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n/e ways her are parts 1-7

Title- A free spirit with a lost soul
Category- M/L with everyone thrown in
Disclaimer, I own no Roswell characters but if I did, Max and Liz would have spent a lot more time together on WAY better terms during season two.
Summary- AU. Liz moved to NY when she was 7, to only be told she was to move back to Roswell with her aunt Nancy and uncle Jeff. Don't know if I'm going to have aliens in this or not. I'll decide as I write
Authors Note: Feedback please jen_a4⊕ This is my first posted fic. Hope you like

Part 1

Liz made her way through the quiet town with a smirk plastered on her face. She might have fun in the place, she'll raise a little hell and it'll be like home. Well that's not entirely true, she thought. Nothing will ever be like home in New York. That's all she missed. New York. Her parents and friends forgotten in an instant. Damn them for making me move out to Roswell, New Mexico with my aunt Nancy and uncle Jeff. The took me away from the only place I felt safe. Not with them of coarse. To many bad past memories for that. She started to sob as she remembered the main reason her mother insisted her to go. Of coarse she made up a fake story in front of her dad. But later her told her the real reason. It was a hard thing for Liz to think about. And right now was not the time to start being vulnerable. She shook her head in disgust.
"Dammit Parker!, snap outta it. Yous a big girl"
Liz pulled over to the side of the road and shut her motorcycle off. Taking a minute to compose herself she looked around and concluded she was about 5 minutes away from her destination, The Crashdown Cafe. Her aunt and uncle owned it. Putting her helmet over her dark, long, wavy hair, she started the engine and started off towards the Crashdown, where her boring relatives would be. They were alright, just not the type of people she'd like to live with. She was used to growing up with her argumentive parents, and a whole lot of abuse. She winced as tears threatened to form. She fought them back as her memory betrayed her. She remembered the night she came in and her father was waiting for her. That was the night her mom had told her that she couldn't stand to see her be beaten anymore, and that she was sending her to Live with her fathers brother, Jeff Parker. Liz told her no at first, saying that she couldn't leave her there all alone. But then the next night when she came in around 2 30 am, her father got a little more rough then usual. She was scared and didn't know what else to do. So she agreed with her mom. They told Sam, Liz's dad, that Liz needed to get away from New York because it was a bad influence. Sam was reluctant and first. But finally agreed. Thats how she ended up here. Its not like its her first time. She was born in Roswell, but after her father got a job offer in New York, they moved out there. Her mom was relieved that we could get away from prying eyes. She believed the whole town knew about the whole "situation"
"Welcome back to dullsville, Liz" she thought as a single tear slid down her cheek.
(At the Crashdown)
Max sat looking at the people around him. His sister Isabel who was engrossed in a conversation with his friend Alex Whitman. Michael, the closest thing he had to a brother was bantering with Maria DeLuca. Max knew they were both interested in each other, and the constant fighting was them both hiding their true feelings. He'd of told them both to wake up already, but they were hilarious to watch. Then he looked to his left at the petite blonde Tess sitting really close to him. He shifted away from her a little. She was the biggest pain in the ass. Ever since she moved here 10 years ago she was obsessed with him. She constantly followed him around, batting her eyes at him. Thanks to her, his romantic life was a little dull. Ok, ok, so he's never even kissed a girl. Tess would scare away any girl who dared approach him. Lots of girls loved him, he was the hotty of Roswell. But none of them ever intrigued him. He thanked Tess for that reason, but other than that, she was someone he wished was never around.
He was brought out of his thoughts by the laughter of his friends. He looked up and there was Michael soaked and Maria holding an empty glass. Michael was about to do something about it when they all heard a loud roaring outside.
The door swung open and in walked the sexiest girl Max had ever seen. She had on very tight black leather pants, a very tight red halter top, black boots, a black leather jacket and a black helmet held firmly in her small hand. He noticed her other hand moving up and that's when he noticed how gorgeous she really was, she had eyes that he couldn't look away from. They reminded him of chocolate. And her hair, it looked so soft. His thoughts we interrupted by Maria's voice.
"We're closed" she said sternly
"Do I care?" Liz retorted
"Obviously not" Maria said under her breath, but loud enough for Liz to hear.
Liz obviously annoyed shot out, "I'm looking for the Parkers"
"Well come back when we're you know, actually open." Maria smirked and then stiffened when she realized that came out a little to rude than she wanted it to.
Liz smiled amused at the girls attitude and was about to say something as equally rude when her uncle interrupted. He emerged from the swinging doors at the back.
"Liz?" he asked
End of Part 1
Let me know if you like it. I've already written parts 2 and 3, but I don't want to continue if this really sucks
Part 2
Disclaimer- Don't own n/e thing Roswell
Category- M/L
Rating- For this part, I'd say PG to PG-13
Authors Note: I'm just writing, I don't know where this is going to end up, if you have any requests please let me know.

