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Title: The Rebellion
Author: ChrissyP47
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell

Author's Note: I know I know. It's been forever. I was trying to write this part and I was having such a hard time with it and then school started and it was just a mess. Anyway, I finally got it done, so here it is.

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~Part 11

Liz was trying to focus on what Maria was babbling about, but her mind kept drifting to Max. She had had another dream about him. Like all the ones she was use to having. Max coming back from Antar and sweeping her off her feet and them being king and queen and then living happily ever after. One thing that was never factered in, in her dreams was her fear. Figures.

"Liz, are you even listening to me?" Maria asked aggrevated.

"Sorry. What were you saying?"

"I was saying how ridiculous it is that you love Max and Max loves you yet I see no lovin' goin' on." Maria stood up from where she was sitting next to Liz and started pacing.

Liz rolled her eyes at her friend.

"Maria, it's not that easy-" Maria cut her off in mid sentance.

"Liz it can be that easy, but you just won't give in. Why? Why won't you love him?"

Liz opened her mouth to say something, but Maria started up again before she could finish.

"Your pulling away. Not just from Max, but from the rest of us." Maria sat down next to Liz and looked right at her. "Do you remember Celeste's 5th birthday?"

Liz just nodded knowing where this conversation was going, but unable to get out of it.

"You came to my room that night after you tucked her into bed. Liz you cried that night. You cried harder than I have ever seen you cry. Do you remember why?" Maria asked forcing the topic upon Liz.

Liz just nodded again brushing away a tear the streaked down her face.

"You were crying because you missed Max and wished so much that he could have been there. That he was able to watch your little girl grow up. Liz you cried because you loved him so much, but he wasn't there. Now what happened? Did you just suddenly stop loving Max?"

"No." Liz whispered as she tried to keep it together.

"Then Liz please, explain it to me because I'm pretty confussed."

"I don't know." Liz simply answered rubbing away the tears that threatened to spill out.

"You don't know." Maria stood up again and started pacing. She paced for awhile and neither girl said anything to each other. Finally Maria stopped and looked back at Liz. "Max talked to you last night right?"


"Well, what did he say?" Maria asked.

"Well..." Liz figgeted with her hands and looked all around the room without meeting Maria's burning gaze. "He asked me about how I became the leader and I told him and I told him about mom dying."

"Anything else."


"NO!" Maria immediately started pacing again. "No. I can't believe it. The two of you are scared shitless."

"Maria calm down." Liz said in the calmest voice she had.

"I am not going to calm down. This is ridiculous! The two of you love each other, you have a daughter together and are going to be king and queen sometime in the not to distant future. I can not believe the two of you are acting so... so... childish!" Maria fummed.

"Maria please, I know this doesn't make sense, but-"

"But what? What Liz? What?"

Liz was about to reply, but yet again was cut off by 'Hurricane Deluca'.

"You know what it is. Your both scared. Scared that now for once your going to be able to be together and there is nothing that can stop you. Your both so damn scared to committ to this aren't you? Aren't you!"

"Well, that's part right."

"Damnit Liz." Maria ran over in front of Liz and forced Liz to look at her. "Ever since that day you disappeared-"

"I thought we weren't going to talk about that anymore."

"Whatever." Maria replied. "Anyway where was I... oh yeah. Ever since that night you've just been this, this thing. You're not really there anymore. Ever since that night you have been closed off. Liz. I am your best friend in the entire world. Liz you can trust me. You need to open up again. You can't just deal with everything on your own. This has to stop."

"I know." Was all Liz could respond. She looked away from Maria and felt that wall she had built up begin to fall away. She knew she was hurting Maria and she had never realized it before. "Maria."


"I am scared, but not of being with Max. I want to spend the rest of my life in his arms, I want our hearts and souls to be one again, but..." Liz paused looking for the right words to express exactly what she was feeling.

"But?" Maria pushed on.

"But, what if I lose him again."

