeah, Alex told me…” Liz said, wondering what Max was getting at.
“Well, uh…I’ve been wanting to ask you out for a long time, but I never had the nerve. But then Isabel asked Alex, so I figured, you know, what the hell…”
Liz looked at Max, trying to tell if he was serious.
“So?” he asked. “Will you go out with me? Tonight maybe?”
“Um, Max, I really don’t think that’s such a good idea. We don’t even know each other…and well, you’re popular, and I’m not. It would just be really uncomfortable.”
“Oh,” said Max, feeling his stomach drop. “Well, if you don’t want to…I’ll talk to you later then.”
He walked out of the restaurant to go home and change out of his soda soaked clothes.
Liz got Isabel’s attention and asked her to get the drinks for her friends as she changed into a fresh outfit.
As she was changing, she thought about what had just happened and decided it was for the best that she had said no to Max. It just wouldn’t have worked…they were from two separate worlds. And it just seemed odd for her and Alex to get asked out on the same day by two of the most popular people in school. She nodded her head and told herself one more time that her decision was the right one. She didn’t need to go out with anyone at this point in her life, definitely not Max. He wasn’t her type…not at all.


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~*Chapter 5*~

Isabel looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:00. “Finally,” she muttered as she went to the employee’s lockers and changed into her jeans and sweater. She walked back into the main room and saw Alex waiting for her.
As she walked up to him he pulled a pink rose from behind his back. “I know it’s not much,” he said, “but I thought a dozen roses would be too much for a first date situation.”
“No, Alex, one rose is great. It’s so beautiful. Thank you. Let me just put it in some water behind the counter here.” Isabel filled a small soda bottle halfway with water and stuck the rose in.
“Well, let’s go,” she said. They walked outside and Isabel said “So, where are we going? Dinner and a movie, right?”
“Yup, but I want the dinner part to be a surprise. I’m going to have to blindfold you.”
Isabel just nodded her head, but inside she was cringing. It was such a dorky thing to do!
Alex pulled a handkerchief from his back pocket. He gently turned Isabel around and placed the makeshift blindfold over her eyes.
“Now, I’ll have to spin you around a few times, so you don’t know where we’re going. Can you see anything?”
“No,” said Isabel, hoping no one she knew came along right then. Alex spun her around five times and grabbed her hand.
“We don’t have far to walk. Just go slow, I’ll lead you.”
Isabel walked with Alex for only about 5-10 seconds when he said, “Ok, we’re here.” He took off her blindfold and she gasped in surprise at where she was. She was in the Crashdown, but it had been changed! There were black curtains around their booth, and on the windowsill there were candles and incense.
“Do you like it?” asked Alex nervously. “Liz did all this in like 2 minutes, sorry if it looks dumb.”
“This is so cool, Alex. Thank you.” She decided to be a little nicer and placed a small kiss on his cheek.
Alex practically passed out from happiness.


Liz finished setting up the stuff for Alex’s date, and went upstairs. She collapsed on the living room couch and decided to play with the Playstation 2 Alex had bought recently.
She was really getting into one of the racing games when she was interrupted by the phone ringing. She paused the game and ran for the phone.
“Hi, Liz? This is Max…Evans.”
“Oh…um…what do you want?”
“I just…Liz, I won’t take no for an answer. Please go out with me, just once.”
“Max, I’m sorry, but the answer is still no.” Liz gently placed the phone back in its cradle and went back to her video game.
She felt a little bad, but Max just had to get it into his thick skull that she wasn’t interested in going out with him. Even though he had the most amazing eyes…


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~*Chapter 6*~

Alex was nervous all through dinner. He really wanted to make a good impression…and, well, to tell the truth, he REALLY wanted a goodnight kiss later.
They finished their dinners and decided to head over to the movie theater down the street to see the movie. They’d decided to see the new comedy, Shallow Hal.
As they walked down the street Alex noticed Isabel was shivering. He took off his jacket and handed it to her.
“No, Alex,” she said. “You don’t have to give me your jacket, I’m okay. Besides, you’ll get cold.”
Alex stood up straighter and puffed out his chest. “Who, me? No, I don’t get cold easily. High testosterone levels that run in my family and everything…”
Isabel took the jacket and tried not to laugh. It was so funny how Alex was acting. He was trying way too hard.
They got in the theater lobby and Alex insisted on paying for Isabel’s ticket. They found seats near the middle of the theater just as the previews began.
As the movie progressed, Isabel found herself not paying attention to it. She kept thinking about Alex. She was seriously falling for him, which she just couldn’t allow. And the others wouldn’t allow it either. She knew that if she started something with Alex she would ruin her reputation and most importantly, she’d eventually want to tell Alex about her.
Isabel, Maria, Max, and Michael had always sworn never to tell anyone that they were aliens. Tess had accidentally found out when she saw Isabel and Maria using their powers to clean Maria’s room. At first Tess had been scared, but she eventually came to accept it.
Isabel sighed and Alex looked over at her.
“You ok?” he asked.
“Yeah…fine,” said Isabel, turning her thoughts back to the movie.


“God…Michael,” panted Maria as Michael nibbled playfully at her neck.
He growled low in his throat and said, “You bring out the animal in me, baby.” He pushed her onto the couch and landed on top of her. She screamed then giggled.
They were in the middle of a heavy makeout session when Max came into the room.
“Ahem,” he cleared his throat, embarrassed to be intruding in their makeout session.
Maria and Michael quickly broke apart. Michael ran his hand through his hair, trying to look casual.
“What’s up, Max?” asked Maria. “Cause we were sort of…doing something.”
“Yeah,” said Max. “Um, I need to talk to you, Michael. Like, in private.”
Michael sighed and said to Maria, “Be right back, babe.” He stood up and followed Max to his room.
“What the hell do you want, Maxwell? That was a bad time to interrupt me and Maria.”
“First of all, this won’t take long. Secondly, if you’re going to play tonsil hockey with my sister, don’t do it in my living room.”
“All right, all right. Get to the point.”
“I’ve been having these…flashes.”
“No, not flashes. Fantasies.”
“Fantasies? About what? Is this an alien thing? Cause then we should get Maria up here, too.”
“No, Michael. It’s not an alien thing. These fantasies are about Liz Parker.”
“Like it’s not bad enough that my sister is going out with that Alex freak, but now you’re daydreaming about his freak sister!”
“Michael, these fantasies…they’re more intense than anything I’ve felt or seen before. In these fantasies, Liz and I are-” Max got hit in the face with a pillow.
“Shut up, man,” said Michael. “I DO NOT want to hear about your sex fantasies. Now, can I please go back downstairs to Maria?”
Max sighed, knowing Michael would be no help. “Sure,” he said. As Michael walked downstairs, Max sat down on his bed, trying to figure out what to do.


Liz got bored with the video games and went up to her room. She got into her pajamas and grabbed the book she was reading. She planned on waiting up for Alex. She would want to know how his date went.
As she was reading, she must have fallen asleep, because she was all of a sudden dreaming. But it didn’t feel like a dream.
She looked around her and saw she was standing in the middle of the desert. She felt like she wasn’t alone. She turned around and saw that Max Evans was standing behind her.
“Max,” she said. “Where are we? Why are we here?”
“Shh…” he whispered, placing a finger over her lips. She felt a strong desire to kiss his finger. She did and he gasped.
Max pulled her closer and gently kissed her. Their kisses soon got more frantic and hunger-filled.
Liz saw Max as a child, coming out of weird thing. The only word she could think of for it was a pod.
She also saw Maria, Tess, and Michael. She sensed something about the four of them that scared and excited her at the same time.
Their kiss was stopped suddenly and Liz’s eyes flew open. ‘Wow, weird,’ she thought. ‘I don’t even like Max.’
She glanced at her clock and was alarmed to see that it had only been two minutes since she’d sat down with her book.


Max fell out of bed. ‘Damn. Another fantasy.’ That one was the most intense one ever because his dream self had seemed to be sending flashed of his hatching form the pods to the dream Liz.
‘Glad she didn’t really see anything,’ he thought, wiping his hand across his mouth. He looked down and saw traces of lipstick on his hand that had just touched his lips.


Alex walked Isabel up to her front door. “Well,” he said. “I had a good time tonight.”
“Yeah, me too,” said Isabel. “Well, I should get inside…” She turned towards the door, wanting to kiss Alex, but knowing she shouldn’t.
“Ok, um, good night,” said Alex, realizing he wasn’t going to get a kiss. He turned and walked towards the main sidewalk. He headed in the direction of his house. He was walking with his head hanging down, trying to convince himself not to be disappointed.
He heard footsteps behind him. Hands grabbed him and spun him around. All of a sudden Isabel had her mouth pressed to his. It took Alex a few seconds to register what was happening, by which time Isabel had broken off the kiss.
“I-I’m sorry,” she said. “I just-I had to do that. I’m sorry.” She turned and ran back to her house.
“Don’t be sorry,” whispered Alex. “Don’t ever be sorry for that.”


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~*Chapter 7*~

Max climbed back onto his bed, hoping that Michael and Maria hadn’t heard him fall from downstairs. He lay down and stared at his bedroom ceiling. He wished he had Maria’s dreamwalking powers. He really wanted to know what Liz was thinking about.
‘Oh, admit it,’ he thought to himself. ‘You just want to know if she’s thinking about you. Which she isn’t. Come on, Evans, you were shot down twice today by her. Of course she isn’t thinking of you.’


‘Why couldn’t I have just said yes?!’ Liz screamed at herself in her mind. ‘Max Evans, one of the most popular, and let’s admit it, HOT, guys in school asked me out today. Twice. And I had to act like a scared little girl and say no!’
She hugged her pillow to her chest. She wished Alex would get home so she could talk to him. At least then she’d have something to think about other than Max Evans.
She heard a door open and close downstairs. She got up and ran down the hallway and down the stairs. She practically knocked Alex over.
“Whoa, Liz, slow down!” he said. “What’s up? I mean, you came running downstairs like your pants were on fire!”
“How was your date?” she asked, dragging him up to their kitchen. She pushed him into a chair. “I’m dying to know what happened! Tell me!”
“Calm down,” laughed Alex. “Well, Isabel loved the dinner surprise…” Alex told Liz about his whole night, getting a dreamy look on his face as he told Liz that Isabel had kissed him.
“Wow, Alex. This is so great for you! Do you think you two will go out again?”
Alex shrugged. “I hope so. I think so. Anyways, how was your night? Do anything fun?”
“Not really. Just played video games.”
Liz must have looked like she was hiding something because Alex raised his eyebrows and said, “Just video games? Nothing else happened?”
“Well…earlier, during my shift, Max Evans asked me out.”
“Oh man, that’s great Lizzie! You two-”
“I said no. And then at about 9:30 he called and asked me again.”
“You said no?! Why? I mean, he’s popular and he must like you if he asked you twice today.”
“Yeah, well, maybe…” said Liz. She decided not to tell Alex about the weird dream thing she’d had about her and Max in the desert.
“I’m tired, Alex. I’m gonna head for bed.”
“Good night Lizzie,” said Alex. She went to her room and shut the door. She walked to her phone and dialed *69. She got Max’s number and called him. She had something she needed to tell him.


Maria waved goodbye to Michael as he climbed onto his motorbike. She closed the front door and went upstairs to talk to Max.
Michael had told her that Max was having some fantasies and although Michael tried to convince her that it wasn’t alien-related, she was worried.
She knocked on his door and opened it. She saw Max sitting on his bed, looking confused and worried.
“Hey Maria,” he said, smiling when she walked in. “What’s up?”
“That’s what I should be asking you. Michael said you were having these flashy fantasy things.”
“He told you about that?” asked Max, making a mental note to never tell Michael something private ever again.
“Yes, and I’m offended that you didn’t tell me, too. All alien-related stuff should be told to all the rest of us!”
“Maria, calm down! It’s not alien-related! It’s just about a girl. A girl I like…that’s it.’
“No, that’s not it, Max. It has to be alien related. Michael said that you said that these were more intense than anything you’d ever experienced. It’s not just about some girl you like. For all we know, she could be some kind of enemy, or a skin, or-”
“Maria, you’re wrong. She’s not an enemy. Calm down. I need to get some sleep now.”
“Fine,” muttered Maria, trudging off to her room.
Max walked across the hall to brush his teeth. He never heard his phone ringing. The answering machine clicked on.
“Hey, this is Max. I’m away now, but leave me a message and I’ll get back to you soon.”
“Hey…Max. This is Liz. Liz Parker. I was just calling to say that I changed my mind. I’d like to go out with you. It’s kind of late, so don’t call me back. Um…we can talk at school tomorrow. Bye.”