Maria gasped. "Liz? As in Liz Parker?"
Jeff nodded followed shortly by Liz.
"LIZ!!!" Maria shouted and ran up to her to give her the biggest hug. Liz taken back by this girls change in attitude stiffened. Maria pulled back and looked up at her confused face.
"Maria, Maria DeLuca" Maria said. When Liz still wasn't clicking in she stated "We used to be best friends
before you moved to New York." As if A light bulb went off in her head, she smiled slightly. It looked almost forced which did not go un noticed by Maria, or the very quiet Max who hadn't taken his eyes off Liz since she entered. "Oh ya" She stated simply. Maria was beaming, she couldn't believe that her best friend has come back to Roswell. As if remembering Mr Parker she turned to him. "Mr Parker, why didn't you tell me that Liz was coming?" "
"I wanted to surprise you" He said with a big grin. He then noticed how happy Maria was to see Liz, he wasn't expecting her to be this happy. He felt bad to have to tear Liz away. "Why don't I let you two catch up. Liz your room is exactly where it used to be. Come up when you're done down here. Maria can you make sure you lock up?" Maria nodded really fast. Liz just smiled but it never reached her eyes. "Night everyone" He waved and disappeared from where he came from. Maria took this as her opportunity to flip out.
"OMIGOD!!!! Liz I can't believe you're back!!!!" she squealed. Finally as if irritated, Michael let his and everyone else's presence known.
"Maria! Geeze, take it easy" She shot him a look and then gasped with realization.
"I can't believe how rude I am. Everyone this is Liz Parker. She used to live here with her mom and dad but she moved to New York and her uncle took this place over. You are staying right?" She asked with hope.
"Ya. Well as far as I know. Folks just shipped me off here, didn't give me much info." She stated not really caring that she was telling all these strangers her personal story. Maria nodded, saddened at how obviously closed off to real emotions Liz was. She used to be so full of life.
"Well I think Maria forgot about us so I'm just going to introduce myself. My names Alex Whitman" He said sticking out his hand. Liz shook it, she didn't know why, but this guy made her smile, on the inside of coarse.
"Isabel Evans" Isabel said with a wave and a smile. Liz nodded in understanding.
"Tess Harding" Tess said, batting her eyes as she said it. Liz already knew she hated the girl. She seemed so.. what was the word...snotty. Ya, that was it, she was really snotty and very full of herself.
"Michael Guerin" Maria said pointing to him, knowing he would never introduce himself. Liz nodded again, she liked him, not in a romantic way, but she knew that he was exactly like her, he was hiding something, and she could tell.
Everyone was looking at Max, waiting for him to say something. He was just staring at Liz. Isabel kicked him under the table. "Max" she hissed.
Max startled shook his head and then remembered that everyone was introducing themselves. "Oh um..Max..Max Evans"
he said, knowing that his voice must have been extremely shaky. Liz liked him. He was extremely cute, but a little shy. I'll change that she thought. She grabbed a chair and put it right beside him at the booth. She then sat on it backwards so her front was facing the back of the chair, straddling it, with her hands resting on the back crossed.
"Hey" she said while giving him a sexy smile
"Hey" Max said shyly and uncomfortable as he noticed that everyone was staring at him and Liz.
Liz noticed the lack of attention she was getting from him so she decided to take this one step further. She got up out of the chair and pushed it aside. She then got on top of Max straddling his lap. She swooped down and captured his mouth in hers. At first Max didn't respond, but then passion took over and he started kissing her back. He couldn't believe what he was doing. Here he was kissing a girl for the first time in front of all his friends, and he'd just met her. Everyone gasped in unison. Max and Liz didn't even notice. They seemed to have completely forgotten they had an audience. They all stared as Max's hand slowly made its way down to cup her butt, and the other went up and under her hair to support her neck and keep her close.
Liz realized when she felt his warm hand on her bottom that this had gone to far. After all, she was only trying to loosen him up. She pulled away. Her lips swollen and face flushed she smiled at him and went towards the swinging doors waving to everyone.
"Nice meeting yous, Night" She took one more look and Max and winked at him, then she ran up to her room laughing at his expression.
This is definitely going to be more fun than I thought
End of Part 2

Part 3

Disclaimer- Don't own nothing Roswell
Category, M/L
Rating- PG 13 - Language (In parts to come more than that)
Authors Note: Still just writing, feedback is the best though

Liz awoke frightened.
Dammit Parker! It was three years ago, forget it already!!!! She lectured herself. She still couldn't shake off her childhood. A deep dark secret that she kept inside all her life. No one but her uncle, mother and father knew. She hated that her uncle knew. It made her uncomfortable around him. She tried to forget her dream, but for some reason it wouldn't let her. It was when she came home one night. She had just finished studying with a friend. Yes, she tried to hide her dad behind good school work, but when it didn't work she gave up on it. She went straight to her room knowing that her mom would not be in for awhile and her dad was home. She saw the empty beer case, well more like tripped over it coming in the door. That usually meant stay clear of him. She sat down on her bed and turned her stereo on VERY low, hoping and praying that her dad had not heard her come in. When she heard his loud footsteps headed towards her room, she curled up in a little ball under her covers pretending to be asleep. She thought that if she wasn't awake he would leave her alone. Her door opened with a loud bang, making her slightly jump. She heard him draw nearer and nearer till she felt something poke into her back. Then her hair being tugged almost out of her head. She cried out in pain. He swung her around and looked her straight in the eyes. "Don't think you can fool me you little bitch!" He shouted. He then slapped her hard across the face. She screamed and cried. He kept hitting her, and hitting her. She didn't think it would stop. Thats when she heard a gasp. Her mother. She had tried so hard to hide this from her mother. She knew about it the first time, but she thought that he had stopped. It would break her heart to know the man that she loved hit her little girl. "STOP IT!!!" her mother screamed.
Her father backed away from her, as if being punched in the stomach. She saw it in his eyes, he had finally realized what he was doing. It scared her to know that when stuff like this happened, he had know idea what was going on. Here she thought he was doing this to torture her. She backed away quickly and crouched in her room crying. Her mother pushed him out and ran to her.
That was her dream, that was always her dream, or nightmare rather. Ever since it happened. It hurt her most than anything that was done to her. Including the time her father decided she was a baseball, and he had a baseball bat. It hurt because, he realized finally what he was doing, and it scared him, just as much as it scared everyone else. He was human, not a monster and he still did those things to her. She would never forgive him for her horrid memories.
A single tear escaped Liz's eye and she wiped it away almost ashamed. She looked at the clock, 4 30am. Well, now's a good time to run, she thought. She got up, looked through her suitcase for something to wear. Then went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and washed her face. She then tied her hair up high on her head. She tied her shoes while sitting on her bed, grabbed a sweater, then stepped out on her balcony. Too warm she thought and threw her sweater through her window. She climbed down the fire escape and then proceeded down the alley in a light jog. As memories of her childhood popped into her head, she ran faster and harder. After about 20 minutes, she couldn't take it anymore, her throat burned as if it were on fire. She came to stop and bent down to catch her breath. She stood up and bang, someone crashed into her.
"Jesus Christ" she cursed
"Sorry" the soft voice said
Liz knew that voice, she looked up from her place on the ground and the stranger on top of her.
"You?" she questioned
"Max, Max Evans remember." he stuttered.
Liz giggled. "I know who you are Max, I think it would be hard for me to forget. Do you think you could get off me now so I can get off this hard sidewalk.?"
Max looked down and noticed that he was directly on top of her. "Oh, ya..sorry" He got up and offered his hand to her. She took it. "So what are you doing out running at this time in the morning Max?"
"Oh I, I'm on the track team. I just do it to keep fit. You?"
she looked him straight in the eyes "Actually little green aliens were chasing me and I was trying very hard to out run them"
Max looked at her almost scared
"I'm joking. It was supposed to be funny."
He nodded and then smiled
"Listen Max EVANS, how bout we go for a walk"
He looked at her confused, why would this goddess want to walk with me?
"Its just a walk Max, its not like I'm going to bite"
"Ya, sure, sure. Which way?"
"That way" she pointed behind him.
He nodded and they started their walk down a very dead street.
End of Part 3