"Liz, he's not going to leave you again I mean he-"

"No Maria not like that. I mean, what if something happens to him? What if something so horrible happened that there was no coming back? What if he..." Liz couldn't even bring herself to say what she was fearing.

"So that's the problem. You think if he's with you his life is in danger."

Liz again was unable to respond so she nodded hoping she wouldn't start crying again.

"Liz, nothing is going to change that. His life is in danger, but not because of you. You need to be with him now. The two of you are stronger together than you are part. I should think you would know that by now."

Liz took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Maria was right. Maria was usually always right, but Maria was right.

"Come here." Maria grabbed Liz and both the girls hugged each other tightly. Liz couldn't hold it in anymore, she started sobbing over everything. It was the first time she had cried infront of anyone since that night. After a few minutes the girls pulled away both looking like messes from all the crying. Looking at each other they couldn't help but laugh. Maria brushed a lock of hair behind Liz's ear and sighed. "Oh, what am I going to do with you?"

"Well..." Liz waved her hand in front of both of their faces so that if you hadn't been in the room you would have never known they had been crying. "I think I need to talk to Max."

"That's my girl." Liz started walking to the door, but then realized she was still in her pajamas.

Liz quickly grabbed her blue silk robe and tied it around her waist.

"Wish me luck."

"Good luck chica." And with that both girls headed out of the room. Liz in search of Max and Maria in search of Michael. All of this talking made her even the more thankful that her and Michael had finally found the love in one another and weren't going to deny it.

Liz didn't have to walk out her door very fair. Max, Michael, Isabel and Kyle were standing in the hallway talking with each other. With one last deep breath, Liz made her way over to the group with Maria trailing behind her for support.


"What!?" Isabel half shrieked at Kyle. "When did our parents find out?" Isabel was pounding questions on Kyle and Max and Michael let her go at it. Michael thought it was funny, but Max was just listening to Kyle explain.

"Whoa. Slow down." Kyle threw his hands up in defense. "It all happened right after the Parker's were killed."

"WHAT!?" Michael and Isabel shouted at the same time. Max felt a stab in his heart. It hurt him just to think that Liz's parents had died and he hadn't been there for her.

"Valenti, you gotta remember some of us here have been gone for the past 8 years." Michael shot out.

"Liz's parents were killed by skins." Max said before Kyle could. "That's how most of this started."

"Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you know." Kyle said to Max and then started to continue with his story. "Anyway, after the Parker's were killed, Liz left the Crashdown, but she couldn't bare to sell it. So she was sitting in the empty cafe trying to figure out what happened when your mom aparently came in." Kyle motioned at both Isabel and Max and then continued. "That's when Liz told your parents and that's when Liz handed over the rights to the cafe to your parents. They have been running it ever since."

Max wasn't at all shocked that Liz had told his parents. He was actually relieved it wasn't him who would have to have that conversation.

"So, they were ok with it?" Isabel asked. She had always wanted to be the one to tell their parents. It had been the one thing she wanted more than anything, but now they knew and she was afraid how they reacted.

"They took it really well actually." Kyle looked like he was going to say something else, but stopped when he saw Liz and Marai coming. Liz walked right up to Max and Max felt his heart skip a beat.

"Max, uh. I need to talk to you." She said barely in a whisper. "In private."

"Ok." Max responded glad he had actually been able to form words. He had chickened out of talking to Liz last night about 'their relationship' and he knew he needed to do it now.

Liz nodded and they both turned to go into her room when Liz was stopped dead in her tracks at the sound of a very familar voice.

"Elizabeth Parker." The entire group turned around to see the middle aged woman and an somewhat older man standing with her. Of course the woman's eyes were on Liz.

"Hi, Mrs. Valenti." Liz said nervously.

"Mrs. Valenti?!" Three voices rang out now watching Maria's mom and Kyle's dad standing before them. Amy didn't faulter she was staring at Liz. Amy was the only person who could seemed to be able to get above Liz's reining title.

"Oh don't 'Hi' me Liz. When the hell did you get back?!" Amy yelled.

"Ummm.. Yesterday." Liz replied barely in a whisper.