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~*Chapter 8*~

Max walked to his locker, scanning the hallway for any trace of Liz. He’d gotten her message the night before and he’d been nervous all morning. He knew he had no real reason to be…she HAD agreed to go out with him. And he was popular, so he knew he shouldn’t be afraid of her.
He opened his locker and took his time getting his books for first hour history. As he was rummaging through his backpack, he felt someone tap him lightly on the shoulder.
He turned around and saw Liz. Beautiful Liz. He loved her silky looking chocolate colored hair. He really wanted to touch it. He blushed as he realized what he’d been thinking. If Michael knew what he’d been thinking, he would have been mad at Max. He would tell Max that a relationship with Liz wasn’t possible because he was popular and she most certainly wasn’t. And secondly, there was the whole thing with the difference in species. Michael had always said that none of them could have a serious relationship with humans. That was easy for Michael to say, he had the good fortune of having a relationship with another alien. (Or as close to a relationship as Michael could come by…he had a tendency to make the relationship go off and on over and over again.) Max knew that Michael didn’t want Isabel to go out with Alex more than once, and so he wouldn’t approve of Max going out with Liz.
“Max? Are you even listening to me?”
Max snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Liz. “I’m so sorry. I was just thinking about something. Could you repeat what you said?” Max blushed again and thought to himself, ‘Smooth, Evans. That’s a great way to get her to go out with you…ignore her!’
Liz sighed. “I just said that I was wondering why you want to go out with me so badly. I’m the most unpopular girl in the school…I don’t want you to ruin your ‘cool reputation’ for my sake. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go out with you…hell, it’ll help my reputation, but I just want to know why. If you’re just trying to play me or get in my pants, I swear I will get Alex to kill you.”
Max smiled at the thought of scrawny little Alex trying to beat him up. “Liz, I honestly like you. No, I’m not trying to play you, and no, I’m not trying to get in your pants. I just want to go on a date, and if it doesn’t work out, I’d like to be your friend. Why are you so suspicious?”
“Well, it’s just totally weird that Alex and I have never been asked out before and then magically yesterday we were both asked out. And not just by anyone. By two of the most popular people in West Roswell High.”
Max laughed nervously. “Yeah, that must be kind of weird for you…”
“Ok,” said Liz. “In my message last night I said I’d go out with you.”
“Great,” said Max, stifling the urge to jump and down like a little kid at Christmas. “When do you want to go?”
“How about Friday? I don’t have to work that night.”
“Ok, Friday it is. I’ll come by the Crashdown at 9:00?”
“Sure,” said Liz. “Well, I should go now, I don’t want to be late for geometry. Triangles and stuff…” Liz walked down the hallway towards her class. Max stared after her, wishing it was Friday instead of just Tuesday.


Maria was scoping the hallways and finally spotted Michael’s spikey hair in the mosh pit more commonly known as the hallways of West Roswell High.
She slowly made her way over to him. “Hey,” she said. “We need to talk.”
Michael gave her a look as if to say, ‘Damn, what did I do wrong this time?’ He reluctantly followed Maria to the eraser room…the site of some of their most passionate moments, but also the sight of some of their worst fights and countless breakups.
“What’s up?” asked Michael, looking at his shoelaces as if they were the most fascinating things he’d ever seen.
“Don’t worry, Michael,” said Maria, knowing he thought he was in trouble. “It’s not about us or the odd beginning of this weird relationship between us.”
“Oh. Well then…what?”
“Max and his new obsession with geek #2, Liz Parker. I mean, what if she’s alien? Most specifically I mean a Skin. These flashes or fantasies Max has been having…they HAVE to be alien-related! Nothing unalien-related has ever caused anything like this in the rest of us.”
Michael thought for a moment and then responded, “I don’t think Liz is an alien. But I still don’t want those two going out. I mean, doesn’t Max care at all about reputation? If he starts something with her, we all get dragged down with him!”
Maria rolled her eyes. “Gee, Michael,” she said sarcastically, “You sure aren’t a selfish person.”
“What? You want them to go out?”
“It’s not my decision, it’s Max’s. Sure, Liz is a total geek, but if it makes Max happy, he should go for it. As long as we’re all certain she’s not an enemy.”
“She’s not an enemy.”
“I’m going to make sure,” said Maria, turning to leave.
“What do you mean, you’re going to make sure? What are you going to do?”
“Chill. I’m just going to ask some questions.” Before Michael could respond, Maria had left.


After lunch Alex finally saw Isabel again. He’d been looking for her all day. He was going to ask her to go out with him again this weekend. That is, if he didn’t lose his nerve.
He walked up to her. “Hey Isabel,” he said. “How’s it going?”
“Good,” she said, looking uncomfortable.
“That’s good, yeah, that’s good.” Alex took a deep breath and asked, “What are you doing this weekend? Cause last night was fun, I was thinking we should go out again. If you want to, that is.”
Isabel started to freak out. She knew that one date was supposed to be it, but she was starting to like Alex. He was so sweet.
“Sure,” she said. She decided that her friends couldn’t control her forever. “I have to go now. We can make plans later.”
“Sure, sure,” said Alex. He was surprised Isabel had said yes. He had been hoping for that, but not really expecting it.


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~*Chapter 9*~

Maria sat down in a booth at the Crashdown. It was about 4:00 p.m. and she hadn’t seen Liz all day, making her grouchy. She really wanted to talk to her, especially since she found out that Max and Liz were going out on Friday.

After a minute or two, Liz came over. “Can I get you a drink?” Liz asked politely.

“No, actually, I’m not thirsty. But I did want to talk to you about some stuff.”

“Oh. Um, well, I sort of have to work now…” said Liz, wondering why Maria wanted to talk to her.

“Isabel can handle the customers for a few minutes,” said Maria, waving her hand absently in Isabel’s direction.

“Ok,” said Liz. “Only for 5 minutes.” She sat down across from Maria.


“So, why do you want to talk to me?” Liz finally asked.

“Why do you want to go out with my brother?”

Liz looked up at Maria. “Oh, I get it. You just want to talk me out of going out with Max because I’m a geek.”

“No, Liz. That’s not it. Just tell me…why do you want to go out with my brother?”

“Actually, it’s more of a he wants to go out with me thing. I’m still leery of the whole idea, but I agreed because he kept asking. And he doesn’t seem too stuck up, for one of the popular kids.” Liz blushed after realizing she was talking to one of the stuck up popular kids.

“It’s ok,” said Maria, giggling. “I know I can be stuck up. That’s just me.”

“Ok. So. Um, is that all you wanted to know?”

“I have a few more question. Um, have you been having…dreams? About Max?”

Liz gasped and looked at Maria. “How did you know about that?” she whispered

Maria’s eyes opened wider than Liz’s. “So you really have been having those dreams? Do you know why?”

“No. They sort of scare me. They’re…intense. But how did you know about that? I never even told Alex.”

“Liz, I can’t tell you how I know. It’s just that, well, Max…and some other people are…different. Do you know what I mean by different, Liz?”

“No…Maria, I’m a little confused.”

“Oh…um, just forget about this whole conversation. And are you totally sure you don’t know why you’re having the dreams or what I mean when I say Max is different?”

“Maria, I have no idea what you mean when you say that. Can you tell me?”

“No,” said Maria, standing up. “Please don’t get too involved with Max. And tell Alex not to get too involved with Isabel. It just can’t be that way.”

“Um…ok,” said Liz, totally confused. “I’ll see you later, Maria.”

“You know what?” said Maria, putting on her stuck up act. “Don’t address me in public. People can’t know that I talked to you. My image is everything.” Maria walked out.

Liz stood up and slowly went back to work. ‘Geeze,’ she thought. ‘I’m glad for the first time in my life that I’m not a popular person. They’re so complicated…and weird.’


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Thanks for all the feedback.....part 10 should be up tomorrow or the day guys are all giving me some ideas that I just might use! Let me just say that this fic is going to be VERY LONG and that some people are going to get very hurt......but the end'll be good! Thanks again for reading my fic!

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~*Chapter 10*~

Liz finished up her shift, cleaned up the café, and locked up. She headed upstairs. As she walked to her room she heard music coming from Alex’s room. She was a little surprised because he usually was asleep long before her on the nights that she locked up. She tapped lightly on his door.

Alex opened it. “Hey, Liz. What’s up? I was just getting ready for bed.”

“I said yes.”

“Ok. You said yes. What did you say yes to?” asked Alex, leading Liz into his room.

“I said yes to Max. We’re uh…we’re going out on Friday.”

“Wow, that’s great Lizzie!” said Alex, giving her a hug. When she didn’t hug him back, he said, “Oh, um, maybe it’s not so great? What’s wrong?”

“Maria was asking me all these questions. She confused me, and she made me really uncomfortable…”

“What was she asking about?” said Alex with concern.

“Ok, I kind of wanted to tell you this before, but I kind of didn’t. I’ve had a couple of dreams about me and Max, out in the desert. And they seemed so real…he felt so real. And today Maria asked me if I’d been having dreams. The only way that I can figure she knows about the dreams is that Max has had them too, and he told her.”

Alex looked blankly at Liz. He didn’t know what to say…finally he thought of a question. “Do you have any ideas as to why you and Max might be having the same dreams?”

“No,” said Liz, letting out a nervous laugh. “It’s not even scientifically possible for two people to have the same dreams. Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Maria said Max, and some other people, whom she didn’t name, were different.”

“Different? How? Did she mean adopted? Cause everyone know that Maria and Max are adopted. So are Isabel and Michael.”

“I don’t know what she meant. She just said she couldn’t tell me. But she just…she just made me nervous, Alex. And she made me nervous about Max…”

Alex hugged Liz again, this time getting hugged back. “What would make you less nervous about Max?” asked Alex.

Liz sat up straight. “Alex, are you and Isabel going out again?”

“Yeah,” said Alex, a goofy grin spreading over his face. “We’re gonna make plans tomorrow. Why?”

“Max and I are going out on Friday. Do you think you and Isabel could go on a double date with us? We could talk to them about it at lunch.”

“Sure,” said Alex. “I’m up for that.”

“Thanks,” said Liz. “You’re the sweetest brother ever!”

“I know,” said Alex, laughing. “Is that all? I’m tired…”

“Yeah,” said Liz, getting up to leave. “Oh, Maria said something about how I shouldn’t get close to Max and you shouldn’t get close to Isabel because ‘it just can’t be that way’, or something like that.”

“Ok,” said Alex, knowing that would be a problem.


It was 7:00 a.m. and Michael was being dragged around the school by Maria. She literally did have to drag him…he wasn’t what you’d call a morning person. He didn’t even know why he was at school so early except that Maria wanted to talk to everyone.

They saw Max, Isabel, and Tess sitting by a huge tree and walked over. They sat down and then everyone looked at Maria. They were all thinking the same thing, ‘This better be important to have dragged me to school half an hour early!’

“I bet you’re all wondering why I asked you to meet me here,” said Maria. There were groans and grumbles and a few yawns in response.

“It’s about Liz Parker.”

Max looked up sharply. “What about Liz?” he asked.

“Max, she’s also having fantasies, or whatever you want to call them.”

“What fantasies?” asked Isabel and Tess at the same time.

“Max has some sex fantasies about Liz,” said Michael, smirking.

“They’re not sex fantasies, Michael!” said Max. “But they are very intense. Maria, how do you know what Liz is dreaming?” He stood up quickly and glared down at his sister. “Were you dream walking her?”

“No, Max! I just asked her a few questions.”

“Why? I already told you, the fantasies aren’t alien-related! Why do you have to go butting into my business? You always do this, Maria!”

“Max, if she’s an alien, it’s not just your business!”

“SHE’S NOT AN ALIEN!” Max screamed.

Other students started to stare at Max and his friends. Michael laughed nervously. “He’s just practicing for the play auditions, people, there’s nothing to see here.” Michael waved people past and gave them dirty looks if they continued to stare. He turned back to Max. “Thanks, Maxwell! You almost revealed our secret lives to the whole damn school!”

“Just get off my back, Michael. You too, Maria. Just leave me and Liz alone!” He walked off.

“I think that went very well,” said Tess sarcastically.

“I don’t feel that Liz is too suspicious,” said Maria. “But we need to watch her…and Alex too.”

Isabel looked up. “Why?”