Disclaimer- I don't own n/e thing
Category- M/L
Rating- Not sure...
Authors Note : N/e requests on what you want to happen either post or write me at jen_a4⊕

Part 4

Liz ended up leading Max to the park, where there was absolutely no one around.
"So.." she started
"So" he said looking n/e where but her face
"Why are you so shy Max?" she asked with a hint of amusement
He was taken back by the question, no one had ever questioned why, they just knew him as shy.
"I don't know, I've just always been like this" he said ashamed
Liz thought it was cute that he was sorry
"No Max, its not a bad thing, its actually cute"
"Oh..." he said blushing about 100 shades of red
"You got a girlfriend?" she asked, suddenly realizing she jumped his bones last night and his girlfriend, could've have been there.
"No, no girlfriend"
"I see"
"Do uh you, have a boyfriend?" he said praying desperately that she didn't.
"Ya, a new one everyday" she said with a laugh
He looked shocked
"Its a joke Max"
"Oh right" he smiled, not really getting it. That's the second time she answered a personal question with a joke he thought.
"So Isabel, she's your sister right?"
"Ya, we were adopted though" he blurted out. Geeze he thought, why was he suddenly being so open
"You got any brothers?" she asked
"No, just Isabel. How about you, you got any brothers or sisters?"
"Ya, Me, Myself and I" she said smiling.
"They must be good company" he joked, deciding this time to go along with the joke
"The best of"
Liz knew he was catching on to her tactic. She'd ask him questions and he'd answer them, but when he would ask her the same questions she'd answer with a joke. Its just how she is. Its how she hides who she really is. But she had a feeling it was going to be really hard to do that with him. It wasn't lying, but it felt like it to him.
Max realized she had done it again. She answered his question with a joke. He knew she was hiding something. He wasn't going to push her though. If she needed time to trust him then thats what he would give her.
"Well, what a run we had eh?" she said laughing
"Ya. Do you, uh, want me to walk you home?"
"Don't worry bout me, I've lived in the city for about 10 years, I can deal"
"Ok" he said a little disappointed
"How bout we switch roles and I walk you home?"
He laughed, well she certainly wasn't like any girl around here.
They walked to Max's house making small talk, about what school was like. Max noticed that every time he asked her something personal she would get around really answering by making a joke. He wondered what she was hiding. He really wanted to know.
"We're here" he said noticing they were now in front of his house
"So you live here huh?"
She leaned in a kissed him lightly on the lips. When she drew back she had this weird butterfly feeling in her stomach. What was that she asked herself. This was a new sensation
"I'll remember that" She said as she walked away noting exactly where he lived
Max couldn't say anything. He was rooted to spot and followed her with his eyes until she was so far he couldn't see her any more. He couldn't get over that when she was around, a part of him came out that he never thought was possible. He was more open. And his stomach, it always felt light. He couldn't be falling in love with her...could he?

Liz walked home trying to sort out her feelings. She was confused by this new sensation. This guy was making her vulnerable. She didn't know how to handle it. On one hand, she needed to be a stone wall, but on the other, this guy, he was like no one else she had met. She felt like she could open up to him. Maybe not tell him about everything. It was to much for someone to handle. She guessed that was her greatest fear. That someone would find out about her past and reject her for the pathetic little girl she is. Someday she thought. Some day I'll forget about it all. She almost cried right there knowing that what her father did in the past would be with her forever. It would never go away. And she would be stuck all alone until she faced her fear of letting someone in.

She approached the ladder to her balcony and climbed up as quick as a cat. She hopped over the edge and stop right in her tracks. She noticed that her Uncle was sitting on her bed with a very worried expression. She slowly walked towards the window and opened it. The sound of the window opening made her uncle jump. She almost laughed out loud when he practically fell off the bed.
"What's up" she asked, curious as to why her uncle was in her room at 6 30 in the morning
"Where were you?" he asked, anger appearing in his words
"Out" she stated simply
"Outs not good enough. I need to know where you are Liz, at all times!"
"I'm a big girl Unc, I can handle myself" she said now getting annoyed at someone actually caring where she was
"Well you were sent out here so I could look after you so apparently you can't" He said, noticing that when he said that her eyes fell, and when they looked back up, he saw the light that was in them was gone. He hurt her, and he didn't mean to do it.
"I'm sorry, I just, I worry about you. Please check in once in awhile, leave a note, call here if you're going to be late. I would appreciate it,and I wont die of a heartattack either." He said smiling at the end. He noticed that Liz wasn't smiling but she had calmed down.
"Sure, no prob. Now if you don't mind, I need to have a shower"
"Oh ya, sorry. Breakfast is ready when you want to come down."
Liz nodded and then plopped down on her bed. She realized that what her uncle said was true. She can't take care of herself. She needs help. But from who? Who can she trust enough to talk to and confide in? There was no one here. It made her even more upset. She was trapped, lost even. She smiled remember what her grandma said. "You're a free spirit honey." Thats what she was, a free spirit, but with a lost soul. So that was her mission. To find her soul, her feelings, her trust. Cause right now, she wasn't even human. She got up and dragged herself into the bathroom for her shower. She didn't realize how tired she was until the warm water was consuming her. She got out, afraid if she stayed in there any longer she would have fallen asleep. She wrapped a towel around herself and then climbed into bed, not even bothering to get dressed. She closed her eyes and in a second she was fast asleep. She didn't even notice the person standing outside her window.
Part 5
Title: A free spirit with a lost soul
Disclaimer: Don't own em'
Rating: A

