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Summary: Liz gets a back bone and changes a little.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything roswell-related (in my dreams…yes, but in reality…no).
Song words from Pearl Jam’s Better man.

Part One
Liz lay in Maria’s bed staring at the roof. She felt completely empty, void of anything. She had been in the same position for 24 hours. After it had happened she had come to Maria’s and climbed into her bed. Initially she had cried, but now she had nothing left to cry. Now she was mad.
“God damn that bastard!” Liz yelled aloud to the empty house.
She felt a little better.
Sitting up she climbed out of the bed and stretched slowly.
Then deciding she felt disgusting went and jumped into the shower.
“Waitin', watchin' the clock, it's four o'clock, it's got to stop. Tell him, take no more, she practices her speech.”
Hmmmm I didn’t have to practise a speech did I?
“She lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a better man...She dreams in color, she dreams in red, can't find a better man…” Liz sang loudly.
Climbing out of the shower she felt completely refreshed, having shaved and washed.
Standing in front of the mirror she looked at herself.
She was small. She had a small frame, small waist, thin legs, thin arms, small chest…..everything about her was delicate.
‘I wish I didn’t look so fragile or waif-like’ Liz thought staring at her reflection.
Sighing she dried herself off and got into her underwear, a black fitted tee and a pair of white ¾ pants.
She left her hair down so it could dry.
Walking back into the bedroom she stared at the bed.
Liz had gotten home early. She walked up the stairs quickly, just wanting to see him. She wanted him…bad.
Singing to herself she walked into the bedroom and nearly threw up.
He was in the bed…not alone.
Liz had walked in on him having sex with…well…not Liz.
Liz had stared at him. Funny thing was he hadn’t noticed her enter the room and so they continued, that is until the girl noticed Liz.
Liz remembered the girls face clearly. Liz knew she had been about to come when she cast her eyes towards the door and they rested on Liz. The girl’s eyes had grown large and she whacked him on the shoulder. He kept going and going, probably thinking she was trying something new. The girls’ eyes flicked back to Liz and looked so apologetic, that Liz had almost laughed. By then he had realised something was wrong. Either the girl had finished way ahead of him or…Liz had watched him turn his head towards the door. Then…this was priceless…his mouth fell open. Liz remembered smiling at him, at the time she thought that was the only thing to do. He had got up. Walked towards her spluttering the word ‘sorry’. Liz had moved past him quickly, not wanting him to touch her. Grabbing a few of her things she shoved them in a bag and headed back to the door.
“Wait Liz, please,” He had cried.
“Please?” Liz said calmly spinning around to face him.
“Don’t go, God I don’t know what I’m doing,” He cried walking towards her.
“You don’t know you’re fucking someone that could be illegal?” Liz asked mockingly.
He didn’t speak.
“You know what? I’m glad I caught you cheating on me, it has made life a whole lot easier. Now I don’t have to break up with you,” Liz said loudly.
“Break up with me?” He said confused.
“Yes you asshole, I’ve been looking for a way out for weeks but now you just handed me it,” Liz said smiling.
“But..” He tried to say.
“But? But? No buts buddy, it’s over,” Liz stated and left without looking back.
For a while she felt great, strong, refreshed….then she got out the front door.
Walking down the front steps she realised what had just happened and looking back up at the window of the bedroom she cried. She cried not for him, but for her. She cried because she had wasted so much…so much.
Blinking back into reality, she shuddered violently.
‘Wow, epic,’ Liz thought walking back to make the bed.

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(I’m kind of still deciding who her ex-boyf was, but if any of you want me to keep going that’ll be in the next post).

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Part Two.
“Hey Lizzie you here?” Maria yelled.
“Yeah up stairs still,” Liz yelled back.
Maria ran up the stairs.
“Hey, you Ok?” Maria asked walking over to where Liz stood.
“Yeah I’m great actually,” Liz replied smiling.
Maria was shocked, four hours ago she had been balling her eyes out.
“Are you sure?” Maria asked slowly.
“Yes Oh my god, I feel so freeeeee,” Liz sang smiling brightly.
“Um well that’s good I guess,” Maria said slowly.
“Maria look I am Ok,” Liz said firmly “I just needed to get away from him.”
“Yeah Michael, what a bastard,” Maria said shaking her head.
“I know,” Liz said flopping onto the bed.
“I mean what was I thinking in the first place,” Liz said in wonder “Michael Guerin, jeez!!!!”
“Hey,” Maria said sharply.
“Ooops,” Liz said covering her mouth “I didn’t mean…”
“I know, well it shows we have as badder taste as each other huh?” Maria said smiling.
“Yeah, but you know something?” Liz said.
“What?” Maria asked looking at Liz.
“You and Michael were great together,” Liz said softly.
Maria looked at the ground “He didn’t think so.”
“Yes I think he did, that’s why me and him never was going to work,” Liz said slowly.
“So why did you have to go out with him in the first place,” Maria asked with her eyebrows raised.
“Um I think after Kyle…I needed a bad boy,” Liz giggled.
“Yeah I guess, Kyle’s such a straight arrow,” Maria agreed “Deputy sheriff to his old man back in Roswell.”
Liz sat on the bed thinking.
“Maria, me and Michael…did we hurt you much?” Liz asked.
“No Liz, I mean it was just weird you know…you and Michael. Who would have ever thought?” Maria said.
“Yeah but I mean…” Liz started.
“Liz we had broken up, I was over him and he was over me…so it was fine,” Maria said looking at Liz.
“I’m sorry,” Liz said in a small voice.
Maria walked over an hugged her hard.
“Liz, no guy is ever gonna break us up,” Maria said smiling.
“You know Maria, if we never find guys that deserve us maybe we should be lesbians?” Maria laughed.
“Ok Maria if I’m not married by the time I’m 30, I’ll marry you instead,” Liz said giggling.
“Chica, that’s a deal,” Maria said hugging her again.

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