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Okay guys, this could have been some huge fic, but it was just something I couldn't get out of my head. It's a kind of sub-plot they coud have had added to the 1st season, after Nacedo killed Hank...

Fathers Day

“ And then I’ve got to get this whole father’s day gift and everything!” Isabel said as she slid down into the booth beside Michael, throwing down her shopping bags. The busy atmosphere enveloped the Crashdown in a sense of pre-lunchtime buzz, and Max smiled as Liz walked over to their table.
“ Hey, so, does anyone want anything?” Max looked up at her, the grin on his face indicating exactly what he wanted. She smiled timidly as she turned to Michael.
“ You want anything Michael?” She asked. He tapped his fingers on the table. Then looked up at her.
“ Yeah, uh, is Maria back yet?” He asked, his tawny brown fringe falling over his fudge brown eyes. Liz shook her head,
“ Not yet, she’ll be back Monday.” Michael nodded. He knew that, but somehow he just wanted her to be back sooner. He sighed. Maria and her mum had embarked on a road trip to ‘get to know’ each other again. Raving on about it, and Michael being as stubborn as he was, he could hardly admit he didn’t want her to go. Liz slid into the booth also, next to Max.
“ So, speaking of Monday, isn’t it your dad’s birthday? Not to mention father’s day?” Liz said curiously, reaching for Max’s hand. Isabel looked at her from across the table,
“ Yeah, and you think I can find a present? I’ve looked everywhere.” She said, shaking her blonde hair. Liz giggled. Michael huffed as he got up and announced he was leaving. Storming out of the Crashdown, Max turned to Isabel.
“ Have you said anything to him lately?” Isabel snorted,
“ Me? Max that boy has a temper on him you know that. Besides, he’s probably just missing Maria.” Liz nodded, as Isabel sipped on her coke,
“ Yeah I mean, don’t worry Max, Michael hasn’t got anything to worry about now. Hanks gone now, no one can hurt him.” Max’s eyes gazed out the Crashdown windows, as he saw Michael cross the street. There was something bothering Michael, something that he doubt he could understand.

* * *

Michael lay down on his bed. Or rather, his mattress on the floor. So far he’d managed to obtain the mattress, the fridge and the cooker. But apart from that, the place was cold and lonely.
“ So much for living on my own.” Michael thought out loud. The place was lonely and quiet, apart from the arguing that could be heard next door. Michael flinched as he heard someone throw a vase across next door living room, where it smashed into a thousand pieces. Michael covered his face with a pillow, trying to suffocate out the noise that surrounded him. Breathing hard into the pillow, he recognised that smell. It was Maria. Picking up his phone, he dialled Maria’s mobile number. After a couple of rings she picked up,
“ Hey Michael, how’s everything going?” She said. The loud atmosphere in the background distracted Michael. As he stammered,
“ Yeah, yeah. Good. So, are you on your way home yet?” He said, bringing himself up and sitting on the edge of the mattress. Maria paused,
“ Well actually, well, more like in a manner of speaking…” Michael grew impatient. Maria paused again,
“ I might not come back this week. You know, my mum and me are really getting on again and I just…” Michael stopped her in mid sentence.
“ So you’re just not coming back to Roswell? Thanks Maria, a time when I really need you and…”
“ Wait, a time when you really need me? Michael…”
“ Just forget it.” He said as he hung up the phone. He lay down on his bed again, it was going to be a long weekend…

Monday morning, 7am.

Michael stirred as his alarm beeped. Great, it was Monday. He stumbled out of bed and pulled on a pair of random trousers, and followed it with a navy shirt he’d borrowed off Max yesterday. He sighed as he looked around his empty apartment. He shook his head, as he whispered,
“ Happy Fathers Day Hank.”

“ So yeah, and my dad was so totally stoked that I got him a card, that he’s going to buy me that dress that I wanted…” Michael overheard a girl talking to her equally as blonde friend. He shook his head, so hard that his brains began to hurt. Max approached him from the other side,
“ You okay?” Max asked innocently, with that Michael snapped.
“ God Maxwell. Is that all you ask? Well no, as it goes I’m not okay. But you just wouldn’t understand.” He said sadly, walking away from Max. Max went to stop him, but Isabel caught his shoulder.
“ Max, Michael needs to be on his own.” Max turned and looked at her,
“ But why? What’s going on with him?” Max searched her face for explanation. Isabel sighed,
“ Its Father’s Day Max.” She said sadly, and suddenly, he understood.

The clouds in Roswell turned a murky shade of grey, and thunder could be heard in the distance. But Michael didn’t move. Sitting outside his trailer, feelings of sadness overwhelmed him. Scratching at the floor, he didn’t even know why he was there. Hank had never treated him like a son. Why should he feel like he was missing anything? Suddenly a shadow was cast over him, as soft droplets of rain began to hit his forehead. He looked up.
“ I thought you were staying another week?” He asked quietly. Maria came and sat down next to him, as the rain began to fall harder. She looked at him, her clear blue eyes open and understanding,
“ Well, as it turns out someone needed me in Roswell.” She said softly, reaching out for his hand. Michael felt a lump rise up in his throat, as the rain really began to pour. But the two of them just sat there, outside his trailer. Until Maria turned to Michael and said,
“ You want to go inside?”