The weekend flew by in what seemed to be an instant for Liz. She had bumped into Max a few times and they talked. Other than that, she got a job working for her uncle and aunt, and she went clothes shopping. Her aunt made her go, she said that going to a Roswell High school with the clothes she owned, would definitely not make a good impression. Nothing much caught her attention. Besides, she wanted to keep her own style. Max and her had talked about it and he was picking her up in about an hour for school. She decided nothing to drastic for clothing. She put on her jean knee high skirt and a red halter top, she wore flat sandals that criss-crossed, her hair still had the slight curl to it. She loved when her hair was curly. Her make-up was basically all natural colours and to finish off her lips she put shiny lip gloss on. She looked at her watch and saw that she still had about a half hour left before Max would come to pick her up. Just as she was about to go to the kitchen to sit down and eat something she heard a tap on her window. She jumped and turned around really quickly. It was Max and he had a silly grin on his face. She walked over to the window shaking her head at him, and was about to yell at him when she opened her window but he cut her off.
"So you New Yorkers do get scared"
She looked mad, but then burst out laughing. She liked how she didn't have to be all defensive around him
"You ready?"
"You're a little early aren't you?"
"Ya sorry, Tess wanted to get there early so that she could talk to one of her teachers before class. I hope you don't mind"
"Nah, I'm ready."
"Ok, lets go then"
They climbed down the fire escape and made there way to the jeep. When the approached Max noticed that Isabel was missing and Tess had moved herself up in to the front seat. God I don't need this, he thought
"Where'd Issy Go? "
"Oh, Alex drove by and she decided to get a ride with him to school, I'm Tess by the way." She said while glaring at Liz
"We've met before"
"Ya" Liz said wanting to kick the shit out of this blonde bimbo
"Max can we get going, I don't want to be late" Tess said totally blowing off Liz
"Uh ya" Max said noticing how angry Liz was getting
Liz climbed in the jeep and they headed towards the school
"So Liz, where were you from again? Mississippi?"
Liz almost laughed out loud.
"No, New York"
"Oh, Like what's it like there?" Tess said very valley girl like
Liz getting annoyed retorted, " Same as here but bigger and with smarter people"
Tess not really getting it continues her questions
"Are the people like all killers there"
"No" Liz said laughing
"Do you like miss home?"
"No, actually, we have lots of blonde bimbos in New York, so you're making me feel right at home" Liz said and then gave her the biggest fake smile
"EXCUSE ME!!!!" Tess yelled at her
"Tess be quiet!" Max said trying to calm the situation. He didn't want to admitt it, but Liz was really making him laugh, no one besides his sister and Maria had stood up to Tess and thats cause they were all like sisters. Luckily they were pulling up right infront of the school. As soon as the jeep came to a stop Tess jumped out fuming.
"I'll see you at lunch Maxie" she smiled at him and waved, then turned to Liz and gave her, her most evil look
Liz again began to giggle
"Its her nickname for me" he said
"Right..." she started to laugh hysterically
Max couldn't hold it in anymore, he cracked up right along with her
"Is she always like that?" Liz asked after finding some composure
"Bimbo-e?" he asked, not believing he really said that
Liz was about to start laughing again but caught herself
"Thats Tess"
"I feel sorry for you"
"Because its obvious shes in love with you. Do you have to put up with her all the time?"
"I try to stay clear of her actually" he said while smiling at her comment
"Well I guess we better get inside, afterall, I don't want to be late my first day"
She grabbed his hand not even noticing the effect it had on him. She started dragging him towards the school
"Com'on MAXIE" She said emphsizing the word Maxie cause she knew he hated it
He smiled and started to walk with her. Now of coarse, this being a highschool, as soon as Liz and Max walked in hand'n'hand, rumours started to spread. They didn't bother Liz one bit, but Max, he got a little uncomfortable with all the attention. Lunch came to soon for Max, and way to long for Liz. After the bell finally rang, Liz ran to the locker she was assigned to and threw her books in. She was about to go searching for Max when she heard him call her. She looked around and spotted him at his locker. She noted that it was almost directly across the hall from hers. She walked over smiling.
"So have you heard that we have hot sex every night" she asked knowing he was going to blush
Max blushing, smiled and nodded
"So its not just me?" he asked
"Nope, I've heard them too"
"So what are we going to do?"
"This" She said just as she mulled him. She pushed him against his locker and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Max was shocked at first, but he knew he could never resist her. He started kissing her back with just as much need and passion. There were cat calls and whistles but neither of them heard them. Soon just kissing wasn't enough for either of them. They switched positions and Max lifted Liz up so her legs were wrapped around his waist. He then pressed his body into hers against the lockers. Liz moaned when she felt Max's erection pressing into her. Max moaned when he felt Liz start rocking back and forth. His mind finally registered where he was and he stopped kissing Liz. He let her slide down him, and he regretted it because as she was sliding down him, she was only pleasuring him more.
"There you are Maxie"
Uh oh, Max thought, here comes the witch
"Hey Tess" he said trying not to look at her
Tess looked between Liz and Max, and noticed there very flushed faces, and swollen lips. She almost screamed right there. How dare that bitch take my man she thought. This means war!!!
She took her right hand and swung it at Liz's face

Sorry, I had to leave at least one cliffhanger
End of Part 5

Tess looked between Liz and Max, and noticed there very flushed faces, and swollen lips. She almost screamed right there. How dare that bitch take my man she thought. This means war!!!
She took her right hand and swung it at Liz's face