“Because if Liz is an alien, he would be too. They’re twins. But he shouldn’t be a big problem. You only went out with him once.”

“Actually…I agreed to go out with him again.”

“Ew!” exclaimed Tess. Isabel gave her an evil look. “What? He’s gross…and really nerdy!”

“He’s sweet and uncaring. He’s not like all the popular guys that just want to maul me.”

“Ok, enough said,” Michael said. “I don’t want to hear about guys mauling my sister. And I don’t think you should go out with Alex. Geeze, can’t you people remember that we have an image to uphold?”

“Michael, that’s no longer the focal point of my life. You cannot and will not tell me who to date!” Isabel stood up and walked in the direction Max had stormed off.

“I agree with you, Maria,” said Michael. “We need to keep a close watch on them.”

“I agree,” said Tess. “We should follow them sometimes, you know?”

“Ok,” said Maria. “We’ll talk about this more some other time. Let’s get to class.”


Alex and Liz walked into the cafeteria, carrying their lunches. They looked around nervously for the table that Isabel and Max would be sitting at. Liz finally spotted them, sitting alone. She pointed it out to Alex and they started to walk over.

“Why aren’t they with their siblings and other friends?” asked Alex.

“I have no idea,” said Liz. “Who cares? At least now we don’t have to look stupid in front of a bunch of people.”

“Good point,” said Alex. They say down at the table, across from Max and Isabel.

“Hi,” said Alex shyly.

“Wow,” said Max. “This is a surprise. Having you sit with us, I mean.”

Liz smiled a little. “We have a question to ask you. Would you be willing to go out on a double date? This Friday, instead of a single date…it was just an idea…” Liz looked at Alex for support.

“I think it’s a good idea,” he said. “But it’s up to you two.”

“Sure,” said Isabel, looking at Max.

“Ok,” he said. He really wanted his and Liz’s first date to be a single date, but if Liz wanted a double date, that’s what she’d get.

“How about we go bowling?” asked Isabel. “Bowling is always fun for double dates.”

Everyone agreed to meet at the Crashdown on Friday night at 9:00 to go bowling.

They finished eating lunch together and right before the bell rang, Alex asked, “Why aren’t you two with your whole group?”

“We had a…disagreement,” said Isabel. “It’s nothing, really.”


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Author's Note~~~I just wanted to say that I am so busy with schoolwork and stuff that I probably won't be updated this story much except on weekends! I'll try to have the next part up by tomorrow!

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~*Chapter 11*~

Max walked nervously into the Crashdown, spotting Isabel and Alex sitting at a booth next to the window. He walked over and sat down, hoping he wasn’t interrupting some kind of important conversation.

“Hey,” said Alex. “Liz just finished her shift. She’s upstairs changing.”

“Ok,” said Max. “You two ready for some extreme bowling?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” said Isabel. “Oh, here comes Liz.”

Everyone stood up and looked at each other uncomfortably. “Uh, we should go,” said Alex. “We have to get there before all of the good lanes are taken.”

Isabel had to contain her laughter once again. Alex was a total bowling guru. Before Max had come in, Alex had been talking nonstop about bowling this and bowling that. He even had his own bowling ball and bowling shoes.

They walked outside to where Max had parked his jeep. He opened the door for Liz as Alex opened another door for Isabel. They all got in and headed for the bowling alley.

They talked on the way there, but everyone noticed that Liz was being extremely quiet. Max brushed it off as shyness or nervousness.

They finally reached their destination and hurried into the building to be met by the sounds of bowling balls rolling, pins crashing, and people cheering.

Alex led them to the main desk, leaned over towards the guy working there, and said, “Hey, Kyle, cuz, can you hook me up with lanes 12 and 13?”

“Sure,” said Kyle, collecting their money. They went to get shoes and Liz explained to Max, “Kyle is our older cousin, so he can always get Alex the lanes he wants.”

“Cool,” said Max. He didn’t know what else to say, and he was a little surprised that Liz had spoken because for the past 10 minutes she hadn’t uttered a word.

They all got their dorky little bowling shoes on and walked to their lanes. On the way they stopped and picked out bowling balls to use.

They started to bowl, and everyone started to loosen up and be less nervous around each other. None of them knew they were being watched.


“I feel bad,” Tess whispered.

“What? Why?” hissed Maria.

“Max and Isabel look so happy with Liz and Alex. I mean, is it really any of our business who they want to start relationships with? And Liz and Alex just look so innocent. Isn’t it kind of drastic to be spying on them while they’re on a date?”

“No, it’s not drastic,” whispered Michael, from behind the girls. “It’s what has to be done. As for their innocent looks, that could be a cover for whatever kind of secret they’re hiding.”

“We don’t know that they even have a secret to hide!” Tess argued, her voice getting louder.

“Yes we do! Liz had the flashes too! You know that’s never happened to anyone other than us aliens. I mean, you hang out with us all the time, and you’ve never gotten a flash. My point is, spying on them is the key element now to keeping our secret.”

“Michael, they’d have more reason to spy on you than you have to spy on them!” Tess turned to Maria. “I agreed this morning to help you, but I’ve changed my mind. I can’t spy on Max and Isabel like this cause they’re my friends. And Liz and Alex don’t exactly strike me as being some kind of enemy!”

Tess turned to walk out the door and walked right into someone. “Oh, geeze, I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t see you there.”

“You’re Tess, right? I’m Kyle Valenti, Alex and Liz’s cousin. So tell me, why are you spying on them?”


Max drove the jeep up to the front of the Crashdown and helped Liz out. Alex and Isabel went off somewhere to talk before Max would drive her home.

Max and Liz walked into the Crashdown. Liz looked around nervously, not making eye contact with Max.

“I should really be going upstairs now,” said Liz, turning to go. Max reached out and gently grabbed her arm.

“Liz, do I make you nervous?”

“N-nervous? No. No! I mean, why would you make me…nervous?” Liz stammered.

A concerned look spread across Max’s face. “You are nervous. Why? Liz, I really like you. You don’t have to be scared of me.”

“I’m not. Scared of you, I mean. I’m just…never mind.”

“No, what? You’re just what?”

“I’m scared of what’s happening to me.”

“What’s happening to you?”

“I feel dizzy…when I’m near you. I-I’m scared of my feelings.”

Max nodded. “Liz, I feel the same way around you. It’s not scary…it’s wonderful.”

“No, it’s not. I’ve always told myself I couldn’t get involved with “the popular kids”. I mean, a lot of people in your group have reputations for using the less popular kids, and then dumping them. I can’t let that happen. I can’t let myself get hurt. I can’t lose control--the way I do when I’m around you.”

“Liz, I’m not going to use you and dump you. I’m not like that. Give me a chance. Please. Go out with me again.”

“Max, I can’t.” Liz turned around and walked into the back room and up the stairs, holding back the urge to run back to Max and say that she hadn’t meant it. That she’d love to go out with him again.

She walked into her room and grabbed her journal and her favorite pen. She climbed through her window onto her balcony and sat down in her chair. She started writing, the pen flying across the paper. She didn’t even hear anyone climb up the ladder.

“Liz.” She looked up quickly and slammed her journal shut.

“Max! What-what are you-” She was interrupted by Max’s warm lips pressing against hers. She started to kiss him back. Her mind cleared up a little and she pushed him away.

“No, Max! We can’t…we can’t be together.” She got up to go back into her room, but Max’s words stopped her.

“Yes we can, Liz. We just proved it. I kissed you…and you kissed me back. Don’t tell me that kiss meant nothing.”

“That’s not the point. I mean, sure, maybe it meant something. But that’s just—that’s just not the point here.” She climbed back into her room and shut the window.

Max raked his hands through his hair, sighing. “You want to play hard to get?” he whispered. “Then I’ll just have to figure out a way to get you.”


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~*Chapter 12*~

“Uh,” Tess looked at Kyle in fear. ‘What did he hear?’ she wondered. ‘Did he hear anyone use the word alien?’

“So?” said Kyle. “Why are you spying on my cousins?”

“Kyle, what are you talking about?” asked Tess, deciding to feign innocence.

“I thought I heard you and those two people,” he said, pointing to Maria and Michael, “talking about spying on Liz and Alex.”

“No, we weren’t. And I’d appreciate it if you’d just mind your own business. What kind of person are you, to just come up to me and accuse me of spying on people?!”

“Oh…I’m so sorry. I must have not heard correctly…”

“So you also admit that you were eavesdropping?”

“No. I just…well, you kind of yelled at some points…I’m sorry. Really.” Kyle walked back to the counter to work.

‘Whew. That was close,’ thought Tess. ‘If I had blown the aliens’ cover, they would have killed me.’

She turned around and saw that Max, Alex, Liz, and Isabel were leaving, with Maria and Michael following them. Tess decided to just head home. The whole who’s an alien, who isn’t, who should we spy on thing was giving her a headache.


The next day Max grabbed some books off his desk and headed for his jeep to drive to the Crashdown. He knew Liz was working all day, so he wanted to be there. He wasn’t sure yet how he was going to win her over, but in the meantime he needed to just be near her. To see her, to smell her strawberry scent. ‘Wow,’ he though, a grin plastered across his face. ‘I’ve got it bad.’

He hopped in his jeep and headed down the street. He pulled up in front of the Crashdown and grabbed his books off the seat next to him. He was going to sit at a booth and study—or pretend to.

He walked in and didn’t see Liz. He told himself not to worry and headed for a booth. He spread his books out on the table and opened a notebook. He was doodling aimlessly when he heard Mr. Parker yelling.

“Liz! Are you awake yet? You work today, remember?” Max saw Liz come running out of the back room with her dad following her.

“I’m so sorry, daddy. I was out late last night with Alex and some…friends. I was tired so I overslept…”

Mr. Parker kissed Liz on her forehead. “Just don’t let it happen again,” he said. “Isabel called me just a minute ago. It seems she’s not feeling well today, so you’re the only waitress here today.”

Liz looked in disbelief at her dad. “You can’t be serious!”

“I am. And you have a customer,” he said, pointing to Max.

Max quickly looked away as Liz turned to look at him. He pretended to be reading from a textbook, but he was really watching her from the corner of his eye.

“What can I get you?” she asked in voice that Max couldn’t read.

“Uh, a Coke would be good,” said Max. Liz turned around and Max said, “Wait.”

She turned back to Max. “Yes?” she said impatiently.

“I just…well, can we at least try to be friends?”

Liz contemplated it for a few seconds and said, “Yeah. Ok. Friends.”

“Great,” said Max, smiling. ‘And maybe when you see that you can trust me, Liz, we can be more than friends,’ he thought as she got his drink.

She came back and placed the Coke in front of him. “Here,” she said. “And since we’re friends, it’s on the house.”

“Thanks.” They looked at each other in silence.

“Well, I should go wait on other people. I’m the only waitress here today.”

“Ok.” Max watched her walk across the café, enjoying the way she smiled and the way the sun from the windows reflected off her hair.


A few hours and four Cokes later, Max was still sitting in his booth at the Crashdown. He just couldn’t leave—Liz looked so cute running around to wait on all the customers.

As Max was watching her he got an idea. She needed help waiting on the hungry customers, right? Yes. And he wasn’t doing anything important…

The next time she passed his table he said, “Hey, Liz, need any help?”


“Yeah. You know, waiting on tables.”

“You’re willing to help me wait on tables?”

“Sure,” he said, standing up.

Liz burst out laughing and Max gave her a puzzled look. “What?” he asked.

“I was just picturing you in one of the uniforms us waitresses are required to wear.”

Max smiled. “I don’t think you’d have a dress in my size.”

Liz smiled mischievously and headed for the back room, motioning for Max to follow her. She led him to the employees’ lockers and dug around in one. She pulled some stuff out and held it up.

“We do have an alien-head apron and a pair of antennas that will fit you perfectly!”

Max took them and put them on. ‘All in good humor,’ he said to himself. But he knew that the real reason he’d agreed to it was because he wanted to prove to Liz he’d do anything she asked of him—even if it took away his last shred of dignity. Liz gave him an order pad and a pen.

“Just write down what the customer says,” she told him, pushing him into the main room.

Max started to wait on customers when he heard someone whistle in his direction. He turned around and was embarrassed to see Michael and Maria standing near the door laughing at him.

“Nice antennas,” said Michael as he led Maria to a booth. “Now please tell us you didn’t get a job here.”

“I didn’t. I’m just helping Liz.”

