Title: The Return
Summary: Max's son comes to Earth.
Rating: Pg-13
Couples: CC/UC

"Liz, the liittle boy walked straight up to me and called me daddy." Max said walking back and fourth on her balcony.

"Max, that could have mean anything." Liz said sitting on her lawn chair.

"Liz what if my son is trying to contact me? He could be in danger. You don't know what it's like to be a parent and have to worry if he's alive." Liz stood up and walked toward her window.

"I think you should leave."

"Liz I didn't mean it that way, all I was saying..." Max tried to correct himself, but Liz wouldn't let him.

"Just go. Find out if this really is your son." Liz said climbing into her room.

As Max drove down the road he thought he'd never go down again, he remembered when he was with Tess. With her. He thought about how Liz must of felt when he told her about the pregnancy and when they slept together. 'Damnit why couldn't I just stopped her from leaving that day for Sweeden.' As he got to the pod chamber he paused. He heard a faint cry coming from inside.

"He said that to you?" Maria asked Liz while they sat in the booth eating ice cream. "He was totally off base, I mean where does he get off?"

"Maybe he was right. How do I know what it's like to be a single parent.."

"Whoah, he's not even a father, well yes he is but he's not like being one right now." Maria stated.

"Now that's not true...He's.."

"Right behind you with a carseat." Liz turned around and her mouth dropped she rushed to the door. "Max where did you get that baby?"

"The pod chamber. He's my son." Liz looked at both the baby and Max.

"C'mon in, get in here before he catches a cold. He's not even wrapped up. Babies lose they're tempature." Liz said.

Max sat the carseat on the table and spoke, "I found a stopped by the store and got some bottles, baby food, and diapers and some little outfits. I wasn't sure what kind of milk. I also found this letter, saying his name is Aiden Behr Evans. 8 pounds 20 inches long."

"Gimme a bottle Max, that kid looks pale." Liz said taking one from his hand. He looked at her and she hurried behind the counter. "Maria run upstairs and grab a blanket from the linen closet."


"Not now Max....This child is about to die if we don't warm him up. Change it's diaper and it's outfit." Maria came down the stairs with a blanket. "Watch the bottle." Liz went over to the baby, picked it up and laid it on the blanket on the table. "Now aren't you cutie. Yes you are. Just like your daddy. Now there you go, nice and warm." Maria brought the bottle over while Max watched in amazement. "Open up yes....Your daddy is gonna take good care of you." Liz handed the baby to Max.

"How do you..."

"My nephew."