Part 6

Liz caught Tess's hand just before it made contact with her face. Liz was almost shocked that this girl had guts enough to hit her. Well why wouldn't she, Liz thought, I never do n/e thing to defend myself. Thats going to change right now. She whipped Tess's hand back at her and pushed her away.
"What the hell is your problem!!" Liz shouted. Now everyone was gathered around watching the spectacle. Max, being Max hated the crowd so he tried to calm down Liz
"Liz, just forget it, its over, it was a mistake, she won't do it again" he said calmly
"The hell I won't!" Tess yelled just as she took her other hand and tried to hit Liz again, but Liz was to quick and instead of just grabbing her hand this time, she blocked it and punched her right across the face. Everyone gasped. Girl fights around here had never consisted of punches, just slapping, hair pulling, and shouting, but the new girl had changed everything. Liz glared down at Tess who was now on the floor
"I don't know what your problem is, but stay away from me you crazy bitch!" Tess screeched
"I'm the crazy bitch? You attacked me!" Liz said almost laughing at how this pathetic girl thought.
Tess slowly rose so she was now face to face with Liz again
"He's mine! Do you understand that!?" Tess shouted while pointing to Max
Max was shocked, she was talking about him like he wasn't even here.
"Yours? I hate to break it to you Tess, but I don't think he's a possession, and if he was, I sure as hell know he wouldn't want YOU to own him"
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Tess questioned
"It means, I don't like you Tess, and this obsession of yours has got to stop. I can't take it anymore." Max said with a slight bit of anger in his voice. He grabbed Liz's hand and started to drag her out of the school towards his jeep.
"This isn't over!" Tess screamed
Max and Liz didn't even flinch they just kept walking with the entire school cheering them on. They reached the jeep and they both got in, Max didn't start it cause lunch would be over shortly and he didn't want to get to far away from the school. When they both got in the jeep there was an uncomfortable silence.
"I'm sorry" They both said at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed.
"What are you sorry for? I'm the one that hit the girl, plus mulled you in front of everyone at school"
"She had it coming" Max said while smiling
"You got that right"
Max started to laugh
"What's so funny?"
"You should have seen her face when she realized what we were doing. I think I literally saw smoke come out of her ears"
"She really likes you doesn't she?" Liz said getting a little serious, even though she still had a smile on her face
"I guess so..."
"Listen, I don't want to cause a riff in your little group you got goin. So hows bout I just leave you alone, I think it'll be for the better." She said and quietly got out of the jeep and headed toward the school. She wanted to cry, but remembered that she'd cried enough in New York, this was the new, tough, Liz Parker, and there is no way she would cry again, especially over a guy. But he's not just some guy, she thought. He's incredible. Woah, where'd that come from. Listen to yourself Parker. You've known the guy for 4 days and you're talking about him like you've known and been in love with him all your life. This has to stop, you have to be tough, you can't let anyone in, at all.
She finally got to the school and headed toward her class. But something was in her way. I don't have time for this she thought.
"Liz, right?"
"Ya, what's it to ya?" she said looking at the guy blocking her way
"Listen, I know you probably don't want to talk to me right now, and believe me, I probably wouldn't be talking to you, but I have to ask you something."
"Wow, you must get a lot of girls with that line"
Michael unamused started to angry
"I need to know where Max is alright!"
"You'd fit right in, in New York you know?" she smiled and noticed that he was getting even more irratated.
"Geeze alright, he's in his jeep" Michael ran past her and towards the jeep not even bothering to say thanks
"Your welcome asshole" she muttered and walked to her class

"Max!" Michael shouted. When Max didn't turn around he yelled again. "Max!!!"
Max looked up from the spot on the floor of his jeep he was staring at. Go away Michael he thought.
"What the hell is going on today?" Michael asked
"What are you talking about?"
"Well today I've heard that Liz kicked Tess's ass, practically had sex in the hallway, and that you're married
"We're not married Michael"
"That's it?"
"What's it?"
"You mean the rest of its true?"
"Well, for the most part, except Liz only punched Tess, she didn't really kick her ass"
"So you and Liz practically had sex in the hallway!!!????"
"Not really, we were just kissing"
"Just kissing? I heard you had her pinned up against the locker and she had her legs wrapped around your waist."
"Ok, so it was a little more than kissing"
"A little more than kissing Maxwell, I don't think so. What has gotten in to you these past few days, its like this girl looks at you and you've become this different person."
"I'm not a different person, I've just...I've just...I mean"
"You're what? So different you can't even get out a complete sentence anymore"
"Just leave it Michael, I don't need this right now"
"I've heard things Max, I don't think you should get involved with her"
"What things?"
"Things, I'd just stay away from her"
"Not that its any of your business but I don't think thats going to be a problem, she told me she's going to stay away from me, because of the whole Tess thing"
"Its for the better Maxwell"
"For you, I think I lo..... Nevermind"
Michael looked at him questionably for a minute
"Listen, I promised Maria I'd meet her outside her class in like 5 minutes, so I better go before I have to deal with Hurricane Deluca"
"Ya, sure" Max said hardly noticing what he was saying. He was concentrating on what he had just about said. How could he love Liz. He just met her. She really was doing something to him. He couldn't help it though, her eyes drew him in. One look and he was a goner. I can't loose her, he thought.

End of Part 6

Part 7

Disclaimer: Don't own em

Max tried all day to find Liz at school, but she was avoiding him. He knew she at least skipped one class cause they called her name during attendance. Now he was going crazy trying to find her. He heard someone shout Liz and he turned around to where the person was yelling. It was Maria in her little red car. Alex was in the back seat and Liz was getting into the front seat.
"LIZ!!" he shouted.
She stopped and turned, she saw Max, he was pleading for her not to get in.
"Just give me an min k Maria?"
Liz started to walk to where Max was and he was heading towards she was. When they actually got face to face, neither knew what to say.
"Well..." Liz said
"You weren't in class"
"You've been avoiding me"
"No, I've been stayin away for you. I told you I was. Tess is part of your group, I don't want to be the bitch who stole you away from her and have them all hate me."
"Steal me away? Tess never had me, we all hate her, except for Isabel. You wont be known as the bitch, and your not going to cause a fight between all of us. Please! Just don't walk out of my life" he pleaded
"Sorry Max, its the way its gotta be"
She headed back to where Maria and Alex were waiting in the car.
"LIZ!! PLEASE!!" he cried out
She didn't let it phase her. She couldn't, she had to be strong and not let anyone in. Two people were looking at this scene, one with anger, and one with curiosity. I'll have to go see her again tonight he thought.
Max walked back to his jeep, Isabel and Tess had got a ride with some jocks. Michael was waiting by the jeep.
"What are you doing?"
"Can I crash at your place tonight?"
"Cause, I have stuff to do and I don't need my parents bugging me alright?"
"Sure whatever" Max said
They hopped in the jeep and headed towards Max's house.

