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Title: Through Space and Death
Author: Holly
Category: M/L , M/M , I/?
Rating: Not sure, will definitely not go higher than R if even that high
Summary: Picks up after Panacea


Maria and Liz are laying on a mattress when all of the sudden Liz shoots up and says
“Max is dead….. he’s dead”

Maria is staring looks at Liz in sympathy. “Oh, Lizzie calm down, you just had a nightmare is all. Probably from that damn alcohol.”

A nightmare, but It felt so real to Liz. It felt as if her oxygen had been cut off and she just knew. The same way you would know if someone had just sliced off your leg, but she didn’t want Maria to worry that she was going insane. She stood up and began pacing around the room “Yeah Maria your probably …”

She never finished what she was saying though. This moment would replay in Maria’s mind for years to come. Ria looked on in shock as Liz collapsed to the floor. Liz’s body shook with convulsions until she lost consciousness. Maria rushed to her side, but in her panicked state knew not what to do. She checked her wrist for a pulse, but could not find one.

“Lizzie what’s going on, wake up. Oh god please wake up…You can’t die on me too. I’ve already lost Alex. Please” she bent over Liz’s body and began crying hysterically. “I’ll call 911, maybe they can bring you back, yes that’s it.” As she started to dial 911, her cell phone began ringing. “Hello.”

“Maria, it’s Michael”
While Maria was breaking down, Liz’s spirit was in the room looking on at Maria sobbing over her body. Next to her was an illuminate figure with a tall lanky figure and dark brown hair. She had yet to notice him. “What’s going on?” she whispered to herself. She stared in wonder at her lifeless body.

“Well Lizzie sorry to tell you this but you’ve passed on.”

The familiar voice startled her and she turned to look at him “Alex, I can’t believe it’s you. I’ve missed you so much” It had been so long since she had seen him. “So wait a second am I dead?”

He gave her a sad look and said. “Yes, your body has died but you soul always lives on” There is so much she doesn’t know. He didn’t want to add more shock to what she was going through right now. She wasn’t ready to know everything that was and would be.

“Oh” She surprised herself at realizing that it wasn’t too much of a shock. She had felt dead for a long time. Except this feeling was a little different because at that moment she felt no pain. She felt as though someone was missing though. “Has Max died too? I felt something and I knew he was gone before I..”

“Yes Max’s body has also died. He’ll be here in a little bit though. When two people’s souls are as interconnected as Max’s and yours are, you know when that person is dead”

“Liz.” She spun around to looked behind her to see Max walking toward her. When there was but a breath between them he spoke “I’m sorry, so sorry for everything,” he whispered. “What’s happening? Are you real.”

Liz surprised herself when she stepped closer to him and their arms wrapped around each other and she said, “I know your sorry so am I. ” Because she really did know, she knew everything he had ever thought and she understood, and looking at him she realized he knew too. It was like one moment all their thoughts appeared in the others head. “My soul felt your soul leave your body, and it didn’t want to be in a world where yours isn’t. We’re dead Max”

Alex, who had been standing there observing the tender moment, finally he spoke up. “Hey you two coming or what?” He looked at them and thought someday they’ll know

They both looked away from each other’s eyes and towards Alex. That’s when they noticed the white light behind him. Max looked back to Liz and said “Yeah we’re coming” he picked up Liz’s hand, gave it a gentle squeeze and they followed Alex’s silhouette hand in hand towards the light.


***************Part 1********************
February 16, 2012
8:30 PM

“Mommy, will you tell me the story again?”

Maria Guerin looked down across the room at her six year old daughter. “Sure honey get under the covers and I’ll tell you the story.”

Her and Michael had gotten married two years after Max and Liz’s deaths. Liz’s parents had moved away from Roswell after her death. It had been too painful for them. They had given the Crashdown to Maria and Micheal for a wedding present. They have lived in the apartment above it ever since Maria had been devastated when Liz suddenly collapsed and died that night, the phone call from Michael telling her that Max had just died too was shocking. If it hadn’t been for Michael, Maria couldn’t have made it. It made her realize how much she loved and needed him. She was only sorry that it had taken something so tragic to make her realize this.