Maria and Michael scowled at the sound of Liz’s name. “Man, what do you even see in her?” asked Michael. “She’s just so plain…mousy hair, scrawny, she’s definitely not stacked up…”

Max whispered angrily to Michael. “Shut up! She’ll hear you! And I don’t think she’s plain, she’s beautiful.”

“Whatever,” said Maria, casting mean looks in Liz’s direction. “Get us some burgers and fries.”

Max angrily complied to their order, not understanding why Michael and Maria were so set in their idea that Liz wasn’t right for Max.


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~*Chapter 13*~

For the next week Max tried his hardest to get Liz to open up to him, but she was making it perfectly clear that she wanted to be his friend, and nothing more.

They’d both been having more of the flashed as Max called them, or dreams as Liz called them. All of the flashes involved just the two of them, out in the desert. They always kissed, but were also always interrupted, usually because one of them was startled by someone or something int the real world, breaking the connection between them that neither knew existed.

Meanwhile, Isabel and Alex were growing closer. Isabel swore to herself that she’d never let Alex know about her dare to go out with him—she’d come to like him too much, and didn’t want him to think their relationship wasn’t real, because it was.

As all of this was going on, Michael and Maria continued to do their little espionage spy things. They followed Liz and Alex at school, but never heard or saw something to prove their suspicions that they were enemies. Although Maria and Michael hadn’t talked about it, they were getting sick of spying and had both pretty much given up on the enemy idea.

Ever since the night at the bowling alley, Kyle and Tess couldn’t stop thinking of each other. Kyle kept thinking of the way Tess had gotten so defensive and angry…and hot. He’d even surprised himself by punching another guy on the track team who had said she looked like a gerbil. Tess kept thinking of the way Kyle had apologized and acted nervous around her. She thought it was just really cute.

Maybe it was something in the water or some weird astrological thing, but whatever the reason, Liz decided to do something she’d never imagined doing. Tess also decided to do something…but what she did, she’d imagined doing very often…


“A Spring Fling Dance,” read Michael, looking at the flyer above the boy’s locker room door. “Maria’ll probably want to drag me to the gay thing. What about you?” he asked Max.

“Gee, I don’t know,” said Max sarcastically. “Liz is going through this whole weird denial thing about the way she feels, and you and my sister are just being soooo supportive of me.”

Michael looked at Max sheepishly. “Uh, actually, I wanted to talk to you about that. I was…uh, wrong. And I’m…sorry.” Michael had whispered the word sorry, then looked around to see if anyone else had heard him apologize.

“Well, thanks,” said Max. “And don’t worry, Michael. No one heard you—gasp—apologize to me.” Max laughed and headed into the locker room to get ready for gym class, contemplating how he could get Liz to go with him to the dance.


“Michael, you ARE taking me to the Spring Fling Dance!” stated Maria.


“Why?! Why? Because we are a couple….er, well, we’re something…and I want to go. So you’re taking me!”

“Yeah, well, I uh, don’t dance well.”

“I know. That’s why I’m going to teach you.” She grabbed Michael’s hand and pulled him off the couch, where he was reclining. She turned on the radio and tried to show him some basic moves. Which, of course, he just couldn’t contemplate.

Sorry this part was so short! I'll try to get more parts up this weekend!

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~*Chapter 14*~

The Spring Fling Dance was quickly approaching, but Max still hadn’t found the right way to ask Liz to go with him. He knew Michael and Maria were going, and Alex and Isabel were also going. They were always talking about how much fun it was going to be, making Max feel left out.

Finally, a week before the dance, he decided to just go for it. ‘What the hell,’ he thought. ‘I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m already a pathetic lovesick fool.’ As he was passing her in the hallway between 5th and 6th periods, he handed her a note. She took it, but didn’t say anything.

Liz walked into her English class, picking a seat in the back corner. She slowly unfolded the note from Max, took a deep breath, and started reading it.

Hey Liz,

I really need to talk to you. Please meet me in the eraser room after 6th period. Pretty please? (With sugar on top!)



Liz sighed, knowing this would be a good chance to do what she wanted to do. She just didn’t know if she was completely ready…


Max waited impatiently in the small, dusty eraser room. He looked up as the door opened. He gasped and had to look away. She was so beautiful. Every time he saw her, the urge to kiss her was stronger.

“Max, I need…I need to say something,” Liz said, her voice trembling.

“Liz, let me just-”

“No, Max. Let me say what I have to say first. Please?”


“I…I like you. I like you more than a friend.” She looked into Max’s eyes and felt like she was floating. “And, well, the reason I said I didn’t want to go out with you is because of what someone told me.”

“What? Who?”

“Maria. She told me you were different. She said that us having a relationship wouldn’t be good for either of us. That you just couldn’t be with someone like me. And then…I got scared. See, she asked me…about these dreams.” Liz looked down at her feet in embarrassment. “She told me you’d been having them too. I was really confused…”

Max tried to compose himself as he angrily said, “I can’t believe she said all of that to you. She is going to regret-”

“Max, calm down. She’s your sister. I’m sure she’s just trying to look out for you.”

“She’s younger than me…I don’t need her looking out for me.”

“Max…can we just focus here for one minute? This is really hard to say, I’m trying to keep from blacking out here.”

“Just say it.”

“Will you go with me to the Spring Fling Dance?”

Max thought he’d heard her wrong. “Liz? Did you-”

“Yes, I just asked you. I…I want to go with you.”

Max smiled. “Liz, I’d love to go with you.” Liz stood there, nervously playing with the hem of her shirt.

“So, Max, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Uh, actually, I was going to ask you to go to the dance with me.”

Liz nodded, and then looked at her watch. “I should go.”


“Bye Max. See you later.” Max watched her go, feeling happy enough to do a little jig.


After 7th period, Tess saw Kyle walking down the hallway. She quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him into the eraser room.

“Tess? What are you doing?” asked Kyle. “I have to go to track practice-”

He was cut off as Tess kissed him. After a few seconds she pulled back.

“Wow,” said Kyle, in shock. “What was that?”

Tess giggled. “That was a kiss.”

Kyle blushed. “I know that. I meant what was that for?”

“I just felt like it. And now I feel like asking you to take me to the Spring Fling Dance.”

“Uh, um, sure! I mean, I’d love to take you.”

“Ok,” said Tess, slipping out of the eraser room, leaving Kyle alone. ‘What’s the matter with me?’ he wondered. ‘I usually don’t get nervous around girls. But with Tess…I’m a dork!’ He shook his head and concentrated on thinking about good things…like the way Tess had kissed him.


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YAY!!! Sorry....I'm just excited that you (Michelle) love my story......cause I am like, the biggest fan of Complicated Circumstances! *bounce*
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Author's Note~~ Hey everyone! How was your Christmas? Mine was great...I got all the Roswell books and the calendar, so I am happy!*big* I just wanted to let everyone know that Chapter 15 should be up later today....I'm working on it....and it's quite long, at least compared to what I usually write! I haven't had time to write over the past few days because for Christmas I got a VCR and a scanner...and of course I had to hook them up myself...and I'm not a technical person! Anyways...I'm writing as fast as I can! Oh, and the girl in the story named Ericka Tortilini is based on my Don't'll find out soon enough!
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And without further ado, here is

*~Chapter 15*~

Liz nervously walked up the driveway to Isabel’s house. Isabel had invited her, along with Tess and Maria, to come over and help each other get ready for the dance. She shifted her dress to the other arm and rang the doorbell. She heard giggles and running coming from in the house and then Isabel threw the door open and pulled Liz inside.

“So glad you’re here. Now you can help Tess with her hair while I do Maria’s makeup.” Isabel ushered Liz up the stairs towards her bedroom and personal bathroom. “Tess is freaking out about her hair, so compliment her a lot,” whispered Isabel before disappearing into the bathroom to help Maria with her makeup.

“So,” said Liz to Tess. “I guess I’m helping you with your hair. Do you want it all up, or down, or curled…”

“Whatever you think your cousin Kyle would like,” she said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“You’re going out with my cousin…gross!”

“And I think it’s gross you’re going out with my brother!” yelled Maria from the bathroom. Liz heard Isabel lightly hit Maria. “Ow! Hey, I meant that my brother is gross, not Liz,” she heard Maria protesting.

Liz just smiled and turned back to Tess. “So…uh…Kyle’s always been a sucker for long flowing hair, so you could keep a lot of it down…”

“Sure,” said Tess. “Thanks for helping me.”

“Oh…no problem.” Liz grabbed a brush, some mousse, and some hairspray and started working on Tess’s hair. Finally she finished.

Tess looked in the mirror and gasped. “What have you done?”

Liz said, “Oh…you don’t like it…I’m sorry, here, I can undo it…”

“No, it’s amazing. I love it!” She turned around and gave Liz a friendly hug. Liz didn’t know what to do, so she just stood there.

Isabel and Maria came out of the bathroom and looked at Liz. “Now it’s our turn to help you,” said Isabel. Liz quickly put on her dress and then sat down on the bed while Maria did her hair and Isabel did her makeup and Tess did her nails.

When Liz stood up, she looked in the mirror. “Why…why are you all helping me?”

“Because you’re going out with Max,” said Maria. “You make him happy. We all appreciate a happy Max.”

“Yeah, and I’m going out with your brother…” said Isabel. “And I work with you. I really want to be your friend. This whole rift between the popular kids and the unpopular kids is really getting immature.”

“I agree,” said Tess. All four girls looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Tonight is going to be great!” said Maria.


“Tonight’s going to suck the big one,” said Michael.

Max looked at Michael. “How can you say that? We’ll be with the girls we like…”

“Yeah, but I’d rather be with the girl I like, making out on the couch, not dancing and stepping on her feet.”

Alex laughed at Michael’s comments as he put his shoes on. His cousin, Kyle, came out of his bedroom with his tie around his head.

“What did you do?” asked Alex.

“I don’t know. I tied it the way my mom showed me…it’s just not working!”

Max walked over and expertly fixed Kyle’s tie, while Michael and Alex laughed. When Max was done he turned to Alex and said, “Thanks for letting us get ready here and meet the girls downstairs at the Crashdown.”

“No problem. It was actually Liz’s idea,” said Alex modestly. All of a sudden they all heard loud giggles coming from below them.

“The girls are here,” said Kyle, leading the guys to the top of the stairs. They all walked down and into the Crashdown.

All of the guys gasped when they saw how beautiful their dates were. And all the girls were blown away by how hot their dates looked. All in all, everyone was satisfied.

“Well, we should go,” said Alex, his voice cracking.

“Wait!” yelled Mrs. Parker, running down the stairs. “I want to get pictures! Oh, don’t you look darling Alex. And Kyle, you’re all grown up. Oh, Liz…my little girl…” Mrs. Parker started to tear up.

“Mom…” said Liz, turning red. “Just take the pictures and let us go.” Mrs. Parker snapped tons of pictures and finally let them go.

The guys had all chipped in and rented a limo, so all four couples crammed themselves in tightly and had the chauffeur head for the high school. On the way, they laughed and talked. The wall between the popular and unpopular people was slowly being taken down.

The limo pulled up the main doors and the guys got out, helping their dates out. They walked up to the front doors, enjoying the other kids staring. Everyone had to agree that these four couples were the best looking people at the dance. Max and Liz were the last ones in of their group. Max handed his tickets to the man at the door and guided Liz inside. Almost as soon as he was in the door, he groaned.

Kyle looked up, wondering why he had heard Max groan. He saw Ericka Tortilini and he also groaned. “Great,” he muttered. “Chef Boyardee’s daughter is here.” Tess giggled as she eyed Ericka with amusement. Everyone in the whole school, everyone in all of Roswell, knew that Ericka was infatuated with Max.

She walked up to Max and whispered in his ear, “Hey Maxiepoo…how about you drop the bimbo on your arm and rock my world?”

Max turned pale and pushed Ericka away. “Don’t you ever call Liz names like that, you understand me? Never!”

“Oh,” said Ericka is a seductive tone. “Touchy…touchy…touchy…” As she said the last touchy she quickly reached up her hand and cupped Max’s crotch.

Max quickly took a step back as Liz took a step forward…and slapped Ericka. “Whore! Don’t you have your own date?”

Ericka raised her hand to her cheek, in disbelief that Liz had just slapped her. “You bitch! If it wasn’t for you, Max would be all over me right now! I don’t know what he sees in you…you’re ugly!”

Liz stepped forward and pushed Ericka. “What was that, you said? I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

Ericka pushed back and soon they were both pulling hair and slapping. ‘Wow,’ thought Max. ‘They’re fighting over me…most importantly, Liz is fighting for me!’