Liz thanked Maria and entered the crashdown. She didn't work tonight, thank god. She headed up to her room noting that Jeff and Nancy were not around. She opened her room and saw both her uncle and aunt standing there with concerned faces.
"What?" she asked
"Liz I think you better sit down" he uncle said as calmly as possible
"I'm a big girl, I can take it"
"Ok, your mother called this morning just after you left for school.....Your dad skipped town and she thinks he's headed here."
Liz pretended to be un phased by this but the fear in her eyes was evident
"Liz honey, we're here and we're not going to let anything happen."
"I'm fine ok! I'm perfect!" she shouted
"No! I gotta get out of here" she said while making a beeline for her window
"Liz!" Jeff shouted, but he was to late, she was already making her way down the ladder

Max and Michael entered Max's house, the went to the kitchen for something to eat.
"So what do you have to do tonight that you don't want your parents bugging you about?"
"As in Maria stuff or..."
"Just stuff" Michael said, with a face that let Max know he wasn't going to tell him
Michael looked at his watch and decided that with everything he needed to get done he better get going.
"Well I'm heading out"
"Wait, I thought you were staying the night?"
"I am, when I'm finished what I have to do" with that he got up and walked towards the door. He opened it and found Liz there. Only she looked totally different. She had watery eyes like she was going to cry. Woah, You mean Liz Parker actually had feelings. Liz wiped her eyes furiously and looked up at Michael.
"Is Max here?" she asked quietly
"Kitchen" he said and walked passed her out of the house. Liz walked in the house slowly not really knowing where the kitchen was. She was just about to leave when he heard a noise coming from her left. She started walking slowly and cautiously towards that direction. She finally reached the kitchen noticing Max bent over looking in the fridge, she just stood in the doorway waiting for him to stand up. He stood up with a water bottle in his hand already opened, he tilted his head back and started to chug the water. He noticed something out of the corner of his eye and brought the drink away from his mouth.
"Liz?" he asked
She ran to him wrapping her arms around him, shaking and crying. He held her tight dropping the water on the floor. Saying soothing words to her. He waited until she calmed down a bit till he grabbed he hand and led her towards his room. When the were both in, he shut his door and locked it. Liz made her way to the bed and sat down with her knees curled up to her chest. Max sat down next to her.
"Liz? What's wrong?"
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be here" she said getting up and looking uncomfortable. She looked at the window and started to walk towards it
"Don't go, please!" Max pleaded
He walked over to where she had stopped dead in her tracks. She turned around and he saw her tear strained face, taking his thumb he wiped away the tears that were still falling. She sobbed even harder at his act and he wrapped his arms around her and brought her close to him. He started saying soothing words when Michael came bursting through the door.
Max turned around shielding Liz from whoever the intruder is
"I thought I locked that door" max said
"You gave me the key, besides that's not that point"
"Ok, well what is the point then?"
Michael could not see Liz from his position
"Remember how I told you to stay away from Liz, because there's stuff about her you don't know"
"Michael, I don't think that...."
Michael cut him off
"Well I was talking to some people and..."
As Michael was about to say the rest Liz stepped out from behind Max with a very mad look.
"And what Michael?" she said
"Why didn't you tell me she was here" Michael asked Max totally ignoring Liz's question
"AND WHAT MICHAEL!" she shouted
Michael didn't know what to say
"Don't believe everything you here" she spat out
"So your dad didn't beat you?"
Liz was completely shocked and now very upset
"You asshole! How dare you!" she shouted
"Its true isn't it?" she retorted
"That is NONE of your business"
"If I were lying you would put me in my place"
"Michael that's enough" Max finally had the voice to speak
"You don't know anything about me" she growled out, walking past him .
"Liz!" Max yelled running after her.
"WHAT!?" Liz yelled, Max couldn't believe that she was yelling at him, she had never yelled at him. He looked in her eyes and didn't see anger, he only saw fear. By this time Michael had left, he didn't really need to hear this, and by the looks of it things were only going to get worse.
Max walked closer and Liz just glared at him
"I don't want your pity! So my dad beat me when I was little, big deal. So I couldn't move for days after some of our encounters, who cares!" Max could see her resolve crumbling he walked closer until he could wrap his arms around her. She refused at first punching her fists into his chests yelling things he couldn't understand until she went limp and hugged him as hard as she could well she cried. As her sobs slowly stopped he picked her up and carried her back into his room and laid her down on his bed, he got in beside her and held her as close as he could whispering words that he knew would make her feel better. Soon they were both asleep.

Ok, Feedback is good, cause this is my first fic. Also, if there are n/e errors I'm sorry, I don't have a proof reader. Thanks a bunch

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Title - Free spirit, lost soul
Disclaimer- Don't own em'
Rating- Not sure
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Liz sat up straight breathing hard. She had the stupid dream again. "Dammit" she cursed in her head. She almost jumped when she felt an arm wrap around her.
"You ok?" a voice asked? She knew that voice....Max! it was Max. Then she remembered why she was here, and what Max knew
"I have to go" she said quickly and headed toward the window
"Liz please..." he pleaded for her not to leave. She looked at him and more then anything wanted to go run into his arms and never leave. But she couldn't. She couldn't get hurt again
"I have to go" she repeated what she said sadly. She looked at him for minute almost willing him to believe that she wanted to stay. Then she turned around and started to climb out the window. Just as she was almost through a voice stop her
"I'm not going anywhere Liz, and I promise I wont hurt you" Max said softly hoping what he said would change her mind. It didn't, she didn't even look back, and he didn't see the single tear sliding down her cheek at his words. He stared at where she was for awhile, before he decided to get up. He went to have a shower and got ready for the day ahead.

