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Summary: What if Liz leaves for Vermont after learning about her Ch-Changes?
Couples: CC only no Tess!
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Setting: Outside the Crashdown Cafe. Everyone except Max is there saying goodbye.

Maria: (hugging Liz) You sure you wanna go chica? I mean we do have "other" people here to help you.

Liz: After everything that's happened, I think getting outta town for awhile is good. Besides I'll be back. Maybe by the time I get back things will be different. (turns to Isabel) Look I know we aren't all buddy buddy and all, but...

Isabel: Hey, that's not true. You been through alot because of us and not once do I thank you. (pauses) Anytime you need anything, don't hesitate to call. (Liz smiles and they hug.)

Micheal: I guess it's my turn. (Micheal looks at her.) I'm not good at this lovey dovey crap, so here it goes. (Liz stifles a laugh.) You saved our asses pretty much everytime we were screwed. We probably be up on a table being probed and poked if it weren't for you. And you saved the world from ending leading to your end of happiness. I don't know how yet, but I promise to pay you back. After all your like a sister to me too. (he said looking down.)

Liz: (smiles) I love you too Micheal. (hugs him) Now, where is that boyfriend of mine? (Isabel and Micheal exchange looks.)

Setting: Desert

Cabbie: (pokes his head out the window.) Should I wait? (Liz shakes her head) How ya gonna get back?

Liz: My boyfriend is out there, he'll give me a lift, thanks though. How much do I owe you?

Cabbie: Ah, don't worry about it. On the house.

Liz: Thanks. (Grabs her stuff and throws it in the car. Liz goes to where Max is.) You know it's usually nice to say bye to your girlfriend before she takes off.

Max: I remember the first night we were together out here. It was heated and yet interrupted by alien matters. (Liz sits down) I couldn't believe that I had you, Liz Parker, in my arms...

Liz: Max, your scaring me.

Max: Liz I've been sitting out here for hours thinking why was Tess pushing destiny on us? Why couldn't we be with humans romantically? And because of me, your going through theses dangerous changes and leaving your home town.

Liz: (raises her eyebrows.) Max I would have left my home town a very long time ago if it weren't for you. We wouldn't have some of the greatest, yet dangerous adventures of our lives if you didn't heal me. (pauses) I just have to leave to learn how to control.

Max: God that's just it. (Max said getting up angrily, shocking Liz.) You shouldn't have to. Maybe if we, I don't know. Maybe Tess was partially right...

Liz: No, Tess was a killer Max. An enemy. Tess wanted only you. She, she wanted what she thought was hers. No one but yourself creates your destiny. Two intellgent people told me that. And if you don't believe that, than I question if you ever really loved me.

Max: No, my love for you stands strong. I made one too many mistakes already. Giving up on you, Tess killing...getting you arrested, than this. But I love you and I just can't stop.

Liz: (places a hand on his cheek and looks him straight in the eyes.) Than don't. Let me control this and I'll be back in your arms before you know it. We'll get married, have two beautiful children and live in a great house with a picket fence and golden retriever. (they laugh)

Max: I want to be with you every step of the way of this journey. Start fresh. This could be dangerous.

Liz: What else is new? (before Max could speak Liz kisses him passionately.) And you will. Anything strange happens, I'll come back to you. (Leaning her forehead on his.)

Max: I love you Liz.

Liz: And I love you. (they intwine fingers and walk toward the car.)

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