“Oh….bitch fight!” yelled Michael, attracting a crowd.

“Michael!” yelled Maria, thumping him upside the head. When neither Liz nor Ericka showed signs of stopping, Maria, Isabel, and Tess pulled Liz back.

“She’s not worth it,” said Isabel. “Don’t get yourself in trouble…or worse, rip your dress.”

As Liz stopped struggling, Ericka walked past her towards the door. As she passed Max she pinched his butt. Liz started to struggle again. “Let me at her! I’ll tear the slut’s eyes out!”

“Whoa…chill,” said Maria. She turned to Isabel and Tess and said, “Tonight is going to be very interesting indeed.”


After Liz calmed down again, they all walked into the gym, which had been decorated for the dance. The guys all sat down on the bleachers, not wanting to dance till they absolutely had to.

“You’re one lucky guy,” said Kyle. “Having those girls fight over you…but that was just nasty when Ericka felt you up…”

Max blushed and nodded his head. “It was pretty weird…I’m just amazed that Liz would fight the girl for me…”

As the guys were discussing what had happened, the girls were on the dance floor, dancing and talking.

“That was so brave,” said Tess. “I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to do something like that…I’d be afraid of getting in trouble or getting hurt.”

Liz nodded, still angry. "I just can’t believe Ericka would do something like that with me right there! Ugh…I hate that girl!"

Maria giggled and shared a knowing glance with the other girls. “What?” asked Liz.

“You like Max a lot…” said Maria.

“Yeah…I do…so what?”

“Do you love him?”

“L-love him?” squeaked Liz. “No…I mean…maybe…NO. I don’t love Max…of course not. What gave you that idea?”

The other girls just looked at each other and nodded.


Finally a slow song began to play and the girls dragged the guys onto the dance floor.

“I don’t wanna,” said Michael, sounding like a whiny little kid. Maria once again hit him upside the head.

“Michael, you with either dance with me or be killed…very very slowly.” She pulled him close and tried to ignore that fact that every other second he stepped on one or both of her feet.

Isabel and Alex were off on the other side of the room. “This is fun,” said Alex.

“Really? You’re not hating this like Michael is?”

“No way…I could never hate dancing with you.” Isabel smiled and leaned in to kiss Alex passionately.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“For what?”

“For being here with me, for being such a great boyfriend. Alex, I love you.”

“And I love you Isabel. I’ve loved you since third grade.” They kissed again, both lost in their own world.

Near the bleachers, Kyle and Tess danced. Kyle felt like giggling like a schoolgirl, he was so happy that he was with Tess. Tess all of a sudden pulled Kyle closer and kissed him hungrily. Kyle kissed her back, loving the way that every time she kissed him was a time when he wasn’t expecting it.

“You wanna ditch this dance and go to my house?” asked Kyle. “My dad doesn’t get home till 2…”

Tess nodded and they slipped out the door, noticed only by Max and Liz.

Liz giggled and pointed at Tess and Kyle. Max smiled. “Your cousin is quite the lady’s man, Liz.”

Liz nodded and then looked up into Max’s dazzling eyes. “Max, about before…”

“Yeah, uh, thanks. You know, for fighting for me.”

“I just…I didn’t even think about it. I just got so angry at her and I just wanted to go after her. No one should treat you like that, Max.”

Max smiled and looked down at the awe inspiring beauty in his arms. “Liz, would you mind if I kissed you?”

“Not at all…” said Liz, leaning in to capture his lips. Max was gentle and loving, caressing Liz’s lips with his tongue. She parted her lips to grant him entrance, feeling woozy with the feel of Max’s mouth against hers.


Young Max walking in the desert, hand in hand with young Maria. Both naked and covered in jelly-like substance.


Large space ship crashing to the earth, military men running and yelling.


Max and Maria being adopted. Both are terrified.


Max and Maria using powers for the first time to fly a kite with no string.


Liz pulled back and looked up at Max in fear and revulsion. “What the hell are you?” she yelled.

Max swallowed and sighed. He didn’t want her to know yet. But there was no choice but for him to tell her the truth.

“Answer me, Max! What the hell are you?”

Max whispered, “An alien.”


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AUTHOR'S NOTE~~ Just to answer some questions....Liz is so upset because it's just a surprise....I can't say more without giving some stuff away....oh, and uh, it's going to get a lot more interesting real soon....
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LMAO, you're welcome Ericka!
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~*Chapter 16*~

THUMP! Liz hit the floor.

“Liz!” Max leaned down next to her, patting her cheeks gently to try to bring her out of the faint. “Liz, are you okay?”

Liz slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times before she realized who she was looking at. “Max? Max! Get away from me!” She pushed him away and tried to stand up, but she stumbled and fell back into Max’s arms.

“Liz, you need to take it easy. Let me help you.”

“No, Max. Leave me alone. You’re…you’re some kind of freak! Let go of me! I need to find Alex.” Liz started to walk away, walking like she was drunk. Max followed after her, pleading.

“Liz, please. Let me explain. Give me a chance. I’m the same person you’ve always known…but now you know my biggest secret. Liz, please just listen to me. Liz…”

She walked away, not wanting to look back at him. She didn’t trust him…and she was scared. She didn’t want to hear the whole story from him or anyone. She wanted nothing to do with him. She had to find Alex and have him take her home.

Max stood there, watching her and then ran after her and grabbed her arm. He started to pull her out of the gymnasium.

“Max! Don’t!” Liz started to whimper…she really looked scared of him.

“Liz, I need to explain this to you. You need to know the truth. Please don’t be scared of me…I could never hurt you.”

Liz struggled as he lead her to the eraser room. They went inside and stood on separate ends of the small room.

“Max…I…I don’t really want to hear about your weird alien stuff…”

“Liz, just let me tell you. I want you to know about my life…and the others.”

“Others? You mean…oh my god! There are other aliens!?”

“Yes, Maria, Michael, and Isabel are also aliens. Tess already knows about us.” Liz put her hand to her forehead and leaned against the wall.

“I think I’m feeling faint again,” she said. “There are four aliens in Roswell.” She gave a little nervous giggle. “Of course…Roswell is the UFO capital of the world…where else would you find aliens?”

“Liz, we’re not horrible little green creatures with laser guns who want to take over the world. We are hybrids. Our alien DNA was mixed with human DNA. We came here in the crash of ’47. We were in some kind of incubation pods…we hatched in 1989 and we all looked like normal 6 or 7 year old kids. Maria and I were adopted together, and Michael and Isabel were adopted together.”

“So…where are your real parents?”

“We don’t know…we’re pretty sure they died in the crash, but first someone got our pods to safety. Anyways, we have some small powers, and that’s how Tess found out. She saw Maria and Isabel using their powers.”

“What kind of powers? Can…can you kill someone? If you can, you’d better kill me…before I tell Valenti about you…”

“We’ve never tried to kill anyone…and I don’t want to kill you Liz. I don’t believe you’d go to Valenti…”

“He’s my uncle, Max. I could go to him and tell him everything you just told me…and he’d believe me.”

“But, why? Why would you want to turn me in?”

“You should have told me before…before I fell in love with you…” Liz looked down at her feet.

“You…you love me?” Max asked, thrilled at what she had just said.

“I did…I can’t now. You didn’t tell me before. This is a big thing…something I deserved to know from the beginning…now you can’t be trusted, at least in my eyes. And I have to tell Valenti…for all I know, you could be a killer and just don’t want to admit it to me.” Liz turned and ran out of the eraser room, leaving Max alone, tears in his eyes.

Liz had fallen in love with him, but now she was afraid and repulsed by him. She might turn him and the others in…Max ran for the gym. He needed to tell the others so that they could hide or leave Roswell.


Liz ran into the gym and spotted Alex across the room, dancing with Isabel, smiling and totally clueless. ‘Not for much longer,’ thought Liz. ‘Soon he’ll know the truth about Isabel…and then he won’t be so head over heels in love with her.’

She ran over and grabbed him by the arm. “Alex, come on, we’re getting out of here right now.”

“Whoa, wait!” said Isabel. “What’s wrong Liz? Did Max do something wrong?”

If looks could kill, Liz’s glare at Isabel could have killed the population of China. “Don’t you dare even speak to me you alien freak!”

Isabel’s face paled and she gasped. Alex looked at Liz and said, “Geeze, Liz. Rude much? What is wrong with you?”

“Alex, please. We have to leave now!” She dragged him out of the gym and outside. They started to walk home.

“Ok, Liz. This was just like the best night of my life…so you better have a damn good excuse for being so rude to Isabel and to me!”

“Alex…Max, Maria, Michael, and Isabel are aliens.”

Alex looked at Liz. “What the hell are you talking about? Aliens? Come on Liz, we aren’t little kids any more.”

“Alex, I’m not kidding. Max kissed me and I saw these flashes…these images. I saw the ship crashing…and Max and Maria using their powers to fly a kite. Max explained to me that they were in the ’47 crash.”

“Liz, will you listen to yourself? You’re absolutely crazy! The ’47 crash was nothing more than a weather balloon…everyone knows that!”

“No, listen to me, Alex! I’m not kidding! They were in some type of incubation pods and they hatched in 1989 and looked like little kids. They all have powers…I don’t know exactly what they can do, but they could be dangerous!”

“Liz, you know this is extremely hard to believe, right? Cause right now I want to rush you to the nearest loony bin…”

“Alex, I’m telling the truth. We need to go to Uncle Jim and tell him, right now!”

“I…uh…sure…I’ll go with you…but Liz, I still don’t believe you.”

“I’m not lying to you Alex. There are four aliens in Roswell.”

“Ok. I believe you believe, Liz. I hope that’s enough for you, cause that’s all I can give. I believe you believe.”


Max ran faster than he ever had before. He reached the gym and grabbed Isabel away from the refreshments table and then grabbed Michael and Maria, who were making out on the bleachers. “Come on, we have to get out of Roswell. Liz knows…and she said she’s going to tell Valenti.”

“Oh shit!” said Isabel. “That’s why she called me an alien freak! Why the hell did you tell her, Max? You know that after Tess found out we all swore never to tell another human…”

“It was an accident. We kissed and she saw flashes. She asked me…I couldn’t lie to her. She passed out and when she came to again, I told her…everything. I thought she’d take it better, but she totally freaked. She hates me now…and she’s taking Alex with her to go and tell Valenti.”

“We can’t just leave Roswell, Max,” said Maria. “Then we’ll be verifying that we are aliens…we need to convince Valenti that Liz is lying.”

“We need Tess to help us,” said Michael. “She is with Kyle now…she can somehow convince Kyle that Liz lied, then he can tell his father.”

“Great idea for once, Michael,” said Max, slapping him on the back. “I’ll go get Tess.” He ran back into the gym and grabbed Tess right out of Kyle’s arms. “Sorry, Kyle. I need to talk to Tess. It’s urgent.”

“Max, what is it?” she asked as he dragged her back to the rest of the group.

“Liz knows…about the four of us. She’s going to Valenti. We need to you convince Kyle that Liz is lying, so that he can convince his dad.”

“Whoa…I don’t know if I can do that. Why don’t you just leave Roswell?”

“It’s too dangerous,” said Isabel. “We’d be proving it to them. If we stay here and act normal, they might not suspect us…”

“Yeah, but if Valenti does believe Liz, you’d be captured in no time…at least if you run you have a chance.”

“A chance of what?” asked Michael bitterly. “Getting caught by the FBI and tested on? No thanks.”

“But Valenti could turn all of you over to the FBI anyways,” argued Tess.

“We’ll handle that if it happens,” said Max. “Right now, think of how you can convince Kyle that Liz lied. Kyle will probably find out about this tonight from his father, so you better talk to him first thing in the morning. We’ll be hiding out in the desert, in the cave by our pods.”

Tess nodded and headed back into the gym. “Well, let’s go then,” said Maria, grabbing onto Michael’s hand for comfort.


Liz and Alex finally reached the police station. They ran inside and were going past the front desk, towards their uncle’s office, when they heard Deputy Hanson call out. “Hey, kids. Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“We need to talk to the sheriff,” said Liz. “It’s an emergency.”

“Oh, well, sure, go on then,” said the Deputy. They ran to the sheriff’s office and walked in, not bothering to knock on the door.

“Hey…Liz, Alex? Why aren’t you at that dance down at the high school?”

“We need to tell you something,” said Alex. “Well, Liz does.”