Maria walked across the bedroom that used to belong to Liz and sat down on the edge of her daughters bed. “Alright Lizzie get under the covers real good and I tell you the story. Ok.”

“Ok Mommy. Now tell me the story, please.” Lizzie had heard it millions of times before, but she always loved how her mommy told it to her.

“Okay, many years ago there was a girl who lived in this very room. She had dark brown hair and chocolate eyes. She was my best friend. I’d do anything for her. One day when we were working in the very building below us, something terrible happened. My best friend was shot.

Lizzie cut in “Did she die mommy?”

Maria smiled “ I thought I told you this before”

“I know, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t change it.”

Maria laughed at this “Oh okay. Now back to the story. Where was I? Oh I remember, anyway that was the most frightening moment of my life…”

Lizzie cut in again “Wait a second, I thought the time you got your hair cut really, really short was the most frightening moment of your life.”

Maria gave a litte laugh at her daughter’s humor. “HaHa very funny sweetie. I’ll never forgive your daddy for getting out those pictures. Well anyway this was one of the many really frightening moments in my life…”

Lizzie cut in yet again “Mommy can we skip that part and go to the part about how she lives happily ever after with her alien king?”

Maria smiled at Liz “Sure why not sweetie. Well the alien king, who had secretly loved her for her entire life saved her from death. Except he didn’t know he was an alien king, but that’s a story for when your older. They fell in love and lived happily ever after. The end.”

“Mommy” Lizzie said

“Yes sweetie:

“Are they still around?” she asked


“The brown eyed girl and the alien king.”

“Yeah they’re very close.”

“Mommy will they come visit us?”

“Yes I believe one day they will.”

Maria smiled as she noticed that Lizzie had fallen asleep. She leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek, wiped her chocolate brown hair away from her face and said “Sleep tight chica.”

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************Part 2******************

Maria closed the door to her daughter’s room silently. She walked down stairs to see Michael locking up the Café. “Hey” she walked over to him and put her arms around him. “Lizzie is asleep.”

Michael looked down at his wife and smiled “Oh really. And where is Alex?”

“Our darling son is at a friend’s house tonight. Whatever will we do with the night to ourselves?”

Before Michael had a chance to say anything, they heard an ear-piercing scream. They both bolted for up the stairs and into Lizzie’s room. Michael reached her first. “Lizzie are you okay?” he asked.

“What’s wrong. Is she okay?” Maria asked from the door.

“It looks like she’s been crying, but she is sound asleep.” Michael said. He reached down to touch her head and was pulled into her dream. After a moment he came out breathing hard.

“Michael what is it? What’s the matter?” Maria asked frantically

“She’s remembering, she’s reliving it all. I thinks this has been going on for awhile.”

“But, she is too young to understand and deal with everything Michael.” Maria said

“She won’t remember when she wakes up. She won’t remember till she sees him or until she is 18 you know that.”

“Yeah but still, they could have screwed up.”

Michael looked down at Lizzie “Look Maria she’s calmed down.” He smiled when he heard what she was whispering in her sleep.

“Why are you laughing, she could be remembering all these horrible memories and you’re laughing.” Maria squealed.

“Sniff some cedar oil Maria. I was just smiling because she keeps saying ‘I love you Max’ over and over.”

That made Maria felt like crying over the cuteness of it “Aww how sweet. Come on lets go to bed okay she seems fine now, and we don’t want to wake her.”

When they reached the bedroom Maria remembered something she’d been meaning to ask Michael. “Michael have you found Isabel yet?”

“No. I guess Jesse divorcing her was really hard on her, but she shouldn’t have taken Max without telling us. Don’t worry Maria she said she’ll come back before the 18th year.”

“I know she said that but can we really trust Isabel. But as Liz use to say ‘I Shall Believe’.”

“Yeah she always was so smart wasn’t she. We’ll worry about Isabel tomorrow. Okay.”

But Maria was already snoring loudly. He smiled and turned the light off and crawled under the covers and soon was asleep too.

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