“ Wow, I never realised it was so small.” Maria said, sitting in one of the fold up chairs. Michael looked at her,
“ So it ain’t exactly the life of luxury. But its my…” He said, cutting himself off. He reached into the cupboard for the hot chocolate, as the kettle clicked. Maria came and stood beside him,
“ But Michael, its not your home anymore. It’s okay, you know, to let go.” She said soothingly as she placed her arms around his waist. Michael shook his head,
“ But Maria, its not that. This place, this place is where I grew up, where whatever life I had…” He started, as Maria took her hands away,
“ But Michael, you had Hank beating you every night…” Maria started to reason, Michael spun around,
“ But you don’t get it. He was my only family. At least then I had someone!” Michael said, beginning to get emotional. Maria saw that flicker of pain in his eyes,
“ Michael, show me your bedroom.” She said softly, as he furrowed his eyebrows and began to lead her to his room.

“ Wow. You’ve got so much stuff.” She said, examining the small room. The room was small, and housed only enough space to fir a single bed and a desk in it. The bed was still unmade, as Maria began to look over his desk. Michael sat down on the bed. Maria came and sat next to him.
“ Michael, what’s really getting to you?” She asked, putting her arms around him again,
“ Maria, there’s a lot of things people don’t know about me. But there’s this whole part of me that’s missing something, something that I never even thought I had.” He said as he stopped and turned to face her. His eyes were lined with tears, as Maria struggled to understand. Michael reached underneath his tiny bed and pulled out a picture frame. He handed it to Maria,
“ Things weren’t always bad.” He said, with a catch in his voice. Maria took the picture uncertainly, and as she turned it over, it showed a photograph of him and Hank. Michael couldn’t have been older than 12, and he was holding a fish.
“ That’s a huge fish.” Maria said, lightening the mood. Michael laughed softly,
“ Yeah. It was spring break, and Hank took me fishing. I used my powers to get the fish, but he was so damn happy that we’d caught something.” Michael said, his voice catching again. Maria looked at Michael worriedly; Michael had never been sentimental before.
“ But Michael, he used to hurt you…” She started,
“ Maria, can’t you see this. He may not have been anything of a father figure, but he was still there. This man brought me up, and now what huh? Nasedo killed him and that’s the end of it?” Michael got down and knelt on the floor in front of her,
“ All my life I’ve wanted what Max and Isabel have. Someone who loved me, who was proud of me. But this picture,” He gestured, taking it out of Maria’s hands,
“ This was when someone was proud of me. And whatever kind of family I had is gone now.” He said as he turned away. Maria swallowed hard.
“ I saw my dad drive away one night in the rain. And he never came back.” Maria said, a catch coming in her voice too. A layer of tears moistened her eyes, as Michael looked up,
“ I blamed myself for him leaving for so many nights. I know it’s not the same Michael, but I’ve never had a father either. Not one that was proud of me, happy to know that I was his little girl.” Tears began to spill over Maria’s eyelashes.
“ So just be grateful that you’ve got this picture, this reminder that no matter how bad Hank was, there was still a time when he was proud of you. At least you can say that.”
Michael looked on as Maria’s head dropped and she silently let the tears escape. Michael got up and held her close, realising the truth in Maria’s words.
“ But you know how I got through it?” Maria said, sniffing. Michael shook his head,
“ I promised myself that when I have kids, I’m going to make sure their daddy loves them, and that he sticks around for good.” Maria said with conviction. It suddenly dawned on Michael that someday; he may be a father.
“ Maria, I just want you to know that if we ever go as far as having kids, I’ll always be there for them.” Michael said as he ran his fingers through her hair. Maria laughed,
“ So you’re ready for a commitment?” Maria joked, Michael lowered his eyebrows,
“ Woah now wait a minute I never said…” Michael started, but it was soon smothered by Maria’s light kisses.
“ I was joking.” She said playfully. Just before Michael went to kiss her, she whispered,
“ Michael, I’ll always be proud of you.” That lump in his throat which at one time had seen so unfamiliar to him started to rise up again, as he realised that amongst all the pain and suffering he had endured, there was always going to be someone to turn round and tell him they were proud of him. It wasn’t a father, but he realised that however few the good memories with Hank were, there was always that one time where Hank was proud of him. And that was all that mattered.

So as the rain continued to beat down onto the tin roof of the trailer, Michael surrounded the girl who had shown him so much warmth in a loving embrace, knowing that he was loved, and someone was proud of him.

Thats was really bad writing huh ??? <> something I had to get outa my system, sorry!


P.S. Although its bad, I could use some feedback!

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Aw! You guys are sooo nice! I've got about two other little fics I'm going to post. I never expected this huge response! These little fics I write are more like little scenes, they're nice and simple to write. If you liked this, please read my other fics, which are also on the board:

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