“Uncle Jim…there are four aliens in Roswell.” Jim Valenti stood up so fast he was light headed for a few seconds. He believed Liz. He had always believed in the existence of alien life forms. He’d always wanted to capture one and be famous for it. Now was his chance.

“Who are they Liz? I need to know names.”

“Max and Maria Evans, and Isabel and Michael Guerin.” The sheriff jotted down the names and looked back up at his niece and nephew.

“Kids, thank you for telling me. And now, I need you to stay out of this. This is not to be discussed with anyone. None of your other friends can know this…ok?”

“Ok…uh…Tess Harding knows about them. She has for a while, I guess.” The sheriff jotted her name down too and muttered, “We’ll have to capture her too.”

“Well, uh, we’ll see you later, Uncle Jim,” said Alex.

“Ok, and remember…no one else can find out about this.”

“What…what are you going to do to them?” asked Liz.

“First I need to capture them and get some information out of them. If they don’t cooperate I may need to call in the FBI and have some testing done…nothing you kids need to worry about. Now, head on home. You were never here tonight, got it?”

Alex and Liz nodded and slowly left the sheriff’s office.


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~*Chapter 17*~

Alex and Liz walked home together, wishing they were old enough to drive a car. Liz noticed Alex giving her weird looks all the way home. Finally, when they reached the front doors of the Crashdown, Liz said, “Alex, what is it? Why do you keep looking at me like that? You think I’m crazy, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what I think, Liz. I mean…now that we’ve done this, my relationship with Isabel is pretty much shot. I don’t how to feel about you right now Liz. I need to think about this. Let’s get inside and get some sleep.”

Liz followed Alex inside and up to the apartment above the Café. They had the luck of not running into their parents on the way to their rooms. Liz went into her room and quickly got out of her dress and jumped into the shower. She needed to wash away some of her thoughts and bothers.

She didn’t want to admit it, but she still did love Max. Even if he was an alien…he would always be her soul mate. As she shampooed her hair, tears started to slip down her face. She brushed them away and got out of the shower, putting on her pajamas and her bathrobe.

As she was leaving the bathroom, Alex saw her. “Liz? Were you crying?” Alex ran to her side and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, leading her to his room. “Liz, what is it? You can tell me.”

“Thank you Alex. I…I’m in love with Max. And I…I’m scared of him, but I feel bad…cause I must have really hurt him. And uncle Jim…what is he going to do to them? I wasn’t…wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Liz, I love Isabel. I don’t know what will happen to our relationships or to them because of Valenti. Let’s just go to sleep and worry about this in the morning.” He kissed her forehead and walked her back to her room.

“Alex, what would I do without a brother like you?”

“You’d be a total wreck,” he said teasingly. “Goodnight Liz.”

“Goodnight.” Liz shut her door behind Alex and grabbed her journal. She climbed out her window onto her balcony and lighted a few candles. She sat down in her favorite chair and started to write. Soon she was lost in her words and thoughts, frantically trying to get them down on the paper before the next one took over her muddled mind.

This is May 24, and I’m Liz Parker. Tonight my whole life was changed. I am in love. But that’s not the really big thing. I think that I’ve known that in the back of my mind for a while now. It’s the boy that I’m in love with that is a big deal. See, he’s not from around here. He’s an alien. No, he’s not a short little green man with big black eyes and antennas. He looks like a normal person. Tonight at the Spring Fling Dance (Roswell High’s version of the prom) we kissed. This was like, the most mind blowing kiss in the whole history of kisses. And I saw things. You know how sometimes people say they saw fireworks? Well, this was far beyond that. I saw a UFO crashing in the desert. I saw Max and his sister Maria being adopted. I saw them using their powers to fly a kite. I freaked out and fainted. When I came back to reality he explained to me that Maria, Isabel, Michael, and him were aliens from the ’47 crash. They had lived in some type of incubation pods before they ‘hatched.’ I know…it’s hard to believe. But I believe it. I told Alex and we told our uncle, the sheriff. I was so scared. I didn’t what else to do. And now…now I’m terrified. For Max…for Maria, Isabel, and Michael too. Because uncle Jim might do some really horrible things to them. I’m going to go now, but I doubt I’ll sleep much tonight.

Liz blew out the flames on the candles and climbed back into her room. She hid her journal and threw herself down on her bed. The tears came again. This time though, she didn’t try to stop them. Eventually she cried herself to sleep.


Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Kyle, and Tess had the limo drive them all home. Kyle seemed very confused as to where his cousins were and why they were leaving so early, but he kept his questions to himself. Max and Maria were the last ones to leave the limo. They crept up to their rooms, avoiding their parents and the inevitable questions they would have.

Maria looked at Max as he was about to go into his room. “Max, we’ll be ok. Let’s just pack up some stuff and get to the cave. We’ll be ok as long as we’re all together.”

Max nodded and went into his room. He changed into a pair of jeans and a teeshirt and threw some stuff in a bag so his parents wouldn’t get suspicious. He left a note in his room saying that he and Maria were going to sleep over at a friend’s house and would be back sometime tomorrow.

He headed downstairs and out the door. He warmed up the jeep. Maria hopped in and they headed for Michael and Isabel’s house. He stopped outside their house and waited. They both came running out and threw their stuff in the jeep. Max headed for the cave in the desert. None of them had been there in a long time, and they were all thinking the same thing. This could be the last time they would ever see the cave again.


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~*Chapter 18*~

Max led the group into the cave, where they all threw down their bags and got out pillows and blankets from where they stored them. They always kept supplies in the cave in case they would need them.

“I’m scared,” whimpered Maria. “What if Valenti finds us? What will he do to us?”

“Shh,” said Michael comfortingly. “Let’s not think of that.” He hugged her to him protectively. Then he saw that Isabel looked scared too. “Come here, sis,” he said, hugging Isabel too.

Max was pacing back and forth, obviously very upset. “Maxwell, will you stop it?” asked Michael.

“I can’t…I can’t sit still now.” Max continued to pace back and forth. Finally Maria and Isabel used their powers to force Max into a sitting position. “Ok, I get it,” said Max angrily.

The four of them sat in silence, not sure of what to say to each other. Eventually, they all began to fall asleep.


Valenti pulled on his jacket and grabbed his gun off of his desk. He checked to make sure it was fully loaded and then stuck it in the holster. He grabbed the keys to the truck and walked out of the police station. For now he was going to try to find the kids on his own. When he found them he’d call Hanson for backup…but the FBI wasn’t getting involved unless it was absolutely necessary. This was his chance to be in the papers, no one would take this from him.

He climbed into the truck and headed for one of the most obvious places, the Evans home. He pulled into their driveway, noting that there were no lights on in the house. He walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. He heard shuffling and muttering approaching the door. It swung open to reveal a very sleepy Mr. Evans.

“Yes, sheriff? How can I help you?”

“Just wondering if your kids got home safe tonight. There was, uh, some trouble down at the high school.”

“What kind of trouble? Nothing Max and Maria would be involved in, I’m sure.”

“Just some kids with beer, got a little out of hand. Would you mind going to check if the kids are safe in their beds? In fact, could you have them come down here and talk to me?”

“What? Sheriff, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning…can’t this wait until later in the morning?”

“No, I’m sorry. I need to talk to your kids.”

“All right,” said Mr. Evans, shuffling back into the house to go wake up Max and Maria. He went to Maria’s room first, but say no one in the bed. He shuffled over to Max’s room and also saw no one in the bed, but there was a note. He went back down to the front door, holding the note. “I’m sorry, Sheriff, it appears that they went to sleep over at some friends.”

“Could I ask who?”

“The Guerins. Why is this so important? Did my kids do something illegal?”
v“No, but I really need to talk to them. They have some, uh, information that could help me. I’m sorry to bother you. Goodnight Mr. Evans.”

“Yeah, goodnight,” said Mr. Evans, slamming the door shut angrily. Valenti got back in his truck and drove the few blocks to the Guerin house. He got out and rang the doorbell. A grouchy man named Hank came to the door.

“Whatcha want Jim?”

“I need to talk to your kids and the Evans kids.”

“What? Sheriff, they’re all over at the Evans house.”

“Hm…cause Mr. Evans showed me a note written by Max saying he and Maria were here for the night.”
v“Well, they ain’t here. And I’d appreciate you letting me get to sleep now, Sheriff.” He slammed the door shut in Valenti’s face. Valenti got back in his truck and decided to drive around the town to look for the teenagers.


Alex tossed and turned. He had a pounding headache. He slowly got out of bed and ambled towards the bathroom to get some pain killers for his headache. He got in the bathroom and the light turned on. Alex blinked in surprise. He hadn’t touched the light switch…

Then the medicine cabinet opened and a bottle of aspirin flew into his hands. Alex dropped them as if they were burning him. “I’m delusional,” he said to himself. “That’s it. I’m really do this stuff, but to my eyes it looks like things are opening and moving by themselves.”

The aspirin bottle opened and one pill flew into his other hand. The sink turned on and a cup flew under the flowing water. The cup flew up to his lips as if he were supposed to take a drink. “Oh my…” He turned and walked back to his room, got in bed, and pulled the blankets over his head. “That didn’t happen,” he said to himself. “That couldn’t happen.” He lay in bed, trembling, for a while, before he finally fell asleep.


Early in the morning Isabel opened her eyes to see sunlight pouring into the cave opening. Everyone else started to move and wake up. They all stood up and looked at each other.

“Well, we’re still alive,” said Michael. “That’s a good sign.”

“We need to stay here,” said Max. “Tess will probably come here after she talks to Kyle. She’ll come to tell us when it’s safe.” They all grumbled their agreement to what Max said.

The girls and guys left the cave to relieve themselves behind some scrubby bushes on both sides of the cave. They met in the cave again and Maria handed out granola bars for breakfast.

“Granola?!” said Michael. “Who the hell eats this crap?”

“I do,” said Maria. “Try it, it’s really good for you. This is all organically grown too.” Michael tried it, and didn’t like it much. But he ate it anyways.

“I wish we had tobasco sause,” said Isabel. They all agreed and then sat in silence. “What are we supposed to do here all day?”

“Wait,” said Max. “Think of where we can go and how if Valenti gets too close.”


Kyle woke up to pounding on the front door. “Dad, get the door,” he said sleepily. The pounding continued. “Dad!” He finally rolled out of bed and went to the door. He opened it and heard giggling.

“Nice boxers, Kyle,” said Tess. Kyle blushed and tried to look cool.

“So, why are you here so early in the morning, Tess?”

“Early? It’s 11:30! I need to talk to you…can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” said Kyle, opening the door wider to allow her entrance to the living room. “So, what’s up?”

“Did your dad talk to you about anything strange last night?”

“What? No. My dad never came home. He must be working on some big case or something…that’s the only reason why he wouldn’t come home.”

“Oh, well, Kyle if you here anything from your dad about supernatural things…let’s say aliens for example...”


“Yeah, aliens. If you hear anything about aliens from your dad, you need to talk him out of believing it ok? Cause your cousins told him something last night about aliens. Of course it isn’t true…who would believe in aliens? Anyways, if your dad does happen to believe it, some people we know could be in a lot of danger.”


“That’s nothing you need to worry about now, Kyle. Just get him to see that Liz and Alex were lying.”

“Well, uh, sure,” said Kyle, very confused. “Is that all?”

“No, I also need to do this,” said Tess, leaning in to kiss Kyle. She pulled away and smiled. “Have a nice day, Kyle.”

She walked out the door and Kyle grinned.


Liz yawned and opened her eyes lazily. Sunlight was streaming in through her window. ‘Today will be a beautiful day,’ she thought. And then she remembered what had happened the night before and the smile was wiped off of her face.

She got out of bed and walked down to the kitchen, still in her pajamas. “Hey Alex,” she said as she poured herself a tall glass of milk. “What’s up?”

“Liz, I think I’m delusional.”

“What? Alex, you’re such a goof,” said Liz, ruffling his hair and sitting next to him.

“No, seriously. Last night I had this horrible headache, so I went to get some aspirin and I walked into the bathroom and the light went on. I swear to you Liz that I never touched the light switch. Then the medicine cabinet opened and the aspirin bottle flew into my hand and opened and a pill flew out. The sink turned on and filled a cup of water for me. Liz, it really happened.”

“Alex, you were dreaming. You had to be. Nothing like that can happen, you were dreaming. That’s it.”

“No Liz, I think Isabel changed me somehow. I’m…I’m getting alien powers or something. I don’t know…but it happened Liz.”

Liz looked at Alex and paled. He was telling the truth. It had happened to him…but how?