Liz ran from Max's house like she was running for her life. Was she? Was she really running for her life. "Yes" she tried to tell herself. She had to stay strong and emotionless if she was going to survive. All Max did was make her feel things that she couldn't feel. Not now when she was so vulnerable. She was approaching the Crashdown and decided it would be best for her to use the ladder. She climbed up and noticed a figure sitting in her lawn chair.
"Can I help you?" she asked rudely
"Yes you can, you can tell me what the hell is going on" the voice said
"I don't have to tell you anything" she spit out
"I'm not a begging kind of person, but I need to know." he said agitated
"Listen, you were the one that decided to play investigator, not me Michael. You ruined any chance I had at having a normal life here. It wont be long before everyone knows."
"No one's going to find out, I just need to know, I think I can help"
"Help? No one can help me. I'm a lost cause." she said saddened
"I know what you're going through Liz, I know you wont believe me, but I do"
"NO ONE KNOWS WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH!!!" she yelled getting angry that he actually thought he knew how she felt
Michael was getting close to losing it, she just wouldn't listen
"When I was little, my mom's boyfriend used to beat me up. It got so bad that I was shipped here to live with my dad and step-mom." He said, now feeling vulnerable, no one knew that, not even Max or Maria
"Oh.." she said realizing that he did know what she was going through
"I'm here Liz, you can talk to me" he said softening his tone. He didn't know why, but he wanted to protect her
"I don't know what to say..I just want to forget it." she said close to tears
"Please, just start from the beginning, I know its hard. I've never told anyone about me. I wanted to forget it too, but it just keeps haunting me. I need someone to talk to Liz, and you're the only one who would understand"
She nodded understanding how he felt. Then she told him everything, starting with before they moved to New York, to why she had to move back here. She cried, and so did Michael at some of the things she said. *How could someone be so horrible to such a small and innocent girl* he thought
"I'm so sorry Liz." He said hugging her
"It's not your fault, you didn't do it." she sobbed
"Ya but I brought it up, I tried to figure out what you were hiding"
"Thank you for that, I don't think I would have ever been able to move on if I couldn't talk about it" she said starting to calm down
"So you haven't told Max?" he asked already knowing the answer. She shook her head no
"He wouldn't understand, he knows about it obviously, but I don't want him to know the details, it'll only make him think less of me"
"Max wouldn't think less of you, if anything he'd think more of you. He'd understand" he said
"I could say the same to you about Maria" she shot back
Michael realizing how much he opened up to this stranger started to get uncomfortable, he could tell her but not Maria.
"I should get going" he said looking anywhere but at her
"Whatever. Listen, you're not going to tell Max are you?" she asked
"No, I'll leave that to you. Don't tell Maria, I'll tell her when I can" he said pleadingly
"No problem" she thanked him and waved as he climbed down her ladder. When he was gone she climbed through her window and flopped on her bed. *Maybe Max would understand* she thought. She looked at the time and was shocked to see the her and Michael had been talking for hours. It was already 9 am. She jumped up and took a shower. When she got out she put on a pair of red leather pants and a black shiny top that had no back except for the horizontal strings holding it on. She put on her black boots, then grabbed her helmet and took off towards school. She was late, she knew that, but it didn't bother her. Nothing could today she thought. When she got there the parking lot was dead. Sure all the cars were there, but no people. She parked her motorcycle and grabbed her keys and threw them in her helmet. She walked to her locker quickly and then threw her helmet in there and grabbed her books. That's when a strong forceful hand swung her around and pinned her arms above her head.

Part 9
Disclaimer- Don't own em'
Rating- Not sure
Feedback- Yes please!

From part 8

She was late, she knew that, but it didn't bother her. Nothing could today she thought. When she got there the parking lot was dead. Sure all the cars were there, but no people. She parked her motorcycle and grabbed her keys and threw them in her helmet. She walked to her locker quickly and then threw her helmet in there and grabbed her books. That's when a strong forceful hand swung her around and pinned her arms above her head.

Part 9

She wanted to scream but there was a hand across he mouth restricting any sound from escaping her lips. She finally opened her eyes and almost broke apart right there. It was her father and he didn't look to happy. She didn't know what to do, her eyes were searching the halls for anyone to help her but everyone was in class. Doesn't anybody skip anymore.
"I knew I'd find you here" he said, then his eyes traveled up and down her body. She felt disgusting, her father was looking her over like she was a piece of meat.
"You scream and you'll regret it" he shot out as he released his hand that was covering her mouth and let it drift down to her left breast. He squeezed it so hard she thought it would fall off. A single tear fell down her cheek. When he saw she was about to scream he put his hand back over he mouth. And thats when she heard it
"HEY!" the voice screamed
"Stay away from her" She didn't look at who it was, she didn't want to know, all she knew was she was saved. Cause her father dropped both his hands from her and took off out of the school. She sobbed and she felt strong arms enclose her. She looked up and was relieved to see Max.
"Shhhh, its ok. I promise he'll never hurt you again" he said softly. She wanted to scream, *YES HE WILL, HE ALWAYS DOES* But somehow she knew that Max would protect her. She nodded her understanding and then she felt herself being dragged into a room. It was dark and she turned as she heard the door lock. Max walked towards her and brought his hand up. She flinched, and he noticed. He wiped away the remaining tears with his thumb and kissed her on the forehead.
"You wanna talk about it" he asked, he knew she'd probably say no, but he had to give it a shot
She only nodded. Waiting for him to ask his questions
"Who was that" he asked realizing she was waiting for him to say something
"My dad" she said softly
"He's in Roswell?" he asked shocked
"He skipped town a couple of days ago, I didn't think he'd come here, but apparently he has" she said and then wanted to slap herself because it was only going to raise questions
"What do you mean?"
"Nothing" she said quickly
"Liz, please, I need you to tell me, I can help you" he begged. She looked up into his caring eyes and realized it was now or never.
"You remember what you found out last night, about my dad and him hitting me right?" she asked, and he nodded
"Well I think I'm ready to tell you about it." she said softly, and he nodded again while taking her hand
She told him the same thing she told Michael. And she cried for the 4th time today. Max looked like he was ready to kill her father, but he didn't move, he stayed right there where she needed him.
"I just..I.." he didn't know what to say.
"I understand if you don't want to see me again, I know I must disgust you." she turned away from him and was starting to get up. He grabbed her and turned her towards him, bringing his mouth to hers in a very passionate kiss.
"You do not disgust me" he said after breaking the kiss and hugging her tightly. The stayed like that for awhile, until they heard the bell signaling lunch. Liz was a little happier but still very cautious about her dad. Max wouldn't let Liz leave his sight for a second. This didn't go un noticed by Michael, and he was happy that she took his advice and told Max. He didn't know if Max knew that he knew about it, and chances are if he did, he would be very angry that Liz told Michael before Max. He wasn't ready to explain to everyone why Liz confided in him, so he'd have to tell Liz not to tell Max that he knew.
He saw her entering the girls bathroom and headed straight for there seeing how this was going to be the only time he was going to get Liz alone without Max. When Max went into the guys bathroom, Michael slipped into the girls bathroom.
"Michael!? This is the girls bathroom" she hissed
"I know, listen, just don't tell Max that you told me about, about your dad alright?"
"Ok..?" she said
"He'd get mad if he knew you trusted me before him and I'm not ready to let everyone in on my secret just yet to explain to him why you did" he explained. She nodded relating to him completely
"Ok, I wont, I promise"
"Thanks" he said and then took off before Max saw him coming out of the girls bathroom
When Liz emerged from the bathroom Max was waiting for her with a big smile plastered on his face.
"What?" she asked
"I just heard that Ms. Tret is out sick, and since you and I both have last period spare we have the rest of the afternoon off" he said proud of himself. She looked at him and smiled.
"Well what do you want to do?"
"I dunno, you?"
"I would say we could go to my place but my uncle and aunt are both there, they'd wonder why were home from school so early" she said disappointed
"Well we could go to mine, my parents are never home till late anyway" he said
"Ok, lets go" she smiled
He grabbed her hand and led her towards the jeep. She stopped and realized that she had her motorcycle.
"I have my motorcycle, I can't ride with you" she said
"Oh, um well you could follow me" he said a little disappointed
"Wait, don't you usually give Michael a ride home?" she asked
Max nodded
"I'll just go give him the keys to my bike and tell him to take it, he can drive one can't he?" she asked, and he nodded
"I'll be right back then" and she started off toward the school. Max was nervous, he didnt' want her to go back in there by herself, but he didn't want her to realize that he was following her around just to protect her. In a few minutes she came walking out of the school with a sexy smile plastered across her face. It was then that Max realized exactly what she was wearing. The whole day he was worried about her, he didnt' realized that she was wearing very tight red leather pants and a barely there black top. He was getting aroused just looking at her. Her voice brought him out of his thoughts
"You ready?" she asked
" go" he stuttered. She smiled at his nervousness. He was so cute