"Yesterday!" Amy scream. "Look Liz, I respect you, I respect that you are the leader and I trust you with my childern's lives, but you know you take them off for two years without giving me any word and then you come back and don't tell me!"

"Mom calm down." Maria finally said.

"Yeah, it's not really Liz's fault." Kyle added.

"I am so not talking to the two of you at this moment." Amy voiced boomed with anger. She began rubbing her forehead and no one sad a word. "Well, at least your back now." She went over to Liz and hugged her and then turned to Maria and Kyle and hugged them. Then she noticed the other three standing with them. "Well, well, well." Amy started.

"Oh, this is so not going to be good." Maria whispered into Liz's ear and Liz had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing.

"I guess you three are back." Amy said stonefaced.

"Yes." Max responded in full out leader tone.

"Oh, its so good to have you back." Amy went and hugged Isabel and Max and you could hear relife in there sighs. "And as for you." She said pointing at Michael. "Don't you ever leave my daughter again." And she hugged Michael too.

Everyone could hear the large sigh that came out of Maria and then came out of Michael. This in turn caused everyone to start laughing.

This feels good Liz thought and then remember she was suppose to be talking to Max right now. She turned to say something to him when again a voice interupted.

"Mommy mommy!" A little boy ran up and wrapped his arms around Amy's leg.

"Oh, Sammy what is it?" Amy asked to her little 8 year old son.

"She zap me again." The little boy said.

"Celeste!" Liz yelled and her daughter ran up. "Celeste how may times have I told you not to use your powers on Sammy."

"I know but, he call me a girl and he said I got cooties." Celeste said in her cute little girl voice and everyone had to keep from smiling.

"Sammy, apologize to Celeste." Amy said.

"But she does have cooties. All girls do." Sammy said with a straight face. Celeste pointed her finger at him again and Liz quickly pulled her hand away.

"Sammy, I'm a girl and I can tell you. I don't have cooties." Liz responded.

"Aunt Lizzie, you're not a girl. You're a woman." Sammy said smirk and everyone tried so hard not to laugh. Liz especially.

"Sammy! You go straight to your room now."

"But mommy..." He begged.

"Now!" He turned to walk away and Celeste started laughing.

"Same goes for you." Liz told her and the smile quickly left her face as she lowered her head and both the childern walked away in silence. Once the childern were out of ear shot everyone cracked up laughing.

"LIZ!" A voice rang out stopping everyone dead in their tracks. Liz felt a chill go straight down her spine. Her heart speed up to a dangerous rate as she turned around to see who was calling out to her.

"LIZ!" Up came Katana who was running screaming down the hall way waving a rolled up piece of paper in her hand.

"Katana, Katana what is it?" Liz said fearing the worst.

"They have Serena."


Max had been standing for three hours. He just had to sit as he let himself collapse into one of the chairs. Liz had been throwing out orders and the entire place had been chaos. Serena, who had gone with Katana to get the plans to the enemy base had been kidnapped. They had been attacked while in Liz's apartment and Katana had just barely made it out. After looking at the facts they deduced that Cera, the mean girl from eariler, was a spy and she was now sitting in the prison.

Liz. Max could tell she was a wreak, even though Liz had a great way of hiding it. He hadn't seen her for about an hour, she was off giving orders somewhere. So was Kyle. Isabel was with Kyle and Michael and Maria had been sent to check on somethings. So Max, being the actual leader of the planet, sat, with nothing to do.

"Max!" Max spun around and saw Maria coming towards him with Michael in tow. "Come one Max, meeting."


The 6 of the stood near the large table with Liz in the front pointing to the plans. Katana and another offical Max didn't know were on the sides just listening.