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~*Chapter 19*~

Kyle went back to his room to get dressed, thinking about what Tess had told him. It was weird…why would his dad even believe in aliens? And why would Liz and Alex? He decided to brush it off and go find Alex, maybe they could go fishing or something.

He got dressed and grabbed his fishing pole and his tackle and bait box, heading for his car. He drove to the Crashdown and went inside. Liz was waiting tables.

“Hey, Liz,” he said. “Is Alex around?” Alex walked out of the kitchen wearing the traditional alien head apron and the antennas.

“Does that answer your question, Kyle?” giggled Liz.

“Why’s Alex helping you out today?” asked Kyle.

“Isabel isn’t here today…I don’t blame her…”

“Where is Isabel?”

“Oh…uh, she is…at home, sick. Yup, she has a really bad cold.”

“She seemed fine last night.”

“Yeah, I know. Uh, it just hit her this morning. I have to get back to work Kyle.”

“Yeah, sure,” said Kyle, walking back out to his car. Instead of turning left to go home, he turned right, down highway 285. He drove in silence, enjoying the desert sunshine. Something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. Something out the desert, moving.

He pulled over to the side of the road and looked in the direction in which he had seen something. He could make out what looked like a person…but from this distance it was hard to tell. He shaded his eyes from the sun and continued to stare out into the desert. He got back in his car and pulled off the shoulder of the road, right into the desert. He drove slowly towards the movement.


Michael stretched and walked out of the cave to relieve himself once again. He decided that he needed a little bit of exercise before heading back into the cramped and hot cave. He ran back and forth in front of the cave entrance, working up a sweat. A glint of sun on metal flashed into his sight. There was a car in the distance, on the highway. For some reason it was stopping. Michael stopped running and looked up at the car. Someone got out and seemed to be looking straight at him.

“Max!” he yelled. “Get out here! We might have trouble!” Max came running out and looked in the direction in which Michael was pointing.

“Who’s that?” asked Max.

“I don’t know, but whoever it is seems to see us.” They watched nervously as the person got back in the car and began to drive straight towards them. “Oh man,” said Michael, running a hand through his messed up hair.

“That looks like Valenti’s car,” said Max. The guys looked at each other in horror and ran back into the cave.


Alex waited on the last customer and headed back into the back room to take a break before starting to work on the dinner rush. He sighed and sat down on the couch. Liz followed suit and sat down next to him, sighing.

“This job is exhausting,” said Alex. “I have a whole new respect for you and Isabel doing this practically every day.” Alex looked around and said, “I’m really thirsty.”

“I’ll go get you a drink,” volunteered Liz. As soon as she stood up a bottle of water came flying out of the kitchen straight towards Alex. “Oh my god,” screamed Liz. She backed away from Alex quickly, while Alex ducked to avoid being clobbered in the head by the water bottle.

“What the hell happened?” asked Liz.

“That’s like what happened with the aspirin. It’s like, if I think about something I want, it comes flying at me!”

“Do you think…that Isabel really did somehow change you? And how? I mean…did Max change me too?”

They looked at each other in fear. “We need to find them,” said Alex. “They’re probably hiding, but we need to find them and figure this out.”

“Alex, it isn’t safe-”

“Liz, I need to know what is happening to me! I mean…am I turning into some type of crossbreed? Am I an alien, Liz?!”


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~*Chapter 20*~

Maria stood up quickly and hit Michael on the head. “How could you be so stupid?! Running in front of the cave…of course someone would be bound to see us from the highway!”

“Ow…hey! I needed some exercise! We need to think of something to do and stop playing ‘blame Michael’ or we’re going to be captured!”

Isabel looked at Maria and said, “Do you feel strong enough to try a mindwarp?”

“No…I’ve been dreamwalking a lot lately…I’m sorry.”

Isabel sighed and nodded. She didn’t even need to bother asking Max or Michael to help with a mindwarp…only the girls had that power. “Well then, we need to just sit here and wait. When the Valenti comes…Michael and Max may need to kill him.”

The guys paled, but didn’t argue. They were prepared to do what they had to. They heard the car pull up near the cave entrance and all of them gasped in fear.


Tess left Kyle’s house and drove around the town for awhile, restless and worried about her friends. Finally she decided to go to the Crashdown to try to talk to Liz and Alex about what they had found out the night before at the dance.

She parked and walked into the café, which was almost empty. She sat down on a stool in front of the bar and waited for someone to offer her a drink. Liz came out of the back room, along with Alex. They both saw her, and they smiled to each other.

Alex walked over to Tess. “Can I get you something to drink?” he asked her.

“An iced cappuccino would be nice,” she said. Alex turned around to fix her drink. He handed it to her and said, “Tess…I need to talk to you.”

“Really? Because I need to talk to you too, Alex.”

“Ok, but let me go first. Ok, this is really weird to say…but I’m getting powers.” Tess looked at Alex and burst out laughing. “No, really,” he said. “Here, I’ll prove it.” He turned towards the soda machine and said, “I really need a coke right now.” The machine turned on and a cup flew under the flow of water and syrup. A top placed itself on the cup and a straw flew in.

Tess looked at Alex in awe. “How did you do that?” she asked.

“See…I don’t know. I think Isabel did something to me. And I need to know what.”

“Well, I have no idea. For a long time I was the only human to know about them, and I never developed powers. Has Liz?”

“Developed powers? No…but she could. Maybe Max did something to her too. We need you to take us to them. We need to talk to them.”

“But…I can’t do that. Didn’t you tell Valenti?”

“Yes…which I think we’re both starting to regret.”

“If I take you there, you could be leading your uncle right to them.”

“Trust me. Please. I regret telling my uncle. And now I need to know what is happening to me. Please, Tess.” Liz came up behind Alex and looked at Tess.

“Alex needs to know. And I’ve made up my mind that if you take us to them we will help them. We will do whatever it takes to keep them safe again. We…we love Isabel and Max.”

Tess’s eyes opened wide. “You love them? Even after the whole thing started as just a dare?”

Alex narrowed his eyes. “What dare? What are you talking about?”

“You mean, you don’t know? At a party, Maria dared Isabel to ask you out, Alex.”

“What?! You mean, she didn’t really like me?”

“Well, she did…but you’re kind of…less popular and she didn’t want to ruin her reputation. So Maria dared her…and everyone knows, Isabel can’t turn down a dare.”

“What about Max?” asked Liz. “Did he ask me out because of a dare?”

“No, Max asked you out because of his own decision.” Liz sighed with relief and squeezed Alex’s hand comfortingly. “Thank you for telling us this, Tess. Now please take us to them. You must know where they are hiding.”

“I do. I…I’ll take you there now. But aren’t you two working?”

Alex looked at Liz and she nodded. “Our parents are out of town,” said Liz. “We could close early today.” They all agreed on that and Alex and Liz hurried the few other customers out of the café and told the cook he could leave. They left the cleaning up for later and headed out to Tess’s car. They hopped in and headed for the hiding place of the aliens.

~*Chapter 21*~

The four aliens cowered in fear, trying to push themselves farther into the protective shadows. They held hands and waited, not breathing…hearing footsteps approaching the cave.

“Hey, who’s here?” they heard Kyle ask as they saw him walking in. He jumped in surprise when he saw who was in the cave. “What the…why are you four hanging out in a dirty cave in the middle of the desert?”

“Isabel! I need some answers right now!” Everyone looked up in surprise to see Alex storming in, followed by Liz and Tess.

“Alex, Liz, Tess? Why are you here?” asked Kyle.

Alex pushed Kyle out of his way and stood in front of Isabel. “I need to know what the hell you did to me!” he demanded of her.

“Me?” said Isabel angrily. “I didn’t do anything to you! You’re the one who went and told Valenti! You destroyed four lives last night!”

Alex’s expression softened. “I regret telling my uncle. And believe me, so does Liz. On the way here we came up with a plan to throw him off the track. But first I need to know why this is happening to me!”

“Why what is happening to you, nerd?” asked Michael angrily.

Isabel cast a glare in her brother’s direction and said, “Alex, please explain what’s happening to you.”

“Why?! You know…you did this to me. Maria dare you to ask me out and then, since I meant nothing to you, you decided to use me as some kind of human guinea pig! You…you changed me! I have some of your freaky voodoo powers!”

“What?” asked Max, pushing himself through the group of people. “What kind of powers?”

“I really wish I had a hamburger,” said Alex.

“Wha-” Michael started to say, but Alex held up a finger to signal for him to wait. A few seconds later a freshly made hamburger came flying into the cave and landed in Alex’s hand.

Maria leaned closer. “Mmm…a Burger Barn burger!” Michael pulled her back.

“How…how did you do that?” asked Isabel.

“That’s what I want to know!” said Alex. “I mean, I’m kind of freaked out here, and-”

“Oh my Buddha,” interrupted Kyle. “Tess was serious…aliens…there are aliens in Roswell…and my cousin is one of them.” Kyle passed out onto the cave floor, but everyone ignored him except for Tess.

Max looked at Michael, Maria, and Isabel and said, “The Royal Six. Alex…and Liz…are the other two. We’re all together again.”


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~*Chapter 22*~

Liz collapsed into Alex’s arms and stared at Max in shock. Had she just heard those words come from his mouth…that she was an alien? No, he couldn’t have said that. Besides, she had no powers.

“Ma…Max, could you explain?” asked Alex trying hard not to drop his sister onto the ground but having trouble because his legs felt like gelatin.

“We’ve always known that there were six of us all together, but we had assumed that you two were dead. We had tried for years to search, but we gave up after awhile.”

“This isn’t possible,” said Liz. “You’re all adopted. Alex and I aren’t. We can’t be aliens.”

Kyle, who had been brought out of his faint with the help of Tess’s concern, spoke up. “Well…you were never supposed to know this…but I guess it’s better to find out from me than from a non-family member…you two actually are adopted.”

Liz’s head whipped around to face Kyle. “What?” she whispered in a barely audible voice. “We…no, we aren’t…”

“You are,” said Kyle. “My dad told me that your parents found you in the desert and took you in.”

“Just like us,” said Maria, pointing to her and Max.

“And us,” said Michael, referring to Isabel and himself.

“But why wouldn’t they tell us?” asked Alex. “Why would our parents lie to us?”

“I know you want to know the answers to these questions now,” said Max. “But we need to hear your plan to get Valenti off our tracks…because now you two are in danger too.”

Liz paled. “What…what powers do I have?” she asked.

“We can’t know that yet, you’ll have to slowly discover that and practice. But let’s get to the plan part,” said Michael impatiently.

“I…I could my uncle that Liz and I were drunk,” said Alex.

“What? That’s your plan?!” cried Maria.

“Wait…that might work,” said Isabel. “Tell him you were drunk and that you remember telling him a made up story about aliens and then apologize. Act like you don’t believe in aliens, that the whole idea of aliens is stupid. It’s worth a try.”

Everyone nodded and then Kyle said, “So, am I like, sworn to secrecy here?”

“YES!” everyone yelled at him.

“Ok…I guess I can keep your freaky little secret, just don’t brainwash me or anything…”

They all headed out of the cave and Alex pulled Isabel over to the side. “So…about the dare…”

“Alex, I have to confess something to you about that. I did think you were cute…and I was dared to ask you out. The reason I went out with you a second time was because I could sense you were different from other humans…I needed to find out why and make sure you weren’t a threat to me or the others.”

“So you never cared about me? I was just something to study and spy on?!”

“No, Alex, it’s not like that. You have to believe me…I never meant for you to get hurt. I think I took the dare too far…I’m sorry. Please…I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“It’s too late Isabel. I’m hurt. I fell in love with you, and all you wanted was to spy on me and make sure I wasn’t someone who could kill you!” Alex walked off after the others.

“But I do love you,” said Isabel, but Alex didn’t hear her. She slowly followed after Alex.

(TBC) I know this part sucked, but I have been getting kind of sick of this story....sorry!

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~*Chapter 23*~

Tess drove Alex and Liz to the police station, while everyone else went home. They had planned on meeting at Maria and Max’s house again about 2 hours later.

Tess pulled up in front of the police station and said, “I don’t think I should go in there with you two. Your uncle will be easier for you to talk to without other people there, I think.”

Liz and Alex agreed and headed into the building, stopping in front of Valenti’s office. Alex raised his hand and was about to knock when the door flew open and 170 pounds of Jim Valenti slammed into Alex, knocking him to the floor.