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for not writing sooner. I just couldn't find the energy to. Plus when I did get on the computer I was doing h/w. English is a killer for that. Anyways...heres part 10, sorry, its not that long, and I've started writing 11.

Part 10

Um..Rating is R I guess??

The ride home was quiet, Liz was thinking about the days events and Max was worrying about having a VERY sexy woman at his house with no one home. When the car stopped Liz turned and smiled brightly at Max, and he smiled back at her trying to hide his nervousness. Liz hopped out of the car as she saw Max getting out. He stopped and waited for her at the front and then took her hand in his. He opened the door without unlocking it and stepped in, and when he turned to face Liz she had a confused look on her face.
"Oh, uh, we never lock our door, there was never any need" he explained
"I see" she replied, then she took off her shoes as she watched Max take off his.
"So, you waaant at drink? Max stuttered kicking himself for how nervous he was acting
"Max...don't be nervous...its just me" she said walking up to him and pressing her body up against his.
"I'm, I'm not nervous" *I'm way to nervous* he thought. Liz giggled at his discomfort
"So you wont mind if I do this then" she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his lips to hers in a very passionate kiss. She whimpered when she felt Max's hand go slide down her body and cup her rear bring it closer to his obvious arousal. He started walking her towards a wall and when he finally got there, he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He moaned as Liz adjusted herself so she was more comfortable rubbing against him. Liz started to feel like she was floating, and it was scary and incredible all at the same time. Max on the other hand, he was loving every minute and he had no intention to stop. The sound of a door closing upstairs however, stopped them both dead.
"I thought there was nobody home" she whispered while sliding down him to get to her feet
"Nobody's supposed to be" he whispered back trying to contain his moan of the feel of her sliding down him
They both heard footsteps and ran into the kitchen. Max looked over the corner and saw it was just Isabel.
"Isabel! What are you doing home?" he hissed
"I could ask the same to you" she spat out until she noticed Liz peek out from behind Max.
"Ok never mind, I know why you're here" she said now mentally laughing because her very quiet brother was skipping class just to "get some".
"Very funny, so what are you doing home?" Max asked
"I forgot my project" she said waving it in the air. "Don't worry, I'm leaving and I wont be back for a few hours" she said and winked as she left the house. The door swung back open and she yelled, "AND USE PROTECTION!!!"
Max flushed about a hundred shades of red, and Liz just laughed.
"So what do you want to do?" Liz asked
I liked what we were doing before we were so rudely interrupted he thought.
"Um, well we could go up to my room if you want" he suggested kicking himself at being so blunt
"Sure" she said as she let him lead the way. When they were both in the room Max closed and locked the door. When he turned around Liz was looking at things on his desk, and he wanted nothing more then to take her right there. He walked over to her with determination.
"What's this...." she started but was cut off by Max swinging her around and devouring her mouth. She was shocked at first but it didn't take her to long to start reacting. For Max being new at this, he was a damn good kisser. Hell she was damn new at this too, but she heard her friends talking about how to pleasure a guy and she wanted to try one way out. She broke the kiss and started to unbutton Max's top kissing every spot she un covered. Max just stood still until she pushed him towards the bed. She then went back to his mouth and kissed him as hard as she could, while fumbling with his pants. Thats when she felt his hand on hers
"Liz, we...we" he tried to get out
"I want to" she said as she kissed her way back down. She was now kneeling infront of him and the farther she went down, the farther his pants and boxers went down. He moaned when he felt her hand on his arousal. *God this feels good* he thought. Liz looked up to see the pleasure in his face and his eyes closed. The only made her more bold as she took him in her mouth. He almost came right there. She started pumping up and down his shaft, all they while he was moaning.
"Liz...Liz" he moaned out trying to get her attention. But him moaning her name only drove Liz on,
"lizzz" he hissed as he came in her mouth, feeling ashamed. She finally released him and looked up at him, he was looking at her and blushing. She stood up and kissed him so hard that Max fell back bringing Liz with him.
"liz, we..we..have to stop" he said trying to push him off of her
"No we don't" she said while partially laughing
"Liz, please get off" he begged, she stopped and looked at him, and in his eyes she could see fear and disgust. He was scared and disgusted of her, but how, after what she did for him.
"I can't believe you" she spat out while pushing off him and heading for his room door. When she reached it she grabbed the handle and flung the door open.
"Liz?" Max asked in confusion at her sudden change in attitude.
"I thought you actually cared about me, you know, so I wanted to please you. But all you wanted was to use me and then get me out of your hair. I can't believe I thought I was falling in love you." She said while quickly turn to look at him and then she was gone. In the split second she looked at him, Max could see her tears. He just couldn't believe that's what she thought. He just didn't think he'd be able to stop himself if they went any further and he didn't want to take advantage of Liz while she was still in a vulnerable state. He was disgusted with himself for letting it goes as far as it went, but I guess that's where teenage hormones come in. When the shock subsided Max shook himself and grabbed his pants and boxers and put them on. He heard his front door slam shut so he was assuming she couldn't of got far. He ran down the stairs and out his front door just in time to see Liz storming off. He ran up to her and when he finally reached her he spun her around only to be shocked even more......

Authors note: I'm not really good at R or NC-17 so I'm sorry for this sucky part