"So, we have a plan, there is one main underground entrance to the base here." Liz said pointing to the place on the plans. "It's a vent and that's going to be our entrance. It goes about 100 feet till it breaks into three different directions; straight, right and left. Michael and Maria." The both stood a little straighter as if standing at attention. "You two will go left while Isabel and Kyle go right. You both with meet up in the actual prison where you will break Serena out. There will be another passage in there that will take you straight towards the main energy room. Here." Liz showed what they would do on the plans and all four nodded. "Max." Max stood still and held his breath. "You and I will wait for 10 minutes, we're giving Michael, Maria, Isabel and Kyle 10 minutes to get to the prison and get Serena out and then make your way towards the main energy room. After 10 minutes Max and I will head straight and we will all meet in the middle. Does everyone understand so far?"

"Yes." Came from everyone in the room.

"Good." Liz said and nodded and then continued. "Once we are all in the main energy room we will link up like we did earlier and put all our power as one, we will then send it through me, at the main energy supplier, exploding it. After this happens we have exactly 10 minutes before the entire building blows up. This is our only option. Does everyone understand what we are doing?" Liz made eye contact with everyone and in turn everyone nodded, not wanting to fight her and needing to agree with her.

"Good." Liz placed both her hands on the table as if bracing herself because she had to much weight on her and couldn't stand up anymore, but she needed to stay standing. "We leave tomorrow night. I suggest everyone gets a good nights rest. That's all." Katana and the other officer were the first to leave and then the group just stood there in silence. Finally, Liz turned around and all eyes were on her.

"Do you have any questions?" She asked.

"No." Max finally replied for the group.

"Ok. Then good night." Liz spoke and started to head out of the room.

"Liz, wait." Maria called and everyone followed her out. The entire base was dead, everyone in their quaters, afraid to be out. Afraid of what was going to happen.

The six made there way to their rooms. Everyone wanted to say something, but none could. The silence filled them all.

you find yourself falling down
your hopes in the sky
but your heart like grape gum on the ground

The group broke up subconsciously, Liz in the front and Max slowing following behind her. Michael and Maria walked together with Michael's armed draped around her and together Isabel and Kyle brought up the rear.

and you try to find yourself
in the abstractions of religion
and the cruelty of everyone else

Max watched as slowly Michael and Maria broke formation and headed into Maria's room for the night, both looking so lost, but yet so found at the same time. Found because they were together.

and you wake up to realize
your standard of living somehow got stuck on survive

Then Max's gaze drifted to Liz. His Liz, who was leading the group, yet she looked lost most of all. So scared and yet she felt she needed to be so strong. To live for the group, yet she wasn't really living.

when you're standing in deep water
and you're bailing yourself out with a straw
and when you're drowning in deep water
and you wake up making love to a wall

Kyle and Isabel were next. They broke formation and headed into Kyle's room. They both looked just as lost, but fighting different demons than anyone really knew. They were fighting something even they didn't know.

well it's these little times that help to remind
it's nothing without love

Liz suddenly stopped suddenly noticing it was just her and Max now. Just the two of them standing still in the hallway.

"Goodnight Max." Liz said noting turning to face him as she walked into her room. Max just stood there unsure of what to do, finally he decided against anything and walked into his own quiet and dark room.

you wake up to realize your only friend
has never been yourself or anyone who cared in the end
that's when suddenly everything fades or falls away
'cause the chains which once held us
are only the chains which we've made

Liz heard the sound of her door shut and the sound of it completly absorbed her. She was trying to take her mind away from everything. Liz quickly changed into her bed clothes and sat in the middle of her bed. She brought her knees up to her face and hugged them close to her. They entire day flashed before her in the mass of images. Serena had been captured, because of her. Kivar wanted Liz so he went after her friends and no one understood that, no one knew how hard it was for Liz to let anyone get close to her anymore because they could be hurt or die.

when you're standing in deep water
and you're bailing yourself out with a straw
and when you're drowning in deep water
and you wake up making love to a wall
well it's these little times that help to remind
it's nothing without love, love, love
it's nothing without love

Maria collapsed onto the bed with Michael falling in next to her.

"Thank you." Maria whispered.

"For what?" Michael said back in the same tone as hers.

"For loving me and being here for me." She said as forced tears back. He placed an arm around her and pulled her body closer to his own.

