Title: Rough Times Author: Halley
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Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: No, I don’t own anything of course! Summary: Alex and Isabel are getting used to life together, lets see what happens with them now..! Alex has a big surprise for Isabel or does Isabel have a surprise for Alex? Category: Mostly Alex and Isabel but some M/M.. L/M. Author's Notes: Um this is my very first fan fiction so just read on it gets better and thanks for reading!!!
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Rough Times
Alex/Isabel’s new apartment
"Alex hi I'm home!" Oh Hi Isabel are you ready?" Well not really because I know both of our parents are going to flip out!" Don't worry they wont flip out!" How do you know!" Well I don't know they probably will flip out I'm just trying to make you feel better." ALEX!"
Alex's House
"Mom... Dad...are you here?" Alex we’re in the kitchen come here?" (Isabel gets nervous to talk to his parents) "Hi mom. Dad you umm, you remember Isabel Evans right?" Yea sure we do its nice to see you again." You too." Well umm actually we wanted to talk to you about something. Actually we wanted to tell to you about something." What is it son" Well umm. Mom. Dad...Isabel is...." "She's pregnant isn't she?" (Both say at the same time) "NOOO!" Gosh you scared us just tell us come on..." Ok well me and Isabel have both decided that we love each other and well...we want..." To get married?" "Mom will you stop doing that and let me finish." Sorry go ahead" Ok well like I was saying we love each other and we have decided to move in together" (calmly) No." Mom that's not fair I'm 18.and I can technically do whatever I want...and I though it was very nice of Isabel and I to come here and confront you about it." Alex I said No." You think you can just stop me but you cant." Maybe I should go Alex." No, stay actually were leaving and if you don't agree with this then I guess I won’t ever be coming back." Alex No please." Good bye mom. (Dad) "Alex Whitman." (Alex doesn't listen keep walking him and Isabel are still holding hands walking out to the car and leaves his father furious and his mother sobbing)
Their Car
"Alex you. you just broke your family’s hearts" I just don't think I can do that to my family." Isabel there is something you should know...well I have a brother and when he was 17 he moved in with his girlfriend and he got her pregnant he's 20 now and they just don't want that to happen to me but I know that it wont they just don't trust me." Alex it’s understandable they don't want to lose 2 kids they don't want to lose you too." I'm not him." I know your not, but they don't know that." Its over and done with Isabel its time to face your parents."(::Thinks:: yea.. but they will never let me!)

Isabel's House
"Hi.. Mom" Oh Hi honey, Hi Alex. (Alex is nervous because he hasn't talk to her mom since the stripping tragedy)"Uh Hi." Mom I have something to tell you uh huh and I know that your not going to be happy about what I am going to say but you cant stop me!'' What is it Isabel?" Well I.. Actually Alex and I are.. Moving in together." Moving in.. meaning?" Were going to live together.'' What?" No you are not...there is NO way I am letting my daughter move in with a stripper!" A what?"(Alex blushes)" Mom that was a joke he doesn't really strip!" Mrs. Evans It was only a little birthday surprise I was just kidding." Mom.. You cant...st.. stop me." I'm 18 now!"Isabel, you've always talked about how you though it was so stupid how people would leave there families and go and ruin there lives and now your doing it yourself!" It’s different that's before I fell in love." You’re not in love!" Yes, we are Mrs. Evans and I promise I would never do anything to hurt Isa.. Isabel I wouldn't ever!" I'm sure your brother wouldn't have either!" How.. how did you know about that?" Your mom called me the first time you came over at night and told me about it." I'm not like that." I'm sure you aren't but I can’t take that chance."(Max walks in) What's going on?" Isabel thinks she moving out with Alex!" Isabel." Max you can’t tell me what to do." (Mother) She's right max you’re not the King.'' Mom, you have no idea!" (Isabel turns to Alex in tears)" Let’s go!" Isabel you need to work things out with you fam-" No, Alex lets go." Ok."(Once again they leave another mother in tears!)