“Alex? Oh jeeze, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there! What were you doing standing right outside my office door?” asked Valenti as he helped his dazed nephew off the floor.

“We need to talk to you,” said Liz. “About what we told you last night. Could we…maybe go in your office to talk?”

“Sure,” said Valenti, leading them inside and motioning for them to sit down. “So, what is it?”

“We…we made a mistake last night,” said Alex.

“A mistake?”

“Yeah…what we told you, it was a mistake.”

“How? You told me and you gave me names. I checked on them and none of them were anywhere to be found last night. I find that highly suspicious.”

“We were drunk, Uncle Jim,” said Liz.

“Drunk? You two? You two would never do something so stupid…”

“But we did,” said Alex. “And we made up that whole story last night. None of it is true.” Alex laughed. “Aliens! I mean….come on! Aliens?”

Liz laughed along with Alex, but their laughter must have sounded forced and fake because Valenti stood up and said, “I don’t know what’s going on with you two, but I know you weren’t drunk last night. I couldn’t smell any alcohol, and besides, you two looked so scared. Scared enough to make any drunk person sober.”

“Uncle Jim, please. Don’t pick on those kids. It was all a big mistake,” pleaded Liz.

Valenti sat in silence for a minute, observing Alex and Liz. Finally he said, “You were telling me the truth last night. You are lying to me now. I don’t know why…maybe you want to protect the aliens? But for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. I couldn’t find the teenagers last night. I am going home to sleep now. But I need those teenagers in custody as soon as possible. I am going to be calling the FBI into this, right now.”

Alex and Liz paled and stood up. “Please,” said Alex. “Don’t let the FBI take innocent teenagers into custody because Liz and I were so irresponsible as to get drunk and make up a story. They don’t deserve that, they aren’t aliens!”

“Alex, Liz, please leave me office now,” said Valenti, placing his hand on the phone. “I have an important call to make to Washington D.C.”


Liz and Alex slowly left their uncle’s office and then ran as fast as they could out to Tess, who was still waiting for them in her car.

“Oh shit!” cried Alex. “We need a plan, and now!”

“What?” said Tess. “I thought you had a plan!”

“It didn’t work,” said Liz. “And now he’s pretty sure we’re protecting the aliens. If only he knew we were aliens too!”

Tess sighed and put the car into drive. She tossed her cell phone to Liz. “Call everyone and tell them that we have to meet now, not later. You’re right, we need a plan and we need it fast.”

Tess drove towards Maria and Max’s as Liz called everyone. They pulled up into the driveway and ran up to the door, which was immediately flung open by Max. He ushered them inside, where they waited impatiently in the living room for Michael, Isabel, and Kyle to arrive.

When everyone was there, Alex and Liz explained what had happened. Michael, Max, Maria, and Isabel all looked at each other and nodded.

“What?” asked Alex. “Do you guys have a plan?”

“Yeah,” said Michael. “This is a plan we’ve had for a really long time. We never thought we’d ever actually have to go through with it, though.”

“What is it?” asked Liz.

“We need to leave Roswell,” said Maria.

“For how long?” asked Alex.

“Forever,” said Isabel. “We couldn’t ever come back.”

“Let’s do it,” said Max.

~*Chapter 24*~

Liz looked in shock at Max. “Are you serious? You are willing to leave your parents, your familiar surroundings, at the drop of a hat?”

“Liz, we have no other choice,” said Isabel in a calm, quiet tone, as if Liz were a small child to whom she was explaining this to. “Valenti is getting the FBI. They will find us. And even if we try, they will get it out of us that you and Alex are also aliens. We are all in danger. We have to leave if we want to live.”

Liz thought about what Isabel had said and nodded her head grudgingly. “I hate the idea of leaving. But you’re right…it really is the only option.”

“You two are also in danger,” said Michael, turning to speak to Tess and Kyle.

“Me?” asked Kyle in a very high, nervous voice. “How am I in danger? I’m not an alien. And besides, my dad is the sheriff…he’s not going to hand me over to the FBI.”

“No, but the FBI could take you anyways. You know us, so the FBI will try to find out what you know about our alienness.”

“So, what are you saying?” asked Tess. “That we go with you?”

“No,” said Michael. “That wouldn’t be a good idea.” He turned to look at Isabel and Maria. “Would you two be able to form a mindwarp to erase their memories?”

“Whoa…what?” said Kyle. “I said I’d keep your freaky little secret if you didn’t brainwash me! So please, don’t brainwash me!”

“Michael, I don’t think Isabel and I can do that alone,” said Maria. She turned to Liz. “We need you to help us.”

“No! You aren’t going to do this to me!” yelled Kyle.

“What?” said Liz. “How can I help? I haven’t seen any evidence yet to tell me what kinds of powers I have. Alex has the powers, ask him.”

“He can’t do it,” said Isabel. “Only the females of our race are capable of manipulating the mind. The next closest thing, that the guys can do, is to dreamwalk.”

“What’s that?” asked Alex.

“I’ll explain later,” said Isabel. “So, Liz, will you try to help Maria and I?”

“Uh, sure. Whatever I can do to help,” said Liz doubtfully.

“NO!” screamed Kyle, standing up and looking down at all of them, his face flushed dark red with rage. “No one is going to manipulate my mind, or any other part of me! I promised to keep your damn secret, now respect my decision to not have you mess with my mind!”

“Kyle, the girls have to do it!” yelled Max. “If the FBI gets ahold of you, I can guarantee that no matter how powerful or persuasive your father is, he won’t be able to get you back in Roswell until they have the information they want. And if you don’t give them that information willingly, they will torture you until you tell them. Then we will be in danger all over again. And once they have the information they might very well decide to kill you…and Tess.”

At the mention of Tess, Kyle’s face paled. He hadn’t even thought about her. He didn’t want any of those FBI bastards to hurt her…he shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He looked down at Tess.

“Are you willing to let them change your memories?” he asked her quietly.

“Yes,” she said. “I have known them for a very long time. I trust them and I trust their judgement. If they feel that this has to be done, then I am in no position to stop them.”

“But it’s your mind!”

“Which is part of my body. My body is merely a temple.”

“Now you’re sounding like me when I get done praying to Buddha…” said Kyle, slowly sitting down again. He looked up at Maria, Isabel, and Liz and said, “Ok, you can do it. But what memories are you going to change?”

“I think we need to erase some memories of the six of us from your mind,” said Isabel, looking to Maria and Liz to see if they agreed.

“Yeah,” said Maria. “And then we need to give you fake memories of the dance, and all of today, so that you seem to remember this day totally differently.”

“We need to make it so that you never found out about us. You will of course have some vague memories of us, and more vivid ones of your cousins, because it would seem weird to just completely forget we exist.”

Kyle nodded, and then reached over and grabbed Tess’s hand, not to comfort her, but because he, big manly Kyle, just needed someone to hold his hand.


“What are we going to tell Mom and Dad?” asked Liz. She was sitting in her room, in front of her desk. Alex was behind her, on her bed. They had just finished packing a few small bags to take with them. They were now trying to figure out what to write in a note to their parents.

“Who the hell cares,” said Alex angrily. “They aren’t our parents! And they’ve been lying to us our whole lives! I really couldn’t care less if they never get a goodbye from us!”

Liz swiveled around in her chair and looked at Alex. She saw the pain and hurt etched into his face. “I know you’re angry, Alex. And so am I, believe me. But admit it…you still love them. This could be the last chance we get, we need to do this right. We have to say goodbye.”

Alex looked into Liz’s eyes and saw that she really wanted to write the letter, so he nodded his head. “Ok,” he said.

Liz gave a half smile, and turned back to face the desk. She started to write, with Alex throwing his comments at her from time to time.

Dear Mom and Dad

Alex and I are leaving today. We can’t tell you why, or even where we are going. We can’t tell you when we’ll be back either, because we doubt we’ll ever be back. Please rest assured that we will keep ourselves as safe as possible.

Also, we know. We know that we were adopted. Why would you have lied to us all these years? Did you think we would love you less? Because we don’t. Right now we are angry, and confused, but we still love you…because you’re the only parents we’ve every known. Please try not to worry too much about us. Don’t wait for us to return. Just know that we love you and we’ll think of you, and Alex and I will be together at all times. One last time, we love you. Goodbye.


Elizabeth and Alexander

~*Chapter 25*~

Liz, Maria, and Isabel looked at each other and grabbed hands. They’d all written goodbye notes to their parents and were now at the cave again. They all walked in together, where Max, Michael, Alex, and Tess were waiting for them.

“Before we leave Roswell,” Max said. “We need to show you something. Liz, Alex, come over here for a minute.”

Alex and Liz slowly walked over to stand next to Max. They both gasped in surprise as he put his hand on the cave wall, and as he removed his hand, a silver handprint remained. The wall slowly slid to the right, as if it were some type of door.

Max stepped into the newly revealed room, motioning for Alex and Liz to follow. They did, and looked around them in wonder. The walls here weren’t brown like the other cave walls, but were instead brightly colored. They almost seemed to be glowing with every color of the rainbow.

“What is this?” asked Liz.

“We aren’t sure exactly what its purpose is, but we do know that the colors are the colors of our auras.”

“Our what?” asked Alex.

“Auras. They’re kind of like the colors of our soul, and they surround our bodies.”

“Why can’t we see them?” asked Liz.

“You can’t because you haven’t developed your powers very well, but the other four of us can.”

“Which…which color am I?” asked Liz.

“Well, Isabel is violet, Maria is orange, Michael is green, and I’m yellow. Liz, you are red, and Alex, you’re indigo. But when we all hold hands…we are blue.”

Alex sat down on the cave floor, a look of pure delight on his face. “This is so cool,” he said. “I could stay in this room forever.”

“No,” laughed Max. “We can’t keep the others waiting. I have one more thing to show you.” He walked over to the far wall, and once again used his handprint to open the wall into a new room. He led them in.

Liz saw large green things against the walls, and suddenly felt like she’d been there before. “What are those?” asked Liz, pointing to one of the green things.

“Our pods that we hatched out of,” said Max. He pointed to the one on the left and said, “That one held Michael and Isabel.” He pointed to the one on the right. “That one held me and Maria.” He pointed to the one in the middle. “And that one held you two.”

Alex and Liz walked up their pod and touched it. A feeling of calmness swept over them and they no longer felt worried about leaving Roswell.

Max cleared his throat to get their attention. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I know you really want to stay here a little while longer, but we need to get back to the others.”

They walked out of the pod chamber and into the aura room. They took one last look around and went back into the main cave.

Isabel and Maria stood up and motioned for Liz to join them. The guys moved off to the side as Kyle and Tess stepped in front of the girls.

Liz was taken aback to see that Kyle was crying. She smiled comfortingly at him as Isabel started to speak.

“Ok, Kyle and Tess, you two need to hold hands and close your eyes. Now try to clear your minds. Liz, help me and Maria by concentrating on Kyle and Tess. We need you to help us form a connection.”

Liz took a deep breath and concentrated. Soon she could see all of Kyle’s memories, flashing through her own mind, then Tess’s memories joined the flow of Kyle’s. They had a connection.

Isabel, Maria, and Liz continued to concentrate. Liz continued to hold onto the connection as Isabel and Maria manipulated some of the memories.

Liz almost lost the connection as she heard Michael’s voice yelling at them from the real world.

“Hurry up, damn it! We can see Valenti’s patrol car coming, and he’s not alone! There are black cars out there…they look like FBI cars!”

Liz blinked and found herself back in the cave, no longer emersed in other peoples’ memories. She looked at Maria, who said, “We did it.”

Everyone looked at Kyle and Tess, who looked back at them in confusion.

“We have to go, now!” yelled Michael. Without saying another word, they left the cave, dragging Kyle and Tess with them. They needed to get Kyle and Tess far from the cave in case Valenti came across them. If Valenti took just one step into that cave, he would know, without a doubt, that aliens existed.

They ran to Max’s jeep and Maria’s Jetta. All the guys went with Max and all the girls went with Maria. They drove towards the outskirts of town, no longer able to see Valenti’s patrol car or the black cars.

Just as they reached the sign that said, ‘You are now leaving Roswell’, they stopped and got Tess and Kyle out of their cars.

And then they drove out of Roswell, leaving behind two very confused humans.

“What the hell happened?” asked Tess.

“Maybe we were abducted by aliens,” said Kyle jokingly.

THE END sort of....there will be a sequel called Freaks on the Run....look for that in a month or two on this board, probably under the author name funkymonkey. Thanks for reading my story and for all the feedback!

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