"I wouldn't want to be any other place." She looked up at him and their eyes met.

we've compromised our pride
and sacrificed our health
we have to demand more
not of each other
but more from ourselves

Isabel fell onto the bed and pulled the covers around her. She felt sick, but not like physically sick, she felt emotionally sick. Everything just felt so wrong, she didn't know what to do anymore.

"Kyle?" Isabel asked tentively.

"Yeah." He responded from the couch where he was laying.

"I'm scared." Isabel looked up and saw Kyle staring right at her.

'cause when you're standing in deep water
and you're bailing yourself out with a straw
when you're drowning in deep water
and you wake up making love to a wall

Max fell onto his bed, the one place he didn't want to be. He quickly got up off the bed and went to his door. Enough was enough. He was dying and he knew Liz was dying to. They were dying because they weren't together. They needed each other more now than ever. He took one step and hit the button to open his door. It was now or never.

well it's these little times that help to remind
it's nothing without love, love, love

Liz felt tears begin to trail down her face. She couldn't stop them. She could usually stop the tears, but this time she couldn't. Liz collapsed onto her side in a tight little ball as her sobs raked her body. She felt so alone and wished so desperitlly for some one to help her. For Max to love her again. She needed him now and if he came to her she wouldn't turn him away. Her cries came louder just thinking of all the pain and the love that was the cure.

it's nothing without love
it's nothing without love


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Title: The Rebellion
Author: ChrissyP47 aka Shannon
Disclaimer: I don't own this show, just using the characters. ( And I'm not abusing them. )
Rating: Probably not past R.

*Author's Note* I know you guys have been waiting for awhile and I have to apologize. I've been really irritated with Roswell and it was keeping me from my writing, but I brought with me two new parts. I hope you like it and as always F/B is wanted.

Part 12 B

Isabel stared right at Kyle and they held each other’s gaze for a moment, before he broke the trance by getting up and sitting next to her.

“Everything’s going to be ok. You don’t have to worry. We’re all going to protect each other. I’ll protect you.” Kyle looked away from her and looked down at the ground.

“Thank you. That makes me feel better.” Isabel responded still looking at him.

“You know, 10 years ago, if someone told me Isabel Evans and I would be sitting in my room talking about how scared we both are I would have called him a moron.” He said, laughing lightly.

“Your scared too?”

“Petrified, but you know. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years and if there is one thing I know, it’s that this group can do anything. As long as we stick together.” He looked up at her and their eyes met again. “Well, we should probably get some sleep.”

“Kyle why do you sleep on the couch?” Isabel suddenly asked. She wasn’t sure why she asked it, but the reaction she got made her glad she did. He stood still frozen in time, while his back muscles tensed.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Kyle.” He spun around and his tortured gaze slammed into her.

“It’s complicated.”

“It has to do with Tess.” Isabel had never once in her life wished she was wrong. The look of pain and despaired that filled Kyle the moment she had that made her wish she could take it all back. Especially when he fell to his knees and began to cry.

She almost didn’t know what to do, but on impulse she jumped up and had her arms around him on the ground.

“She slept in my room… in my bed…” He was trying to talk through his tears. She only made out some of what he said. “I slept on the couch… gave up my room… Alex came over… dead… dead on the floor… my room… near my bed…” It suddenly made sense to her. Kyle didn’t sleep in his bed because Tess had killed Alex in Kyle’s room right in front of him. She never knew that. She never knew any of what happened to Kyle, it never seemed to matter before.

“Shhh… It’s going to be ok.” Isabel kept her voice calm and soothing as she rubbed her hand along his back. After awhile he stopped crying and she just held him. The she got her idea. “Come here.”

With both hands she got Kyle up off the floor and walked him over to the bed. He laid down on it trusting her and she pulled the covers around him. Then, without really thinking, she climbed in beside him. Slowly, they both fell into a peaceful sleep, for the first time in years.