In car on the way to their apartment
"Alex I can’t stand this.. I ...I cant... I feel so bad for your mom my mom... I-" Isabel I would rather give up anything to live with you.. to be with you..." Even your family?" You are my family Isabel."(Smiles.. Still crying) I love you" Me too." I just can’t believe that I won’t ever be able to go in my house again...with my family." Isabel if you want to go back then you can...just know that we won’t be together." Why not?" Well because, It would just be too hard." Do you know it’s hard for me to live without my family." How do you think I feel?" The same.?" Yes, but I love you and I pick you over them who do you pick?" (Quietly) You." (smiles) It'll turn out ok" I know." (they kiss)

Their Apartment
"I want to go somewhere tonight Isabel.'' Where?'' It's a surprise!" Oh really?" Yes." I don't like surprises but I guess it can be an exception for you." Well thank you." Alex I don't know why but I just keep thinking about what my mom is going to say?" Don't." Alex, I can’t help feeling this way and its killing me(starts crying once again)." Isabel, after tonight you'll feel different about us." What are you talking about?" (smiles & hugs her)you'll see!" Alex I just wanted to thank you...for being here for me." No, I love being here for you and with you."

Isabel/Alex's Room
::Isabel thinks::" I wonder what's going to happen tonight and I wonder where he is going to take me." My mom is going to freak out!!.. Why am I worrying about it...I'm an adult now...and therefore I can do what I want and I will!

Later On the Way to the Surprise Place
'' Isabel, you’re going to love this place so much!" Alex, I would love anything where you are...(smiles)." Me too.. but this is going to be the best night of our lives as.. never mind." No, what were you going to say?" You'll see Isabel....no wonder you don't like surprises...because you cant wait for them." Exactly.''(they arrive at Isabel's favorite restaurant a very fancy restaurant that she has only been to once in her life they get seated and start talking)" Oh my god Alex!!.. You didn't even have to do this I cant belie-" Its nothing I just know that you've been having a hard time and I'm sorry that I made you move in with me so I wanted to make it up to you." Alex you didn't make me move in with you...it's the best thing that has happened to me since who knows when it's hard to live a life being an ali.. you know and I want to thank you for everything and Alex it's something I want to do your not making me." But you said you didn't want to break your family’s hearts and because of me you did." It's worth it.. they'll get over it.. they'll learn that we have moved on and they will too." Ok.. I want to tell you something and you cant interrupt me or say anything because it'll ruin it so just sit here and listen ok." Ok." Ok we've been through so much over the past 3 years and we have been together for 3 years.. we've been through good times bad times and even some awkward times Isabel and you think that me being with you is putting me in danger but its not Isabel I would rather die tomorrow then live a 100 years without knowing you." You don't mean that." I do and I know what you are.. and its not going to hurt me. I'm so glad that I was let in on your secret...Max and Liz.. Maria and Michael...they belong together all of them do.. they deserve to be happy and so do we...and I know that we just made a huge step in our lives I.. ok..(take a deep breath)and I don't know about you but I know that I am ready to take the next step(Isabel's eyes widen)I'm ready to marry you to make our lives complete Isabel.. so with that.. Isabel Evans will you marry me?" (tears flow in her eyes) Alex.. I.. y.. yes.. yes I will!!(he slips a beautiful ring on her finger)" (Alex lets out a sigh of relief and they kiss)(since they are practically making out in the restaurant they finish their meals quickly and leave.. now they are making out in the car)"Alex I love you.. I can’t believe we're getting married." I.. I though you would say no.. it was the hard.. the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life." Why?.. How.. How could I have said no I love you.. lets go home I have to call my mother." Ok."

At Their House Talking To Her Mother
:ring, ring, ring:"Hello?" Max...Hi it's Isabel!" Isabel.. I.. I cant believe it's you...you need to reconsider moving out Isabel becau-" Max you have no idea...I have to talk to mom!" You have news don't you." How.. how did you know?" What is it Isabel?'' I want mom to be the first to know." I won’t tell her when I am giving her the phone." No, Max please put her on?" Ok hold on.." Hello?" Mom hi.." Isabel you need to come home." No, mom I cant I have to tell you something." What is it Isabel?" Mom.. well Alex and I are ..well we are getting married."(Max is there beside his mother as she is talking to Isabel)NOOO!!!.. Isabel you are coming home immediately(starts yelling at her and crying)!" Mom.. your suppose to be happy and be happy for me(Alex is with her listening)." Isabel you have ruined your life.. I can’t believe you!! What.. what are you thinking." I'm thinking that I love a man that has never done anything to hurt me and I love a man that loves me back and I love a man that I am going to live with for the rest of my life who I am going to have my children with and there is nothing in the world that he wouldn't do to make you like him.. hes done nothing to you and all he wants is to be with me.. our kids the ones that we are having together are going to be your grandchildren so you better start to like him or you will never see your grandchildren ever(Alex hold her hand and smiles)."(says loud enough so that Alex would hear)"This is a man that you are just going to end up getting a divorce to don't you know that know one that gets married when they are 18 stays together."Well then I guess we will be the first huh?" Isabel Evans I swear to god if he gets you pregnant anytime soon I will kill him." Hold on mom." Alex could you leave the room really fast please." Sure(kisses her.. the door slams silently)." What did you say mom?" I said that if he gets you pregnant anytime soon I will kill him." If only you would have said that earlier(a sob comes out)." What are you talking about...?Are you saying what I think your saying?"Probably.. I love you mom.. I’m sorry."::hangs up and leaves the phone of the hook so she cant call back::"(whispers to herself)What am I going to do?(as she holds her hand over her stomach)."(Alex hears Isabel crying and comes in)" Isabel what's wrong?.. what happened?(Alex puts the phone back on the hook) what was the phone doing off the hook ...Isabel will you talk to me....please?" I.. I was talking...(sobbing)..to my mom.. you know...and well...she... said....said that if you...if you got me-" Isabel will you please talk normal just tell me what happened." Ok...ok.. my mom told me that if you get my pregnant anytime soon she would kill you..(tears flow down her cheeks) and believe me she will." Isabel we don't have to worry about that it wont happen to us where more careful than that ok?" But Alex I'm-(riiing, riiing)"(Alex) Hello?" (It’s her father and her mother is crying in the background)What have you done?" Done what are you talking about?" And you said you would never hurt her...you wanted us to like you well now we hate you even more!" I don't know what you’re talking about." Let us talk to Isabel now!" I don't want to talk to you right now dad!" Isabel we just want you to come home...Isabel.. look what he has done to you has he even said sorry?" No, because I haven't told him yet!" Told me what?" We're coming down there!!" Mom no!" Bye Isabel.":hangs up:" Isabel what where they talking about?" Alex what I was trying to tell you before was that.. I'm.. we're having a baby(starts to sob)!" We're what?" Alex yes, we.. we are I'm sorry." Isabel I cant even believe this(hugs her)it'll be ok I promise." They are coming down to get me Alex!" I won’t let them have you!" How many months are you?" I.. I'm 3 months." Why didn't you tell me?" I was afraid you'd leave me!" Isabel.. I would never leave you I love you and this is the 3rd step." I know and it came to fast."::Knock:: Knock::"(opens the door and Her mom, dad and Max are their) mom I'm so sorry." Honey you’re coming home it'll be ok." (Max steps to Alex) what were you thinking... Alex you would never do this to her." I'm sorry man... I'm so sorry to hurt your family." Mom I'm not coming home because I am already home." Isabel I.. I don't even know what to say except that I am so sorry." Alex it’s my fault too." Mom, please just go I.. I can handle this my self...I.. I mean I don't need your approval anymore." Yes, that's true but who is going to watch the baby when you and Alex are at school?" I.. I don't