Part 12 C

Her tears wouldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop and she didn’t want them to. Liz never heard the soft knock on her door or of the whoosh as if flew open. All she could hear and feel were her tears that cease to stop. She did feel the strong arms come around her and embrace her. Liz could smell his scent now that her face was pressed into his hard chest, yet the tears wouldn’t stop.

“Liz.” Her name escaped his lips in a calming manner as he rubbed his hands down her small back and held her tightly to him.

“I don’t know what do to.” The words came out a little mumbled through her tears, but understood every word.

“It’s ok Liz. Liz it will be ok.”

“I’ve lost so much, how can I possibly get any of it back.” She cried harder if it was even possible and she refused to move herself from his safe embrace. He placed a soft kiss on the top of her forehead and took in a deep breath of her scent, fighting his own emotions.

“Liz, you haven’t lost as much as you think.” At this statement, her cries lessoned and then came to a mere few tears falling down her face. Her sorrow filled eyes looked up into his and she saw the longing and a hint of hope in them.


“Shhh…” He placed a finger on her lips to silence her. Liz closed her eyes and another tear fell down her already stained cheek. She opened her eyes again and took take them off of his. Max brought his face closer to hers till she could feel his warm breath on her face. Her eyes closed again in anticipation and then it happened. After 8 years of wait and wanted, Max rested his lips on Liz’s in a soft kiss.

Max was pretty sure he had died and gone to heaven as his lips brushed across Liz’s tender ones. She tasted just like he always remembered, her tasted laced with the salt from her tears.

Max pulled back slowly, not wanting to be apart from her, but afraid that this wasn’t what she needed right now. He didn’t move far, his forehead rested against hers and he watched her intently waiting for her eyes to open and look into his own. After a few moments they opened and she saw life and hope. And love. Love over all. She closed her eyes again and this time it was her who moved forward. Their lips crashing together with all the love and desire that had built up for the last few years. Everything was coming undone.

Liz could feel her pulse quicken the second her lips found Max’s again. The kiss that started out simple and soft grew as their passion grew. Liz could feel Max’s tongue against her bottom lip and she opened herself up to him. She was letting him back and that’s exactly where she wanted him.

Without realizing it they had both shifted, Liz was now laying flat on the bed and Max was hovering over her. Their kiss continued to grow, each one trying to catch up for all the time apart they had missed with every kiss, every taste, they came closer to their goal.

“Max.” Liz moaned as he removed his lips from hers and moved them on to her neck. If Liz were to ask him to stop he wasn’t sure it would be able to. “Max.”

Max tore his lips from her body to look up at her.

“I’m so sorry Max.” He took that as a no and began to climb off of her.

“Oh, god Max. That’s not what I meant.” He turned back to look at her with confusion etched across his face. “I meant, I’m sorry that I didn’t get to tell you this sooner.” There was a moment of silence before she spoke again. “I love you Max. Always and forever.”

Max stared at her for a moment to make sure he had heard her right. After a smile appeared across Liz’s face he knew it was true.

“And I love you Liz. Always and forever.” Their lips met again and their souls began to merge, to become one again. Each one relishing in the fact that once again their hearts were one and there was no fear of tomorrow. At least not for now. For tonight was just for them, to rekindle the love that had been denied for so long. Tomorrow was another day, but right now they had now.


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*Author's Note*

*bangs head into computer desk*

I am so sorry guys. I have been trying to write for this story, but I have the worst case of writers block on this story line ever. It's like I know where the story is going, but I'm having a hard time getting there. I did start part 13, its just been really hard to write. I am working on it I promise and hopefully I will have a new part out soon.
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*Author's Note*

If you've been reading my other fic 'Eternity' then you know I finished that today. Which, I was so determined to write for that one that I blocked 'The Rebellion' out of my head.

So, now that I'm done with that I have time for this again.

Of course its harder to write for this story than you may think. I'm really having problems with it, but I promise not to forget you guys. I am working hard on it and with my friend Heather bugging me about it, I should have part 13 done soon. Thanks for all your patience guys and if you're interested please read 'Eternity' and be on the look out for 'Fight The Future' which I am restarting soon.