know a babysitter." I say you give it up for adoption." You have no say in this." Isabel, yes she does.. she's your mother and you have to respect her." Alex what are you saying she wants to give up our child." I want to make it easier for you Isabel and having a child to take care of is not easy." (Isabel gets to upset and goes off on her mother) How would you know! You've never taken care of kids when they are babies you can't tell me what to do your not my mother!" Isabel calm down." No, Max! I mean you think you can tell me what to do but your wrong mother.. what am I saying you’re not even my real mother and I'm sure my real mother loves me and would be happy that I am having my first child!" She left you and Max in the desert how much does that show she loves you she dumped you in the middle of a desert Isabel... I was the one who found you and cared enough to help you.. but she just left you there she's lucky your still alive!" No, no she didn't you have no idea what she really is and just get out!(crying) leave me alone and get out." Fine ruin your life see if I care since I'm not your real mother(Diane and Philip leave, but Max stays)." Isabel, how.. how could you say that to her?" I didn't mean it!" She doesn't know that Isabel." Maybe I did mean it I don't know I.. I just screwed my life up I think I'm allowed to be a little bit upset!(Alex hugs her)" I.. I am so sorry Isabel." It's ok Alex we'll figure this out." Max maybe you should go." Isabel I can’t believe you." Oh you’re a one to talk Max.. who got Tess pregnant? because I am sure she didn't do it herself." That was different." Different how was that different Max?" I have to go." Yea that's what I though Max."
In Their Apartment(later that night)
(Alex is in the living room part and Isabel is in their room)"(She is crying) Why?.."(Alex comes in)" Isabel.. I.. you don't have any idea of how sorry I am!" Alex, its not your fault!" Isabel your parents hate me ok.. I mean they hate me and you think nothing of it!" You have no idea of much you have screwed my life up my life Alex!" (Is speechless)I'm... I'm sorry Isabel" And you have no idea of how much you make my life alive." It's just I have no idea of what it is like to be a parent.. it just sounds really scary to me." Don't be scared because we are doing this together you.. you don't have to do it alone." I was wrong." What ..what are you talking about?" I was wrong about what I said about my brother...I am him...I'm just like him and I didn't even realize it."No, Alex you made a mistake and so did he.. it's ok to make mistakes." This is the biggest mistake of my life."::Knock: knock::" Alex who is it now?" Just stay here and lay down I'll go get it." Ok."(Opens the door and it is his brother Nate, his girlfriend Jennifer, and their daughter Samantha, she’s 2)"Alex!!" Nate oh my god what are you doing here(they hug)?" Mom called me and told me what happened." Alex, what are you thinking? ..your turning into me well not all the way but you got pretty close.":Alex thinks: you have no idea." Oh come in come in." Thanks."(Alex gives Jennifer a hug)" How is Samantha?" Oh she's fine." Good." So where is she Alex?" Who? Your girlfriend." Oh she's in our room I could go get her if you want?" Sure if she's not to busy." Ok go ahead and sit down." Isabel?" Who was there? Oh it’s my brother he wants to meet you." No, Alex I can't he'll probably like hate me or something." His wife here she brought the baby we can learn from them.. hey come on I have to tell him anyways." Fine ok fine." Nate this is Isabel...Jennifer this is Isabel and Isabel this is Samantha." Hi it's nice to meet you." Ok, um Nate I have something to tell you and you can't flip out." What could be that bad?" Isabel is pregnant." She's what?" I know you’re mad." Alex, how many times have we talked about this!" Nate you did it too!" I was young and I didn't know what I was doing know one told me it was going to be this hard to take care of a kid.. but Alex I told you.. I told you to many times than I can even remember."(Isabel leaves the room crying.. Jennifer lays Samantha on the couch and goes after her)" Hey.. I know what it's like and I'd be lying to you if I said it wasn't hard because it is." I.. I didn't want this." I know you didn't but you did.. and let me tell you the greatest feeling in the world is when you’re in the hospital and your holding your baby for the first time do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" It's a girl.. but Alex doesn't know yet." I'm so sorry." Yea me to.
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